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Happy Birthday - Bared Affair (sort of)

Before I post Seegee's newest article it requires some explanation, although it is written very much in the Bared Affair style it never appeared in the webzine (Kimberley assures me that is the correct term). It was not written for Bared Affair and it features female/male spankings and even mention of male/female ones which would never have been selected for publication in Bared Affair. This is an example of the kind of article that will appear on this blog when Kimberley and I attempt to resurrect the much loved and keenly missed Bared Affair in some form.

Happy Birthday

A look at the tradition of birthday spankings, how they have survived, and in fact, seem to have flourished in this enlightened anti-spanking age. We talk to a number of individuals about their experiences with the much loved and time honoured tradition.

Two Sets of Celebrations

Connie Anderson, from New England is in her late 20’s, and speaks quite candidly about birthday spankings. “I got them for years,” she reminisces fondly, “I still get them now, but from my husband.” she confesses, with a blush.
“It was quite odd, really,” she says, sipping her chai latte, “my parents never spanked me. I got the occasional swat, but even they stopped by the time I was eleven. Dad threatened sometimes, but he never followed through.” the dark haired woman was almost wistful as she remembered her father’s threats.

A little prompting gets Connie back onto the track. “My first one was when I was four. Mum and Dad would wake me up and put me over their laps.”

The question was asked about both parents participating.
“Oh yes, they both wanted to be part of it. I got my age and one to grow on from each of them. As I got older they changed and Mum would give me half and Dad the other half, but I got the one to grow on from them both. Mum called it one to grow on and Dad called it one for luck.”

Were they painful?
Connie laughs delightedly “Not at all, they were just pats. Maybe the last one stung a little. I didn’t have much padding back there, only wearing my pj bottoms.”

Connie’s parents were not the only ones who gave birthday spankings to her, though, she told us. “My best friend; Penny, had spanking parents. When I say spanking I mean for real, the whole bare bottom, over the knee thing, and she was spanked right through high school. I only ever got spanked properly by her Mum once. We had a sleep over, and didn’t quiet down when we were told to.  They had permission from all the parents, including mine, but I don’t think my parents knew exactly what a spanking at the Stevens house entailed. Mrs Stevens was really nice about it, but boy did she spank hard!”

“They also gave me birthday spankings.” Connie admitted, with a blush, “They went on for longer than my parents did. Mum and Dad stopped the birthday spankings when I turned sixteen. I think they thought it was too embarrassing. The Stevens’ kept giving me birthday spankings right through my teens. I got my last one when I was twenty one.”

Were they different from her parents?
“Oh way different. I had to get down to panties. Penny got hers bare. I didn’t get them from both Mr and Mrs Stevens, just whoever happened to be there, or who wanted to give it when I went over to share my birthday with Penny. It was Mr Stevens mostly as I got older. Their birthday spankings actually stung. Mr Stevens was a builder and he had big hard hands. Penny would stand by and count, and fair enough I did it plenty of times for her, too. There were usually a few tears, but they were always really nice after. The last one when I turned twenty one I went over both laps at different times. I celebrated that party standing up!”

When asked if she had any regrets Ms Anderson said “No, not a one. Only that I didn’t keep going back after I turned twenty one. Penny still gets them even now! They were like my second parents, and I only got spanked once a year. “

Connie Anderson receives a juvenile and fun birthday spanking from her father.

An older Connie gets it from her best friend's mother.

School Birthdays

Paula Wechsler 47, from the Barossa Valley wine-growing region in South Australia, confesses “Growing up in a rural area in the ‘70’s most parents were spankers. I know mine were.”

Did they give birthday spankings?
“No,” Paula admitted, twining a long strand of brown hair around a finger, “spankings were for when you were naughty, not for fun. They had a slightly different view of it at school. Every kid in my primary school got spanked on their birthday, from grades 1 to 6, even the prep kids got little play ones.”

Did the parents know about it?
“Oh, they had to,” Paula said, pouring another cup of coffee, “it wasn’t a secret, and kids do talk about what happens at school.”

What exactly did happen?
A slow smile spread across the woman’s face, “It was very ritualized, and not one kid escaped them. If your birthday was on a weekend or a holiday then you got your birthday whacks on the Monday, or the next convenient school day. I remember one week after the Christmas holidays where we had a spanking every day for a week.”
There was a laugh at the recollection.

“Everyone got to participate. The birthday boy or girl had to go up the front of the class and bend over, with their hands on the wall and their bum stuck out. Each kid was allowed to give two swats, one to each cheek. It’s funny that the kids who weren’t spanked at home were the biggest babies about the birthday spankings, but were also the ones that gave the hardest swats when it was their turn to smack someone else.”  there was scorn in Paula’s voice.
“After every kid had their two smacks you went over the teachers lap. She, we had mostly lady teachers, would sit on a chair in the middle of the room, and turn you over her knee, then she’d give you your age while the rest of the kids counted. They always gave one extra for luck and that stung a little, too, it was like a real spank. Then everyone sang happy birthday.”

Did they hurt?
“Not really. Some of the non spanked kids carried on about it, but they were tame compared to the real thing. Your bottom tingled a little after all your classmates had their go, but most teachers went pretty easy, except for the last extra one. The teachers varied how they gave them, most spanked on the panties, but some let you leave your skirt down. I only ever cried once and that was because Daddy spanked me for hitting my sister the previous night and I was still a little tender.”

Did she enjoy the experience?
“I actually loved it,” Paula admitted, with a grin, “it was how I met my husband. He had a crush on me, but didn’t admit it until after one of his birthday spankings. We spank our children, and yes we have always given them birthday spankings, seeing as how they’re not allowed to do it in schools anymore.”

Two classroom birthday spankings similar to the ones Paula Wechsler received growing up.

Sisterly Spanking

Blaire Landers, 21 and Cassidy Freeman, 19 are a junior and a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin, both girls are members of the prestigious Phi Kappa Phi sorority.

“I know it sounds ridiculous,” Blaire remarked, fiddling with her thick-rimmed glasses, “but the sorority gives us birthday spankings.”

“It’s kinda the same as when you get initiated, only it happens every year.” Cassidy added with a giggle and a flip of her long blonde hair.

“I came from a fairly liberal family and school, so I’d never even seen a paddle before joining PKP.” Blaire admitted, with a blush.

“I’m from Tennessee,” Cassidy said, “they still paddle in school there, so I’d not only seen one, I’d felt it on my butt!”

Blaire gave her ‘little sister’ a hard look before continuing her story. “The initiation paddling was bad enough I couldn’t believe it when they told me I was going to get another one on my birthday.”

“The paddling is kinda bogus,” Cassidy sniffed, “but the birthdays at PKP are fun overall.”

“I really look forward to my birthday!” Blaire smiled. “You get made a fuss of all day, the other girls look after you and they give you presents. They wait on you and make your favourite for dinner. Every girl wants to feel special at least once a year.”

“It’s all good until after dinner.” Cassidy added.

Blaire picked up the story “After dinner you go up to your room and put on your pj’s, you also fetch your paddle. By that stage there’s usually a nice little fire going in the living room fireplace. You put your paddle on the table in front of the fireplace and assume the paddling position.”

“That’s about when I get a tingle in my butt.” Cassidy breathed.

“It’s hard not to,” Blaire agreed, her eyes shining, “every girl in the sorority gets to give you a swat over your pj’s. It’s not really that bad, most don’t hit very hard, because they know that their turn will come.”

“I got whomped on my birthday!” Cassidy complained.

“That was because you were a little brat all day.” Blaire informed her ‘little sister’.

Cassidy pouted while Blaire continued to explain the procedure in the sorority house. “After each girl has given you a lick, you lose your pj bottoms and go over the housemother’s lap. She spanks you while the rest of the girls sing Happy Birthday. It’s rather cute, really.”

“Not when she really lays it on, like she did with me last year.” Cassidy interjected.

“You were a brat,” Blaire repeated, “you deserved it.”

“I’m so gonna whale on you.” Cassidy vowed.

Blaire eyed the younger girl and warned “Your birthday isn’t that much after mine, little sis, and I will get you back.”

Cassidy sighed.

“You know it’s funny,” Blaire mused, “I’d never been paddled before joining PKP and yet after I graduate next year I’m really going to miss the birthday spankings.”

Two of the Phi Kappa Phil girls get into the spirit of things early.

 Blaire Landers.

Cheeky cheerleader Cassidy Freeman

Birthday Spankings R US

Happy Birthday, a bar near Odessa, Texas, looks much like any other establishment of it’s type until you realize that the crossed oars out the front are actually oversized fraternity paddles. The d├ęcor inside also doesn’t hint at what makes the bar special, except for the photos and advertising material at the back of the bar.

Marci Lucardello, is a pretty 26 year old bar manager, with sparkling green eyes and curly dark brown hair. “We do all sorts of functions,” the girl says, “stag nights, bachelorette parties, college graduations, but we’re really known for the birthdays as the name suggests. Mostly we do those in the function rooms, but smaller parties celebrate in the general bar area.”

All of this does not sound much different from many bars until you find out about the special service Happy Birthday offers people who choose to hold their celebration there.

“For an extra charge,” Marci explains, “you can hire a specially designated bar staff member to be your Mistress or Master of Ceremonies. Along with that you also get your choice of a t-shirt or boxers and a paddle.”

Marci indicates the wall at the back of the bar. The t-shirts are white with a picture of a bent over male or female being paddled and the legend ‘I got a birthday spanking at Happy Birthday.’ The boxer shorts come in two designs. Both are white with a red target painted on the seat; one says ‘Spank Here’ with an arrow pointing towards the target and the other ‘Birthday Girl’ or ‘Boy’ depending on gender. There is also a college style paddle with the same picture as on the t-shirt and the same words. Arrayed around the paddle are pictures of various people being paddled. On a number of these photographs a smiling Marci is wielding the paddle.

‘Yeah, I’m a pretty popular Mistress of Ceremonies,” the bar manager confesses with a blush and a smile, throwing her shoulders back, and thrusting her impressive chest out to show off the lettering on her tight black t-shirt; Mistress of Ceremonies. Pinned to her shoulder was a enamel paddle pin. “You have to give 10 paddlings to get the pin.” Marci explained.

“We get all kinds really,” Marci said of the bars clientele, “the stag nights can be annoying as can the frat boys, but they never get too out of hand. We actually have the most trouble with the bachelorettes, they can be very demanding. They’re also most likely to request a Master of Ceremonies. The girls are more popular, but the bachelorettes and the college girls love the idea of being spanked by a hunky male barman. We have the occasional gay party that prefer the guys, too.”

“I’ve lost count of the bottoms I’ve paddled,” the cute bar girl admits, “I’m one of the most popular Mistresses here.” she says with pride. “I got a group of college boys once celebrating a twenty first, they thought they’d be tough and smart by getting the guest of honour to take it on the bare bottom. He didn’t think it was too clever by the time I’d gotten to ten, his friends thought it was hilarious. He was bawling when I was done. He promised to bring his friends back when it’s their birthdays and they’ll get done bare too. I hope he keeps his end of the deal up, they were great tippers and you get more when you’re selected to be a Mistress of Ceremonies, as well.”

When asked if she had a favourite, Marci’s brow furrows in thought “It’s hard to say really. I’ve been here over four years and after a while they all blend together. I think it was a fortieth we had here one night. She was a lovely lady. Very shy. Her friends were the one who pushed her into it. Forty swats is quite a paddling, but she took it really well, even though she must have been on fire back there. She was crying hard when I let her up. I bumped into her in the ladies after, and we had a good look at her behind. She was crimson and almost burned my hand when I touched her. You know what the weird thing was? She celebrated her forty first here, too!”

A paddle similar to the ones sold at Happy Birthday bar.

One of the Mistresses of Ceremonies at Happy Birthday gets to work.

A Master of Ceremonies in action.

It’s obvious from four different examples that birthday spanking is still alive and well in the modern world and that it’s a much loved and fondly remembered custom.


  1. Aunty.

    Wonderful post thank you.

    Growing up we were all spanked a lot and by lots of people but we all got birthday spankings up to high school. Never hurt but still even the nuns would come in and playful put the birthday person over their lap and spank while the class called out and sang.

    Must tell you I have used the birthday spankings to introduce two ladies to being spanked and one to spank me!! Awesome.

    Great post and thanks for bringing back some memories.


  2. It was my pleasure, Ron. Once again the credit for the writing goes to Seegee. You are correct in that the good old birthday spanking is a fun and gentle way to introduce someone to spanking.
    One day you must write an account of some of your experiences for me, it may make for a good 'Bared Affair' piece.

  3. Aunty,

    Respectfully, I would love to. Not sure of the venue to get it over there but thanks for the comments.


  4. Birthday spanking last one was at a bar pulled my pants down and underwear. 10 swats with a belt. From each girl. Total of 70 hard ones. Than they took turns using a strap on on me. Everyone cheered. Couple of the guys joined in.
    Ass and mouth were used repeatedly.
    There were no condoms used.
    I swallowed every drop.