Friday, 1 April 2011

'The Spank Shop - Tiffany'

My post the other day about girls in (or out of) uniform put me in mind of my Friday morning sessions with the delightful young nurse Tiffany.

It was early on a cold Friday morning in Clarkstown as Kimberley arrived at the Spank Shop. She used her teeth to tug one of her fur-lined mittens off and tucked it into the pocket of her anorak. She fumbled her keys out of her bag and blew on her hands to warm them up before unlocking the door. She slapped her arms around herself to warm up and scurried over to the reception area's cold fireplace quickly building and lighting a fire there to get some heat into the room. She hung up her coat and turned on the computer. She went into the kitchen and put the kettle on. There was no sign of her employer Andrea. Andrea owned the shop and lived in the rooms above the reception, spanking parlour, kitchen and change rooms. Kimberley tapped politely on the door into the parlour and heard a sleepy "Enter."

"Good morning, Miss Andrea." Kimberley said gratefully walking into the cosy parlour where Andrea had kindled a cheery, crackling blaze in the fireplace.

"Good morning, Kimberley. The roses in your cheeks tell me that it is a very cold morning as well." Andrea smiled at her teenage receptionist. "Has Tiffy arrived yet?"

"No, not yet, ma'am, but we're both a little early this morning. Would you like a cup of coffee, miss?"

Andrea sighed "I would dearly love one, Kimmy, but I think we'll let young Tiffany deal with it. She enjoys doing little things for me, it makes her feel more at home and I can drink it while I let her stew in the corner prior to taking her over my knee."

Kimberley grinned as she turned to leave the room. Andrea was such an expert at spanking, it was not just the physical act of the spanking, it was little things like ordering them to make her coffee prior to putting them in a corner to think about why they were going to be soundly spanked.

The early Friday morning session was a regular one and involved one of their few adult clients. Tiffany was a perky, blonde student nurse. She was nineteen years old and worked at Clarkstown's local hospital. Since she had started visiting Andrea for regular over the knee spankings she and Kimberley had struck up quite a friendship. Kimberley was only a year younger than Tiffany and was also considering studying medicine, although she wanted to be a doctor, not a nurse. In fact Kimberley and Tiffany met once a week to shop and have coffee.

Andrea sat back in her chair and yawned. She was not by nature an early riser. The Spank Shop generally opened at nine o'clock and as she lived above the shop she only had to wake up, shower and dress and she was at work. Friday mornings were different. Tiffany had been one of her first clients and was certainly her most regular, because the pretty young nurse worked nights eight o'clock Friday morning was convenient for her. Any earlier and she was still at work, any later and she would be asleep on her feet. Andrea found Tiffany's case quite interesting. The girl had grown up in the country, quite some distance from Clarkstown and been forced to move to further her career. Clarkstown General Hospital was the only one in the state with a vacancy for a student nurse so Tiffany had gone there. Her aunt and uncle had raised Tiffany, since she was orphaned as an infant, they were much older than her parents and were firm believers in regular, firmly applied corporal punishment. As a result Tiffany's pert rear end had been the recipient of sound spankings from a very young age. This had the effect of making her an extremely polite, hard working, well-behaved young lady. Her guardians had believed that if this behaviour were to continue then not only did she need to be spanked when she misbehaved, but if she were given a weekly 'maintenance' spanking then that would ensure that she would continue to behave as they expected.

Although Tiffany had loathed her 'maintenance' spankings which had been administered by her aunt and uncle every Friday evening until the week she left home, they made her dread the last day of the working week, she had realized after moving away from the care of her aunt and uncle that they were necessary. She had not noticed it in the first month, but then her work and study had started to slip and she had begun to neglect small household tasks, which irritated the other student nurse she shared an apartment with, and she found it difficult to keep to a regular bedtime. As this pattern of behaviour was not at all normal for her she at first was at a loss to explain it, then whilst on the phone to her aunt, the only mother figure that Tiffany had ever really known, mentioned that she hoped the girl's behind was still being regularly spanked as that was something that had always helped her keep to a routine at home. Tiffany did not know why, but her aunt was under the impression that the matron at a hospital spanked the younger nurses to keep them in line. When her aunt mentioned her weekly chastisements it suddenly dawned on Tiffany that she needed the threat of regular spankings to make her study, work hard, clean, keep to a routine, just normal every day things. She had been embarrassed about having to admit to needing spankings at the age of 19, so the first person she went to was her roommate. The girl had been surprised and at first flatly refused to put Tiffany over her knee. Then one night when the girl arrived home after a double shift to find the place a mess and no dinner even started by Tiffany she lectured her roommate about responsibility and ordered her to lie across her knee. A delighted Tiffany assumed the position with the ease of long practice. Her roommate had belaboured the nicely filled seat of Tiffany's flannel pajamas and then taken them down to redden the bright pink bottom. Tiffany had yelped, squealed and kicked, although her roommate did not sting her bottom anywhere near as much as her aunt and uncle. Standing in front of her roommate being told off while ruefully rubbing her stinging rear through her pajama bottoms had been an experience Tiffany had needed. However Tiffany's roommate had not enjoyed the experience and told the pretty young nurse the following morning that she did not intend to repeat it. A downcast, nervous Tiffany had gone to the matron and pleaded her case. The matron, a sturdy middle aged woman was no stranger to grown girls needing spanking and she had come across quite a few student nurses who needed spanking far more than Tiffany, but would never ask for or even accept it. She had taken Tiffany across her starched knee and given her the long, hard spanking she wanted then stood her in the corner of the office, despite the tears filling her eyes Tiffany felt the best she had since leaving home. Unfortunately the matron's schedule and the fact that the spankings could get her fired had prevented her from continuing. When she told Tiffany that the girl had burst into tears. While being comforted by the matron and cuddling on her ample lap, the older lady had remembered one of her friends mentioning an establishment in town, the Spank Shop, the attractive, capable lady who ran that now took care of the discipline needs of her children. She told Tiffany and at the girl's insistence rang the shop and made an appointment to meet with the proprietress.

Tiffany had never heard of such a thing as a Spank Shop before and the thought of being taken over the knee of a woman whose job it was to administer spankings filled her with fear. Any woman who spanked bottoms for a living must surely be a dour, sour tempered, severe lady. Tiffany insisted that the matron accompany her to the appointment. Neither Tiffany nor the matron realized that an initial appointment at the Spank Shop was generally a session to meet, talk, discuss and in fact decide if any physical punishment would even be required. Andrea had talked herself out of a prospective client on more than one occasion. This was far more likely to happen with adult clients. On arriving at the Spank Shop for the first time a number of things put Tiffany at ease. The rather ordinary appearance of the shop was one of those things. The pretty, smiling, blonde receptionist Kimberley was another. The well spanked, reddened and heated young bottoms that filled up two of the corners with their weeping recipients on that first occasion actually took away some of the butterflies that were fluttering about in the young nurse's stomach. It was obvious that these children had been soundly spanked, but not overly severely and certainly no worse than she was used to at home. Andrea had not been the fearsome creature that she had envisaged, but a sophisticated, elegant lady who put Tiffany more in mind of a caring older sister than an emotionless punishment machine. Kimberley had brought tea and Tiffany's situation had been discussed. A punishment had been decided and Tiffany had willingly draped herself over Andrea's slim, silken thighs and was soon howling her lungs out and kicking her legs as Andrea's experienced hand spanked fire into every part of her pretty, pert, white bottom whilst her matron sipped tea and nodded approvingly. Tiffany had found the experience so useful in controlling her behaviour that she had made a regular weekly appointment for Friday morning when she finished her shift, immediately after being allowed out of the corner and covering her bottom up again. Since that day they had refined her punishment and she had in fact made friends with Kimberley and her Aunty Andrea as she always referred to her new disciplinarian. There had even been one memorable occasion when her aunt and uncle had come to visit and Tiffany had received three sound spankings in Andrea's parlour, one from her uncle, one from her aunt and one from Aunty Andrea, the three adults had sipped tea and discussed Tiffany's past, current and future behaviour and her aunt and uncle had made suggestions to Aunty Andrea on how to deal with Tiffany in the future whilst Tiffany stood sobbing in the corner, hands on head and glowing red bottom on display.

Kimberley looked at the spreadsheet on her computer screen and frowned, she opened a drawer under the desk and withdrew a large ledger, she opened it up to the required page and was comparing the entries when the door opened and the bell tinkled. Kimberley raised her head and smiled at the pretty, petite blonde girl who entered. "Hi Tiff!"

The girl gave Kimberley an answering smile and beamed "Hi Kim!"

Kimberley frowned at her.

Tiffany gulped and corrected herself "Miss Kimberley."

Kimberley's smile returned and she murmured "Better."

"I'm sorry," Tiffany apologized unwinding her scarf and opening her thick overcoat to reveal a neat white, starched nurses uniform underneath, "I keep forgetting."

Kimberley nodded "I know, but it's Kim outside of here when we shop and have coffee, but in here it is Miss Kimberley."

"Yes ma'am." Tiffany said contritely.

"If you forget it again I will ask Andrea if I can administer your warm up." Kimberley warned the nurse sternly.

Tiffany's eyes went wide and she immediately said "I won't forget it again Miss Kimberley."

"See that you do not. You can go straight in, Aunty Andrea is waiting for you."

"Yes ma'am. Thankyou Miss Kimberley."

 Tiffany opened the parlour door and slipped inside. Andrea looked up from the novel she was reading and smiled at the nurse "Hello Tiffany, dear, how are you this fine morning?"

Tiffany dropped a nervous curtsey and felt her bottom begin to tingle in anticipation of what would soon be happening to it "Good morning, Aunty Andrea. I'm well thankyou, a little cold. How are you, ma'am?"

Andrea put her book aside and replied "I'm still waking up, darling. I'm sure we can warm you up soon enough."

Tiffany swallowed, knowing what Andrea meant and murmured "Yes ma'am."

"Tiffany would you change into your apron please dear and bring your paddle out with you. We'll discuss things then."

Tiffany nodded and scurried to the change room to comply with her stern 'Aunty's' wishes.

The 'spanking' aprons were something that Andrea had initially implemented to deal with possible embarrassment issues involving adolescents seeing parts of each others bodies that they should not see when bared for spanking. Andrea believed that there was only one way to administer a spanking and that was on the bare bottom, ALL of her spankings were administered that way. She had found not long after opening the shop that the aprons preserved modesty when boys and girls were punished together and some children had reservations about their private parts being seen by other members of the same sex. They were standard aprons that covered the child in the front from neck to knees, but left the back and bottom bare for easy access. She had found that making a child dress in a particular garment for their spanking quite often drove home to them what was going to happen, it increased humiliation and it made them more obedient. She had a number of aprons in varying sizes. Only two people had their own aprons. One was Kimberley and the other was Tiffany. She was the only adult client Andrea made wear one, it seemed to suit her and it worked better with the type of session Tiffany had. She generally turned up in her uniform and Andrea did not want to dirty that. Tiffany emerged from the change room in her apron. It was the same pristine white as her uniform with a red cross in the middle, her shoulder length blonde hair had been gathered back from her face in a loose ponytail that bounced on the back of her neck, all traces of makeup had been scrubbed from her fresh young face and roses created by the cold crisp air outside glowed in her cheeks, her long, slender white legs emerged from the aprons bottom and her feet were bare as she padded across the polished floorboards to stand in front of the low coffee table on the large oval rug. A thick, sturdy looking paddle was held in one hand. The paddle like the apron was only used on Tiffany. It was not an overly large implement of it's kind, but it was wide enough to easily span both of Tiffany's pert, round, white buttocks. It was painted white with a bright red cross on one side.

Tiffany stood in front of the table and lowered her head "Put the paddle down, please sweetie and come sit next to Aunty Andrea."

Tiffany placed the paddle gently on the table and walked around it to snuggle close to Andrea on the couch. Andrea placed an arm around the girl's shoulders and drew her head onto her bosom. "Now what has Tiffany been up to this week?" she asked.

Tiffany took a deep breath, it was confession time, she would tell Andrea everything naughty that she had done this week and Andrea would decide how severe her spanking would be. "Well," she began in a voice that was more little girl like than her usual speaking voice, Andrea smiled as she heard the tone, it was amazing how quickly Kimberley became a little girl when she was going to be spanked, "I was late for my shift twice..."

"How late?" Andrea asked.

"Five minutes both times." Tiffany responded.

"Hmmmm..." Andrea murmured.

Tiffany closed her eyes, she hated it when Andrea murmured 'hmmmm', she always did that and never let Tiffany know what she was thinking or how many strokes she was going to get. "I read a chart wrong and gave a patient something orally when he was meant to have nil orally."

"Goodness!" Andrea exclaimed. "Is he alright?"

"Oh yes," Tiffany put her disciplinarian's fears at rest, "it was only a little water. One of the other nurses told me off and it didn't happen again."

"Still, you need to be reminded to read the charts properly, Tiffany."

"Yes ma'am," Tiffany said with a wince, knowing from experience that Andrea's 'reminders' stung "And I stayed up an hour after bedtime studying."

"I don't think you should be punished for missing your bedtime due to study, darling." Andrea told her.

"Ummmm...I had to stay up, because I should have done the study the day before."

"Ahhhhh," Andrea said, brushing a stray strand of hair away from Tiffany's mouth, "I see. You've had conversations with Dr Paddle about using your time more effectively before haven't you, sweetie?"

"Yes ma'am," Tiffany whispered, her hand unconsciously going to her soft white bottom and giving it a rub as she remembered the 'conversation' her behind had had with the paddle, "I remember."

"Well, we'll make sure you remember this one for a little longer, Tiffany. Now you need some corner time and I need some coffee. Go into the kitchen and make me a cup of coffee please Tiffany. You will bring it to me and then go and stand in the corner to reflect on what you have done and what is going to happen to you."

"Yes Aunty Andrea." Tiffany said in a small voice as she rose from the couch and Andrea's warm embrace to go into the kitchen and make Andrea's morning coffee.

As Tiffany was preparing the coffee Kimberley wandered into the kitchen with her empty teacup. She went over to the sink to wash it out. She smiled at her friend dressed in the apron and asked "Have you had confession time?"

Tiffany nodded and murmured "Yes ma'am." as she concentrated on the coffee.

"What are you getting?"

Tiffany wrinkled her nose "I don't know yet, Miss. Aunty Andrea never tells me, she just decides and I get it."

"Good and long and hard." Kimberley whispered in her friend's ear and grinned as she saw Tiffany's bare tender white bottom twitch with each word.

"Yes ma'am." Tiffany squeaked and jumped as Kimberley ran a teasing hand down her bottom as she left the kitchen.

Tiffany filled Andrea's favourite long coffee mug with the hot beverage and carried it carefully out to the disciplinarian.

Andrea smiled gratefully at the sight of the steaming mug that Tiffany bore in her slender hands. "Please put it down on the table, Tiff and then go to your corner. Put your hands on your head and do not move so much as a muscle until I tell you to."

Tiffany placed the mug gently on the coffee table with a respectful "Yes Aunty." and then went to the corner. She pressed her nose to the wall, laced her hands on top of her head and stood there with her shoulders straight and head held high.

Andrea picked up her mug, blew on the coffee to cool it then sipped and settled back into the couch with a contented sigh. She regarded Tiffany over the rim of the cup through the haze of rising steam. Tiffany was a very pretty girl, she had an attractive petite, curvy form that was pleasing to the eye and the most gorgeous pert round buttocks. They were so lovely that it was almost a pity to spoil their pristine whiteness by spanking them. For that very reason Andrea always made sure that their entire surface from base of spine to the crease between legs and thighs shone with a hot glowing red lustre by the time she allowed Tiffany to get off her knee. The bright red of her bottom contrasted nicely with alabaster white of the rest of her nubile form. Tiffany stood in the corner, eyes fixed on the featureless wall and wondered miserably how severe Aunty Andrea would be. She was not greatly concerned about the mistake with the chart that was a minor infraction, Andrea understood that she was still a student and learning how to read the chart, she also knew that the scrawl many doctors referred to as writing was almost impossible to decipher. However they had discussed the lateness and the time management before. Tiffany knew from bitter experience that Aunty Andrea did not like to repeat herself, that had been a stern lesson last time, she knew her Aunty would make sure that this time the lesson imprinted itself firmly on Tiffany's brain via her bottom. The worst thing about all this for Tiffany was that she knew she needed it. The tears were just about to flow from her eyes and spill down across her cheeks when that stern voice sounded in the room's deep silence. "Tiffany, please remove your hands from your head and come over here to me please."

Tiffany lowered her hands to her sides, turned and walked slowly to the couch, she stood by Andrea's right knee and kept her eyes fixed on the floor.

"Good girl," Andrea murmured, as she took Tiffany's slim wrist in one hand and placed the other on the small of her back, "you know what Aunty expects." she tugged gently on the wrist and placed slight pressure on the girl's back. Tiffany bent her knees and laid herself across Andrea's welcoming lap.

"That's my girl," Andrea encouraged the young nurse as she settled her bottom into the middle of her lap, "we need to snug in you nice and tight," Tiffany took a short breath as she felt Andrea's arm tighten around her waist and pull her in close, "so that we can spank this naughty little bottom good and hard."

Tiffany swallowed hard at those ominous words.

Andrea placed her right palm on Tiffany's round upturned bottom and slowly smoothed it down the buttock. Tiffany wriggled a little and Andrea watched the alabaster flesh pimple up in the hand's path. Andrea repeated the process on the other cheek and then gently rubbed and squeezed Tiffany's waiting bottom. Tiffany squirmed slightly. Andrea was an expert at making her wait. "You want this to be over with, don't you sweetie?"

"Yes, Aunty Andrea." the wriggling girl replied in a small voice.

"I bet you'd rather I was doing this in a moment or two, darling." Andrea informed her.

Tiffany just had time to get out "Yes ma'am." before she bucked and yelped as the centre of her cheeks flattened and displayed twin pink handprints as two loud slaps rang out in the room.

Andrea held Tiffany firmly and got to work. CRACK SMACK SLAP SPANK. She spanked hard and soundly. Tiffany wriggled and squealed as Andrea began to spank her bottom with a technique she called 'painting'. Her hand swooped down and smacked first the underside of the offered up rump and then the upper part of the cheek, the hand slapping across in a painting motion. Tiffany squealed and wriggled and yelled and kicked as Andrea's hand painted first one cheek and then the other. The bottom quickly went from white to pink to red and was soon glowing hotly under Andrea's hard punishing palm. "Oooohh they're getting lovely and red." Andrea informed Tiffany.

"Yyesss Aunty." Tiffany gasped.

"What colour does Aunty Andrea want your bottom to be, Tiffany?"

"Rrreddd, Aunty." Tiffany stammered.

"And what temperature does Aunty Andrea want your bottom to be, darling?"

"Hhhotttt, Aunteeee!" Tiffany wailed, flailing her legs about helplessly on the couch.

"Is it hot, sweetheart?"

"Yesssss Aunteeee!" Tiffany cried, feeling the tears leak out her eyes and start to slide down her nose and cheeks.

"Let's test that out and if you are not telling the truth my girl, I'll ask Kimberley to bring in the wooden spoon and see if we can cook those red little tomatoes some more."

Tiffany sighed with blessed relief as the hand lifted off her bottom and did not crack down again. Tiffany whimpered as Andrea placed the back of her hand gently on Tiffany's fire hydrant red behind and began to slide it across the recently spank heated flesh. "Mmmmmm," she hummed, "lovely and hot. They are positively steaming."

"Yes Aunty." Tiffany said obediently.

"What was that for Tiffany?"

"Aunty?" the girl queried.

"That spanking, what was that for?"

Tiffany sniffed, trying to control her tears "That was the warmup, Aunty."

"You're such a clever girl!" Andrea exclaimed. "Yes, that was just to warm you up. Now comes the main course, sweetness. Now I'm not all that concerned about the chart, it was an innocent mistake, you will be spanked for it, but what does bother me is your time management. A long, hard paddling may help you to manage it more effectively. Do you agree?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Good child, now up off my lap and hand me the paddle."

Tiffany levered herself awkwardly from Andrea's lap and winced as she felt the scorched skin on her rear pull tight with the movement, she straightened up and her hands twitched reflexively towards her bottom to try and rub some of the sting out. "Tiffany," Andrea began in a warning tone, "touch that bottom and you will be going outside to cut a switch."

With obvious effort Tiffany stopped her hands halfway to her bottom. She picked up the paddle, grimacing in anticipation of the coming pain as she felt its weight in her hand. She turned to face Aunty Andrea who sat on the couch, stockinged legs crossed over each other, green eyes watching Tiffany's pain contorted, tear streaked face. Tiffany knew what her 'adopted' Aunty wanted from her. She held the paddle out to Andrea and stammered, with the tears beginning to flow again "Puhleese Aunt...Aunty Andrea, tuhtake ppppuhaddle and naughty...ll...litt...little buh...bottom with it."

Andrea accepted the offered paddle and laid it in her lap "And how is Aunty Andrea to spank that naughty little bottom, dear?"

Tiffany started to cry and blubbered "Good and long and hard."

"Good girl," Andrea complimented the response, lifted the paddle from her lap and uncrossed her legs as she motioned Tiffany back over her knees, "back over my lap, please sweetheart."

Still sobbing Tiffany stretched back over the stern knees beneath her.

Taking her time Andrea placed the paddle with its glass smooth surface on Tiffany's hot, red, stinging backside and reached over the steaming bottom to pick up a small timer. As she began to set it she asked Tiffany "How late did you say that you were for your shift, Tiffany?"

"Five minutes Aunty." Tiffany replied.

"That was twice, wasn't it?" Andrea inquired.

"Yes, ma'am." Tiffany answered in a whisper.

Andrea set the timer for five minutes and put it back on the table "Get ready for five of the toughest minutes of your life, my sweet." she told the girl draped across her lap as she picked up the paddle.

Tiffany took a breath and clenched her buttocks in anticipation then let it out in a scream as Andrea cracked the paddle firmly across her bottom. The sound of the paddle was loud in the cozy parlour and Tiffany's lusty wails easily drowned it out. Her bottom flamed and bounded under the punishing wood. She yelped, kicked, squealed, cried and howled as Andrea put the wood to her. Andrea smacked the paddle across every inch of Tiffany's hand spanked bottom. The colour went from a faded red to a glowing crimson and Tiffany wriggled and squirmed and attempted to levitate off Andrea's lap. Andrea set her jaw and held the girl firmly in place. It helped that Tiffany was a petite girl. The legs kicked in a smooth, steady beat and Andrea glanced across during the paddling and thought that she could power an outboard motor with those flashing feet. At four minutes Andrea began to concentrate on the spank spot, spanking the paddle right into that crease where thighs and bottom joined, right where she sat. Tiffany roared and jerked wildly up and down. Andrea gripped the paddle tighter and spanked harder. The girl would remember this every time she sat down until next week's appointment. Tiffany began to plead as her fists pounded on the couch "Puhleeeessssee! Aunteeeeee! I promise! I promise I'll buhbubeeeeeeeeee guhguhgooooooddddddddd!"

SMACK SMACK SMACK "Are you going to be late again?"

"Nooooooooooooo!!!!" Tiffany vowed.

Andrea followed that with another blistering volley to Tiffany's tender peaches. "Will you stop procrastinating and do your study on time?"

"Yyyeeeessssssssssssssssss!!!!!" the miserable nurse promised, her bottom rolling from side to side trying to avoid the paddle.

Andrea bounced it off the crowns of her upturned bottom, which was now a scorched lobster red. The timer rang and Andrea delivered one last bottom-blistering stroke, which elicited a howl from Tiffany. Andrea set the paddle on the table again and held Tiffany as she lay limply over her knee, sobbing incoherently into the couches cushions.

Andrea held the blubbering girl over her lap for the next few minutes, letting her cry it all out and listening to her promises to not repeat the offences. "Tiffany, I believe that, darling, but let me assure you that if this behaviour is repeated not only will you get ten minutes under the paddle I will also soap your mouth out for lying."

Tiffany nodded and mumbled "Yes ma'am."

"Can you stand up or do you need my help, sweetie?"

"Help please Aunty." Tiffany whispered.

Andrea placed her strong arms around Tiffany's slender waist and gently coaxed her to her feet, holding her steady when her legs threatened to buckle. She looked up into the girl's face with the tears flowing down it and her nose streaming, she clucked maternally and took a tissue from a box on the table, she held it up to Tiffany's nose and instructed fondly "Blow." Tiffany sniffled and blew noisily. With a smile Andrea cleaned her up and disposed of the tissue.

"Okay, now sweetheart. Into your corner and put your hands on your head so you don't rub."

Unable to speak, hiccoughing sobs Tiffany nodded, her pony tail bouncing on the back of her head, she turned and minced her way to the corner, the blazing red cheeks rubbing painfully against each other as she went there and then pressed in tightly with her hands held on her head.

Andrea sat back in the couch and admired her handiwork on Tiffany's extremely well disciplined rear end, and then she massaged her right shoulder. That was one bad thing about having to administer such a sound paddling this early, her arm had not had time to warm up yet. It was just as well Andrea kept herself fit and strong with regular tennis matches at Clarkstown's tennis club. Her spanking arm got a good workout on the courts and it helped her to deliver sound, thorough spankings. Tiffany's bottom must have been roasting, it positively glowed and Andrea could almost feel the heat radiating from it where she sat. The girl's sobs were beginning to die down and Andrea knew that it was nearly time for the gentle post spanking loving. She rang the bell for Kimberley. The blonde receptionist flounced in, she looked at Tiffany's bottom and mouthed a long "Oh My God!", and then she bent down to her employer and whispered "She won't sit down until next week, ma'am."

Andrea responded with a throaty chuckle and the asked "Kimmy can you please bring me the cream and lotion from the bathroom? I'll also need some water, cotton balls, towels and a washcloth, oh and talc as well please, dear."

Kimberley nodded and walked backwards to the door, her eyes fixed on Tiffany's glowing derriere.

Tiffany heard what Aunty Andrea had asked for and her tight shoulders relaxed. If Andrea was asking for water and lotion and things then it meant the soothing was near. It was not unknown for Aunty to install her in the corner just long enough for her bottom to cool down and get all tender, then take her back over her knee for another session. She never soothed until the actual spanking portion of her session was over. Kimberley returned with the items requested and placed them on the table. Andrea placed one of the towels over her knees and called softly "Tiffany, please remove your hands from your head, DO NOT rub, turn around and come to Aunty Andrea."

Tiffany did as was told and hobbled over to the couch, her bottom still throbbing and she was positive that it was swollen.

Andrea patted her towel covered lap and said kindly "Over you go, sweetheart."

Tiffany willingly lay over Andrea's knees and a smile even shone through her tears.

Andrea dipped some of the cotton balls in the bowl of cool water and began to wipe them gently and slowly across Tiffany's tender, scalded bottom flesh. Tiffany whimpered and sighed as the cool water began to quench the fires raging in her backside. "Does that feel good, darling?" Andrea cooed.

"Mmmmmm." Tiffany responded, squirming in pleasure.

Andrea laughed and squirted a generous measure of the soothing lotion onto Tiffany's bottom cheeks.

"Oooohhhhhh." Tiffany moaned as the cooling lotion pooled on the steaming crowns of her fire red buttocks.

Andrea massaged the lotion in, feeling the sore, hot, swollen flesh regain some its earlier resiliency and springy consistency.

Tiffany lay there and sighed in blessed relief as the lotion was rubbed into her bottom.

Andrea slapped two good handfuls of cold cream onto Tiffany's upturned red little chubs and was rewarded with a gasp as the cold cream reacted with the superheated flesh. Andrea kneaded it in, taking special care with Tiffany's well punished sit spot. Tiffany wriggled her legs, but she was in bliss now, not pain. Andrea smiled down at the girl. Using the washcloth she slowly and gently wiped away all the excess grease left by the lotion and the cream and was left with a lovely well-rounded bottom that now resembled two perfect scoops of raspberry ice cream. She used the cotton balls and the water to wash Tiffany's bottom again and watched it glisten on that lovely, pert, red behind. She then sprinkled talc liberally all over it, making it look like it was ripe strawberries dusted with sugar. Gently she patted Tiffany's bottom dry with a hand towel and then sat back to admire the bottom nestling in her lap. Tiffany lay there, eyes closed and a blissful smile on her lips.

"How do we feel now, darling?"

"Better, Aunty, much better." Tiffany murmured.

"Are you ready for some Aunty Andrea loving?" Andrea asked, her green eyes sparkling and a smile playing across her full lips.

Tiffany's smile as she turned her head to look up at Andrea was all the answer the older lady needed, with Tiffany's assistance she placed her arms around the girl and helped her into a sitting position, red bottom now warming Andrea's lap. "My goodness!" Andrea exclaimed "You're as hot as a stove!"

"My bottom feels like it was cooked. Aunty." Tiffany pouted.

"Don't be cheeky, Tiffany, remember where you are. I can put you back over my knee, young lady." Andrea scolded gently.

"Yes ma'am." Tiffany mumbled, lowering her eyes demurely.

Andrea rested Tiffany's golden head on her bosom and held her whilst stroking her blonde locks, she slowly worked one of her full white breasts free and offered the nipple to Tiffany. With a little sound of joy Tiffany gently closed her lips around that hard, erect, pink nipple and began to suckle happily. Andrea gasped as Tiffany sucked and closed her eyes in sheer pleasure as Tiffany's pink tongue licked and teased her nipple. As Tiffany dozed lightly Andrea reached down and slipped a hand under the girl's white spanking apron, the hand slid slowly up the smooth expanse of thigh and in between Tiffany's legs. Tiffany sighed as Aunty Andrea's hand encountered the mat of soft, springy golden curls between the smooth young thighs. Tiffany moaned as Andrea found the right spot and began to rub. "Just keep suckling, darling," Andrea advised, "and let Aunty Andrea take all the hurt away."

Tiffany continued to suckle and moan in pleasure as Andrea rubbed smoothly away. Eventually Tiffany gasped and shuddered as she came with a rush all over Andrea's hand.

Andrea smiled and removed her hand. She wiped it clean on the hand towel. Tiffany raised her head from the breast and Andrea tucked it away again.

"Thankyou Aunty Andrea." Tiffany murmured dreamily.

"Are you sleepy, darling?" Andrea inquired.

"Yes, ma'am." Tiffany nodded.

"Well your bed is all made up in the spare room. You go and have a nap. Kimberley will wake you later."

"Thankyou Aunty." Tiffany told her stern adopted aunt as she went sleepily to the spare room for a refreshing nap.

Andrea sank back down onto the couch and replayed the scene over in her mind. Oh, how she loved Friday mornings.

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