Tuesday, 5 April 2011

'The Spank Shop - Robin'

I present for your enjoyment an account of how an afternoon at the Spank Shop turned a young man's life around.

Tania slipped off her seat belt, opened the door and slid out of the squad car. She locked the vehicle and sauntered into Clarkstown mall. The petite, blonde police officer was feeling pretty good about life at this moment. She had just completed a long, tedious case, and had dropped into the mall to pick up a few groceries from the supermarket, before heading back to the station. She smiled and returned waves from some of the shopkeepers. She was on a first name basis with most of them. Clarkstown was a close-knit community and the sunny faced policewoman was a popular member of the local law enforcement arm.

She was near the supermarket when a slightly built, pimply faced, adolescent boy came pelting out of it and running towards her. "Stop! Stop thief!" a plump, red-faced man screamed, as he gave chase to the teenager.

Tania's blue eyes narrowed, as she assessed the situation. There was only one thing for it. She would be failing in her duty if she did not halt the boy in his tracks. Tania was small, smaller than the teenager, but she was tough and she had police training. She stepped into the boy's path, flung out an arm, caught him as he tried to run past, swung him around and pushed his arm painfully up his back, and then frog marched him back to the perspiring shopkeeper, who was bent over as he attempted to regain his breath.

The boy struggled in Tania's iron grip "Lemmego!" he whined. "I din't do nothin’! This is police brutality!"

"Police brutality!" Tania scoffed, flicking feathery blonde hair out of her eyes, by shaking her head. "If you don't simmer down young man I'll show you real police brutality."

"Thanks Constable Wheeler." the shopkeeper said to Tania.

"Is there somewhere we can get to the bottom of this Mr Sims?" Tania asked as the boy tried again to unsuccessfully break the hold Tania had on him.

"Yes. My office. Follow me."

The young police officer and her prisoner followed the plump man to his office, attracting curious glances from shoppers, as the boy was marched through the shop.

Tania pushed the boy into a chair in Mr Sims office, and glared at him when he looked likely to bolt "Stay." she commanded.

The boy gave her a defiant look, but sat back down when he saw the holstered gun at the policewoman's side.

"Turn out your pockets." Mr Sims commanded, as he loomed over the boy.

"Get stuffed!" the teenager responded.

Sims face darkened, and his hand rose in a threatening manner.

Tania grabbed hold of the man's arm, and cautioned "Don't even think it. Now let me handle this. Please turn out your pockets, young man."

The youth exhaled angrily, but did as the pretty police lady told him. Two small bottles of alcohol, three small containers of cheap perfume and a package of condoms lay on the table.

"Did you pay for any of this?" Tania asked.

The boy remained silent.

"Of course not!" Sims answered. "We wouldn't even sell the alcohol to a kid his age."

"So you stole it?"

Again stony silence.

"Bloody right he stole it!" from Sims. "It's not the first time this little brat has done it either!"

"I'm not a brat!" the boy spat back.

"No, you're a thief!" Sims bellowed.

The boy stood up, Tania slammed him back down into his seat, and stopped the next angry and inflammatory words from Mr Sims, with a furious glare at the man.

"Okay, I think we need to get this sorted out at the station. Do you wish to press charges, Mr Sims?"

"Too right I do." the shopkeeper replied. "If I make an example of him at least it will discourage others from doing it."

Tania nodded, and turned to the boy "I need your name so that I can let your parents know. What's your name?"

"Donald Duck." the boy shot back, slouching in his seat.

Tania sighed, all she wanted to do was buy some groceries, and she had gotten caught up in a felony with a teenage comedian.

"I don't see a bill or webbed feet, Donald or do you prefer Mr Duck?" she said smoothly, holding her temper. "Now what is your real name?"

The boy sat up, looked her directly in the eye, and imbuing his voice with a soft scottish burr said "Bond. James Bond."

That was it! Tania's temper snapped, she crossed to the adolescent, took a firm grip on his ear, and hauled him protesting loudly to his feet, she reached into his back pocket and extracted a slim wallet. She flipped it open, and removed a student id, bearing the crest of the local high school, she pushed the boy back into his chair, where he sat regarding her fearfully ,and rubbing his sore ear. Tania read from the id "Robin Carter. Fifteen years old. Well, Mr Carter do your parents have a contact number or do I have to call the school?"

Robin sat across from Tania's desk and listened to her questions "Look, I can understand the booze and the rubbers, even though you're underage for both, but perfume?"

"It wasn't for me."

"You cannot imagine how relieved I am to hear that, Robin."

The boy coloured, and muttered "Rob. Please call me Rob."

Ooohhhh Tania thought. The name hits a nerve. "Okay, Rob then. You're new in Clarkstown aren't you?"

"Yeah, we moved to this hole about two months ago."

Tania wrinkled her nose at the comment "It's not that bad, Rob. I've only been here six months myself. Why did you take the perfume?"

"A girl." Robin answered.

"Did she tell you to take it?"

Robin shook his head, and rubbed at his spiky brown hair "No, she didn't ask for it. I thought she might like me more if I gave it to her."

Tania placed her chin on interlinked fingers, and regarded the young man through her clear blue eyes "Let me give you some advice, dear. Girls do like perfume, but that stuff was cheap and nasty, and even if it was Chanel, we prefer it if it isn't stolen."

Despite the 'rebel without a clue' attitude that Robin had adopted, Tania had to admit that she liked the boy. He was smart and funny, all he needed was an attitude adjustment, and if his acne cleared up he would actually be rather cute. The revelation that he had only recently moved to Clarkstown told her a lot about why he had stolen the goods. She had never understood it, but successfully stealing things from hardworking shopkeepers seemed to carry a lot of weight with teenage boys. If he had pulled the robbery off then he would have gained face and some notoriety amongst his peers and who knows maybe the girl would have liked him. Some did like the juvenile delinquent type. "What do you want to do, Rob?" Tania asked him, her blue eyes sparkling.

"Lawyer," he responded shortly, "I wanna be a lawyer."

He's certainly got the mouth for it, Tania reflected. "You can't do that if you get a criminal record."

"Really?" Robin asked with genuine interest, and some alarm in his tone.

"Yes, really." Tania answered softly.

Robin sighed "Shit." his brown eyes went to the floor, and his shoulders slumped.

"Tan'!" Tania's desk sergeant called. "Mrs Carter is here."

"Okay, show her in, please sarge."

Robin exhaled, threw his head back and stared at the ceiling.

Tania was in no way prepared for Mrs Carter. A slim, well-dressed, bespectacled lady with casually styled brown hair wheeled herself into the station and maneuvered her wheelchair up to Tania's desk.

"Mrs Carter?" Tania queried.

The lady nodded "Helen, please, officer."

"Okay Helen, and its Tania." She held her hand across the desk, and the other lady clasped it briefly.

Helen Carter turned to face her son, and the relief was evident in her face "Robin! You're alright?"

The boy rolled his eyes, and nodded.

Tania frowned "Didn't they tell you why you were called?"

"No," Helen answered, "I shouldn't have, but I just automatically assumed the worst. I was about Robin's age when I was involved in the accident that left me with this novel mode of transport." and she motioned to her chair with a wan smile.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

Helen shook her head "Don't be. You weren't the drunk driving the car that hit me and I could have died. I'd rather be alive with two useless legs than dead with two good ones."

"Well thankyou Mrs Ca...Helen. I'm afraid that I don't have wonderful news for you. We caught Robin stealing some goods from the local supermarket."

"Oh Robin!" Mrs Carter cried, looking at her son with a stricken expression. "What did he take? I'll be happy to pay for it."

Tania shook her head "It wasn't much, a couple of small bottles of alcohol, some perfume and a package of prophylactics. It's not what was stolen that is the issue. The shopkeeper has had a few incidents like this and he wishes to press charges. I'm afraid Robin has become an example."

"Oh dear!" Helen Carter exclaimed, and her eyes welled up.

"Helen," Tania said sympathetically, "why don't I leave Robin with the desk sergeant and we'll go to an interview room and have a chat over a cuppa?"

"Yes please." Helen replied, holding back tears.

"How do you take your tea, Helen?" Tania asked, as she prepared the hot beverage.

"White with one, thankyou, Tania." the crippled lady asked, took the polystyrene cup gratefully in both hands, and inhaled the steam before blowing on it, and sipping.

"It can't be easy for you." Tania said, sitting herself across from Helen and sipping her own tea.

"It isn't." Helen admitted. "Robin is an only child and without a Dad...."

"There's no Mr Carter?" Tania asked, concern in her blue eyes.

Helen shook her head, her soft brown hair moving from side to side with the movement "No, Robin's Dad passed just over a year ago. He's taken it hard. His father was like a big brother and he kept him in line. Since that, well I've had to work full time and then we moved from the place he'd grown up. All his friends were there. He's had trouble making friends and now this..." tears welled up in her eyes. "Oh my goodness."

Tania stood and moved around the table, she put an arm on Helen's back and rubbed it comfortingly.

"Helen, it will be alright. I think Robin is essentially a pretty good kid."

"What happens now?" Helen asked, wiping her eyes.

"It will go to the magistrate and they will decide a punishment."

"He'll have a criminal record?"

"Maybe. It does depend on the magistrate, but I have a few thoughts that may just work in Robin's favour."

Clarkstown's local magistrate was not often called upon for criminal charges so this one was a welcome change of pace for her. It was tricky though. The boy was really a minor so could not be charged as an adult. Although what he had done was wrong, it was not all that much. No more than twenty dollars worth of goods, hardly worth pressing charges over, however Sims was a prickly customer and understandably did not want his store to become a target for would be shoplifters. The accused seemed to be a decent child from a good family and even the arresting officer: Constable Tania Wheeler had spoken in glowing terms of the boy and his mother. The fact that his mother was in a wheelchair made it even more difficult for the magistrate to deliver a harsh verdict.

She looked at the frightened young man in the docks and delivered a blistering lecture about responsibility and crime and what it could lead to. She had given the same lecture to her eldest daughter less than a month ago when the girl had stolen a lipstick. She had been made to return to the shop and apologize. It had turned out for the best. The owner of the shop had actually been impressed with the girl's honesty and offered her a part time job. She was about to deliver her verdict when Constable Wheeler stood up and asked "Your honour could we please beg your indulgence and a few minutes in your chambers?"

The magistrate sat in her chair, tossed her long, curly black hair from her shoulders and glared at the petite blonde police officer standing on the other side of the desk "Constable Wheeler," she said in frosty tones, "unless you want to find yourself on garbage patrol for some considerable time you had better come up with some pretty good reasons for this indulgence."

"Yes, ma'am. I only have one reason, but I believe it is a very good one. You were going to find Robin guilty, weren't you?"

The magistrate shrugged "Yes, it's pretty open and shut, the boy was caught red handed and he even admitted his guilt. I don't have any real choice."

"The thing is that will give him a criminal record. Robin wants to become a lawyer, he can't do that with this on his record."

"Well, I do not see how I can do anything about that. I'd be remiss in my duty if I didn't find him guilty and at least hand down a suspended sentence."

Tania bit her lip and said "I've spoken to Mr Sims and Mrs Carter and even Robin. We have an alternative punishment for him. I think I can assure that he will NEVER contemplate stealing again."

"What is this alternative?" the magistrate asked, her curiousity peaked.

"May I call Mr Sims, Mrs Carter and Robin in here please?" Tania asked tentatively.

The magistrate sighed, but said "By all means."

The magistrate looked at the four people gathered in her chambers: the excited young police officer, the somewhat flustered and irritated shop keeper, the upset lady in the wheelchair and an obviously frightened young man. "Constable Wheeler, I think perhaps you had better explain yourself." the magistrate commanded.

"Yes ma'am," Tania answered, her blue eyes shining, "prior to the case being heard I spoke to Mrs Carter and Mr Sims. Robin has also been made aware of the conversations. As I'm sure you know Clarkstown has a particular establishment...."

"A particular establishment?" the magistrate repeated, an eyebrow arching upward. "Clarkstown has a number of establishments, which one do you refer to?"

"Well," Tania replied, a flush creeping into her creamy white cheeks, "I believe it's unique to Clarkstown. The Spank Shop."

Understanding lit in the magistrate's smoky grey eyes "Ah yes." she breathed. "The Spank Shop."

"All of us, that is Mr Sims, Mrs Carter and myself thought that Robin could visit The Spank Shop to do penance for his sins, and there would need to be no criminal charges laid. I think I can pretty much guarantee that after experiencing Andrea Mahoney's 'tender' mercies Robin would never even contemplate stealing again."

"The idea has merit." the magistrate mused. "Mr Sims, how do you feel about this?"

"Oh I'm fine with it," the chubby man answered, "my kids have been there and I can tell you they don't want a repeat visit. If we noise it about that this delinquent went there, then I doubt anyone else will want to steal anything from me."

"No, I've heard that Ms Mahoney is rather effective." she leaned on her desk and asked Mr Sims. "You sent your children there? How did it go?"

The shopkeeper nodded "Really well. They slept on their stomachs for a couple of nights. They've been good as gold since."

"Hmmmmm...maybe my three could do with a visit." she became businesslike again. "Mrs Carter, you're prepared to permit this?"

The brown haired lady in the wheelchair nodded.

"And you, young man. How do you feel about getting a smacked bottom?"

Robin squirmed, but answered respectfully "It's better than having a criminal record, ma'am."

"Yes, it is." the magistrate agreed. "Tania, I believe that Ms Mahoney charges for her services. How will she be recompensed for teaching Robin that stealing from honest shop keepers is not a socially acceptable activity?"

Helen Carter spoke up "I will pay the fee, and Robin will pay me back out of his allowance."

Robin sighed in embarrassment, but did not speak.

"Okay, if that's settled I'll go make sure that Andrea can do it." Tania said brightly.

The magistrate smiled at everyone, and smacked her gavel down playfully on her desk with a happy "Case dismissed!"

Later that day Constable Tania Wheeler entered the Spank Shop.

Andrea's pretty young blonde receptionist Kimberley looked up from her spreadsheet and smiled as the policewoman entered "Hi Tania!" she beamed.

Tania offered the girl a smile of her own "Hi Kim."

Kimberley frowned at Tania "Do you have an appointment? I don't have it listed."

Tania shook her head "No, I don't actually, Kim. It's official business I'm afraid."

"Official?" Kimberley asked, her cornflower blue eyes widening in alarm. "What have we done?"

Tania chuckled "Don't panic, dear. You haven't broken any laws. If she's available I'd like to chat to Andrea, though."

"Can you wait for fifteen minutes? She's spanking Katrine Sutherland at the moment."

Tania nodded "Sure."

She took a seat, and picked up a magazine.

"Do you want a coffee or something while you wait?" Kimberley asked.

Tania looked up, gratitude in her clear blue eyes "Oh Kim, you're a lifesaver. I'd kill for a cuppa."

Tania was just finishing her coffee when the door to Andrea's parlour opened, and a blubbering twelve year old stumbled out. The girl wore a pretty pink apron with a bunny pattern on it, and tears streamed down her face. Kimberley enfolded the girl in her arms saying gently "You got a good, hard spanking, didn't you Kitty Kat?"

The girl sobbed an incoherent reply.

Kimberly led her to a corner with the order "Hands on head, sweetheart. We don't want you trying to rub, because if you do Aunty Kimberley will have to make your bottom even sorer than it is right now."

Katrine stumbled to a corner, and pressed in, placed her hands on top of her raven locks, and stood there crying, oblivious to a gently smiling Tania, as her glowing red bottom lit up the corner.

Kimberley had a brief conversation with Andrea and then looked at Tania.

"We've got a few minutes before our next appointment. Miss Andrea can fit you in, Tania."

"Thanks, sweetie." Tania thanked Kimberley, as she stood and sauntered into the parlour.

Andrea was seated in her favourite chair by a merrily crackling fire. Her favourite ebony hairbrush sat on a table near her chair. Tania could not tell from where she stood, but she was sure that the back of the brush would still be warm from Katrine Sutherland's blazing red bottom.

Andrea crossed her legs and smiled up at Tania, she pushed some of her lustrous curly dark hair behind her ear, and asked "To what do I owe the pleasure, Constable?"

Tania seated herself on the couch, and blushed before saying "Tania, please Andrea. I can call you Andrea, can't I?"

"Well, it rather depends on you Tania and why you are here. If you'd prefer to call me Aunty Andrea please feel free, and if you're here for discipline then I'm afraid I'm going to insist on it."

Tania felt the flush creeping into her cheeks. She had first visited the Spank Shop not long after arriving in Clarkstown. The small police force in the town had been a close-knit group and Tania had experienced difficulty breaking in. Her behaviour with her fellow squad members had been unacceptable. Her captain had given her two choices: she could apply for a transfer and find herself in the same situation trying to break into a new working area and team or she could visit the Spank Shop for an attitude adjustment. Her captain had accompanied her on that first visit, he had helped her to explain why she was there. Tania had not been spanked since she was a teenager, and as she wailed out her stress and tension over Andrea's knee whilst the woman soundly spanked her pert round bottom, she felt like she was a teenager all over again. That night she had had the best night's sleep she had experienced since moving to Clarkstown, and from that day on her relationships with her workmates and her work in general had improved. There had been one occasion three months ago when she had felt her work and her attitude slipping. That afternoon another stern session over Andrea's knee, and a long cleansing cry had seen her life once again on the upswing. She knew what a good spanking from Andrea could do for her and she had suggested it for Robin, because if a session over Aunty Andrea's knee could not fix him, then nothing could.

"Kim said it was official business." Andrea said, a gentle frown creasing her brow.

Tania giggled "I think our little Kimmy may have exaggerated it somewhat." the blonde policewoman explained. "I caught a young man by the name of Robin Carter shoplifting from the local supermarket just recently."   

Andrea shook her head sadly, and clicked her tongue "The youth of today. If that young mans parents spanked him more often he wouldn't have done that. I bet his parents don't ever spank him."

Tania lowered her eyes and hid a smile "I don't think his parents do in fact Andrea. The poor boy's father died recently and his mother is unable to spank him. He went up in front of the magistrate this morning. I managed to suggest an alternative to a criminal conviction, but it requires your assistance."

Understanding dawned in Andrea's clear green eyes "You want me to spank him?"

Tania nodded.

"Hang on." Andrea advised. "I need to call Kim in here to see how we can arrange this."

She pushed a button that buzzed reception.

"Yes, ma'am?" Kimberley's polite voice asked over the intercom.

"Is Katrine still there?"

"No, her Mum just picked her up."

"How long before the next appointment?"

"About ten minutes."

"Perfect. Come in here please, dear and bring the appointment book with you."

A bright eyed Kimberley bounced in, blonde hair floating around her shoulders, the big appointment book clasped to her chest.

She grinned at Tania and set the book down on the table.

"Here it is, ma'am."

"Thanks sweetheart," Andrea said as she reached for the book, "Tania is here to arrange discipline for a young man."

Kimberley's cerulean blue eyes widened in surprise, and she asked "You have children Tania?"

Tania went bright red, and she laughed "No! Good God no! How old do you think I am?"

Kimberley frowned and replied cheekily "I'm not sure, but you're older than me."

Andrea stopped leafing through the book, and fixed Kimberley with her jade eyes "Kimberley Susan, Constable Wheeler is here as a client, and your tone is beginning to border on disrespect young lady. I know you've seen Constable Wheeler with a red bottom bawling her eyes out over my knee, but that is not why she is here. From now on you will address her as Constable Wheeler or ma'am or there will be one very red, very hot bottom in here, and it will not be Constable Wheeler's. Do I make myself clear?"

Kimberley lowered her eyes and murmured "Yes, Aunty Andrea." she turned to Tania, and apologized "I'm sorry Constable Wheeler." 

Tania nodded her short-cropped blonde head "Quiet alright, Kimmy. It's okay."

"Kim, I am going to go through the appointment book with Tania. Would you please make us some tea, darling?"

Kimberley nodded, and went through to the kitchen to put the kettle on whilst the two ladies put their heads together and studied the big book.

Kimberley set the tea tray down on the coffee table, and poured Tania and Andrea a steaming cup each. "It's going to have to be a long session." Andrea said, before sipping her tea.

"Oh I agree," Tania said, raising her cup to her lips, "I want his bottom so sore he'll never think of stealing ever again."

"Stealing!" Kimberley squealed. "Who stole what?"

Andrea's lips pursed, and she blew a long breath out.

Kimberley took a step backwards, and her hands flew to the seat of her skirt.

Tania raised her hand to save Kim from a sore bottom "It's okay Andrea. I don't mind explaining it to her. She should know what's going on, anyway." she grinned up at Kimberley. "I arrested a young man for shoplifting recently, and he's essentially a good kid. I didn't think it was worth him getting a criminal conviction, so we all agreed a long hard spanking from Aunty Andrea might keep him on the path to being a productive, law abiding citizen."

With her bottom tingling in remembrance of the trips that she had taken over Aunty Andrea's knee, Kimberley replied fervently "It will, believe me, it will."

"I'll want to discuss his punishment with his mother first, too, Tania."

Tania nodded her feathery blonde head.

"Why on earth didn't she punish the boy herself?"

"She's not physically able to." Tania replied.

Andrea looked concerned "You haven't landed me with some great hulking uncooperative boy, have you, Tania?"

The young police ladies blue eyes sparkled with amusement at hearing the slightly built, gentle Robin described in those terms, and shook her head.

"Good. Well I think we can block Wednesday afternoon out. I'll want you here at two sharp and that will give me two whole hours before my regular four o'clock on Wednesday. Will that be okay, Kimmy?"

The receptionist nodded happily, and wrote down the details as given her by Tania.

Tania finished her tea, said her goodbyes, and promised to return with Robin and Helen at two o'clock on Wednesday afternoon.

The three people stood outside the unprepossessing building and looked up at it. There was no real indication of what it did, nothing except for a shingle with simple lettering: The Spank Shop. "This is it?" Robin asked, rather dubiously.

"That's what the sign says." Tania grinned at him.

Helen looked sternly at her son "Alright, let's get this over and done with, young man."

Tania opened the door, and set the bell ringing, she held it open as Robin wheeled his mother inside.

"Hi Tan...Constable Wheeler." Kimberley greeted the police officer, just catching herself in time.

"Hey Kim." Tania threw up a hand in greeting.

"And this must be Robin, and you are Mrs Carter?" Kimberley assumed.

"It's Helen and yes this is Robin." Helen Carter told the pretty young receptionist. "You'll be punishing Robin?" Helen asked, her eyes narrowing, she doubted this girl could make a fifteen-year old boy repent anywhere near as much as she felt Robin should.

Kimberley laughed musically "No, ma'am. I'm Kimberley. Aunty Andrea's receptionist. She's just finishing up her current client. I'll let you in once she's done. You can have a seat for now and would anyone like tea or coffee?"

"Not for me, Kim." Tania demurred.

"No thankyou." Helen murmured.

Robin sat next to Tania, and looked around the reception area. He had heard some horror stories about this place at school, but apart from the name being somewhat scary he could not see what the big deal was. The girl at reception was a knockout, the reception was plain enough and the crackling fire in the grate made it warm and even cheery. Unless this 'Aunty' Andrea was a real dragon lady then this would not be that bad at all. He wondered if Tania were not playing some elaborate joke to put the fear of God into him to stop him from stealing again. He doubted he would anyway, but unless he submitted to this punishment he was going to wind up with a record, and he did not want that.

Robin got his first real indication that his initial assumptions were very wrong when a door near Kimberley's desk swung open and a tall, college aged, girl with dark hair limped out. Her eyes were streaming, and as she blubbered her hands furiously rubbed her backside. "You okay, Tara?" Kimberley asked, with genuine concern.

The girl nodded and sniffled.

"Okay, you just stand near the fire sweetie. I'll get you a pillow and a cup of tea, and Miss Andrea can deal with young Robin."

Surprise and a little fear sprang into Robin's eyes. He did not have much experience with spanking, but the attractive Tara was reacting like someone who had just been spanked, and if this Andrea lady could bring her to tears what could she do Robin's young and suddenly feeling very tender bottom?

Kimberley was holding a quiet conversation with someone in the room beyond reception. "Yes, ma'am. Okay, I'll send them all in."

She turned to Robin, Tania and Helen, clasped her hands together, and said with a smile "Miss Andrea will see you all now."

"All?" Helen queried as her son stood and went to his position behind her chair.

"Oh yes," Kimberley explained, "she always likes to discuss the session with the parents when it is a first time and as Robin is a Spank Shop virgin," Robin went bright red as Kimberley's blue eyes sparkled at him as she mentioned the word 'virgin', "she would like to explain to you what will happen."

Helen Carter nodded, and they entered the parlour.

Andrea was seated in her comfortable armchair, long, nylon stockinged legs elegantly crossed over each other. "Hello Tania."

"Hello, Miss Andrea. That's Robin behind the chair and his mother Helen Carter is in the chair."

Andrea immediately covered up her surprise that Helen Carter was disabled by holding out her slender hand with a pleasant "Delighted to meet you, Helen."

As Tania and Robin sat down, and Helen maneuvered her chair into a comfortable position, Andrea rang her bell. Kimberley immediately appeared with a smile "Yes, ma'am."

"Tea please, Kim. How is Tara?"

Kimberley could not suppress a giggle "Honestly the way she carries on you'd never guess that she was twenty one. She's okay, she's sitting on a cushion with a hot cup of tea, and I'll give her another fifteen minutes to compose herself, then let her go."

Andrea nodded, and said "Well done, sweetheart."

After Kimberley had bustled out, and entered the shop's kitchen Andrea turned her attention to her guests. She fixed Robin with her cool green eyes "I do not remember giving you permission to sit down young man." she said sternly.

Robin squirmed under this attractive, composed woman's gaze, and stammered "I...I...ummmm....I didn't....permission...."

Andrea smiled briefly "It's alright. You don't know the rules, you can remember it for next time, and if I were you I'd be getting all the sitting I could right now, because believe me, my boy I soon intend to make sitting a distant memory for you."

Robin gulped, and the colour drained from his face.

Helen looked concerned and a little sad.

"Now Helen," Andrea said, turning to the disabled woman with a smile, "has Tania explained exactly what I do here?"

"Well not, not really," Helen answered, as Kimberley reappeared with a full tea tray and began to pour out cups of the hot beverage for people, "I mean I understand from what I've heard and the name of the shop that you spank people or more specifically children."

"Oh, I spank anyone who requires one," Andrea told Helen, "age is immaterial. A lot of people well out of their childhoods can still use a hot bottom."

Helen squirmed and turned her attention to her tea as she felt the lady's piercing green eyes on her.

Robin sat wide-eyed, listening intently. Tania took his hand in hers, and squeezed reassuringly. Robin felt his bottom begin to tingle with anticipation.

"Has Robin ever been spanked?" Andrea asked, sipping her tea.

"No," Helen responded, "when his father was alive simply a stern word from him was more than sufficient to make Robin behave and unfortunately, well I'm incapable of spanking him myself, although given what he has done I do think he both needs and deserves one."

"Well said." Andrea agreed. "He most certainly does. I do like to go easy on first timers, but given the severity of Robin's transgressions and his age, he's fifteen, isn't he?" Helen nodded. "I will have to be very severe. This is also a court ordered punishment and it has to be remembered for some time to come."

Tania's blue eyes looked at Robin with sympathy as she watched the colour drain from his face.

"Severe?" the boy croaked out.

Andrea turned and those stern green eyes fixed him "I do not remember giving you permission to speak. I let the sitting go, I will not be interrupted again. Do you understand me?"

"Yes." Robin gulped.

Andrea was very quick. She was up out of her chair in an instant, her thumb and forefinger took a firm grip on Robin's earlobe, and hauled him to his feet, she expertly unsnapped his jeans, and dragged them and his underpants down to his knees, bent him over her hip and slapped his bottom firmly, scolding "It is yes ma'am or Aunty Andrea. Is that understood?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes ma'am!" Robin wailed as a firm, hard palm smacked his tender white bottom to punctuate each word.

"Good." Andrea said brusquely, pulling Robin's pants and underpants back up before she let him sit down again.

Helen's teacup had stopped on the way to her mouth, and she watched the brief chastisement of her son with open-mouthed amazement.

Andrea reseated herself, took a mouthful of tea and explained the punishment to Helen and Tania.

"I like to punish in steps. Firstly is the humiliation, which means that Robin will be spanked on his bare bottom and will remain bare bottomed for as long as I say so."

Robin blushed, and self consciously rubbed his still stinging behind beneath his jeans.

"The second part is the scolding. I like to scold and tell the child how much they deserve this punishment. This young man has given me plenty of ammunition." Andrea's green eyes sparkled, as she looked at Robin over the rim of her teacup. "Thirdly is the spanking itself. I always give at the very least a sound hand spanking. For Robin that will be his warmup. I have many other things at my disposal. Hairbrushes are wonderfully versatile implements, as are bedroom slippers. I have a selection of paddles and straps and a tree outside that produces the most wonderful whippy green switches."

Robin blanched, and felt his stomach squirm. Tania winced as she remembered her last encounter with Andrea's hairbrush. Helen's eyes widened, but she nodded sadly in agreement.

"Now," Andrea wound up, "Robin can back out at any time until he is actually over my knee, but that will result in this matter being referred back to the magistrate, and I understand from Tania that a criminal record is something that has the ability to seriously limit Robin's future chances in life."

Robin lowered his eyes and whispered "Yes, ma'am."

Andrea nodded, and put her cup back in its saucer with a click "That rather leaves you without a choice." she produced a form and a pen and handed them to Helen. "I need you to sign that, it's a permission form. I'm required by law to have the guardian's consent before administering punishment the first time."

Helen sighed, scanned the document and signed it silently, before handing it back to Andrea.

Andrea took it, checked the signature, then placed it on the table, thanking Helen.

"Well, that's that. Helen, you have a decision to make."

"Decision?" Helen asked, finishing her tea.

"Yes, parents are given choices when I spank. You can choose to remain here and witness Robin's chastisement. You can wait in reception or if you wish you can leave Robin with me and do some shopping or whatever and return here to pick up your freshly spanked young son. I can personally vouch for the beauty parlour and hair salon next door."

Helen looked uncomfortable "I know it sounds awful and I would like to support Robin, but he has been ever so wicked and I can't stand to see him hurt. I cannot remain here whilst you spank him."

Andrea nodded and replied "I totally understand, not everyone can stomach seeing their child spanked. I get a lot of business that way. Would you like to wait outside?"

"I need something to settle my nerves and from what I saw outside I'm sure I'd hear Robin in here. There's a beauty parlour next door?"

"Yes. Kimberley will show you in and introduce you. You can have your hair and your nails done and come back to a contrite, red bottomed boy."

"I would like that."

"Lovely." Andrea rang her bell. "Kim," she said to the blonde girl as she entered. "Mrs Carter has decided to spend some time next door. Could you show her in and introduce her to the girls and then return here?"

"Yes ma'am." Kimberley said with a smile and a curtsey, she took Helen's hand and led her out of the parlour.  

Andrea turned to Robin, who visibly wilted beneath that stern emerald gaze "Well, young man it would seem you need to prepare yourself for a spanking."

Kimberley breezed back into the parlour, her golden clouds of hair flipping around her slender shoulders "That's done. Helen's really happy." she announced, "Is there anything else I can do?"

"Not just at the minute, Kim, but please keep your ear out for the bell. I'm sure that I will require your assistance at some stage."

"Yes, ma'am." the girl answered, she winked at Robin as she flounced past, and very deliberately twitched her shapely bottom at the boy.

"Little brat!" Andrea said softly with a chuckle as she saw the interplay. "Robin," the boy turned and Andrea frowned, "do I have to call you that? It just doesn't sound right."

Tania interjected "He prefers Rob, don't you?"

Robin nodded.

"Rob....hmmmm. It sounds very grown up and he has not behaved like an adult at all, so I don't think I can...." a light came into her eyes, "Robbie!" she exclaimed. "I will call you Robbie. That sounds adorable!"

Robin gulped, and blushed beetroot red.

"Now Robbie," Andrea cooed, enjoying the boy's embarrassment at the childish sounding name, "you will go into the adjoining bedroom. There you will find an apron on the bed. You are to strip naked, put on the apron and come out here."

Robin forced himself to his feet with weak knees, and breathing deeply went to the bedroom.

"Do you want to stay, Tania?' Andrea asked, as she stood and opened a cupboard against the wall, examining the array of spanking implements within and deciding what to use.

"Well, I don't know if I want to as much as I feel I should." Tania said, smoothing her rebellious hair with a hand. "This is a court ordered punishment. I think as an officer of the law I should be here to see that it is carried out sufficiently."

"Oh nonsense!" Andrea exclaimed, and she turned from the cupboard holding a small paddle, drilled with holes, which she waggled at the police officer. "You want to see that young man's bottom smacked to a deep scorching red. I know you, young lady! Fib again and you can have a taste of this as well." she warned ominously.

"Well," Tania said with a blush, "he does have a cute bum and I think he should have at least one person here he knows, besides I think he's got a bit of a crush on me."

"It's okay," Andrea assured the younger woman, "I'm actually happy that you are here. I do think this spanking needs a witness, and who better than a policewoman? You don't have to fib about it though. If you want to see the boy's bottom spanked, just say so. I won't judge you, darling."

Robin emerged from the bedroom, with a blue and white chequered apron covering his torso, privates and upper legs, ending just below his knees. "Ahhhh good," Andrea said, putting the paddle down and closing the cupboard, "turn around, sweetheart." she ordered gently.

With a sigh Robin turned and Andrea's eyes travelled down his slim back to his white, firm, round bottom framed by the ties of the apron. "You didn't tie it up." she observed.

"I...I...ummm....couldn't....Aunty Andrea." Robin explained haltingly.

Andrea smiled at the boy's bottom, and calmly tied the apron firmly with a nice neat bow "There we are," she told him, "good enough to spank."

Robin turned to face Andrea, and her eyes widened as she saw that down below his waist the apron was quite noticeably tented.

She chuckled, and Robin felt like he wanted to fall through the floor as she calmly twitched the apron aside. "A little excited, are we?" she asked mildly.

Robin lowered his head, and shook it slowly.

"Well it looks like one part of you is looking forward to your spanking." Andrea observed casually.

Robin started to cry with embarrassment and shame.

Andrea turned to Tania "Tania, I have a couple of things to organize before getting Robbie over my knee, would you like to take him to the bathroom and deal with this?" her eyes going to the boy's rampant erection.

The surprise and delight showed in Tania's eyes, she rose to her feet and took Robin by the hand "Delighted," she replied to Andrea, "c'mon Robbie." she said as she led the boy unresisting to the bathroom.

Andrea continued to peruse her array of spanking tools as the bathroom door closed. She set the paddle on the table and began to study her straps, and smiled as she heard gasping and a low moan coming from the bathroom. It seemed Tania was doing a fine job relieving Robin of his 'excitement'. She selected a strap, and humming placed it on the table beside the paddle. A hand spanking with a dose of the paddle and strap would do a thorough job on the young shop lifter, she would decide after she saw the effects of those three whether a good switching was warranted as well, she rather suspected that it would be.

Tania re-emerged from the bathroom, wiping her hands on a towel, with a broad smile on her pretty face. Robin followed slowly behind, his head down, no bulge visible beneath his apron. "All 'milked' is he?" Andrea inquired, sitting back down.

Tania nodded with a grin "You would have thought he was storing it up. I never thought he'd finish."

"Yes, they can be like that." Andrea agreed. "Robbie, go to the corner. Put your hands on your head, please."

With a sniffle, Robin did as Andrea ordered him.

Andrea sighed happily and looked at the young man in the corner "Well, Robbie, it would seem that you have gotten yourself into a situation. I intend to spank you very, very soundly, my boy and it is not undeserved. Thieves do not get anywhere in this world and if you were allowed to continue down that path you would be getting much more than a sore bottom. Your bottom will be very red and very hot, and believe me sitting will not be much fun for a few days, but the redness will fade and the heat will diminish and you will be able to sit down again. A prison record lasts a lot longer, young man. Now turn around and come to Aunty Andrea."

Taking a deep shuddering breath Robin removed his hands from his head, turned and walked to the attractive, athletic, stern faced woman seated on the couch in the middle of the room.

Looking down at Andrea's shapely nylon sheathed legs Robin felt a stirring in his groin again. Breathing hard he closed his eyes tightly "My!" Andrea exclaimed. "We are an emotional young man this afternoon." she watched the erection rise under the apron and then lower again as Robin closed his eyes and thought of unpleasant things. Cold water, eating brussell sprouts, anything but those long, slender legs. The long, slender legs that he felt himself being turned over. Robin opened his eyes and stared down at the carpet beneath him. "The world looks at little different from this angle, doesn't it, sweetie?" Andrea inquired kindly, and he felt her hands stroking his bottom and patting it gently.

"You are adorable, Robbie." Andrea told him with her soft drawl. "Such a plump, tender white bottom, just ripe for a spanking. I bet it'll redden up right away."

Kimberley wandered in, saw Robin bottoms up over Andrea's knee and giggled.

"Yes Kim?" Andrea asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, I just came in to ask Tania...sorry Constable Wheeler if she wanted any tea." Kimberley explained innocently.

Andrea lowered her gaze to Robin's bottom to hide her smile, it was a plausible enough excuse, but she knew the cheeky receptionist. She wanted a good eyeful.

"I'd love that Kimberley." Tania replied, letting the girl off the hook.

"Thanks," Kimberley said, "I'll just put the kettle on." as she passed Andrea and Robin she reached out and gave the upturned bottom a hearty slap.

Robin yelped.

"My goodness," Andrea said, "if Kim's little love pat made you yelp you're going to roar the roof down when I get started."

That was Robin's cue to start yelling as Andrea's firm experienced palm rained smacks down across his waiting bottom.

Robin wriggled, squirmed and kicked as Andrea spanked steadily away. Tania stared at the scene in front of her wide-eyed, as the boy's bottom pumped up and down and went from white to pink to shocking red. The only sounds in the room were Robin's incoherent howls and the loud reports of the slaps that Andrea cracked down across his bottom. Kimberley put a cup of tea in front of Tania, and stood to watch for a minute, a smile playing across her lips. In the teens opinion her attractive mistress was a spanking artiste. It was not easy to hold a struggling fifteen-year-old boy over your knee and spank him as soundly as Andrea did. "Drink." she advised Tania gently, as she reluctantly turned her back on the rapidly reddening bottom over Andrea's stern lap and under her spanking hand, and went back to her reception desk.

"Well," Andrea said, speaking to Tania, SPANK, "I" SLAP, "don't think" CRACK, "shoplifting is," SMACK, "looking like such a good option now." SPANK SLAP SMACK SPANK.

"Nooooooo!" Robin roared, rolling his scarlet bottom from side to side. "It'sssssss NOT!"

"No, it is not!" Andrea repeated forcefully, underlining each word with a stinging slap.

Tania sipped her tea to drag her eyes away from the glowing bottom draped over Andrea's knee. She had never thought watching a boy be spanked would be so exciting. She wondered distractedly if she put on the same sort of performance when Andrea spanked her. Robin lay gasping and sobbing over Andrea's nyloned thighs, feeling the heat rise in his scorched cheeks as they throbbed dully. He was dimly aware of the disciplinarian reaching across his well warmed behind to pick something up from the table nearby. Then he felt the holey surface of the wicked little paddle being placed on his bottom "Oh no! No! No! No!" he begged as he realized what Andrea was going to do.

"Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Andrea replied mischievously and each word was followed by a sizzling stroke of that sturdy little paddle.

Robin howled as the holes created a feeling as if a number of very angry wasps were stinging his bottom all at once.

"You know," Tania told Andrea, "I don't think I've ever seen anything that hot that wasn't put over a flame first."

"Oh believe me," Andrea responded in a loud voice, shaking her long chestnut locks, "it can get hotter yet, a lot hotter."

Robin roared and wailed as Andrea cracked the paddle down all over his bottom. It was a deep, rich cherry red and the heat was intense. Tania watched, fascinated as the paddle smacked down, the solid parts flattening the very sore, superheated flesh and the holes producing little white pin points of extra sore bottom for an instant before the paddle was lifted to rise briefly and descend again to continue it's reign of pain. Tears flowed unchecked down Robin's cheeks to collect at his chin and the point of his nose and drip onto Andrea's rug. He blubbered and could taste that his nose was also running. His legs kicked wildly, and Andrea tightened her grip and continued the paddling.

"Well, I think Mr Paddle has done a good job." Andrea pronounced at length and lay the paddle gently on Robin's bottom. The boy winced as even that light contact hurt his bottom. "What do you think Tania?"

It took the young policewoman a moment or two before she could get the breath to speak "Ummmm...yeah....I think its done its job alright."

"Up!" Andrea commanded Robin lifting the paddle away.

Robin tried to push himself off Andrea's lap and ended up falling and landing on his sore bottom on the carpet. He howled, and burst into fresh tears. "Oh poor baby!" Andrea exclaimed, although she did want to laugh, spanked teenage boys were just about the funniest thing in the world. Nevertheless she put strong arms around him, and helped him to his feet. She marched him into the corner and instructed "Now you just put your hands on your head and stand there like a good little soldier while Aunty Andrea and Constable Wheeler discuss what to do with you next."

"Yes Aunty Andrea." Robin blubbered, although what really wanted to do was clamp cold compresses to his bottom and leave them there for a week.

"Do you think that the magistrate and Mr Sims would think this sufficient punishment?" Andrea asked Tania looking at Robin's very sore, scalded scarlet bottom.

Tania grimaced "He's a nice kid and I wish I could say yes, but no. He's only had your hand and the paddle."

"I agree, he needs to feel the strap at least and I don't think a switching would be entirely inappropriate."

Andrea rang her bell and a smiling Kimberley appeared almost before it had finished ringing.

"Wow!" she exclaimed when she saw Robin's bottom. "You really whacked that!"

"Kimberley!" Andrea reprimanded her.

"Sorry, but that is red!"

Tania could not help herself, she had to laugh.

"Kimmy, could you please fetch the oil."

"The baby oil?" the girl clarified.

"Yes." Andrea confirmed.

"Okay, but you do know that he only stole some cheap perfume and a couple of bottles of booze and not the crown jewels?"

"Kimberley," Andrea said in ominous tones, "do you want to join Robbie in the corner with your bottom the same shade of red?"

"No, ma'am." Kimberley replied contritely, dropping her eyes and folding her hands in front of her.

"Then do as you are told and stop offering smart alec comments."

"Yes, Aunty Andrea." Kimberley responded obediently, and went to get the oil, whispering to herself "I am never going to steal anything and let her find out about it."   

Kimberley returned with a bottle of baby oil, and handed it to Andrea. "Thankyou darling." Andrea told her. "In fact, sweetie, would you like to do the honours?"

"Oh, can I?' Kimberley asked, clapping her hands delightedly.

Andrea nodded "You may."

"Cool." the adolescent receptionist said, taking the bottle back from her mistress.

"Now Robbie," she told the still crying boy as she poured some lotion into her cupped hand, "I'm just going to put some baby oil on your bottom."

"Why?" the boy blubbered, and then yelped as Kimberley slapped his sore bottom.

"It's why ma'am and you don't ask questions, young man."

"Yes, ma'am." Robin replied, fresh tears trickling down his cheeks.

Kimberley applied the slippery oil to Robin's bottom until it glistened with a thin film of it.

She turned to Andrea, and asked "What do you think, ma'am?"

"Oh yes, darling, that's beautiful, the sting will be exquisite."

Kimberley smiled at Tania, as she exited the room again.

Tania asked quietly "What is the oil about?"

Andrea chuckled warmly "A wet bottom stings more and baby oil will really ensure that the strap burns his little situpon."

"Ouch!" Tania commented, as Andrea led Robin to the couch and bent him over it.

"Now hold on tight, Robbie," Andrea advised, "because this is really going to hurt."

"Yes, Aunty Andrea." Robin whispered, wondering how his bottom could possibly hurt anymore.

Andrea picked up the short, thick, broad strap and dangled it in front of the boy's face. "Imagine this cracking down across that wonderfully upturned, tomato red bottom, Robbie."

The boy did not respond, but his sobs grew louder.

Andrea planted her feet behind the boy, lifted the strap and slashed it down. Robin howled as it cracked across his bottom and left a swathe of burning fire behind it. Andrea held the belt out to Tania "Would you like a turn, Tania? After all what he did affected you more than anyone else here."

The pretty policewoman was about to refuse, then she had a change of mind and accepted the offered length of leather. She copied Andrea's stance and swing, the belt struck Robin just under the curve of his bottom, right across the sit spot. Robin screamed and raised onto his toes, but he managed to remain in position. "Wow!" Andrea exclaimed. "You're good. I felt that one."

She took the strap back and administered two strokes in quick succession, one of them backhanded. Robin gasped and bawled as his bottom caught fire all over again. Andrea examined the bottom and saw that the oil had all evaporated, leaving a hotly stinging bottom. She raised the belt and lined up his right cheek, then swung. Robin wailed as he felt that line of burning heat race down his right buttock, before the sting of that stroke had died away Andrea sent the strap cracking down his left hemisphere. Robin's shriek hit the air. Unable to help it he broke position and went into the spanked bottom dance. Andrea was not upset, she had only intended to give him six strokes, considering that he had never been spanked before he had taken them remarkably well, besides she found him extremely funny when he danced. She put out her arms, and held him gently, whispering "I know it hurts, darling, but spankings are meant to, baby. I don't think you'll be stealing again, will you?"

"Nnnooo." Robin blubbered into her breast, as she sat down on the couch with Robin curled up in her lap. Andrea sighed as she felt that wonderfully hot bottom warm up her lap.

As Robin cried, and snuggled into her warm, inviting bosom Andrea spoke gently to him "Robbie, why did you steal those things?"

"I've asked him that one, Andrea." Tania replied, "I think it was to impress a girl, but he won't answer."

"Is that true, Robbie?' Andrea coaxed. "She can't be much of a girl if you have to steal to impress her. What's her name?"

"Diane." Robin sniffled.

"Diane what?" Andrea asked, her eyes narrowing slightly.

"Diane Hurst."

"Nice name." Andrea responded rather off handedly. "Did she ask you to steal that perfume for her?"

"No, I just thought she'd like it." Robin answered, wiping his tears away.

"Well, I hope you're learning that this was not the best way to impress her."

"Yes, Aunty Andrea."

"Okay, let's get you back into the corner for a moment or two."

Once Robin was back in the corner, his bottom shining beacon like, Andrea rang her bell for Kimberley again.

"Yes, ma'am." the receptionist answered.

"Kimmy, can you please bring me the appointment book?"

Kimberley reappeared with the large book in her dainty hands, and handed it to Andrea. The disciplinarian ran her thumb down the page and pronounced "Yes, I was sure of it. Thanks darling. Now can you take Robbie out into the yard? I want him to cut me a nice whippy green switch and I'm sure you can help him pick one out for me."

"Yes, ma'am!" Kimberley said enthusiastically, rubbing her hands together and Robin groaned. Would this afternoon never end?

Kimberley pocketed a sharp clasp knife, and took Robin's hand "C'mon sweetie, let's get a nice switch so Aunty Andrea can stripe that naughty little bottom."

With a resigned sigh Robin allowed Kimberley to lead him into Andrea's well kept, small back garden.

Tania and Andrea went to the window and stood there smiling, as Kimberley showed Robin the peach tree and helped him select a suitable switch. The ladies chuckled as the boy's red bottom entered the branches of the tree and cut a switch. Kimberley took it from Robin, swished it through air experimentally a few times, then nodded in satisfaction. She took the knife from the boy and quickly and competently stripped the twigs and leaves from the branch, then ordered Robin to bend over. He looked at her suspiciously, but bent over, placing his hands on his knees. Kimberley lined the glowing red target up, took careful aim and swwwwiiiiissssshhhhhhhttthhhwwwaaaccckkkk, the switch whipped through the air and cracked across Robin's bottom. Robin howled and leapt into the air clutching his abused rear. Andrea laughed delightedly and gave Kimberley a thumbs up sign.

Kimberley led a worried Robin back into the parlour.

"Well Kimmy, that looks like a wonderfully whippy and stingy switch. Is it, Robbie?"

"Yes, Aunty Andrea." Robin sobbed.

"Good, now back over the couch and let's get you finished off."

With a sobbing, deep breath Robin obediently bent over the back of the couch.

"Bottom up good and high." Andrea instructed, tapping the boy's bottom with the switch.

Robin pushed his bottom up to receive the stick.

"Good boy." Andrea complimented him, and commenced the switching.

Tania and Kimberley with eyes shining, and cheeks flushed, watched as the switch whipped up into the air and striped Robin's upthrust scarlet bottom and thighs twelve times. Andrea placed the strokes carefully. The first three were right across the blazing crowns of the boy's cheeks, the next six were directly in the crease where thighs and bottom joined, the so called sit spot and really made Robin howl. The final three, which were very hard, were on the tops of his thighs and had him dancing frantically from foot to foot.

Andrea dropped the switch on the couch, Robin shot upright and looked at her with brimming eyes.

Andrea shook her head, and said "Yes, go ahead and rub."

Relief and gratitude in his eyes, Robin's hands flew to his bottom and rubbed furiously.

Robin was standing in the corner, sipping a large mug of hot cocoa when his freshly coiffed and manicured mother wheeled herself back into the parlour. "My goodness!" Helen exclaimed. "He does look well spanked."

"He is." Andrea confirmed. "Anytime he ever needs it again just bring him here and it will be my pleasure to tan his behind again."

"I hope that won't be necessary," Helen said from between pursed lips, "will it Robin?"

"No, ma'am." Robin answered.

"He'll be right as rain in a day or two. He'll be rather sore and sorry tonight though. Let him cool down a little when you get him home. Give him something light, like soup for tea, let him have a nice hot bath and put him to bed early." Andrea advised.

Helen took tea with Andrea, and left with Robin twenty minutes later. As Robin was leaving a petite, pretty dark haired girl of his age was walking in accompanied by her mother "Diane!" Robin exclaimed.

"Robin!" the girl replied, her cheeks blazing with embarrassment.

"C'mon in for your weekly spanking, Diane." Kimberley's voice called from inside.

Robin walked away with a big smile on his face, maybe stealing that perfume had been worth it after all. He and Diane had at least one thing in common now.


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