Friday, 15 April 2011

Update from Kimberley Susan: Funny Shirts

Hello to everyone! Aunty Andrea is busy working on a project with Aunt Carla, so asked me to make today's update.

As it's a Friday I thought I'd show you something I found amusing.

These shirts are made by a company called Zazzle. Aunty Andrea keeps talking about buying one for me, I can't think why. The legend would look great on an apron, though. Hmmmmm...

Then there's this one, far more appropriate I think. I may have to order one for my boyfriend Evan.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Hi Kimberly,

    I would love to walk into the room to see the second t-shirt!


  2. Maybe, I should have Kimberley make up an apron with that on the front, Ron.

  3. I think the first t-shirt just about sums me up quite nicely. I got my birthday spanking from Aunty Nita today so sitting down is a tad painful.
    Mom has gone to bed so I am able to surf a bit

    Master Mario

  4. Oh, I am sorry that you were spanked so soundly for your birthday, Mario, but I am sure that Aunty Nita did it with lots of love. Maybe Kimberley can make you one of those aprons with the wording from the first shirt, only we will replace 'girl' with 'boy'.

  5. I am all for it ma'am, thank you.