Friday, 25 March 2011

Mario's Visit to the Spank Shop

Some time ago I received two visitors to the shop. One was a lovely South African lady called Marta Van Rensburg, the poor woman had broken her arm whilst on holiday near my home of Clarkstown. With her she had her ward, a young man called Mario. He had misbehaved and in her condition Marta could not properly deal with him. I was recommended to her and to the Spank Shop he was brought.

Please read on below for young Mario's tale.

Clarkstown was like many cities in the world, there were beautiful buildings, gardens and scenery. All in all it was like any other city, from Berlin with the beautiful Reichstrasse, to London with Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Cape Town with the impressive Table Mountain as a backdrop. Just like any other city in the world except that is for one thing; Clarkstown was the home to the world’s one and only Spank Shop.

The Spank Shop owned and operated by Andrea Mahoney, or as many of her clients called her; Aunty Andrea. She was a tall, chestnut headed woman in her late thirties. Andrea had opened the shop some time ago with Kimberley Kennedy, a petite blonde teenager who had a year to wait before going to college, as the shop’s receptionist. Kimberley’s mother; Gabrielle, also helped out occasionally when it was too busy for one person to deal with.
The afternoon had been a busy one with three young boys being spanked by Andrea, while their mother looked on with a certain degree of pleasure. It was the boys first visit to the Spank Shop, and while they were well spanked by their mother, she felt that perhaps, a  sound spanking from Aunty Andrea might just teach them the error of their ways. The sounds of wailing emanated from Andrea’s parlour, two corners in reception were filled, a twelve year old boy in each corner, hands firmly clasped on top of their heads, red bottoms on prominent display

“You keep those hands on top of your heads, unless you would like  Aunty Kimberley to spank you as well” said Kimberley, as one of the boys tried to relieve the burning itch in his flaming red bottom.
At that moment, the door opened and a beautiful red headed woman entered, her arm tightly strapped in a sling. Following immediately behind her, a young man, aged around eighteen or nineteen, face registering alarm as he heard the unmistakable sound of a hairbrush striking bare flesh, and the recipient’s agonized wails. The red headed woman turned to the young man and in an icy tone said; “Mario, I have just about had it with your nonsense today, if it wasn’t for this arm of mine, your backside would be equally as red, if not more so, than those two in the corners.”
“Yes, Mom” said the concerned adolescent, “I’m sorry, Mom”
“You will be soon, that I can promise you, now keep quiet and let me talk to this nice lady.”

Turning to Kimberley she said; “I would like to apologize for that, it is not often my son plays up so, but I have had enough of his behaviour and I mean to put a stop to it. I understand that for a fee you provide a spanking service.”
“Yes ma’am”, Kimberley replied politely, “however you will need to make an appointment and see Miss Andrea first. If I may take your name and details I will check if she can see you when she finishes up with the Davis Triplets. She should be done soon, would you like a cup of tea or coffee while you wait?” Kimberley handed the lady a pen and a form saying “If you would like to fill in the form I’ll get some coffee or tea, how do you take it, ma'am?” 
Marta accepted the form, and looking at Mario said, “Why don’t you get your nose in that spare corner whilst I try and get this form filled in?” she then turned her attention to Kimberley, smiled and asked "White coffee, one and milk, please, dear?"

“Aww Mom, you can’t be serious, I’m not a little boy, do I have to?”
“Mario, you are going to learn that when I tell you to do something then I mean it. Now get yourself in that corner before I ask that nice young lady sitting behind the counter to take you over her knee, pull down your trousers and spank your naughty backside right here in reception where everybody can see.” The humiliation of being publicly spanked by a young girl his own age spurred the rebellious young man to action. He slowly made his way to the corner and stood there. The sounds of the punishment in the adjacent room ringing in his ears. That coupled with the knowledge his mother was annoyed meant his immediate future’s outlook was decidedly bleak and pain filled. A short while later the spanking in the room next door was completed and all that could be heard were the wails of contrition coming from an extremely well spanked young boy.
A head of beautifully groomed chestnut hair popped around the door and Andrea called out “Kimmy, sweetheart, are we done for the day? I’d love a cup of tea.” Noticing Marta, Andrea walked over to where Marta sat and greeted her; "Good afternoon I’m Andrea Mahoney, may I help you?” Marta put down the clip board and said  “I am Marta Van Rensburg and the young man in the corner is my son; Mario” Kimberley came from the kitchen with a fully laden tea tray in her arms. Seeing Kimberley, Andrea said, “Why don’t you come through to the office with me, Marta? Mario can give Kimberley all your details,” turning towards Mario, Andrea said; “Mario, I want you to give Miss Kimberley all your details while your mother and I discuss why you are here in my shop. A simple yes Ma’am or Aunty Andrea is the only answer I want to hear”
“Yes, Aunty Andrea, I understand.”
 “Good, then when you are finished you may go back into the corner until called for”, Andrea ordered the contrite boy, as she led Marta into her parlour.
“I’ve put your tea and Mrs Van Rensburg's coffee on the coffee table Miss Andrea,” Kimberley said, as she walked out of the office and sat down behind her desk. She adjusted her immaculate hairdo and called to Mario, “Mario, take your hands off your head and come here, please.”

Mario turned and walked to the desk, his face lighting up in a smile as he looked at the pretty blonde. He stuck out his hand and said, “I’m Mario, Kimberley, nice to meet you” 
“That is Miss Kimberley, young man, and unless you want me to warm your bottom I suggest you remember it. Let’s fill in this form so that you can go back into the corner until Aunty Andrea is ready for you.”
Five minutes later, with the form filled in, Mario found himself staring at the wall again.
Meanwhile in her parlour, or ‘spanking room’ as many of her clients called it, Andrea poured her tea, and after offering Marta a biscuit, sat back and requested, “Marta tell me about yourself and what brings you and Mario to the Spank Shop.”
Sipping her coffee, Marta relaxed a little and began to fill Andrea in. “Mario and I are here on holiday. I won a trip and decided that since I have never really had the opportunity to travel, that it was about time. Mario and I are here for three weeks.”
“Do you have any other children, Marta?” Andrea asked.
“Yes, I have two sons, they are in South Africa with their Dad, he would not let them come this time, so it is just Mario and I.” Marta paused and then continued, seeing the quizzical look in Andrea’s green eyes, “I suppose I had better explain. Mario is not actually my son, he is my ward. His father is very ill and his mother, well she really did not do right with that boy. He came to me when he turned fifteen. I have had him ever since. Although he is actually eighteen years old, mentally and emotionally he is only fourteen. He still requires firm discipline as well as a lot of love. As you can see I broke my arm,” with a wry smile Marta raised her damaged limb, “and until it is healed I cannot spank the rascal. Ever since we arrived here he has played up. He will not do as he is told. Yesterday, in spite of me warning him not to, he got caught sliding down the bannister at the hotel. This morning he went off on his own, we searched frantically for him everywhere. When he finally turned up I was about to call the police. It seems as though he intends to misbehave as much as possible, as he knows that I am unable to spank him at the moment.”

“How did you hear about the Spank Shop?” Andrea asked. “Not many people outside of Clarkstown are even aware the shop exists.”
“A young nurse at the local hospital, I think her name is Tiffany, told me about your shop. I had gone there to look for Mario, she was worried, so after we found Mario I stopped there to tell her. It was then she told me about your shop, I am ever so grateful to her. Andrea can you help me, please?”

“Normally,” said Andrea, as she digested all that Marta had told her, “I like to schedule the spanking for a separate visit, but I think in this case due to your time situation we need to nip this naughty boys behaviour in the bud.” Standing up she crossed to a table, and picked up the phone. When Kimberley answered she said; “Kimberley, you may send the naughty boy presently in the corner into me, now.”

There was a gentle knock on the door “Come in, Mario and stand here by me.” Andrea commanded. Mario walked in, and looked around the room, his eyes taking in the long sofa on which Marta was sitting, he also saw that Andrea sat was seated in a chair by the fire. On the coffee table, in full view, lay a maple hairbrush and a rather wicked looking leather strap. He stood next to Andrea, not daring to look this stern, but beautiful matron in the face.
Strong women intimidated Mario, and some even scared him, Andrea Mahoney was one of the latter. He did not know her, but everything about the woman said that she was not someone you messed with. Now standing here in her parlour, in front of her, he was frightened.

Andrea for her part knew exactly the effect she was having on Mario. Her maternal intuition, coupled with the talk she had with Marta, had enabled her to formulate exactly how to deal with the naughty youngster standing in front of her. She could see the way he tried to stare through the carpet, as well as the way he was fidgeting that Mario was a scared little boy.
Finally, after a full five minutes had elapsed, the tension began to tell on the youngster, and he looked towards his mother. The look of desperation spoke volumes, tears formed in the corners of his eyes, and then Andrea spoke for the first time since she had invited Mario entered the room. Her voice was gentle and soothing.
“Mario, is there something you wish to say, sweetness?”
Mario drew in a huge breath of air and nodded, tears streamed down his face, as he blubbered, “Ye Ye..sss Aunty....And...reaaaaaa  I’mmm  so... ssoooorrrry.” 
“Exactly why are you sorry, Mario?” asked Andrea, knowing full well what the answer was, but wishing to draw it out from Mario. She knew from experience in dealing with many children of differing ages, that interaction prior to spanking enabled the child to come to terms with the punishment and to enable a bonding to form between the one delivering the chastisement and the child.
“For being such a brat and for not listening to my Mom. When Mom needed me to be good I was naughty, now she has to get you to spank me. What must you think of me?”
“Sweetheart, the fact that your mom cares enough to ensure you are spanked when you misbehave tells me that not only does she love you very much but that you are worth caring about. That, my boy, is good enough for me. Yes, from what your mother has told me, you do need to be very soundly spanked and yes, I am going to give you a good, hard, old fashioned spanking. When it is done, you will be forgiven, both by me and by your mother.”
Andrea picked up the telephone and said, “Kim, sweetheart, would you please help Mario prepare for his spanking? I think we have an apron just suited for a little boy who won’t behave.” With that she put down the phone, and turning to Mario told him, “Miss Kimberley is going to show you where you can get ready, any nonsense and she has my full authority to spank you, young man.”
The door opened and Kimberley stood there, her hand held out to Mario. With a firm swat on the behind,  Andrea urged Mario to go to Kimberley. 
“Come along, sweetheart, Miss Kimberley has just the thing for you to make you feel right at home here, before Aunty Andrea lights a fire on your cute, round little tush.” Mario took the outstretched hand and meekly followed Kimberley to the changing room where the lovely young receptionist gave Mario a bright yellow Sponge Bob apron, with the words “Quickly, now take off your shoes and socks, your underwear as well as your trousers. You don’t want to keep Aunty Andrea waiting too long.” 

Mario stood, stunned that the girl expected him to undress in front of her, he stared at her and said, “I can’t get undressed in front of you.” Quick as a flash Kimberley crossed over to Mario’s side, SMACK SMACK and two handprints appeared on the back of Mario’s leg. “Really,” said the blonde testily, as she began to remove Mario’s shirt and trousers, “You would think that I have never seen a little boys bottom before. Now get changed, or we can continue this with the brush that is on my desk. Would you like that Mario?” 
“No, Miss Kimberley, please I’ll do as you say”,  Mario said, rubbing the back of his thighs where Kimberley had smacked him. Soon Mario stood dressed in the humiliating yellow apron.

“Come along Mario. You have kept Aunty Andrea waiting long enough.” With that Kimberley led the completely cowed teenage boy through to the office where Andrea was seated on the couch, his mother in an easy chair.
“Thank you Kimmy,” said Andrea as, the receptionist led Mario in by the hand. “Did he give you any trouble?”
 “No, Aunty Andrea none at all.”  Kimberley replied, leaving the office and closing the door behind her.
Mario looked at his mother and began a last ditch attempt to avoid a spanking. “Mommy, please don’t let Aunty Andrea spank me. I’m sorry for being naughty and I will behave, but please Mommy, I’m begging you, don’t let her spank me.”
Marta said, “I’m sorry too Mario, but your behaviour this last week has left me no other option. I want the nonsense stopped and I want it stopped today. Do you think you need a spanking? I think that you will agree that you are in desperate need of a spanking. Now, Mommy loves you very much and if there was a way that I could spank you myself, believe me, my darling, your butt would be bruised and sore already, your mouth would have been washed out with soap long ago. Now this is what I want you to do. I want you to go over to Aunty Andrea and ask her to please give you the spanking you need. Do you understand me? ” 

 Defeated, all Mario could do was to walk over to Andrea, and ask, “Aunty Andrea, I know that I have been very naughty and disobedient. Will you please give me a spanking so that I can learn to be a good boy?”
Andrea smiled and replied “With pleasure, sweetheart, come and get over Aunty’s lap.” 
With that the woman drew the youngster over her lap and positioned him properly. She looked down and spotted the two handprints on the back of Mario’s legs. “I see that Miss Kimberley had a bit more trouble than she let on, Mario.”
“Yes Aunty, she smacked me because I would not get undressed in front of her.”
“It would seem that you have a problem with listening. Not to worry, I’m sure that a little conversation with Mrs. Hairbrush and Mr. Strap will open your ears right up.” Andrea scooted Mario up in her lap a little more and asked “Comfy now, Mario?”
“Yes, Aunty Andrea. Thank you.”
“Good, young man, now get ready to cry because before I finishing painting this oh so very spankable bottom bright red, you will be.”

 With that said Andrea raised her hand high and brought it down hard right on the underside of Mario’s right cheek. Two seconds later and her hand crashed down on the opposite cheek. It had been three weeks since Mario’s last spanking and like anything painful he tended to forget how much it hurt until the next time.
At first, Mario tried to remain tear free and stoically macho. His resolve not to cry was already being put to the test and Aunty Andrea had only just started. She was slapping hard, every smack intended to cause maximum discomfort to the naughty teenager draped over her maternal lap.
Andrea commenced another round of smacks, this time concentrating on the area immediately above Mario’s thighs, sometimes single slaps, at other times raining down three or four spanks on the same spot. She thought back to the last older teenage boy she had spanked. He was the nephew of local magistrate Judge Sandra Thornley and had graffitied a BMW. He too had initially tried to remain stoic, but as the pain and humiliation mounted he had broken down and sobbed like a little boy of five as his bottom was painted bright red.
Mario, for his part had much more experience in getting a spanking, his mother pulled no punches when it came to spanking, but he had to confess, Marta never spanked him as hard as Aunty Andrea was right now. Mario began to vocalize as each sizzling spank landed. Little grunts of pain told Andrea that the floodgates were about to be opened. Andrea smiled as she pulled Mario in closer with her left hand, all the while raining down hard, stinging swats, concentrating her efforts on Mario’s sit spot, that extremely tender spot where chair and backside make contact. By now the very red bottom was very sore, and each slap drew a gasp of pain from the penitent lad. Tears formed in his eyes, and after a flurry of searing spanks to the tops of his legs, the  resolve broke and Mario howled in pain. His right arm left the floor and tried in vain to protect his rear,  Andrea simply disabled it and rained more smacks on the red target area.
“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,” screamed Mario, “Please, Aunty Andrea, no moreeeeeeeee, I’mmmmmmmmmmmmm sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” That was exactly what the willowy disciplinarian was looking for. With a last dozen hard spanks, she allowed the crying child to sob and calm down.
After a few minutes Andrea stood Mario up, reached for a tissue, held it to the crying child’s nose and said “Blow,” when he had done so, she said to him, “Mario, I want you to go and stand in the corner over there, hands on your head, until I call for you. Do not even attempt to rub that nice red bottom. Is that understood, child?” Through the pain and tears, Mario responded in the affirmative, and with a none too gentle smack Andrea sent him to the corner.
Ten minutes later Mario heard his name being called, and as he answered Andrea said “Come here to me, my darling, time to finish your spanking.” Mario paled as he saw the two implements lying on the table .
 “Oh, no.” said the suddenly fearful youngster. 
“Ah, I see you have met these two before.” Andrea said with a grin
”Yes Aunty Andrea, my mom has spanked me with both of them before.” 
“Oh yes, how many times you naughty boy?” 
“Just the one time Aunty Andrea, I also got the switch that day.”
“Well,” said Andrea, “I’ll give you a choice.” 
“A choice Aunty Andrea?” 
“Yes, Mario I can take you back over my lap and spank you with my trusty hair brush, and then strap your very naughty bottom with my strap, which will be extraordinarily painful, or you can choose to take the strapping first and then come across my lap for your spanking with my brush. Both will hurt but the hair brushing followed by the strap is the worst.”
“I’ll take the strapping first Aunty Andrea.” Mario decided.
 “Wise choice Mario”, said Andrea, as she led Mario to the back of the sofa, and directed him to lay over the back of it. “Now put your feet apart and stick out your bottom for Aunty. Mario, I am going to give you a hard strapping, so hold on tight.” 
With that, Andrea drew back her arm and laid on the first stroke. The response from Mario was instantaneous. He arched his back and bellowed his distress for the whole world to hear. The sound cut off abruptly as the next stroke struck home seconds later. This one lower than the first, caught the youngster half on the sit spot and half on the tops of his thighs. Now Mario was crying the entire time “I’mmmmmmmmmmm  Sorryyyyyyyy Auntieeeeeee Andreaaaaaaaaaah! Please no more I’m sorry, I wont do it again! I promise I’ll be good! Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyy please tell her to stop Mommmmmmmie I’m sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!”  Then Mario simply lay there and bawled for the rest of the strapping, which mercifully for him was short. 
“Okay, Mario up you get, hands on head, into your corner.”  Andrea commanded, as she set the strap down on a small table. She rang the bell, and when Kimberley poked her head though the doorway, Andrea requested “Bring, us some more tea please, Kimmy, darling.” 
“Yes, Miss Andrea, coming right up.” Kimberley said politely, as she entered the room, glad of an opportunity to sneak a peek at the young man dejectedly standing in the corner, his hands tightly gripping his head, as he fought the battle of keeping his hands away from his positively glowing buns.
As Marta sat drinking the refreshing cup of tea, she looked at the bright red backside so prominently displayed before her. Her heart went out to her wayward son, who had gotten himself into such a mess. If truth be told she would rather have spanked him herself, but she appreciated the way Andrea had dealt with Mario. The punishment was no less severe than she herself would have given him. Her maxim was if you did the crime, then you had to do the time, and in her opinion Mario had certainly earned his spanking.

Andrea, for her part sat there, her maternal instincts fully awake, as she too looked at the young man sobbing quietly in the corner. She sensed that Mario was almost at the place she wanted him to be following a spanking. The final stage over her lap would not have to be long or particularly severe. Mario’s ordeal was almost at an end.
“Mario, come here please, sweetness.” Mario turned as he heard the sound of Andrea’s voice. “Yes, Aunty Andrea”
“Come on, back over my lap you go now. Aunty Andrea still has some work to do, and you my darling, still have some payment to make for all the naughty things you have done.” Mario started to cry again, as the thought of more pain visiting his already tender rump, made him shudder and quake in fear.
“Please, Aunty Andrea, I’m so very sorry for being so naughty. I really won’t do it again I promise.” 
“Of course you won’t, darling, Aunty Andrea is going to make sure of that. Now over you come.”  Mario allowed himself to be draped over Andrea’s lap again, and as she raised  her arm, he forced himself to relax.
 WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK WhACK. Two minutes later Mario, still keening and howling, never even heard Andrea say “There you are, all debts paid for Mario. We are all done now.” Andrea allowed the crying young man time to sob out the pain and when he showed signs of hearing again said, “Would you like a cuddle, my darling?” 
“Yuessss pleeeeeease Auntiiiiiie Andreaaaaaaah” 
She stood him upright, and as his hands started moving towards his buttocks, she said, “It is alright you may rub now, darling.” 
The two women watched as Mario did the timeless spank dance, hissing as his hands cradled his very tender and sore cheeks. Mario saw Andrea’s outstretched arms and fell into them. He rested his head on Andrea’s full bosom, as she gently soothed and calmed him.
Mario stood up, wiped his eyes and blew his nose, before saying “Aunty Andrea, thank you for punishing me and teaching me to be good. Can I go and see my Mom now?”
Andrea smiled and said, “Of course you may, darling.”
Mario went and knelt in front of his mother,  laid his head on her lap, threw his arms around her and started crying all over again. Marta laid her hand on his head and allowed the healing tears to repair all the bonds, before lifting his head and saying “Mario, my darling son. You have brought so much joy to my life. Now stop crying, Mommy loves you and I forgive you, you are my good boy again. It is all over now, son, no more tears.”
For the next ten minutes mother and son simply sat and loved each other while Andrea smiled and said to herself, “I love what I do.”


  1. oh Aunty Andrea, my mom said you would be posting this story, I am so embarrassed, now the whole world will know I am still spanked, not only by mom but also by you. Reading the story has brought forward a rush of emotions to the surface. The fact that Aunty Kimberly had to spank me because I did not want to wear the apron as well as the fact that mom makes me sit on that cushion each and every time she punishes me.

    Before you ask, mom has given me permission to post this. I am not going to invite a spanking, I mean if I get busted then fair cop, however I do value sitting down and when either you or mom are finished I don't want to sit down.

    Aunty Kimberly, mom says I have to ask you to make me a spanking apron, Mom will send you the money, can I ask if you can make sure it has supermario on the front please.

    All my love, Master Mario

  2. You're forgiven sweetheart. I've asked Kimberley about the apron and she will start work on it this evening.

  3. Wow, am doing some catch up, love the drawing, perfect but what a story, wish I was there! The words...get ready to, that is just amazing to read, can't imagine hearing it but wish I could.

    The best I read, thank you.


  4. Ron, on this occasion the credit goes to young Mario, as he wrote this piece and graciously allowed me to reprint it here. He also has a blog run by his mother Marta, which I have in my blog list.