Saturday, 19 March 2011

'The Spank Shop: James & Courtney'

In this the first installment of The Spank Shop, readers meet Aunty Andrea, her assistant Kimberley and discover what led to the opening of The Spank Shop and witness one of it's earlier punishment sessions.

Thanks to Seegee for the words and Sassy Bottoms for the picture.

Andrea reached across the struggling boy’s warm, rosy bottom and picked up her trusty ebony hairbrush. The brush was one of the old style ones with a long handle and a broad oval back that could easily span a naughty child’s bottom cheek. Andrea rarely used the brush for its intended purpose; to comb her long, lustrous, dark curly hair, it was more often used to discipline the bottoms of disobedient children. Tommy; the boy wriggling vigorously over the tall athletic woman’s lap, was well acquainted with the hairbrush and knew exactly what Andrea put it to best use for.
As soon as Tommy realized that Andrea had the brush in hand his struggles intensified, and he began to plead “No. Aunty Andrea. Please no. Not the brush. I’ll be good. I promise….aaaaaahhhhhhh!” his pleas fell on deaf ears and abruptly became shouts of pain as Andrea calmly and competently smacked the brush crisply down across the bottom that she had just warmed with her hand.
For the next six minutes the only sounds heard in the comfortable parlour with the cheery fire merrily burning in the small hearth were Tommy’s yells of anguish, and the sound of the brush as it spanked his bottom soundly and built a hot fire in his round little rear. Only when Tommy’s howls had died down to constant regular sobbing, and he lay limply over Andrea’s knee, as she smacked his bottom to a deep, rich, cherry red did the tall woman decide that he had been sufficiently punished.
“Tommy,” she said gently, but loud enough that the boy could hear her over his sobs, “you may get up now.”
With a sobbing gulp the boy raised himself awkwardly off Andrea’s lap. 
He stood in front of her, tears streaming down his face, his underpants and trousers pooling around his feet, his little penis hanging limply in front.
Andrea’s cool green eyes looked into the boy’s tear filled brown ones.
Tommy’s hands moved towards his blazing red bottom.

“Tommy, if you even attempt to rub your bottom I can promise you that you will not sit down for the next week.” Andrea told the boy calmly.

Tommy sniffed and met Andrea’s eyes defiantly, but his hands stopped moving, and he clenched them into fists as he brought them to his sides.

“Good boy.” Andrea complimented him with an encouraging smile. “Now do you have anything you want to tell me?”

With an angry wipe Tommy cleared his eyes and his nose.
Andrea dropped her head to hide a smile and shook it gently, she reached out to a table by the side of her chair, and raised her hand with a tissue in it. She motioned the boy to her and held the tissue up to his nose. “Blow.” she instructed.

Obediently Tommy did as he was told, and Andrea disposed of the tissue. “Now back to what you have to say to me, Tommy.” Andrea directed the conversation to her initial question.

Tommy took a deep shuddering breath and said in a low, halting voice “I’m sorry I was a naughty boy Aunty Andrea. I thank you for caring enough to spank me properly.”

“It was my pleasure darling. Now you turn around, march yourself into the corner and stand there like a good little soldier until Aunty Andrea tells you that you may leave.”
The boy turned around and hobbled awkwardly to the corner. The underpants and trousers around his ankles coupled with the fire that Andrea’s spanking had lit in his bottom impeded his progress. Once at the familiar and hated corner Tommy stopped, stood up straight and placed his hands on his head. Andrea sat back, crossed her legs and surveyed her handiwork on the boy’s bottom with a sense of achievement. When she had first started spanking Tommy his mother had brought him to her at least once a week, that had now been lengthened to once every two weeks on average, this was the first time this month and there was only a week of the month left. It had been a very sound spanking, it would be quite some time before Tommy wanted to find himself over Aunty Andrea’s knee again. Andrea gazed at Tommy’s angry, throbbing red bottom again and then picked up a magazine and began to idly leaf through it.      
After ten minutes had passed Andrea judged that Tommy’s bottom had cooled down sufficiently and told him that his corner time was over. The boy turned and put his hands by his sides, with effort he stopped himself from reaching back to rub his still stinging bottom. Experience had taught him that Andrea’s reaction to rubbing before she had given her permission was not pleasant. He walked stiffly over to Andrea and fell gratefully into her outstretched arms. She hugged him tightly and rubbed his back, murmuring “Good boy. You took your spanking very well. Are you going to try and be a better boy so Aunty doesn’t have to spank you again?”

“Yes Aunty Andrea.” the child mumbled into her shoulder.

“Good boy.” she told him again and as she released him she picked up a small hand bell on the table beside her, and rang it twice.
Within a minute of the tinkling bell being rung a petite, attractive blonde girl of about eighteen years old came into the room. She was dressed as befitted most office receptionists, neat and tidy. Her blonde hair floated around her face as she shook it out and asked “You rang, Miss Andrea?”

“Yes Kimberley.” Andrea smiled up at the girl. “I’ve finished with Tommy now. Are there any free corners in reception?”

“They’re all free at present, ma’am.” Kimberley replied, with a smile.

“Excellent. Would you please take Tommy to a change room, pop him into a spanking apron and then put him on display in a corner until his mother comes to collect him. She shouldn’t be too long.”

“Delighted ma’am.” Kimberley held out a hand to the grimacing boy, he loathed public corner time, it was bad enough in Aunty Andrea’s parlour. He also hated wearing the spanking aprons. They were normal aprons with no backs. Andrea used them to publicly display freshly spanked bottoms, because they left the bottom bare, but preserved modesty by covering both the front of the upper and lower body. Tommy stepped out of his trousers and underpants and Andrea watched while she hid a giggle, as Tommy’s red little bottom jiggled, as he trailed behind Kimberley to the change room.
Fortunately for Tommy his public ordeal was short and also not very public. Reception was empty, except for Kimberley, who calmly dealt with her paper work, only glancing up occasionally to make sure that Tommy was still in position, and was not attempting to surreptitiously rub his hot red bottom cheeks. Quite often there were other customers in reception: parents and guardians waiting for Andrea to finish spanking their charges, children some with parents and/or guardians, and some unaccompanied waiting their turn over Andrea’s busy knee, the occasional adult who felt a need for the type of discipline that Andrea provided or recently spanked children filling up the corners. Although there was no one in reception it did not mean that Kimberley was the only person that could see evidence that Tommy had recently been naughty and paid painfully for it. The windows were open to the street and all the corners in reception were visible from the street, any passerby could easily see Tommy’s glowing red bottom. His mother was not long in coming. He had only been in the hated corner for five minutes when she arrived to pick him up on her way home from work.

“Hello, Kim,” she said with a smile, and then looked at her son’s recently smacked bottom, “oohhhhh Aunty Andrea did a good job on you, didn’t she sweetheart?”

“Yes Mum.” the boy said softly.

“Well, you had better get dressed while I pay Miss Kimberley for your spanking.”

“Yes Mum.” Tommy answered obediently, and walked over to Kimberley’s desk. “I need my trousers and underpants, please Miss Kimberley.”

“Of course sweetie.” Kimberley smiled at the contrite child, she reached over her desk and handed him his neatly folded trousers with his underpants on top. “Just hang the spanking apron up on the hook, Tommy. I’ll collect it later.” she instructed Tommy as he fled to the dressing room.

“Yes ma’am.” he called back, the relief that his ordeal was over evident in his voice.

“He is getting better.” Kimberley reassured Tommy’s mother as she paid for the boy’s punishment.

“Oh I know,” the woman replied, the appreciation easy to hear in her tone, “I’m only bringing him in once a month. It was once a week when Andrea first started. I’ll take him home, give him some supper, bathe him and put him to bed early.”

Kimberley giggled “It’s a cold night so the warm bottom should be appreciated.”

Tommy’s mother shared in the joke as Tommy reentered, still ruefully rubbing his bottom through his trousers.   
Kimberley walked back into Andrea’s parlour, or ‘spanking room’, as most of its unwilling occupants called it, “Tommy’s mother has just collected him.” she announced to her employer.

“Lovely.” Andrea replied. “Any more appointments today?”

“Nothing that we have booked.”

“Okay, thanks, Kim. We’ll give it half an hour and then call it a day. I’d love a cup of tea, would you mind?”

“Not at all, ma’am. I’ll just put the kettle on.”
Andrea watched the girl leave to prepare the tea and settled into her chair as she thought about her business venture. Not every town, big or small, had a Spank Shop. In fact Andrea was fairly certain that she had a patent on the idea. Spanking had been the preferred method of discipline for her parents and she and her sister had experienced regular trips over their parent’s knees growing up. Aunts, uncles, older cousins, teachers, babysitters, even older friends of the family and neighbours were permitted to spank Andrea and her sister if they felt it was warranted. With their mother it was generally an old fashioned, over the knee spanking on the bare bottom with the hand, hairbrush, slipper or wooden spoon. Her father spanked her in the same way until she was twelve. After she turned twelve spankings from her father consisted of a bare bottom warm up over his knee with his hand, and then she was bent over the desk in his study for a blistering session with his belt. He had even caned her on one less than fondly remembered occasion. Whilst Andrea would use the cane if she felt it was deserved it was not a preferred method of punishment and to earn the cane or a switch from Andrea took naughtiness of the highest order. Most, if not all, of her friends were disciplined in the same way, and she had seen some of her friends find themselves over her mother’s knee, and a couple even got a belting from her father. It was fair enough, she had been turned over her friend’s mother’s knees, and received the paddle from the father of one of them. The paternal and other familial spankings had ended when Andrea graduated high school and went to college, so did the school chastisements. College lecturers and professors were not allowed to use corporal punishment on their students, although she knew of a few that did. While it was officially denied, it was unofficially given the seal of approval, but the students were special cases and Andrea was not one of them. More than a few of her classmates were subject to parental spankings when they returned home for holidays, and Andrea suspected that her parents would not hesitate if she broke any of their rules, but she was essentially a well behaved girl, and it was never necessary for them to spank her after the age of eighteen. Andrea became experienced on both sides of the spanking. When she was fifteen she started babysitting and also tutoring in English and Arithmetic. The parents of the children she babysat permitted, in fact in most cases encouraged her, to spank their children if it was needed. The parents of those she tutored for the most part advised her to use spanking as an educational tool. Andrea had to admit it was amazing how quickly her ‘students’ learned after one stinging trip over her knee. A sore bottom seemed to reinforce lessons effectively. At college she came in contact with her first adult spankee. That had been a roommate who seemed unable to live away from home if lessons, study and house duties were not reinforced with regular spankings. Andrea obtained an old paddle from a sorority, and hung it on the wall to remind her roommate what would happen if she didn’t study or neglected her duties around their living quarters. She discovered other adult females and males who still needed their bottoms smacked in her four years at college, she didn’t spank them all herself, she heard about others. One of the sororities even held a weekly paddling session where every girl had to line up on Friday night, bend over and bare her bottom for a sound paddling from the head sorority girls. The ‘big sisters’ did not escape either. After the rest of the girls had been paddled and put to bed those young ladies were turned over the house mother’s knee for their paddling. Andrea had heard of at least one fraternity where the same thing happened. Funnily enough the two houses were closely linked and always had been. Andrea married three years after college, and her husband while he was spanked as a child, and believed in it as a disciplinary tool for children he did not administer them to adults, and Andrea did not need to be spanked as some other young wives seemed to be. In fact she more often felt that her husband was the one that needed the spanking, although she never attempted to do so or even suggested it to him. The marriage ended in a rather messy divorce and fortunately produced no children. Andrea adored children, and believed that she would make a good mother, but did not like the way divorces affected children. 
Her older sister; Sarah, was happily married with two children; a girl and a boy, both had found themselves over Aunty Andrea’s knee when they were with her if they happened to misbehave. The trio had informed her how much harder than ‘Mum’ she spanked. She and Sarah had often discussed the spankings over coffee, and Sarah was pleased that her sister was willing and ready to discipline the children if she felt she had to when she looked after them. The city she had lived in all her life was too painful to stay in after the divorce and she moved to Clarkstown. Her parents had died a year before the divorce and due to shrewd and successful investing for both themselves and their offspring, their inheritance left Andrea and Sarah very well provided for. Andrea had also used a talented lawyer to make sure that her husband was unable to touch any of her money after the divorce. Andrea’s investments alone enabled her to live a leisurely lifestyle in the midsized town of Clarkstown, but she had always been an active woman and needed to do something with herself. She purchased a townhouse in the main street where most of the older shops were located. The house had started life as a residence, and then spent many years as a shop, this was still evident in the bottom floor, and recently been converted back into a residence. Andrea realized the house’s potential as a shop of some sort immediately and she could still comfortably live on the upper story, which was completely self-contained. The question was what sort of shop?
She was no closer to an answer after three months in Clarkstown. She often took coffee and tea with women of a similar age to her own in the town. Andrea was in her late thirties and somewhat of an oddity in Clarkstown. It was rare for a woman of that age to be both single and childless. Andrea’s only real contact with a wife and mother since her own marriage had been with her sister, and she was surprised to find that many things had changed since she grew up. Corporal punishment as a form of discipline for children was frowned upon and in some cases making it illegal was discussed. Andrea abhorred child abuse, but she could not equate a deserving well-spanked bottom with a battered or abused child. Spanking amongst adults was considered some sort of strange sexual perversion, and again Andrea knew of many adults that felt much better and functioned more efficiently when they were the recipients of regular spankings. In Clarkstown spanking happened, although it was rarely discussed publicly. It had been outlawed in the schools, but parents too used it infrequently and many of those that did use it, did not use it effectively. The best way to spank a naughty child was over the knee, on the bare bottom, long and hard. If not on a bare bottom at least one layer of clothing had to be removed. It simply didn’t have the correct physical or emotional impact if this was not the case. Those parents that did admit to spanking in Clarkstown administered a few light smacks over trousers or dresses and generally stopped doing even that when the child attained the age of six. Andrea felt that spanking had to start at the age of four and continue well into the child’s teens to have any real effect. Many of the Clarkstown parents eschewed spanking for a number of reasons.
In most Clarkstown families both parents worked. It was not an easy thing to spank your children when you worked full time. Most of what the kids did was done without their parents being present, so they were able to get away with a lot more than what they would if one or both parents were present. Andrea had seen with her own eyes Clarkstown children doing things that would have earned her or her sister a sound spanking, with complete impunity, because they knew that their parents simply would not ever know about it. Another problem with both parents working and spanking was togetherness. The time these parents got with their children was precious. If you spanked your son and/or daughter the air was often emotion charged, and frequently it was a negative emotion, a spanking would impact badly on the parent/child bonding relationship, although Andrea argued that spanking was a powerful nurturing tool for mothers at least, and in some cases fathers as well. There was also another time factor. Coming home from a hard day at work you wanted to relax. If you had to spank a naughty child it was not relaxing, it was something that was draining both physically and emotionally. Andrea’s father had never liked having to strap either of his daughters after work. In his case it had been a little easier as the girls had been well prepared by their mother for their punishment, so when their father came home and found one of his daughters standing in the corner then he knew that later in the evening he would be taking that daughter to his study for a dose of his strap. The idea struck Andrea one day that the parents in Clarkstown may be open to the idea of an outsider prepared for a nominal fee to offer old fashioned physical discipline to help them control their offspring. Thus was born the Spank Shop.
It was easy and inexpensive to fit out the bottom story of Andrea’s townhouse into a shop. The only thing that needed to be changed was the entrance, which was made into reception. The downstairs nursery and bedrooms served as change rooms and the majority of the spankings would be administered in the parlour. The most expensive items were the implements of chastisement: hairbrushes; old fashioned wooden ones, slippers with leather soles of varying sizes and some old English style plimsolls, wooden school rulers of various lengths and widths, a number of wooden spoons and she even found a giant sized one if it was required, lots of straps, long leather belts again of varying widths and thicknesses, some smaller tawses single and multi tailed ones, she had a number of paddles, some sorority/fraternity style paddles, some with holes drilled in them known as Spencer paddles; after their originator, smaller ping pong paddle sized ones and a few leather ones as well, she purchased some crook handled canes and had a tree in the backyard that provided long, whippy branches that were ideal as switches. Next was Kimberley. The blonde girl had applied for college, but because of the lateness of her application was not going to be accepted until the following year, so had a year of unexpected time on her hands. She was also the only applicant when Andrea advertised for a Spank Shop receptionist. Even had Kimberley not been the only applicant Andrea probably would have hired her anyway. She knew the girl well and liked her values. She had been spanked as a child and in fact was still subject to them if she misbehaved at home. She fully supported spanking as a method of discipline, and was able to relate well to people of all ages, from children to the elderly. She also presented well, and expressed a desire to learn a little about how to spank for a living. It had not happened yet, but if Andrea was too busy she believed she could allow Kimberley to spank some of her younger clients.
A few days after opening with no appointments or interest shown Andrea began to wonder if she had made a mistake, or misjudged the need for a Spank Shop in Clarkstown. On Kimberley’s advice she had taken out some small advertisements in the local papers, and hung up a shingle, but she did not advertise aggressively, and it was not as if she could offer free samples or anything to entice people in. Late in the afternoon of the fourth day a single father brought in his twelve year old daughter. He had tried everything to control the girl and nothing seemed to work, he had considered spanking her himself, but he had never done it, and doubted his ability to control his strength, and while the girl needed spanking he did not want to hurt her. Andrea had soon reassured him and his daughter, and within half an hour her very first client was howling her lungs out over Andrea’s knee as the woman spanked fire into every part of the girl’s tender white bottom with a leather soled slipper while her father looked on approvingly. The girl had cried a river of tears that first time, and a measure of how effective Andrea’s spanking had been was that six months later the girl had only had one return engagement. Not long after that she had received a lot of business and the behaviour of Clarkstown’s youth improved markedly. Andrea found it unusual that most of her clients were children under sixteen. While she believed that the kids needed spanking she had felt that most of the people who would avail themselves of her services would be adults. She had very few adult clients and even less regulars. Her personal favourite was a perky young nurse called Tiffany who had a standing weekly appointment.
Andrea had a particular way of dealing with a new client. It was not simply a case of dropping a child off for a spanking and returning later. Andrea insisted that both the child and at least one parent or guardian be present for the initial appointment if the child was under eighteen. She would interview both child and parent and see if she could gauge the situation. She listened to both sides of the story and tried to make the severity of the punishment fit the severity of the crime. A brisk hand spanking to warm the bottom up and then a dose of the hairbrush or slipper was usually sufficient. Parents or guardians were given options. They could be present at the actual punishment, they could wait in reception, Kimberley was only too happy to provide coffee or tea in both situations, or they could go and do something else and pick up their freshly spanked child later on. 
There was a knock on the door. Kimberley with her tea. Andrea rose to get the door. Kimberley stood there, but she did not have any tea with her. Andrea raised a quizzical eyebrow. Kimberley held her arms out in a gesture of helplessness and explained “I was just about to put the kettle on miss when we had a client…well two actually.”

“Two clients? I thought there were no more appointments today.”

“There aren’t. This wasn’t scheduled.”

“Very well, show them in.”

Kimberley looked a little uncomfortable “It’s not at all usual, ma’am.”

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Andrea told her receptionist sternly, “and unless you want a trip over my knee show them in, young lady.”

Kimberley dropped her eyes and said contritely “Yes, ma’am.”
Andrea settled herself back into her chair. Kimberley ushered two teenagers in. They were around thirteen years old and while one was a girl and the other a boy the resemblance was unmistakable. They were obviously brother and sister, quite probably twins. “This is James and Courtney,” Kimberley introduced them, “James, Courtney this is Aunty Andrea.”

The children regarded her nervously and smiled shyly. Kimberley retreated and left Andrea alone with the teenagers. Andrea regarded the obviously nervous adolescents and smiled reassuringly. “Sit please.”

She waved a hand at the couch. The two children sidled past the tall attractive brunette, and seated themselves gingerly on the edge of the sofa. The children were slim with long arms and legs, both were blonde and fair skinned, they had bright blue eyes. Andrea could almost picture them bottoms up over her knee yelping and squealing as she spanked them soundly, but she had to find out why they were here first and see if their parents knew about it.
“I have an obvious question,” Andrea began, her green eyes sparkling, “why are you here?”
James and Courtney opened their mouths to reply, but Andrea forestalled them with a slim upraised hand. “Would you like some tea?” she asked.

“Yes please, ma’am.” Courtney answered for herself and her brother.

“Good. I’ll just ring and ask Kimberley if she can bring us some.”

The bell had hardly rang before Kimberley appeared beside Andrea’s chair “Yes, ma’am?”

“Kimberley, dear would you mind putting the kettle on and bringing us some tea?”

“Not at all, ma’am.” and she disappeared out to the kitchen.

Andrea and the two adolescents regarded each other, and Andrea noticed with amusement that they were trying to size her up without appearing as if they were even looking at her.
Kimberley reappeared with a tray. The tray held three cups and saucers, a milk jug, a sugar bowl, a plate of biscuits and a pot of gently steaming tea. Kimberley bent from the waist and set the tray on the table. She set out the cups and saucers, the milk jug and sugar bowl, the biscuits, then carefully holding the teapot by the handle with one hand and her other supporting the pot’s warm side, set the pot down amidst the rest of the crockery. “I’ll be in reception if you require anything Miss Andrea.” she informed her employer as she tucked the tray under her arm and left the room, closing the door quietly behind her.

Andrea smiled at the two nervous, wide-eyed children trying to reassure them. “How do you take it?” she asked.

“Huh?” a startled James asked, he had obviously thought she was talking about the spanking they had come here for.

“Your tea, James,” she smiled and reproved him, “and when you address me young man you are to address me as ma’am, miss, Miss Andrea or Aunty Andrea. I prefer Aunty Andrea, it makes me feel closer to you.”

The boy nodded and replied hesitantly “A little milk and one sugar please, Aunty Andrea.”

“That’s better.” Andrea told the boy as she learned forward to pour and prepare his tea, she handed him a steaming cup and said “You may also have a biscuit.”

“Thankyou, Aunty Andrea.” James said politely accepted his tea carefully, then placed a biscuit on the side of his saucer.

“Courtney, how do you take your tea, sweetheart?”

The pretty blonde girl took a deep breath and answered “Some milk and two sugars please, Aunty Andrea.”

“A sweet tooth, I see.” Andrea joked as she poured Courtney a steaming cup of tea, and delicately placed two lumps of sugar in it. “You also may have a biscuit.” she told the teenager, as Courtney accepted the hot beverage gratefully. Andrea poured herself a cup of tea, and added milk and sugar as she wanted them, she placed a biscuit on the saucer, and took a ladylike bite from it as she stirred her tea. She looked at the two children who were nibbling their biscuits and taking small sips from their tea. She settled back in her chair with a sigh, blew on her tea to cool it, and took a soothing sip.
“Now to the matter at hand,” Andrea began, fortified by her tea, “to what do I owe the pleasure of your company this afternoon?”

The children looked at each other and nervously licked their lips. By some unspoken signal it seemed that Courtney had been selected as the spokesperson “We’ve come here for a spanking, ma’am.” Courtney said quickly in a small voice.

Andrea nodded “Well, you’ve come to the right place for that, but we have to get a few things straight here.”

She had all of James and Courtney’s attention.

“Why have you come to me for a spanking?”

“We’ve been naughty,” James replied, just remembering to add “miss.” in time.

Although Andrea did not punish without the parent’s permission she did not consider a stinging slap on a disrespectful bottom or leg a spanking, and if James had not remembered to add an honourific to his statement he would have been the recipient of one of those.

“How naughty?” she asked, sipping her tea.

Courtney answered “Disrespect to our parents and teachers, I lied about my chores, I didn’t even do them one week.”

“I got a detention I didn’t tell Mum and Dad about, I stole a comic and I got into a fight.” James gave his list of naughtiness.

“Well you certainly deserve a good spanking.” Andrea surmised.

“Thankyou, Aunty Andrea.” the children chorused, and Courtney even stood up, starting to fiddle with her school skirt. 

“Wait!” Andrea said sharply, holding up her hand. “Sit down please Courtney. Just because you deserve a spanking does not mean I can give you one.”

“Why not, Miss Andrea?” James asked.

“If you both settle down I’ll explain a few things to you.”
“Did your parents punish you for the things you’ve done?”

“Some of them, ma’am.” James mumbled. “I got grounded for the fight, they never found out about he comic or the detention.

“Hhhhhmmmmm….I see. You do realize that if I agree to spank you your parents will find out about those two incidents, and you will also apologize to the newsagent you stole the comic from and repay him?”

James eyes widened and he muttered to his shoes “No, ma’am.”

“Are you saying no to me, young man?” Andrea asked in a stern voice.

“Yes ma’am, I mean no ma’am…” James stammered.

“Let me rephrase it, in addition to the spanking, if I give you one, you will also apologize to the newsagent and pay for the comic. It is not a request or a question, it is a statement of fact. Do you understand me, James?”

James sat up a little straighter, brushed a stray blonde lock out of his clear blue eyes and replied “Yes, Aunty Andrea.”

“Good. Now Courtney,” and she turned her attention to the angelic looking girl, “were you punished for what you did?”

“Well,” the girl hedged, “I got a detention for the disrespect to my teacher and I had to wash the dishes for an extra week for cheeking my Mum. They didn’t know about the chores, miss.”

“Like James, Courtney if I spank you for this your parents will find out about that, you do understand that, don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Courtney answered, taking a nervous sip of her tea.
Andrea emptied her cup, set it and her saucer down on the table with a faint click. “I am assuming that because your parents did punish you for some of what you’ve done, however small and ineffectual those punishments seem to have been, that you are occasionally disciplined.”
The twins nodded.
“Then your parents did not send you here?”

“No ma,’am.” Courtney responded.

“Do they know that you are here?”

“No, Aunty Andrea.” James said quietly.

“Very well. Much as you do deserve spanking for what you’ve done, I cannot administer one without your parents consent.”

“Aunty Andrea!” the twins wailed despairingly.

“I am sorry, and I would dearly love to take the two of you over my knee, and spank those naughty little bottoms good and hard, but as you are both under eighteen I cannot do so without your parents consent.”

“We can pay, ma’am.” Courtney sai,d with a pleading tone in her voice.

“I don’t doubt that you can, sweetheart, but if I did I would be breaking the law, and as a businesswoman I cannot afford to do that.”

“What can we do, miss?” James asked sensibly.
“Good question James. You can tell your parents about this visit, arrange to come here with one of them, then we can discuss your behaviour and what options are offered.”
The children looked at each other, and made a face.
Andrea chuckled “Not a good idea, huh? I can have Kimberley call your Mum or Dad, tell them what’s happened and arrange an appointment to talk about it all.”
Relief crossed James and Courtney’s faces.
“Obviously that’s the preferred plan. What I’ll do is I’ll call Kimberley in here and apprise her of what the situation is. She’ll explain it to your Mum and Dad.”

“Mum, miss.” Courtney said.

“I beg your pardon.”

“Mum’s at home, ma’am. Dad is still at work. Mum only works part time.”

“Good then. By the way the reason I’m having Kimberley do this is because we can talk a little further while she explains things. I’ve never had a child come and ask me for a spanking, so it’s rather a unique experience.”
Andrea reached down and rang her bell.  
Kimberley entered the room, and smiled down at James and Courtney. Those two would look so darling squirming over Andrea’s knee, she thought. “Finished?” she asked them

“Yes, Miss Kimberley.” they chorused.

Kimberley busied herself clearing up the tea things while Andrea advised Kimberley of the situation and what she needed done. The children supplied their mother’s phone number.
Kimberley bustled out with the tea things and made the phone call.
She came back in and motioned to Andrea.
“What was her reaction?” the tall athletic woman asked.

“Well, she was a little surprised, ma’am, but she seemed to understand. She’d like to come in tomorrow with these two,” Kimberley pursed her lips at the twins, and waggled a finger mock sternly at them, “and discuss the situation and how best to deal with it.”

“Wonderful.” Andrea responded confidently. “I’ll just finish up my chat with James and Courtney, send them off home and we can finish up for the day.”

“Yes, ma’am.” and once again Kimberley left the cosy parlour.
“Now,” Andrea began, crossing her long, shapely legs, “why exactly is it you two want a spanking?”

“I don’t know that we actually want one Aunty Andrea,” Courtney started, “it’s just that nearly all our friends get spanked by you when they’re naughty and we don’t.”

“You feel left out?”

“Sort of, ma’am,” James took over, “we get grounded or lose privileges or allowance. That’s worse than spanking. It goes on so long.”

“You haven’t been spanked before, have you?” Andrea inquired, a smile playing across her lips.
The children shook their heads.

“When you’re over my knee you may rethink that choice, James. You’re both thirteen?”

“Yes, miss.” the two answered.

“Thirteen and never been spanked. We’ve got a lot of ground to catch up on. I may have to book you in for a course.”

“A course, ma’am?”

“Yes, every week you report to me, we have a little confession session over tea and then you get a visit from the red bottom fairy.”

The twins shivered and Courtney asked weakly “Every week, Aunty Andrea?”

The woman nodded, and said reassuringly “It may not happen, we’ll see what your Mum says tomorrow.” 
At afternoon teatime of the following day, Kimberley announced to Andrea that James and Courtney had arrived with their mother. Kimberley showed the three into Andrea’s parlour, and left to prepare refreshments. “You will take tea, won’t you, Donna?” Andrea inquired of the twin’s mother.

Donna; the twin’s mother, a pretty, petite, blonde woman, from whom the children seemed to have inherited their complexion, hair and eyes, nodded her assent “Yes, thankyou, Andrea, that is appreciated.”

Kimberley came in with a tea tray, much the same as the previous afternoon, only it was set for four, not three and the pot was larger, the biscuits were also a different kind.

Andrea prepared and handed out tea, she remembered the twin’s preferences from yesterday afternoon and Donna took her tea the same as her daughter. “Courtney gets the sweet tooth from you.” she joked gently.

Donna blushed as she accepted the steaming cup from the brunette, and said “Yes, it seems that way.”
After everyone had sipped their tea and nibbled on their biscuits Donna opened the conversation “I have to admit that I am shocked about what’s happened.”

“It was a surprise to me, too, Donna. I’ve never had a child ask me for a spanking. Their parents send them to me, but never unbidden. In fact I think you should be proud of James and Courtney for realizing that they needed this sort of discipline. I do however ask the question why you and your husband cannot fulfill the need?”

James and Courtney smiled and blushed into their tea at both the compliment Aunty Andrea paid to them, and the hot question she directed at their mother.
Donna frowned and sipped her tea, as she tried to formulate an answer “Both I and my husband were occasionally spanked as children, but neither of us enjoyed it or liked it as a form of discipline. We made a decision that when James and Courtney were born that we would NOT spank them. We feel that now we have no right to spank them and that it may in fact damage the relationship we have built up with them.”

Andrea nodded as she mulled it over “You have no objection to paying me to spank them, though?”

“Well, I would not have sent them to you myself, but this is a decision that they have made. If they had wanted us to spank them they would have come to us, they seem to want you to do it.”

“We’re all agreed that they will be spanked then?”
Three heads nodded.
Andrea looked hard at the two angelic blue-eyed teens “You still want a spanking from Aunty Andrea?”
Quick, nervous nods confirmed the answer.
Andrea redirected her attention to Donna, as James and Courtney sat on tenterhooks on the edge of the couch. “What did Kimberley explain to you over the phone yesterday afternoon, Donna?”

“That James and Courtney were here and had asked you for a spanking for some naughtiness, and that you needed to discuss it with me and obtain my consent before doing so.”

“So you weren’t told exactly what James and Courtney did to think that they need to be put over my knee?”

Donna shook her head “No. I assumed it was some minor juvenile offence.”

Andrea sat back in her chair “Oh, they’re certainly juvenile offences, but not all minor.”

Donna looked at her offspring “James, Courtney, what have you done?”

The children squirmed under their mother’s stern gaze “Can you tell her please, ma’am?” Courtney implored Andrea.

“As you so obviously won’t I suppose I will have to.”
Donna’s clear blue gaze returned to the tall, willowy disciplinarian.
“Courtney in addition to cheeking a teacher and you, also skipped her chores for an entire week.”

“She did what?” Donna exclaimed angrily and glared at her daughter. “You blamed that on extra homework and your brother!”

Courtney’s golden head dropped “I know, Mummy. I’m sorry.”

“Not as sorry as you will be, young lady. Your father and I never taught you to be lazy or to lie, and this afternoon Aunty Andrea is going to show you how painful the consequences of that behaviour is.”

“Yes, Mummy.” Courtney said in a small, little girl voice.

Andrea nodded approvingly at Donna’s scolding. She was very good.

“I’m almost afraid to ask what James did.” Donna told Andrea.

“Yes, well his sins are somewhat worse.”

“Worse?” a deflated Donna asked.

“You knew about the fight?” Andrea asked Donna.

“Oh yes. James came very close to having an encounter with his father’s strap that night. I can’t imagine he’s done anything worse.”
James gulped and tried to disappear into the couch.

“It depends on what you call worse. He got a detention he never told you about, but I don’t really count that, because whatever he did to earn it he was punished by the detention itself. The other matter I consider very seriously and I’m sure, now having met you, that you will too.”

“Oh my goodness!” Donna breathed.

“James stole a comic.”

Donna was speechless for a moment, and then she rounded on her son. “James David Sullivan!” the boy sat up, and went beet red. “You stole something?”

“It was only a comic, Mum.”

“It was ONLY a comic! I suppose it will ONLY be a car and you’ll ONLY go to jail! Aunty Andrea now has my permission to spank your bottom as long and as hard as she thinks she needs to, to make sure that you think about what that comic cost you every time you sit down!”

“Yes, Mummy.” a contrite and slightly scared James answered.

“He will most certainly get that Donna.” Andrea assured the outraged young mother. “I’ve also promised him that he will apologize to the newsagent he stole the comic from and pay for it.”

“Oh yes, he will do that.” Donna agreed. “I’ll see to it personally.”
Andrea set her teacup down, and became rather businesslike. “We have some things to get sorted out before the punishment can take place.” she produced a form from the table beside her. “I need you to sign this release. It states that you know where the children are and that you grant your permission for me to punish them. You only need to sign it the once. Any forthcoming punishments will be covered by that.” 

Donna nodded, scanned the form quickly, and signed it with a flourish, using the pen Andrea provided, then handed the signed form to Andrea. Andrea looked it over, folded it neatly and placed it under her cup and saucer. “The next thing I need to know is whether you want to be present at the twins spanking or if you would prefer to wait in reception. If you have any shopping or anything you’d like to do you can do that, and come back for the twins later. I have some clients who prefer to do that. Some of the ladies even take the opportunity to get their hair done at the salon next door. In fact I’ve been told that their business has increased since I opened.”

Donna smiled and replied “If it’s alright Andrea I would like to stay for the punishment. After all it is their first spanking, and I think it’s best if their Mum is here to see it.”

“That’s quite alright. I can even have Kimberley bring you some tea while you watch, if you’d like.”

“That would be nice.”

“Now, the last thing concerns you and the twins. More them than you, but I think you will need to be involved. I ALWAYS,” she highlighted the word always, “spank on the bare bottom. Now as these two are going to be spanked at the same time, and because they are just starting to develop physically it’s going to be rather difficult to bare their bottoms without causing some undue embarrassment to them.”
A furiously blushing James and Courtney illustrated Andrea’s point. 

“Is there any way to avoid it?” Donna asked, she was struck by Andrea’s concern for her charges, and that made her believe that if anyone had to spank her children then this clear thinking, sensitive, practical woman was the one for the job.

“As a matter of fact there is. I have some garments I refer to as spanking aprons. They’re rather standard cooking aprons that tie in the back and don’t actually have any back, so they leave the back and more importantly the bottom bare for easy access, but cover the entire front from neck to knees.”

“That sounds perfect!” Donna exclaimed, her eyes sparkling as she clapped her hands.

“I have change rooms for the two to change in, but they will need some assistance, especially in tying the aprons up. Kimberley can take Courtney, but I think James will find it far less humiliating if you’re the one to see him naked as opposed to myself or Kimberley.”

“Yes, quite true.”

“If everyone has finished their tea I’ll ring for Kimberley, and while you and she are preparing the children I will get everything in place for their spankings.”
Kimberley reentered, and cleared away the tea things, then came back and held out her hand to Courtney “Come with me young lady,” she said rather sternly, “we’re going to get that naughty little virgin bottom of yours all ready for it’s very first spanking.” 
Courtney gulped, but took Kimberley’s slim hand, and followed her to one of the bedrooms where she would change from her school clothes into one of the spanking aprons.

Donna stood and took a firm grip on James’ hand “Alright young man, you’re going to come with me so that we can get your bottom ready for Aunty Andrea to redden it thoroughly.”
Andrea smiled encouragingly at an obviously scared James, as his mother took him to another bedroom in a different direction from the one Kimberley and Courtney had gone to.

While the children were getting changed Andrea gathered together the implements she felt she needed to make the correct impression on James and Courtney. She had decided to spank them separately. She felt that they would both fit over her knee at once and it was not the first time she had given a dual spanking, but it was not really all that practical. Two wriggling thirteen year olds were a little more than even she could handle at once and neither of them would get a really good spanking that way, and as it was their first ever spanking it had to be a really good, hard, sound one. Besides James’ offence had been far worse than Courtney’s and as such his spanking was going to be more severe. She would first warm up Courtney’s bottom with her hand, that way James could watch and this tended to heighten the anticipation. When she had built up a good glow in Courtney’s pert white behind she would install the girl in a corner, and take James over her knee for his warming. Once his globes were nicely rosy she would put him into a corner, and give Courtney her ‘real’ spanking. She had a nice, big slipper with a heavy leather sole, polished smooth by regular application to disobedient bottoms. She had yet to meet a girl who didn’t respond with howls and tears when first being introduced to the slipper. Once Courtney had been well slippered she would be put back into a corner to reflect on what had happened, and what she’d done, then it would be James’ turn. She had decided that for what he had done he needed two implements. A long dose of her trusty old ebony hairbrush that would turn his bottom from a warm pink to a hot red. Then a short, sharp, but extremely painful session with a twelve-inch school ruler. She had no doubt that ten painful minutes with her trusty hairbrush would leave James sobbing heartbreakingly, and teach him to never steal again. Then she would have two burning red bottoms in the corners and Donna would have two very well spanked twins. 
James was the first to reemerge from the bedroom. “Mum!” he wailed. “Please don’t make me go out in this!”

“Nonsense, James. Now come on! You don’t want to keep Aunty Andrea waiting.”

The boy muttered, but followed his mother back into the parlour. Andrea had to cover her mouth with her hand to hide her giggles. The spanking apron that James had been changed into was pink with pictures of little bunny rabbits all over it. “Oh dear,” she said with laughter in her voice, “I must have gotten the rooms mixed up.”

”It’s a girls apron isn’t it, Miss?” the crestfallen boy asked.

Andrea shrugged “It makes no difference, apart from the colours they’re all the same, and believe me young man you have much more to worry about than the colour of your apron. If I were you I’d be more concerned about the colour of your bottom.”

Courtney who was dressed in a powder blue apron with little teddy bear pictures all over it, padded out after Kimberley. Kimberley was unable to hide her mirth when she saw James and commented “I did wonder where that had got to when I saw Courtney’s apron.”

Courtney too giggled when she saw her twin.

James blushed bright red, and Donna told Courtney sternly “You won’t be giggling soon, young lady.”

“No, Mum.” Courtney said, looking at the floor, and swishing her foot from side to side.
“Both of you settle down next to your Mum on the sofa there.” Andrea commanded, as she sat on the slightly larger sofa across from the one that Donna was settling her children into. When Donna had seated herself in the middle of the sofa, with a child on either side, and a protective maternal arm around them Andrea began to explain a little of what was about to happen. “I’ll be straight from the start. James, because what you have done is worse than what Courtney has done your spanking will be more severe.” James’ eyes widened and he looked as if he was about to cry, but he said nothing. “Now, as I stated earlier I always spank bare bottom and that’s why you’re in the aprons. Not only does it hurt more and provide an embarrassment factor it also allows me to see how the punishment is affecting you physically. I’ll be able to tell by the colour of your bottom whether or not you’ve been chastised sufficiently. The spanking will be in two stages. Firstly a warm up to prepare and sensitise your bottom, that will be over my knee and with my hand, once your bottom has been warmed to my satisfaction your ‘real’ spanking will follow, that will be with an implement. Do you understand so far?” the twins nodded. Andrea continued “Good. Now I want to make absolutely sure that you know what you’re letting yourself in for. My spankings are long and hard, they hurt…a lot. Until you actually go over my knee you can still opt out. After this you pass the point of no return. Do either of you wish to reconsider?”

The children looked at their mother, whose stern expression did not alter, and then at each other. They made an unspoken decision, and said as one “No, Aunty Andrea. We still need to be spanked.”

“Very well.” Andrea said and patted her knee.
There was total silence as Andrea commanded clearly “Courtney Jane Sullivan, come here to me.”
Courtney took a deep breath, stood up and crossed the short distance between the two sofas on wobbly legs. Everyone held their breath and the only sound in the room was the gentle crackling of the cheery fire in the grate. 

Kimberley looked down at Donna and inquired softly “Would you like some tea, ma’am?”

“That would be lovely Kimberley, thankyou.” 

The pretty blonde receptionist nodded and said “I’ll be back in a tick with a fresh pot for you, ma’am.”

Andrea looked up at Courtney as the girl stood trembling by her knee “Look at me Courtney.”
With an effort the teenager raised her head, and looked into the steady, calm green eyes of Andrea “Do you know why you are here?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Why is that?”

“I was naughty and I need to be spanked miss.”

“Good. I’m glad that you understand that. You will be spanked. A good, hard, old fashioned, over the knee, bare bottom spanking.”
The girl shook with each descriptive word, and her bottom lip trembled.
“Never mind crying Courtney Jane,” Andrea told her, “I’ll soon give you something to cry about.”

“Yes, Aunty Andrea.” Courtney whispered.

“Are you able to get over my knee yourself or do you need my help?”

Courtney closed her eyes, took a deep gulping breath and then requested haltingly “Can you help me please, Aunty Andrea?”

“Of course, sweetheart.” Andrea said kindly.
She half rose from the middle cushion of the couch, put her strong, maternal arms around Courtney’s slender waist, and gently drew the apron clad child across her capable lap. Courtney was stretched full length over Andrea’s lap. Her mid section was draped over the older woman’s knee, and the other two cushions of the couch supported her chest, head and legs. It was why a sofa was a perfect place to spank an older child or teenager. Andrea was seated far enough forward on the couch that it’s back did not impede the swing of her arm at all. James squeezed in closer to his mother and watched unblinking with ever growing eyes as, his sister was readied for her spanking.
“Lift your hips please, sweetie.” Andrea requested.
Courtney obediently raised her bottom.
“Good girl.” Andrea reassured her, as she smoothed out the wrinkles in the apron that going over the lap had created. “Lower.” she commanded, and Courtney nestled her bottom back over Andrea’s lap.
Andrea ran her slim hand across the waiting bottom, and watched the gooseflesh rise in the path of her palm. She felt the girl’s warm and trembling body through the apron’s thin fabric. She leaned down and whispered in Courtney’s ear “Ready?”

Almost inaudibly Courtney mouthed “Yes, Aunty Andrea.”
Andrea tightened her grip around Courtney’s waist, raised her free hand and then brought it down with a firm, meaty sounding slap directly in the centre of  Courtney’s plump white bottom cheek. A red handprint bloomed as Andrea’s hand lifted off and rose again. Courtney let out a hiss of indrawn breath. As the sting of the first smack began to flood through one side of the girl’s bottom, another resounding slap rang out in the room, as Andrea spanked the middle of the left cheek. An identical handprint showed out and this time Courtney let out a small “Ouch!”. She wriggled a little as Andrea let the sting settle in. Two loud, hard spanks sounded, accompanied by “Ow! Ow!” from Courtney, and her long slender legs kicked gently. Only four firm smacks and the child’s bottom was already pink all over “Hurting a little is it Courtney Jane?” Andrea inquired.

“Yes, Aunty Andrea!” the girl gasped.

“Good,” Andrea said, and planted a stinging slap to punctuate each word, “a ‘spank’ proper ‘spank’ spanking ‘spank’ is ‘spank’ supposed ‘spank’ to!” SPANK.

“Owwwwww!” Courtney howled and thrashed her legs around ,as Andrea’s last spank was just that little bit harder and landed on the tender area between thighs and bottom, right where Courtney sat. It was an area that Andrea referred to as the ‘spank spot’. She would warm it up a little with her hand, but pay particular attention to it when she slippered Courtney. It should set up an exquisite burn and make it rather difficult for this young lady to sit comfortably for a day or two.  
Andrea settled into a steady rhythm, her hard hand rebounding first off Courtney’s right cheek, and then her left with loud crisp slaps. Kimberley brought Donna’s tea, left it on the table and stayed for a few minutes to watch the spanking in progress with a critical and approving eye. Courtney yelped and squealed as she squirmed and kicked under the barrage of smacks. Her pretty pert round bottom grew redder and redder with each slap. Andrea finished off with a particularly hard SLAP. She felt Courtney’s glowing red bottom with the back of her hand and judged that it was steaming nicely. Courtney gasped and desperately tried to fight off tears. Realising that the spanks had stopped coming, her hand crept towards her bottom “Courtney,” Andrea’s voice said sternly, “unless you want to go outside and cut a switch I would stop that hand right where it is, young lady.”

The hand stopped and Courtney said with a muffled voice into the couch cushion “Sorry Aunty Andrea.”

“That’s alright, sweetie,” Andrea told her kindly, “no harm done. You may rise now. Do you need my help?”

Not trusting her voice, Courtney shook her head, awkwardly levered herself to her knees and clambered off the couch to stand in the middle of the room, head hanging, blonde hair hiding her face, and hot glowing red bottom visible to everyone. “Go to the corner, Courtney. Stand there with your hands on your head. You will face the wall and you will not move or rub your bottom. You will not speak unless spoken to. Do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Courtney whispered, the tears starting to roll down her cheeks.

“You will stay there while I warm James up, and then you can come back for your slippering.”

“Slippering!” Courtney blubbered.

“Yes a slippering, which for the omission of the proper honourific to myself has just been made considerably more severe.”

“I thought my spanking was over, miss.” the girl said, her voice breaking with tears.

Andrea laughed richly “Oh no, sweetheart. That was just the warm up, that little bottom has a good hard slippering coming to it.”

“But, but…” Courtney sobbed helplessly.

Donna put her cup back in its saucer with a click, and said loudly “Courtney Jane! You agreed to take a spanking from Aunty Andrea for what you have done. She has decided that you still have to have your bottom smacked with her slipper. That is what is going to happen. Now do as you are told and get your little behind into that corner!”

“Yes, Mum!” the girl gulped, and hastened to the corner.

When Courtney was installed there with her well-reddened bottom standing out like a beacon, Donna remarked “She has a little trouble following orders. You have my permission to reinforce that with a strap if you feel it’s necessary.”

“We’ll see how well she takes her slippering.” Andrea demurred. 
Andrea then turned her cool green eyes on James. “Well, young man, it seems that it’s now your bottom’s turn to talk to Aunty Andrea’s hand.”
His throat tight James could only nod.
Andrea crooked her finger at him, and as if by magic the boy rose slowly, and walked hesitantly over to the attractive, athletic woman seated on the couch.

Donna sipped her tea, and interjected “When he’s in trouble at home we call him Jamie. It seems to reinforce how young he really is.”

“Is that true, Jamie?” Andrea asked.

“Yes, ma’am.” James mumbled.

“Jamie, you have been a very naughty boy and there is only one proper way to deal with a naughty little boy, and that is with a good, hard, old fashioned, over the knee, bare bottom spanking.”
James shuddered with each descriptive word. He had witnessed Courtney’s reaction and he now knew that Andrea’s spankings were obviously hard and painful.
“Over my knee please, Jamie.” Andrea ordered.
His cheeks blushing scarlet, James lowered himself over Andrea’s lap.   
Andrea shifted him into the middle of her lap so that his bottom was perfectly in line with her hand. She gently stroked and kneaded his tender, unspanked, white bottom flesh, and smiled as he flinched involuntarily. “Ready darling?” she asked softly as she admired his firm round buttocks.
There was an almost imperceptible nod.
Andrea felt the warm, trembling body over her lap, and could feel the boy’s unbidden erection growing under his apron and pressing against her leg. It was not an uncommon reaction from boys James’ age. The pain of the spanking soon chased it away. Although with some older boys it was necessary to take them into the bathroom and ‘milk’ them, otherwise Andrea could get a nasty mess in her lap. The first spank, which landed dead center on James’ right cheek, made a crack like a gunshot. Even Courtney in her corner jumped. James’ reaction was a grunt of pain. Andrea continued to administer firm, hard, measured smacks to James’ right cheek. It was an interesting contrast as the right globe grew a fiery red and the left one remained alabaster white. “Ow! Ow! Owwwwww! Auntee Andreaaaa!”

“Yes, sweetheart?” Andrea asked, as she held the struggling boy easily and continued to dole out stinging slaps.

“Muhmuhmy buhbuhbbottom hurts!” the adolescent wailed.

“Does it?” Andrea replied almost disinterestedly, as she switched her hand’s attention to the opposite side of the boy’s bottom. James almost sighed in relief as the spanks landed on the previously yet unspanked cheek, giving the sore right one a welcome respite.

“Yes, ma’am.” he yelped.

“Well, Jamie,” Andrea told him as she continued his spanking without missing a beat, “I certainly hope you enjoyed that comic my boy, because you’re going to remember it every time you sit down for the next week.”

“Yes, Aunty Andrea.” he gasped.

Andrea was spanking James harder than she had Courtney. She generally did not produce tears on the warm up, but with James she felt it was necessary. He had to feel genuine remorse for his actions and a hot, stinging bottom was, in her experience, the best way to create that feeling of remorse.
As she spanked she scolded, slapping him in the tender area where thighs and bottom joined, and occasionally slapping the backs of his legs, which elicited a loud, howl each time she did it. “Naughty ‘SPANK’ little ‘SLAP’ thieves ‘SMACK’ have ‘SPANK’ to ‘SLAP’ have ‘SMACK’ their ‘SPANK’ little ‘SLAP’ bare ‘SMACK’ bottoms ‘SPANK’ soundly ‘SLAP’ spanked ‘SMACK’ to ‘SPANK’ show ‘SLAP’ them ‘SMACK’ the ‘SPANK’ error ‘SLAP’ of ‘SMACK’ their ‘SPANK’ ways!” SSPPAANNKK.

“Owwwwwwwww! Aunteeee Andreaaaaa!” James bawled, as hot salty tears rolled down his cheeks.

Andrea could see that the boy’s wriggling bottom looked like an overripe tomato, and she could feel the waves of heat emanating from it. The bottom on her lap was not quite hot enough to fry an egg on, but she would remedy that with the hairbrush, for now it had been very well heated.
She stopped spanking and whispered into the sobbing child’s ear. “It’s over for now, sweetheart. Are you able to stand or do you need my help.”

“Can you please help me, Aunty Andrea?” James blubbered.

‘Of course I will, darling.”
She put her strong arms around the boy’s slender waist and gently lifted him to his feet. He stood in front of her, his blazing bottom on display to his mother, who sipped her tea and nodded her approval. Tears streamed down his cheeks.
“Now, you will replace your sister in the corner. You will stand there the way she is with your hands on your head and if I hear one word from you then I will ask Kimberley to bring in a strap and your bottom and legs will be soundly strapped. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“What do you understand?”

“I’m to stand in the corner with my hands on my head and if I speak you will strap me, miss.”

“Good. Off you go then like a good little soldier.”
As James took his glowing red bottom to the corner Andrea ran a hand through her long curly locks and ordered “Courtney, come here. You have an appointment with my, slipper young lady.”
Unable to speak, and with tears welling in her blue eyes Courtney turned from the corner and looked at her mother. Donna met her daughter’s gaze and nodded. Courtney sighed, and taking deep breaths she walked slowly and with unsteady steps over to the tall, stern looking lady seated on the couch, holding a large, nasty looking slipper in her hand. She stopped at Andrea’s knee. “Now, Courtney Jane you have something to ask me for.” she said.

“Ask you ma’am?” a confused Courtney said with a trembling voice.

“You have a spanking to ask for.” Andrea told the adolescent girl.

Courtney closed her eyes, took a deep breath and stammered out “Wwill yuhyou puhpuhplease spppank muhme, Aunty Andrea?”

Andrea smiled encouragingly up at the child, and said “I would be delighted to darling.” she patted her knee and ordered “Over my knee please, young lady.”

Courtney draped herself back over Andrea’s knee, and lay there waiting for her punishment to recommence. Andrea placed the slipper’s smooth leather sole on the still pink little bottom, which resembled two scoops of strawberry ice cream, although a good deal warmer, and ran it across the flesh. Courtney took a deep shivering breath and gasped. “You’re very tense, sweetheart.”

“Sorry, Aunty Andrea.”

“It’s not your fault, darling. However you really should try to relax, because the tighter your bottom is the more this will hurt. I know it sounds silly, but a spanking on a relaxed bottom stings a good deal less than one on tightened muscles.”
Courtney waved her legs around and Andrea felt her bottom relax a little.
“Good, brave girl.” she whispered as the slipper rose and flashed down across Courtney’s tender little bottom.
“Yeeeooowcccchhhh!” Courtney howled, as the sound of the slipper cracking down across her bottom rang out in the room.
Andre tightened her grip a little, and smacked the slipper down across the center of the wriggling girl’s upturned bottom. 
Courtney yelped, and her legs kicked up and down in a scissor motion.
Andrea settled into a steady rhythm, making each sizzling stroke of the slipper land on the middle of Courtney’s bottom. Courtney yelled and wailed, she closed her eyes tightly, and wished that Aunty Andrea would at least spank another part of her bottom with the horrid slipper. Andrea flicked the slipper hard on the underside of the child’s bottom. Courtney screamed, and tried to levitate off Andrea’s lap. Andrea held her down easily, and said throatily “You won’t get out of it that easily, my love.” As she began to smack the slipper first on one bright red bottom cheek, and then the other, she scolded the teenager “You asked for this spanking, Courtney and I am only too pleased to administer it.” SPANK SMACK SPANK SMACK SPANK SMACK. Courtney yelled, and felt the tears began to slide down her face, as the slipper scorched her behind. Her legs were now kicking in a steady four four beat, and if she were swimming she could have set a world record with that strong kick. “You certainly deserve a well spanked bottom,” SPANK SPANK SMACK SMACK SLAP SLAP, Andrea told Courtney, as she delivered another stinging volley, “for what,” she turned her attention to the area where the girl’s bottom and thighs joined, she called that area the ‘spank spot ‘or the ‘sit spot’ as it was where anyone sat and she knew from painful experience how difficult it was to sit comfortably on that area when it was freshly spanked, “you SPANK did. SLAP You not SMACK only SPANK disobeyed SMACK your teachers SPANK you also SLAP were SPANK SPANK lazy SMACK SPANK and lied SLAP SPANK to your mother SPANK! In fact SMACK SMACK you are extremely SPANK SMACK lucky SPANK SLAP that I am not washing SPANK SPANK your mouth SMACK SLAP out with SPANK SPANK SMACK soap!” SPANK SPANK SPANK.
“Oooooowwwwwwwwwww! Woooooohhhhooooooobbbbboooooooo! Ooooowwwwwccchhhhh!!!!” Courtney bawled as she lay over Andrea’s strong knee having all the naughtiness spanked out of her. She did not feel the least bit lucky either as the older lady asserted.
Andrea put the slipper down and then felt Courtney’s bottom “My goodness!” she exclaimed. “Your bottom is so hot it almost burned my hand!”

“I’m sorry, ma’am.” Courtney blubbered.

“No, darling,” Andrea said kindly, as she gently ran her palm over the girl’s red hot bottom. “That was not your fault. Now I’m going to help you up. You’re to go back to the corner and stand there with your bottom on show. Hands on head and no talking. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Aunty Andrea.” Courtney replied contritely.

“Good girl.” she helped Courtney to her feet, and held her while the girl tried to get her wobbly legs
back. She enfolded the girl in a tender embrace and was gratified to hear a whisper in her ear “I’m sorry I was naughty, Aunty Andrea. Thank you for spanking me.”  

“It was my pleasure, sweetheart. Off to the corner.” she released the still weeping child, and gave her a playful smack on her bottom to send her scurrying to the corner. 

Courtney detoured briefly to give her mother a hug, and say “Thankyou so much for letting Aunty Andrea spank me, Mummy.” 

“It was a joy, darling. I could see how much you needed it.” and she too sent Courtney to the corner with a spank that elicited a delighted squeal. 

“Jamie,” Andrea said sternly, “turn around and come to me young man. Your bottom is long overdue for what it’s about to get.

James took a deep shuddering breath and turned around, he saw his sister’s tear stained face coming towards him and she gave him a reassuring smile. He returned it weakly, as they passed each other, he turned back and saw her blazing red bottom “Oh God!” he exclaimed weakly, and he felt his bottom start to tingle in anticipation of what he had coming. He reached Andrea and stood obediently at her knee. She looked up into his blue eyes, which were already starting to well with fresh tears. Andrea picked up the hairbrush and smacked it smartly into her palm. James jumped at the loud slap it made. “You know what is going to happen to you, Jamie?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am.” James stammered.

“What do you think is going to happen?”

James gulped and blurted out “You’re going to spank me with that hairbrush, Aunty Andrea.”

Andrea nodded and said to Donna around James “He’s a bright boy, Donna. I don’t understand why he was so stupid as to steal something.”

“Neither am I, Andrea,” a tight lipped Donna replied, “but I don’t think he’ll do it again.”

“Oh I can promise you he won’t…not if he ever wants to sit down again. Over my knee, young man!”
James took a deep breath and settled himself over Andrea’s lap.
“Good.” Andrea grunted as she put an arm around his waist and hoisted him up so that his bottom was in perfect position to receive the hairbrush.
“Is your bottom still hot from my hand?” she asked as she poised the brush.

“Yes, ma’am.” James mumbled into the couch’s cushion.

“Well, it will soon be a good deal hotter.” she told her charge and released the brush.
James was yelling, kicking and wriggling after that first blistering volley, but it did him no good. Andrea was an experienced spanker and a strong lady, she had no difficulty in holding James firmly in position.
“Are you ever going to steal again, Jamie?” Andrea asked.

“No, Aunty Andrea.” the boy cried, his red bottom throbbing.

Another stinging dose of the unyielding brush crashed into the boy’s soft, tender, burning flesh. James howled his displeasure and his tears soaked the material of Andrea’s couch.
“Quite sure?” Andrea inquired.

“Yes, Miss Andrea.” James wailed, as he squirmed his fire hot red bottom from side to side to try and avoid the sizzling brush spanks.

“We’ll make absolutely sure then, won’t we?” Andrea said and unleashed the brush again.

The spanks landed hard and constantly for the next few minutes and James tried to levitate from Andrea’s lap. His bottom flamed and bounced. Donna sat back in the sofa opposite, and poured herself another cup of tea. She appeared composed, but her hand shook slightly and she had to fight back tears. She knew that James needed this spanking, but it still hurt her to see her son so soundly spanked and reduced to a bawling little boy over Andrea’s stern knee and under her punishing brush. 
Andrea put the brush down and as she bent over the boy’s bottom she could feel how very hot it was through the material of her dress. It was sizzling. She had no doubt that if the boy sat in a bowl of water it would steam. She could see how red and sore his tender little derriere was. She felt a wave of compassion for James as he sobbed and blubbered over her knee. She could barely hear what he was saying, but it seemed to be “I’m sorry, ‘msorry.” over and over again. Andrea put her hand on the ruler and heard Donna’s intake of hissed breath, and looked down again at the dark cherry red bottom over her knee. This was James first ever spanking, he was genuinely sorry and she knew that he would not steal again. The ruler was not needed this time. James would not sit comfortably for the next few days. The brush had done a very good job on his sit spot. “James,” she said gently, “You may stand up sweetheart.”
The boy awkwardly got to his feet, falling and landing on his bottom in the process. He let out a howl as his freshly spanked bottom hit the rug-covered floor. “Poor baby.” Andrea said and reached out to help James to his feet, drawing him to her bosom in the process, and hugging him tightly.

James threw his arms around Andrea’s neck and sobbed into her shoulder “I’m sorry, Aunty Andrea. I’m sorry I stole and you had to spank me. Thankyou for giving me such a good spanking and I won’t ever steal again.”

“I know you won’t, darling.” Andrea said as she released him, and turned him around.
“Now go and join Courtney in the corner. Hands on head, no talking.” she propelled him towards the corner with a gentle smack that still got a loud “OW!” from James. As his sister had before him, he stopped at Donna and hugged her tightly, telling her “Thanks for letting Aunty Andrea spank me, Mum.”

“My pleasure, darling and I don’t think this will be the only time either, sweetie.” she said, as she let James go, and gave his bottom a pinch as he went to the corner.
“Is that tea still hot?” Andrea asked Donna.

Donna picked up the pot. “I’m sorry Andrea, but I seem to have drunk nearly all of it.”

“No mind. I’ll have Kimberley make a fresh pot.”

She rang her little bell and the blond receptionist appeared in the parlour “Yes, ma’am.”

“Some more tea please, Kimberley. Do you want more, Donna?”

“Yes, please.”

“Certainly ma’am, I’ll put the kettle on.”
As she left, she stopped to admire the extremely well spanked, red bottoms belonging to the two sobbing adolescents in the corner. “Now that,” she murmured, “is exactly what a properly spanked child should look like.”
Andrea chuckled as she heard the girl’s comment. In the future Kimberley was going to be an excellent spanker.

Kimberley returned with a gently steaming pot of tea and poured a lovely, hot fresh cup for each woman. The two ladies blew on their tea to cool it and sipped, sighing happily as they sat back and admired the two red bottoms side by side in the corner.
“Kim,” Andrea said, “would you please make two mugs of cocoa for James and Courtney? I think they could use them to calm their nerves a little.”

“Of course, ma’am.” Kimberley replied with a smile, bounced out of the room and back into the kitchen.
Kimberley returned, carrying two large steaming mugs brimming with hot cocoa. “Courtney, James,” Andrea announced, “you may remove your hands to accept your cocoa from Kimberley, but you are not to rub your bottoms. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Aunty Andrea.” the twins answered.

Kimberley smiled at children, as she handed them their mugs carefully.
The children took the mugs in both hands, raised them carefully to their lips and blew on the hot liquid to cool it. As they each took a sip they reflected that the cocoa was probably not as hot as their bottoms were.
“How do you suggest I should treat them tonight?” Donna asked Andrea with interest.

“Well, they’re both a little sore and sorry for themselves right now and I think what they most need is some TLC.”
Donna smiled and nodded.
“When you get them home I’d pop them bare bottomed in a corner at least until your husband arrives home. I think he should see that they’ve paid for their misdeeds. Give them something light for supper, maybe some soup and toasted sandwiches, then a bath and straight to bed. I daresay they’ll need to sleep on their tummies tonight.”

“I’m sure they will.” Donna agreed. “What about Jamie and the comic?”

“Oh yes, that.” Andrea said. There was a slight gagging sound as James choked on his cocoa. Kimberley, who was still in the parlour, patted him firmly on his back to help him. “I don’t think you should take him to the newsagent today, but tomorrow I see no problem with it.”

“Yes, that sounds better. You will meet me immediately after school tomorrow James and we will deliver that apology.” Donna ordered.

“Yes, Mum.” he replied.
Thirty minutes later the children were dressed and dry eyed. Donna paid Kimberley for the spankings and hugged Andrea. James and Courtney hugged Kimberley and Andrea and thanked her once again. Then Donna said “Same time next week then, Andrea?”

Green eyes sparkling mischievously the willowy green-eyed disciplinarian nodded, as James and Courtney clutched their bottoms, and wailed “Mum!”  


  1. I'm delighted that you've started a web log, dear. It seems young James and Courtney got just a bit more that they bargained for! Loved the little surprise "bonus" at the end. :)

    You know that if not for your Spank Shop, Aunt Carla's Disciplinary Studio would never have been realized. Thank you for blazing the trail, and for sharing your splendid stories with the world!


    Carla Marie

  2. Oh thankyou, Carla! I'm ever so pleased that I was able to act as an inspiration to you.

  3. Same time next week, oh my, great lines and story, and there is the ebony brush again!


    Be well


  4. Ron, you'd never seen this one before? I am glad you discovered it. The ebony brush is my favourite, it will appear in the stories from time to time. Seegee has an eagle eye for that sort of detail, which is one of the reasons I let him chronicle the events of the shop.

  5. To: Aunty Andrea

    I would like to ask some questions, first, where is your shop located(country and city), and second is your shop still open for busniness? And have you opened any more shops, since your first shop seems to have been very successful?
    I have never heard of you untill I was doing some research for a class for college. The research I'm doing is unrelated to spanking though. I clicked on your link out of curiosity.
    I am in the United States, I live in Maryland.
    I just wanted to know if you are still in business, since your last post is dated 2011.

    From, John M.

  6. John, welcome to the Spank Shop. I'll clear a few things up for you. The shop is a fictional concept. It exists here and in the stories. I and the author of the stories live in Australia, but the shop itself could be located anywhere in the western world, that's how it is designed to be looked at, it exists in an alternate reality where the activities of the shop are viewed as totally natural and acceptable. As yet no one has opened a franchise, but my assistant Kimberley does think of that as a future business plan.
    Your comment about the last post being dated 2011 puzzles me, as I have updated the blog regularly since I first started it, and the most recent post was on May 30th 2013.

    1. To Aunt Andrea,

      The reason this caught my eye, is because someday I'd like to open my own business. Since this seemed to be a succesful shop that had opened two years ago, I thought to ask how you kept it running for two years. As I have heard that most business fold or go bankrupt within two years.
      I believe that, you could open a shop like this in the US, in some of the states that still allow this kind of punishment in schools and of the parants that were raised in the same era I was(I was raised in the 60's and 70's)where spanking was allowed. I believe that the states that do not allow spanking of chldren has more crime in them. I was raised in the era that allowed the teachers to sent students to the principal's office. Now the teachers have to be afraid to even touch a child because of laws that do not allow child abuse. And because of this, children do whatever they want without reprisal. What I believe is that to take away the punishment in schools, was to open the door to allow chaos to run rapid.

  7. Now as I have said, I was raised in the era where spanking was allowed in schools( this was not called abuse when I was growing up)and I have turned out just fine. I am not married, but, if I were and had children, I would spank them when needed. However, I do believe that a parent can go overboard with the correction of their children. I use to work in a grocery store, and one day a mother with a little girl came into the store, I was stocking a shelf when the mother came up to me and asked where the bread section was. I told her where the bread was located, I then went back to stocking the shelf I was working on. As I turned the little girl started to act up, the mother tried her best to keep conrtol of the girl, but, when I turned my back to them, I heard a "SLAP!" and I turned back around to them, the girl was crying and a red mark was forming on her right cheek. Now, I don't believe that the mother was the kind of person that abused children, but this came on top of a national news item where a mother was caught on tape in a Walmart parking lot hitting a child for not getting into the safety seat in the back of the car. So, when I heard the "SLAP!" I could have turned her into the manager of the store, howeve, I did not "see" the mother hit the little girl, so I could not say anything. And I believe that this type of actions caught on tape and otherwise wittnessed, caused the courts to decided that this would be considered child abuse. So now the teachers in schools can not use the threat of sending students who disrupted the class to the principal's office. Parents can only give their children a "time out" when they misbehave, which to me, does the child no good, because when they misbehave they learn that there is no consequences except to be put in a corner. And when they grow up and do things that are wrong, they think all they get is a "time out", and depending on the offense could get jail time or even the death sentence(in some states that is still used).

  8. I think if spanking was brought back into the schools childern would learn that there is more then just a "time out" waiting for them when they do somethng wrong.
    One story you may be interested in is that while I was working one day at the store, a mother and little boy came into the store. The mother knew the manager at the time, so as she went shopping, the little boy went down the "toy" section of the store(we had at the time, a small section of toys in the grocery store)so as little boys tend to get into trouble(I should know, as I sometimes got into trouble myself when I was the little boys age(not more the 6 or 7)), when the little boy left the isle he took a yo-yo without his mom's knowledge nad went to the car in the parking lot,but, was observed taking the yo-yo by one of the girls that ran the cash registers at the front of the store. The girl ran and told the manager, who then went and found the mother. The manager told her what happened and the mother(and I could tell by the way she went out to the car to get the little boy, that he was in trouble)then brought the little boy back into the store and had him apologize to the manager, paid for the yo-yo, and as the mother dragged(the boy was pulling in the opposite direction)the boy out the door, I heard those 6 dreadded words all little boys who are in trouble DO NOT want to hear "Wait until your father gets home". and boy I'll tell you that little boy started to really cry his eyes out because he knew he was in BIG trouble(I also know that the little boy probably didn't sit too well when his dad got done with him). Now those days are gone and parents can not do anything that is considered child abuse.
    As for the date, you had answerd a "Njspank"(Ron)right above my first post, and it is dated 20 May 2011 his time was 11:24(which I assume is AM since your answer is in the PM)and your answer is posted as 20 May 2011 21:10 which is milatary time for 9:10 PM. I'm not sure why the latest post is not on, it should have automatically updated.

  9. I'm sorry for all the posts, but, when they were all together it was passed the 4,096 character limit.

    All posts from,
    John M.