Saturday, 7 May 2011

'Moving Violation Pt 2 - Carla'

I have a special treat for everyone today. Carla has sent me the second installation of her visit to the Spank Shop. It can also be found at Carla's blog ( The picture below is from Spanking TGP and it's a nice look at a young being prepared for her chastisement.

“Moving Violation” – Part Two
By Carla Marie

Aunt Carla entered The Spank Shop with a sense of trepidation. She’d never been over Aunty Andrea’s lap before, but she knew her to be an exceptionally fierce and thorough spanker. When tasked by a third party with delivering a punishment, she was sure to make it count.
Carla’s tummy flipped as the little bell jangled above her head. She looked at the empty reception desk, and thanked her lucky stars that Andrea had asked to see her after hours. If she had been reduced to calling young Kimberley Susan “Miss Kimberley” and “Miss,” it would have simply been too humiliating to bear!
“Ah, there you are, right on time,” Aunty Andrea said, opening the door to her spanking parlour. “How fortunate for your bottom. Although I think your bottom shall soon be feeling anything but fortunate, dear.”
Carla gulped. “Hi, Andrea,” she said with a weak smile. The smile was not returned.
“That’s ‘Miss Andrea’ or ‘Aunty Andrea’ to you today, and you know it!” the great lady declared.
“Yes, A-Aunty Andrea; sorry, Miss.”
“Well, shall we go in?”
The disciplinarian held the door open and gestured for Carla to walk through it. Her heart leapt into her throat as she did so. She was crazily reminded of the warning in Dante’s Divine Comedy, “Abandon hope, all who enter here.”
Well, it’s nothing quite that dramatic! She reasoned with herself. Still, her pulse raced and her palms were moist.
“I have been in contact with Miss Maggie, little one,” Andrea told her friend. Carla suddenly felt like a seven-year-old whose teacher had called her parents to report some misbehaviour worthy of a proper punishment at home.
“Wh-What did she say, Aunty Andrea?”
“She told me that speeding is an offence she has been working with you to eliminate, and that I should treat you as she does when you’re to receive a punishment spanking.”
Carla’s stomach dropped as if she were on a roller coaster. She knew what that implied, although she was loath to imagine it.
“Oh, please, Miss!” she begged. “Can’t you just say…”
“Of course not!” Andrea cut her off. “I do not engage in deception with anyone, least of all my clients.”
Oh, wonderful. Now Maggie was a “client.” That didn’t bode well for Carla’s future.
“So tell me, young lady, how are you attired at the outset of a punishment spanking at home?” Aunty Andrea asked.
“Um…sometimes in my, uh, bra and panties, and sometimes…” Carla’s voice trailed off, her face went beet red, and she studied the carpet, biting her lower lip.
“’Sometimes,’ what, little one?”
Carla withered under Aunty Andrea’s persistent questioning and her use of diminutives. Carla regularly used those techniques with her own clients to good effect; now she was on the receiving end!
“Sometimes, I’m…I’m naked from the start,” she said. She was surprised that her voice was little more than a breathless whisper.
“Well, I’m proud of you for telling me the whole truth, darling,” Aunty Andrea said warmly. “Accordingly, you need not be totally bare from the beginning, just in your underthings.”
Carla stood across from her fellow disciplinarian, frozen.
“Please remove your clothing, dear,” Aunty Andrea said in a businesslike tone of voice.
How often had Carla issued the same directive, in the same tone of voice! Being on the other side of the disciplinary dyad was quite unnerving. Under Andrea’s intense gaze, Carla began undressing. As she unbuttoned her blouse, her face grew very hot; when it fell away, her blush seemed to extend to the very roots of her hair.
“Dear, I do hope you’re not in the habit of throwing your clothes on the floor,” Aunty Andrea said reprovingly.
“Oh, no, Miss.” Carla picked up the blouse and folded it carefully, placing it on a nearby chair.
“Much better, darling.”
Carla stepped out of her shoes and unzipped her slacks, blushing more than she thought possible as she stepped out of them. Once they had joined the blouse on the chair, she stood with her arms covering her 34C chest which was straining against the fabric of a bra that had shrunk a bit in the dryer. Oh, how she wished she had had time to change first!
“Now, my dear,” said Aunty Andrea, “I want you to put your hands on your head, put your nose in the corner, and think about why your little bottom is about to be toasted.”
“Yes, Miss,” said a scarlet-faced Carla. She put her hands on top of her head as required, and padded obediently over to the corner. Once she was there, Aunty Andrea was treated to the sight of a naughty little girl doing penance in just her bra and panties. It was a lovely sight, and Andrea smiled as she took it in, sipping a cup of tea. She would let the girl stew in the corner for a good ten minutes before the spanking started; it would put both of them in the proper frame of mind.
[End of Part Two]
© 2011 by Carla Marie

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  1. As I have stated before, let's hope the spanking started over the panty!!