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Debbie Downunder: Model Sisters

Hello! Hello! Or g'day as we like to say down here. Your intrepid Aussie reporter Debbie Downunder here. Let me say that I am absolutely delighted that Miss Andrea and Kimberley have given me the opportunity to present some of the work that I did for Bared Affair here at the Spank Shop. They tell me that the job may extend beyond reposting my old stuff, and I'm really pleased about that. Anyway enough of my rabbiting on. Put the kettle on, get yourself a cuppa and enjoy the story of how I met Australian supermodel Elle MacPherson.
Debbie XXX

Supermodel Elle MacPherson.

Elle's attractive wild child younger sister: Mimi.

Elle MacPherson reveals how she keeps the peace at family gatherings

December found me in Aspen, Denver, preparing to spend my first ever white Christmas. Being on a tight budget I could not actually do things quite the same way the rich and famous do in this winter playground, and I was staying at a cut price backpacker hostel. So it was entirely by accident that I quite literally bumped into Elle MacPherson.

The world famous supermodel, who has been seen in ad campaigns for all number of cosmetics (not to mention movie appearances in "Sirens" and "Batman & Robin"), was on holiday in this posh resort town in the American Rockies, where she has vacationed since she was a teenager. She had her hands full with bags of shopping when I tripped and stumbled into her. We both fell in an undignified sprawl onto the footpath, and I was helping her pick up her groceries when I looked at exactly who I had knocked over. "Oh my God!" I exclaimed. "I'm so sorry, Ms MacPherson."

"The Body," as she is known in some admiring circles, looked down at me. The 40ish native of Sydney towered over me once she had regained her footing. "That's an Australian accent," she pronounced in her throaty voice.

I explained that she was right, I was a fellow Aussie. Once she had heard that I intended to spend the month in the hostel she immediately took me under her wing and invited me to spend the holiday with her family in their exclusive chateau. How could I pass up an opportunity to spend a Christmas in Denver with one of world's most popular and successful models?

I was helping my host prepare a meal in the kitchen when she opened up to me about the problems with her younger sister. "I hope Mimi is better than last year," she said wistfully. "She was a total horror last year. Honestly I think my kids behave better than my sister does, and she's a grown woman."

Ms MacPherson had me intrigued now. "What did she do?"

"I'm sure you don't want to hear about my family troubles," she said, trying to dismiss the issue. Actually I did want to hear about them, because I could smell a juicy story. Not that I admitted that fact at the time!

"Well, just remember you asked," the supermodel warned me with a flick of her perfect hair. "Mimi, as I am sure you know, has a reputation as somewhat of a wild child," she began. It is pretty much common knowledge in Australia that Mimi MacPherson is a total party girl, and she was the subject of a Paris Hilton-style amateur sex video some years ago.

"You would have thought that the video incident would have cured her of that," Ms MacPherson continued, "but no, not my little sister. She turned up last year with her current boyfriend, some sleaze she picked up somewhere. He was OK really, he felt out of place and I don't blame him. Mimi kept encouraging him to join her in displays of public affection that I didn't approve of at all. I'm not a prude and it really didn't bother me, they're adults, but Mum and Dad were shocked and although my kids are little I don't think they need to see their Aunt Mimi playing tonsil hockey with some guy they don't know."

A Sisterly Fight Reaches Its Climax

I could not suppress a laugh at the "tonsil hockey" comment. It showed that you could take the girl out of Australia, but not the Australia out of the girl.

"I tried to do what I could, but it was hard to get Mimi alone. Eventually I cornered her in the den and read her the riot act," the supermodel recalled.

And her response? "Typical Mimi. 'You're not Mum, Elle. You can't tell me what to do.' I was livid. I grabbed her by the arm and shouted 'No, I am not Mum, but this is my house and I can most certainly tell you what to do.' Before she could do anything I sat down and pulled her over my knee. She was car rying on, but I'm bigger and stronger than she is and held her down without any problem."

Looking Elle MacPherson up and down, one would shudder to contemplate resisting her. She's tall and toned, she does 500 sit-ups a day. I could not see many girls putting up much of a fight against her.

"I dragged her jeans down and her panties off and over her protests told her that she had this coming for a long time. And then I began to spank her. I smacked her bottom for a good while. My hand was numb and her bottom would have glowed in the dark by the time I was done. She had stopped screaming and was just blubbering as she hung limply over my knee. She locked herself in her room for the rest of the night, but her boyfriend left the following day and she apologized to Mum and Dad. We had a really nice Christmas dinner, although Mimi didn't sit down to eat hers."

"Wow!" was all I could say.

Ms MacPherson nodded. "So I just hope Mimi behaves this year, but don't think I won't turn you over my knee, young lady, if you act up," she added with a grin.

Blushing, I looked at that fit, tall body and resolved to be on my best behaviour for the rest of the holiday.

Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 2.10


  1. Well, far be it for me to go looking for a spanking Debbie, but as Aunty Andrea and Kimberley will tell you I am both naughty and under the "care" of a few Aunties as well as my mom. But any time I am in OZ I must look you up. Hang on that is a bit too close to the Spank Shop and I still have a thing about getting within brush reach of Aunty Andrea, one tends to lose the ability to sit down comfortably for about a week

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  2. Debbie can be rather a hard girl to catch up with, Mario. She's quite the social butterfly, our Debbie. I will pass your message onto her, darling.

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  4. Oh yes, Ron, I can imagine. Every time I read or hear this story of young Debbie's my pulse races.