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'The Royal Discipline and Spanking Company - Part 1'

I am fortunate to have friends like Carla, Mario and Edb, all fine writers. Ed has graciously consented to let me present the first chapter detailing happenings at his friend; Caroline Fitzroy's, establishment, the Royal Discipline and Spanking Company. Businesswoman Caroline has expanded her business to operate in a number of countries and 3 continents so far, with more expansion to come I am certain. She makes my Spank Shop look modest by comparison.

This is the story of how it all started.

Caroline Fitzroy: the founder and managing director of the RDSC.

One of the RDSC's highly competent disciplinarians in action.

Christine Bleakley, the BBC One Show presenter, wished she was having a bad dream, but the blue carpet just eighteen inches from her nose gave lie to that notion. She was bent over Caroline Fitzroy’s knee, managing director of “The Discipline and Spanking Company”, or DSC for short, starring across at her colleague, BBC sports presenter Gabby Logan, similarly draped over another woman’s knee. Christine stared in morbid fascination as she watched the women take hold of the tail of Gabby’s white blouse and lift it up over her bottom and onto her back. This revealed her shapely bottom, sticking up in the air, covered in a pair of black panties, the material stretched taught over the twin hemispheres. As she watched the woman stroke Gabby’s bottom over the smooth material, she felt Caroline take hold of the hem of her own light blue pleated skirt and lift it up onto her back, shockingly exposing her white stockings and suspenders, her upturned bottom now covered only by her powder blue panties, the soft cotton hugging every contour of her curvaceous derriere. Blushing furiously, she felt Caroline start to stroke her partially clad bottom, the exposure of her intimate under garments leaving her absolutely mortified!

She saw Gabby blush as fingers were inserted into the waistband, and her panties slowly start to descend from her bottom, continuing their journey until they circled her legs at mid-thigh just below the tops of her black stockings, a tiny scrap of black material turned inside out; the exposed gusset rudely proclaiming the predicament she was in. Gabby was going to be spanked, and spanked on her bare bottom!

Christine gave a little shudder, as she thought that very shortly she would be in exactly the same position. ‘How have I ended up here?’ she asked herself. As she waited for her own panties to be lowered, she looked back over the previous year’s events .......

......... With the rise in woman’s lib, and the subsequent rise in employment opportunities, woman had been aggressively asserting themselves, changing society to suit their purposes. They used all their feminine wiles in the work environment, trampling on the rights of men in the process. The pendulum had definitely swung well in their favour. Many down trodden men looked wistfully back to the days when they returned home to find their wives and daughters waiting with supper on the table. Not any longer; his wife was just as likely to be working, and god knows where his daughters disappeared to with their friends. Discipline was lacking, but what to do about it. Parliament debated the issue long and hard, and despite the increased number of woman MP’s, voted to reintroduce corporal punishment for girls in all state schools. They went further, however, and also passed into law an Act that enabled companies to include corporal punishment as a condition of employment in their contracts for female staff.

Many companies introduced the new policy, and it wasn’t long before some tardy secretary, or errant nurse found herself over the knee of her superior, being introduced to the value of a sound bare bottom spanking. However, some companies found that, while the spankings did improve the woman’s behaviour and attitude, it was not helpful in their work relationship because of the intimacy of the punishment, and they therefore rarely resorted to its use, renewing the old problem.

Caroline Fitzroy, thirty four year old PA to the managing director of a large stockbroker, found that her boss had no compunction about spanking her. No matter how hard she tried, he always seemed to find an excuse for putting her over his knee at least once a month. Called to his office at the end of the day, she would find herself staring at the carpet as her skirt was raised, her panties lowered to around the tops of her stockings, and he set about spanking her upturned bottom. As his hand rose and fell, imparting a fiery sting to her soft cheeks, she bucked and yelped over his knee, wishing she could find another job that paid as well but without the regular sore bottom.

One Friday evening, after another trip over her boss's knee, she went out to dinner with a group of girlfriends. They noticed her wince as she sat down at the table and laughingly asked her if she’d got a sore bottom. Blushing, she told them that yes, she’d just spent a very uncomfortable half hour bare bottomed over her boss's knee, receiving a very sound spanking.

“Thank goodness our firm stopped that a few months ago.” said one of her friends.

“Yes” said another “So did ours. It’s saved my bottom on countless occasions since.”

Nearly all Caroline’s’ friends firms had stopped the practice, although Katie Greene’s still used it, and she admitted that only last week she had also been on the receiving end of bare bottomed spanking. “It’s so embarrassing to be put over his knee, have him lift my skirt up, pull down my panties, and then spank my bare bott. It’s even worse knowing that he’s looking at my bare bott, and lord knows what else when I’m kicking my legs up and down. I find I sometimes can’t look him in the eye, just because I remember what he’s seen.”

“Exactly” said Helen. “That’s why our firm stopped spanking us. My boss said that if he could send me off somewhere to be spanked he would. I’d get the spanking I deserved, and yet I wouldn’t be embarrassed by the thought that my boss had seen my bare bum. I told him it’s just as well that there isn’t a spanking company, as I’d be a regular visitor.”

As Caroline listened to this last comment, the germ of an idea started to form in the back of her mind. All through dinner her mind kept wandering back to the comment Helen had made, about a company that would take care of spankings for other firms. She knew that a lot of firms had stopped its use, and her friends had clearly shown the reason why. But surely there must be plenty of bosses like Helen’s, not wanting to have the associated problems of spanking their female staff, but wishing that they be spanked none the less. Caroline also knew that there were many women who actually enjoyed having their bottoms spanked, and she was sure that this was an additional service the business could offer.

The next evening, she arranged to meet Katie for a drink, and there she outlined her plan to set up a business that would spank errant female employees for other companies. They would charge £100 for the session, and the companies could decide if they or the employee would be liable for the charge. When Katie asked if they had enough experience to raise a loan from the bank, Caroline smiled and said that they’d both spent enough time over their boss’s knee to know what a sound spanking should feel like.

During the next week they put together a business proposal; they needed an open plan office, one that would include a reception, a number of cubicles where the spankings would take place, and a large conference room for group spankings. The cubicles were to be glass fronted, adding to the spankee's embarrassment as they would know that anyone passing would be able to witness their punishment. Staff recruitment would be targeted at females who had experience of being spanked, as they felt this would give them valuable experience, and training in the use of the cane, paddle and hairbrush would be given.

The following Friday they presented it to the bank manager. Once he read it he looked up and smiled, telling them that it was a great idea. Not only would he lend them the money they required, but he would provide them with their first two clients. He had a secretary and a bank teller that needed to be taught a lesson. If they would let him know when they had started trading, he’d be only too happy to send them round.

The next few weeks were taken up with locating an office in central London, arranging builders to fit it out, furniture companies to supply the necessary tables, chairs (raised higher than normal, to ensure spankee's feet could not touch the ground) stools and horses, and the hiring of staff. This last task produced a flood of applications, and it took two days just to whittle them down to four potential candidates.

Vicki Wyatt, thirty two years old with long blonde hair, Samantha Reed, a thirty five year old brunette, Helen Miles, thirty three years old, with short raven black hair, and Tracey Smith, the youngest at twenty nine years old, with shoulder length honey coloured hair; all reported to the new offices on Monday morning for their final interview. They had been chosen for a variety of reasons, not least being their experience of receiving spankings as they grew up.

Caroline welcomed them to The Disciplinary and Spanking Company, and went on to explain how the interviews would be conducted. Both Katie and she had thought long and hard about this, and decided that, even though they didn’t fancy being spanked, there was no alternative if they were to hire first rate spankers.

“In order to ensure that you are all capable of administering a sound spanking, one that delivers the necessary sore bottom and embarrassment, but does not, I repeat NOT involve sadism or humiliation, we have decided that each of you will both give and receive a spanking from each other. Furthermore, so as to ensure that both Katie and I are sure of your capabilities, both of us will be included in the interview process.”

At this last comment a murmur went round the room. Caroline smiled. “Yes, it’s true. Both Katie and I will be spanked by you, just as you will be spanked by us. Now, as you all know, spankings are meant to be painful, so it isn’t really practical for all of us to both spank and be spanked by each other in one day. Therefore, we will limit the ‘interviews’ to two each day, which means we will complete the interviews by Friday. However, by the end of today we will know if you are going to make the grade or not, so we will be able to offer you a position with our company.”

Caroline paused, looked at each girl in turn, and continued “Finally, as you know, we are due to open for business in four weeks time, so during the next few weeks we are all going to practice not just over the knee spankings, although these will be by far the most common form of punishment, but also the use of the hairbrush, paddle, tawse and cane. Therefore, by the time we open all of us will be experts in the use of all implements of corporal punishment, and ...” at which point she paused and smiled ruefully, rubbing her bottom through her dark blue skirt “.... we will all be sporting very red, sore bottoms.” This last comment elicited a round of laughter.

When the girls had quietened down, Caroline brought them to order. “Right girls, we might as well get started. Katie and I will start the first ‘interview’ as spankers, so we need one volunteer to join us, while the other three will be spankees. This afternoon we will reverse the roles, so don’t worry, we’ll all be the owners of red botties by the end of the day.”

“Umm… if no one else wants to volunteer, I’ll be a spanker this morning.” said Helen.

“Very well, any objections?” asked Caroline. “Good, then let’s begin.”

Caroline led the way to the conference room. Around the walls were ten chairs. These had been specially made, being one foot higher than normal, with a foot rest placed at the perfect height to ensure that when the spanker sat down her lap would be a flat surface for the spankee to go over. Taking a chair, Caroline placed it near the middle of the room, and directed Katie and Helen to arrange their chairs so that they formed a triangle.

Sitting in her chair, Caroline called Vicki over to her right hand side, while Samantha went to Katie’s side, and Tracey walked over to Helen. Taking Vicki’s left hand, Caroline guided the blushing blonde over her knee, taking care to arrange her so that her feet hung in the air, and her nose was about eighteen inches above the carpet. Contemplating Vicki’s bottom, Caroline could clearly see the outline of her panties through the material of her white skirt as it stretched taught over her rounded cheeks. She felt Vicki shudder as she rubbed her hand over her upturned bottom, knowing from experience that this heightened the embarrassment prior to the baring of the bottom. Taking the hem of her skirt, she lifted it up onto Vicki’s back, the process slowed down by the tightness of the skirt. As the skirt was raised, black stockings and suspenders were revealed, and a pair of black silk panties that caressed her bottom like a second skin.

Caroline paused to gently rub the upturned bottie through the silky material, before inserting her fingers into the waistband and slowly pulling the panties down off the twin hemispheres, drawing them down to hang around Vicki’s thighs, just below the dark welts of the tops of her stockings. The bare bottom revealed in all its glory was flawless, and quivered as Caroline started to stroke the soft skin.

During Vicki’s preparation Katie and Helen had been equally busy. Samantha hung over Katie’s knee, blushing as her black skirt was raised, and her peach coloured panties were lowered to the tops of her black stockings, while Tracey squirmed over Helen’s knee as her red skirt was raised and her tiny white panties were pulled down to be arraigned around the welts of her white stockings.

Preparations completed, Caroline raised her right hand and brought it down on Vicki’s right hand cheek ‘Spank!’ Not too hard, she wanted to warm Vicki’s bottom first, before increasing the force of the spanks. Soon the room was filled with the noise of feminine hands landing on feminine bare bottoms, and as the spankee's bottoms started to warm up, the girls started to give out little gasps, squirming their botties in the process. However, because they were held firmly over their spanker's knee, they couldn’t move that much, and as the force of the spanks increased, so did the stinging sensations that suffused through their reddening derrieres. They started to scissor their legs up and down in an attempt to reduce the rapidly increasing inferno that was blazing across their bottoms, but all to no avail, and soon there were three girls sobbing as they hung over the knee, tears streaming down their blushing faces.

Eventually, after a good ten minutes, Caroline signalled to Katie and Helen that they should bring the spankings to a close. Slowing down, they each applied twelve stinging spanks to the prostrate girls, six to each red cheek, eliciting yelps of anguish from the well-spanked girls. When the spankings stopped, the room was silent except for the quiet sobbing of the spankees, as they lay over their punisher's knees, trying to calm down, all aware of the heat radiating from their upturned bottoms.

Giving the girls time to compose themselves, Caroline waited two minutes before she gently helped Vicki to her feet, and guided her to a corner. Vicki looked startled by this turn of events, but as Caroline explained “Corner time is an integral part of the punishment. After a girl has been spanked like a naughty little girl, fifteen minutes in the corner, with her panties pulled down and her skirt pinned up her back, holding her hands on her head while her well-spanked bottom is displayed for all to see reinforces the lesson.”

Soon Samantha and Tracey joined Vicki with their noses in a corner, acutely embarrassed that their sore, red, glowing botties were the focus of attention. As they stood there with their hands on their heads, the throbbing in their well-spanked bottoms gradually reducing to a warm glow, they realised that Caroline was right. Corner time did increase the embarrassment, and therefore the effectiveness of the punishment.

After what seemed an eternity, the three girls were told to pull their panties up, and had their skirts unclipped, enabling them to restore their modesty. Coffee followed, during which the three spanked girls chose to stand, much to everyone’s amusement (even their own!), and then they were introduced to various instruments. Caroline had arranged for a padded dummy to be made, so that the girls could practice and make mistakes without injuring anyone. The cane, especially, needed a great deal of practice to ensure accuracy, and she wanted to ensure that before any bottom was presented for punishment, every girl could apply six parallel lines across the bottom, with not one weal cutting across another.

Practice was halted for lunch, and then the second round of interviews commenced. Caroline found herself hanging over Samantha’s knee, her dark blue skirt raised to the small of her back, and her dark blue lacy panties lowered to the tops of her matching stockings; a blushing Katie was soon over Tracey’s knee, her white gypsy skirt raised and her powder blue panties hanging forlornly around the tops of her white stockings; and Helen found herself bent over Vicki’s knee, her pleated black skirt lifted onto her back, and her cream coloured panties tugged down to her black stocking tops.

Over the next ten minutes, both Caroline and Katie were given a very clear demonstration that Samantha and Tracey both knew how to give, as well as receive, a sound bare bottom spanking, and Helen found that Vicki was equally adept at dealing with a naughty girl. By the time they had spent fifteen minutes in the corner, Caroline and Katie were both convinced that they had made the right choice with the four girls, and before they all left for home, Caroline told them that she was very happy with their performance, and all were being offered a permanent position with the company. After discussing terms and conditions, which included a very generous salary (and a spanking clause for employees!) each girl accepted the offer of the job, and went home to celebrate.

Over the next month, each girl spanked, and was spanked by every other girl, and soon became proficient with all the punishment instruments. They tried different positions for each, finding the punishment horse was ideal for the paddle and the tawse, the stool was preferred when using the cane, while the hairbrush was most effective when applied in the otk position.

As the opening day drew near, Caroline employed a receptionist, twenty year old Ginnie Taylor. Although she would not be administering spankings, she still had to be initiated into all forms of punishment so she would understand how their clients would feel when they visited them, and the blonde soon found herself deported over Caroline’s knee, her grey pleated skirt raised and her white panties lowered, receiving a sound spanking. Over the next few days she experienced the hairbrush, tawse and paddle. Finally, she found herself bent over a stool, her pink panties circling her thighs, as Katie applied six of the best with the cane to her bare bottom. Later she told Katie that she had never experienced such searing heat as the cane wrapped itself around her cheeks.

If anyone has enjoyed their first visit to the RDSC (Spankers by appointment to the British Royal Family) then the other exploits of Caroline and her growing staff can be found at Edb's page at The Kilahara Library of Spanking Fiction (, along with his other stories, which I can heartily recommend.

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