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Miss Universe - Debbie Downunder

Oh, I'm so glad we're back on track! Thank you Aunty Andrea! I had this one all ready to go when we got taken offline, then I went to the Logies and met Jess and Bec and absolutely had to share that one with you all, so this got kind of pushed back in the queue, but all is now good and happy, so read and enjoy Miss Universe.

A beauty queen reveals an unusual custom around the handing on of the crown

Steamy, exotic, sometimes sleazy Bangkok, the Thai tourist mecca, was the last stop on the way home for this well travelled reporter. Yes, dear readers, your fearless little correspondent is almost back on home soil.

Whilst waiting for the Qantas flight to Sydney I stopped off to have a drink in the airport bar. An unmistakable Australian accent asked, "Is this seat taken?" of the empty chair next to me. The girl who seated herself was tall and slender, with long, straight brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Admiring male gazes from around the bar confirmed the opinion that this was one attractive lady.

In an instant I knew that my neighbour was Jennifer Hawkins, who had been Miss Universe 2004. Only the second ever Australian winner of the beauty title, Miss Hawkins was from the industrial New South Wales town of Newcastle. She had been a cheerleader for their rugby league team, The Knights, before pursuing a modelling career.

Whilst fulfilling her duties as Miss Universe, Miss Hawkins had managed to make the news for an interesting and unexpected wardrobe malfunction which had briefly resulted in her bottom being shown to the world. The 22-year-old had accidentally stepped on the train of a dress she was modelling and the lower half of it slipped down, thus showing a shocked audience and delighted cameramen her pert rear end clad only in a scanty thong.

Not long after that, Miss Hawkins had landed a role as a presenter on the Australian travel and lifestyle TV show 'The Great Outdoors.' It was a story for that programme that had brought the Aussie beauty to Bangkok for the first time since handing over her title in May 2005.

Former Australian Miss Universe model Jennifer Hawkins. 

A Unique Custom

Intrigued as to what being Miss Universe was like, I asked about the lifestyle and the contest itself. Giggling and blushing, Miss Hawkins explained a unique custom that the current Miss Universe follows when passing on the title.

"I won it from Amelia Vega, a Dominican girl," the young woman began. "I don't know if you know much about Amelia, but she's a very typical Latin American beauty, except for her height; she's just over six feet tall. Once you win the competition and they hand you the crown you go backstage and that is where Amelia cornered me."

It was hard not to wonder what Miss Hawkins meant by 'cornered.'

"There's a custom you don't find out about until you've won the title. The current title holder spanks the new winner. I know, crazy, isn't it?" she laughed. "There was nothing I could do about it. And I think the other girls were pretty eager to see me get it, because after all, I'd just beaten them for the title, and I was getting all the goodies that they wanted."

The question about how it was done was on my lips before I even realised it.

"I knew you'd ask that," Miss Hawkins said with a blush. "Amelia dragged a chair into the middle of the dressing room and gathered all the other contestants around, inviting them to watch. They helped undress me and took me to Amelia who was sitting in the chair. They draped me, completely nude, over her lap and she began to spank me. Some of the other Miss Universes have used implements like hairbrushes and paddles."

The model was thanking her deity that Miss Vega had only used her hand. "Like I said, she's six foot and pretty strong. I thought my bum was going to burst into flames! Eventually she stopped and let me up; she held me while I had a good cry and then told me that I was in for a wonderful year. We went out to dinner that night; it was a good thing that I wasn't expected to sit down, because I doubt that I could have."

Latin American beauty, and talented spanker Amelia Vega.

This inquiring mind wanted to know if the new Miss Universe continued the custom. "Oh yes," she confided with a wicked glint in her eye.

"Miss Canada, the Russian-born Natalia Glebova, followed my reign." Miss Hawkins actually licked her lips at the memory. "I could hardly wait to get her backstage and over my knee. Natalia is a brunette and not unlike Amelia. I think it was a measure of revenge. I never realised until I was getting ready to take her over my knee how predatory the other contestants are. They all wanted to see Natalia's bottom burn!"

Miss Hawkins described how the other contestants wanted to get into the act. "I had Miss France offering me a martinet, Miss England had a slipper, Miss America suggested a paddle, Miss Russia actually said she could find me a birch! I didn't think I could do a really good job with my hand, not like Amelia, and the current Miss Australia was nice enough to find me a good, sturdy hairbrush."

Thus Miss Canada was initiated with the most maternal of tools. "I warmed Natalia up with my palm. And sure enough that well-muscled rump only served to hurt my hand, but boy didn't she change when I started with the hairbrush! I soon had her kicking and squealing and her bottom bounded and flamed under that brush."

When she was done, Miss Hawkins recalled, the new Miss Universe was blubbering like a baby. "I helped her up, gave her a cuddle, whispered to her about all the fantastic things that she would do and see in the coming year, helped her fix her makeup and we went off to the post event cocktail party."

Russian born Canadian Natalia Glebova, it wasn't just the cheeks on her face that were blushing the night she was crowned Miss Universe.

I must confess I had more questions, but then our flight boarded and Miss Hawkins was whisked off to business class while I wound up with the cattle in the rear. Sigh. At least I got one last great story for the distinguished publication for whom I have toiled lo these many months.

Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 3.08


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