Friday, 20 May 2011

I'm back!

Hello to one and all!
As the title so proudly proclaims I am back!
While I haven't been able to update my blog I have not been idle and the shop has been ever so busy with bottoms coming in and out to be soundly spanked. Kimberley even joked that I should install a revolving door! Little minx.
As a result of my enforced absence the posts have backed up a little and I am very pleased to see that my brief sojourn did not result in a loss of followers. Aunty is very proud of you all.
Here's a pic from Girls Boarding School for you to enjoy of a young lady doing her corner time and trying to soothe her hot bottom with some cold cream.


  1. Great to see you back.
    I have written a FanFic episode of the "Spank Shop" series with Aunty Andrea and Kimberly. How can I share with you?

  2. Welcome back and thanks for the nice picture.


  3. John, you can email me at I'd be very interested in reading your story and if I think it's appropriate I will consider posting it here with credit to you.
    Thanks Ron, I thought it was an absolutely darling picture.