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Charlotte Church Hits The High Note - Bared Affair

Aunty Andrea has come down with a cold, so asked me to provide a blog post today. While checking her email I noticed that our friend Edb had also written a Bared Affair article about Welsh songbird Charlotte Church. So here it is with a couple of pictures I felt were appropriate.
Kimberley Susan.

I believe Charlotte was once voted Britain's sexiest denimed bottom, this picture shows why. I'd like to have her out of those jeans and over my lap!

With such a cheeky and inviting smile, you can't help, but want to spank her.

Charlotte Church Hits the High Note

The mother of a Welsh teenage singing prodigy has an interesting method of helping her daughter reach her potential.

By Sophie Taylor

CARDIFF (Wales), U.K. – Against the wishes of the somewhat spoilt starlet, Charlotte Church's mother arranged for her to sing in a Christmas charity concert in aid of The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children in Wales' largest city earlier this month. This resulted in her having to turn down a lucrative offer for a concert at the Wembley arena, one that would have increased the size of her bank account considerably, something that Miss Church had been reportedly been becoming extremely interested in recently.

Discovered at the age of eleven, Charlotte has enjoyed a meteoric rise as a child prodigy, singing classical music like a seasoned professional, and at the current age of eighteen she already has four best-selling albums to her name and is a millionaires many times over. When she recently gained full access to her considerable earnings her head turned – she started to play the wild child, dating unsuitable boyfriends and going on drinking binges. Her mother was understandably upset by the lurid headlines in the newspapers cataloguing the list of her daughter's escapades.

Now, dressed in a Santa Claus outfit, red jacket, short red skirt, and knee length red suede boots, the after effects of yet another drinking session obvious, the teenaged prodigy marched out of her dressing room, saying she wanted to "get this stupid concert over with as fast as possible."

Having been charged with the task of interviewing the young starlet for a local newspaper, this reporter was met with an angry barrage of incredible rudeness and arrogance liberally sprinkled with four letter words. Unfortunately for Charlotte, her mother was just rounding the corner on her way to find her, and she had heard every word of the exchange.

"Charlotte Church! Apologise this instant," Maria Church ordered her child. "That's no way to talk."

"Awww Mum, she's hassling me," the girl whined.

"Charlotte, I will not tell you again. Apologise this instant!" commanded Mrs. Church. Charlotte was so worked up she failed to detect the hint of steel in her mother's tone.

"No, I will not. All these reporters are the same, poking their noses into my private life. And now she wants to interview me just before I go on stage for this stupid concert. I ask you!"

"Right, that does it," replied Mrs. Church, taking hold of her girl's ear.

"Owwww, Mum! What are you doing?" squealed Charlotte, twisting in a painful and unsuccessful effort to release herself from her mother's firm grip.

As Mrs. Church hauled her struggling daughter down the hall she apologized repeatedly for the girl's behaviour and language, and invited me to watch the girl's restitution. She marched her to the dressing room, scolding the teenaged singing star the entire way. Once in the room she shut the door and said in a no-nonsense tone, "This is long overdue young lady, but better late than never!"

A Position Naughty Daughters Know Well

To Charlotte's mortification she was pulled over her mother's waiting lap, a position all daughters know is used for only one purpose.

"Nooooo, Mum," the eighteen-year-old whined. "I'm too old for this!" She continued to struggle in place as her short, scarlet skirt was lifted, revealing a chubby bottom covered in a matching pair of red cotton panties. Blushing at the exposure of her undies, she soon started to sing a different tune as Mrs. Church set about delivering the spanking the girl so richly deserved.

Charlotte continued to whine and struggle over her mother's knee, interjected such ineffectual phrases as "You can't do this to me!" Apparently Mrs. Church concluded that sterner measures were necessary. She took hold of the waistband of the red panties and whisked them down to the hollows of her knees, leaving the scrap of crimson material hanging around the tops of her red suede boots.

"Mum, you can't! Not my panties – I'm a grown woman!" young Miss Church wailed.

"Nonsense darling, you've been behaving like a naughty little girl, and the bare bottom is the place nature intended little girls to be spanked on."

At her request, a wooden hairbrush was obligingly handed to the angry mother. Charlotte hung limply over her mother's knee, panties at half mast, her reddening, bare bottom quivering in nervous anticipation as she waited for the spanking to continue. There was little sympathy for the girl. Any grown young lady still living at home is no stranger to taking trips over the maternal lap, skirt up, panties down, being soundly spanked for some infraction or other. The way Charlotte had behaved she deserved all she was getting. Mrs. Church raised the brush and smacked her daughter's left cheek.

"OWWW!" Charlotte howled as the wood cracked across her bottom.

The brush rose and fell, covering every inch of the teenager's hot, red bottom, the girl kicked her legs up and down, panties fluttering around her knees as she wailed in consternation at the blazing inferno that her mother was lighting in her derriere. Tears streaming down her face, Charlotte slumped motionless over her mother's knee, all her resistance gone. The very picture of a well spanked girl, she moaned, over and over again. "I'm sorry Mum, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

Mrs. Church could indeed see that her daughter was sorry, and putting the brush down, she waited, giving time for Charlotte to catch her breath and compose herself. It was not every day that an internationally famous singing star found herself taken across her mother's knee and soundly, thoroughly spanked. Mrs. Church later said that she was sure the experience had been highly embarrassing for her daughter. As her sobbing daughter quietened down, the becalmed older woman rested her hand gently on the bright, red bottom.

"Charlotte, I am sorry I had to spank you, and I can assure you I got no pleasure having to take you across my knee, but your behaviour left me with no alternative."

Charlotte turned her tear stained face up towards her mother. "I know," she whispered. "I'm sorry for my rudeness, Mum, but I promise I'll try to behave myself better in the future."

"Good girl, I know you'll try. But rest assured I won't hesitate to turn you over my knee again if your behaviour warrants it. Now up you get, and pull your panties back up, you've got a concert to perform," Mrs. Church concluded, helping her red faced daughter to her feet.

Young Miss Church carefully rubbed her inflamed derriere before carefully pulling up her panties, now matching the colour of her bottom. With her mother looking on in approval, your correspondent received the apology that she had earned for the earlier unpleasantness. Charlotte also promised to give a proper interview following the concert.

Sporting a hot, red bottom, Charlotte Church gave the Cardiff audience the performance of a lifetime, as one they rose to give her a standing ovation at the end of the concert. The following day, an article appeared in the Cardiff Echo, under the headline "Red Bottomed Charlotte Church Hits the High Note."

Charlotte Church wowed the audience last night at a charity concert in Cardiff, and admitted it was all down to her mother spanking her with her own hairbrush!

She was quoted as saying: "I won't go into the reasons why, but ten minutes before I was due to go on stage my Mum turned me over her knee, pulled down my panties and spanked my bare bottom with my hairbrush. I can tell you, a hairbrush can really get a girl's attention when it's blistering her backside. Boy, did it sting! But you know, the funny thing is I now realise my mother was right. Even though it was embarrassing to be put over Mum's knee at my age, I know I deserved to be spanked. On stage I felt free, young again, something I haven't felt in months. I'm sure it had a lot to do with Mum and that bloody hairbrush! Ooops, you'd better not print that, or I'll have another appointment over her knee!"

As the residents of Cardiff read the article, many of them imagined Charlotte at that moment, face down over her mother's knee, feeling the hairbrush beating a staccato on her derriere for her use of the mild swear word "bloody," for the second time within twenty four hours hitting the high notes!

SOPHIE TAYLOR is a freelance writer and is the head of Bared Affair's Welsh Bureau, ably assisted in her research by the author EDB.

Originally Published in Bared Affair Issue 2.10 - December 2004 


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