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Hear My Name - Bared Affair

In Kimberley's absence I am pleased to present the second of our reposted Bared Affair articles, by Seegee. This one has always been a particular favourite of mine as it combines two things I enjoy: music and spanking.

We take a peek at the making of a spanking good music video clip

No doubt many readers have heard or at least seen the video clip for European dance music artist Armand Van Helden's current release "Hear My Name." For those of you that have not, the basic premise centres around two tall, statuesque, raven haired beauties taking high tea and doling out spankings to an ever increasing line of eager visitors to their gothic mansion. 

Intrigued by the subject of the clip itself, which seems to have almost no relation to the songs lyrics, curious as to how it was filmed and the mindset of the actresses, Bared Affair tracked down four of the participants and had a chat about the sensational and unusual piece of musical cinema.

The ladies administering the spankings are English sisters: Victoria Dixon-Thompson, 25, and her younger sister Elizabeth Dixon-Thompson, 23. Asked how they got involved in the clip, the girls answered that they were both models and their agent recommended them when he heard what they were looking for. "I didn't actually start out as a model," Victoria said. "I was working as a governess when Beth finished uni and she began modelling."

"If Vicky and I weren't similar," Elizabeth picked up the thread, "she'd never have gotten into modelling. I was doing a shoot and they wanted someone like me to model opposite me so I immediately suggested Vicky. She applied for it, landed the job and the rest is history."

Asked what their reaction was when they found out exactly what their roles in "Hear My Name" would entail, Victoria blushed and laughed. "I thought it was - ummm, interesting. I nearly fell off my chair when they asked me if I knew how to administer a good spanking. One of my employers when I was a governess had required me to discipline my three charges the traditional way, so I was able to tell them without any doubt that yes I certainly did know how to give a good, old fashioned, over the knee spanking."

Elizabeth giggled. "Vicky may have known what it was all about, but my only experience of spanking was on the receiving end. Vicky gave me a few tutorials at home and I soon got the hang of it."

The question had to be asked. Tutorials?

"She spanked me first, then I spanked her and if it wasn't up to scratch I got another one!" The girls dissolved into laughter and hugged each other.

Memorable for Her Bottom, Not Her Face

"Nice to see that they had so much fun smacking my bott," remarked Rebecca Henshaw, a petite 21-year old blonde, looking at the sisters. It was noted that no one could remember seeing Miss Henshaw in the clip. "No, you don't see my face," the girl admitted. "I'm a bottom model."

She explained. "When you see films and I guess clips you don't always see the actual bottoms of the actresses. I've been Kylie Minogue's bottom, Holly Valance's and I even did Madonna once." Miss Henshaw reeled off an impressive list of credits. "I did multiple roles for the clip. It's my bum in the knickers with the days of the week on their seats." Before anyone could ask, she quickly added, "yes, all of them! There are a couple of days that ended up on the cutting room floor. I got spanked like crazy for this clip! The things I do for art!" She fell back theatrically on the couch, hand held dramatically across her brow.

The Dixon-Thompson women were unable to suppress smiles at the performance of the bubbly bottom model. "She actually made spanking her little rear end fun," Elizabeth remarked.

"It wasn't all fun and games, though," the fourth actress, Lucy Beardsley, 22, noted. She is a pretty brunette who appears in the clip as a maid over Victoria's capable knee. "The chorus especially."

All four girls groaned at the mention. "That hurt us all," Elizabeth remembered.

"We wore gloves for two reasons," Victoria explained, "one was to minimise damage to the bottoms we were spanking."

"Oh yes, that worked," Miss Henshaw drawled sarcastically, rubbing her bottom to demonstrate her point of view about the elder Dixon-Thompson's statement.

Victoria frowned at the blonde, shook her finger warningly at her and continued. "The other reason was to try and cut down on wear and tear on our hands."

"Which also didn't work," her younger sister said with a pout. "The shoot took a few days and I wound up having to ice my hand after each day, because it ended up bruised, probably on Rebecca's rock-like little rear."

"Buns of steel," Miss Henshaw boasted, standing up and bending, shaking her bottom in her tormentor's face, squealing as the brunette reached out and gave the inviting target a healthy slap.

Keeping the Beat

"I hated the chorus," Miss Beardsley murmured, "it was a complete and total pain in the rear!" Then she giggled as she realised that she had unwittingly made a pun. "It was the idea that Beth and Vicky should keep time with the music while they spanked us that made it so unpleasant."

"Oh yeah, I could have cheerfully throttled the director when he suggested that," Miss Henshaw added.

"It was no easier for us," Victoria said, and at a sceptical look from one of the other girls, she expanded her comment. "It's true. I've never spanked to a beat before, both Beth and I ended up with aching shoulders at the end of that and needed massages."

"I wish someone had massaged my bum," Miss Henshaw muttered. "I had to sleep on my tummy that night."

"Then there was the music," Miss Beardsley put in, "so that Vicky and Beth could keep time they played that section of the song, over and over. I was hearing it in my head for weeks afterwards. I hate the song because of it."

"Oh yes, and they had to play it really loudly, too," the younger Dixon-Thopmson sister remembered, "because of all the noise Lucy and Becca were making over our knees."

"Your slaps didn't exactly sound like whispers either," Miss Henshaw reminded the Amazonian model.

The girls then explained why they took the roles in the first place. "I wanted international exposure," Elizabeth said, "and I knew this would do it. The track is played in clubs worldwide and when that happens the clip gets airplay. And as it is such an unusual clip, once people see it they remember it. Besides, it was a lot of fun," the British model finished with an impish grin.

"I tend to follow Beth's lead where it comes to work," Victoria admitted, "she doesn't take a role or a job unless she feels it will benefit both of us. Oh, and once I met Becca I just knew I really wanted to spank her! Besides the little brat needs it!"

Miss Henshaw shrugged. "I needed the money, besides I got the cutest set of knickers out of it. Who else has seven pairs of panties embroidered with the days of the week?"

Miss Beardsley blushed. "I was kind of different. I live away from my Mum and we had an argument on the phone before I went to the casting call. The last thing she said to me before she hung up was: 'You, young lady, need a damned good spanking!' I thought about that while I was waiting in line to be spanked by the girls and as I lay over Victoria's knee and she slapped my bottom I started to cry, because I knew I really needed it. Vicky became kind of a surrogate mother without even actually knowing it. I was sitting on a soft pillow at home that night and I rang Mum and apologised and sent her a copy of the clip. She loves it and plays it for all her friends when they come over pointing out, 'That's my Lucy getting her botty smacked there.' Kind of embarrassing, but parents are like that," the young brunette concluded with a becoming blush.

We finished by watching the clip again with the girls pointing out their favourite parts and having a good laugh about the whole experience. It may not be the last time we see the Dixon-Thompson sisters with a host of pretty derrieres over their knees, because it has come to Bared Affair's attention that the mothers of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Ashlee Simpson have threatened their daughters that their next clips will feature the sisters doing what they do best if behaviour does not improve.

Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 2.08

If anyone would like to see the entire clip, it can be viewed at:

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