Thursday, 28 April 2011

'The Spank Shop - Ashleigh and Daniel'

Another tale (or should that be tail? Sorry, your Aunty Andrea is feeling a little bit silly today) of my Spank Shop. Please enjoy how I helped a fledgling marriage.

Image from Clare Spanks Men. Ashleigh Summerton tries a paddle out for size.

Image from Clare Spanks Men. Daniel Summerton receives a well needed bottom warming over a stern ladies lap.

Image from FM Spanking World. More spanking for Daniel.

Kimberley Kennedy, receptionist of Clarkstown's, and possibly the world's, one and only Spank Shop, looked around at the empty reception area and the silent phone and sighed. Kimberley was bored beyond belief. It was Friday morning at eleven o'clock and there had not been a customer or a phone call for over two hours. In fact the only client so far had been Tiffany, a regular. Tiffany was a young nurse, who came in every Friday morning to have her bottom soundly spanked by Kimberley's employer; Andrea Mahoney, or 'Aunty Andrea' as many of her clients called her. Kimberley had rearranged her Excel spreadsheet, gotten it totally up to date, checked the ledger and redone next week's schedule, she had done the filing, played Solitaire on the computer until she had won a game. She had read right through a magazine and had nothing else to do. With a shrug of her shoulders and a flip of her fluffy blonde mane of hair she reached into her bag and took out a hand held mirror, a hairbrush, a bottle of nail polish and a nail filing kit.

Hair freshly brushed, although as Kimberley was almost obsessed with her clouds of honey hair, she brushed it five or six times a day anyway, and nails immaculately filed Kimberley was just applying the finishing coat of pink polish to the pinky finger on her left hand when the door to Andrea's parlour opened and a figure emerged. "Oh God!" Kimberley squealed, streaking nail polish across the nail and half way down her finger, she nearly spilled the entire bottle desperately trying to replace the little brush that was also the cap.

Tiffany stood in the doorway, wearing her white uniform and a broad smile. "Naughty, naughty." she said to Tiffany, wagging her finger. "Slacking on the job. Aunty Andrea will spank."

Kimberley glared at Tiffany "I thought you were Miss Andrea."

Tiffany giggled as she closed the door behind her and went to stand in front of Kimberley's desk. "That was kind of obvious, Kim. You're going to have a devil of a time removing that polish from your finger, you know."

"I've got remover with me. Keep it up and I'll ask Andrea if I can give you your warm up next week."

"Vixen!" Tiffany laughed. "Can I settle up for this week?"

"Yes, sure. I'm sooooo bored."

Tiffany looked around "What gives? There are usually kids in the corners and I sometimes get woken up by the howls as Aunty Andrea heats up a few bottoms in the parlour. Today it was like the intensive care ward without the beep of the life support machines."

Kimberley shook her head in annoyance as she accepted payment from Tiffany and updated her spreadsheet "I don't know. Although I do know what is going to happen. We're booked solid from one to five, appointment after appointment. Andrea is even going to let me spank a couple of the younger ones we're so busy and I bet that the phone won't stop ringing all that time, we'll have Mums popping in and asking if we can fit their little 'angel' in for a spanking, it's always the way."

"Have fun." Tiffany said with a smirk and then before she left asked "Do you want to have coffee tonight around seven at the usual place and maybe go see a movie?"


"Okay, seeya then, Kim."

Kimberley scrubbed at her now pink finger with a cloth, trying to rid it off the nail polish, muttering "Brat! I am so gonna spank her next week!" The blonde receptionist quickly stashed the cloth and her finger under the desk as the bell above the door tinkled and a couple entered.

"Good morning!" she said brightly.

"Hello," the slender lady with the long, curly black hair greeted Kimberley, her companion, a tall, slim, blond man, offered the girl a tentative smile and looked around nervously, "this is the Spank Shop isn't it?"

"Yes, it is." Kimberley said with a smile. "That's what the sign outside says."

"Are you Andrea Mahoney? I thought she was older."

Kimberley burst into peals of delighted laughter "No! I'm Kimberley, I'm the receptionist. Do you want to see Miss Andrea?"

"Yes, please."

"Take a seat, please. I'll just check with her and see if she can talk, Miss...ummmm...."

"It's Mrs. Mrs Ashleigh Summerton, this is my husband Daniel."

"Okay, thanks Mr and Mrs Summerton." Kimberley rose from her seat and went into the parlour to see where Andrea was and if she would speak to the Summertons.  

Andrea was seated at a desk in one corner of the parlour, a chessboard was laid out on top of it and the willowy disciplinarian had her head bent over the board, concentrating intently. "Miss Andrea? Ma'am?" Kimberley called softly.

Andrea whirled, a guilty look on her face "Kim!" she exclaimed. "You just caught me...ahhh....going over...."

Kimberley grinned "I think I just caught you, full stop."

"Hmmmm...yes....," Andrea prevaricated, stowing the chessboard, "careful that fresh mouth of yours doesn't talk itself into a trip over my knee, young lady." she warned her cheeky receptionist, recovering her usual calm, somewhat stern, demeanour.

"I have a couple who wish to see you." the blonde adolescent advised her employer.

"A couple? Adults?"

"Yes, a young married couple. The Summertons."

A slow smile spread across Andrea's smooth features and she murmured "This should be interesting. Give me a minute or two and send them in please, Kimberley."

"Yes ma'am." Kimberley said with a nod and backed out of the room.

Ashleigh and Daniel Summerton broke off their whispered conversation and looked up expectantly as Kimberley seated herself behind her desk "Miss Andrea will see you in a moment or two Mr and Mrs Summerton. Would you like a cup of coffee or tea in the meantime?"

Both of the Summertons shook their heads.

Kimberley smiled and nodded, then turned her attention to her computer screen whilst keeping a close eye on the clock. Kimberley had lived in Clarkstown all her life and she knew everybody in the town. She was not on speaking terms with the Summertons, but she knew them by sight. They had moved in just under a year ago. They were a quiet, attractive, respectable couple less than ten years older than Kimberley herself. Daniel Summerton worked as a rising executive for a nearby software company. Ashleigh did not have a full time job, but looked after their home, which she was in the middle of renovating. Kimberley's mother; Gabrielle had spoken to Ashleigh at local social gatherings and the young, married brunette had confessed that the renovation of their house was a full time job in itself.

Whilst Kimberley appeared to be doing something on the computer screen she was actually just watching the images on her screensaver change, whilst she pretended to type. What she was doing was listening to the quiet, but furious argument that the Summertons were carrying on "How long is this going to take?" Daniel hissed at his wife.

"I don't know." she replied snappishly.

"I've got to be back at work, soon. I had to miss lunch to make this appointment."

"Daniel," Ashleigh asked, her brown eyes sparking, "would you rather be at work than here with me, saving our marriage?"

Daniel Summerton dropped his sandy head and answered somewhat sullenly "Here, dear."

"Then stop complaining." Ashleigh advised her husband.

From behind the safety of her computer screen Kimberley's eyebrows rose. This sounded really juicy. Maybe this morning would not be a boring waste of time. She looked at the clock on her PC. Three minutes had passed. Andrea should be composed by now. Kimberley stood up and announced "Miss Andrea will see you now, Mr and Mrs Summerton." The couple got to their feet and Kimberley ushered them into the parlour.

Andrea was seated in her favourite armchair by the fire, long, slender, nylon stockinged legs crossed "Welcome," she smiled at the obviously nervous young couple, "I'm Andrea Mahoney." and she extended one slim, perfectly manicured hand.

Ashleigh Summerton did not know why, but something about Andrea made her feel that she should curtsey. The woman was not that much older than her, but she had this commanding presence about her that made Ashleigh feel like she was meeting a new headmistress for the first time. The pretty brunette fought down the urge to dip her knees and curtsey and instead took Andrea's offered hand, and clasped it rather more firmly than was necessary, whilst introducing herself "Ashleigh Summerton."

"Delighted to meet you." Andrea said with a strong handshake, then retrieved her hand and turned her attention to Daniel Summerton. The young husband was staring at Andrea, he had only lived in Clarkstown for little under a year and he was starting to wonder if there were some city law about being ugly. Daniel Summerton had yet to meet a female resident of Clarkstown that he did not find easy on the eye. The Spank Shop seemed to have more than its quota of beautiful, strong women. The receptionist was a knockout and the tall, serene woman holding her hand out to him was one of the handsomest women he had ever seen. "Daniel!" Ashleigh hissed and dug an elbow into her husband's ribs to bring him to back to the here and now.

"Oh. Ummm....Yeah," Daniel muttered, coming out of his reverie and taking Andrea's hand limply in his own. "Daniel. Daniel Summerton."

"Enchanted." Andrea smiled and invited the couple to sit.

Andrea noticed that as they lowered themselves onto the couch across from her that they sat next to each other, but not too close. Unless she was mistaken this young marriage was in a little trouble. Recently married couples had difficulty being away from each other and even if they often did not notice it themselves they never sat far away from their partner. The Summertons had made sure that no part of their bodies touched as they settled into the couch.

"Would you like coffee or tea?" Andrea asked before the young couple spoke.

"Your receptionist offered us some outside." Ashleigh answered.

"I'd like a cup of coffee." Daniel spoke up, ignoring the stinging glare his wife sent him.

"Actually so would I." Andrea agreed.

Ashleigh rolled her eyes and said "Oh, why not?"

"I'll just organise it with Kim." Andrea told her guests as she rose and glided to the parlour door.

"I thought you wanted to get back to work." Ashleigh told her husband furiously as Andrea spoke to her receptionist about the coffee.

"I'm thirsty." Daniel defended himself, dropping his blue eyes.

Ashleigh shook her head in annoyance "You're irritating is what you are."

There was silence as the young couple sat uncomfortably and Andrea appraised the two of them. They were an attractive couple and outwardly seemed perfectly suited, but in just the exchange about the coffee and their body language told her that their fledgling marriage was in trouble for some reason. Idly Andrea wondered if she and her ex husband appeared the same way to outsiders before they finally realised that the relationship was not working out and ended it. The willowy disciplinarian found herself hoping that the Summerton's marriage was not beyond saving and she resolved to do what she could to assist it.

Kimberley entered with a tray holding a glass carafe of plunger coffee, three cups and saucers, milk and sugar and a plate of chocolate biscuits. The teenager set the tray down on the table, poured a cup of coffee for Andrea and added milk and sugar according to her employer's preferences then handed it to her. Andrea accepted the cup with murmured thanks and a smile. Kimberley then turned her attention to the Summerton's "Milk and one sugar for both of us." Ashleigh said automatically.

As Kimberley poured and added the milk and sugar Daniel Summerton cleared his throat and said loudly "I'd like two sugars, actually."

Ashleigh's knuckles whitened as she took a cup from Kimberley and her lips compressed into a thin line. Kimberley added the extra sugar as Daniel had requested and hid her smile as she gave him the steaming cup. She offered the tray of biscuits around and everybody took one and placed it delicately in their saucers. Kimberley took the tray, tucked it under her arm and with a perfunctory curtsey and a flip of her blonde hair went back to reception.

Andrea sipped her tea and regarded Ashleigh and Daniel over the rim of the cup, her green eyes shining. Both the fair haired executive and his self assured brunette wife shifted uncomfortably under the unwavering green eyed gaze "How may I help you?" Andrea asked at length.

Both Ashleigh and Daniel exchanged a nervous look. The brunette waited for her husband to speak, instead he became intensely interested in his chocolate biscuit, seemingly examining it for design flaws. Ashleigh frowned in irritation set her cup down with an audible click and spoke "You give spankings here, don't you?"

The question seemed to amuse Andrea, although it was one she heard often. The concept of a spank shop was one a lot of people had difficulty with "Yes, I do." she replied simply and then continued "If you don't mind me saying, though Ashley that still does not really explain why you and Daniel are here. Most of my clients are children who require chastisement to their bottoms that their parents either won't or can't administer. You don't look old enough to have children of spanking age."

"We don't have any kids." Daniel croaked.

Andrea nodded "Maybe you have a niece or nephew that you're looking after and would prefer to have them spanked by a third unrelated party?" the disciplinarian fished.

"No," Ashleigh said with a sigh, "it's not that either."

"It's for one of you, then?" Andrea asked, watching the red flushes creep into the smooth, fresh faces of the Summerton's with no little amusement as the impact of the question struck home.

Seeing that her husband was struck dumb by the question Ashleigh confessed softly "Yes."

"Which one of you?" Andrea continued, taking a bite from her biscuit and relaxing into her chair, thoroughly enjoying herself.

Daniel began to choke as a mouthful of coffee went down the wrong way and hurriedly set his cup down while his wife pounded his back gently.

"Or is it for both of you?" Andrea coaxed, her green eyes sparkling.

"No!" Ashleigh blurted, her face a hot, bright red.

Daniel looked around as if he were wishing a hole would open up beneath him and swallow him.

"Maybe you had better tell me the entire story." Andrea advised the uncomfortable young couple.

Both Daniel and Ashleigh nodded and the brunette began the story "We had a great courtship and everything was fine until a few months ago," she told Andrea, "then it all changed."

"In what ways?" Andrea prompted.

"Well, Daniel changed....."

"I changed?" Daniel protested. "What about...."

Andrea interjected smoothly "Daniel, your wife is speaking. You will get your turn I promise you, but I must insist that you allow Ashleigh to finish her side of the story."

Daniel considered arguing, but one look at Andrea's stern face and her steady green eyes made him gulp and shut his mouth.

Ashleigh regarded Andrea with growing respect, this woman really knew how to handle men. "Thankyou, Andrea," she said, picking the story up again, "as I was saying Daniel changed. He started to argue about everything, even little things like if I asked him to do the dishes, he either ignored me completely or whined until I did them myself just to save myself the hassle, he also started to spend more and more time at work and I think it was just to avoid me."

"Do you work, Ashleigh?" Andrea asked.

"No, I don't." she admitted.

"Well, if you're a stay at home wife and Daniel goes out to earn a wage to keep you both isn't he entitled to relax when he is at home?" Andrea posed, flipping a lock of hair back behind one ear.

Daniel sat a little straighter and began to smile, this Andrea lady really knew her stuff.

Ashleigh dropped her brown eyes and nibbled on a biscuit as she formulated her rebuttal "I'm not just a stay at home wife. I don't sit on the couch all day, eating chocolates and watching 'Passions'. We're renovating. Daniel is great with computers, but he doesn't know one end of a hammer from the other. I do it all, I don't think asking him to do the dishes or take out the bins or even mow the lawn is really asking too much when I'm working every bit as hard as he is to give us the dream house we have both dreamt of."

Andrea's eyebrows rose "I stand corrected. Now, Daniel, you may tell me your tale of woe, young man."

Daniel frowned, his wife was good with words and more worrying she was right, he had not been as much help around the house as he could have been, he came from a family that had been totally dominated by his mother and he thought that as a married man he could retake control of his life, only it had not quite worked out that way "Well, I work hard. We're a small company," he began to explain, "but successful, we're expanding and I'm responsible for that. I may only do office work, but when I get home I'm mentally spent. I just want to relax."

Andrea chuckled "I don't think what Ashleigh asks you to do, Daniel, is really going to tip you over the edge. No, I think you see your mother in your wife and when she asks you to do these little things, just like a disobedient child you're not saying no to your beautiful wife, you're saying no to Mummy."

Daniel went white in shock, how had she nailed him so completely?

Ashleigh was also wondering the same thing, she could not have put it any better herself.

"My ex husband was not all that different from Daniel," Andrea explained, emphasising the ex in her former husband's title.

Andrea put her cup down and asked "Now, I know why you're here and who I'm to deal with I'd like to know why you think my 'gentle' ministrations will assist your relationship. Surely a marriage counsellor would be more appropriate than someone who spanks deserving bottoms for a living."

Andrea took particular note of how Daniel shivered when she said the word 'spanks. Oh, this pretty young man was definitely ripe for a soundly smacked bottom!

"We did try a marriage counsellor." Ashleigh admitted and her husband nodded to confirm the statement.

"It didn't work." Daniel muttered.

"No, what Daniel needs is a short, sharp shock." Ashleigh, said, licking her red lips.

"A spanking, though?" Andrea pressed, arching one sculpted eyebrow.

"I know it sounds silly." Ashleigh confessed, tossing her lustrous dark locks. I never would have thought of it, except for the visit we paid to Daniel's mother a few weeks ago."

Daniel went beet red as he realised the embarrassing episode his determined wife was about to relate. 

"We tried to hide what was really happening from her," Ashleigh began, "she's a lovely lady and she was so pleased when Daniel was married. He's her baby boy." she finished, eyes shining with enjoyment at her husband's obvious discomfort.

"She worked it out?" Andrea guessed.

"Oh yes, she's very perceptive. Daniel's spoilt brat behaviour didn't exactly help." Ashleigh said scornfully, shooting accusing looks at her squirming partner.

"What was her response?"

"Well, that was the surprising thing, wasn't it, Daniel?" Ashleigh asked.

"Not to me, it wasn't." Daniel muttered, looking at the tops of his brogues.

Ashleigh continued the story as her husband was obviously reluctant to say more "She picked up on his behaviour and told me that what he needed was a good spanking."

Andrea could not help her reaction and laughed somewhat incredulously "Really?"

"Yes, really!" Ashleigh confirmed. "Apparently Daniel's father went over her knee regularly from the day they were married until the day he passed away. She said that regular bare bottom spankings were the best decision she ever made and kept their marriage strong. Daniel can confirm that they hardly ever argued and his Mum credits the spankings with that bond."

"Hmmmmm....," Andrea mused, pouring herself a fresh cup of coffee, "what about you Daniel? Did Mummy spank her little boy, too?"

"Yes." Daniel sighed.

Andrea raised her eyebrows "Yes, what?" she demanded.

"Yes, Mum spanked me and my brothers."

"I thought so, Daniel, we need to set a few ground rules here, dear, when you address me you will call me ma'am, miss or Aunty Andrea unless I say otherwise. Do you understand me?"

Some part of Daniel Summerton wanted to tell the assured, attractive lady sitting across from him showing off her long, shapely legs, to go to hell, but another part of him told him that he would regret that, so hating himself for it, he ground out "Yes, ma'am."

"Much better." Andrea breathed, sipping her coffee. "Please continue Ashleigh, I am intrigued."

"Well, Mrs Summerton advised me that the best thing we could do for our marriage was to spank Daniel and before either of us could discuss it, she grabbed Daniel by the ear, hauled him to the couch, whisked down his trousers and underpants and had him held easily across her ample lap. While he wailed and kicked her broad, hard hand spanked his upturned bottom until it glowed, then she asked me to hand her the hairbrush...."

"Ash, please." Daniel begged. "I think Miss Andrea has heard enough. I need to get back to work."

Andrea smiled at the young, blond man and said "Boys should be seen, but not heard, Daniel. Ashleigh, please finish your story."

"Thankyou Andrea. I gave her the hairbrush and my didn't she roast his pretty, tight tush for him! After she had stood him in the corner with his bright red buns on display we both hugged him and put him to bed. I want to spank him, but I don't know how and we thought you could spank Daniel and teach me how to do it at the same time."

Andrea considered the request "I'm not sure that spanking is really a skill you can teach, Ashleigh, but I will try. It's a shame that Daniel's mother lives so far away. I'm sure she would teach you."

Ashleigh smiled "Yes, I know she could, Andrea."

"How do you feel about this, Daniel?" Andrea asked, looking directly at the blushing man.

"I don't like it," he confessed, "but I know it is necessary, even though I hate to admit it. Mum's spankings did keep me in line and I minded her more than I do, Ashleigh. I want the marriage to work, too."

"Excellent!" Andrea exclaimed, sitting up straight and clapping her hands. "A very mature attitude. I can see that even the suggestion of a more structured form of discipline is already showing a positive effect. Now, we need to get you booked in."

"You can't do it today, now?" Ashleigh asked, her expectant expression softening.

"No," Andrea replied, "much as I'd love to put Daniel over my knee, right now and get that pretty little bottom glowing, it has to wait. I have clients due very soon and you really don't want to rush an adult spanking, not if it's going to have the desired impact." She pressed her intercom and spoke into it "Kimberley?"

There was a mad scrabbling sound on the other end and a breathless "Yes, ma'am?" 

Andrea pursed her lips and thought to herself: 'She's been listening at the door again.' The teenage receptionist tended to do that when she was bored, Andrea had spoken to her about it before, maybe after work this afternoon she would have another discussion with young Miss Kimberley about unwanted inquisitiveness, and this time reinforce it with the application of hard hand to delightful derriere. "Can you please come in here with the appointment book, sweetheart?"

"Delighted ma'am!"

In no time the blonde girl was in the parlour, clutching the big appointment book to her chest.

"What do we have free next week, Kim?"

"Hmmmm....," Kimberley mused, scanning through the book, "I've got a slot on Tuesday morning, ten o'clock."

Andrea looked at the Summertons. Daniel made a face and shook his head "I'm meeting with an out of town vendor Tuesday morning."

Ashleigh grimaced "It's not good for me either. I have to be home for a delivery."

Daniel spoke up hesitantly "Miss Andrea, afternoons would be better. I can leave work early."

Andrea nodded "That may work. Kim? Any afternoons?"

The teenager frowned "They're usually really busy. No hang on! Thursday is free from three."

Andrea's face split into a wide smile "That's perfect! Can you be here at four on Thursday, Daniel?"

Daniel nodded weakly.

"That's four on the dot young man!" Andrea told him. "I get very displeased when anyone makes me wait. I cannot abide tardiness."

"Yes, ma'am." Daniel murmured, his eyes fixed firmly on the floor.

"Now, Ashleigh," Andrea turned her piercing emerald eyes on the young brunette, "I'll need you here earlier. Can you be here at three?"

"Ummm...yes, but isn't that a little early?"

"Not at all, young lady," Andrea dismissed the query, "we have a lot to discuss."

"I'll be here at three on Thursday." Ashleigh confirmed.

"Wonderful! Kim, can you make the arrangements please, sweetie?"

"Sure, your twelve fifteen should be here soon, too."

"Fix up the Summertons and send them right in. My palm is actually itching." Andrea ordered her receptionist.        

Ashleigh Summerton stood across the road from the Spank Shop, fussed with her hair and tugged her skirt into position before again checking that her fluffy woollen top was sitting right and not showing too much cleavage. She looked at her watch, ten minutes to three. Ashleigh did not know why, but she was incredibly nervous about this entire affair. She knew her husband both needed and deserved a good spanking, but doing it this way was just so unusual. There was also the matter of how the shop's cool, assured proprietor Andrea made her feel. The woman was undeniably attractive and Ashleigh admired the lady's calm practicality, if anyone other than Daniel's mother and she had to spank her husband then Ashleigh would nominate the chestnut haired professional disciplinarian. Ashleigh took a deep breath, tried to suppress the butterflies fluttering about in her tummy and hurried across the street to the shop.

The bell tinkled as the slender brunette entered the Spank Shop. Kimberley looked up from her computer "Hello, Mrs Summerton," she beamed, "you're early, Miss Andrea will be pleased."

Ashleigh favoured the adolescent with a bright smile of her own "Hi Kimberley, and please call me Ashleigh. Mrs Summerton is my mother in law."

Kimberley giggled "Okay, Ashleigh. Miss Andrea gets angry if I call older customers by their names without permission and if she gets angry then I usually get spanked."

"Oh, I see, well I give permission, dear." Ashleigh said as she lowered herself into a chair by the reception fire.

"Miss Andrea is just finishing up with a client, she won't be long, do you want a cup of coffee or tea?"

"No, thankyou. I'll just flick through a magazine while I wait."

Kimberley nodded her blonde head "Just call if you want anything."

Ashleigh had just chosen a magazine to read when the door to Andrea's parlour, or spanking room as many of its visitors referred to it, opened and a sobbing girl in her early twenties emerged. She had short, straight, black hair cut in a page boy style, she was wearing a white blouse and a tight navy skirt, the seat of which she was rubbing furiously. With a shock Ashleigh recognised the girl, she was a teller at the local bank. The young housewife had had a run in with her just the previous week, the girl was unbelievably rude. Ashleigh had considered reporting her to the manager, but it would appear that the young lady had been rude with the wrong person and it had earned her a painful trip over Andrea's knee. Ashleigh could not help allowing herself a smug smile as the girl hopped up and down on the spot, crying and rubbing her stinging bottom. "Kimberley," Andrea's gentle drawl floated from the parlour, "could you put Jennifer in the corner please and give her a hot drink after she's calmed down, then send her back to work?"

"No problem, ma'am." Kimberley replied, standing and taking the penitent Jennifer by the arm. "Mrs Summerton is here, shall I send her in?"

"Please." Andrea responded, a note of happiness in her voice.

"Go in," Kimberley told Ashleigh as she led Jennifer into a corner, as Ashleigh entered the parlour and closed the door she could hear Kimberley gently scolding Jennifer, "you were warned what would happen if you kept upsetting clients and now Aunty Andrea has given you a good hot bottom."

"Hello Ashleigh!" Andrea greeted the young housewife warmly. "Take a seat please, dear. I just need to put a few things away from Jennifer's whacking."

Ashleigh settled herself onto the couch whilst Andrea calmly replaced some spanking implements back into a wardrobe along one wall and also called to Kimberley for some tea.

In no time at all the two women were sipping hot tea and chatting about the business that was to be transacted.

"From what we said last Friday am I to take it that you've never given a spanking, Ashleigh?"

Ashleigh shook her head.

"You never babysat younger brothers or sisters?"

Ashleigh sipped her tea before answering "I'm an only child, so no."

Andrea's brows knitted together in a gentle frown "Were you ever spanked?"

"Oh God no!" Ashleigh exclaimed. "My parents were very liberal. I don't think I was ever even smacked just once."

"My goodness!" Andrea answered, she knew about the current view of corporal punishment, but it still surprised her when someone admitted that they had never experienced the sting of palm to bottom. "So you don't have any experience of spanking, yet you want me to spank your husband and want to put him through something you have never actually felt?"

Ashleigh squirmed uncomfortably on the couch "Ummmm...yes. I thought we agreed to that last week."

"We did, but I asked you here early for a reason, Ashleigh. I'm a great believer in not putting someone through something that you have not experienced yourself."

Realising what the willowy disciplinarian was getting at Ashleigh felt a tingle rise through her shapely bottom and said "But you spank people all the time and you can't have been spanked that much."

Andrea laughed "I spank different people, Ashleigh and believe me I do know what a sound spanking feels like. My parents were very much believers in the principal of spank first, then think about another punishment."

"Oh." said a somewhat mollified Ashleigh.

"Now finish up your tea, sweetheart and we'll get down to business." Andrea advised with a predatory look at the pretty young housewife sitting across from her.

Ashleigh drained her teacup and looked fearfully at Andrea, who was relaxing in her chair, fingers laced together and regarding the young housewife with the same sort of expression that a cat gives a mouse. "Now how would you like to prepare for this, Ashleigh?"

"Ppprepare?" Ashleigh stammered, her bottom tingling constantly now.

"As this is your first ever spanking, would you prefer to bare your own bottom or would you rather that Aunty Andrea take care of that? It's not a choice I generally offer."

"Oh...ummm....I don't....can...." Ashleigh faltered to an awkward halt, her cheeks flushed a bright, hot red.

Andrea took pity on the girl and decided "I think I'd better do it, darling. You appear to be quite overcome with emotion. From now on until your punishment is over, Ashleigh you are to call me Miss, Ma'am or Aunty Andrea, is that clear?"

Unable to speak Ashleigh nodded numbly.

"Very well, now stand up and come over here, sweetness."

On wobbly legs that she did not totally trust to take her the few steps around the coffee table to where the stern faced, but undeniably beautiful disciplinarian waited for her, Ashleigh tottered to the couch and stood trembling by Andrea's dark skirted knee. "My goodness!" Andrea exclaimed as she ran competent hands along Ashleigh's body. "You're shivering. Are you cold, Ashleigh?"

Feeling tears spill out her eyes and start to roll down her cheeks Ashleigh murmured "Nnno ma'am."

"Well never mind, darling," Andrea told her kindly, as she lowered the girl's skirt, to pool in a puddle of brightly coloured fabric around her ankles, "we'll soon have you as warm as toast."

Ashleigh continued to tremble and shake uncontrollably whilst Andrea calmly lowered her frilly panties to join the skirt around her ankles. She patted Ashleigh's lily white half moons to urge her over the knee and as the girl fell in an awkward sprawl chuckled "Upsa daisy!"

Andrea arranged the nervous Ashleigh over her lap so that the shapely bottom was pointing at the ceiling. Andrea reached down and removed Ashleigh's high heeled shoes. "You'll kick," Andrea said in response to the unasked question, "I can promise you that and I'd prefer you didn't kick me with an errant heel."

Ashleigh whimpered and felt her toes barely touch the rug on the floor, her untamed flowing black locks brushed the rug at the other end. She started to grunt and squeal as the room filled with the sound of crisp slaps being applied with great gusto to her vulnerable hind quarters. In no time at all Ashleigh's legs were waving about lazily as Andrea spanked up a hot little fire in that heretofore unspanked bottom. As she smacked away steadily, taking care that her palm visited every inch of Ashleigh's twitching rear, Andrea was surprised at how quickly the young housewife had reddened. Before Andrea was even halfway done with the hand spanking Ashleigh's twin globes were glowing like two shiny apples. 'I'll have to take it easy with the slipper if this is what a simple hand spanking can do to her.' Andrea thought as she cast her mind ahead to the second part of the punishment.

"Up you get." Andrea commanded.

Still blubbering, Ashleigh levered herself off Andrea's lap and straightened, her hands flew to her stinging, hot bottom, she did not seem to care that she was naked from the waist down.

"Uh uh," Andrea warned sharply with a flash of green eyes, "no rubbing."

Ashleigh's eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open in dismay, but she did not speak.

"Put your hands on your head, please Ashleigh."

For a moment Ashleigh simply stared defiantly at Andrea, who returned the look with a steady one of her own. Andrea won the battle of wills. Ashleigh's shoulders slumped, fresh tears spilled from her deep brown eyes, she lowered her head and laced her hands over the top of her dark hair. "Good girl." Andrea murmured. "Now you just stand there while Aunty Andrea gets the rest of your punishment ready."

"Rest of!" Ashleigh could not stop herself from blurting out, although she did leave her hands in place. "What rest of? My bottom is boiling!"

Then the self assured young housewife squealed and danced on the spot as a hard hand was applied several times to her tender thighs. "I have warned you once, young lady," Andrea scolded, "about the proper form of address. I will not do so again. If you continue to treat me with such disrespect you can go outside and cut a switch. Do you want to do that?"

"No, ma'am." Ashleigh murmured, whimpering as the sting in her recently smacked thighs set in.

"I thought not. Ashleigh, let me ask you a question. When I spank Daniel do you expect me to give him a hand spanking and simply let him off?"

Ashleigh wrinkled her pert nose and mumbled "No, Miss Andrea. His Mum gave him the brush as well, I'd expect that and some more maybe."

"And I intend to give him somewhat more than a simple hand spanking. As I have explained Ashleigh turnabout is fair play. You cannot expect me to spank your husband severely and know that you cannot or will not accept something similar, at least the first time."

"No, Miss."

"Good, now stand there and no more comments while I get the rest of your spanking prepared."

Ashleigh sighed heavily, the movement lifting and lowering her full breasts under their fluffy cardigan. She closed her eyes as the stinging, prickly heat in her bottom eased slowly to a dull throb. She could hear Andrea moving about the parlour, something was opened and then the rustle of material as the tall, stern lady settled back onto the couch.

"Open your eyes, please Ashleigh." Andrea requested.

Ashleigh did so and looked at Andrea, her eyes were puzzled, there was nothing different about the woman and the new implement was nowhere to be seen. Was this some sort of psychological torture?

"Back over you get." Andrea commanded, patting her lap.

Ashleigh lowered herself back over the waiting lap and tensed her bottom for the coming onslaught.

Ashleigh whimpered and sighed in blessed relief as she felt Andrea's sure, long fingered hands gently fondling her steaming hot buttocks, she squirmed a little in embarrassment as she felt a warm moistness in her vaginal area. This was turning her on! That was an unexpected side effect. Andrea smiled as she felt the young lady over her lap becoming aroused at the massaging of her soundly spanked bottom and thought, that will be the last thing she's thinking of in a minute or two. Ashleigh relaxed into the firm, toned thighs beneath her and decided to enjoy the treatment. The feel of Andrea's hands on her bottom was soon replaced with something colder and harder. Ashleigh frowned and wondered what had happened. All of a sudden sharp, hot, stinging pain exploded on her right cheek as a hard leather soled slipper cracked across it. Ashleigh howled and wriggled vigorously, then the hot spot in her right cheek was swiftly joined by the same sensation in the left as Andrea swept the slipper upwards, catching the under hang of Ashleigh's bottom. The girl squealed and bucked up and down wildly. Andrea held her tight and slippered sternly. Ashleigh roared her displeasure and her wails of dismay were a counterpoint to the steady cracking of the slipper across her shapely rear. The howls settled down to sobs and Ashleigh could taste that her nose was running as well. She hung her head and bawled, as much from humiliation that she had been turned into a red bottomed little girl as from the never ending roasting, stinging pain that flooded through her bottom with every stroke from that wicked item of footwear. Andrea made sure that she covered every inch of Ashleigh's bottom with the slipper, and that the entire surface of her bottom was the same shimmering crimson. Andrea could feel the heat positively radiating off the glowing derriere. She put the slipper down and let Ashleigh simply lay over her knees and sob for a few minutes.

When she judged that Ashleigh had recovered sufficiently Andrea gently helped the young housewife to her feet. Ashleigh could not help herself, once she was standing, her hands flew to her abused rear and she began to rub furiously while hopping up and down. Tears flowing down her face, strands of dark hair plastered to her snot and tear covered cheeks. Andrea watched the 'wardance' for a little while, a smile playing across her full lips and then said "Enough."

Ashleigh continued to rub and bounce up and down "Ashleigh what did I say earlier about rubbing?" Andrea reminded her as if she were talking to a very small child.

"I couldn't do it unless you said so, Aunty Andrea." Ashleigh replied in a little girl voice and she stopped dancing on the spot, but her hands did not leave her very sore bottom.

"That is correct. Remove your hands, please, young lady and then go to the corner. You can put your hands back on your head to ensure that you are not tempted to rub again."

Sniffling Ashleigh did as she was told and Andrea treated herself to a good eyeful of the formerly self assured young woman's firm, round and now very hot, scarlet and throbbing backside as it made its way back into the corner. Once Ashleigh was installed their, hands on head, bottom jiggling with her sobs Andrea placed the slipper back in the cupboard and left the room briefly to go to the bathroom. When she returned Ashleigh was still in place, her sobs had quieted somewhat and Andrea had a bowl of cool water, a bag of cotton balls, a washcloth and a bottle of lotion with her. She set these down on the table and rearranged herself back on the couch while she admired her handiwork on Ashleigh's fiery red bottom.

"Turn around please, Ashleigh." Andrea instructed.

Stiffly Ashleigh turned and faced Andrea, tears still tickling down her cheeks, a little pool of mucus gathering on her upper lip from her nose, makeup a complete mess, her mascara had run and left little black trails from her eyes all the way down to her chin. Her lipstick was smeared and the foundation was also cut through with trails of her tears and smudged or rubbed completely off in some sections. Her hands remained firmly on her head as Andrea's cool green eyes looked the young housewife up and down. "You may remove your hands, sweetheart." Andrea told her, but quickly added. "Do not rub your bottom, though."

With a deep shuddering breath that made her bosom bounce fetchingly Ashleigh unlaced her hands and put her arms by her sides.

"Please come to me, darling." Andrea commanded.

Ashleigh limped to the side of the stern disciplinarian, with a smile Andrea patted her lap.

"Oh no," Ashleigh started to cry again and began to beg, "no, Ma'am. Please Aunty Andrea, I can't handle anymore. Honestly I can't. please ddon't sp...spank me." 

"Did I say I was going to spank you?" Andrea asked, one sculpted eyebrow raised.

"Nnno Mmiss." Ashleigh stammered.

"Back over my knee." Andrea said in a tone that brooked no argument.

With a final sob Ashleigh lowered herself over Andrea's skirted lap again and tensed her aching buttocks for the spanking she knew would be forthcoming.

Ashleigh felt Andrea's smooth, sensitive palms sliding silkily over her furnace hot bottom and shuddered. She held her breath waiting for the spanking to recommence and wondering what implement of torture Andrea had for her this time. Ashleigh frowned and then her dark eyes opened wide and her buttocks unclenched as a wave of cool water was sluiced over her steaming rear end. Ever so gently Andrea washed and dried the cherry red bottom over her knee and she felt all the tension go out of Ashleigh's body as the girl relaxed and let Andrea soothe her. Andrea upended the bottle of lotion over Ashleigh's smarting red right buttock and squeezed a pool of the soothing liquid right onto the centre. Ashleigh murmured in pleasure and ground her crotch into Andrea's lap as the owner of the Spank Shop repeated the process with the left cheek. Ashleigh whimpered and gave herself up to blessed relief as Andrea skilfully and tenderly worked the lotion into the abused gluteal muscles and massaged the still hot bottom over her knee. Then Andrea used cotton balls soaked in water to wash and clean the excess grease from the lotion off Ashleigh's glowing red situpon. When she was satisfied that Ashleigh was cleaned and gentled down Andrea dusted the bottom with talcum powder so that it looked like raspberry jelly dusted with sugar, then gently patted it dry with the towel.

By this stage Ashleigh was literally purring over Andrea's lap. Andrea helped the girl to sit up in her lap and held her, cradling the damp cheek against her bosom, letting the housewife cry softly into her blouse. Andrea rocked her slowly and whispered soothing words into her ear. After five minutes Ashleigh had composed herself and managed to remove herself from Andrea's embrace. She slid off the lap and looked down at Andrea. "Thankyou, Aunty Andrea," she said formally, "although I did not know it when I arrived here, I do now, and that was that I needed that spanking."

"I know you did, darling." Andrea said with a big grin. "Now why don't you nip into the bathroom and fix your makeup and we'll get everything ready for that naughty husband of yours."

The bell above the door in reception tinkled and Kimberley looked up to see Daniel Summerton standing nervously in the doorway. He was dressed in a sharp suit and carried a briefcase. "Hello, Daniel," she smiled at him and consulted her watch, "right on time too, Aunty Andrea will be impressed."

"Ummm, yes..." Daniel mumbled with a blush, "I....uhhhh...."

"I will take a seat and wait for you Miss Kimberley, is what I think you meant to say." the girl rescued the anxious young man.

Daniel nodded and on legs of jelly took a seat, he sat there, eyes flicking around and hands clasped between his knees. Kimberley hid a smile, this one was going to be fun to deal with, she hoped Aunty Andrea would allow her to 'help out'.

Kimberley opened the door to the parlour and poked her golden head in "Miss Andrea. Mrs Summerton. The four o'clock is here."

Andrea and Ashleigh looked up from where they were sipping tea.

"Thankyou Kimberley, would you take him into a change room and get him into an apron? Mrs Summerton, you may call her Ashleigh in front of her husband will be in to assist you."

"Yes, ma'am."

"How is he?" Ashleigh asked, pink tongue moistening her lips.

Kimberley giggled musically "Nervous. I think I better take him to the toilet first, unless we want an accident."

Kimberley looked at the restless Daniel Summerton and announced "We're going to need to get you ready, young man. Do you need to go to the toilet first?"

The relief was obvious on Daniel's smooth face and he said "Oh God, yes." as he stood, then he jumped and stared at Kimberley as she landed a slap on the seat of his suit trousers. "Yes, thankyou, Miss Kimberley will be sufficient." the teenager told him icily.

"Yes, ma'am. Thankyou" and with his cheeks burning he darted to the bathroom to empty his suddenly full bladder.

Daniel's bottom tingled madly as he allowed the pretty, blonde receptionist to lead him by the hand to the changing room. How did this happen? How did he, a rising executive at a growing computer company, come to be bossed around by an eighteen year old knockout prior to having his bottom soundly smacked by the proprietress of a Spank Shop? And at his wife's orders! Daniel shook his head and cursed the natural submissiveness of the Summerton men.

Daniel stood in the changing room, looking at the neatly made bed and the closed wardrobe, his eyes went to the thick, brightly patterned, round throw rug beneath his feet. There was a click as Ashleigh floated in from the adjoining room. "Ashleigh!" Daniel gasped with a smile, he was glad his wife was here, he doubted he could have gone through the whole humiliating ordeal if there were not at least one familiar face here to help him through it.

"Daniel," she cooed, running a finger seductively down his jaw line and smiling as he shivered, "are we all ready to have our botty smacked?"

Daniel gulped and murmured truthfully "No."

"Oh," Ashleigh pouted, "Kimberley and I will have to fix that, won't we Kimmy? Aunty Andrea mentioned something about spanking aprons."

Kimberley nodded with a big grin and opened the cupboard to show the Summerton's the Spank Shop's full array of spanking aprons.

Both of the Summerton's; husband and wife, stared at the row of aprons hanging in the wardrobe. Ashleigh clapped her hands and exclaimed "Oh! How absolutely darling!"

Daniel stared at the insubstantial, open garments and with a moan of embarrassment sank onto the bed.

Ashleigh was sifting through the aprons "Can we use any one we like?" she asked.

"Anything that will fit," Kimberley responded and then removed two, "except for this one," and she showed Ashleigh a white apron with a red cross on it, "that's for a special, regular client, and this one." she quickly scrunched the other one up and held it to her chest.

"What's that one for?" Ashleigh asked curiously, dark eyes sparkling.

"Me." Kimberley confessed, a hot flush of shame rising up her long elegant neck and into her cheeks.

"How about this?" Ashleigh asked, pulling out a blue apron with lots of cartoon bulldogs on it.

"Oh yes!" Kimberley enthused. "Perfect for a naughty little boy. Look, Danny," she said to a miserable Daniel, "look at the apron your wife has picked out for you."

Daniel looked at the hideous garment and made a noise of disgust.

"Oh, don't be like that." Kimberley scolded. "Miss Kimberley might have to spank some of that attitude out of you, young man."

"I won't be stopping her either, Daniel." Ashleigh backed Kimberley in her threat. "Now you get into this apron and we'll go out to see Aunty Andrea."

Daniel nodded weakly and said "Yes, Ashleigh. I'll get changed as soon as you and Miss Kimberley leave."

The two women exchanged a look and Ashleigh said "Leave? Kimberley and I aren't going anywhere."

"But...but...but..." Daniel muttered impotently.

"Oh for Gods sake!" Ashleigh snapped, her dark eyes sparking. "You're my husband, you haven't got anything I haven't already seen and somehow I doubt you're the only young man Kimmy has seen in the altogether."

"No, he is not, Ashleigh." Kimberley confirmed. "He is however one of the naughtiest. If you're not out of those clothes and into this apron quick smart I'll have you over my knee so quick it will make your head spin, little man."

Although Kimberley's fluffy, blonde cheerleaderish appearance suggested that she could not possibly follow through on the threat there was something about the girl's voice and manner that told Daniel that she certainly could do as she threatened. Faced with that and the resolutely folded arms of his wife Daniel disrobed as quickly and with as little embarrassment as he could manage and stood shivering in the room, one hand over his genitals. Kimberley and Ashleigh could not help, but smile and Ashleigh even let out a scornful peal of laughter, although her own throbbing bottom told her not to enjoy this too much.

Ashleigh held the apron out teasingly "Come and get it, darling."

"Please, Ashleigh." Daniel whimpered. "Just give it to me, please."

"I can put it on him.' Kimberley offered brightly, really enjoying the feeling of power that this humiliation was giving her.

Ashleigh shook her head in disappointment and said "No, thankyou Kimberley. Here have it, Daniel. I really do wish you'd be a bit more adult about all this, though. You look ridiculous holding your dick like that. It's almost like you're ashamed of what you've got." Ashleigh tossed the apron to her husband who gratefully put it over his front and then tried ineffectually to tie it up at the back.

"Come over here, Danny." Kimberley said kindly and when he shuffled over to her, she turned him around and began to tie the apron up. "Let Miss Kimberley help you out there." she did it up with a neat bow and then patted his bare, white bottom playfully.

"Daniel," Ashleigh said, with an upraised eyebrow, "aren't you going to thank Miss Kimberley?"

"Oh, yes, of course," Daniel croaked and turned to Kimberley, he was too ashamed to meet those sparkling blue eyes so mumbled at his feet, "thankyou Miss Kimberley."

"My pleasure, sweetheart." Kimberley beamed.

Ashleigh took her husband's hand and jerked him towards the door "Come on, let's show you off to Aunty Andrea and get that bottom warmed up."

Andrea put her cup down and looked Daniel up and down "Well, don't you look adorable?" she asked.

"Ummm...I" Daniel murmured.

Andrea frowned. She reached out, took hold of Daniel's wrist and spun him around, she scolded "Thankyou, Aunty Andrea, is what you say, not I guess so, young man!" she punctuated each word with a stinging slap to Daniel's exposed buttocks, making him jump and fight against that iron grip.

"Yes, Aunty Andrea!" he wailed, putting his free hand behind him to protect his bottom.

"Daniel," Andrea said in a dangerous tone, "unless you want to feel the tawse on your bottom I would move your hand immediately."

Daniel removed the hand and sniffled, facing Andrea.

"My goodness!" the attractive disciplinarian exclaimed. "Such a sullen, disobedient boy! I can see I'm going to have to spank you very soundly indeed."

As Daniel stood in front of Andrea and his bright eyed wife, wondering what came next he became aware of a stirring in his loins and his penis rising insistently beneath the apron. Oh God no! he thought in panic. Think of something else! he told himself. Brussels sprouts, steamed cabbage, cold showers, cleaning the grease trap, then he saw Andrea's long, slender, nylon sheathed legs and the fight was lost. Andrea looked down at the front of the apron and she laughed. Ashleigh's eyes followed Andrea's gaze and she had smother her giggles. "I was wondering when 'he' would come to life." she said with a grin.

"It's quite common among the older boys." Andrea continued. "However it will take his mind away from what I want to be a stinging, hard, hot, humiliating experience. Would you mind taking him into the bathroom, and relieving him of that, please Ashleigh?" the athletic brunette asked, flicking the erect member painfully with one manicured, lacquered nail. "You can scold him whilst I prepare his spanking."

"Delighted, delighted." Ashleigh cooed. She rose languidly and took Daniel by the hand, whispering seductively into his ear. "C'mon my baby boy, let Mummy Ashleigh give you a little handjob."

Andrea cleaned the tea things from the table and hummed to herself as she took a hairbrush and a thick, broad strap connected to a small handle from the cupboard and set them on the table, she also took a bottle of baby oil from the cupboard and put that on the table next to the strap and the brush. She listened at the door of the bathroom and smiled as she heard Daniel grunting and gasping interspersed with the occasional sharp word and the report of a firm hand smacking an unprotected thigh or buttock. Ashleigh had him simmering nicely, it would not be long before he popped.

Andrea has just settled herself on the couch when there was a moan from the bathroom and praise from Ashleigh "That's my big boy! Yes, you spurt it all out for Mummy Ashleigh, baby."

Ashleigh emerged from the bathroom a minute or two later, with a broad, self satisfied smile on her face, wiping one hand with a towel, her other hand was clasped around her husband's as she led him out to Andrea on the couch.

"Let's have a look at you." Andrea requested and examined Daniel front and back, his bottom and the backs of his thighs both bore fading pink handprints, evidence that Ashleigh had had to encourage him to spend himself. "Much better," Andrea pronounced as she saw that the front of his apron was laying flat, no more evidence of 'tenting', "you look good enough to eat, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to settle with spanking you, now over Aunty Andrea's knee." she placed a hand on the small of his back and pushed gently, Daniel stretched gracefully over the dark skirted lap with the ease of long practice. "Lovely," Andrea purred, "I do like a boy who knows how to lie over a woman's lap."

Daniel gasped as he felt Andrea stroke, rub and gently pinch his upturned bottom. He knew what she was doing and why. It made him feel uncomfortable and it also helped to sensitise his bottom by bringing the nerve endings to the surface, even now he felt his anus pucker, the gooseflesh spread across his cheeks and his gluteal muscles clench reflexively. Andrea saw the tell tale signs of a bottom preparing itself for a spanking and waited, she lifted Daniel's hips and crossed her legs. Daniel let out a little whimper of dismay, his mother did this too, she was elevating his bottom to tighten it and make it almost impossible for him to relieve the pain when she commenced the spanking. CRACK! The report of the first smack rang out around the room, Daniel squealed and before the noise had died another CRACK resounded and a second red handprint bloomed on Daniel's opposite cheek. Seated across from Daniel Ashleigh drew in her breath and licked her lips, after what Andrea had put her bottom through earlier she was going to enjoy seeing someone else get it, especially the husband whose behaviour had drawn them both here in the first place.

As the steady cadence of Andrea's firm palm spanking Daniel's upturned, rapidly reddening bottom continued to fill the room and be answered by the young husband's distressed squeals and yelps Ashleigh began to feel a pleasant warmth suffuse her groin. She leaned back on the couch and without her being totally aware of it her hand slipped under the waistband of her skirt and crept towards the dark, moistening thatch of dark, springy curls beneath her panties. Ashleigh closed her eyes and let out a little noise of pleasure. "Ashleigh!" Andrea spoke sharply, without missing a beat in her chastisement of Daniel or upsetting her steady spanking rhythm, Daniel's legs were starting to wave lazily around and he was undergoing a very sound spanking indeed, "There is a time and place for everything young lady. This is not the time or the place for what you are about to indulge yourself in. I am sure that if you ask Daniel nicely after his bottom has been dealt with he will be only too happy to assist you."

Ashleigh removed her hand and gave Andrea a guilty smile. The stern disciplinarian hid her own smile by looking down at Daniel's blazing red derriere and letting loose with a volley of stinging slaps to his sit spot that made him buck and howl over her lap.

Andrea held Daniel tightly and rested the back of her hand on his steaming buttocks. "Ooohhh lovely!" she exclaimed. "Ashleigh, come and feel how hot Daniel's little situpon is." Andrea invited and added. "You need to aim for this colour and temperature when you warm him up at home."

Ashleigh placed her hand tentatively on her husband's glowing red rump and then quickly withdrew it saying "My goodness! He's positively steaming!"

"Oh, he can get a lot hotter," Andrea assured the young Mrs Summerton, "a lot hotter." she repeated with relish. "Can't you Danny, darling?"

"Yes, ma'am." Daniel replied, fighting back tears. His mother was a talented spanker and she knew how to light fires in his backside, but Andrea Mahoney was an absolute artist and Daniel had no doubt that his bottom would feel as if it were about to burst into flame by the time she was finished with him.

"Oh, yes!" Andrea said, reaching across the shimmering sunset red bottom and picking up her cherrywood hairbrush. "We're going to really roast that delightful little tushie." Andrea placed the brush, bristle side down on Daniel's tender bottom and began to scratch them gently across the surface. Daniel started to squirm uncomfortably and plead "Please, Aunty Andrea. Not that. I'll be good, I promise."

"Oh, I think you know what's coming, don't you sweetness?" Andrea drawled, watching that firm, round, red, muscular bottom twitch and flinch as it tried to avoid the bristles and prepare itself for the kiss of the brushes flat, hard, oval back. In one smooth motion Andrea spun the brush, raised it and cracked it down smartly across the centre of Daniel's bottom. The boy howled and jerked up and down wildly. "We have wriggler, I see." Andrea commented as she delivered a crisp round of searing strokes across the crowns of Daniel's bottom. Daniel's yells began to blend into each other and the tears started flowing as Andrea adjusted her aim and applied a concentrated session from the brushes wicked back to his oh so tender sit spot. Daniel sobbed and Andrea watched as his bottom went from bright red to fire engine scarlet. As Daniel blubbered and tasted that his nose was streaming as much as his eyes were Andrea decided to give the dancing bottom a little rest and the following strokes were applied to his tender, marble white thighs. Daniel roared and kicked wildly. "That always gets their attention." Andrea told an entranced Ashleigh, who was watching the punishment, eyes shining and cheeks glowing.

Andrea set the brush down and let Daniel lie simply across her lap and bawl. "That's the boy," she encouraged him, "you have a good, long, hard cry, but keep a few tears in reserve, sweetheart, you'll need them." Andrea told the blubbering, cherry red bottomed, young husband over her knee, ominously.

Ashleigh cleared her throat and asked in a tight voice "Aunty Andrea? I know you probably want Danny in the corner, but could I hold him on my lap please? His bottom looks so nice and hot and he's crying so hard...."

Andrea smiled at Ashleigh as she considered the request "Do you know, Ashleigh, I think a good cuddle on your lap is exactly what our baby boy needs. How about that, Danny? Would you like to sit in Mummy Ashleigh's lap?"

Daniel swallowed a sob and whimpered "Yes, please Aunty Andrea."

"Good boy," Andrea said and gave Daniel's bottom a healthy slap which elicited a yelp, before assisting him to his feet and propelling him to his waiting wife.

Ashleigh enfolded her crying husband into her arms and drew him onto her lap, revelling in the feeling of his steaming hot derriere as it settled into her soft, inviting lap and she felt the warmth flood through her skirt and panties. She let Daniel lay his damp, sweat and tear stained cheek onto her breast and rocked him, while stroking his hair gently and murmuring soothing words into his ear in between kissing his neck and cheek with soft, butterfly light movements of her lips.

Andrea called through and asked Kimberley for fresh tea. The girl arrived a few minutes later with a gently steaming pot, she took her time preparing and serving the tea to Andrea and Ashleigh, allowing herself to get a good look at Daniel's red bottom as he shifted uncomfortably in his wife's lap. "I'll bet he thinks twice about refusing to do the dishes next time." Kimberley said with a giggle as she handed a cup of tea to Ashleigh.

The young housewife did not answer the question, but accepted the cup from the receptionist with a warm "Thankyou, Kimberley, you're a love."

"Kimberley Susan!" Andrea reprimanded her employee. "Unless you'd like your backside to match Daniel's I'd be keeping the smart alec comments to myself if I were you."

Kimberley gulped and lowered her eyes whilst apologising quickly "Sorry, ma'am." and hastily beating a retreat from the parlour.

Andrea finished her tea and allowed Ashleigh to swallow the last mouthful of hers before announcing "I think it's time we finished Daniel's punishment off. We don't want him getting too comfy there on your lap, Ashleigh."

Ashleigh looked down at her husband, who was indeed resting his head very contentedly on her warm, ample bosom. "You are right of course, Andrea. I think my little boy has just about nodded off here. Up you get, darling and go to Aunty Andrea and ask her nicely for the rest of your spanking."

Daniel climbed reluctantly from his wife's loving and comfortable lap and limped to Andrea, who was waiting for him on the couch, he winced as he felt his aching bottom cheeks rub together with each small step. He stood before Andrea, who was obviously waiting for him to speak, he shut his eyes before talking. His mother had made him do this a lot too and he hated it, asking to be spanked, it was humiliating and you were admitting that you had done something wrong and wanted to be treated like a small child for it.

"I kknow...I...ummm...I wwas nnnaughty, Aunty Andrea," Daniel stammered, feeling a hot flush rise into his cheeks, "wwould puhpuhleese sp...spank me fuhfor it?"

"Since you ask so nicely, darling, I would be delighted. Come to Aunty Andrea." the athletic brunette invited, holding up her arms.

Daniel fell into them and Andrea held him tightly, whilst fondling his bottom "Oh, that is steaming, isn't it, Daniel?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"So red and hot," Andrea murmured, "and a little swollen too, I wouldn't mind betting. I'd like you to stay here playing with these glowing little cherries all day, but I'm afraid we have to make things extra specially super hot for you, dear."

Andrea took Daniel's hand and led him unresisting, and crying freely again, around the back of the couch, she bent him over the sofa and instructed "Lift your bottom up nice and high for Aunty and brace back with your legs, I want that bottom well pushed out."

Daniel gulped and did his best to do as Andrea said, he was not totally sure what was coming, but he was sure that he would not enjoy it. "Ashleigh," Andrea addressed the watching wife, "you may want to get a good view of this. I think you'll find it very instructional."

As Andrea picked up the bottle of baby oil from the coffee table Ashleigh rose gracefully to her feet, smoothed out her skirt and sauntered around the back of the couch where she had an uninterrupted view of proceedings. Daniel grit his teeth as he caught sight of the teasing smile playing across his wife's lips and the wicked glint in her dark eyes. Daniel then blinked and gasped mostly in surprise as he felt cool liquid drizzled across his aching hindquarters, he let out an involuntary moan of pleasure as Andrea's sure and competent hands spread the baby oil across his bottom until it glistened with a thin film of the liquid. Ashleigh did not speak, but her eyes showed her confusion. Andrea recapped the baby oil and put it back on the table, she wiped her hands and picked up the handled strap, she placed a forefinger over her lips in a gesture to Ashleigh not to speak.

Andrea took up position behind Daniel's blazing bottom, shook the strap out and lay its length across the boy's bottom, as she drew it slowly across the gleaming red hemispheres Daniel realised what it was and what Andrea had done. He knew from bitter experience at the hands of his mother that a spanking on a wet bottom stung much more fiercely than on a dry one. Andrea had slathered his buttocks with baby oil and now she was going to strap him! Daniel started to blubber and beg "Please Aunty Andrea. Please, I'll be good. Please don't strap meeeeeee!" the last word was an anguished squeal as the black strip of leather sang through the air and cracked across the centre of the tight double bulge of Daniel's bottom.

Andrea shook the strap out again and took aim as Daniel danced up and down on the spot. Daniel roared as a line of fire ripped across the top of his bottom. The pain from that stroke was just dying as Andrea swung again, the strap sweeping up to catch Daniel on the tender underhang, the so called sit spot. As Daniel wailed and his hands twitched convulsively trying desperately to fight the overwhelming urge to clasp them to his abused rear, Andrea beckoned Ashleigh over. She handed the grinning housewife the strap and showed her where to stand. Daniel, his vision obscured by his tears and the blood thundering through his ears, was unaware of what had happened. "Now aim for the middle." Andrea told Ashleigh.

Ashleigh, her cheeks glowing and eyes shining with excitement raised the strap and then whipped it down. As Andrea had advised it landed dead centre. Daniel screamed and his feet left the floor as he jumped in the air. "Well done!" Andrea congratulated Ashleigh. "Drop this one a little higher, but be careful not to hit the kidney area."

Ashleigh nodded as if she had just been told how bake a cake and let fly with the strap again, although her placement was not as exact as Andrea's had been she struck a good meaty part of the buttocks and watched as her husband's bottom flared as red as the prized Tatiana roses in her front garden. As Daniel tried to recover from that searing stroke Ashleigh struck again, this time she connected solidly with the sit spot and Daniel howled. Andrea nodded and took the strap from Ashleigh with a whispered "Congratulations." She put her arms around Daniel's shaking body and assisted him to a standing position. Both ladies hugged the sobbing man and told him that he was a brave boy before Andrea led him into a corner and placed his hands on his head with a gentle admonition to remain there until called for.

As Daniel sobbed quietly in the corner and his buttocks danced of their own volition Andrea and Ashleigh discussed the punishment "You don't need to spank him so severely all the time, Ashleigh." Andrea advised.

"How often should I put him over my knee?" Ashleigh asked.

"Well, his mother seems to have trained him well to accept discipline," Andrea mused, "I wouldn't think it would be necessary more often than once a month. You can bring him in here every three months for a refresher if you'd like. I don't think an occasional session over Mummy's knee would go astray either."

Ashleigh nodded sagely and they continued to talk casually while admiring the hot, glowing, deep, rich, cherry red cheeks in the corner.

Ashleigh rose and went to Daniel, she took him by one hand and put her free arm around his waist, leading him into the bathroom. Andrea hummed to herself as she tidied up, thinking of the two glowing red bottoms she had seen this afternoon and musing that it had been a job well done and that she had rarely had such an enjoyable and rewarding afternoon. Daniel was actually smiling when Ashleigh and he exited the bathroom and as her husband was dressing Ashleigh confessed to Andrea that she had soothed his bottom in the bathroom and that she was very optimistic that their relationship had been greatly improved by the afternoon's experience. Daniel, dressed once again in his smart suit, and looking every inch the young executive put his arm around his wife's slender waist and said "I was thinking we may come back in six weeks, Ash."

"My birthday?" she said queryingly.

"It can be part of your present." Daniel grinned.

"Oh, you are a wonderful husband and I'm sure I can light the candles on my cake from your bottom." Ashleigh giggled, throwing her arms around Daniel as the loving couple left the parlour.


  1. May I say how very much we have been enjoying this excellent blog, the effort and detail that goes into the posts is just wonderful. Having made many trips over my partner, K's knee I can attest only to well to the benficial contribution to domestic harmony that can be made with a well applied hairbrush to a bared bottom. Lucky Daniel, he got just what he needed! In fact so many of us need an Aunty Andrea in our lives, and a spank shop in every village would be a great addition to society we both agree.

    The only slight pause in my enthusiastic praise for The Spank Shop is that K now seems determined to go out and buy an doubt its arrival will feature on our log soon enough!


  2. Thankyou so much for posting your appreciation of this story and the blog in general, it is greatly appreciated. I am glad I was able to give your K some ideas to invigorate your lives!