Saturday, 16 April 2011

Some Sunday Fun

This is an odd little post, it's also what is known as a plug. Anyone who has read this blog is aware that I am an avid fan of the Kilahara Library of Spanking Fiction ( or click the link on my front page). Recently one of the author's there; Jools, posted a delightful piece nonsense she called: KLSF Party at the Spanker Inn. It featured many of the posters, authors and characters from the Library (even Kimmy and yours truly were mentioned) and was a total hoot. I urge my followers to go to the Library and read this story and while you're there avail yourself of the Library's many facilities and fictional writings.

In a case of fiction imitating life or the other way around there is an actual place called The Spanker Inn in England and this is a picture to help fuel those active imaginations.

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