Saturday, 2 April 2011


While I was looking at the internet this morning (or 'surfing' as Kimmy calls it) I discovered this amazing photograph. That bottom is so wonderfully red, and that perfect symmetry, it had me wishing that Sunday was a working day and I could reproduce it in here, speaking of that I wonder who my first client is tomorrow morning?


  1. Ah, such perfect symmetry is always aesthetically pleasing, isn't it? I always aim for such results, but the naughty bottoms I spank are joined by matching upper thighs, as well.


  2. Oh yes, Carla dear, I too always include the upper thighs in a proper spanking, a stinging sit spot is a necessity, I think. On this occasion though I was so enchanted by the sight of those lovely glowing half moons that I simply had to share.

  3. First off, those are two of the lovliest ladies and beautiful bottoms.

    I agree sit spot is a must when giving a good spanking. Upper thighs hurt like heck but very effective!


  4. All competent spankers should include a good set on the sit spot.