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Sisterly Love - Bared Affair

As today is Easter I called my sister and her family this morning, this made me think of sisters and I found an appropriate article from Seegee that he wrote for Bared Affair that celebrates that sisterly bond.

When sibling rivalry takes a painful turn

Although parents are generally the principal providers of punishment in most households, there are times when all girls can use the guiding and loving hand of a sister. We examine several relationships where siblings have had to take over the task of being their sister's disciplinarian.

How much does sibling rivalry come into play? Not only are sisters close physically, but also emotionally. Sometimes when two girls are used to competing, it is only natural for one to take special pleasure in defeating the other - especially when that defeat entails a bottom-warming.

Rebecca Croft bares older sister Annabelle for a spanking. (Image from Spanked Call Girls)

Oklahoma natives Rebecca and Annabelle Croft, age 17 and 19, are very different for sisters. The older of the two is a good deal taller and a striking raven haired beauty, while the younger is a slender, mousy haired, shy girl. Until recently Rebecca was very much in her sister's shadow, but during our chat the younger girl did most of the talking. "Most of our lives Anna has always been the golden girl, she was always better at sport and at school and with boys. I don't think I ever had a teacher who didn't tell me 'You've got big shoes to fill!'"

Annabelle broke in. "Oh, c'mon! It wasn't that bad, and besides, I couldn't let you win, how would you ever learn if I just gave in?"

Rebecca shot her sister a look and said, "It wasn't a case of letting me win! You used to not only win at everything, but then you rubbed it in!" Annabelle said nothing in return, lapsing into a sullen silence.

"Things changed a few months ago," Rebecca continued with a smile. "Anna came home from college for the holidays. Mom has always been strict with us and when we're naughty its pants down and bottoms up over her knee for a good smacking. Mom sprained her arm just before Anna arrived home. I'm not sure if Anna forgot Mom's curfew or whether she thought that Mom couldn't spank her with a sprained arm, but she dragged in at 3am and the sparks flew."

"Actually," Annabelle interrupted the younger girl, "I thought that as an adult at college the curfew no longer applied."

Rebecca could not help a somewhat smug smile as Annabelle lifted a little off the couch and ruefully rubbed her rear. "Mom didn't say much either when I did get home. She was waiting up, she just looked at me, said, 'Glad to see that you are safe. You're also over three hours late. We'll discuss that in the morning. Go to bed.'"

"Breakfast was fun," Rebecca took up the story with a giggle. "Mom read Anna the riot act and then told me to fetch her hairbrush. I could hear Anna protesting all the way in Mom's bedroom: 'I'm too old!' 'It's demeaning!' 'You can't, your arm is damaged.' She used every excuse in the book."

"And you loved it!" Annabelle accused her sister, blue eyes flashing.

"As a matter of fact, I did," Rebecca admitted. "The best bit was when Mom told me that because of her sprained arm, I was going to have to do the honours. Anna's face turned about as red as I soon turned her bottoms-up. With Mom watching, I grabbed Anna's wrist, threw her over my knee, whipped up her night dress and as Mom told her not to resist, happily gave her a good, old-fashioned, butt burner. I spanked her with my hand until she was howling and bright red and my hand was hurting. She absolutely squealed and levitated when I blistered her with the back of the brush. I put Anna in the corner and with her scalded bottom shining out from there. Mom and I had a cup of coffee and discussed how even big college girls need their backsides smacked from time to time."

Rebecca was smiling as Annabelle scowled and promised: "Wait until you step out of line, brat, you'll find out that I spank better than you too."

Extreme Personalities, Extreme Punishments

Francesca Hernandez gives little sister Carmen a much needed taste of the belt (Image from Punished Angels)

Francesca Hernandez, 25, and Carmen Hernandez, 22, could easily pass as twins despite the age difference. The Miami-based girls are tall, slender, olive skinned Latin beauties with curtains of shimmering black hair. Carmen has been diagnosed as having an "excessive" personality disorder: everything she does, she does to excess. This can at times be an advantage, but more often causes the young lady trouble. Just recently Francesca moved in with Carmen to keep an eye on her, share living expenses and curb her sister's excessive tendencies.

The 25-year-old began the interview. "With Carmie's problem she's never been the easiest person to live with, but of everyone in the family I get along better with her and I had a job nearby. So it was only logical that I was the one that move in with her."

Carmen picked up the thread from there. "When Frannie moved in I had just started to see a new therapist for my issue and she had recommended a somewhat unique tactic to handle it. It was not one I was eager to try out." Carmen blushed as her sister prompted her to reveal what the therapy consisted of. "When I began to display signs of being excessive again, Frannie was to bare my bottom and give me a good hard spanking. The therapist thinks that physical deterrence is the most effective way of dealing with my disorder."

"I know Carmie thinks that I've got the better end of the deal, but I really don't," Francesca explained.

"Whose rear end gets set on fire?" the younger sister demanded.

"Yours," Francesca admitted, "but it's not easy to spank your little sister. I cared for you most of the time growing up. Our parents never spanked us, so it was kind of a novel thing for us both." Francesca paused and sipped her daiquiri, before continuing the story. "I didn't want to do it at first and Carmen was really good. We only had one lapse and that was her going a little silly with her credit card. I took it from her and cut it up, that solved that, but then she came home drunk a few nights, and when she got sent home from work for being smashed halfway through the day that was the last straw. Carmie is an adult, I can remove alcohol from the house, but I can't keep it out of her reach permanently. I decided that the time had come to spank and I had to make it count. I was not having my baby sister turn into a drunk."

Carmen dropped her dark eyes and murmured, "I don't think I'd ever seen Francesca that angry, she was white hot and she just told me to go to bed and sleep it off. I got up halfway through the next day, had a shower and ate some thinly buttered toast. Francesca arrived home from work and that's when things heated up."

"Mostly your bottom," Francesca said with a giggle. "I looked at Carmen and my heart broke. She knew I was angry and that she'd messed up, but I also knew that I had to do this, no matter how much it hurt. I asked her if she understood why I had to punish her and she said yes, and that she deserved it. I told her to take off her jeans and stand in the corner while I got everything ready. I changed out of my work clothes and got the strap from my room. I had it made specially." Francesca held up a broad, short length of leather. "It's short enough to use over the knee and the therapist said that I should spank in that position, it reinforces the bond between us."

"It sure reinforces something," the 22-year-old muttered, rubbing her shapely bottom.

Francesca chuckled and described what happened. "I told her to come out of the corner and helped her across my lap. I took down her panties and she has such a pretty bottom, it was a shame to ruin it with a spanking. I found that even though I'd never spanked before it was something that came naturally to me. I was fascinated by the way her cheeks flattened out and then rounded again under my hand and how they went from white to pink. She was bawling and hot pink when I picked up the strap. I drew it across her bottom and she started to beg. I made her howl: 'I will not get drunk again!' with each stroke. I gave her one for every year of her age, and she was boiling and her bottom was crimson by the time I was done. I held her in my arms and let her cry afterwards. I haven't had to spank her since."

"You won't if I have anything to do with it," Carmen sighed.

"Just remember the strap is here if I ever need it, young lady," Francesca reminded the younger sister.

Demerit System

The two older Broadley girls show off their bottoms after an encounter with younger sister: Barbara, following their weekly behaviour review. (Image from Quality Spanking)

Aussie lasses Barbara, Christine and Carlene Broadley, ages 16, 18 and 20, had been brought up in with spanking as the preferred disciplinary method. As their parents were firm believers in bare bottom discipline, all punishments were handled by their mother once the girls reached their teens. Unfortunately, Mrs Broadley passed away six months prior to our interview.

The girls' behaviour took a turn for the worse following their mother's death. Their father let it go for a while and then decided that spanking had to be reintroduced into their lives. He implemented a demerit system. The girl with the least demerits at the end of a fortnightly period would administer a spanking to the sister or sisters with the most. It was, strangely enough, sixteen-year-old Barbara who earned the least demerits, although when we spoke to the sisters we discovered that the youngest girl was not necessarily less mature than her elder siblings.

"Chrissie and I were stunned when Daddy told us that Barbie was the best behaved girl," explained Carlene, a tall slender girl with long, jet black hair and a wry smile.

"I still don't know how she did it," mused Christine, shorter than Carlene with soft brown wavy hair and gentle features.

"I was good, that was all," Barbara, the same height as Christine, told her sisters, fluffing her clouds of red brown hair, green eyes sparkling. "Besides, I really wanted to whack the two of you."

The other two smiled at each other, rubbed their bottoms and all three girls burst into peals of laughter.

"We felt so silly," Carlene admitted, "going into Daddy's study, dropping pants and undies to ankles and standing in the corner waiting for Barbie to come in and spank us."

"I got it first," Christine said. "Barbara called me over and bent me over her knee. I was really nervous too, because she brought in the big wooden spoon that Mummy used to spank us with."

"I used my hand first," Barbara relayed, "but I'd learned from all those trips over Mummy's knee and Chrissie was yelping and bouncing all over as I smacked her good and proper. I paid special attention to her sit spots, I know how much she hates that. She was hot to the touch and glowing when I decided she was done."

Christine blushed deeply as the details of her chastisement were made public.

"It was absolute agony listening to Chrissie get it and not being allowed to see anything," Carlene broke in. "I could hear the slaps and her squeals and I knew Barbie doll was really giving it to her. My bottom started to tingle as I imagined myself in her place."

"She didn't have to imagine long," Barbara continued. "I sent Christine back to the corner to sniffle and cool off a little and told Carly to come to me. She shuffled to me and I upended her."

"For a little thing, she can really smack!" Carlene exclaimed, but could not keep the giggles out of her voice.

"Carly's always been the softie of us three and it was no different over my knee, to Mum's. She was wailing in no time and I soon had her kicking as my hand cooked her bottom. She reddened up much quicker than Chrissie and her bottom looked like two scoops of strawberry ice cream when I let her up."

Carlene shook her head and her face flushed as she recalled the punishment.

"After that," Barbara went on, "I put the both of them over the back of the sofa, got them to push their bottoms up nice and high and counted out twelve real stingers with the spoon. Daddy didn't need to see their bottoms to know I'd spanked them properly. Their tear stained faces told him all he needed to know."

"We slept on our tummies that night," Christine confessed.

"I can't wait until Daddy tallies up the demerits next time," Carlene enthused. "I've been ever so good and I think Miss Barbara's bottom will find out how hard sister Carly can spank this time."

Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 2.07

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