Monday, 18 April 2011

Aunts and Nieces

I always like to see a good aunty niece spanking. This sequence from Punished Brats typifies what I mean. I think maybe these do something for me because so many of my clients call me Aunty and I have an Aunty relationship with young Kimberley.

This is a lovely sequence with a young Aunty spanking her sassy niece. If it were one of my 'nieces' that bottom would have been bare right from the start.


  1. When I spank my niece Amelia, we always start on the panties, but always conclude on the bare bottom. She never fails to beg me not to take them down, and I never fail to ignore her.


  2. If memory serves me correctly Aunty Andrea, the only way to address you, is by using Aunty as the honorific. Anything else gets you a extra attached to the end of your spanking.
    Being bratty also ensures you regret it afterwards.

    Mario, the good boy

  3. Not totally correct, Mario. I do prefer Aunty, but I will also accept ma'am or Miss.
    Carla, my opinion is that panties were made to be taken down.

  4. Ma'am,

    I agree but I do love a long hard panty spanking and the lovely Pixie is as good a receiving one as she is handing one out.

    Love the panty spanking and post,


  5. Pixie is very cute. I may have to look for some of her on the receiving end in the future.

  6. My aunt gave my sister a spanking with a hairbrush when she was 11 years old.