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'Spanking Miss Sylvie' by Aunt Carla

I was most flattered when Carla told me that she had started her own
business after reading about my Spank Shop. I present to you an
account of how Aunt Carla deals with a naughty young lady in need of
therapeutic correction.

“Spanking Miss Sylvie”

By Aunt Carla

(Author’s note: This story is an homage to the wonderful “Spank Shop” series by Seegee. Thanks for the inspiration, my friend! It’s dedicated to a dear friend who knows who she is!)

Hello! My name is Carla, and I deal in the relief of guilt and the making of amends.  That is, I’m a professional disciplinarian for adults. I’m not a dominatrix, but a mentor and provider of traditional discipline. I retired from a fulfilling teaching career four years ago, and for the last three years my new line of work has kept me quite busy. I call my enterprise Aunt Carla's Disciplinary Studio for Adults;
my clients, Amelia and I often refer to it simply as The Studio.

Many adults carry an unnecessary load of guilt around for years, and it has a detrimental effect on them both emotionally and physically. I often thought that if these people only had someone who cared enough about them to give them an occasional good, hard bare-bottom spanking and some time in the corner, their burdens of guilt would disappear. I provided such services free of charge for a couple of friends who had been looking for someone to discipline them for years. They told their friends, who in turn told their friends, and now I have all the business I can handle! I work out of my suburban home, with my 22-year-old niece Amelia serving as receptionist and bookkeeper. She started with me part-time while still in school; she is now a college graduate with a degree in Communications.

My house has a floor plan that works quite well for this sort of enterprise. When you first enter, you’ll see a sitting room on your left that has been converted into a reception area. To the right is a kitchenette with a small refrigerator, stove, and microwave. Behind a door directly in front of you is a morning room (sometimes called a sun room, because three three of the four walls--and the ceiling--are covered in windows), where I meet with clients and dole out their spankings. Clients are often surprised and a little unnerved by the openness of the room, but it is quite intentional, as you shall see.

Most of the time, the lovely Amelia is seated behind the desk in the reception area. Occasionally you may see a client standing in one of the corners, looking very much like a naughty child. These are my tougher cases, those who require more than just a spanked bottom. They must also display their red, freshly-spanked behinds in the reception area for a prescribed period. As you can imagine, it is a most humbling exercise--especially for people in their 30’s and 40’s--to stand in the corner with their bare bottoms exposed just a few feet away from a pretty 22-year-old girl! Their embarrassment is magnified considerably should one of their friends or neighbors enter the house, but then that individual’s need for discipline is out in the open as well, isn't it! I have found it works well to handle these matters in a forthright, matter-of-fact way. “Yes, you get to display your naughty bare bottom in Reception today, because you fought Aunt Carla and tried to weasel out of your proper punishment.” That sort of thing. One might think that adults, so treated, would run for the door and never return! Counterintuitively, perhaps,  they are typically the ones who become my regular clients.

Sylvie was one of my tough cases. She was a lovely woman in her early 30’s who was referred to me by a friend. She was a 5’5’’ brunette with a bottom ideal for spanking! (we disciplinarians can hardly be faulted for enjoying the aesthetic rewards of our jobs! :) She was both brilliant and beautiful, but also quite shy and humble. I remember our first meeting quite clearly.

When the doorbell rang, Amelia and I were in the kitchenette enjoying our morning coffee.

“Amelia, will you please get that, dear?” I asked.

“Of course, Aunt Carla,” she replied. 

I went back inside the sun room and closed the door. I have an intercom system connecting the two rooms, so I am able to listen to what's going on in Reception when I need to.

“Hello, my name is Sylvie, I have an appointment?”

“Yes, Sylvie, please come in,” Amelia said warmly. “Please, have a seat. Would you like a cup of coffee?”

“Oh yes, that would be wonderful.”

“Cream and sugar?”

“One of each, please.”

Amelia prepared the coffee and brought it to the woman seated in the chair opposite the reception desk.

“Warm today, isn’t it?” Amelia sat down behind the desk.

“Oh, yes, I suppose it is.”

The girl had a nervous, faraway look in her eyes. Amelia had seen it many times before. Adults coming for old-fashioned discipline for the first time are often nervous and fidgety. It probably doesn’t help that for many of them, the first person they encounter is a lovely young lady quite a bit younger than they.

Amelia came around the desk with a small sheath of papers on a clipboard.

“These are for you to read and sign,” she explained. They are a list of things I do, things I do not do, and a waiver to protect me from potential legal action. When I started the business, my attorney insisted on the waiver, because of the unscrupulous few who see it as an “easy mark.” Without such protection, my enterprise was, in her words, “a lawsuit waiting to happen.” I learned long ago to defer to the expert in legal matters.

After the young woman had read and signed the paperwork, Amelia buzzed me in the sun room.

“Aunt Carla, your nine o’clock is here,” she said.

“Thank you, Amelia; please send her in,” I replied.

A moment later, Amelia held open my door, and a beautiful young woman with long brunette hair entered my inner sanctum. I was struck by her beauty and her alert, intelligent-looking eyes. I came around my desk and greeted her warmly.

“You must be Sylvie,” I said, smiling and taking one of her hands in both of mine. “I’m Aunt Carla. Won’t you have a seat?”

“Thank you,” she said, sitting on the settee. I pulled up a chair and was about to sit down opposite the young woman when I noticed her coffee mug was almost empty.

“Would you like another cup?” I asked, gesturing toward the mug in her hand.

“Oh, well, sure, if that’s okay,” she said, clearly nervous.

“Of course it is, dear. “ I stood and took her mug. “I have my own little miniature coffee maker here beside the desk, a gift from one of my regular clients.”

I poured the coffee, asking about her cream-and-sugar preference. “When one thinks of all the really useless gifts people give one another for the holidays, it’s a delight to receive something really useful over the long term!”

Sylvie smiled and I handed her the steaming mug, getting comfortable in my chair. “So, dear. Please tell me what brings you here today.”

Sylvie’s face colored delightfully. I do so appreciate an honest blush!

“Well, I, uh...It’s just...oh dear, I’m not sure what to say.”

I leaned in with a smile and spoke almost conspiratorially, hoping to put the girl at ease. “Trust me, after several years disciplining adults, it takes a good deal to shock me!”

She giggled a bit at that, and seemed to relax. “Well. All my life,” she said, “I’ve been fascinated spankings, and strict punishments...”

“Yes, dear?” I encouraged her.

“But, well, my parents didn’t believe in spanking. Or really, punishment of any sort, to be quite honest.”

I raised my eyebrows. It is my opinion that a good deal of society’s ills can be traced back to the abandonment of traditional discipline for children, but I kept that opinion to myself.


She bit her lip, a very cute mannerism that I would soon come to realize she engaged whenever she didn’t want to fully reveal what was on her mind.

“Well, I kind of feel like...I needed it. Or...or like I need it now.” She looked down and her face colored again.

“Oh goodness, there’s no need to be ashamed about that! Clearly, it’s not unusual for adults to crave discipline; otherwise I’d be out of business now, wouldn’t I?”

Sylvie giggled again (a delightfully girlish sound) and her face brightened. “Yes. Yes, I suppose you would!”

“Indeed! So, is there any particular sort of behavior you’d like to address in our sessions?” I asked.

“Well, I’m quite terrible about procrastination. And sometimes I get online and just get lost, and hours disappear, hours when I should be taking care of my responsibilities.”

Now that she had gotten started, she sounded much more certain of herself.

“And I really want to exercise regularly, but it’s really hard to stick to a routine. Also, I have a tendency to...” (here she bit her lip again)...”hide things...things I’ve done that I’m ashamed of,” she finished in a quiet voice.

“Goodness, that is quite the laundry list, Miss Sylvie!” I said.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Let me tell you how I work, and you can decide if it’s something you’d like to pursue. I will always ask you for an honest assessment of how you’ve been doing since our last meeting. Once I feel fairly certain you’re being honest and thorough, I will pronounce sentence, and that sentence is non-negotiable.”

I saw the girl’s mouth fall open a little; it was so cute I had to force myself not to smile, but continue with gravitas.

“Then you will go into that little room over there...” (I gestured toward the large walk-in closet that had been converted into a changing room)...”and change into punishment attire.”

“P-Punishment attire?” she asked, a bit awestruck.

“Yes, dear. I have women wear a camisole and panties, with a thong underneath, to preserve their modesty when their panties come down.”

Sylvie looked positively shell-shocked; while I’ve seen it many times, it never loses its appeal!

“You mean you spank...b-bare...” she couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Bare bottom? Always. For Aunt Carla, a spanking isn’t a spanking if it’s not on bare skin.”

She visibly gulped.

“Then you would go over my lap and I would pull down your pretty panties,” (She blushed and smiled at this), “and give you a good, long, thorough hand spanking. After you’ve been sufficiently warmed, I’ll move on to an implement of my choosing: the hairbrush, paddle, or wooden spoon. Once your spanking is over, you’ll stand in the corner here for awhile with your bare backside on display.”

“Wow! Miss, may I ask you something?”

“Of course, dear.”

“I was wondering...this room, it’s all windows, you know?”


“Well, doesn’t that mean anyone can look in and see me getting spanked?”

I took a sip of my coffee. “What of it? When people come to me, they are looking to purge their secret sins; well, I believe that sunlight is a wonderful disinfectant. Part of being willing to accept responsibility for your actions means risking that someone may indeed see you getting your cute little bare behind tanned. However...come with me, dear.”

I stood up and led her to each window in turn, and let her look out.

“As you can see, there are woods on every side of this room. Your witnesses, should there be any, are most likely to be squirrels, birds and deer.”

Sylvie giggled at the thought. “Wow! I never thought...Wow!”

I laughed heartily. “Never thought what, sweet girl?”

“Uh, lots of things! Never thought it would be on the bare, or in front of windows, or...”

“I quite understand if it’s too much. It’s not for everyone, but those who choose to go through with it do seem to suffer a lot less from guilt complexes and the like,” I assured her. “Of course, in the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you one other detail that may very well scare you away, but is nonetheless the way I do things.”

She visibly gulped again, and nodded, looking most inquisitive.

“My naughtiest clients, those who whine about their punishments, try to negotiate their way out of a sore bottom, or try to keep me in the dark about things they should share openly, sometimes find themselves serving their corner time in the reception area, in full view of Amelia and other clients.”

“Really?” she asked. It was an awestruck whisper.

“Yes indeed. And corner time is always served bare-bottom, whether it is in here or out there.”

I saw her inwardly wrestling with herself. I knew she wanted it -- actually needed it. I waited to see what decision the inner struggle would produce.

“I-I’ll do it,” she whispered.

“What’s that? Speak up, child; my skills do not include lipreading!”

Sylvie blushed deeply, but held her head up. 

“I’ll do it!” she said in a confident voice.

“Excellent decision, dear.”

[End Part One]

Copyright 2011 Aunt Carla
All Rights Reserved

If anyone would like to read the rest of the story I direct you to Carla's blog: This blog contains not only this story and others, but also the musings of Carla herself. You could also download Carla's collection of stories: Carla in the Corner at This debut collection of Carla Marie's has a number of wonderful spanking themed stories that is sure to delight any afficionado of the genre.


  1. Oh, aren't you a dear to say such kind things about me on your blog, Andrea! And to receive a positive notice on my book from none other than the famous "Aunty Andrea" -- one cannot pay for such excellent publicity! Thank you, darling, and keep up the excellent work on your blog.


    Carla Marie

  2. My pleasure, darling. It is well deserved.