Monday, 4 April 2011

Fine Art

Much as I enjoy spanking a lovely bottom over my lap or seeing someone else doing it, I also appreciate good spanking art. I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you work by some of my favourite spanking artists.

Banjo is a friend of the Spank Shop, he does the most marvelous pictures through a computer program called Poser, he specialises in helpless young men being soundly spanked by strong women. He's also done some lovely portraits of myself and Kimmy.

More of Banjo's work can be located at his Yahoo group: Banjo's Bare Bottom Spankings.

Then there is Paula Meadows, in her hey day Paula's work graced the pages of legendary CP magazine Janus, I don't believe she is active anymore in the spanking artwork scene, but we have many memories of her best work preserved for all time.

Another great favourite of mine is the French artist JPC, I was first introduced to JPC and his lovely elegant black and white artwork of ladies spanking other ladies in the pages of the much missed Bared Affair, where JPC drew the delightful Naughty Angel comic strip.

The best place to see JPC's marvelous work is at the site: It has not been updated since 2006, sadly, but there is still quite a body of work between 1997 and 2006 to be enjoyed there.

Dave Ell is a newer artist on the scene and I only became aware of him due to Kimberley finding his work on the Woodettes site. He's also done other similarly themed work and I love his cartoony style and the girls boarding school type themes he works in.

Aside from the Woodette's site, Dave has his own webpage:

Another wonderful artist that came to me via the pages of Bared Affair was College Boy, as the name suggests College Boy mostly works in the M/M theatre, but he has done some F/M, F/F & F/M work. I loved his unique spin on successful comic strip For Better Or Worse that ran for a while in Bared Affair. His work can be found various places, but he doesn't seem to have his own site.

Funbun is another newer artist who specialises in lovely renditions of F/F discipline, mostly mothers, aunts or sisters spanking their daughters, nieces and siblings.

I particularly liked the above drawing as it was very reminiscent of a naughty young miss receiving a bedtime spanking much like the ones my mother administered to my sister and I growing up. These days his work can apparently be found at:

I would be remiss indeed if I did not include any work by the great George Jackson Churchward. Unfortunately the legendary Mr Churchward, known as GJC by his legions of fans left this world in 2000, but his legacy of art lives on. There is no specific site for his work, but if you type the name into google you will be rewarded with a link to an image like the one below.

This is one of my all time favourites and I'm not sure if it is because it again stirs childhood memories of being over Mummy's lap, having my bottom soundly spanked while her friends or my aunts took tea and chatted with my wails as background 'music'.

 And last, but certainly not least any list of this type would not be complete without the mysterious and undeniably talented Sassy Bottoms.

Now I've shown you mine how about you tell me yours? Who are your favourite spanking artists or artwork? Are they here or is there someone I've missed?


  1. Offhand, other spanking artists whose work I've enjoyed are Barbara O'Toole (F/F & F/M), Jay Em (F/F, F/M & M/F) and Underling (F/M)... --C.K.

  2. Thankyou, CK. I possibly should have included Barbara in this collection, maybe another time. I haven't heard of Underling before, do you happen to have a link?


    "Underling's Humblings" is the blog's name, it's rather fanciful but is purely F/M in orientation... --C.K.

  4. Aunty Andrea,

    Amazing is it me or is there something wonderfully erotic about spanking art and comics and drawings. Love the Sammy one, that is so cute and true!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. No, Ron, there is something very erotic about the drawings. Dave's work has a lot of wit about it and it adds to the pictures I feel.

  6. College Boy and Funbun (with two very different styles) are two of my artistic faves. They not only share my devotion to the traditional spanking ritual (pants-down and primarily over-the-knee), but the warming of the naughty bottom is the uncontested focus of attention.

    My favourite artist of them all, though, is Sassy Bottoms. I used to call her the 'Norma Rockwell' of spanking illustration. We corresponded for almost five years in the early 90s, trading artwork (photos from me) and personal experiences. I kept wishing we'd grown up together 'cause we sure would've had some fun times. ;-)

  7. Thanks for your comments and interest, rennie. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog. I agree that Funbun and collegeboy are both enjoyable artists. Sassy Bottoms was and remains one of the greats of the field. Your post reminds me that I really should post some more art work soon. Maybe some of the artists CK suggested.