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Jumping for a spanking - Debbie Downunder

Aahhhh the weekend! Two lovely days off after a shortened week. You have to love those extended weekends. I have no idea why Aunty Andrea keeps eyeing off her cupboard when I get off track in these introductions. People like it honestly, ma'am.
Kimmy assures me I don't want Andrea to open the cupboard, so I'll get on with it. When I was preparing to represent these I pulled this one out. I find it rather fitting, because we're heading into winter down here and this reminds me of a rather chilly journey I made to Russia to witness one of the oddest sporting competitions I have ever seen.

Pole vaulting glamour girl Tatiana Grigorieva prepares to compete for her adopted country.

A tasteful nude shot of the mischievous vaulter.

Tatiana's rival Yelena Isinbayeva getting ready to jump. Look at those muscles!

A more relaxed Yelena.

A unique competition results in a red bottom for an Olympic champion

I'd always wanted to go to Russia, but a draughty Moscow athletic stadium in the middle of a bitter northern hemisphere winter was not exactly what I had in mind. I watched the two competitors warming up for the one, somewhat unique, event that was being staged this breezy afternoon and reflected on what had brought me here.

There was to be a, winner takes all, pole vault jump-off between two athletes. The first was Russian-born, adopted Australian, part time model Tatiana Grigorieva, silver medallist from the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Her opponent was the reigning gold medallist and world record holder, Yelena Isinbayeva. Since winning the silver in Sydney Ms Grigorieva's fortunes had fluctuated somewhat. The achievement had brought her a lot of publicity and her blonde, blue eyed beauty had ensured that there was no lack of sponsors lining up for her to put her seal of approval on their product. She was one of the best known silver medallists ever from Australia.

However, the time needed to promote products and shoot advertisements had detracted from the training required to stay at the peak in her chosen sport and her form had suffered accordingly. Despite trying hard Ms Grigorieva was not even able to win a spot on the Australian team for the 2004 Athens Olympics, then to top it off there were rumours that her husband Viktor Chiastakov was suspected of having an affair with another athlete - the athlete in question was believed to be Russian and a pole vaulter. Yelena Isinbayeva's name was never mentioned, but tongues did wag.

For her part, Ms Isinbayeva is a powerfully built, dark haired, grey eyed Russian vaulter who is known for her fierce rivalries with other vaulters. Winning the gold medal with a world record vault of 4.91 metres had put Ms Isinbayeva firmly ahead of her rival and increased her public profile considerably.

Seeing a chance to put herself back in the news and kick start her flagging career Tatiana Grigorieva had challenged her former countrywoman to a jump-off, winner takes all event. There was some prize money at stake, but the real prize was what the winner got to do to the loser. That was why, despite the quality of the competition there was a very small crowd of women only at the event. The winner would be permitted to administer a bare bottom spanking to the loser. Despite my patriotism I felt that adoptive Aussie Tatiana Grigorieva would be the one leaving the stadium with a red bottom. Her personal best of 4.56 metres was well short of Ms Isinbayeva's world record. And the double blows of missing out on the team for Athens, and then her husband's extra marital affair could not have done a lot for her confidence.

The Tension Mounts as Heights Are Raised

The small crowd, mostly Russian female sports journalists, were on the edge of their seats and quite excited by the prospect of a tight contest, and the promised spanking. Yelena Isinbayeva, with the home ground advantage, elected to jump first and let Ms Grigorieva chase. She felt if she could set a good height then she would unsettle her opponent, and get ready to administer a sound paddling to the young woman's delightfully round, tight bottom.

As the athletes took their final jumps, my mind wandered to the build up to the competition. Because Ms Grigorieva believed that Ms Isinbayeva had been having an illicit affair with her husband, she had been the one who had suggested the competition. Due to the scorn many other vaulters showed for Tatiana Grigorieva, who was embarking on a second career as a fashion model, the Olympic champion had initially given a flat "not interested." Stung by the refusal, Ms Grigorieva had suggested the unusual forfeit. "Yelena had jumped rather literally at the chance to spank Tatiana," Ms Isinbayeva's coach explained. The fact that she may lose and be subjected to a humiliating public chastisement never even occurred to her, and she had arrogantly boasted in the press prior to the event that she was looking forward to "tanning Tatiana."

Cheers from the onlookers around me made me turn my attention back to the field. Although she had been knocked out of the competition at a height of 4.70, Ms Isinbayeva was pumping her fists in triumph, for she held a commanding lead. Watching from the sidelines, Tatiana Grigorieva paled beneath her glowing tan, as she realised she would have to vault more than 15 centimetres over her personal best to win this contest, and avoid what would be a very painful and embarrassing public spanking from a bitter rival.

My heart went out to the beautiful, statuesque blonde athlete as she trudged pathetically to the line for her final attempt. She looked around defiantly, blue eyes flashing, put her pole on her shoulder and raised her hands above her head, encouraging the crowd to clap her. Not many of the pro-Russian spectators took up the offer, but I did, ignoring the cold stares from those seated around me.

Ms Grigorieva lifted the pole and ran down the track, a swiftly moving figure in the Australian colours of gold and green. Prior to taking up the vault she had been a hurdler, and her running style showed in those few metres that she needed to reach her vaulting point. The pole bent as she allowed it to carry her upwards, when it was almost double the athlete let go. Holding my breath I watched her twist in midair and point her heels ceiling-ward. As she rolled her body to get over the bar, one shoulder brushed it and it wobbled alarmingly, but did not fall. Ms Grigorieva lay on the big bag, staring at the bar still in place, and then she jumped up and screamed, running around the pit, arms raised in a joyful victory celebration.

In her chair on the sidelines Yelena Isinbayeva at first stared disbelievingly, then dropped her dark head into her hands with the terrible realisation of what had just occurred - and what was about to happen. Ms Grigorieva strode to her opponent, and hauled her from the chair with a firm grip on her ear. She dragged the protesting Russian to a stool that had been placed in the middle of the stadium, where everyone had an unobstructed view. After releasing a now smarting red ear, the victor and sat on the stool, looked up and instructed the shame-faced athlete sternly in Russian to remove her red shorts. I did not understand everything that was said, but it was later translated as "I am going to turn your bottom the same colour as those shorts, young lady!"

Once Ms Isinbayeva's shorts were off ,we were treated to the sight of a firm, muscular bottom encased in a pair of scanty red lace panties. Ms Grigorieva sniffed and pointed at her own green and gold clad lap. With a cross between a sigh and a sob the vanquished opponent lowered herself over the indicated thighs. Australia's vaulter shifted her rival into position in the centre of her lap, and rolled the panties down so that she had a good shot at a marble white posterior.

Placing one arm around the waist, Ms Grigorieva set her jaw and commenced an Olympic level spanking. The cracking sound of the slaps landing across Ms Isinbayeva's rapidly reddening rear rang out around the high ceilinged stadium, and was soon drowned out by the miserable pole vaulter's yells. Ms Grigorieva's hand rebounded crisply off her opponent's bottom again and again. Ms Isinbayeva squirmed and roared, eventually giving in to heart felt sobs as she was spanked and scolded in furious Russian, something about husbands, it was too rapid for me to catch it all. In any event, one girl's howls obscured a lot of what the other girl said. After ten blistering minutes it was over and a blubbering Yelena Isinbayeva was led from the stadium, hopping up and down, hands frantically rubbing a fiery red bottom.

Tatiana Grigorieva may never win a gold medal for the pole vault, but if there is ever one awarded for spanking then she is in with a very good chance.

Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 3.01

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