Thursday, 24 March 2011

Farewell Dame Elizabeth

I woke to the sad news that screen legend Dame Elizabeth Taylor had passed away due to heart complications aged 79.

I was too young to see Elizabeth Taylor on the screen at the height of her popularity, but I did see repeat screenings of some of her better known films on TV growing up.

Elizabeth Taylor was a lady of extraordinary beauty. She had a look and a way about her that has fuelled many of my fantasies. To see those bewitching violet eyes flash and be turned over that stern knee to have my tender bottom properly dealt with...ohhhhh (I think I need to have a cold shower now :) ). Elizabeth had such a lovely body as well and a full womanly bottom that must have been a delight to spank. There were rumours that husband number 3 Mike Todd, who was a good deal older than his movie star wife used to spank her.

Farewell Lady Elizabeth, you shall be missed.

Oh those eyes! That look! She wouldn't have to say a word, just crook her finger and over her lap I'd be.

This is a publicity shot from the 1950 film Father of the Bride. For some reason, although they used this still to advertise the film there was no spanking in it at all. False advertising :(.

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