Monday, 28 March 2011

'The Spank Shop: Donna'

Looking at the pictures and musing on the so called 'Yummy Mummies' the other day brought to mind one such encounter with one of Clarkstown's young mothers; Donna Sullivan.

I invite you to enjoy the account of Donna's visit to my parlour.

The Spank Shop: Donna
It was a typical winter afternoon in Clarkstown. A cold rain swept out from the grey skies outside and battered against the shop’s steamy windows, driven by freezing gusts of wind. It was not a pleasant day to be outside and no one who did not have pressing business stepped out of doors.
Inside the Spank Shop, arguably Clarkstown’s most popular business, and unarguably its most unique, things were somewhat warmer and not just because of the blazing fire in the grate in the shop’s reception area. Kimberley; the pretty blonde teenage receptionist, knew that it did not make a lot of sense, but she was sure that the two glowing red round adolescent bottoms installed in corners either side of the roaring fire also heated up the room considerably. She smiled as she looked at the two steaming hot rumps and made a notation in her ledger, before entering it into the computer on her desk. If she strained her ears she could just hear the sounds coming from behind the thick door in the next room. The unmistakable sound of a hard punishing palm meeting a tender resilient bottom, and accompanied by the howls and squeals of the bottom’s naughty owner. Kimberley grinned again and smiled. Was there any music more pleasant than the sounds of a soundly administered spanking?
Kimberley looked out the window and frowned. What a hideous day! If the rain did not let up she would have to wear a hat on the way home. She had her umbrella, but she did not trust that wind, it would not have been the first time the flimsy construction of cloth and wire had been blown inside out by the savage winds that made Clarkstown their playground during winter. What a pity one could not spank the wind, the girl thought randomly. Kimberley hated wearing a hat, they messed up her crowning glory, her glorious mane of shining blonde tresses. She glanced at the clock. A touch after three. They did not close until five. Maybe the rain and the wind would have let up by then.
So absorbed was she in wondering about the effects of the weather and protecting her hair from that she did not notice that there was an attractive blonde lady approaching the shop. The bell tinkled as the door opened and a petite, smooth complexioned woman stepped inside, she let down her dripping umbrella and shook some of the rain from her overcoat.
“Mrs Sullivan!” Kimberley exclaimed.
“Hello Kimberley.” the older woman offered the receptionist a rather damp smile.
“Gosh ma’am you must be soaked and cold. Just wait here and I’ll get you a warm towel and a hot cup of tea.”
“No, really Kim, it’s fine.” Donna Sullivan reassured the concerned girl.
“No, it’s not,” Kimberley said in a firm tone that brooked no argument as she got to her feet and turned to the kitchen, “I’ll get them for you now, you stand by the fire and take the chill off. Can you please keep an eye on Patricia and Shannon and if they so much as move a muscle from those corners let me know, and I’ll reheat their bottoms for them.” she asked Donna over her shoulder as she hustled to the kitchen.
Patricia sighed, shifted her weight with a wince and kept her hands clasped atop her mop of dark curls.
Donna smiled as she sat down gingerly, taking care not to wet the shop’s reception couch, she glanced at the two glowing hot bottoms in the corners and reflected that Andrea, the shop’s lovely, elegant owner and proprietress, was obviously in fine form. Kimberley reentered with a towel draped over her arm and bearing a steaming cup of tea in one hand. “There you are,” she said with one of her gleaming smiles, handing the cup and towel to Donna, “white and two isn’t it?”
“Yes, thank you very much, Kim.” Donna affirmed with a smile, taking the cup, setting it down on the small table near her chair and using the warm towel to dry her damp hair.
As Donna blew on her tea to cool it and took a delicate sip, from her seat behind her desk, Kimberley asked “Mrs Sullivan, ma’am, may I ask why you’re here?”
Donna looked at the pretty receptionist through the haze of steam rising from her tea cup “I need to discuss something with Andrea, sweetheart.”
Kimberley smiled, and suggested “If it’s just to rearrange James and Courtney’s appointment I can do that. In fact as we know you so well you could have done that over the phone. I hate to think you came here on such an awful day when you didn’t have to.”
Donna hid her smile by looking into her cup and murmured “Do you know what happened to the curious cat, Kimberley?”
“Yes ma’am.” Kimberley responded with an embarrassed flush, knowing that she was not going to get the answer she had fished for. 
“Jamie and Courtney will be here, after school tomorrow, as they are each week, Kimberley.”
In their corners Shannon and Patricia perked their ears up. Both girls knew James and Courtney Sullivan and they were interested to hear that the twins were regular visitors to the Spank Shop for Aunty Andrea’s bare bottom discipline.
“I need to see Andrea, sweetheart, about a private matter.” Donna told Kimberley.
“This afternoon?” Kimberley asked, wrinkling her cute nose.
“Yes. Is that a problem?”
“It might be. We’re really busy today. Miss Andrea is with a client at the moment, if she finishes soon, she’s got fifteen minutes before her next appointment.”
“Oh dear,” Donna said, finishing her tea, “I suppose I should have booked. It simply did not occur to me that you would be so pressed for time.”
At that moment the door to Andrea’s parlour opened, and a boy of maybe eleven years old stood there. He was wearing one of the shop’s spanking aprons, tears were streaming down his cheeks and his face was screwed up in pain. Andrea’s cool voice floated out of the parlour “I hope that teaches you a lesson, young man. Kimberley can you put him in a corner until his mother collects him and his sisters? I’d love a cup of tea, too, if you can manage it.”
“Certainly, ma’am.” the girl said, rising from her chair to take the crying boy by the hand and lead him to one of the unoccupied corners. “C’mon Nathaniel,” she said gently, “let’s get you into a corner so you can think about what you did until your Mum comes for you.”
Donna could not help smiling as she saw the boy’s blazing red bottom wobble its way to the corner. She had never seen her own children spanked until Andrea did that for her, but she had to admit there was something very right about a bottom displaying the red hot results of a good, sound spanking.
“I’ll take Miss Andrea her tea and ask her if she can see you, ma’am.” Kimberley assured Donna as she went to the kitchen and then she called over her shoulder. “Mrs Sullivan will be watching all three of you and if any of you try to rub your bottoms I will know.” 
In Andrea’s parlour Kimberley set a steaming cup down on the small table next to her employer’s comfortable armchair. Andrea picked up the cup, blew on it to cool it and sipped gratefully “Aaahhhhh,” she sighed happily, “Kim, you’re a lifesaver. What would I do without you?”
“Make your own tea!” the girl giggled. 
Andrea wagged a stern finger at her receptionist and told her “Be careful that clever little tongue of yours doesn’t talk your bottom over my knee, young lady.”
“Yes ma’am. Miss Andrea?”
“Yes Kim?”
“You have about fifteen minutes before your next appointment.”
“Wonderful, that will give me time to recharge.”
“Maybe.” Kimberley hedged uncomfortably.
“Maybe?” Andrea repeated, her voice dangerously low as she set her cup down.
“Mrs Sullivan is outside.” Kimberley told Andrea, edging closer to the door.
Kimberley nodded her shining blonde head.
“What on earth for? Are Jamie or Courtney with her?”
“No, she said they’ll be here tomorrow afternoon for their spanking just like they always are.”
“Oh good,” Andrea said with relief, “I know it sounds awful, but I absolutely look forward to spanking those two adorable little bottoms.”
“So do I,” Kimberley confessed with a smile, “they look so darling in the corner afterwards.”
“Did Donna tell you why she was here?”
“No, she just said it was something she had to discuss with you.”
“Well you had better ask her in so we can discuss it and not keep Angela Sharpe waiting any longer than we have to for her spanking.”
“Yes, ma’am.” Kimberley responded obediently, dropping a curtsey as she disappeared out the door and back into reception.
Andrea drained her teacup, and sat back in her chair, as she waited for Donna Sullivan to enter. The tall, athletic, professional disciplinarian was as intrigued as her teenage receptionist was by the pretty mother of two of her most regular customers, reasons for visiting the shop on such a perfectly horrid day. Andrea felt that she knew the reason behind Donna’s visit, but she never jumped to conclusions. There were only two reasons that anyone ever came to the Spank Shop and that was to receive a spanking or arrange for someone else to receive one. As Donna’s twin children were receiving weekly spankings from their ‘Aunty’ Andrea it was unlikely that she was here to arrange for someone else to be spanked. Andrea grinned as a wicked thought crossed her mind. Maybe she wanted Andrea to spank her husband. Andrea had never met Mr Sullivan, but if his son’s anatomy was anything to judge by it would be a labour of love to turn that man over her knee and spank his round, firm, muscular bottom to a deep, rich cherry red. She chuckled with a deep throaty laugh, it was a nice thought, but unlikely to be correct. Andrea had a feeling that Mrs Donna Sullivan was here to arrange to have her own pert buttocks spanked to a scorching lobster red. Donna would not be Andrea’s only adult client. She spanked a cute, young nurse called Tiffany once a week and she had dealt with grown daughters, mature women that felt a need for more juvenile discipline and any number of naughty wives. Adult men were less likely to come and see her, but it did happen. Only last week she had soundly hairbrushed a gorgeous college boy, she had the feeling that it would not be the last time she saw him.
Andrea rolled her shoulders, and crossed one long, shapely silk-stockinged leg over the other, as Donna Sullivan entered hesitantly.
“Hello Donna, “ she smiled, “please take a seat.” and she indicated the couch facing her chair. 
Donna seated herself delicately on the edge of the couch, offered Andrea a shy smile and replied “Hello Andie.”
“Would you like a cup of tea? I’m sure Kimmy won’t mind.”
“Oh no, thankyou. Kimberley has just given me one outside, she was concerned about me catching cold, I think.” Donna demurred.
“Thoughtful girl,” Andrea murmured, “is it still dreadful outside?”
Donna nodded her blonde head “Positively awful.”
“Well, I suppose we need the rain, if only we could schedule it to happen in the middle of the night when we’re all safely tucked up in bed.”
Donna laughed at the comment and agreed “That would be nice.”
Andrea uncrossed her legs and her green eyes regarded the obviously nervous young mother seated across from her “Kimberley said that you had something to discuss personally with me.”
“Yes, I do.” Donna answered, her voice dropping to a whisper.
“Well, you just relax and talk to Aunty Andrea. I don’t have long and I’d rather not keep the Sharpe girl waiting for her botty to be soundly smacked.”
“Yes, of course not.” Donna replied in a rush, she had caught the Aunty Andrea comment and had a feeling that the attractive spanker already knew what she had come to arrange.
“I’ll be pleased to help, if I can. Unburden yourself Donna and I’ll see what I can do.” Andrea sat back in her chair and prepared to listen to Donna Sullivan.
Andrea waited while Donna tried to compose herself “Andi…Andrea,” she began in a soft voice, “I don’t quite know how to say this,” she twisted her slim fingered hands nervously in her lap, “maybe I shouldn’t have come. It’s just so silly.”
Andrea decided that the time had come to take matters into her own hands so to speak “You want to ask me for a spanking.” she said simply.
Donna gaped open mouthed at the other woman.
“Close your mouth, please Donna. You’ll swallow a fly.”
“I…I…I…y…yes.” Donna stammered. “How did you know?”
Andrea laughed “Donna, this is a spank shop. There’s only one reason people come to me. I’m already spanking James and Courtney on a regular basis and unless you wanted me to spank your husband, which by the way I’d be only too happy to do if he wants one, there is only one other person left in the Sullivan family.”
“You understand, then?”
“Well, not totally, but if that’s what you want I will do it. I would like to know why, though. Now that we’ve got the initial embarrassment out of the way do you think you can tell me your reasons?”
Donna nodded quickly “I think so. It was the first time you spanked Jamie and Courtney. The decision not to punish them with spankings was largely mine. Geoffrey, my husband, just went along with what I decided. He’s away a lot on business, so he’s always left the decisions about disciplining the twins to me. I was spanked growing up and I hated it so I didn’t think I could inflict it on my own children. I told Geoffrey that and he agreed to it. When they came here and asked you for a spanking I was shocked. When I found out what they’d done to earn that spanking I was even more stunned. I realized when you asked me why they had to come to you for a spanking that I had failed as a mother.”
“Oh Donna!” Andrea exclaimed, concern in her tone. “You have NOT failed as a mother! You are a very good, loving mother to James and Courtney. The fact that you don’t spank them says that you do not want to hurt them. I respect that, but you need to learn that there is a difference between administering deserved punishment, like a good spanking to a naughty little bottom, and hurting the child just for the sake of hurting them. That is abuse.”
Donna sighed “It is just that spanking has always been a maternal task and now I have to let you fulfill that for my children. I feel I lose something by that. I deserve a spanking for allowing that to happen. James and Courtney could have become insufferable brats or worse if your shop had not been here.”
“I do agree with that Donna. I will spank you, because you do deserve it for not noticing what James and Courtney were getting up to and had they been less disciplined and intelligent it is likely that you would have had two juvenile delinquents on your hands. Have you discussed it with Geoffrey?”
“Yes, he is in agreement with me.”
“He didn’t want to spank you himself?” Andrea asked, knowing of other husbands who did prefer to discipline their own wives.
“We talked about that, but I’m his wife, not his daughter and we did not want to blur the lines.”
Andrea nodded and wished wistfully that her own husband had been as intelligent and thoughtful as Geoffrey Sullivan.
“Well, now that I know why you need to be spanked and what you are being spanked for we need to get some other details out of the way.”
“Such as?” Donna asked with upraised blonde eyebrows. “I can sign another form if you want me to.”
“There is a form, a little different to the one you signed for the children, but it just says that you authorize me to punish you and also means that you can’t raise an assault charge against me if you change your mind afterwards.”
Donna giggled “I’d never do that, Andie.”
Andrea smiled “I know you wouldn’t, Donna, but people do and I can’t take the chance. The other details are a little less legal than that. I’ll get you to sign the form prior to the actual spanking, but I need something else from you right now. What time would you prefer to have your spanking?”
“Oh dear,” Donna said, “I had hoped it would be today, but I know you’re busy. I’m not working tomorrow, could we do it then?”
“Possibly, I’ll just need to check with Kim. Wait here.”
Andrea stood, crossed to the door and had a brief, muffled conversation with her efficient young receptionist. She withdrew back into the parlour saying “Lovely, I’m sure that will suit her. Thankyou Kim. I’ll be seeing you shortly, young lady.” the last comment was directed at a nervous eighteen year old seated in reception by the fire, awaiting her turn over Andrea’s stern knee.
“We’re pretty full up tomorrow, but Kim can fit you in between two thirty and three thirty, does that suit?”
Donna took a breath and nodded.
“Wonderful, I’ll get Kimmy to put that in afterwards. Now even though you are a grown woman what you have done is what I’d expect of a thoughtless adolescent. As a result you will be punished as one and treated as one. Do you understand me?”
“Yes, Andie.”
“From now until the time I say your appointment ends you will address me as Miss, Miss Andrea, Ma’am or even Aunty Andrea if you wish, not Andie or Andrea. Do you understand that?”
Donna gulped, and her face paled under her makeup “Yes Miss Andrea.” she replied contritely.
“That is better. Tomorrow when you arrive here, and you will arrive at two thirty sharp, you will dress in a plain blouse, I would prefer white, but it’s up to you what colour, a knee length skirt, preferably with a check or tartan pattern, knee socks, no stockings, plain, flat shoes and your underwear had better also be plain, no patterns or sexy lingerie. If you behave as a little girl, you will be treated as one and will dress as one.”
Donna nodded.
“Off you go then. I’ll see you tomorrow at two thirty, Donna.”
“Yes, ma’am.” Donna said, rising and walking slightly stunned from the parlour.
Andrea’s voice called from the parlour “Kim, please send Angela in for her spanking.”
“Your turn, Angie, in you go.” Kim told the eighteen year old, as she reluctantly entered the parlour.
Kimberley closed the door behind the teenager, and smiled her thousand watt smile at Donna as she said “Do you need an appointment card, ma’am?”
“No, I can remember it.” Donna whispered.
“See you tomorrow then, Mrs Sullivan.” 
Donna nodded slowly as she put her coat back on, picked up her umbrella and opened the door to be greeted by a freezing blast of wind and sleet. 
Approaching two thirty the following day the flat heels of Donna Sullivan’s sensible shoes clicked on the wet pavement as she made her way to the Spank Shop. Donna drew her thick overcoat around her and shivered. At least it was not still raining, but it was very cold. That was one thing about a spanking, Donna reflected, it would more than likely warm her up somewhat. Although she had not told Andrea or Kimberley the previous day this was not the most convenient time for her. Really no time was especially convenient. Donna did not want the knowledge that she had attended the Spank Shop for a hiding over the elegant proprietress’ knee to become public. She was particularly worried about her children finding out, and with the timing of this appointment it was theoretically possible that her session and the twins could overlap. She did not know how she would explain her presence to the children. The other concern was that the shop did such a roaring trade that she did not want to bump into a mother, or even friends of the twins that may go home with stories that they had seen Mrs Sullivan alone at the Spank Shop, and that she had spent considerable time with Aunty Andrea. Donna shook her head and muttered “I must be mad.”
She opened the door, and stepped in, as the bell suspended above it tinkled merrily. “Hello, Mrs Sullivan.” Kimberley greeted her brightly, as she luxuriated in the sudden burst of warmth emanating from the blaze kindled in the reception room’s hearth. She looked quickly around the room and was relieved to see that she was the only client. Kimberley’s lips twitched as she noticed the pretty young mother’s entire stance relax. “The last client left five minutes ago, ma’am. We were able to finish a little early. Speaking of that you’re nice and early. I’m sure Miss Andrea will be pleased. Take a seat and I’ll just let her know that you have arrived.”
“Thanks Kimberley.”
The girl smiled and said “That’s Miss Kimberley until Miss Andrea says otherwise, please Donna.” 
Donna was flustered, she knew that the girl often participated in the punishments, she had not been aware that she had to address her as if she were a superior, though “Oh!” she exclaimed, a flush creeping up her neck to bloom as bright red spots on her cheeks. “I…I…I am sorry, Miss Kimberley.”
“It’s okay, sweetheart, you weren’t to know.” Kimberley replied kindly, rising to alert her mistress about Donna’s arrival.
Whilst the teenager was gone Donna took a seat and attempted to leaf through a magazine. She was turning the pages, looking at the pictures and the words, but was completely unable to concentrate.
Donna had last been spanked at the age of sixteen. She had broken her curfew, and her parents had been waiting up, when she crept slowly and quietly in the door. Neither of them had been smiling. The hairbrush rested in her mother’s lap, and her father had the dreaded strap in his hand. Donna had been sent upstairs to change into her pajamas and reappear in the lounge room. She had stood in front of her parents whilst they lectured her, and then had to stand with her nose in the corner to stew for five minutes. When she had been allowed out her mother had been seated in the middle of the couch. She had beckoned Donna over. On wobbly legs, the frightened adolescent, had walked to her stern faced mother, she had stood by her knee, and blushed furiously from shame and embarrassment, as her mother had undone her flannel pajama pants and lowered them to her ankles, whilst scolding her, and telling her how disappointed they both were in her ,before bending her over her knee and spanking her bare, white bottom soundly. 
When Donna was yelping, squealing and squirming over her mother’s knee, and her bottom had taken on a hot red blush, she had been allowed up, and her mother had stood with her hands firmly on her daughter’s shaking shoulders, while Donna’s father took the place of his wife and Donna was draped over her father’s strong, muscular thighs. She had yelled, kicked and bawled as her father’s hard, broad palm spanked more heat into her warmed, tenderized buttocks. She had been sent to stand, sobbing in the corner, with her hands on her head to let her bottom cool a little. 
When she turned to face her mother again, the horrid hairbrush was in her hand. Donna put her face in her hands and wept. The tears did not melt her mother’s heart and she received a stern hairbrushing over the maternal lap. Her bottom was on fire when she stood up, and it was very hard for her not to place her hands over her stinging nether regions, and desperately try to soothe the raging fires that burned there. 
She was directed to go to the back of the sofa and bend over it, pushing her bottom up nice and high. She trembled as she heard her father step around the back of her and shake the long strip of supple leather out, she whimpered as it was gently, teasingly run across her stinging bottom, and then howled as her father strapped her soundly. Twelve searing strokes swathed bands of heat across her upthrust bottom. A sobbing Donna was led back into the corner to stand there, while her parents had taken some refreshment and discussed mending the ways of their errant offspring. Her corner time done, Donna had been given some soothing and plenty of cuddling from her parents. That was her last spanking. It had mended her ways and her parents had not found it necessary to reinforce discipline in a physical method again. She had occasionally transgressed, and still been punished with groundings, and withholding of pocket money or other privileges, but she had soon gone to college, married and started her own family not long after. Donna shivered with the memory of that long ago night and wondered why on earth she had willingly put herself in that position once again.   
“Donna!” Kimberley’s voice cracked sharply in the room, jolting her back to the present. “I am speaking to you, young lady.”
The lady in her mid thirties looked up and realized that she had slipped into a daydream “Yes Kim…Miss Kimberley.” she caught herself in time, as she saw the flash of displeasure flicker across the normally sunny teen’s face.
“Miss Andrea is ready for you, please go in.”
Taking a deep breath Donna put her hands on the edge of her chair and pushed herself to her feet. She straightened her back, squared her shoulders and walked into the parlour with as much dignity as she could muster.
Andrea smiled as the young mother entered the parlour. She had seen that posture before with adult clients. It was their way of trying to pretend that they were still adults and not about to be spanked like little children.
“Well, young lady,” Andrea began, looking up at Donna, “I see that you have arrived on time and that is one thing that you can be commended for. Do you remember that I requested you dress a particular way?”
“Yes, ma’am.” Donna murmured, her head dropping to look at her shoes, as she was unable to hold Andrea’s steady green gaze.
Kimberley entered with a steaming cup of tea, which she placed, on the table next to Andrea, she could not suppress a grin at the scene in front of her. It was not often that she got to see a woman almost old enough to be her mother being treated as if she were ten years old. She was rather annoyed that she would not get to witness the coming spanking, at least if she listened hard enough she would be able to hear some of it. “Thankyou, Kimberley.” Andrea told her receptionist. “Donna will you please take off your coat so that Aunty Andrea can see if you have dressed appropriately.”
Blushing Donna unbuttoned her coat and shrugged it off. Andrea frowned at the lady as the coat slipped to the floor. “Pick it up,” she commanded, “Hang it on the coat rack. My goodness, such untidiness, your bottom certainly does need a lesson from Aunty Andrea, doesn’t it?”
Donna did not reply, and then yelped, as Andrea’s hand darted out and planted a stinging slap on her creamy white thigh.
“When I ask you a question, young lady, you will answer and you will answer with proper respect. Do you understand me?”
“Yes, Miss Andrea.” Donna whispered, unconsciously rubbing the red mark that had bloomed on her thigh, she squealed as Andrea smacked the other thigh sharply.
“Did I give you permission to rub?” she demanded.
“No Miss, but it hurts!” Donna sniffled
“It is supposed to hurt, you silly girl!” Andrea thundered. “You will not rub unless I allow you to and you will answer when spoken to. If I have to ask Kimberley in here to tie your wrists I will do so. Now what are you to do and what are you not to do?”
Donna blinked back tears, and set her mouth, as she answered slowly and carefully “I will answer you when I am asked a question and I will not rub unless you tell me that I am allowed, ma’am.”
“Better. Now do you need a good bare bottom, over the knee lesson from Aunty Andrea?”
“Yes Miss, I do.” Donna replied, blushing furiously.
“Excellent. Now we’re getting somewhere. Stand up straight and let me have a good look at you.” she ordered. 
Donna stood up straight and tried to focus on a spot on the wallpaper. Andrea’s green eyes traveled up and down her body. “Hmmmm, a sensible light blue blouse, I would have preferred white, but this one is suitable. It is however too tight, and I am sure that is so that you can show off your perky little breasts. Vanity is a sin, young lady and well brought up girls do not draw attention to their bodies. The skirt too is acceptable, just a touch too short in the hem and a tad too tight, which makes a feature of your pretty, pert bottom. The socks are fine, as are the shoes. You have displayed some capacity to obey orders. Take off the skirt, please.”
Donna went bright red at the command and whimpered “Please ma’am, couldn’t I keep it on?”
“Donna, this is a spanking. How is a proper spanking administered?”
“On the bare bottom, miss” Donna replied in an almost inaudible voice, her cheeks flaming.
“I can’t very well spank your bare bottom if you’re wearing a skirt, can I? Take it off.”
Donna frowned to herself, and her trembling fingers fumbled with the skirt’s zipper, as she undid it and wriggled out of the garment, which was as Andrea had pointed out, a little tighter than it needed to be. The skirt slipped down her legs and pooled around her ankles.
Andrea gazed at Donna’s old-fashioned full back, white panties. “Excellent,” she murmured, “those preserve modesty properly.”
Donna squirmed under the scrutiny.
“Place your skirt over the back of the chair and come here to me please, Donna.”
Donna bent over and picked up the skirt, which afforded Andrea a good look at her full, firm buttocks as the panties tightened around the rounded hemispheres. A woman Donna’s age did not get a behind like that by accident, she worked out obviously, that to Andrea was an admirable quality, it also made her bottom a positive joy to spank. Donna walked slowly to Andrea, and stood nervously in front of her. Andrea put her hands on Donna’s hips and turned her around gently, making sure that she examined every inch of the panties. “What are you doing, ma’am?” an uncomfortable Donna asked, a red blush suffusing her entire body.
“Not that it is any business of yours, my girl, but I am checking for cleanliness. I cannot abide a slovenly child, it seems that pride in your appearance is one of your qualities, Donna and that is good. Turn around again, please and face me.”
Donna did as she was bid, and kept her eyes on her shoes.
Andrea stood and calmly undid a couple of buttons on the neat, blue blouse.
“Ma’am!” Donna bleated.
“Well the panties are fine, but I did ask you to wear sensible underwear, so I have to check the bra as well.” Andrea explained and then fell silent, before murmuring “Oh dear!”
Donna grimaced, she had not thought Andrea would look at her bra. It was a lacy, blue affair that her husband had given her on her last birthday, he liked her to wear it and Donna liked wearing it. It was comfortable, it looked good and it made her feel pretty.
“That is not at all acceptable, young lady.” Andrea told her sternly. “I’m afraid that will get you some extra.”
Donna sighed “Yes ma’am.” as she felt the tears well in her blue eyes.
“Fix your blouse please, dear. I am going to finish my tea, and you have a spanking to get ready for. Go to the corner and stand there quietly until I tell you that you may turn around.”
“Yes miss.” Donna sniffed, as she went to the corner, and pressed her nose into it she was struck by how similar this spanking was to the ones that her mother had administered. She was always sent to the corner first. She suspected that this was her mother’s way of not only getting Donna ready for the coming spanking, but so her mother could also prepare herself to administer the chastisement. It was also no secret that Donna positively loathed corner time. Andrea smiled over the rim of her cup as she sipped her tea. Donna was beginning to look more and more like a naughty adolescent with every minute of this appointment. 
Donna listened as she stood miserably in the corner. The room was completely silent no one spoke. Donna could hear the crackling of the fire in the grate and the occasional sound as Andrea sipped her tea and the click when she set the cup back in the saucer. She heard the rustle of cloth as Andrea rose from her chair and left the room. Donna felt a shift in the air as a door was opened and slightly cooler air entered the room. Andrea had left the room. Donna desperately wanted to turn around, but did not dare. Andrea was serious about this spanking and she had no doubt that it would be increased seriously if she did not do exactly as she had been instructed. She could already feel the familiar tingle in her bottom as she anticipated the slap of the hand and the impact of whatever else Andrea decided she needed to be punished with. She was pretty sure that the hairbrush would come into play, it was a very maternal implement and it was something Andrea seemed to have a real affinity with. She hoped that nothing else would be used, but she did not know. There was a soft sound behind her as Andrea reentered the room and closed the door gently behind her.
Andrea settled herself onto the middle cushion of her long, three seater couch and said softly “Donna please turn around and come to me.”
Donna took a deep breath and fought the rising panic in her mind down. This had not happened since she was sixteen years old and she had truly thought it would never happen again. However she knew that it needed to happen and that in a strange way she would feel better inside afterwards even if she were unable to sit down comfortably for a day or two. Donna turned and looked at Andrea. The willowy disciplinarian was sitting on the couch, long legs crossed, smile playing across her full sensuous lips. On one side of her was the hairbrush, a broad, oval backed instrument of a deep, rich cherry wood, Donna winced, on the other side was a strap, Donna’s heart sank, she hated the strap, she had always hated it. This one was short, supple and broad. Donna had no doubt it would sting wickedly. On wobbly, shaking legs she made her way to Andrea’s right side by the couch and stood there with her hands clasped in front of her and her blue eyes staring at the tops of her shoes.    
“Do you know what is going to happen, Donna?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Please tell me.”
Donna tried desperately to stop her voice from trembling as she described her punishment to Andrea “You are going to take me over your knee and spank my bare bottom soundly.”
“Why are you being spanked, darling?”
“Because I was irresponsible and my children had to come to you for their discipline.” Donna began to cry.
“Yes, you were. This will teach you to keep a closer eye on your two adorable children from now on.” She patted her knee. “Over you get, sweetheart.”
Donna began to lower herself over the waiting lap “Wait!” Andrea instructed. “Your bottom is still covered. That needs to be rectified. Stand up again, please.”
Donna straightened up and held her head straight.
“Kick your shoes off and place your hands on your head, please, Donna.”
Donna did as she was instructed, pushed her shoes with her feet under the couch and clasped her hands on top her blonde head.
Andrea gave her an encouraging smile and reached out to hook her fingers in the waistband of the old fashioned knickers. Donna blushed furiously as they were slowly, competently lowered to below her knees.
Andrea sat back and looked the well-toned, petite body up and down, an enigmatic smile playing across her smooth features. Her cool green eyes looked directly into Donna’s brimming blue ones and she ordered sternly “Now you will bend over my knee, young lady.”
Because of the panties around her knees Donna fell more than bent over Andrea’s knee.
Andrea chuckled throatily as the woman’s weight fell onto her knees. She put one strong arm around Donna’s slender waist and using her legs and that arm hauled her into a more stable position. Andrea picked up the hairbrush and the strap with her free hand and moved them onto a table near one end of the couch. Andrea sat well back on the couch, with Donna’s flat stomach resting on her lap and her upper body supported by the couch and her legs on the other end of the couch. Andrea looked down at Donna’s firm, round, white upturned bottom and suppressed a giggle. She glided her hand across the smooth, creamy white hemispheres and asked “Comfy?”
Donna was not sure what answer Andrea wanted, so replied with a tentative “Yes ma’am.”
“We’ll have to remedy that, my girl.” Andrea told her with the strict tones she had heard her use with Jamie and Courtney prior to their spankings.   
As Andrea’s cool hand continued to gently stroke and knead the firm resilient flesh of Donna’s bottom, the woman felt the muscles of her buttocks contract involuntarily. Andrea’s sharp nails scratched teasingly on the unspanked flesh and Donna wished that she would just get on with it. She wriggled and her bottom relaxed. Unexpectedly Andrea’s hand cracked sharply down, once on each cheek, striking dead centre each time, handprints quickly bloomed red on the creamy white flesh. “Ouch! Ouch!” Donna squealed.

“I wager it’s been far too long since you felt that, young lady.” Andrea told her as she continued to spank smartly, sprinkling stinging red hand prints, like flowering roses all over the wriggling, bounding bottom over lap. “My goodness, you do carry on!” Andrea exclaimed, not missing a beat as she competently reddened the bottom beneath her hand. “I can see where Courtney gets her habit of wriggling like a worm.”
“Owwwww!” Donna yelped, trying to squirm away from Andrea’s punishing right palm. “It hurrrttttsssssssss!”
“It is a spanking, silly child. It is not meant to tickle.” Andrea told her with a chuckle, and accompanied it with a blistering volley, that made Donna howl and kick.

As Andrea steadily spanked the young mother over her knee and held her firmly as she tried to wriggle out of the confinement of the elegant disciplinarian’s lap she was struck by how quickly Donna’s pert cheeky bottom had become very red. It was evidence of a rarely spanked bottom. Many of her regulars had to be spanked a lot longer before their bottoms coloured the way Donna’s had.

Donna yelled and wriggled as she felt her bottom catch fire “I’m sorrrrreeeee!” she told Andrea through her tears.
“Of,” SPANK “course” SPANK “you” SPANK “are” SPANK “darling.” Andrea agreed, punctuating each word with a healthy slap. “It is Aunty Andrea’s job to make positively sure of that.”
Donna cried and tried to take her spanking in as dignified a manner as she could.

When her bottom was positively steaming Andrea judged that she had been sufficiently warmed and said gently “Stand up please, Donna.”
Sobbing, Donna managed to awkwardly get to her feet, her hands flew towards her scorched rear, but stopped halfway at the frown from Andrea and the warning “If you so much as think of rubbing that bottom, young lady I can promise that you can forget all about sitting down this evening. Put your hands on your head where they can do no harm.”  
With a wince, and a further spill of tears from her bright blue eyes Donna did as Andrea told her. “Well, don’t we look like a well spanked, little girl?” Andrea teased. “Not at all the pretty young mother, now are we?”
“No, Aunty Andrea.” Donna lisped with a sob.
“Unfortunately, sweetheart we’re not done. When I spank Jamie and Courtney what do I spank them with?”
“Your hand and your hairbrush, miss.”
“Yes and you have not yet felt my hairbrush, also because I spank Jamie and Courtney somewhat harder than I would have if they were spanked regularly growing up you need something a little more severe.”
“More severe!” Donna blurted out.
Andrea’s green eyes flashed “Come here, please Donna.” she ordered the blonde lady.
Regretting her outburst Donna moved the few steps to Andrea’s side. Andrea placed her hands on Donna’s hips and turned her so that her glowing red bottom was looking at her and then planted six real stingers on that sore backside, three loud smacks on each cheek that echoed around the room seconds before Donna’s howls hit the air. “When I pronounce a punishment, young lady, you do not offer comment. Is that understood?”
“Yes ma’am.”

“Good,” she kept an arm around Donna’s slender waist, as she continued, “I was only going to use my hand and my hairbrush, but that inappropriate bra of yours has earned you a dose of the strap and I have it on good authority that it stings like blazes. Now you have a decision to make.”
“A decision, Aunty?” Donna queried, knowing with shame that Andrea had efficiently turned her into a well-spanked child.
“Yes, I’m going to permit you to decide a little of your own fate, sweetheart. Can you see your bottom in that mirror over there?” she pointed to a long oval mirror in one corner of the room.
Donna looked over her shoulder and winced as she saw the blazing red evidence of a well-administered spanking on her rounded posterior.
“Yes, ma’am.” she whispered.
“Does it sting and hurt as much as it appears to?”
“Yyes Aunty Andrea.” Donna stammered.
“Excellent.” Andrea said with a smile, steepling her long, well manicured fingers in front of her face contemplatively.
“How much more do you think it will sting after a chat with my hairbrush?”
“A lot more, Miss.” Donna offered lamely.
“Oh yes, a lot more and the heat would be almost incandescent I would think. Imagine a searing session with the strap on top of that.” Andrea mused.
Donna gulped, and felt her legs go weak.
“Now, the choice is yours Donna, you can opt to receive the strap now and have a rest before getting the hairbrush. It will still hurt, but not quite as much, of course the hairbrush on top of the strap, will not be pleasant at all. Or you can get your hairbrushing now and have another rest before the strap. I’d rather take the strap and then the hairbrush. However it is entirely up to you.”  

Donna thought back to her adolescent punishments. Her parents had always hand spanked her, then hairbrushed her and then strapped her if they felt it necessary. Andrea was correct. Either option hurt like fury, but if she got the strapping over and done with it would make the hairbrush a little easier to take. From her experience the strap tended to numb her bottom and that would lessen the impact of that wickedly wielded hairbrush.
“I…I…ummm…I’ll tuhtake the str…strap fuhfirst please Aunty Andrea.” Donna stumbled over the words.
“Very well,” Andrea told her, picking up the strap and rising to her feet, “for what it’s worth I think it’s the smarter choice. Go around to the other side of the couch please and bend over it young lady.”

Donna squared her shoulders and awkwardly made her way to the back of the couch, the panties around her ankles, hobbling her effectively. She bent over the couch and the height of it forced her to raise up on her toes. “Very good,” Andrea pronounced, taking up position behind Donna, “you’re pushing your bottom up nice and high for the strap’s attention. That is what I like to see.”
“Thankyou ma’am.” Donna mumbled into the sofa’s cushions.
Donna felt the muscles in her firm buttocks contract reflexively as Andrea laid the strap gently on her bottom and drew it teasingly across the glowing red mounds. She flinched and felt her legs flex as the supple leather slid across her bottom and slipped off to scrape along her hip. 
“Count them, please Donna.” Andrea instructed.

The strap rose and flashed down, cracking across the left buttock.
“Owwwwww!” Donna yelled, her legs kicking, “Ooonnneeeee, ma’am!”
“Good, but please keep your legs still. I would hate to have to give you extra, darling.”
“Yyyyessss, Miss.” Donna blubbered, her tears soaking the couch.
Again the strap cracked down and swathed heat across Donna’s right posterior.
“Yeeeeeoooowwwwww! Tuhtttwooooooooooooo ma’am!” Donna howled, trying to keep her legs still.
“Get that bottom up, nice and high!” Andrea ordered as she took careful aim.
Donna did not reply, but grit her teeth and tried to push her bottom up to receive the strap’s attention.
SSSSWWWWWIIIIISSSSHHHHHHKKKEEEERRRRAAAACCCCKKKKKK! The strap descended and smacked across both of Donna’s globes, dead centre. A stripe of burning red flared across the upturned bottom. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Donna screamed and lay limply over the couch.
Andrea waited a few seconds and them prompted “Are we forgetting something, darling? I should have told you that if you miss counting a stroke we’ll go back to one.”
“Ththreeeee ma’am!” Donna sobbed.
Andrea swung the strap again and Donna squealed and kicked as it’s stinging length caught the underside of the bottom and lit a line of fire under it. “Fuhfuhfuhfour! Aunteeeee!” Donna managed to gasp. 
“That’s it, Donna, You’re doing very well, just keep it up.” Andrea encouraged and let fly with the strap again.
This time it cracked across the creamy white thighs “Ooooohhhhhhh Gggggodddddddddd!” Donna bellowed as the tender skin felt as if a hundred bees had just stung it all at once. “Fififivvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee! Aunteeeeee Andreaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!”
“Good girl, that’s my good girl. Aunty Andrea is very proud of you.”
The snap crack of the strap rang out again and this time it slapped the very tender area at the back of Donna’s knees. Donna screamed and her legs nearly gave out under her. “Ssssssssseeeeeiiiiiixxxxxxxxxxx!” she roared with all the strength in her lungs. “Auunnnttteeeeee!”
Andrea set the wicked length of leather down on a table and looked at the blubbering, sobbing lady draped over the back of the couch, she admired the flaring red bottom and legs. She went over to Donna and taking her gently in her arms helped her to her feet and hugged her as she held her upright “Good, good girl. You took that very well, sweetie and I am extremely proud of you.” She held Donna out at arm’s length and tenderly brushed a strand of blonde hair away from her cheek where her tears had plastered it. “Now let’s get you into a corner, so you can cool down a little before your hairbrushing.”

“Yes thankyou ma’am.” Donna cried as she allowed Andrea to lead her into a corner. 
“Now you press in there and stand quietly while your bottom rests up. I will be here all the time so do not attempt to rub.”
“Yes, Aunty Andrea.” Donna sobbed as she did as she was told and concentrated on keeping her hands away from her stinging, throbbing, steaming, crimson bottom. 
Donna heard the door open and felt the blessed relief of cooler air from reception as Kimberley wandered in “Yes, Kim?” Andrea asked.
“Your four thirty appointment cancelled, ma’am.”
“Oh bother!” Andrea exclaimed.
“However,” Kimberley said brightly, “Mrs Cameron called and asked if you could fit Stephen in.”
“Hmmmm…what does he need?” Andrea asked as she considered the change in plan.
“His Mum said that a good long session with the wooden spoon would do him a world of good.”
“That it probably would.” Andrea agreed. “Make the change please, Kimmy.”
“Yes ma’am. My Donna is warming up nicely.” she commented as she left which caused a bright red flush to creep up Donna’s neck and bloom marvelously on her face. 
Andrea could not help, but laugh.
“Turn around please, Donna.” Andrea commanded.
The well spanked woman did as she was asked and as she faced the brown haired disciplinarian she became acutely aware that she was naked from the waist down and blushed as she felt Andrea’s cool green eyes travel from the panties around her ankles and up her shapely legs to rest at the patch of springy blonde curls between her legs. She rubbed her legs together self-consciously.

“Donna!” Andrea’s voice snapped. “You are here to have your bottom smacked, not to pleasure yourself surreptitiously! Get over here now! I have a cure for that sort of behaviour.”
As Donna hobbled over to Andrea and stood in front of her shame facedly Andrea held up the horrid hairbrush and brandished it in Donna’s blazing face “This has cured many a dirty little girl of disgusting behaviour. You won’t be thinking about the feeling between your legs when Aunty’s hairbrush is lighting a fire on your bottom. I can promise you that, young lady.”

She reached out and took a firm grip on Donna’s slim wrist and pulled her smoothly over her knee. “Now let’s get you into proper spanking position, my girl.”
Donna did not attempt to resist as Andrea lifted her legs with a grunt and settled her into the middle of her lap and tightened her arm around Donna’s waist. “You can wriggle, squirm and kick if you like, in fact I’ll be surprised if you don’t, but this spanking will not finish until I say it does. Do you understand me, Donna?”    
“Yes ma’am.” Donna mumbled into the couch, feeling the prickly, tingly feeling crawl up her thighs into her bottom.
“What do you understand?”
“That no matter how much I wriggle, kick and squirm and protest that my spanking does not end until you think that I have had enough.”
“Very good. You are starting to learn, my dear. I’m sure that this is a lesson you will remember every time you sit down for the next few days.”
Donna did not offer comment, merely wriggled herself into a less uncomfortable position over Andrea’s knees and lay there miserably. She squirmed as she felt a gentle scratching sensation over her bottom. Andrea was tenderizing her bottom with the bristle side of the brush “Oooohhhh Miss!” she gasped, as she felt the itching scratch of the bristles do something to her inside, she could feel herself moistening inside and desperately clamped down on it.
“Tickles, does it?” Andrea whispered, her lips close to Donna’s ear.
“Not exactly.” Donna grunted, trying to fight the feelings the brush was awakening.
Andrea chuckled and straightened up, then flipped the brush so that it’s hard, cool, flat back was resting on Donna’s scarlet hemispheres.
“What does that feel like?” Andrea inquired.
“Cool, ma’am.” Donna stammered, feeling a crawling sensation creep up her legs and flow into her bottom.
“Is that all?”
“No, Miss.”
“Tell me what else, please sweetheart.” and Andrea began to slowly glide the brushes smooth back across the red, ravaged flesh.
Donna grit her teeth and ground out “Flat, hard, heavy, Aunty.”
“Good,” Andrea cooed, “very good. A good hairbrush should be exactly that and it should be able to light a fire that will burn for a long time in a naughty girl’s bottom.”
With the last word Donna howled as the brush was smacked firmly down over the centre of her bottom.
The only sound that could be heard in the parlour was the cracking of the brush and Donna’s answering roars as it spanked smartly down over Donna’s bottom. Andrea watched as Donna’s bottom bounded and flared, she tightened her grip a little as Donna attempted to levitate off her lap and her legs kicked around wildly. The round, firm, well toned bottom flattened out as the brush struck and the sting bit in, then as it lifted the buttock smoothed out to it’s previous rounded form. Andrea was always amazed by the resiliency of the human buttocks. It was as if they had been designed for one thing especially and that thing was to receive a soundly administered spanking. Donna ground her front into Andrea’s lap as she changed tactics and tried to burrow deeper to avoid the brushes stern, unyielding back. “I believe I told you not to kick.” Andrea reminded Donna and applied the brush to the backs of the woman’s tender white thighs. Donna howled and screamed “Puhpuhleeesseeee! Aunteeee Andreaaaaa! Not…not there. It…it huhuhuhurtsssssssss!”
“I am sure it does, young lady.” Andrea answered sternly, but moved the brush back to Donna’s bottom, paying particular attention to the spank spot where bottom and thighs met. Donna clamped her teeth together for the first few strokes and then let fly with full-blooded howls as the fire built to it’s roaring crescendo. Andrea administered a few crisp strokes to the still blazing crowns of Donna’s extremely well spanked rear and then set the brush down on the table and held Donna while she cried out the pain. 
“Donna?” Andrea inquired gently.
“Yes, Ma’am.” Donna sniffled.
“Are you able to stand up, sweetie?”
“I…I think so.”
“Alright, I think you need a little cool down time in your corner. I’ll help you up and over there.”
Placing her arms around Donna’s waist she assisted the very sore woman off her lap and onto her feet, and allowing Donna to lean on her a little she led her into a corner. “Hands on head, please Donna. I have to leave the room for a minute or two. Can I trust you to stay there and not try to rub your bottom?”
Donna sniffed and replied “Yes, Aunty Andrea.”
“That’s my good girl.” Andrea complimented her with a soft buss on a tear soaked cheek.  

Donna stood in the corner, hands interlocked over her shiny blonde hair and tried to concentrate on anything but the raging fire in her bottom and the dreadful aching sting that accompanied it.
Donna was not sure how much time elapsed between Andrea leaving the room and reentering, she did not think it was that long. Andrea came back without the brush and strap and with a cup of tea. She settled into her arm chair and leafed leisurely through a magazine as she sipped her tea and occasionally looked up to admire her handiwork on Donna’s steaming bottom. When she finished her tea she rang the bell for Kimberley. The blonde girl appeared at the door and fluffed up her clouds of golden hair. “Yes, Ma’am?”
“Kim, I have completed Donna’s spanking. I’d like to cool her down a little before I send her home. You know what I want, can you please bring it in here?”
“Yes, rightaway Ma’am.” and with a glance and a grin at Donna’s very well spanked bottom Kimberley floated from the room.

Donna heard Kimberley come back in and a muted conversation between the pretty receptionist and her employer, then the door closed again. Donna wished she could rub her bottom to at least ease the sting, but she did not dare disobey Andrea.
The soft command came from the couch “Donna, turn around please and face me.”
Donna did as she was bid. Andrea was seated in the position on the couch that Donna had been spanked from. A towel was draped over her lap, on the nearby table was a bowl of water, a packet of cotton balls, a small hand towel, a tin of talcum powder and a jar of cream. “Over here, darling.” Andrea beckoned to Donna with a crooked finger and a smile.
Donna hobbled over to Andrea, wincing with the pain caused every time her scorched buttocks rubbed together. Andrea reached up and guided Donna back over her knee and positioned herself on the couch. She reached across the blazing bottom and could feel the heat emanating from it. “Ohhhh that is hot!” she remarked. “I should have just set the kettle on your bottom for my tea. It would have boiled quicker than the stove.” Andrea joked.
Donna did not reply, but blushed scarlet with shame.
Andrea dipped some of the cotton balls in the water and then began to wipe Donna’s bottom gently with the soaking cotton balls.
Donna sighed and whimpered as her hot, sore bottom was cooled with the water.
Andrea tenderly patted the stinging globes dry with the towel. “How is that, dear?”
“Better, Aunty.” Donna whispered.
“Still sore?”
“Yes, Miss.”
“Good, it should be.” and with that comment Andrea slapped a generous handful of the cream onto Donna’s bottom. Donna gasped as the cold cream made contact with her hot bottom. Andrea massaged the cream in thoroughly, but was gentle about it. She used some more soaking cotton balls to wash the excess grease from the still scarlet hemispheres and sprinkled talcum powder over them “You look like a raspberry jelly dusted with icing sugar.” Andrea chuckled as she used the hand towel to pat Donna’s bottom dry. “Okay, you’re done.” she told Donna and gave her a playful smack to signal that she could get up.
Donna clambered awkwardly from Andrea’s lap and stood facing the willowy disciplinarian, her hands clasped in front of her, blue eyes downcast.
“It’s over, Donna.” Andrea told her.
Donna exhaled a long breath and relaxed, then asked “Really?”
Green eyes sparkling Andrea nodded.
“I can call you Andie again?”
Andrea nodded again.
“Oh thank God!” Donna exclaimed.
She drew her panties up and gasped and winced as they made contact with her sore bottom. She wriggled into her skirt and Andrea saw her expression of discomfort as the snug skirt was fastened which served to hold in the sting and the heat from her bottom.
“Would you like anything, Donna?”
“Besides an ice pack to sit on?”
Andrea giggled “I was thinking more of refreshment.”
“I would love a cup of tea.”
“I’ll ask Kim to bring one in.”
Andrea and Donna discussed things while Donna sipped her tea, standing up. “I haven’t been treated like that since I was a teenager.”
“It’s not for everyone, Donna. You may not ever want it again, but if you ever do you know who to call.”
“Yes, I do.” Donna managed a smile over the rim of her cup, then she looked at the clock. “Oh my God! Is that the time? The kids will be here any minute. Thankyou Andrea, I really do mean that. I needed what I got.”
“It was my pleasure and my privilege, Donna. Just remember that my hand, hairbrush and strap are at your disposal should you ever want them again.”
“I will, thankyou so very much.”

Donna paid Kim for her punishment and then got ready to leave. As she approached the door it opened and in walked the blonde Sullivan twins.
“What are you doing here, Mum?” they asked as their mother’s mouth made a perfect O and her hand flew to her stinging bottom.


  1. Oh, how I love this story! Donna, being in her early 30's, reminds me of the lovely Sylvie, a regular client of mine who has given me permission to write about her using her first name. The main difference is that, while Donna was spanked up to the age of 16 (and remembers the strap with particular distaste), Sylvie was NEVER spanked as a child. Thus, receiving her first-ever bare bottom, OTK spanking from me was a shock to the young lady indeed!


  2. Yes, Donna and Sylvie do have some similarities, although at least young Donna had some idea of what she was in for. I liken Sylvie more to Ashleigh Summerton, another client whose story I hope to post one day soon.