Friday, 27 May 2011

Aprons at the Spank Shop - Guest Fiction

Follower John provides us with his own look at The Spank Shop and concentrates on my aprons and a new innovation by young Kimberley.

A pair of plastic pants similar to those Kimberley employed on Oliver.

Amy Smith makes the acquaintance of my hairbrush.

He's a good deal older than either Tommy or Oliver, but his bottom is the same colour as theirs once I was done with them.

Kimberley sat behind her desk, computer mouse in one hand, and a steaming hot cup of coffee in the other. It had been a very long morning with an unusually high number of naughty boys and girls scheduled in to have their naughty bottoms soundly spanked.
As well as her normal secretarial duties, escorting naughty children to their spankings, baring bottoms, and keeping the “no rubbing bottoms” rule in the reception room’s naughty corners, this morning she had a visit from a new supplier.
Kimberley and her boss Andrea had expertly designed the Spank Shop’s famous original “Spanking Aprons” that had been used to embarrass naughty children, and publicly display freshly spanked bottoms, but preserved the wearer’s modesty.
Being the sort of employee who wanted to provide the best service, the young receptionist had been looking at how she could improve the innovation, and also trial another idea she had for use on her naughtiest male visitors.
Today, the sales man had delivered her new prototype designs, leaving her with  new items to test-drive on this mornings unsuspecting miscreants.
Kimberley rummaged in her desk, and retrieved her digital camera. The legs of her heavy wooden chair emitted a loud scraping noise as she pushed back to stand.
Two nervous children jumped, and peered over their shoulders from their respective corners.
“ Noses back in the corner now, little ones, unless you’d like a trip over Aunty Kimberley’s knee”, she sternly reprimanded 10 year old Tom and his 12 year old sister Amy, who stood with their very red bottoms on display to reception, and passers by through the large glass windows of the shop.
Walking over to Tom, Kimberley took the camera out of its case, and switched it on. “Tom turn around please, I need to take a photo of you in your new spanking apron. Miss Andrea has asked me to take some publicity shots to go on our new web site.”
Tom knew better than to argue, and slowly turned to face the pretty blonde teenager. “There’s a good little boy Tom”, replied Kimberley, “Are you liking your new spanking apron? It looks so cute on you.”

Tom guessed that the question did not need a reply, and nodded. He would have found it hard to speak in any case as the apron had a pacifier attached by a ribbon, and Tom had it inserted into his mouth just like the baby his behaviour suited.
This was one of the many features of Kimberley’s newly designed spanking aprons. Most of her good ideas were added to assist her with some of the more repetitive tasks, and to add to her enjoyment, and the further embarrassment of the little boys and girls forced to wear them.
On a number of occasions, some of the visitors had lost control of their bladders during Auntie’s longer spanking sessions, and wet themselves. The new aprons were made from PVC and nylon, so would serve to protect Aunty Andreas lap, and unlike the soft warm cotton aprons, the PVC of the new aprons was much colder, and helped to emphasise the bareness of the naughty child beneath the material.

The second noticeable difference was the length of the apron.  The sizes would be carefully chosen for each child to make sure the optimum amount of thigh was showing. This gave Kimberley and Aunty Andrea easy access to smack the fronts of bare thighs, and also required careful movement by the wearer to maintain their modesty.
Another addition was the option for the apron to have long sleeves, each with rings and fastenings at the end, allowing the wearers hands to be secured in front of them or clicked together whilst hands were on their heads.  This would physically stop the naughty child from being able to rub their smarting roasted bottoms whilst they were doing their corner-time.
The last options were Kimberley’s little extras to add to the embarrassment of the customer. An extra feature was the possibility to personalise the aprons for each user. Colours, emblems, names and slogans could be chosen for each specific child, allowing parents who used the Spank Shop’s services regularly to order their child’s very own apron.
Kimberley continued with her impromptu photo shoot, making sure she took lots of photos of Tom’s extremely rosy bottom, to help illustrate just how effectively little bottoms were spanked in the establishment.
Just as she was finishing the photos, Tom and Amy’s mother arrived to collect them. Kimberley made the two children parade their new aprons up and down the reception just like little catwalk models, much to the delight of Mrs Smith.
With reception now empty, Kimberley was able to get back to finishing her paperwork. Although reception was quite, she could still hear the sound of hairbrush on bare bottom, followed by cries and pleads from inside Andrea’s parlour.
This session seemed to be a little louder than normal, and Kimberley decided that she needed an urgent signature on the form she was completing.
With a knock on the parlour’s door, Kimberley boldly entered into the spectacle unfolding inside. A young boy of 11 years old, by the name of Oliver was draped across Aunty Andrea’s knees, his wrists secured expertly behind his back whilst Aunty Andrea’s ebony backed hairbrush peppered his pert little bottom.
Even through the blur of kicking legs, and a wiggling bottom, trying to evade the smacks raining down, Kimberley could see a deep red hue suffusing Oliver’s bottom, thighs and particularly angry looking sit spots.
“Oliver, this is what happens to naughty little boys who don’t concentrate in school, and get notes home from their teachers”, Andrea scolded, punctuating every word with a fresh spank of wood to bare bottom, “Your mother is a very busy woman, and has promised to bring you here every week until your behaviour improves”
Andrea continued to add spank after spank to the struggling little boy. Kimberley loved to watch the way little boys kicked and squirmed over Aunty Andrea’s lap. Oliver had the action of an Olympic swimmer, but as hard as he tried to swim off his punisher’s lap, he could not escape.e
“Hello Kimberley, dear, how can I help you”, Kimberly held out the form towards Andrea. “Please ma’am can you sign this delivery note for me”
Andrea paused momentarily, “Oliver, please hold the brush, we haven’t nearly finished spanking this naughty little bottom”, she said as she handed the crying, snotty nosed child the wicked brush.
Taking the paper form from Kimberley, Andrea placed it down on Oliver’s steaming bottom, and signed her name on the dotted line. “Hold those naughty cheeks still young man, can’t you see I’m using your bottom as a desk” Andrea reprimanded the sobbing boy. She carefully signed her name making sure she added a particularly hard full stop to the end!
“Kimberley would you be a love and get my tawse from the cupboard, I think its time little Oliver feels for himself how a tawse works wonders on the insides of little baby boys thighs”
“No please Aunty, not the tawse, I’m too sore!!!  My bottom hurts too much, please not the tawse!” Oliver spluttered through his tears.
“Silence Oliver, little boys, especially very naughty little boys with already well spanked bottoms, do NOT get to decide when their punishments are over.  I think that little outburst will cost you several more especially hard smacks right to your sit spots”
Kimberley handed Andrea the supple leather tawse, and paused just long enough to see the first few strokes relight the fire in Oliver’s already tender bottom.
Returning to her desk, Kimberley finished her admin just in time for the intercom to beep.
“Kimberley, please can you come and get Oliver, and place him in the corner. I suggest you use the corner next to large window, so that everybody passing can see just how naughty this little baby has been.”
Kimberly entered the parlour and took Oliver by the hand, leading him out of the office, stopping by her desk to pick up a tissue instructing the crying boy to “blow” his snotty nose.
“Right young man, straight into the corner, and no rubbing”, she instructed. ,
Before she spun him around, Kimberley took a pacifier on a lovely pink ribbon and pinned it to the button on his apron. “Open” she commanded, before pushing the dummy into his mouth, “This little dummy will keep baby quiet, I don’t want your sniffling and sobbing to distract me from my work” she thoughtfully replied, as she turned his nose to the corner, “Right into the corner young man, and don’t let me see those hands move from your head, or you will be back over Aunty’s knee before you know it” she said sternly, with a slap to his bottom.
Oliver had been standing in the corner for nearly 10 minutes, when the door to the shop opened, and in walked his mother. She went straight over to her son, an surveyed Aunties handy work before going back over to Kimberley’s desk.
“Hello Mrs Heart, as you can see Oliver has had a jolly good spanking, and won’t be sitting comfortably for quite some time.  If you give me five minutes I will take him upstairs, dress him, and have him ready for you to take home to bed “, Kimberley said warmly to Oliver’s mother.
Mrs Heart replied hurriedly, “I’m in some what of a rush, and really can’t afford to miss my bus, please can you be quick.”
Kimberley smiled to herself, she had just had the most perfect idea. “Mrs Heart, I think I have just what you need to get you on your way quickly. She reached into the box beside her desk, and retrieved that last part of het cunning new additions to the spanking apron.
“Look Mrs Heart, If we pop little Oliver into a pair of these, you can take him home in his apron”, little Oliver didn’t like the sound of this, and did his best to peer over his shoulder from his naughty corner. “Nose back in the corner young man”, Kimberley commanded, “I am talking to your mother not you. Naughty little boys don’t get a choice.”
Kimberley held up a delightful little pair of baby blue knickers with elasticated legs. They were made from the same plastic as the apron, and sported a little yellow ducky on the front, and the spank shop logo on the bottom.
Kimberley bent down behind Oliver, and instructed him to step into them. A few carefully guided hard slaps to Oliver’s legs finally got him to cooperate, as Kimberley pulled the shiny material up over his knees, up his thighs and with some effort over his still very red bottom.
The act of squeezing a well spanked bottom into a very tight little pair of plastic panties caused Oliver to squeal. A few more slaps got his hands back on his head, whilst Kimberley adjusted the waist band of this knickers.

“Right Mrs Heart, I think he looks adorable. Now he’s covered appropriately to go out in public but everyone can easily see he has just had a visit to the “Spank Shop” , Kimberley stated with great satisfaction.

“I agree Kimberley, and his new knickers are very short and tight, and leave his naughty spanked thighs for everybody to see. I think I will leave the dummy in as well. It should keep him quiet on the bus journey home.” she replied, openly smirking to the receptionist.
“We will see you same time next week, and your job will be a little easier Kimberley as Oliver will already be wearing his apron. All you will need to do if pull his knickers down.”
With that Mrs Heart turned, and marched Oliver by the hand out of the shop. The last thing Kimberley saw was the adorable sight of two little boy buttocks squeezed tightly into their plastic confinement. Kimberley wondered just how uncomfortable they felt on a freshly spanked bottom, and also pictured the sheer embarrassment little Oliver would face on the journey home.
“Oh how I love my job”, she giggled to herself.


  1. Aunty,

    Well done, nice lines and ah that ebony brush, man I felt like I was over Aunty's knee...or is it that I was wishing I was??

    Nice post and so well writen, thanks.


  2. Ron. John takes the credit for this one. My hat, if I wore one, goes off to him.