Friday, 8 April 2011

'The Spank Shop - Chelsea and Kimberley'

My post yesterday about mothers and daughters got me thinking about one of the more memorable mother and daughter spankings my little shop has seen. Please read and enjoy this story of that afternoon.

Kimberley tapped a key on her computer and saw that the client who was currently in with her employer, Andrea Mahoney or 'Aunty Andrea' as she was more commonly known, the proprietress of Clarkstown's, possibly the world's only Spank Shop, was the last for the day. If the session was on time and it looked as if it would be then they would finish at five on the dot and that was a good thing.

It was early summer in Clarkstown and that meant lazy sun drenched days and balmy nights. Daylight savings had started and although Kimberley knew that it was silly, it always made her feel like she had an entire extra hour of daylight. If she finished on time today she would be able to get home by five thirty, collect a few things and have a swim at the local pool, she would meet up with some girlfriends there, maybe arrange to have coffee or go to one of Clarkstown's night spots. Kimberley finished her iced coffee and sat back to listen to the spanking proceeding in the parlour.

She could not hear the distinctive sound of hand or implement meeting tender flesh muffled by the door, nor could she hear Andrea's stern voice scolding so that meant that the miscreant in the parlour; in this case William Tomlinson, a nine year old whose hard working single mother brought him in once a month to have his bottom soundly spanked by 'Aunty' Andrea, was probably doing his corner time. That was great, not only was she on schedule, she was actually ahead of it. She was just working out William's fee as the boy wandered out, the evidence of tears still on his face, although Andrea had cleaned it up a little, and he was furiously rubbing the seat of his pants, further signs that he had been very thoroughly spanked. Kimberley had to giggle as Andrea's soft, cultured drawl floated out "William, no matter how hard you try darling, you can't rub your bottom away."

"You got your sweet little botty smacked extra hard, huh?" Kimberley inquired with a soft smile.

William sniffed and answered "Yes, Miss Kimberley."

"Well that's good, because I'm sure you deserved it, sweetie." the blonde receptionist told him, not unkindly. "Go stand in the corner while we wait for your Mum, okay?"

"Do I have to?" the boy whined.

"Do you want to go over my knee?"

"No, Miss Kimberley!" William said, his eyes going wide.

"Then get in the corner and if you don't do it smartly you can have your bottom bared."

William gulped and raced to the corner, getting there, pushing his nose to the wall and standing at attention, knowing that no matter how sweet 'Miss Kimberley' looked she was all too capable of carrying out both her threats.

Once the boy was installed in the corner Kimberley went back to her work, casting glances at the bright day outside the shop and other looks at the clock. Ten to five, hopefully Mrs Tomlinson was not working late today. At seven minutes to five the lady arrived to pick up her recently punished son. She quickly satisfied herself that a very thorough and professional chastisement had been carried out on William and paid Kimberley, then left with her sore bottomed son in tow. Kimberley was just putting the money in the cashbox and entering the data in the paid column on her spreadsheet when the bell to the shop tinkled and a lady and a teenage girl of about fifteen entered. Kimberley's azure eyes went wide with surprise as she looked up from her computer screen and saw who the newcomers were.  

The lady was tall and slender with fair skin and immaculately styled blonde hair. Her blue eyes had just a few almost indiscernible crows' feet at their corners. She was dressed in a light, white summer frock and had strappy, high heeled sandals on her feet. Looking at Kimberley and then at the older of the two entrants a definite resemblance could be seen. The lady looked a lot like Kimberley if you could picture the pretty teenage receptionist twenty years older. The younger of the two whose hand was being tightly held by the mature lady was also fair complexioned with cornflower blue eyes and a masses of long, honey blonde hair that cascaded to her shoulders in waves. She was wearing a bright orange top that accentuated her high riding, developing breasts and left her tanned, firm, flat midriff bare, her legs were covered by a tight pair of flared hipsters with an intricate, paisley style sewn design running down the inside legs, she wore a pair of flat, simple, open toed sandals on her feet which showed off ten painstakingly pink painted toenails. There was also a striking resemblance between this girl and Kimberley, although the girl was an inch or two shorter and obviously younger.

"Mum! Chelsea!" Kimberley exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

Gabrielle Kennedy's blue eyes flashed and she said to the girl with her "Fancy that Chelsea. A mother comes to see her daughter and offer to walk her home and you get what are you doing here? I had hoped I raised my eldest daughter better than that."

Kimberley blushed and lowered her eyes "I'm sorry, Mum." she apologized. "I just got a bit of a shock. I wasn't expecting you. You've never met me at work before."

Gabrielle's attractive, strong features softened a little as she smiled at her daughter and complimented her "That's better, that's my Kimberley. There's a first time for everything, sweetheart, I did also want to speak with Andrea if she is available."

Kimberley frowned and answered "Well she's not actually busy, you passed our last client on your way in, but I'm not sure if she wants to see anyone else. I can ask." Kimberley pressed a button on the recently installed intercom and asked "Miss Andrea, ma'am?"

There was a crackly response and a loud noise from the box on Kimberley's desk. The teenager pushed her chair back in shock and her younger sister; Chelsea giggled at the response. There was a muffled "Blast this infernal device!" from the parlour next door and the door flew open to reveal an annoyed Andrea, willowy form in a defiant stance and green eyes blazing "Yes Kim, what is it?" she snapped.

"'s my Mum, ma'am. She wanted to know if she could have a word with you."

Andrea's entire demeanour altered as she heard that and she saw the Kennedy matriarch standing there "Oh Gabrielle! I am sorry. Please come in."

Gabrielle laughed, let go of her daughter's hand and allowed herself to be ushered into the parlour. The door closed behind them.

Chelsea sat glumly in the edge of her big sister's desk "Chel, what is going on?" Kimberley asked, sitting back in her high backed swivel chair.

"I dunno." Chelsea mumbled. "One minute I'm sitting around at home and Mum is talking about dinner, the next the phone rings, there's a five minute conversation and Mum says 'Why don't we surprise Kim at work and walk her home?'"

Kimberley's eyebrows rose and she commented "That's majorly weird."

Chelsea shrugged her slender brown shoulders "She's a Mum, they're meant to be weird."

Kimberley wrinkled her pert nose and asked "You don't think she knows, do you?"

Chelsea's blue eyes grew concerned "I don't think so," she answered uncertainly, "I mean how could she? I certainly didn't tell her and you didn't let anything slip did you?"

Kimberley shook her head and murmured "No, I'd prefer to be able to sit down some time over the next week."

Chelsea frowned "Well I know Natalie hasn't been busted and there's no way she's said anything. Maybe it is just like she said that she wanted to surprise you."

Kimberley exhaled and her brow furrowed "Yeah, maybe, but why is she in there talking to Andrea?"

"Lady talk?" Chelsea suggested.

"Oh God I hope so, but the 'spider sense' in my behind went off and it's not often wrong, Chel." Kimberley told her younger sibling.

The incident that neither girl wanted their mother to know about had taken place the previous Friday. Chelsea and her best friend Natalie were inquisitive girls and they wanted to grow up faster than they should, for that reason they chafed at the rules society imposed on fifteen year old girls. Clarkstown was home to a very well run, large and exciting nightclub with an Irish theme. It was known as The Shamrock. Kimberley had been there a few times and really enjoyed herself each time. Chelsea and Natalie wanted to visit it. Kimberley pointed out that as The Shamrock was a licensed venue they were both underage and even if they were not then there was no way either Gabrielle Kennedy or Natalie's mother; Violet Stevens would give their permission for the girls to go there. In fact Kimberley had even been a bit apprehensive about telling her mother that she had gone there and she had been over eighteen at the time.

A grinning Chelsea had informed her older sister that they had the parental permission situation under control. Each girl would tell their mother that they were spending the night at the other's house and as The Shamrock stayed open until seven in the morning they would be there all night, have breakfast at one of Clarkstown's diners and be home by nine or ten in the morning with no one any the wiser. "Won't Mum wonder why you're so tired?" Kimberley had asked.

"Nah," Chelsea dismissed the question out of hand, "Nat and I often stay up talking all night. Mum'll just think that's what happened."

The only hitch in Chelsea's plan was getting into the club. The Shamrock was known for being strict about not letting in underage patrons. Natalie had a very professional looking fake ID. Chelsea possessed no such document, but she and Kimberley looked enough alike that some harassed nightclub bouncer perusing it briefly with a queue backing up behind her would let her straight through no questions asked.

Although Kimberley had a feeling that this would all blow up in their girl's faces and lead to some sore bottoms she loved her sister and hated to see her miserable and Chelsea was the very picture of misery. Kimberley had sighed and handed over her licence. Chelsea's beaming smile had been her reward. The pretty receptionist had even gone a step further. She had once dated one of The Shamrock's bouncers and was still friends with him. She contacted the man and asked him to keep an eye on Chelsea and Natalie and make sure that one they did not drink and two that they got into no trouble. Due to possible embarrassment Kimberley did not tell Chelsea about that.

"Kimberley, Chelsea," Andrea's voice came from the parlour, "could you two come in here please?"

Kimberley looked at Chelsea and rolled her eyes. She levered herself from her chair and went into the parlour with her sister trailing somewhat reluctantly behind her.

Andrea and Gabrielle were seated facing each other. Each lady had a tall frosted glass of iced tea in front of them. Andrea smiled at her receptionist and told her "Your Mum and I have been having a lovely chat. She's a very interesting and talented lady. You never told me that she taught you how to do needlework."

"It never came up, ma'am." Kimberley replied politely, trying to work out exactly what was going on.

Gabrielle Kennedy sipped from her glass and turned her bright blue eyes on her eldest daughter "I received a phone call from Shirley James before I left home."

Chelsea suppressed a groan as did Kimberley. Both girls knew Shirley James. She was a gossip and had no qualms about spreading malicious rumours, however she was a friend of Gabrielle Kennedy. Gabrielle herself had no illusions about her friend and took most of what the lady said with a grain of salt, but sometimes she had some very interesting things to pass on. The earlier telephone conversation had been one of the interesting things. The thing that caused consternation for the Kennedy girls was that Shirley James' husband Fred worked a second job three nights a week as a barman at The Shamrock. Chelsea tried to look the picture of innocence and asked "What did she say, Mum?"

"Nothing about you, Chelsea." Gabrielle put the younger girl at ease.

Kimberley looked confused. If Chelsea had not been mentioned then it had to be her and try as she might she could not think of anything she had done that would attract the eagle eye of Shirley James.

"It was actually about Kimmy."

"Me?" a shocked Kimberley blurted, her cornflower blue eyes wide.

"Yes,' Gabrielle Kennedy continued, setting her iced tea glass down on the coaster, "she said that her husband had seen you at The Shamrock on Friday night."

Chelsea felt her heart sink and held her breath. She was so busted.

"However I knew that could not be the case, Kimmy, you spent Friday night at home. I remember. We watched a movie and then went to bed quite late. I doubt you then sneaked out, did you?"

Kimberley shook her golden head "No, Mum."

"I thought not," Gabrielle said, steepling her fingers in front of her face, "then that means Fred James saw someone who looked very like you, or he was lying. I don't think he was lying, do you, Chelsea?"

"No, Mum." Chelsea said softly, her sky blue eyes going to her pink painted toenails.

"Were you at The Shamrock on Friday night?" Gabrielle enquired gently.

Chelsea swallowed hard and her eyes went to her sister, whose breath was now coming shallowly.

"Don't look at Kimberley! She can't answer for you." Gabrielle said sharply, her eyes flashing. "Were you at The Shamrock on Friday night?"

"Yes, Mum." Chelsea whispered.

Gabrielle took a deep breath and her sensual frosted pink lips pursed into a thin tight line. "I see," she said shortly, "were you alone in this little endeavour?"

"No, Mum." Chelsea replied.

"Who was with you?"

Chelsea knew that she was in deep trouble, but she did not want to drag her friend into it as well "Mum, do I have to? Please." she pleaded.

"Young lady, you are going to be very, very soundly spanked. In addition to what I intend you will also be having an encounter with your father's strap this evening. I have no qualms about adding a dose of the cane to that as well. Unless of course you would like to voluntarily tell me who accompanied you. You will give us that information at some stage under the strap or stick, I have no doubt."

Chelsea's knees weakened at the mention of the spanking and the strap and she very nearly wet herself when her mother added the possibility of a caning as well. Hating herself for her cowardice she mumbled "Nat. Natalie was with me."

Gabrielle shook her immaculately coiffed head "Natalie Stevens!" she exclaimed despairingly. "I might have known that young lady was into this up to her sassy little neck. Of course you said you were staying with her didn't you? So what did she tell her mother? That she was staying with us?"

Chelsea nodded miserably.

"Of course. I'm upset with myself that I fell for it. Kimberley tried that once, didn't you sweetheart?" she said with a smile at her oldest daughter.

"Ummm yes, Mum." Kimberley replied, with flaming red cheeks, remembering what had happened when she was found out.

"That resulted in a very hot bottom, didn't it, my dear?" Gabrielle chuckled in remembrance of the incident.

"Yes, Mum."

"Yes, Mum," the Kennedy matriarch mimicked, "butter wouldn't melt in her mouth now. Oh dear, she and Tina Elliott were about the reddest, sorest bottomed girls in all of Clarkstown when they were discovered in their little deception."

Andrea smiled over the rim of her iced tea glass and murmured "I would have liked to see that."

Kimberley used her hair to cover her face so that her mother and employer would not see how bright and hot her cheeks were.

"Have no fear Chelsea I will be calling Violet to tell her what young Natalie has been up to. I daresay, Andrea, that you will have a new client in the very near future. You haven't had the Stevens girl over your knee have you?"

"No, I have not yet had that pleasure." Andrea responded.

"I don't know that I'd call it a pleasure," Gabrielle remarked, "but please give her a few for me if you get the opportunity."

Andrea shook out her lustrous chestnut locks and laughed "I certainly shall Gabrielle."

Andrea looked at the two sisters and posed "Well, we know what Chelsea did, but I'm still a little confused."

Gabrielle's blue eyes widened a little and she cast a surprised look at the Spank Shop proprietess "Why is that Andrea?"

"Well, I've been to The Shamrock myself. For an establishment of its type it is very well run and it does not allow anyone under the age of eighteen through the door. These nightclubs depend on their liquor licences for their very existence, there is no way The Shamrock would knowingly admit a fifteen year old girl."

"You are right, Andrea!" Gabrielle Kennedy exclaimed and Kimberley winced. "Exactly how did you and Natalie gain admission, young lady?" she asked her younger daughter.

Chelsea gulped and asked "Do I have to?"

"No, no, you don't, sweetheart," Gabrielle told the girl reasonably and then in the same casual tone asked Andrea, "do you happen to have a sturdy cane I can borrow? It's been ages since we had to cane the children and I'm not even sure I know where mine is anymore."

"Mum!" Chelsea wailed, tears welling in her brilliant blue eyes.

"Are we a little less reluctant now?" Gabrielle asked.

"Nat...Nat...hhad...a....ummmm....a fuhfake ID." the adolescent stammered.

"And you? Do you also have one of those?"

"No." Chelsea admitted.

"Then how did you get in?"

" Kim's licence. We look alike and they didn't check that close."

Gabrielle stood up and raged "You did what? I honestly do not believe this Chelsea Meaghan Kennedy! First you lie, secondly you knowingly enter an establishment you are not permitted to set foot in and then you compound it all by stealing your sister's identification! If I find out you were drinking or smoking then I will spank you so fiercely that your bottom will quite literally catch fire."

"No, Mum, no!" Chelsea blubbered. "Never! I didn't drink or smoke. I promise."

"Oh, and we know what your promises are worth, don't we? My God Chelsea, when I get you home...," Gabrielle was so wound up she was unable to speak for a moment, "if you are able to sit down for the rest of this year then count yourself lucky."

Chelsea just stood there, tears rolling down her smooth lightly freckled cheeks.

Kimberley could not stand it anymore, she knew that she was putting her bottom in the firing line, but she could not allow Chelsea, the little sister she felt very protective of, take all the blame for something that she did not do.

Kimberley cleared her throat and broke in politely "Mum?"

"Yes, Kim, what is it?"

"Chelsea did not steal my licence. I gave it to her."

Chelsea raised her head and hissed "No, Kimmy! No!"

"Hush, Chelsea." Gabrielle warned. "What do you mean you gave it to her, young lady?"

Desperately fighting down the rising tingles in her bottom she tried to say casually "I gave it to her, Mum. She asked for it and I gave it to her."

Andrea took over "Kim, why did you just give your licence to your fifteen year old sister? It's a legal document. Didn't you ask what she wanted it for?"

Kimberley knew that her answer was going to get her spanked, but she plunged on regardless. At least Chelsea would have some company over the knee. "She told me why she wanted it."

"And you still gave it to her?" Andrea asked.

"Yes ma'am."


"Because I remember what it is like to be fifteen years old."

"Your bottom is soon going to remember what it feels like to be spanked." Gabrielle told her eldest daughter in an even voice.

Kimberley gulped and replied demurely "Yes, Mum."

"Kimmy, I am very disappointed in you, young lady." Andrea told her receptionist in stern tones. "You knowingly allowed your underage sister to deceive your mother and to enter a licensed establishment. She and Natalie were very lucky that they did not get themselves into serious trouble."

"Oh believe me, Andrea. Her bottom will pay for this. I hope you have a cushion for her to sit on tomorrow, she's going to need it." Gabrielle vowed. Then she turned her attention to Kimberley and said "When I'm done with you, young lady you can join your sister for a dose of your father's strap."

Kimberley's knees went weak and she had to grab the door jamb to support herself. She had not been strapped often and the last time was over two years ago. She could remember the experience very keenly. The cool air on her bottom as her skirt was lifted and her panties removed. The sharp, angled edges of her father's heavy wood desk as it pressed into her stomach as she bent over it and thrust her bottom out to receive the leather's kiss. The hiss through the air as her father swung the strap, the feel of the supple leather as it wrapped itself around her hip and then the crack as it swathed heat through the swell of her tender bottom.

Gabrielle turned to Andrea and said "Andrea, I thank you for your assistance in this little interrogation. I knew both of the girls were involved and your help has been invaluable. Sorry to drag you into what should have been a family affair."

"Not at all," Andrea said with a smile as she settled back into the couch and crossed her legs, "I was pleased to help. I'm glad that Kimmy has such a caring mother. She's very close to me. I feel almost as if she were my own daughter."

"You're very good to her, Andrea." Gabrielle said as she rose. "Kim, get your things and let's go. I have two little bottoms to heat up before dinner tonight."

"Gabby," Andrea said from her couch, "if you're pressed for time why don't you spank the girls here?"

Gabrielle stopped "Here?"

"Yes, I'm completely set up for it. I have any implement you could possibly want, and even if I do say so myself, I think the parlour is the perfect environment for chastising an errant bottom."

Gabrielle looked around the cosy parlour and nodded in agreement.

"I could save you a little time even. I'd be only too willing to take Chelsea over my knee whilst you tan Kim's hide. Chelsea has never been spanked by me so it may be a novel experience for her."

"Yes, yes," Gabrielle agreed as she sat down, "it has been too long since I spanked Kimberley and the experience of being spanked by a professional and a someone who is not known to her may impress upon Chelsea the seriousness of her offences. Girls, listen to your Aunty Andrea."

Realising that Gabrielle was handing the preparation of the girls over to her, Andrea looked both miserable adolescents up and down. They were very alike. Apart from the height and the fact that Chelsea still carried just a touch of puppy fat they could almost be twins. The two girls stood side by side, both had their golden heads lowered and were staring at the floor. "You will both go to the change room," Andrea's green eyes went to the doorway of the mentioned room, "you will disrobe and put on spanking aprons. Kim, there is one Chelsea's size isn't there?"

Kimberley nodded "Yes, Aunty Andrea. Diane Hurst got her spanking yesterday, she's Chelsea's age and pretty much the same build. I cleaned it and ironed it earlier."

"Good," Andrea said with a smile, "and I'm sure your apron is where it always is."

Kimberley's face fell "Do I have to, Aunty Andrea?" she loathed the apron, it was so humiliating.

Kimberley squealed as her mother's hand shot out and slapped her thigh "You will do as your Aunty Andrea, says young lady. I can always make you cut a switch, you know."

"Yes, Mum. Sorry Aunty Andrea."

"That's alright sweetness. Now off you go. Time to get ready for your spanking."

Kimberley took Chelsea's hand and led her unresisting younger sister to the change room. The girls were silent as they stripped. A naked Chelsea folded her clothes and placed them on the bed in the room then looked at her nude sister with a question in her eyes. "Oh yes," Kimberley said distractedly, as she folded her own clothes, "you don't know where the aprons are. I keep forgetting you've never been here before."

"No," Chelsea replied, self consciously rubbing her bottom and thinking about how sore and stinging it would soon be, "Mum keeps my cheeks hot enough."

"Yeah," Kimberley said ruefully, opened the closet door and showed her sister the array of aprons hanging up there, "these are the girls aprons." she pulled one out and handed it to Chelsea. It was pink with little red love hearts on it.

"That's gross!" Chelsea exclaimed, wrinkling her pert nose in distaste.

"You want to tell Aunty Andrea that, be my guest. You won't be sitting down any time this century, darling."

Chelsea riffled through the aprons in the closet and selected a white one with a red cross on it "Can't I wear this instead?"

"No!" Kimberley told her, snatching the apron back and replacing it. "That's for a specific client, she's a nurse."

"Okay," Chelsea replied a little abashed, "don't have a kitten. It's only a stupid apron. What do you have to wear?"

Kimberley blushed furiously, turning scarlet from the roots of her honey blonde hair to her slender, graceful neck and held up her apron. It was a plain, pastel pink with the words Kimberley's very own spanking apron embroidered on it in red thread in cursive italic script.

"Oh my God!" Chelsea burst out with a giggle and covering her mouth politely.

Kimberley fixed her sister with a withering glare of her own "Don't forget you're wearing one too and you're being spanked just the same as me, Chelsea."

"Yeah," the younger girl remembered soberly, "you know I'm really sorry I got you into this, Kim."

"It's okay, Chel'," Kimberley reassured her younger sibling, "it's my fault anyway."

Chelsea frowned as she put on her apron "How do you figure that? I'm the one who asked for your licence." she turned around, presenting her bare back to Kimberley. "Can you do me up please?"

Kimberley smiled and began to tie her sister's apron up at the back "Well, I didn't have to just hand my licence over. I let your big blue eyes get to me, sweetheart and now my bottom is going to pay the price." she turned her back to her sister. "Can you please fix my back up, sweetie?"

Chelsea's nimble fingers tied up Kimberley's apron and she said "Maybe not, but I'm still sorry. How hard does Aunty Andrea spank?"

"You know how hard Mum spanks?"

Chelsea nodded and groaned "She's not harder than that, is she?"

Kimberley's eyebrows drew together in a frown and she explained "Not harder exactly, just different."

"Oh how positively darling you both look!" Gabrielle exclaimed, clapping her hands as her two blushing daughters re-entered the room dressed in their aprons. "Now turn around and let Mummy have a good look at her little girls."

The childish references only served to embarrass the adolescents further and deepen their blushes. They did do as their mother commanded.

"They are a really good idea," Gabrielle complimented Andrea about the aprons, "they embarrass the girls without undressing them and you have easy access to the target area. I may institute the idea at home."

Andrea smiled "Thankyou Gabrielle. They are one of my better ideas. I thought of them when I had two older children in for a spanking with me. One was a boy and one a girl and I thought that they were a great way of preserving modesty and still punishing them properly, but embarrassing them gently at the same time."

"Very thoughtful of you."

"Kimberley Susan!" Andrea snapped, startling her receptionist. "Why isn't your nose in a corner?"

"Sorry, ma'am!" Kimberley apologized scuttling to a corner, and placing her hands on her head.

Gabrielle's sharp voice broke the silence "Chelsea Meaghan! Get your nose in the opposite corner immediately!"

"Yes Mum!" the girl squeaked and rushed to the other corner, copying her older sister.

The pre spanking corner time was acutely embarrassing for the girls, not only because they were bare bottomed, but because of the way Andrea and Gabrielle casually discussed their previous experiences spanking Kimberley and Chelsea as if the two adolescents were not there. "Oh, Kimberley is such a wriggler." Andrea told Gabrielle. "When I put the brush to her, she just about levitates herself right off my lap."

Kimberley's mother chuckled and advised Andrea "Well, Chelsea squirms too, but the way she yells, you might want some earplugs. She puts on quite a concert."

Andrea smiled and then looked at Chelsea's soft, twitching white bottom "I look forward to her next performance then."

Gabrielle looked fondly at her almost grown daughter and reflected on how young the apron and the position in the corner made her look "Well, I am sure that Kimberley at least will give her a standing ovation."

"I'm not too sure about the ovation, Gabrielle, but she will definitely be standing." Andrea agreed with a laugh.

Eventually the corner time humiliation of the girls was over and they were commanded to turn around. "Alright, young lady," Gabrielle told Kimberley, patting her lap "it's time your bottom and Mummy's hand renewed their acquaintance."

Andrea smiled at Chelsea and told her "Come on sweetness, that means you're with Aunty Andrea. Won't this be a novel new experience for you?"

As Kimberley walked slowly to stand by her mother's knee, she looked at the table that stood between the two couches on which Andrea and Gabrielle each sat. It was not the table that the girl was looking at, but what was on it. On one edge of the table, close enough for Gabrielle to reach it, was an ebony hairbrush. Kimberley sighed. She had felt that hairbrush before, it was Andrea's favourite and it could really light a fire in a tender young behind. On Andrea's side of the table was a maple hairbrush, Kimberley winced, it was certainly no harder than Gabrielle's cherrywood brush that Chelsea was used to, but she knew that it imparted a wicked sting. What made her feel really sorry for her little sister were the other two items. Once was a bottle of baby oil and the other was a small, stiff, thick leather paddle with a lot of small holes drilled along its length. When Andrea covered a bottom with baby oil and then cracked that paddle down across it the rear end receiving the attention positively sizzled. Chelsea was going to be one very sore, sorry young lady by the time Andrea was done with her.

Gabrielle efficiently turned Kimberley over her knee and grunted as she shifted her into perfect spanking position. "Been a little while since we have done this, hasn't it, Kimmy?"

"Yes, Mum." Kimberley murmured from her undignified position.

Her gluteal muscles tensed unconsciously as Gabrielle gently stroked and squeezed her buttocks. "So nice and white," she cooed, "we'll soon change that my girl. I'll have them glowing cherry red in no time at all. I had almost forgotten what a lovely bottom yours is to spank Kimberley Susan."

Kimberley felt tears welling in her eyes at her mother's words, she had heard similar scoldings before, they always presaged a very long, very hot session over Gabrielle's knee.

Kimberley had time to think of nothing else as Gabrielle's hard, experienced palm snapped across the tight double bulge of her buttocks with a sharp rubbery crack. Gabrielle smacked the centre of Kimberley's firm rear end four times and created a nice rosy area right in the middle of it. Kimberley squirmed uncomfortably. "Sting a little, does it, sweetie?" Gabrielle enquired kindly.

"Yes, Mum." Kimberley gasped.

"Good, good, good," Gabrielle commented as she sprinkled sharp, stinging spanks all over her daughter's rolling, reddening bottom, "it is supposed to."

Kimberley sighed and tried to take her mind off the heat that was building in her very vulnerable feeling bottom.

Gabrielle spanked away steadily, making sure that the entire bottom got a good coverage of smacks, enjoying the roseate glow of the rapidly heating bottom over her knee.

"You know, young lady," Gabrielle continued her one sided conversation with Kimberley, "I'm going to have to really wear your bottom out with the brush." Kimberley wailed at that bit of news. "I want you to think about who your licence belongs to and what trouble you could have gotten your sister into every time you lower yourself into your car seat from now until next week, my girl."

Kimberley howled as Gabrielle set her tender derriere on fire.

While Kimberley bawled out her displeasure as her mother roasted her bottom, Chelsea was upended over Andrea's stern nyloned knee. Andrea watched the round, smooth flesh of the fifteen year olds bottom twitch and pimple as she ran her palm across it gently. "I think someone is a little nervous." Andrea observed kindly.

"Yes, ma'am."

"Call me Aunty Andrea, dear." the older woman advised as she continued to stroke and tease Chelsea's bottom. She continued this until she saw the tense flesh relax and then smacked the girl's right bottom cheek firmly. Chelsea's squeals were soon raising the roof as Andrea continued to concentrate her barrage of spanks on the right buttock. "Ow! Ooww! Ooowww!" Chelsea yelped as she twisted her bottom desperately to avoid that laser accurate palm. Andrea smiled down as she saw Chelsea's right cheek go from alabaster white to a glowing cherry red under her hand. She stopped for a second to admire the contrast of one marble white bottom globe with one bright scarlet one. The concentrated pain in the one area broke through any resistance Chelsea had and her floodgates broke as the tears started to flow. "That's it, darling," Andrea encouraged as she began to spank the left cheek and make sure it matched its neighbour, "cry it all out. You were very naughty and you were feeling guilty about that, but now Aunty Andrea's spanking will let you expiate it all as your bottom heats up."

Gabrielle looked down at her daughter's blazing red situpon and smiled. For her part Kimberley cried, she could taste that her nose was running too, but did not dare wipe it. "Are we going to be more responsible with our identification and our little sister's well being now?" Gabrielle inquired quietly.

"Yyesss Mmmummy." Kimberley sobbed.

"Mummy?" Gabrielle mused as she reached across the shimmering bottom and picked up the ebony hairbrush laying on the edge of the table. "You haven't called me that in ages. In fact I think the last time was over eighteen months ago and you were over my knee then too. This must be making quite an impact."

Kimberley nodded weakly, the movement making her hair swing and dislodging some of the golden strands that were plastered to her cheeks with a combination of tears, sweat and mucus.

Gabrielle placed the back of the hairbrush gently on Kimberley's strawberry red bottom and began to glide its smooth, cool surface across the glowing mounds. Kimberley whimpered.

"Yes, Kimberley Susan," Gabrielle murmured, "you know what this is don't you?"

"Yes Mummy." Kimberley whispered, her buttocks clenching reflexively as the brush's black back continued its journey across one hemisphere and into the crack between them.

"What is it, darling?"

"A hairbrush, Mummy." Kimberley replied softly, her eyes welling up with tears again.

Gabrielle ran the brush around in teasing circles over Kimberley's upturned, red bottom and asked "And what will that hairbrush do to my little Kimmy?"

"Mmake muhmy buh...buhbottom very hhot and...and vvery sore." Kimberley sobbed almost inaudibly.

"What a clever little girl you are, Kimberley Susan." Gabrielle informed her daughter as she raised the brush.

"Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Kimberley howled as the brush was applied firmly to the tender area where thighs and bottom joined, what Andrea referred to as the 'spank spot' Kimberley rolled and squirmed, her bottom pumped vigorously as a determined Gabrielle spanked fire into her daughter's 'spank spot'. Gabrielle had been very serious when she had told Kimberley that she wanted her to remember this spanking every time she sat down for the next week and giving the girls spank or sit spot a good going over with the brush would accomplish that admirably. Gabrielle moved the brush up and down from Kimberley's 'spank spot' up the length of her pert, round bottom cheeks and watched them flare fire hydrant red. She continued the very sound brushing of Kimberley's scarlet seat until the girl no longer struggled, but lay limply over her lap, blubbering uncontrollably. Gabrielle smiled with the satisfaction of a job well done and a disobedient bottom scalded and roasted to a turn.

Gabrielle placed her maternal arms around Kimberley's waist and gently coaxed her to her feet. Kimberley dearly wanted to clasp her hands to her abused rear, but knew from experience that would only earn her another painful session with the brush over her mother's knee and fought to keep her twitching hands by her side. "How are you, darling?" Gabrielle inquired kindly.

"Sore and sorry, Mummy." Kimberley whimpered.

"And why is that, sweetness?"

"Because I lied to you and I put Chelsea in danger."

"Good girl." Gabrielle complimented her. "Now get yourself into the corner to think about that and listen to Aunty Andrea deal with your sister."

Andrea was dealing with Chelsea very sternly indeed. She rested her own stinging, warm right hand gently on one of Chelsea's steaming, pomegranate red chubs and reached across to pick up her broad backed maple hairbrush. She placed the brush bristle side down across the centre of Chelsea's bottom and just let it sit there while the girl worked out what it was. When the teenager started to cry hard Andrea knew that she had figured out what lay across her very sore bottom. With a smile, Andrea curled her hand around the brushes handle and began to very gently scratch the bottom teasingly, with the stiff bristles. "Please, please Aunty Andrea," Chelsea begged desperately, tears streaming down her cheeks, "please don't spank me with the brush. I'll be good. I promise I will. Honestly."

Andrea lifted the brush off the girl's bottom, spun it deftly and lined up the target as she explained to the miserable adolescent "This is not for what you will do, my darling girl, it is for what you have done. I think even you would have to agree that a simple hand spanking is in no way sufficient for lying to your mother," SMACK, "taking your sister's id," SPANK, "lying to the people at The Shamrock," CRACK, "maybe causing them to lose their liquor licence," SLAP, "attending an over age venue as a minor," SPANK, "putting yourself and your friend in a position of danger," SLAP, "and getting your sister soundly spanked as well!" CRACK.

Chelsea wailed as Andrea covered her sins with firm resounding smacks of the brushes hard, unyielding back. The howls reached a crescendo as Andrea delivered a stinging volley to the 'spank spot' and her buttocks bounded and flared cherry red as they were thoroughly grilled. A very well spanked fifteen year old lay unresisting over Andrea's stern knee and bawled as her bottom throbbed and pulsated with a deep sting and shimmering heat.

"What do you think, Gabrielle?" Andrea asked.

"'s a little hard to tell from here, really Andrea."

"I can fix that." the owner of The Spank Shop said with a smile, she lifted Chelsea up off her lap and pointed her towards Gabrielle. "Go show your Mum your colours, sweetie." she commanded, pushing her in the elegant blonde lady's direction with a gentle shove.

Chelsea staggered a few steps and then limped the rest of the way to her mother.

Gabrielle smiled into her daughter's tear stained face and commented "I don't think you're feeling quite so clever, now are you, miss?"

"No, Mum." Chelsea sniffled.

Gabrielle placed her hands on Chelsea's hips and turned her so that the blazing red bottom was in staring her in the face.

"Now move forward a pace, please Chelsea," Gabrielle commanded and the girl shuffled forward, "bend over, grab your ankles and push that bottom out!" Chelsea did as she was ordered and Gabrielle sat back and appraised Andrea's hand and brushwork on the girl's rump.

"Hmmmm....they are very red, but I'm sure we can get them brighter." Gabrielle pronounced.

"Oh yes I can!" Andrea promised enthusiastically.

"And hotter, can you make them smoke?" Gabrielle asked.

"I most certainly can," Andrea assured the other lady, "by the time I'm done Chelsea's bottom will glow in the dark and we'll be able to light the fire with it."

A miserable, sniffling Chelsea stumbled back to Andrea. Andrea patted her lap and requested "Back over you get, Chelsea. I'm sure my lap is starting to become very familiar to you by now."

Silently, and with tears trickling down her cheeks, the adolescent girl laid herself over the waiting lap.

"Comfy?" Andrea asked, as she drew the girl in, and lifted her bottom up high over the apex of her crossed legs.

Chelsea swallowed hard and replied with a whisper "Yes, Aunty Andrea."

"Well, I intend to change that, sweetheart." Andrea told her as she reached across and picked up the bottle of baby oil.

Gabrielle looked on with interest. She had heard of the technique of covering the bottom with baby oil or a glycerine solution to increase the sting, but had never used it. She had seen firsthand the reaction that a spanking on a wet bottom created and assumed this was similar, but more intense.

Andrea drizzled oil on Chelsea's glowing red situpon and then began to gently spread it all over the blazing scarlet behind. Over the elegant lady's knee Chelsea frowned. What was she doing? She did not know what was being put on her bottom, but she honestly did not mind. The liquid was cool and soothing. Maybe her spanking was over and they were cooling her down. She wondered if Mummy had done the same thing to Kimberley. She just lay and let Andrea cover her stinging rump with the liquid and did her best to enjoy the experience. She relaxed and even closed her eyes in blissful relief.

CRACK! Chelsea's eyes opened wide and she howled and bucked as the hard, thick leather paddle smacked down across her glistening, red, oiled bottom. The sting! Chelsea had never in her fifteen years felt anything that intensely. Then the impact of the holes in the paddle set in and Chelsea screamed. It felt as if a hundred fire ants had bitten her all at once. Kimberley took a deep breath and began to cry softly as she heard Chelsea's spanking recommence. She knew what was happening to her baby sister, she had felt the same thing on more than one occasion. It was an extremely unpleasant experience and she would not wish it on her worst enemy, let alone her loved little sister. As the younger girl wailed and roared, Kimberley cried and prayed for it to be over soon.

Although neither Chelsea nor Kimberley knew it Andrea was counting the strokes. On top of what Chelsea had already received twelve stingers with the wicked paddle on an oiled bottom would be more than sufficient to give her a stinging, fire hot bottom and make her the most well spanked girl in Clarkstown this evening. Gabrielle watched and her blue eyes shone. It was not often that a mother could rely on someone as experienced and capable as Andrea to properly punish her errant daughter. Andrea spaced out the paddle strokes, letting the sting from each one build to a crescendo before bringing it smacking down again on the superheated flesh of Chelsea's bottom. She gave the swats in groups of three. The first three were directly across the crowns of the upraised buttocks. The second round was up high, just below the tailbone. Strokes seven, eight and nine were on the 'spank spot' and really made Chelsea kick as Andrea swept the paddle up and scorched that ever so tender flesh. Andrea gave the final three to Chelsea's thighs and they elicited the loudest howls, even though that area had not been covered with the oil.

Chelsea lay blubbering over Andrea's knee as her bottom and upper thighs lit up the room with their glowing redness and Andrea could feel the waves of shimmering heat rising from Chelsea's well punished rump. Kimberley cried quietly in the corner, partly from the pain in her own stinging, throbbing backside and partly for what she knew her baby sister was feeling. Andrea let Chelsea weep for a moment or two then asked gently "Are you alright, Chelsea?"

The girl sniffled and nodded, not quite trusting her voice.

"Would you like me to help you to your feet?"

"Yes please, Aunty Andrea." Chelsea whimpered.

Andrea put her arms around Chelsea's waist and assisted her to her feet. She let her nails scrape across the steaming, scarlet flesh and watched the girl flinch and wince. "There, there," she soothed and directed Chelsea to the corner, "now you copy your big sister's example and stand in the corner like a good girl."

With nose and eyes streaming Chelsea limped into the corner and locked her hands on top of her golden head.

"Kimberley," Gabrielle broke the silence, "would you like to cuddle on Mummy's lap?"

"May I, Mummy?" Kimberley asked from the corner.

"Of course you may, darling." Gabrielle replied warmly and held out her arms as Kimberley fell into them and was drawn into her mother's loving embrace.

"Now that is a beautiful sight." Andrea remarked as she observed Kimberley resting her head on her mother's breast and Gabrielle rocked her back and forth, whilst stroking her shining blonde locks.

"Thankyou Andrea. I don't enjoy spanking the girls, because it means that they’ve been naughty, but I do enjoy the closeness of a loving cuddle afterwards."

Kimberley did not say anything, but sighed and relaxed into her mother's body.

Andrea smiled as she looked at Kimberley's glowing red bottom and made the observation "I think I'm going to have to find a big, soft pillow for you to sit on tomorrow, Kimberley Susan."

Gabrielle chuckled and wiped tears from her daughter's eyes "I think you may be right, Andrea, especially as our little lady still has a meeting with her father's strap this evening." Kimberley frowned, she had forgotten about the strap, she sighed. She wished she could still go to the pool, but for completely different reasons than earlier that afternoon. Now she needed it to cool down her bottom, but there would be little chance of that after Daddy had reheated her bottom with his belt. "Kimmy, you should thank Aunty Andrea for looking out for your sore little sitmedown."

"Thankyou Aunty Andrea." Kimberley murmured into her mother's breast.

"My pleasure, darling." Andrea replied. "Maybe it's time you got your back end into the kitchen and made some tea, sweetheart. I think Chelsea needs some cuddle time too."

Kimberley reluctantly got off Gabrielle's lap and hobbled into the kitchen to put on the kettle and get some tea ready. When Kimberley reappeared with the tea things on a tray, steam gently curling out of the spout of the pot, Chelsea, red bottom peeking out from under the apron, was snuggling blissfully in Andrea's lap.

Kimberley poured tea for Gabrielle and Andrea and served it then sat gingerly on the edge of the couch next to her mother. The two ladies chatted as Chelsea cuddled and Kimberley sat. "Girls," Andrea told the sisters, "you may go to the bedroom and put your clothes back on."

As the girls rose Gabrielle reminded them "Enjoy it while you can, because once we get home you are going bare bottomed back into the corners before your father takes his strap to you."

Both Chelsea and Kimberley winced and ruefully rubbed their blazing red bottoms.

Kimberley felt like crying all over again as she heard Andrea's next proposal before she disappeared into the bedroom.

"You know Gabrielle, I've almost got more business than I can handle. I don't suppose you'd like to come in part time a few days a week and help me spank some fire into a few disobedient bottoms, would you?"

Oh great, Kimberley thought, I won't even be able to escape Mum's strong spanking hand and firm discipline at work anymore.

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