Saturday, 19 March 2011


I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone out there. I'm Andrea Mahoney proprietress of The Spank Shop, located here in Clarkstown. Although I'm in my late 30's I'm an old fashioned woman who had never heard of a web blog, I am reliably informed that they are more commonly called blogs, until recently when my receptionist; Kimberley, started wittering on about them. She can be a persuasive young woman, before I knew what was happening she had signed me up and started the ball rolling.

I am Andrea or Andie to friends, and Aunty Andrea to many of my clients. I hope to share with you more about my business and my interests over time. I have a friend, who is a remarkably good chronicler, he's a shy man who prefers to be known as Seegee. His version of events at my shop will appear here regularly.



  1. Hello, Aunty Andrea, and congratulations on your new blog! It looks great, and of course your stories are second to none. (Hmm...perhaps I should amend that so as to protect my bottom from Aunt Carla's hairbrush? Nahhh, she thinks your stories are the tops, too!)

    When am I going to meet this Kimberly I keep hearing about? I do hope all four of us can get together for tea soon (even though I know Kim and I shall be the de facto servants). ;)


    Amelia Belle

  2. Hi Amelia,
    It's Kimberley. Aunty hoped to arrange an afternoon tea sometime soon. Expect my call. I think it will be marvelous to meet you both, and yes while we will have to serve Miss Andra and Aunt Carla, it is something that we should look upon as a privilege, not a chore.
    Kimberley Susan.