Monday, 25 April 2011

Where to spank?

I always think the actual place the spanking is given is interesting. If I can swing it today I may see if I can take a naughty boy or girl out onto back porch for a scorching as it is a lovely sunny day out. I found this little set on Punished Brats, of a young lady being spanked by her mother in the kitchen. Kitchens are excellent places for spankings, especially maternal ones, they have that cozy home feel to them. They also have sturdy, straight backed chairs and lots of implements such as wooden spoons, spatulas and even chopping boards which can double as paddles.

What's your favourite room? While you consider that enjoy a mother giving her daughter a good old fashioned bottom warming in the kitchen.


  1. Well, I certainly wouldn't call this my FAVORITE place, but by far the most EMBARRASSING place I've been spanked as an adult is out on our back deck. It's surrounded by trees, but we have neighbors, and I was quite unable to keep myself from giving full-throated testimony to the fact that a good spanking was underway. (*BLUSH!*)

  2. My most embarrassing place to be spanked was at a resort, mom caught me smoking and gave me a spanking with me leaning into the open door of her camper van, my naked bottom in full view for all the world to see.
    Mom's bedroom was the most common place for my spankings to take place. I have been spanked in the kitchen by Aunty Nita, in the lounge by Aunty Shan.


  3. Carla, I also enjoy a good outdoor spanking when the weather is right for it. I've had some clients tell me that while it is hugely embarrassing they do appreciate the occasional cool breeze wafting across their scorched cheeks. I think we spankers like outside because of the very reasons you didn't like it, there's something a little daring and naughty about it.
    Mario, you have vast experience, sweetheart. Surely you've been spanked in some most unusual places.

  4. Ma'am

    Growning up I was spanked in just about every room in any house. The more serious spankings with the brush were in Mom's room, so that is my favorite place but also the first spanking I saw in person given to a young lady was a brushing over her mom's knee over her blue panty in the basement. I was later spanked by the same mom, a friend's mom, in the basement, so I do have some strong memories there. Also love the kitchen because it seemed like we all got spanked in the kitchen.
    Only once growing up was I spanked outside, we were caught in my friend's pool and both our mom's tossed us right over the knee outside. But funny because no real embarrassment as all our friends were spanked.

    Thanks for the post.


  5. The living room was our regular place to be spanked growing up, we were lucky if we got the privacy of our rooms. Both parents were firm believers in the embarrassment side of the spanking and with the living room being the most public room in the house that is where I and my sister had the bulk of our smackings and we had to do corner time there, too. I give most of my spankings in the parlour, which is rather like a living room.

  6. Ma'am, just catching up and I agree but must tell you growing up no one had air conditioning so almost every spanking was heard in the neiborhood!!

    Would love to visit your parlour, just from reading your stories!

    Much respect

  7. Thankyou Ron. I've all the business my lap can handle at present, but if I'd known how a web log would improve business I would have done one years ago!

  8. A spanking in any room has different connotations and 'tones', IMO.

    A kitchen spanking is very 'domestic' and homey, while a bathroom spanking is rather 'cold' and especially humiliating... given that the recipient is very likely stark naked too!

    A lounge room spanking screams 'family' to me; big couches for comfy OTK sessions and for bending spankees over for the belt or paddle, great corners for cornertime afterwards (and all-round great place for 'in front of the family' spankings too... either the smacking itself or the embarrassing cornertime afterwards).

    Front porches and backyards conjure up mental images of hot summer evenings, "go cut a switch" scenarios, and poolside naughtiness requiring dripping wet, on-the-spot correction.

    My favourite spanking place, though, is the bedroom. I'm torn between whether I prefer "spankee's room" or "spanker's room", though. For the former, the whirlwind of emotions for a spankee sent to their room to await the arrival of 'Mummy' (or Aunty or whoever) and their spanking is an exciting one; that nerve-wracking wait, typically having also been ordered to undress, sitting on your bed and watching the clock tick towards hot-bottomed doom, to be followed by being tucked into bed early to cry yourself to sleep.

    On the other hand, the 'summoned to Mummy's bedroom' is such a maternal and yet dramatic scenario... perhaps the only times the spankee is allowed in that feminine, perefume-scented room is for a spanking, and thus one they grow to unconsciously associate that room (and those scents and sights) as being a place of tears, crisp smacks and receiving a hot sore botty? Legs turn to jelly when standing at the threshold of that bedroom doorway, greeted by the sight of Mummy seated on her big bed with hairbrush in hand, crooking a finger at you and beckoning you closer...