Tuesday, 22 March 2011

'The Spank Shop: Kimberley'

Aunty Andrea requested that I post this as a cautionary tale of what happens to naughty little assistants who don't do as their employers tell them.
Kimberley Susan.

P.S: the below picture was me in the corner after Aunty Andrea had spanked me.

Andrea looked at the clock in her parlour and sighed. Four o’clock on Friday afternoon. This was normally her busiest time of day. School in Clarkstown let out at three o’clock each week day afternoon, and that generally signaled a flood of children into her establishment: probably the world’s one and only Spank Shop, to have their bottoms soundly smacked by her. Andrea was a tall, athletic woman with long wavy, chestnut hair. She had started up the Spank Shop not that long after moving to Clarkstown because she had seen a need for old fashioned, over the knee discipline in the town. When she initially began the business she had believed that most of her clientele would be adults who enjoyed that sort of thing. Oddly enough the majority of the business was children whose parents felt that they could benefit from a good, old fashioned, over the knee, bare bottom spanking from ‘Aunty’ Andrea as many of her clients now knew her. She did indeed have the occasional adult client, but they were few and far between, and to the best of her knowledge not one of them got any sexual thrill from her ministrations, but came from a need to be disciplined in the tried and true way. This had been a busy week for Andrea and her one and only employee; the petite blonde teenage receptionist: Kimberley, and Andrea had decided that this afternoon she would clear the books by four o’clock and start her weekend a little early.

Andrea was about to get up out of her chair and ask Kimberley to put the kettle on for afternoon tea. She intended to have the receptionist take tea with her, it was a civilized way to finish off the week, and she and Kimberley had some very interesting conversations over tea, she also felt rather maternal towards the pretty receptionist and had taken her under her wing to an extent. If business kept on the way it was she might have to elevate Kimberley from receptionist to ‘trainee’ spanker and hire another receptionist. Kim had been subject to regular trips over her parent’s knees when growing up and was no stranger to spanking. Her last such encounter had been only six months previously for breaking her curfew. She had also administered the occasional spanking when babysitting her siblings and younger cousins. She would handle the youngest of Andrea’s clients admirably.
BBBRRRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG BBBBBBRRRRRIIIIINNNGGGGG! Andrea jumped, startled by the phone’s harsh, jangling tones. The phones at the shop were always handled by Kimberley, but if for any reason she was not in the outside reception area, after a specified number of rings the phone also sounded in Andrea’s parlour or ‘spanking room’ as some of the kids endearingly referred to it. Andrea frowned. They were not busy at present, there were no clients, she knew for a fact that Kimberley had seen the last one off thirty minutes ago, so where on earth was the receptionist? “Kimberley!” Andrea called. “Would you pick that up, please?” there was no response and the phone continued to ring. “Kim?” Andrea called the girl again, and again got no answer but the ringing phone.
“Honestly!” Andrea muttered, stalking out to reception. “I am going to tan that child’s hide! What do I pay her for?”
Reception was empty. A cheery fire crackled merrily in the grate, but all the chairs and corners were empty and lonely. No smiling blonde teenager sat behind the reception desk, although the computer screen was still turned on. Andrea exhaled in annoyance and snatched the ringing phone from its cradle.
“Spank Shop. How may I help you?” 
A gentle, cultured voice floated across the other end of the line “This is Vivien Longwood.”

“Hello Ms Longwood,” Andrea was not sure if the lady was married or not and not wishing to offend a potential client, opted for the generic Ms, rather than Miss or Mrs, “how may I assist you?”

“I was hoping to speak to Kimberley.” the lady said.

Andrea frowned, why would she want to speak specifically to Kimberley and how did she even know the girl? If Kimberley was taking personal calls at work she’d be sitting on a cushion come Monday. “She’s not here at present. If you’d like to tell me your business, ma’am I can pass the message on.”

“Oh, that’s a pity,” the other lady said in a slightly miffed tone, “I just wanted to compliment her.”

“Compliment her?” Andrea repeated sharply.

“Yes,” Vivien Longwood answered happily, “on the wonderful job she did with my children.”

“Kimberley did a job with your children?” a now suspicious Andrea asked. “What sort of job?”

Vivien sounded surprised “Why she spanked them of course! That’s what you specialize in, is it not?”

“Yes we do, Mrs Longwood, you are Mrs, aren’t you?”

“Yes I am a Mrs I am pleased to say and your name?”

“I am Andrea.”

“Thankyou, Andrea. Would you please pass my message onto Kimberley when she returns. I must admit I was surprised to see that such a young girl ran a business like that, but the blistering she gave my two put to rest any fears I may have had. They’ve been angels since that day and if they do act up all I need to is mention that another visit to Aunty Kimberley may be in order and their behaviour alters accordingly.”

“Mrs Longwood…” Andrea began.

“Vivian, please.” the other lady requested.

“Vivian ,I will most certainly pass your message onto Kimberley, but may I ask a few questions first?”


“Did Kimberley tell you that she owned the business?”

“Yes, she did. I must tell you I got quite a shock. I heard about your establishment from some friends and they actually intimated that an older lady ran it, Ashleigh or something I think her name was. Kimberley told me that she employs the other lady to help her out, she’s too busy to administer all the spankings by herself….”
Despite her desire to be polite to Vivian Longwood Andrea could not help herself “She told you that?” she asked, her voice rising hysterically.

“Yes. I was a little concerned about her youth, but once she got Heather, my ten year old, over her knee, all my fears were dispelled.”

On the other end of the phone Andrea sank into a chair and told herself mentally ‘Keep calm, count to ten.’
“When exactly was this Vivian?”

“Hmmmmm…” there was a pause as Mrs Longwood tried to mentally calculate the date, “Friday, two weeks ago, in the afternoon, around three. I’m afraid I left it until very late to make an appointment and when I rang at twelve thirty I was surprised that Kimberley could fit me in.”

“Yes, we are generally quite busy. Especially on a Friday afternoon. There must have been a cancellation.”

“I suppose so. I am sorry to be rude Andrea, but I have an appointment. Would you please pass my thanks onto Kimberley?”

“I shall Vivian. Thankyou very much for ringing. I’m sure that we will speak again very soon.”

“Not unless my two get over their fear of Aunty Kimberley’s hand and hairbrush.” Vivian rejoined cheerily. “Nice to speak to you Andrea. Goodbye for now.”

“Yes, the same here Vivian. Goodbye.”
Andrea put the phone back on it’s cradle, sat back in Kimberley’s receptionist chair, steepled her tapering, manicured fingers and exhaled one long breath before saying softly “I am going to kill her.”
What really upset Andrea was the feeling of betrayal. Two weeks ago on Friday she had closed the shop at midday so that she could spend the weekend with her sister and their family. She had trusted Kimberley to close up, and even gave the little minx half the day off. Kimberley must have been finishing up when Vivian Longwood rang to make an appointment. Admittedly Andrea never liked turning down business, but Kimberley could have advised her that they were closed for the day or that they could not accept her appointment for that day, and arranged another more convenient time, but no, she accepted the appointment and carried it out herself. This despite the fact that Andrea had expressly told her that she was NOT to administer a spanking on behalf of the business without Andrea having obtained the client’s prior consent and without Andrea being present. Then she had the pure barefaced cheek to tell Vivian Longwood that she owned the business, and that Andrea was in fact her employee! The little brat! Andrea intended to make her backside smart for that. The fact that Kimberley had administered a double spanking, Mrs Longwood had mentioned that she had two children who required spanking, brought up another question: where did the money go? Kimberley did all the books, she was better with a computer than Andrea, and she kept a meticulous database with details including payment.
Andrea swung around in the chair, and stared at the screensaver on the screen. It was something to do with horses. Kimberley was a keen rider, and loved horses. Andrea tapped a key, and the picture of the thoroughbred disappeared and was replaced by a spreadsheet. Andrea did not particularly like computers, and Kimberley was far more at home with them, which is why Andrea left all of that to the girl, but she was not scared or illiterate. That was Miss Kimberley Kennedy’s first mistake. Andrea looked at the spreadsheet in front of her. She had to admit that Kim had done a good job designing the database. She had a spot for everything. Name of spankee/child, name of guardian/parent if required (ie: spankee is a minor), consent form signed y/n, reason for spanking, punishment/s (ie: handspanking, hairbrush, etc…), time of spanking and length and payment received y/n method: credit card, cash, other. The page that Andrea was currently viewing was today’s, and was completely up to date. Andrea searched back two weeks and was interested, but not entirely surprised to see that the last entry was at eleven thirty AM. “I don’t believe this,” Andrea murmured, “she’s hidden it somewhere.”
Andrea pursed her lips, and then moved the mouse down to the Start button, she clicked on it and selected the Search option, and then For Files or Folders. In the named section of the window she typed in *.xls and entered. It did not take long to find what she was looking for. One very small, separate spreadsheet with just one entry:
Under Name of spankee/child the names: Heather & Simon Longwood were entered, name of guardian/parent had Vivian Longwood, consent form signed had the y option entered, reason for spanking was failure to complete chores and rudeness to parents, punishment/s showed: handspanking and hairbrush, the time of spanking was 3:00 PM and length was approximately 30 mins each, Vivian had paid in cash. Andrea had never seen that money. So Kimberley had not only betrayed her trust, lied and disobeyed her explicit instructions she had also stolen money. Andrea printed out the page, closed the spreadsheet down, and reactivated the screensaver, before going back to her parlour to await Kimberley’s return.
Five minutes after going back to the parlour Andrea heard the front door open and close. “Is that you, Kim?” she called.

“Yes, Andrea.” the girl’s voice called back.

“Where were you?”

“I went to the bakery. I thought we could have some cakes with our afternoon tea. You did want to finish up early today, didn’t you?”

“Yes I did. Although I don’t remember giving permission for you to go out.”

The girl appeared at the parlour door and giggled “Oh Andrea! I do the books you know. There were no more appointments scheduled today. Do you want tea?”
Andrea nodded curtly, taking note of the girl’s insolent tone, and the fact that she had not once called her ma’am or Miss Andrea, not even the more familiar Aunty Andrea. That had been going on for a couple of weeks now, about the time Kimberley had administered the spanking to Vivian Longwood’s children. Andrea pursed her lips as she heard the girl bustle about the kitchen, putting the kettle on, and getting the tea things out. She had been allowing Kimberley to take far too many liberties of late. That was going to stop as of this very afternoon.

Andrea heard the kettle whistle, and Kimberley emerged from the kitchen a few minutes later, bearing a fully laden tea tray with a plate piled high with eclaires and profiteroles.
Kimberley set the tray down and laid out cups and plates, then poured tea for herself and her employer. She settled herself into a chair across from Andrea, picked up her steaming cup, blew on her tea to cool it, and chose a treat from the tray, bit into it daintily, then placed it on the edge of her saucer whilst she used a paper serviette to dab gently at the cream it left on the side of her mouth.

Andrea regarded the girl before picking up her own cup and sipping from it. “You really should have at least done me the courtesy of letting me know that you were popping out, Kimberley.”

Kimberley’s blue eyes looked genuinely puzzled “I don’t see why,” she retorted, “there were no customers, we were not expecting any more and all my paperwork was up to date. I only left for twenty minutes at the most and it was for something for tea.”

“I had a phone call while you were gone, and I would thank you to do me the courtesy of remembering that I am your employer and as such should be awarded the proper respect.” Andrea’s voice cracked in the now quiet parlour.

Kimberley seemed genuinely abashed “Yes, ma’am.” she replied contritely, and lowered her eyes to look at the floor.

“That is better.” Andrea said approvingly, relaxing back into her chair and sipping at her tea. “The phone call I took was from a Vivian Longwood.”

Kimberley’s head rose and Andrea watched as all the colour drained from the teenager’s face, she took a deep breath and placed her cup firmly on the table, then tried to brazen it out “Vivian Longwood?” she said making it into a question. “Did she wish to make an appointment, miss?”

“No, she did not. She rang to speak to you, she seemed to think that you were the owner of this establishment and that I in fact worked for you. Would you have any idea how she came by that notion, young lady?” Andrea asked with a raised eyebrow.

Kimberley gulped and a bead of perspiration slipped from under her cloud of blonde hair and slid down her slender, graceful neck to disappear beneath her high-necked sweater.
Kimberley sipped her tea and then slowly set her cup on the table, she raised her head and forced herself to look into Andrea’s steady green eyes “I told her, ma’am.” she said in a soft, almost inaudible voice.

Andrea nodded “At least courage is one virtue you do not lack Kimberley. Why did you tell Mrs Longwood that obvious lie?”

Kimberley appeared uncomfortable, and she squirmed on her chair “I didn’t mean to Miss Andrea!” she blurted out. “I just couldn’t help it. She rang up and you weren’t here and all she wanted was for her kids to be spanked. They’re only nine and ten. I’ve spanked older cousins, and my sister Chelsea and she's a teenager, so I knew I could do it.” she sat looking into Andrea’s eyes for some hint of compassion, she held one hand with the other and kept moving them around in obvious distress.

“It’s no excuse Kimberley. If you had really thought it so wrong you would have told me before now, not hoped I wouldn’t find out about it and tried to hide it from me.” Andrea produced the printout of the spreadsheet and waved it under Kimberley’s nose.
Kimberley’s lip trembled and she was fighting back tears.
“Don’t cry now, little girl,” Andrea warned, “you’re going to need all your tears for what I have planned young lady. Clear up the tea things and come back here immediately after you have tidied up. We need to have a little ‘chat’.”
With a racing heart and a tingling bottom Kimberley put away the tea things. She was not looking forward to the promised ‘chat’. Andrea used the word ‘chat’ as a euphemism for spanking. Naughty children often went into Andrea’s parlour for a ‘chat’ and emerged with tear stained faces and hot, glowing red bottoms. In a way, Kimberley reflected, she was glad that her lie had been discovered. She had a great deal of respect for her attractive, elegant, sophisticated employer, and wanted to be just like her. She had hated lying to Andrea. She had tried to convince herself that it was not really lying, it was just not telling her everything that had happened, but every time she thought of that Friday afternoon she felt her bottom tingle and knew that she would be found out sooner or later. She just hoped that Andrea thought a spanking would be enough to expiate her sins.
Kimberley washed and dried her hands and tried to walk as confidently as she could back to the parlour. Andrea sat there in her favourite chair, one silk stockinged leg crossed over the other. “Sit,” she ordered, motioning to one of the other chairs, “if I were you I’d do as much sitting as you can while you still can, Kim.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Kimberley said with a gulp, sitting down quickly.

“Now,” Andrea said, “let’s revisit Friday two weeks ago. As I remember it I left here at midday to visit my sister and her family. There were no outstanding appointments. I asked you to finish up your paperwork and close the shop. You were to have the rest of the day off. Am I correct so far, young lady?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Kimberley agreed with a nervous nod.

“Now what exactly went wrong? What about the words: you are NOT under any circumstances to administer a spanking without me present did you fail to understand Kimberley? Did I need to teach you like a small child and administer a stern slap to your round little bottom with each word, just to make sure that it sank in?”

“No, Aunty Andrea.” Kimberley whispered, spots of hot humiliating colour glowing high on her cheeks.

“Now, I want you to tell me what happened that Friday afternoon. I don’t think I need to tell you that I am extremely disappointed in you Kimberley Susan.”

Kimberley felt her cheeks catch aflame anew as Andrea used her middle name, it was just what her Mum did when she scolded her and it always had the desired affect of making her feel about four years old. This was compounded by the distinct sadness that Kimberley felt knowing that she had disappointed one of the people in the world that she always wanted to please and make proud of her.
“What you said was right Aunty Andrea. You did tell me to take the rest of the day off when I had finished up and you have told me that I am not to spank anyone without you being present to supervise.”

“Then why on earth did you do what you did, sweetie?” a slightly mollified Andrea asked, trying to understand her young receptionist.

“Well,” Kimberley began in a nervous, little girl voice, tracing a figure eight on the rug with the toe of her shoe, “I was doing the paperwork as I was told and I had nearly finished. I was just about to turn the answering service on when the phone rang. It was Mrs Longwood. She wanted to book an appointment for her children that afternoon.”

“Why didn’t you tell her the truth, Kimberley Susan?” Andrea asked, arching an eyebrow.

“I wanted to ma’am, I really did,” she added, seeing the skepticism in Andrea’s clear green eyes, “but she hardly let me speak. I’m not sure if she did it with you, but she tends to talk over people. I hope that doesn’t sound cheeky, because she does do that.”

Andrea went back to her recent conversation with the woman, and she hid a smile, Vivian Longwood certainly did tend to speak quickly, and a lot, and talk over people. “No, it seems to describe the lady I spoke to earlier. Please continue.” Andrea bid her receptionist.

“I tried to tell her that we were closed, but she was so insistent and desperate and that afternoon was the only time she had free. I just thought, well, that I could do it and…and…” the girl faltered.

“No, Kimberley Susan Kennedy,” Andrea’s stern scolding voice made the blonde girl flinch, “you did not think! What you did was see a way to deceive and disobey me.”

Kimberley’s head dropped, and she angrily dashed away the tears that were forming. as she whispered “Yes, Aunty Andrea.”
Andrea sat back and regarded Kimberley steadily. She was certainly starting to regret her actions, she knew that she was going to be spanked long and hard, but Andrea felt a need to keep her waiting, keep her talking, make her explain exactly what she was going to be chastised for. “Tell me about the spankings Kimberley.” Andrea ordered. “Tell me exactly how you punished Heather and,” she picked up the spreadsheet to look at the boy’s name, “Simon. I want details. Did they squirm? Did they cry? Did their bottoms turn red?”

Kimberley raised her head, and blinked away tears “Ma’am?” she sniffled.

Andrea handed her a handkerchief, and instructed gently “Wipe your eyes and blow your nose, Kim. Then tell me about these spankings you administered.”
Kimberley did as her employer told her and tried to arrange her clouds of blonde hair into some sort of order. Andrea smiled at the movement. On the whole Kimberley was not a vain child about her looks, except when it came to her magnificent golden locks. She was forever fluffing, brushing and arranging her honey blonde hair. “Leave your hair alone, dear and tell me how you chastised the Longwood siblings.”

“Well, “ Kimberley began as she remembered the afternoon, “when they arrived I ushered them and Viv…I mean Mrs Longwood, “ Kimberley corrected herself as she saw the look of annoyance cross Andrea’s normally placid features, “into here. I think the children had been told about what happens here, because it was obvious that they had been crying.”

Andrea allowed herself a soft chuckle. Most of her clients had a little weep prior to coming to see her.

“I made tea for myself and Mrs Longwood and gave the children milk. They did not say anything, but Mrs Longwood told me about their misbehaviour. Her husband is often away on business and the last thing he wants to do when he is home is spank his kids. She too leads a very busy life and as she has never spanked her children did not know if she could do a proper job of it, so sought professional help. Some of her friends are clients and recommended us to her.”

“A recommendation that I believe my ministrations obtained,” Andrea told Kimberley, “unless this is not the first time you have done this, young lady.”

Shock appeared in Kimberley’s sapphire eyes “No, ma’am!” she protested vociferously. “This is the only time. I promise!” 

“Very well, I am pleased to hear that. Please continue.”

“After I let Mrs Longwood speak, and gave her a consent form to sign, I spoke to the kids. It wasn’t easy, because they were pretty upset, but I did get them to admit that everything their Mum had said was true and that maybe, just maybe they did need a hot bottom to make them behave better.” Kimberley smiled as she remembered the two children stammering out, “Maybe if you spanked us Aunty Kimberley we’d be better for Mum.”, whilst their mother sipped her tea and smiled her approval. They had possessed the sweetest, roundest, softest, plumpest little bottoms too. It was obvious that not one of the little globes had ever felt a punishing hand or hairbrush.
“And did you oblige them, Kimberley, dear?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Describe it for me. Every detail.” Andrea ordered the now blushing teenager.

Kimberley took a deep breath and began to tell Andrea about the spankings she gave the children. “Once that was done, I mean them telling me what they’d done and that they needed a spanking I took them into one of the rooms and put them in spanking aprons. I ushered them back out and they were really embarrassed about the aprons, although their mother seemed to think they were cute.”

Andrea smothered a giggle. The aprons had been her idea and one of the best that she had ever had, they covered the children’s fronts thereby preventing unnecessary embarrassment, but left their bottoms completely exposed, allowing easy access for the upcoming spanking. 
“Once I had them back in the parlour I installed them in corners and had another chat to their Mum. Just to let them stew for a little. They were both fidgeting in their respective corners when I called Simon over to me. I laid him across my lap and spanked him quite hard with my hand. I was very careful to cover his entire bottom and make sure that it was all hot and red. He started squirming straight away, but I was able to hold him. Then he began to yell and kick, he put his hand up to cover his bottom. I caught it and twisted his hand up behind his back, but kept slapping his jiggling, little, reddening bottom. I wanted a specific shade of red. It had to look like a nice red apple. I wanted a hot, red lustre. That was achieved when both his bottom and my hand felt very hot. By that stage Simon was crying steadily. I let him up and gave him a long tight hug before taking him back to his corner and ordering him to stand there with his hands on his head.”
“It sounds as if you made quite an impression.” Andrea commented.

Kimberley could not stop herself from smiling proudly, as she agreed “Oh yes, Aunty Andrea, I did. Hearing her brother’s spanking did something to Heather too. I know that when my Mum or my Dad spanks me and my brother or sisters together the one that was waiting got really nervous when they stood in the corner and listened to one of the others get it. Heather was like that. She was shifting from foot to foot and you could see the gooseflesh pimpling on her little bare bottom and it was not because the room was cold. I sat back on the sofa and ordered her to turn around and come to me. She did what she was told. I bent her over my knee, put her in position with that pretty, plump, pimpled bottom in the middle of my lap and began to spank her. I sprinkled hard, crisp slaps all over her bottom. She squealed, yelped and jumped as her bottom went from white to pink to a rich, deep red. She wriggled and squirmed and kicked then the floodgates broke and she started to bawl. That was when I knew she’d had enough for the time being. Her Mum was rapt. I could see it in her face, her eyes shone and her cheeks glowed. I let her sob over my knee for a minute or two, then lifted her up and hugged her tightly before taking her back to her corner with an admonition to be quiet and not to rub.”
“You’ve been watching me, Kimberley.” Andrea told her receptionist.

Kimberley nodded her blonde head “Yes ma’am, you and my Mum. I was spanked a lot, and I've seen my brother and sisters being spanked. You spank the same way my Mum does. I guess I learned something from all those trips over Mum’s knee.”

“On the spreadsheet it said that you used the hairbrush. Was that just a little bit of embellishment, or wishful thinking?”

“Oh no, ma’am. I did use the hairbrush!” Kimberley insisted.

“Then tell me about that, too, darling. I want to hear everything.”

“Yes, ma’am. I asked Mrs Longwood first if they’d had enough. She said that their bottoms were certainly red and looked hot. I invited her to feel them and she did so. She commented that rubbing the children’s bottoms warmed her hands up, but she’d been told that we usually spanked with the hairbrush and she felt that the children needed that to be properly spanked. I’ve always felt that hand spanking is just a warm up, and I know that once I turned eight I never got off Mum’s lap without being given a hand spanking to prepare my bottom for the hairbrush or slipper or whatever else Mum thought that I needed.”

“Wise woman, your mother.” Andrea murmured. “I must have her around for tea again soon. I really like your mother.”

“Thankyou, ma’am.” Kimberley said with a blush, she had never been present during the teas that Andrea had with her mother, but now she suspected that they discussed her younger chastisements. “I asked Mrs Longwood to keep an eye on Simon and Heather and not let them rub their bottoms,” Kimberley continued her story, “and I went to fetch a hairbrush. Both children were still standing, sobbing in their corners when I returned with the oval, maple wood hairbrush.”

“Ouch!” Andrea commented. “You used that one on two ‘virgins’?” 

“Yes, ma’am. I wanted them to be properly spanked.”

“Well with the maple brush they certainly would have been.” Andrea stated. She had not felt that particular brush on her own bottom, but her mother had possessed a similar one and she knew what a sting they imparted, she sometimes smacked it into her palm or on her thigh to make an audio impact on her clients, it quite often stung her hand and had left a mark on her thigh on more than one occasion.
Certain that Andrea had finished speaking, Kimberley tossed her hair, and resumed her story “I called Simon over to me. His knees went quite weak when he saw the brush, and his Mum had to help him over to my knee. I felt rather sorry for the poor darling.”

“Oh, Kimberley!” Andrea exclaimed. “Please don’t tell me that you spared him because you thought he was scared.”

“Oh no, Aunty Andrea! I think I wanted to, but I also knew that if I backed down I’d lose respect.”

“Clever girl,” Andrea praised her adolescent receptionist, “I have taught you well.”

“I took him back over my knee, held him close and tight and gave him eighteen very hard spanks with the back of the brush. He was squealing, crying and begging to be let off after the first two, but I told him that he had been a very naughty boy and that naughty boys needed ‘Mummy’ types like me to spank their little bottoms for them.”

“You counted the strokes?”

Kimberley nodded her golden mane “Not out loud, Miss. I just added them up in my head, because his bottom was so red and sore and because it was his first spanking I may have gone a little easier. I gave him a full stroke each time and let the sting build and sink in. His first six were on the crown of his adorable sit upon. The second volley was on his ‘sit spot’, where bottom and thigh meet,” Kimberley winced in sympathy as she said it, she knew from painful experience how sensitive and tender that area was, “and the last lot were on the backs of the legs, because I hadn’t used my hand on them and they were less sore than his bottom.”

“I’ll bet they weren’t after six with the brush.” Andrea said with a smile.

“No, ma’am.” Kimberley smiled back. “You should have heard him roar when I smacked him there. Afterwards I let him up and gave him a long cuddle, then he went to his Mum and she cuddled him and kissed his tears before telling him to go back to his corner while his sister took her ‘medicine’.”
“How did Heather react when she turned around and saw the brush?” Andrea asked.

“Well,” Kimberley replied, “ she started to cry straight away and her mother ordered her over to me. She walked over slowly, bawling the entire way, she kind of held her hands over her bottom as if to protect it.”

“You let her hold her bottom?” a surprised Andrea enquired, she never allowed the children she spanked to do that without her specific permission and she did not think that Kimberley would permit it.

“Not really, ma’am,” Kimberley explained, “she never actually touched her bottom, she just held her hands over it. I told her to move them in front of her when she got to my knee.”

“Did she?”

“No.” Kimberley frowned. “I had to threaten to tie them in front of her, she moved them right smart when I said that.”

“I’m sure she did.” Andrea said approvingly, with a throaty chuckle.

“I bent her over my knee and hauled her into position, I held one of her wrists up behind her back, because I didn’t trust her not to try and put her hand back to protect herself.”

“Good idea.” Andrea agreed with her receptionist’s action.

“It’s better for the little one too,” Kimberley continued, “I mean if your hand stops a stroke from the brush it would do more damage to a young hand than a plump little rear end.”

“Very true.” Andrea backed Kimberley up, impressed by the depth of thought that the teenager put into her spankings. She had taken her duties as a disciplinarian very seriously.
“Before I started the spanking I ran the brushes back over her still glowing bottom gently, that made her wriggle and gasp, I told her how smooth and hard and heavy the brush was, that made her whimper and started her tears flowing all over, then I spanked her. I spanked her long and hard with short armed, but hard, stinging strokes, she yelped, she squealed, she bucked, she kicked, she howled, she cried, she bawled and she roared, but then when her bottom was a bright, hot, scarlet, a ball of scorching red pain, she lay limply over my knee and just sobbed. That was when I knew that she had been properly spanked and would not need anymore. I looked down at the blazing red patootie over my knee and then at Mrs Longwood. She had tears of joy and compassion shining in her eyes. I lifted Heather up and held her against my shoulder. I let her sob there for a minute or two while I rubbed her back, stroked her hair and gentled her down. Then I took her to her corner, making sure that she stopped briefly to hug her mother and tell her that she was sorry for being such an insufferable little brat, then I put her in the corner and asked Mrs Longwood if she would like a cup of tea. I know I certainly needed one.”
“Spanking certainly can be thirsty work.” Andrea agreed with the younger girl.

“Yes, ma’am. Mrs Longwood and I discussed how she should treat the children when she got them home and I advised her. Then when we had finished our tea I let the children out of their corners. They crawled into their Mama’s lap and she held them while they sobbed. I made them each a mug of cocoa and they drank it while they were cradled against Mummy’s chest.”

Andrea smiled at the mental maternal picture Kimberley’s words painted. She had many happy memories of being cuddled and cradled against her own mother’s breast with a hot stinging bottom nestled into the motherly lap.
“That was it?”

“That was it, ma’am. The children finished their cocoa and got dressed again, and Mrs Longwood took them home.”
“Hmmmmm…,” Andrea mused, her cool green eyes regarding Kimberley, the girl squirmed in her chair and looked at the floor, “the spreadsheet said that you were paid. What happened to the money?”

Kimberley squeezed her sapphire eyes shut and a fat tear oozed out from one eyelid, slid down her cheek to disappear into the corner of her mouth. Kim’s little pink tongue flicked out, gathered the tear and licked her upper lip nervously “I…uhhhh…I spent it.” she whispered.

“What on?”

“A dress.”

“A dress? I don’t recall you wearing anything new to the office.”

“It’s not…ummmm…it’s not a work dress, ma’am.”

“I see. Well, technically it is stealing. Because you did not steal the dress itself I cannot make you take it back, but I can make you think of a very hot, very red, very sore bottom every time you wear that dress.”

“Yes, Aunty Andrea.” Kimberley whimpered, knowing what was coming.

“I’m going to spank you Kimberley Susan, you know that, don’t you?” Andrea began her scolding with a gentle tone.

“Yes, Aunty Andrea.”

“I’m going to spank you long and hard.”

“Yes, Aunty.”

“It’s going to hurt…a lot. Your bottom will sting and bounce over my lap. It will turn very red and feel like it is on fire.”

“I know, Aunty Andrea.” Kimberley said, starting to sniffle.

“Do you deserve it?”

“Yes, Aunty Andrea.” Kimberley said in a soft, little girl voice.

“What do you deserve?”

“A good hard spanking on my bare bottom, over your knee, Aunty Andrea.”

“Very good, I am glad you agree. Now go to the change room and put on your spanking apron and come back out here.”
Kimberley’s eyes flew open wide and she begged “No please, Aunty Andrea! Not that! Can’t you please just bare my bottom now? Pleased don’t make me wear that! It’s embarrassing!”

“Kimberley Susan Kennedy,” Andrea began in the scolding tone that Kimberley knew so well, “you behaved like a child, a spoiled willful child, and in this house naughty children get their bare bottoms soundly spanked while wearing a spanking apron, and you know very well that the wearing of the apron increases the humiliation as it is intended to.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Kimberley whispered, hanging her head.

“Now go and change into your spanking apron. No more arguments or you will make me crosser with you than I already am, and I can promise you young lady you do not want to do that.”

Kimberley nodded. She took a deep breath, placed both hands on the couch and pushed herself to her feet. Andrea sat back and watched as the girl walked slowly on slightly unsteady legs to the change room. Andrea smiled. She knew that after this afternoon it would be quite some time, if ever, that the girl tried to pull the wool over her employer’s eyes again.  
Andrea was unable to hide her smile when Kimberley reappeared in the parlour dressed in her spanking apron. Kimberley did not wear one of the spanking aprons that most of her clients wore. Kimberley had her very own apron. It was the same design and it was of a size to fit Kimberley. This was an exercise Andrea had set for the girl when she had employed her. Kimberley had mentioned at her interview that one of her hobbies was embroidery. When Andrea had the idea for the spanking aprons she set Kimberley a task that would allow her to utilize her embroidery skills. The apron was a plain, soft pastel pink, but embroidered in bright red thread with cursive italic script across the front of the apron was the legend: Kimberley’s very own spanking apron.

Seeing her mistresses’ smile, and knowing how silly she must look, was too much for Kimberley, her cheeks burning with embarrassment, she hung her head and started to cry softly.

“My goodness!” Andrea exclaimed, toying with a brown curl, “Crying already. I wonder how you will perform once you’re over my knee. You do look positively darling, Kimmy.”

Kimberley sniffled, wiped her eyes with the back of a hand and blubbered “Thankyou Aunty Andrea.” It was then her eyes fell on the other object that lay on the coffee table, a maple wood hairbrush “Oh God!” she said in a faltering voice.

“I don’t think He can help you right now, dear.”

“Please Aunty Andrea, do you have to use the brush?”

“What did you spank the Longwood children with?” Andrea inquired, settling herself into spanking position.

“My hand and the hairbrush.” Kimberley replied with a wince.

“Then I am afraid I do have to use it, sweetheart. Over my knee please.”
With a resigned sigh Kimberley draped herself over Andrea’s maternal lap. “Lift up.” Andrea requested. Kimberley raised her hips and squirmed as she felt herself being snugged in nice and tight to Andrea’s firm, flat stomach. Kimberley shivered as a smooth, cool palm was rubbed around her bared bottom. “Mmmmmm…,” Andrea cooed, “such lovely firm, resilient flesh and so cool. We’ll have to remedy that, won’t we, sweetness?”

Kimberley gulped and tensed her bottom cheeks “Yes, Aunty Andrea.”

“Good. Now Kimberley Susan I want you to know that I do not enjoy this one,” SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK “little,” SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK “bit!” SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK Kimberley yelped and squealed as Andrea’s caressing hand began her spanking ,and bit sharply into her white cotton ball behind.
 “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!”

“Oh Kimberley! Don’t carry on so. This has barely begun and you know it.”
Andrea’s hand spanked firmly, it rebounded crisply off one firm round hemisphere, then clapped down sharply on its twin. “Naughty girls,” SMACK SPANK SMACK SPANK, “who lie to those who trust them,” SPANK SPANK SMACK SMACK, “get their wicked little bottoms soundly spanked!”
Andrea scolded as she spanked. Kimberley squirmed from side to side as she desperately tried to avoid the punishing spanks. Her bottom was glowing red and her feet were drumming a frantic tattoo on the floor as Andrea spanked her ever so soundly. “I am very,” SPANK, “very,” SPANK, “very,” SPANK, “disappointed in you, Kimberley Susan!”
Tears streamed down Kimberley’s cheeks and she howled her displeasure out over her stern employer’s knee. 
Andrea rested her spanking hand on Kimberley’s stove hot cheek, and ordered “Stand up.”
Wincing in pain and willing herself not to put her hand anywhere near her blazing sit upon Kimberley awkwardly levered herself to her feet.
“Stand up straight!” Andrea snapped.
Kimberley immediately straightened.
“Hands by your side!” Andrea barked out.
Kimberley did as told.
“Look at me, please, Kimmy sweetheart.” Andrea instructed.
Trying to ignore her throbbing bottom Kimberley looked at Andrea through tear blurred eyes.
“How do you feel?”


“Just sore?” Andrea inquired with a raised eyebrow.


“Is that all?”

“No, Aunty Andrea.”

“What else do you feel, dear?”

“Ashamed and stupid.”

“Good, then we are getting somewhere. Now go and stand in the corner with your hands on your head to meditate on your behaviour.”

“Yes, Aunty Andrea.”

Kimberley shuffled to the corner, tears rolling down her pretty eighteen year old face and took up the time honoured position, hands clasped over her immaculately coiffed blonde head.
Andrea leaned back in her seat and smiled. What a wonderful picture a properly spanked adolescent made.
Andrea admired her handiwork on Kimberley’s steaming red rear end and Kimberley stood there her shame almost…almost making her forget about the stinging heat in her bottom. As the tears rolled steadily down her cheeks, gathered at her chin and then slowly dropped onto the floor at her feet she thought about how a woman she admired and liked had trusted her and she had broken that trust. That hurt more than any spanking. In a way she was glad that Andrea had found her out and was spanking her. At home whenever she misbehaved and was spanked for it, the spanking cleared the air and allowed her to start with a clean slate. Her parents had tried alternative punishment methods when she turned fourteen. After one grounding and one other occasion when her pocket money had been withheld Kimberley herself had requested that her parents abandon the alternative punitive methods and recommence the spankings. They hurt at the time and for some hours afterwards and she had to sit carefully for a day or two, but they were quick and everything was over and done with, there was a lot of cuddling afterwards and there was also something very right about a spanking. As Kimberley shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot to alleviate some of the pain that Andrea’s hand had visited upon her rump she hoped that Andrea felt the same way about spanking that her parents did and after this she had paid for her misdeeds and won her mistresses trust and respect back.
“Turn around please, Kimberley Susan.” Andrea requested in a stern voice.
Kimberley took a deep breath, and leaving her hands on her head, faced Andrea. With dread she saw that the horrid hairbrush lay on Andrea’s lap bristle side up. Kimberley exhaled and closed her eyes.
“Open your eyes, please young lady and come here to stand by my side.”
Feeling her bottom twinge with every slow step she took Kimberley did as Andrea had told her.
When she stood at Andrea’s knee the older lady handed her a tissue. “You can move your hands and dry your eyes please darling, blow your nose too.”
Thanking Andrea, Kimberley took the offered tissue, wiped her eyes and blew her nose, then placed the tissue in the small receptacle that Andrea handed up.
“See what is in my lap, Kimmy?” Andrea asked.

“Yes, Aunty Andrea.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a hairbrush.”

“Is this the one that you used on the Longwood children?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“You didn’t brush their hair though, did you, sweetheart?”

“No, Aunty Andrea.” Kimberley replied through gritted teeth. She hated this! Andrea was an expert at making you ask for the punishment. Kimberley had seen her go through this routine with many clients.

“What will it be used for today?”

“Spanking a naughty bottom.”

Andrea responded quickly “Whose naughty bottom?”
“Mine, Aunty Andrea.”

“Very good, Kim. Now put that all together and ask Aunty Andrea for your spanking.”

Kimberley sighed and blinked back tears, asking for a spanking was so embarrassing, but then again that was the point.
“Please, Aunty Andrea would you spank my bare bottom with your hairbrush? I’m sorry I spanked the Longwood children without your permission.”

“I know you are, darling,” Andrea told Kimberley, as she placed a hand on the small of the girl’s back and guided her over the knee, “and you are going to be a lot sorrier very soon, my dear.” 
Kimberley lay over Andrea’s firm lap, and squirmed uncomfortably.
“Comfy?” Andrea inquired.

“No.” Kimberley mumbled.

Andrea hauled Kimberley up and made sure her legs and feet were supported by the couch “Better?”

“Yes, thankyou Aunty Andrea.” 

“Good.” Andrea cooed in Kimberley’s ear.

The girl let out a gasp as she felt something smooth and cool on her bottom. It started to move in slow teasing circles around her hot glowing behind. 

“Can you feel the brush, darling?” Andrea asked.

“Yes, Aunty Andrea.” Kimberley said in a small voice, raising her hips to let her bottom feel the brush.

“How does it feel?”

“Smooth and cool.” Kimberley murmured.

“Is that nice?”

“Oh yes, ma’am.”

“Hmmmm…” Andrea mused, then she flipped the brush over and began to rub gently with the bristles on Kimberley’s upturned cheeks.

“Ooooohhhhhh!” a surprised Kimberley exclaimed.

“How does that feel?”

“It scratches and tickles.” Kimberley replied, giggling with the sensation despite what she knew would soon happen to her.

“I think we’ve had enough playing for now, Kimmy. Get ready to cry hard, little girl.”
Kimberley squeezed her eyes shut and willed her bottom to remain relaxed. She heard it before she felt it. CRACK CRACK SMACK SMACK. The brush spanked down firmly across the firm, round, still rose red crowns of Kimberley’s bottom. Kimberley kicked and squealed. Andrea set her chin and smacked the brush down over and over across Kimberley’s bouncing, flaming bottom. The brush cracking across one red cheek and then the other as it rebounded crisply from one to the other. Andrea spanked and watched as Kimberley’s bottom went from a bright glowing red to a hot blazing crimson. When it looked like a ball of red hot pain, and Kimberley was crying hard, her tears flowing steadily and her legs kicking wildly Andrea lined up the spank spot, that tender area where thighs and bottom joined, right where Kimberley sat and let fly with the brush. “Aaaaaahhhhhhooooooooo! Ooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!” Kimberley howled as her sit spot caught fire.
“Nooooooooo! Noooooooo! Aunteeeeeeeeeeee Andreaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Not there!” she wailed.

“Yes there!” Andrea replied firmly, visiting more fire on the previously unspanked flesh. “You deserve this young lady and you know it!”

“It…it hurrrrrrrrrrttttttttttsssssssssssss!” Kimberley bawled, and to her shame felt that her nose was running.

“It is meant to hurt silly girl, it is a spanking!”

“OW! OW! OW! OW!” Kimberley squealed and tried to levitate off Andrea’s lap, the older lady held her firmly in position.

Andrea lectured and scolded, emphasizing each word with a scalding spank “Are,” SPANK, “you,” SPANK, “going,” SPANK, “to,” SPANK, “disobey,” SPANK, “Aunty,” SPANK, “Andrea,” SPANK,
“again?” SPANK

“No, Aunty Andrea.” Kimberley blubbered.

“Good, now we’ll just reinforce that.” Andrea told Kimberley and administered a stinging volley of scorching spanks all over Kimberley’s lobster red bottom.
Kimberley lay sobbing over her employer’s knee, as Andrea set the brush aside.
Andrea handed some tissues down to Kimberley.
“Kimmy, honey,” she said gently, “use these to wipe your eyes and clean your nose up.”

“I’m sorry, Aunty Andrea.”

Andrea smiled “It’s okay darling, we all lose it a little during a sound spanking.”

“S’not jus’ that,” Kimberley said her voice muffled by the tissues, “’M sorry f’r what I did.”

“I know you are darling, I know you are.” Andrea reassured the teenager.   

“I won’t do it again.”

“You had better not,” Andrea warned, “or there will be a spanking AND a firing.”

“Do you forgive me, Aunty Andrea?” Kimberley whispered, not wanting to hear that Andrea did not.

“Of course I do, sweetheart,” Andrea said lovingly, lifting Kimberley up and into her lap, “you did the wrong thing, but you’ve been punished and I don’t think you’ll do it again my darling little girl. Will you?”

“No, Aunty Andrea.” Kimberley promised vehemently.

“Good girl.” Andrea said, kissing Kimberley’s tear stained cheek gently,  helping her off her lap and onto her feet, as she stood. “Now let’s get that red little sit upon into a corner.” 
Kimberley walked slowly, but with her back straight and proud, to the corner. She shook her head and did her best to arrange her sweat and tear soaked hair into some sort of order with her fingers, then pressed her nose to the wall, placed her hands on her head and stood in the corner with her scalding, stinging, throbbing bottom to focus her mind on behaving. Andrea settled herself onto the couch and sat there, admiring Kimberley’s red bottom, and thinking that she admired the girl’s pride and courage. It was a full fifteen minutes before Andrea spoke “Kimberley?”

“Yes, Aunty Andrea.”

“You may leave the corner now.”

“Thankyou, Aunty Andrea.”
Kimberley turned and faced Andrea. Andrea cocked her head to one side, shook out her long, wavy chestnut tresses, and smiled at the girl. She held out her arms “Come to Aunty Andrea, darling.”
With a choked sob Kimberley flew into Andrea’s arms. There was a flurry of movement as Andrea nestled the girl into her lap and cuddled her warm, trembling body. “Sssshhhh,” she whispered, “it’s all over now, sweetheart. Sssshhhhh…. Aunty Andrea forgives you.”
Andrea smiled at the girl “How are you darling?”

“Wonderful, thankyou Aunty Andrea. Thankyou very very much.”

“It was my pleasure, Kimmy. Now go and have a shower and get back into your clothes. Bring some tea out too, please. I think we could both use some.”

Kimberley brought out tea and they took it together, discussing what Kimberley had done, how she felt about her spanking and Andrea’s plans to allow her to develop gradually as a fully fledged Spank Shop spanker. For the first time since that Friday afternoon two weeks ago Kimberley left her place of employment with a light heart and a clear conscience, albeit with a very sore bottom.


  1. Oh Kimmy, I know that was dreadfully hard for you to post, but it shall do you good in the long run, dear. Isn't it wonderful to have a clear conscience, even at the price of a very sore tail?


    Aunt Carla Marie

  2. OMG, girl, you must be daft! (as you say in the UK) Here I thought I was living on the edge by tossing barbs at that client when she was doing corner time. You went "whole hog" and tried to put one over on Aunty Andrea...

    Wow. Well, we both got what we deserved, didn't we? I'm sooooo glad I'm not the only one who had to write a "tell all" letter on her auntie's website! Although you didn't actually write it, did you: it was done by that Seegee fellow, right? Hmm...I'm trying to decide which is worse, telling your own story or having it told for you!

    Let's get together soon; I KNOW we have lots of "war stories" to share with each other. ;)


    Amelia Belle

  3. Aunt Carla, my spanking really hurt, but I did feel so much better. I was so dreadfully guilty before and I thought I was going to be discovered every time Aunty Andrea called me in to speak to her. It was almost a relief when she did discover my deception. I know my backside didn't feel like it at the time, but I needed and deserved that spanking, ma'am.

    Amelia, I didn't mind Seegee telling the story, he's a very nice man and has a way with words. He's also very good friends with Aunty Andrea and she wouldn't let someone she didn't trust tell the story.
    I'd love to have a chat over coffee, we just have to hope our Aunties can arrange it.

    Kimberley Susan.

  4. They probably will, Amelia, but you know how older people are, they take longer to do things.
    Kimberley Susan (grumpy that she had to come into work on a Saturday morning!)