Sunday, 20 March 2011

Reading Material

For me, spanking bottoms is more than what I do for a living. It is a way of life. I do it, I talk about it, I look at pictures of it. One of my life's pleasures is reading and for that reason I'd like to draw your attention to the most marvelous website.

The Kilahara Library of Spanking Fiction ( began life in 2009 as a tribute to the talented and highly prolific writer of spanking fiction Ross of Kilahara. From those humble beginnings it has grown and now contains thousands of stories, poems and articles all dedicated to the subject that is dear to my heart, and yours: spanking.

It is a thriving community of like minded people who enjoy reading and writing about spanking. Authors include my chronicler Seegee, the delightful Aunt Carla, the prolific Dr Grace Brackenridge, Edb and his popular Disciplinary and Spanking Company series and many others. All the work on the site is free and the work is a labour of love for Februs and his highly motivated staff. All that is asked in return is that you enjoy the work on offer and comment on what you read if you feel so motivated.

With love, Andrea.


  1. I must thank you once again, my dear, for mentioning me and my writing in such glowing terms. I just noticed that my dear college friend Belle is following you -- congratulations!


    Carla Marie

  2. I welcome Belle to the Spank Shop and hope she will grace us with a post in the near future.