Saturday, 28 May 2011


I found the below drawing when looking something to illustrate a post.

I don't know who the artist is, although the style looks familiar. Judging by the ages of the girls and the lady administering the spanking it would appear that she's their mother or aunt handing out a spanking for some youthful misdeed. What does genuinely intrigue me is the expressions on the faces of the participants. The dark haired young lady who has just had her bottom reddened looks to be smiling, although her backside bears the glowing marks of a thorough spanking. The pretty blonde over Mum or Auntie's lap also appears to be laughing; a sure sign that she's enjoying her experience under the punishing palm. The disciplinarian is also having a marvelous time of it. The unseen viewer (possibly a brother or cousin) is certainly getting an eyeful and I can imagine that he's not going to leave any time soon. A wonderful example of everyone involved getting the most out of the spanking.


  1. That is a lovely drawing and very erotic to say the least. The smiles and red bottoms just add some very hot thoughts. I am thinking perhaps a older sister, not sure aunties would be spanking and smiling, at least mine did not. Also wonder what the watcher's bottom will look like.

    This could also be a nice good girl spanking scene from the Spank Shop after hours, no?

    Terrific drawing and commentary.

    Thanks and regards

  2. I thought the girls may be cousins or even friends, because one is fair and the other dark. I know of at least one 'Aunty' who often smiles while she spanks, Ron. If the watcher gets discovered I can see him taking the overlap express to join the girls in Redbottomville.