Thursday, 21 April 2011

Comic Spanking

When I was growing up I would read the comic strips and one thing that always struck me as odd was Dennis the Menace. Why Dennis' parents never spanked him I could not fathom. If he'd grown up in my house he would have eaten most of his meals standing up. He was far from the only character in the world of cartoons and comic books that I felt could have benefited from a journey over the parental lap. I present a few images of some of the characters I'd most like to see spanked.

This is the afore mentioned Dennis getting a long overdue spanking from his long suffering father. This seems to be a very popular image. I believe it was originally presented in Mad Magazine and the full drawing has Mrs Mitchell standing by, hands on hips, looking on approvingly, saying: 'Enough is enough!'. The image was captioned: If Dennis the Menace had parents with normal patience.

This one comes from Deviant Art. I would have preferred to see Calvin's Mum administering the spanking, but could not locate any image with that. In some ways it does fit with the rather combative nature of the boy and his tiger. In many ways Hobbes is more mature than Calvin, so he is the logical member of the duo to administer discipline.

Who didn't want to see the haughty Veronica Lodge from Archie get her just desserts? I believe this appeared in an actual strip, obviously many years ago. I find it incongruous that Veronica was spanked by her doting Dad. He was far too generous and lenient to his daughter to ever do this personally. Girls like Veronica would have been sent to the Spank Shop. I'd love to find a picture where Veronica's rival for Archie's affections; Betty Cooper, administer the spanking.

This is another Deviant Art image. I love the manga style, which really suits the characters. In the world of Kim Possible, Bonnie would be the one getting the spanking, not teenage super hero Kim. I do love Mrs Possible, though and I imagine she'd be every bit as good at tanning her daughter's bottom as she is at everything else she does.

So about you? Who from this world would you like to see over the lap getting what they so richly deserve?


  1. Thanks for posting, I love the Dennis cartoon. xoxo

  2. I love the Veronica and Betty one, they both need to be spanked and both are very sexy!


  3. You're very right, Ron. I was surprised that being written during spankings golden age of the 40's and 50's that Archie didn't feature more spankings.