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'Moving Violation Pt 1' - Guest Post

I am pleased to present Moving Violation Pt 1, a description of a visit my good friend, fellow disciplinarian and blogger; Carla Marie, recently paid to my Spank Shop.

Please read and enjoy, young Carla Marie has promised to have the next part available soon, and if she wants to continue to be able to sit down comfortable she had better keep that promise! (only kidding, darling).

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“Moving Violation”
(A Disciplinarian, Disciplined)
By Carla Marie

“Well, you’ve gone and done it this time, my girl.”
Aunt Carla blew out a breath, looking at the piece of paper in her hand. She had spoken aloud to herself, sitting at her desk at the Studio while opening her mail.
The city government had recently installed traffic cameras at carefully selected intersections around the city, ostensibly to cut down on moving violations at “hotspots” where they often occurred. If fact, Carla knew full well that at least part of the motivation for installing these little privacy thieves was to raise municipal revenue. If given a ticket by a policeman, the offender had the option of going to court and contesting it; judges often ruled in their favor if they bothered to show up in court. But there was something about having a photograph of your own car sent to you (with a blowup of the license plate for good measure!) that made you feel that they had you dead to rights.
Still, Carla was outraged at the amount of the fine. By any measure, it was quite exorbitant. On the other hand, she couldn’t deny that she had been clocked at 20 miles per hour over the legal limit. She had no choice but to pay the fine.
According to an agreement with her partner Maggie, she had something else to do as well.
She reluctantly picked up the phone and dialed a number. It was answered after the second ring.
“Good afternoon, Spank Shop, this is Kimberley,” said a friendly, familiar voice.
“Hello, Kimberley? This is Aunt Carla.”
“Oh hi, Aunt Carla, how are you?” the young receptionist answered warmly.
“Very well, thank you dear. Is Aunty Andrea available?”
“Yes, she’s between clients at the moment. Shall I put you through?”
“That would be splendid, dear.”
“Alright; I’m putting you through now.”
“Thank you, darling.”
Aunt Carla waited a moment, then heard her friend’s voice.
“This is Andrea.”
“Hi, Andie…it’s me.”
“Carla! How are you, darling?”
“I’m fine. Well, the truth is, I’ve been better.”
“Oh dear, what’s the matter?”
Carla took a deep breath, then continued.
“You know those new traffic cameras they’ve installed around town?”
“Oh, no! Don’t tell me they got you.”
“They got me, alright. And they’ve got me dead to rights.”
They talked about the violation, and the exorbitant fine.
“But really, dear,” Andrea said with a smile in her voice, “there’s a reason they call it a speed limit. And if I know Maggie, a fine isn’t all you’ll be paying.”
“Well, that’s actually why I called,” Carla replied. “You see, Maggie’s out of town on business for two weeks, and she gave me strict instructions to report to you for discipline if I broke any of our agreements while she was away.”
“Oh, I see,” said Andrea in a different tone of voice. “And which agreement did you break, young lady?”
“Well, we’ve both agreed never to drive more than 10 over the posted limit…”
“Yes, and you were going how fast again?”
“Um…20 over.”
“Twenty over the speed limit?” asked Andrea incredulously. “Carla Marie!”
“I know, I know…I just wasn’t paying attention. It was a beautiful, sunny day; I had the radio on…”
And you were putting yourself and others in jeopardy, weren’t you, young lady?”
“Yes, Miss,” Carla replied in a quiet voice. It amazed her how easily her friend could make her feel like a naughty child caught in mischief. She, who disciplined other adults for a living!
“Well, little girl, I’m quite glad to have a green light, so to speak, from Maggie to spank your naughty little buns for this.”
“Yes, Miss,” Carla replied, her face coloring.
“When is your last client scheduled today?”
“At four, Miss.”
“Perfect. It takes 15 minutes to drive from your Studio to the Spank Shop. I expect to see you here no later than 5:30; is that clear, young lady?”
“Yes, Miss.”
“Good. I shall see you then. And for goodness’ sake, obey the traffic laws on your way over!”
“Yes, Miss, I will.”
“Very well then, see you at half past five.”
“See you then, Miss.”
Carla replaced the phone and imagined herself over Andrea’s knee. It was frightening, exciting, erotic, and embarrassing all at once.
And, knowing Andrea, it would be painful and memorable, too!
[End of Part One]

© 2011 Carla Marie
All Rights Reserved


  1. Good day ma'am,

    This is a hot story and wow, just so well written, thank you.

    I do love the second to last paragraph and I do not know if four words ever described the feeling when you know you are going to be spanked and spanked hard, great lines.

    Thanks and be well,


  2. Yes, Ma'am; I'll get the second half finished just as quickly as I can. I value my sitting privileges, after all!


  3. Thanks Ron, the credit all belongs to Carla.
    Carla, I am waiting, young lady.