Friday, 22 April 2011

With or without panties

As I see all these lovely pictures of young ladies receiving good hot bottoms I've been struck by the fact that some spankings start on the panties, while others have them down from the start. I'm a bare bottom spanker. If someone is going to be spanked, then they are going to be spanked on the bare skin. Interestingly it often seems that spankings by hand start on panties and progress to bare, but implement spankings seem to commence with the bottom bare. Possibly they've been 'warmed up' by hand.

These two photo sets illustrate the point, one from Bad Tushy, which is an over the knee hand spanking.

Whereas this second set from Spanking Server; a mother chastising her errant daughter, begins on the bare bottom, and the girl is being caned.

Now how about you? Do you prefer to start with the bottom bare or work up to it?


  1. For authentic discipline, I prefer bare from the beginning. It tends to seem more staged or self-consciously exhibitionistic (is that a word?) when it's not the same throughout, like there was a deliberate decision to enjoy a variety. I understand that, and wouldn't want to deny people whatever pleases them about spanking, but taking off clothes during distracts me from what should be a single and straightforward purpose. Growing up, my parents never stopped in the middle for wardrobe changes, so that's the model that works best for me.

  2. Thankyou for your considered comment, Brett. I've always felt that as long as there is a ritual around the removal of the clothes then it does not need to be part of the spanking itself.

  3. I have to say that my preference is to start the spanking on the bare bottom, continue the spanking on the bare bottom and finish the spanking on the bare bottom!!!!On the other hand, I do recognise that there is a case to be made for gradually unveiling the target area so that the spanking begings across the seat of her skirt and she gradually loses one layer of protection at a time.

    Might I ask you Andrea if you think that the latter method might work better on an older woman with a larger bottom, a bottom which she definitely does not want to be on show to another woman or to a man????

  4. Aristotle, thank you for the comment. You are a man after my own heart.
    With regards to your question I think we sometimes have to vary our methods with respect to who we are dealing with. The gradual unveiling seems to be a nice compromise for someone who is embarrassed about their ample proportions. Perhaps you could begin the spanking with your hand over panties or even a skirt and as each layer is removed introduce an implement.

  5. For me, it's always over the panties first, then on the bare bottom. Maggie like the "drama" that's created by her baring my behind while I'm helpless over her lap. I confess that that is what I prefer when giving a spanking as well. Lecture the naughty girl standing in her camisole and panties, then toss her over your lap and spank her over panties. Then, take the waistband of those panties in hand, wait for the inevitable squawked-out protest, then WHISK them down and continue with the hairbrush or other implement. Very effective indeed!

  6. I don't like getting a spanking, it hurts!!!!!!!!!
    Seriously though, When I get spanked, which by the way is often, I prefer to get my spanking over my Aunties knee, and I prefer a brush, don't ask me why because the darn thing hurts so much. When Aunty Shan spanks me now she always finishes up my spanking with at least a dozen strokes with her cane, given in two sets of Six of the best with a short break in between. If I move or stand up, the stroke is repeated and an extra six strokes are added on at the end. These strokes are even harder than before. Ouch ouch and ouch

  7. Oh yes the original question, Mom starts off as she ends , bare bottomed, Aunty Shan starts with boxers up , finishes bare. Aunty Nita always spanks me with boxers up, she has a fixed number of strokes in mind, lately though she spanked through the crying barrier.


  8. Carla, I find that an apron is useful in having the bottom bare from the beginning, but still preserving modesty and creating the illusion that they are not entirely exposed, but the target area is totally accessible.
    Mario, you are spanked as often as you need to be and whining about it will not encourage your mother or aunts to spank any less often. Maybe you need to be sent to me for a refresher course. If your Aunty Nita administers the entire spanking over your shorts how does she monitor the condition of your bottom, sweetheart?

  9. To be truthful Aunty Andrea, she has only ever spanked me over my boxers, I think she is simply concerned that I need spanking and that I need it hard. Aunty Nita's spankings are never long ones but they are hard, always.
    Also I realise she is still a young lady, and as such still learning. My first three spankings from Aunty Nita was fully clothed. I only got corner time on the fourth spanking, well actually a caning over my swim costume. When I told her all my other aunties spanked me bare bottomed she told me I was not her husband and she did not feel it was right for me to be bare. Now it is over very thin cotton boxers which offer no protection at all. The last caning I got from her I was crying by the third stroke and in spank land after the sixth.


  10. Mario, sweetness. I think it's wonderful that even a young Aunty like Nita cares enough to punish you properly and that she gives such good sound spankings. I also understand her not thinking seeing you in the altogether is appropriate, but as my aprons have shown there are ways of seeing your bare bottom that are entirely appropriate, and there is no need for you to do your cornertime with a bare bottom. In some ways having it covered is worse, because it seals the heat in. Maybe you could wear a pair of thin, tight bikini briefs.

  11. Aunty,

    Wow, this is a post that hits home for me. When I am the lap, I love and I mean love giving long panty spankings, I just feel like the panty is a wonderful garment, sexy and some what of the last protection of the bottom and other wonderful places. I always make sure I spank the panty for a long time, and actually when I know my bottom is reaching her limit, I usually finish by pulling her panties back up and spanking then as a warm down!!

    As the bottom, yes ma'am, I am made to wear panties sometimes and share the same wonderful feelings I get as the lap.

    To me spankings are ritual, are part of our past life and honestly most spankings at school and even friends at home, we given over the girls panty!

    Wonderful post and thanks for all your thoughts.

    Best wishes,

  12. Thank you for your input, Ron. I seem to have created a little storm of controversy with this post. I may have to try some spankings with panties up and panties down and see which has the most effect on the recipient.

  13. Looking for volunteers?? LOL


  14. If it's a case of viewing a spanking, I'm inclined to think that I'd far rather have the bottom bared from the outset. But I've also got the video of an intriguing otk spanking Chelsea Pfeiffer gave to Pixie Wells on a California beach. The spanking starts on shorts, and I'm more than ready for the progression to panties. Very enjoyable (in almost a 'you are there' fashion), and it's this extended smacking over the panties that helps make their eventual taking down such a fabulous moment.

    If it's me who's being spanked, I love being over my spanker's lap where I get some introductory smacks before my undies come down. Speaking of fabulous moments, when everything's right, absolutely nothing compares to the thrill I get in not only having my bottom bared for spanking, but in also sensing my spanker's sharing of that delight. Sublime sauciness!

  15. I believe that a spanking should always be given 'bare bottom'. While I can totally see the theatrical sense of 'stages' of undress during a lengthy smacking, starting over clothes and progressing to bare, it's a bit of a pet peeve of mine when spanking videos play this same routine over and over.

    Not only does a bare bottom allow increased (and appropriate) agony for the spankee, but a better gauge of how much 'damage' is being inflicted. There is also, of course, the shame involved: big boys and girls not too old to have their pants pulled down and their bottoms shamefully bared like a child; if they wanted to avoid such humiliation, they should have behaved in the first place!

    I do love the 'moment of truth' when underwear is lowered (best done - for maximum humbling - by the spanker, IMO, but can be done by the spankee too if the situation warrants). The way they come down - yanked down swiftly and possibly angrily, slowly peeled down with teasing, tummy-fluttering deliberateness, etc. - is a big part of a punishment, and speaks volumes about what kind of spanking this is, too. Standing before the spanker, hands on head, as underwear is tugged down inch by inch while the spanker smiles and tells you how much your little bottom is going to burn? Having to "lift your hips" so they can be pulled down while already in place over a lap? Pulled down just enough to uncover quivering cheeks, lowered to knee-hollows, dragged down around ankles or totally stripped off?

    While I believe a spanking should be bare bottom, the moment of that baring is a major 'hot button' for me! I suspect it may be a moment Aunty Andrea enjoys too, from what I've read! ;)

    Oh, but one thing I do like about being spanked over panties or underpants is the idea that it still definitely stings (thin panties don't offer much protection!)... so when the spanker then proceeds to completely bare the already smarting buttocks, the poor spankee will be frantic, knowing their spanking not only isn't over, but that it's about to sting even worse!

    "Please let me keep my panties on!" isn't an recurrant plea for nothing! :)