Tuesday, 12 April 2011

'The Spank Shop - Marta'

As I recently said there are some tennis players that could benefit from a good old fashioned spanking, what you see below is an account of one such incident.

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Andrea Mahoney leaned back into the cane chair, lifted her glass of iced tea to her pink lips, took a delicate sip and sighed with pleasure, before setting the frosted glass back on the glass topped table with a gentle click.

Andrea had to admit that she enjoyed Saturdays. It was the one day she really had to herself. No work, she could do a little bit of shopping in the morning, and most afternoons found her at the local tennis club, where she kept herself fit, and socialised with other members of the Clarkstown community. She was also a prized doubles partner as she was an accomplished tennis player. In her college days she had been an extremely talented player, and even represented the school. Some friends had advised her to consider playing tennis as a career, but Andrea had been under no illusions about her ability, so tennis remained a fun pastime, and not a method of earning a living.

It was a pleasant, late summer afternoon in Clarkstown, and Andrea felt good. She had won her doubles match with her friend, and casual employee, Gabrielle Kennedy as her partner. It had been three testing sets and Andrea had enjoyed that. She preferred to have a hard match to an easy, straight sets walkover, she wanted to work up a sweat and feel like she had actually played a game, rather than had a practice disguised as a contest. She closed her eyes, and considered having a sauna after her drink.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Gabrielle's comment "That was quick, Kimmy."

Andrea's green eyes opened and she looked up to see Gabrielle's pretty daughter; Kimberley, entering the clubhouse. Kimberley was Gabrielle's oldest daughter, and she was also Andrea's receptionist at Clarkstown's most unique establishment: The Spank Shop. Although Andrea was not related to the pretty eighteen year old she had a very maternal feeling towards the girl, and Kim herself often referred to her employer as Aunty Andrea.

"You look wiped, Kim." Andrea noted, seeing the teenager's flushed, perspiring face and sweat soaked hair.

"Tell me about it." Kimberley sighed, wiping her forehead with one of the sweat bands on her slender wrists. She exhaled and then removed a wet strand of blonde hair from her face, she examined the hair with dismay and tucked it behind her ear. Andrea and Gabrielle shared a conspiratorial smile, and giggled at the girl's obvious annoyance with the state of her hair. Kim was proud of her attractive appearance, but was not vain until it came to her hair. Kimberley was almost obsessive about her luxurious golden locks.

"Hard game?" Gabrielle asked, handing her daughter an icy cold can of Coca Cola.

Kimberley accepted the drink with a "Thanks Mum." and nodded her head to answer the question. She popped the top, took a long swig, and then sighed with obvious enjoyment at the refreshing cold beverage.

"You got taken to three sets, Kimmy?" a surprised Andrea inquired. Kimberley was one of the best tennis players at the club, she had been playing since she was quite young and rarely ever had to play three sets.

Kimberley rolled the can over her still steaming forehead and then blushed, admitting "No."

"Two sets took that much out of you, sweetheart?" a concerned Gabrielle asked.

Kimberley nodded.

"Were they tiebreaks?" Andrea pushed.

"Ummm, no." Kimberley admitted, a hot blush creeping up her slender, graceful neck and washing over her sweat streaked face.

"Did you win?"

Kimberley lowered her cornflower blue eyes in shame, and shook her head slowly.

"What was the scoreline?"

Kim raised her head, and whispered "Six zip, six zip."

Andrea frowned, and asked the air "Who could beat you like that?"

"I could." a newcomer answered brashly, as she breezed into the clubhouse.

Andrea examined the girl. She was of average height with a slender, athletic build. She had light brown hair which was tied into a thick pony tail, sparkling grey/green eyes, full pouty lips and dimples on either side of her smooth cheeks which were dusted with a sprinkling of freckles. The girl was both shorter and younger than Kimberley. Andrea could not be sure of the exact age, but she could not be any older than sixteen.

"And you are?" Andrea asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Marta," the girl replied, spinning the handle of her tennis racquet in an almost subconscious action, "Marta Hemsley. Remember the name, you'll be hearing a lot of it when I'm the world's number one player."

Andrea had to work hard to hold back the laughter. She could not remember having ever met such a self confident young lady before. The girl's surety crossed the border from confidence into arrogance.

"Oh, Marilyn's niece." Gabrielle said, explaining Marta's identity and her presence at the Clarkstown tennis club.

Marilyn Mollison was the club's tennis coach. The lady had actually spent a couple of years travelling the circuit as a professional player. She had talent, but the girls around her had more, she had been unable to crack the world's top hundred and a knee injury at the ripe old age of twenty one had put paid to her career. Andrea remembered hearing something about Marilyn's talented niece Marta being sent to her for a few months coaching and if that worked out successfully then aunt and niece were going to tackle the professional circuit as coach and player. A flustered Marilyn came running in behind Marta, her curly red hair in disarray, she had the girl's large tennis bag over one shoulder and had a bottle of blue energy drink in one hand and a half eaten banana in the other. "Marta," she was saying breathlessly, "would you prefer the drink or the banana?"

"Oh God!" the teenager exclaimed, rounding on her aunt. "You are useless! Throw the bloody banana out, it's bruised and half eaten. Just give me the drink!" and she snatched the drink from her aunt's hand.

Andrea's eyes narrowed and her lips pursed at the disrespectful treatment. Andrea may have been a modern woman, but she had old fashioned values and one of those was to treat your elders with respect.

"You may not want to call Marilyn, Aunt Marilyn, young lady, but it would not kill you to say please and thank you." she informed Marta as the tennis tyro chugged down energy drink.

Marta's eyes flashed and she lowered her drink and fixed the older lady with her grey green orbs "You can't tell me what to do and who are you anyhow?" she shot back.

A smile spread across Gabrielle's face as she leaned back to watch the show.

Spots of colour stood out on Andrea's high cheekbones and she opened her mouth to deliver a blistering retort, but Kimberley beat her to the punch. "You are talking to Miss Andrea, you little tennis brat and if you don't want a sore backside then you had better show her some respect."

Gabrielle turned and regarded her agitated eldest daughter and tipped her a one finger salute with a mouthed "Touche."

To everyone's surprise Marta laughed and shot back at Kimberley "Oh, the loser speaks. You can talk better than you play tennis."

Kimberley's fists clenched and she blushed furiously.

Andrea decided that it was time to step in "Marta," she said calmly, "if you are going to take up professional tennis as a career then you had better learn to lose more gracefully than you win."

"Win gracefully?" Marta snorted, slicking her ponytail "There is only one way to win and that's to do it well. I whipped Kimmy's butt six love six love, you can't do better than that."

"True," Andrea conceded, "but it has become rather obvious to me Marta that you need a lesson in respect and manners."

Marilyn raised her green eyes skyward as if imploring divine intervention.

"And I suppose you're going to teach me?" Marta challenged, the grey green eyes daring Andrea.

Andrea sipped her iced tea, and regarded the arrogant teenager over the frosted rim "Maybe." she murmured speculatively, and then suggested"I propose a wager."

Marta's eyes narrowed "What sort of wager?" she asked warily.

Other ladies at the club had gathered around, interested by the confrontation. Not many of them had yet met Marta, but those that had wished that Andrea would take the fifteen year old brat over her knee and give her pert rear end a tanning that she would not soon forget.

Andrea stood and regarded Marta from her greater height, she topped the girl by a few inches. "You're new to Clarkstown so you have probably not yet heard of my business. I run the Spank Shop."

Marta interrupted with a giggle "What the hell is a Spank Shop?"

"What does it sound like?" Andrea asked.

"Somewhere you get spanked." Marta hazarded a guess, her eyes clouding over.

"Yes." Andrea confirmed. "People bring their disobedient children to me and I spank them."

"Oh, this is one weird town." Marta muttered under her breath.

Andrea ignored the comment and continued with her explanation of the proposed wager "We play two sets, if I can win a set...."

"A set?" Marta laughed incredulously. "A set? You take a set off me? No way!"

Marilyn entered the conversation nervously "Andrea, she is extremely good. I know that you can play, but Marta is professional competition level."

"What about a game?" Marta said. "I doubt you can take a game off me. How about one game in two sets, do those odds suit you?"

Andrea raised an eyebrow "That's an awfully generous handicap, young lady."

"That's me, generous Marta." the girl answered glibly. "So what is the bet?"

"If I win a game then you will present yourself at my shop later this week and you will receive a much needed, good, old fashioned, over the knee, bare bottom spanking."

Marta paled a little at the vigour Andrea put into the last eleven words, but asked gamely "And if you can't win that game, what do I get? Do I get to spank you?"

Andrea considered the question and answered firmly "Yes."

"Bare bottom?"

"Yes, there isn't any other way, Marta."


There were gasps around the room as Andrea accepted the bet. Marta Helmsley was less than half Andrea's age and the thought of the tall, elegant disciplinarian over the knee of the teenager having her shapely bottom smacked was certainly an interesting one, despite that no one really wanted it to come to pass. If news of it got around Andrea's reputation would take a battering and some of the mothers there knew that it would be difficult to instil the healthy fear that a threatened trip to the Spank Shop currently did, if their older teenage daughters knew that Andrea had been spanked on her bare bottom by a girl their age. Kimberley Kennedy was one of the gaspers. The pretty blonde enjoyed a very close relationship with her employer and she was not about to let this snotty, little upstart threaten her 'Aunty' Andrea.

"I can't let you do that, Aunty Andrea." Kimberley said clearly, stepping out of the crowd and avoiding her mother's grasping hand, as the older lady sought to pull her clear of the brewing conflict.

"Can't, when applied to me, Kimberley, is not a word that should exist in your vocabulary, young lady." Andrea said coolly, her green eyes searching for a motive in Kimberley's sky blue ones.

The adolescent receptionist pushed on "Look, this all started because Marta kicked my backside around the court. If anyone should be spanked it's me. So if you lose to her six zip, six zip then I'll take the spanking."

Marta's eyes lit up and she licked her lips, then she pressed her advantage "Hey, I'm playing Andrea, not Kim, so if I get to spank her," she pointed at a blushing Kimberley, "I get to do it here, on the court!"

Before Andrea or Gabrielle or anyone else could intervene Kimberley slapped her palm into Marta's and the girls shook hands firmly saying "Done!"

"Oh, Kimmy." Andrea murmured, giving the girl an affectionate look.

"So when do we do this?" Marta demanded, hands on hips.

Andrea shrugged and picked up her racquet "How about right now?"

"Bring it on," Marta agreed, flicked her ponytail, in what Andrea had come to notice was a habit with her and turned to the doors, then stopped, "wait. If we're going to play for spankings I want an impartial chair umpire. Aunt Marilyn."

Gabrielle intercepted the harassed redhead and said "Your aunt, while a lovely lady, is not what I would call impartial, dear."

"Who then?" Marta asked.

Andrea looked over the assembled club members and spied a petite blonde with feathery hair, a bright smile and clear blue eyes "Tania!" she called.

"Yes!" the lady answered perkily.

"Would you take the chair?"

"Sure!" Tania said with a grin.

"Wait a second." Marta protested. "Who's she? How do I know she's not just going to call everything your way?"

Andrea sighed, oh how she wanted to turn this brat over her knee and spank some manners and sense into that round bottom, "Tania, would you please tell Marta what you do for a living?" 

"Of course. Marta, I am Constable Tania Wheeler. That's Police Constable Tania Wheeler of the Clarkstown Police Department. I think you can trust me to fairly referee a tennis match, sweetheart."

Before Andrea followed Marta onto the court she stopped to speak with Kimberley "Kimmy, dear, I am very touched by your bravery and the selfless act you just made. You do realise that it's not too late to pull out?"

Kimberley wrinkled her nose "Yes, ma'am, but I don't think I'll need to. I know that I was hammered, but although it was only two sets, they were tough sets. There were a lot of deuces and advantages. She has to be a little tired....," she started to head to the viewing deck and then turned back to Andrea, "she's a little weak on the backhand if you can rifle one up the line."

"Thankyou, Kim, I know it's your butt on the line, so rest assured I'll be doing my best to save it."

"I know that Aunty Andrea."

Tania made her way to the centre of the court, waited for both women to meet at the net and produced a coin. She flipped it in the air and said "Call it!"

"Heads." Marta pronounced and then pumped her little fist as she saw the shiny silver coin land with the profile facing up on the red dirt of the court.

Tania picked up the silver disk, pocketed it and climbed up to her high seat above the court. The viewing deck was packed with interested spectators. Kimberley and her mother Gabrielle were in the front row. Gabrielle looked across at her daughter and squeezed her hand reassuringly "Don't worry, honey. It's only one game and I am sure that Aunty Andrea will come through for you."

"Yes, Mum." Kimberley said with a good deal more confidence than she felt and tried to banish the butterflies that were fluttering around in her tummy.

It was not really the spanking that bothered her. She was sure that Marta had a strong arm and a hard little palm and could probably give a pretty sound spanking, but Kimberley was no stranger to bare bottom discipline and had been spanked from a young age. No matter how tough Marta was there was no way one of her spankings could measure up to one of her mothers or Aunty Andrea's. It was the humiliation that concerned her. She was going to be spanked on the court over the knees of a girl three years her junior and everyone would see it. Kimberley had a good deal of respect amongst the teenage community of Clarkstown and she had no desire for it to evaporate in a stinging dose of centre court embarrassment at the hands of Marta Helmsley.

Andrea stood at one end of the court, wiped perspiration from her eyes with the back of her hand and then bent double to catch her breath. "Are you ready, yet?" her tormentor called from the other court, holding up a green tennis ball in one hand.

Andrea straightened up, took a deep breath and nodded.

Fifteen years old, she thought, and so incredibly talented. They had been playing for just over thirty minutes and the scoreline was one set to Marta, six love and she was five love ahead in the second set and serving for the match. If Marta won this game then it was all over and Kimberley would be getting a spanking from Marta on the court in front of everyone. "Damn!" Andrea swore. "It is not going to happen! Toughen up, Mahoney! Give this kid a taste of her own medicine."

Despite Andrea's fighting words she was not at all confident. She was barely able to win points off her own serve, let alone break Marta's, she barely even saw the girl's serves and what points she had won on it had been due to Marta's errors.

Marta tossed the ball up and the racquet flashed down. Andrea stepped to one side and swung wildly. The racquet encountered nothing, but air and Tania called "Fifteen love."

Marta grinned and Andrea stepped back to her mark to receive serve.

Marta grunted with the effort she put into the serve and the ball hit the net. Marta grimaced as Tania told her "Fault. Second serve."

Marta threw herself into the serve again, Andrea flailed at the ball and then Tania said clearly "Foot fault. Fifteen all."

"What the hell do you mean, foot fault?" Marta demanded of the blonde policewoman in the umpire's chair.

"What I said," Tania replied, "you foot faulted."

"I did bloody not!" Marta raged, her eyes flashing, hands on hips.

"Your foot moved over the line, kiddo." Tania told her calmly.

Marta opened her mouth to continue the argument when her aunt broke in gently from the side of the court "Marta, I saw it too, I am afraid that Tania is correct, you did foot fault. I have warned you about your service action before."

"It's a stupid rule, anyway!" Marta snapped before stomping to the baseline to serve again.

Andrea allowed herself a small smile. So little Marta did not have ice water running through her veins and the fact that she was very close to victory and had a spanking riding on the results had gotten to her. Pressure was something Andrea was used to and obviously not something Marta had experienced a great deal of before. The foot fault had shaken Marta's confidence just a little and she was careful not to repeat, her serve was also slower than before and this allowed Andrea to put the ball back into play. Andrea's return was deep and Marta had to scramble on her weaker backhand to get to it. Andrea pounded to the net, ready to volley. Marta not only got to the ball, she had time to plan her shot and see Andrea approaching the net. With a wicked glint in her eye the teenager whipped her return at the net. Andrea yelped and hit the dirt as the ball whizzed over her head and dropped inside the baseline "Thirty fifteen." Tania said with an apologetic look at Andrea.

Fuming Andrea picked herself up and dusted herself off "Two can play that game, little lady." she muttered ominously.

Marta threw herself into the serve and put it down the middle of the court. Knowing that Andrea would have trouble returning it deep Marta followed the serve to the net. Andrea's nostrils flared and she slapped the return hard and flat, it scorched at hip height over the net, it was on the wrong side for Marta to volley it and because she favoured a double fisted return she was a little slow in switching sides. The ball smacked into the pert backside under her white tennis skirt and elicited a squeal from the girl. Its forward momentum killed, the fuzzy green orb dropped harmlessly onto the red dirt next to the net. "Thirty all." Tania called, finding it hard to keep the amusement at Marta's misfortune from her voice.

Still rubbing her stinging cheek Marta bent down and snatched the ball up before storming back to the service line.

"Uuunnnhhhh!" Marta grunted as the ball zinged off her racquet strings and sizzled down the middle of the court. There was a puff of white chalk as the ball hit the line. Andrea did not even have a chance to move. The serve was a clear winner, a blistering ace. "Forty thirty." Tania called and Marta looked pointedly up at a clearly anxious Kimberley, on the edge of her chair, on the viewing deck.

Andrea caught the look, frowned and then cast her own reassuring glance to her receptionist. She thumped a fist on her heart and Kimberley managed a wan smile, gently patting her own chest.

Marta's first serve was a clear fault and she did not dispute the call when Tania made it. Due to this and the fact that she had match point all Marta did with her second serve was get it into play, relying on her superior skills to win the match. Andrea did not waste the rare gift of a soft second serve and rifled a vicious passing shot down Marta's backhand line. With a supreme effort Marta managed to hit the ball back into play. However it was a poor shot and landed in the middle of the court and was an easy put away for Andrea. The brunette disciplinarian allowed the ball to bounce and used her height to slam the ball back into Marta's court where it bounced over the girl's head.

"Deuce!" Tania exclaimed and was unable to stop a delighted tone from entering her voice.

"I do not believe this!" Marta muttered as she readied herself to serve again.

Confidence gave Andrea renewed strength and vigour and she bounced eagerly on the baseline.

Marta served deep and Andrea was hard put to return, she decided to use a little guile and popped up a high defensive lob. The tactic caught Marta by surprise and she was forced to run desperately to the back of the court, she played the flashy between the legs return shot as a last option and Andrea simply caught the weak return on her racquet and dropped it over the net. Marta threw herself at the ball, racquet outstretched. The ball bounced twice before the edge of the girl's racquet struck it ineffectively. Andrea smiled sweetly at Marta as the girl picked herself up and looked down unhappily at the red dirt streak down the front of her white tennis shirt.

"Advantage Ms Mahoney." Tania informed everyone.

Knowing that she had to really play a winning shot Marta pulled out all stops on the serve. It hit the centre line, just wide of Andrea's return box, there was no puff of chalk and Tania called "Fault."

"What!" Marta screamed, rushing to the chair.

"It was a fault." Tania explained.

"Are you frigging blind as well as stupid?" Marta demanded.

"Neither." Tania said from between gritted teeth, resisting overwhelming urge to climb down from the chair and smack the angry teenager across the face. "The ball was wide."

"It was on the line!" Marta countered.

"You want to keep this up, kiddo, I'll just award the point to Andrea and you'll lose your bet." Tania calmly advised Marta.

The girl's face paled and she tugged once, nervously, on her pony tail "Okay, let the stupid call stand." she huffed and walked back to the service line.

Serve fuelled by anger, Marta played the exact same shot, only this time it was in. It was a good serve, but Andrea had been expecting it and slammed the ball straight back down the middle of the court. That tactic wrong footed Marta who had been anticipating something on her backhand, she switched directions quickly, but her timing was off when she hit the shot, the ball caught the tape on top of the net, wavered there for a split second and peeked over Andrea's side of the net, then rolled back to land in Marta's court.

"Noooooo!" Marta howled and fell to her knees as Tania clearly reported: "Game Ms Mahoney."

Those watching on the viewing deck erupted and Kimberley hugged her mother and then ran down to welcome Andrea when she came off court.

The last game was like a dream for Andrea. Even though Marta was completely off her own game she still broke Andrea to love and took the match six love, six one, however Andrea did not care. The bet was won, Kimberley's bottom was saved and later the next week Miss Marta Helmsley would be bottoms up over Andrea's knee in her spanking parlour at the Spank Shop.

Marta numbly shook Andrea's hand at the net and then fell sobbing into her aunt's ample bosom. Andrea shook her head and walked unsteadily off court with Tania's congratulations ringing in her ears. Kimberley ran to Andrea and threw her arms around her, hugging her tightly "You did it, Aunty Andrea!"

"I sure did, Kim." Andrea smiled. "I wasn't about to let that brat spank my Kimmy."

"I never doubted you ma'am."

"Well, I would not have blamed you if you did." Andrea said kindly and then as Kimberley attempted to release her. "Kimmy, can you please walk me to the shower? My legs aren't working that well, darling."

"Sure." Kimberley answered with a gleaming smile and placing a supportive arm around Andrea's slender waist walked her from the lounge to the change rooms.

Kimberley tapped away at the keys on her computer and hummed happily. It was Wednesday afternoon, the afternoon Marta Helmsley's bottom had been scheduled to pay off the bet that her mouth had made. The spanking had been arranged between Andrea, Marta and Marta's aunt Marilyn. It had been decided that Marta would present herself, dressed in her tennis whites, at the Spank Shop on Wednesday afternoon at five PM sharp. As this particular spanking was out of the ordinary Andrea had thought that it should be administered after business hours. Kimberley fluffed her hair and glanced across at the far corner of the reception area. A sobbing nine year girl with a blazing red bottom stood in that corner with her hands clasped on top of her head, she was wearing one of Andrea's hated 'spanking aprons'. Kimberley's eyes wandered to the clock, five minutes to five. "Won't be long, now, Lucy." she told the girl kindly.

"Yes, Miss Kimberley." the girl blubbered.

The bell to the shop tinkled as Lucy's mother entered, she took a look at her daughter's soundly spanked rear end and smiled at Kimberley with a murmured "Andrea does paint them so prettily."

"Yes, she does," Kimberley agreed, flashing a smile of her own. "Lucy, your mother is here to pick you up. You may leave the corner and get dressed now."

"Thankyou, Miss Kimberley." the girl said politely and bolted from the corner, pausing briefly to collect her clothes from the pretty blonde receptionist before disappearing into a change room.

Kimberley was watching Lucy leave the shop, furiously rubbing her stinging bottom beneath her school dress, as Marilyn and Marta entered. Marta stopped at the door and frowned at the young girl, trying to soothe the effects of a sternly administered punishment, and was tugged through the door by her aunt.

"Hello Mrs Mollison, Marta." Kimberley greeted them brightly. "Please take a seat and I will see if Miss Andrea is ready. Would you like a cup of coffee or tea, Mrs Mollison?"

"A glass of water if it's not too much trouble, please Kimberley."

"No problem at all." Kimberley responded, rising to fetch the drink.

"Hey!" Marta injected indignantly. "What about me? I wouldn't mind a glass of water, don't I get asked?"

Kimberley turned and smiled sweetly at the fifteen year old "Marta, you are here for punishment, your aunt is not."


"So, that means that you don't get asked if you want a drink, oh and by the way from now on until you leave the shop later this afternoon you will speak only when spoken to and you will address Miss Andrea as ma'am, Miss or Aunty Andrea and I am Miss Kimberley."

"Miss bloody Kimberley!" Marta exclaimed. "Oh, you have got to be kidding!"

"Marta," Marilyn said softly, "do you remember what we spoke about?"

"Yeah." the girl replied in a more subdued tone.

"I have my mobile with me and my friend's number is programmed into it, do you want me to make that call?"

"No." Marta answered sullenly.

"Then pipe down and do as you are told."

Marta pouted, but did not say anything else.

Kimberley wondered what the exchange meant, but made no comment before fetching Marilyn's water.

Marilyn sipped at her water whilst Marta glared at the floor. "Kimberley?" the brown haired girl asked.

Kimberley looked up and her eyebrows drew inward in a frown and her lips pursed into a thin line "Marta, what did I just say about speaking out of turn and how to address me?"

Marta stood and hopped from foot to foot "I know, I know," she whined and then amended her form of address, "Miss Kimberley, but I have to go to the bathroom. Was I supposed to wet myself?"

"Do you want to go to the bathroom, Marta?" Kimberley asked, enjoying her position of power over her tennis court tormentor.

"Yes!" Marta shouted, beginning to lose her temper.

"Then ask nicely." Kimberley advised. "Manners do not cost anything, young lady."

Marta bristled at being called 'young lady' by someone only three years older than her and muttered under her breath "You know where you can stick your manners." then from between gritted teeth asked "Please Miss Kimberley may I go to the bathroom?"

"Yes, you may darling. It is the door on your right."

As Marta dashed to the bathroom to relieve herself Kimberley looked at Marilyn who was smiling broadly "May I ask a question, Mrs Mollison?"

"Certainly, Kimberley and you may call me Marilyn. I'm not your tennis coach here."

Kimberley blushed becomingly and demurred "Aunty Andrea and Mum don't like it when I don't address an elder properly, so I'd better keep calling you Mrs Mollison or ma'am unless I want my seat warmed."

Marilyn laughed and ran a hand through her auburn curls "Well, I would not presume countermand the orders of those two ladies. What is your question, dear?"

Kimberly wrinkled her nose as she thought of how to frame her query "When Marta first came in here she was not all that cooperative and her reaction when I told her that she had to call me Miss Kimberley was very argumentative, but you just said something about a phone call and she quietened right down. What did that mean?"

"Oh that," Marilyn giggled, "as you know Marta intends turning pro quite soon, her looks and her age tend to attract a lot of press. The press love a scandal. After Marta lost her bet I told her that if she does not cooperate today then I will call a journalist friend of mine and news of this afternoon's events will hit every tabloid in the country."

Kimberley giggled and clapped her hands "That's brilliant!" she sobered a little and lowered her tone "You wouldn't actually put her through that sort of humiliation,

would you?"

Marilyn put her water down and admitted "No, but Marta does not know that."

The teen and the tennis coach shared a conspiratorial laugh as the intercom on Kimberly's desk buzzed.

"Kimberley," Andrea's authoritative voice came over the speaker box, "have Marta and Marilyn arrived yet? It is after five."

"Yes ma'am, they are here." Kimberley answered. "Marta is just visiting the bathroom. I think she may be a little nervous."

Kimberley could see the smile on Andrea's face as she responded "As well she should be. I have a hot reception planned in here for her. When she is finished please bring her and Marilyn in."

"Yes, Aunty Andrea."

Kimberley finished calculating the day's takings and updated her spreadsheet, then shut the computer down. She pulled locked the front door and pulled down the blind. She had just turned from the door when Marta reappeared in reception.

"All done?" Kimberley asked gently.

Marta nodded.

"Feel better?"

"Yes." Marta answered, brushing brown hair out of her eyes and then yelped as Marilyn planted a firm smack on the seat of her tennis dress.

"Yes, what?" she demanded of her niece.

Marta sighed and rolled her eyes, but dutifully responded "Yes, thankyou, Miss Kimberley."

"Very good. Miss Andrea is ready for you now."

Kimberley led the way into what most of the shop's customers referred to as the spanking parlour. Marta found that her legs suddenly would not obey her and her aunt had to march her into the cosy room with a firm grip on her elbow.

Andrea was seated in her favourite comfortable chair by the fireplace. As it was still summer the fireplace was cold, but had been brightened up by a display of sunflowers in place of the cheery blaze that burned there three seasons out of four. Andrea put her magazine down and welcomed her guests "Come in, come in," she said with a smile, "Marilyn, you sit there in the easy chair. Marta, don't you look darling in your tennis dress? Sit down on the couch. Kimberley, would you be a dear and put the kettle on? I could use a cup of tea and I'm sure Marilyn would like one. Bring three cups please darling, you are going to be part of this little session."

"Yes, ma'am." Kimberley replied enthusiastically, eyes lighting up at the news she would be a participant as she turned to the kitchen.

Marta slumped on the couch, glaring at Andrea and blurting when she heard Andrea's last comment "What do you mean she's going to be part of it? There was nothing mentioned about that when I made the bet. I made it with you, not her."

Andrea rose from her chair and crossed to the couch, she took hold of Marta's upper arm and dragged her to her feet slapping her thighs sharply with the scolding "You will speak only when spoken to and you will address me as Miss Andrea, ma'am or Aunty Andrea! Is that totally understood?"

"Ow! Ow! Ow! That hurts! Stop hitting me!"

"Maybe I did not make myself understood, young lady." Andrea said, continuing to redden the adolescent's creamy thighs with hard, stinging slaps "You will speak only when?"

"Spoken to." Marta whimpered, the tears beginning to fall from her eyes.

"And you will call me?"

"Miss Andrea, ma'am or Aunty Andrea."

"There, see you can learn." Andrea smiled and released Marta's arm and the girl collapsed on the couch, blubbering and rubbing her burning thighs.

Marilyn shook her head in amazement and wondered why no one had ever done this to the girl before.

Kimberley arrived with a gently steaming teapot on a tray loaded with cups, milk and sugar. "Oh, you started without me." she accused, seeing the crying Marta on the couch.

"No, darling," Andrea reassured her receptionist, as she accepted a cup of tea from the girl, "just reinforcing some of the rules with Marta."

Kimberley inquired as to how Marilyn took her tea and made her a cup and then as she poured her own, she looked at Marta, seated gingerly next to her, and asked "You forgot to address Miss Andrea using the proper name, didn't you?"

"Yes ma'am." Marta sniffed.

"I warned you." Kimberley said calmly, before blowing gently on her tea to cool it.

Fortified with a hot cup of tea, Andrea began to outline the shape the session would take. "Firstly we need to put Marta in the corner."

Marta looked from woman to woman, wondering what that comment meant.

"That's an instruction, sweetheart." Andrea clarified for the confused girl.

"I...uuhhhh...I don't...." Marta stammered.

"Oh goodness, a virgin." Kimberley sighed, she set her cup down in its saucer, took a grip on Marta's shoulder and hauled her to her feet. She marched her to the corner and positioned her there, facing the wall. "Now you stay there and do not move until you are told to do so." she instructed. "Hands on head." Marta stiffened, but did as she was told.

Kimberley grinned and patted the teen's bottom, before resuming her seat on the couch again and turning her attention back to her tea.

"Now after cornertime Kimberley and I will warm that little bottom and then commence the real spanking. I don't want to reveal too much. I find anticipation heightens the senses and we really want Marta to feel her chastisement."

Kimberley beamed as she was informed that she would be assisting with the tennis tyro's spanking, even if it was only the warmup.

When they had finished their tea and Kimberley had cleaned up the tea things with Marilyn's assistance Andrea moved two of her low backed chairs into the centre of the room and placed them facing each other. When Kimberley returned from the kitchen Andrea directed her to sit on one of the chairs. The stern disciplinarian sat in the vacant chair and grinned at her teenage employee, the two women sat with their slender legs interlocking. "Marta," Andrea said firmly, "you may turn around now."

Slowly Marta turned, feeling an unfamiliar tingle in her bottom. Her eyes widened when she saw Andrea and Kimberley seated in the middle of the room.

Andrea crooked her finger at Marta to motion her over. Marta swallowed hard and on wobbly legs walked over to the middle of the room.

"Take off your shoes, please dear." Andrea instructed.

Marta pulled off her tennis shoes and held them out to her aunt, who took them and placed them neatly next to her chair.

"Now by my knee." Andrea told her, pointing at the spot where she wanted Marta to stand. Andrea placed put her hands on Marta's hips and turned her so that her back was facing them. Humming contentedly she lifted the back of the pleated white tennis dress and pinned it in place. Marta gasped as she felt Andrea hook her fingers into the waistband of her full back white panties. "Oh no! Please Aunty Andrea, not my panties!"

"The bet, young lady," Andrea informed the girl as she lowered the undergarment below the pristine white cheeks, "was for a bare bottom spanking." panties were whisked to knee hollows "No spanking is effective unless given on the completely unprotected nether hemispheres." and the panties were completely removed and given to Marilyn to look after for the duration of the punishment.

Andrea turned Marta so that she was facing them again. The brunette pushed Marta a few steps sideways and the humiliated girl was standing in the centre of the knees of the two women seated on the chairs. Andrea reached out and took hold of one wrist, Kimberley took her cue from her employer and grasped the other wrist. "Upsadaisy!" Andrea said cheerfully and yanked gently on the wrist, Kimberley did the same thing with the wrist her hand had imprisoned and Marta sprawled awkwardly over the waiting knees. The two ladies; the elegant dark haired disciplinarian and her pretty blonde adolescent receptionist hauled Marta up so that her bottom was pointed ceilingward. Positioned this way Andrea and Kimberley each had charge of one of Marta's cotton ball white buttocks. Kimberley raised her hand and the double crack as both women slapped the upturned bottom over their knees rang out as one and was echoed by Marta's indignant squeal of pain and outrage. Kimberley for her part was surprised by how firm and resilient Marta's bottom was. The blonde girl had spanked a lot of disobedient posteriors for one of her tender years, however Marta was the oldest girl she had had under her palm and the younger children had softer, plumper bottoms, all that exercise on the tennis court must have given the bratty brunette's gluteal muscles a good workout Kimberley reflected as she kept pace with Andrea and smacked steadily away, watching the bouncing rump turn from white to pink to a hot glowing red. Marta was also surprised and not just by the spanking, which was a new and unpleasant experience for her. She had been spoiled and indulged her entire life as long as she kept performing on the tennis court. This was her first ever spanking and so she was as Kimberley had asserted earlier a 'virgin'. What did take her by total surprise was the hardness of Andrea's and Kimberley's hands and the strength in their arms, obviously spanking ability had nothing to do with playing tennis. Marta kicked and wailed as her spanking continued and lit fires all over the tender surface of her bottom.

Andrea delivered one last stinging smack, listened to Marta's loud yell and watched Kimberley flash her hand down across one strawberry red hemisphere and smiled at the howl that answered the slap before saying "Kim, I think she's nicely primed now."

Kimberley sighed, grinned at Andrea and shook her burning hand to cool it down and rest it. Andrea allowed Marta to blubber over their laps for a minute and then lifted the girl to her feet. "Marta," Andrea said clearly, "raise your head and look at me, please."

With effort the girl did so and sniffed, looking at Andrea's kindly face through eyes brimming with fresh tears.

"Are you beginning to learn a few lessons, Marta?"

"Yes, ma'am." Marta sniffled, lifting a hand and wiping her nose on the back of it.

Andrea clicked her tongue and took a tissue from a nearby box, she half rose and placed the tissue against Marta's nose "Blow." she instructed.

Marta blew hard and Andrea wiped her nose "Better." she said as she wadded the tissue up and tossed it into the bin.

"What are you learning?" Andrea asked.

Marta took a deep breath, lifted her chin defiantly and replied "That you and Miss Kimberley spank better than you play tennis."

Andrea chuckled, shook her head and said "Oh dear, this will require some extra attention. Go and stand back in the corner, sweetheart, do not even think about rubbing your bottom or I promise you that you will regret it. Kim, go to the cupboard and bring me the paddles and my ebony hairbrush."

Marta did as she was told, but the mention of paddles and a hairbrush had frightened her and she could not stop her body from trembling with fear in the corner. Andrea was discussing something with her aunt Marilyn and their voices were pitched too low for Marta to catch what they were saying, the only sound in the room aside from the quiet conversation was Kimberley opening the big cupboard where Andrea stored many of her spanking tools. Kimberley selected two paddles and the broad, hard backed oval ebony hairbrush and placed them on the coffee table. The blonde then left the room briefly and returned with a steaming cup of tea which she handed to Marilyn.

"Marta, please turn around and come to me, darling." Andrea ordered Marta.

The girl took a deep breath and turned, she fought to get her breathing under control and then her face paled as she saw what was lying on the coffee table. The brush looked positively wicked and the young tennis player did not know if she could even take that on her now burning bottom. Next to the brush was a paddle. It was about the size of a table tennis bat, it was thin and it had no rubber on the surface. Andrea smiled up at her reassuringly. "Now I know you're thinking this is going to hurt and it is, I won't lie about that, but I think you need it, Marta. If you're going to be a professional tennis player then you need to learn how to lose and if you lose you will do it gracefully and make your aunt proud. This chastisement and the memories of it will help you do that, my dear. Now over my knee."

Marta lowered herself across the waiting lap and to her surprise she found it rather comfortable and relaxed her body into it. "That's my girl." Andrea cooed gently, as she ran the paddle's smooth wooden surface in circles across the dull, brick red bottom over her knee. "You know, Marta, given your love of tennis I would have liked to have spanked you with a tennis racquet, but they're simply not practical, darling. Too many holes, this ping pong paddle was the next best thing."

The paddle smacked down sharply four times and Marta hissed at the sting. The loud crack that the light wooden bat made on the pert buttocks seemed to increase the pain. Again that gunshot of the paddle rang out around the room six times and Marta squealed and kicked her legs. Andrea tightened her grip on the girl's waist and went to work on the sit spot. "Yeeeeooooowwwwww!" Marta howled and bucked up and down.

"I want you to remember this, Marta. Next time you are on the court remember what over confidence did to you, young lady."

"Yessssss ma'am."

"Good girl." Andrea complimented her, cracking the paddle again and again over the rapidly igniting, cherry red hemispheres. "Now get ready to cry long and hard as Aunty Andrea heats things up for you."

Marta did just that as Andrea paddled her soundly and made sure that every single inch of the girl's bottom was a bright, hot, fire hydrant red.

When Marta had gotten herself under control Andrea gently lifted the sobbing girl to her feet and helped her stand. Marta looked down at the floor, tears flowing from her eyes ran down to the end of her nose and gathered into tiny, salty droplets that splashed onto the floor. "You've been very well spanked, haven't you darling?"

"Yes, Aunty Andrea." the girl blubbered.

"Well spanked by me," Andrea continued, "but I was not the only one involved in the bet, was I?"

Marta's head came up "Aunty Andrea?" she asked, confused.

"Kimberley," Andrea answered the teenage tennis player, "you involved Kimmy in that bet. How do you feel right now, Marta?"

"Feel, ma'am?"

"Yes. You do know what I mean by that, don't you?"

"Yes, Miss. My bottom hurts."

Andrea hid her giggle behind her hand and then explained "Well, darling, I am sure it does. I don't spank just for the exercise, sweetheart. What I meant was how do you feel inside, are you embarrassed?"

Marta nodded quickly.

"Why is that?"

Marta bit her lip and tried to hold more tears back "Because....because I'm being spanked on my bare bottom in front of others, ma'am"

"There are only three of us here and I'm sure your aunt has seen your bare little rump before and yet you wanted to spank Kimberley on her bare bottom on the tennis court in front of the entire club."

"But I lost the bet, Miss." Marta wailed.

"However had you won it that punishment would have taken place and imagine your current embarrassment magnified many times over for Kimberley being spanked over the knee of a younger girl on her bare bottom in front of her own tennis club. I saw the anxiety and worry that Kim went through during our match Marta and I saw the look of sheer pleasure in your eyes at her feelings. She deserves to get some of her own back, dear. Turn around and go to Kimberley and ask for your spanking."

Marilyn watched over the rim of her teacup. She was amazed at the transformation the spanking had already wrought over her niece. The girl was normally wilful, snappy and short tempered, all of a sudden a red bottom had made her contrite, compliant and polite. The acid test was her requesting that Kimberley spank her.

Kimberley sat on the couch, her long, silk sheathed legs crossed, one over the other, a smile played across her full lips and in her hand she held a flexible, black leather, rectangular paddle, she was idly slapping it into the palm of the other hand. Heart beating wildly Marta flinched every time the paddle hit Kimberley's palm.

"Mmmiss Kimberley?" Marta stammered, feeling her knees turn to jelly.

"Yes, Marta."

"I'm sorry for taking pl...pleasure in your discomfort ma'am."

"Oh, aren't you a darling?" Kimberley said with a generous grin.

"Thankyou Miss Kimberley. Would you puhpuhleese suhspuhspank me?"

"I would be delighted, sweetness. Just lay your pretty little rear over Aunty Kimberley's knee and we'll spank it up good and hot."

Feeling the butterflies flutter all through her stomach for about the hundredth time in what was turning out to be the longest afternoon of her life Marta draped herself over Kimberley's waiting lap. "There we are." Kimberley grunted with satisfaction as she lifted Marta into perfect spank position. "Hips up, Marta." she instructed. The girl obediently raised her hips and Kimberley's arm encircled her waist and drew her in snugly. "Lower now." Kimberley requested and Marta sank gently into the girl's lap. She grit her teeth and wriggled her legs as she felt the cool, smooth leather of the paddle's surface being dragged slowly, teasingly across her stinging, burning buttocks. There was no warning before the paddle cracked hard across her left bottom cheek. The loud report of the paddle was answered by Marta's anguished squeal. Holding Marta firmly in place Kimberley was merciless. Twelve times the paddle impacted across the left globe. "Aaaaahhhhh! Oooowwwwww! Puhleese Miss Kimberleeeeeee!"

"Please what, Marta?" Kimberley asked, raising her voice to be heard over the girl's wails.

The tears flowed steadily as hating herself for it Marta requested "Please sp...spank the other side, ma'am."

"As you ask so nicely, I shall. See, it does not cost anything to be polite, does it?"

"Nooooooooooooo!" Marta bawled as her right cheek felt the weight of the paddle.

Twelve long, stinging, blistering strokes later Marta's right cheek matched her left and her entire bottom was a glowing crimson, throbbing ball of pain.

Marta leapt from Kimberley's lap and went into her 'spank dance', desperately trying to quench the fires that raged through her bottom. She hopped about the room, keeping her hands from her bottom and the tears streamed down her face. When she had calmed down Andrea called her over.

"Now, Kimberley has her revenge, but there is one other person who has suffered through all this, isn't there, Marta? One very important person."

The girl sobbed and she felt her heart sink. Through tear filled eyes she looked at her aunt and saw that the hairbrush sat ominously on her knee.

"Yes, ma'am." she hiccoughed nervously.

"Do you have the courage to go to that person and ask for your punishment and apologize for your behaviour?"

Marta knew this was going to hurt, but she also knew that she had to do it and after how she had behaved around her aunt she deserved it. She nodded wordlessly and on wobbly legs walked to Marilyn.

"I am sorry for my behaviour Aunty Marilyn and I know I deserve a spanking. Would you please spank me?"

Her brown eyes sparkling with unshed tears of joy Marilyn told her niece "Darling, I am so happy you know what you did was wrong and I would be delighted to provide you with the sort of correction your mother should have given you so long ago."

There were no further words. Marilyn guided her niece over her knee and rubbed her steaming buttocks briefly with her hand, before taking up the hairbrush.

Andrea had risen from her seat and taken Kimberley by the hand, the two ladies had retired to the kitchen to allow Marilyn some privacy in which to deliver the long awaited chastisement to her niece. Marta whimpered and sobbed as Marilyn scratched her sore bottom with the bristles of the hairbrush. "How does that feel, Marta?" Marilyn inquired.

"It...it....scratches Aunty Marilyn."

"Good, darling." Marilyn smiled and flipped the brush over so that the smooth, hard back rested gently on her niece's fiery red rear.

Marta took a deep breath as she felt the brush lift off and reflexively tightened her backside.

CRACK! The brush impacted smartly high on the girl's bottom and she howled "That is for gloating over your effortless wins." Marilyn scolded, her red curls bouncing as she smacked the brush down.

SMACK! This time Marilyn had spanked the crowns and it stung like a beehive had attacked Marta's rear end, she wailed. "That is for treating me like a servant, not a coach."

SPANK! Marta opened her lungs and the tears flowed as Marilyn smacked her right in that tender area between thighs and buttocks. "That was for disobeying everyone who has ever tried to tell you what to do, young lady."

SLAP! Marta let out a scream and kicked her legs as her aunt brought the brush down on the backs of her thighs. "That is for being an insufferable brat for the last fifteen years."

Marta lay limply over her aunt's knee and tried to catch her breath through her sobs. Marilyn lectured her "This is what you have needed for a long, long time, Marta. It is a shame that your mother did not do this and that I did not have the intestinal fortitude to do it until you lost that bet with Andrea. It is however very fortunate that you made and lost that bet, because I think you know as well as I do that his was very, very necessary."

"Yes ma'am." Marta blubbered.

"From now on, my girl things will run this way. I will coach you and you will do as I tell you. If you do not like an order then you can discuss it with me and we will look at the reasons as to why it may not work, you will not simply dismiss it out of hand and do things your own way. Do you understand me?" she slapped the brush down on the girl's upraised bottom and got a squealed "Yes, Aunty Marilyn!"

"Good, now let's finish off your spanking."

Marilyn held her niece firmly around the waist and unleashed a stinging volley of spanks, landing them all over the blazing red surface and making Marta howl and cry, her legs a blur of scissor kicking motion. Marilyn was breathing heavily as she lay the brush down and gathered her bawling niece into her lap and held her gently, stroking her hair and whispering softly to her.

Andrea and Kimberley re-entered with tea. Marilyn accepted a cup and Kimberley took Marta to the corner, but gave her a steaming cup of tea to soothe her nerves. She stood in the corner crying gently and sipping from her tea. The women discussed the teenage tennis tyro "Andrea, I cannot thank you enough for doing this to Marta." Marilyn gushed.

"It was my pleasure, Marilyn. It was obviously something that Marta needed and I was only too happy to meet that need."

"Well, I don't know if she'll be the best player on the tour, but I think I can guarantee she'll be the best behaved, especially if she wants to sit down in between games." Marilyn said with a wicked chuckle and a glint in her green eyes.

Three months later Marta Helmsley won her first professional title. During her acceptance speech she thanked all the usuals, her parents, her coach and her aunt, the organisers of the tournament, the sponsor, her opponent and the crowd. No one knew who Aunty Andrea was, but they assumed it was an early coach.


  1. This was just wonderful, darling! The way you upped the ante, made one feel as if one's own backside was on the line with every swing of the racket...just amazing stuff.

    And of course, it was a great pleasure to see the bratty little upstart get what was coming to her, and have it help launch future success to boot...just lovely!

  2. Aunty,

    Wow, am still catching my breath and agree with Carla, I was on the edge of my seat with the play, so well written and so exciting. And then the spanking, well was wonderfully written, hot in fact.

    Yes Ma'am, there are many tennis bottoms that need that sort of spanking.

    Wonderful story lines and post. Thank you.


  3. Seegee has asked me to pass his thanks on to both of you. When he first wrote this he confessed to me that he was not certain how the tennis sequence would be received, seeing as he is aware most people read his work expecting a spanking.
    I haven't had to spank Marta again, but Melanie has said that if the girls attitude slips while on tour she'll be sent back to me to have it adjusted suitably.