Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Update from Kimberley Susan: Bared Affair

Hello again! It's Kimberley Susan. I was cleaning up in Aunty Andrea's parlour recently and uncovered a number of issues of the most marvelous magazine called Bared Affair. With Aunty's permission I read the magazines and was enchanted by the delights between the pages. I was devastated when Aunty told me that the magazine was no longer in circulation.

I think that picture, which used to grace the cover of Bared Affair is one of Aunty's favourite non spanking pictures. For my part I'd love to have the younger of that duo out of her tight jeans and over my lap.

Happily Aunty Andrea's friend Seegee used to be an assistant editor at Bared Affair and wrote a number of articles for it, which he has kindly allowed me to repost here at the Spank Shop. He has also promised to put me in touch with one of the other journalists; a young Australian girl who goes by the name Debbie Downunder.

I'm going to repost one of Seegee's articles, called Daring to be Different with appropriate pictures for the article.

Kimberley Susan


  1. I'm so pleased to see that you're resurrecting one of my favorite magazines, darling.

  2. We aim to please, Aunt Carla. Aunty Andrea and I are searching for a name for our new venture. She wants to call it The Spank Shop Spot. I'm not so sure. Your input would be appreciated, ma'am.
    Kimberley Susan