Saturday, 26 March 2011

An Audience

At the shop I often spank with an audience, but I am aware that this is probably uncommon for many. I grew up with it, my parents spanked when I needed it no matter who was there, my sister, the other parent, aunts, uncles, friends, it really didn't matter. If little Andrea's bottom needed tanning then it was going to get tanned good and proper regardless of whether we had company or not.

I came across these pictures rather recently and they got me thinking. I really like the way it's set out. It's almost as if the spanker (the incomparable Clare Fonda) is instructing her two interested onlookers in the art of administering a proper spanking to a deserving rear end. I'm not totally sure what the implement in the final picture is. It's probably some sort of outsized paddle, but it does also resemble a rather short handled carpet beater, and take it from me that's not something you ever want to feel across a vulnerable pair of bottom cheeks.



  1. Oh my, having an audience in attendance for a spanking certainly does "up the ante" emotionally, doesn't it? I, too, was raised in this manner; my brother, sister and I were spanked in front of each other as well as extended family. My mother's rationale was that she could "teach all three kids with just one spanking."

    I frequently use witnesses to the spanking in my stories as a device for added drama. Of course, my actual clients know that being "on display" in the reception area after their spanking is always a possibility, especially if they fight their punishment or fail to be honest and forthcoming about how they've done during the intervening week.

  2. It is so embarrassing when others are watching, and even then if the spanking is sound enough you simply forget that there are people watching and let yourself go. I do find it very effective for some clients, though, Carla. I was just struck by the expressions of the girls watching, it was very like Clare was teaching Spanking 101, the practical class.