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The Royal Discipline and Spanking Company

Some time ago I posted the first report written about the highly successful Royal Discipline and Spanking Company, courtesy of the organisation's public liaison; Edb. Ed has recently made a detailed description of the RDSC's organisational structure throughout all the places it has spread it's tentacles. I thought people may like to see this, so here it is.

The Royal Discipline and Spanking Company
Scarlett House
No 12 Regent Street

7th May 2011

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you so much for your enquiry following the publication of chapter 56 chronicling the ongoing day to day operations of the RDSC; Caroline is very pleased to hear that you enjoy following the progress of the company, and she had no hesitation in furnishing me with the relevant information you requested.

Now that the RDSC has expanded its operations around the world I fully understand that you, along with a number of other interested parties, are eager to understand how the corporate structure of the company works so that it is easier for you to follow the characters as they appear in the different offices. I know that there are probably many others who will also be interested, including one poor reader who appears to be going stark raving bonkers and is currently under sedation, so I hope you will forgive me if I reply by way of an open letter.

In order to give you a fuller appreciation of how the company has expanded to bestride the globe in such a short space of time, thus necessitating the management changes that Caroline implemented earlier this year, I have set out a brief history of the company order so that you can understand how the RDSC has arrived at its present structure.

2004 – Following an Act of Parliament mandating and encouraging the corporal chastisement of errant females of eighteen years of age and older, Caroline Fitzroy spotted the market potential, and helped by her friend Katie Greene formed The Discipline and Spanking Company. Vicki Wyatt, Helen Miles, Samantha Reed and Tracey Smith were their first recruits as spanking mistresses, and along with Ginnie Taylor on reception they are all still working for the company in various capacities seven years later.

2007 – The United States Congress passes legislation similar to that passed by United Kingdom government three years earlier, and when the White House signs this into law Caroline moves quickly, opening an office in New York, where Maria D’Agestino is her first recruit. Such is the success of the New York business that an office is opened in Los Angeles later that the same year.

2010 – This is a momentous year for the company as its expansion plans accelerate rapidly. LA Times reporter Ashley Morgan visits the LA office to write an article on the successful business, where much to her surprise and embarrassment she experiences their brand of discipline at first hand, and also learns that the company has plans for opening an office in Miami.

Returning from a visit to the LA office, Caroline is disturbed to discover that there has been an unfortunate misunderstanding in the London office, but is astounded to find that far from harming the companies’ prospects, the incident results in the company being awarded a royal warrant. Ashley returns to the LA office to write an article on the discipline consultants training programme and proves such a success that she is hired by Caroline as her personal assistant for business development.

Sent to help Maria D’Agestino and her assistant, Carla Spirelli, in opening the Miami office, Ashley is soon promoted to be vice president for new business development as she oversees Caroline’s  expansion plans, opening offices in Sydney and Moscow, at the same time introducing and editing a new in house magazine titled ‘Blushing Cheeks Gazette’. Meanwhile, Caroline reorganises the management team, appointing Katie Greene as group managing director and promoting Maria D’Agestino, Kelly Martin and Casey Brewster to the main board where they are soon joined by Ashley.

The opening of the Hong Kong office follows, but Ashley further proves her worth to the company when she presents a proposal for setting up a division for mobile operations; if clients cannot come to the company, the company should go to the clients using mobile spanking units. The board of directors agree, and soon a Super Spank Mobile (SSM) is visiting Cambridge University, much to the dismay and discomfort of the female undergraduates.

2011 – As the company opens new offices in Berlin and Tokyo, Caroline decides that she must yet again reorganise the companies’ management team, creating two new posts reporting to her as group chairman, Katie Greene as group managing director for all offices, and Ashley Morgan as group managing director for mobile operations. Ashley also remains responsible for business development and the BCG magazine.

With her new additional responsibilities, Ashley establishes a mobile division in the US and appoints Carla Spirelli as its president, the inaugural opening in Dallas a spectacular success as she and her fellow DC’s unveil the SSM carousel, much to Caroline’s surprise. However, Caroline had a surprise of her own, as it was announced by the palace that her Majesty had graciously appointed her to be a Lady Companion of The Most Noble Order of the Garter, an honour that was in the personal gift of the sovereign.

Now that I have given you a brief synopsis of the companies’ history, I have set out below the members of the main board, the management teams in the various offices and mobile divisions, and the staff who are instrumental in the continuing success of the company.

I hope that this brief resume helps to keep all interested parties informed, and I know that Ashley has asked Traci, her assistant editor, to announce any future staff changes in the BCG.

Finally, Lady Caroline has asked me to thank all who have taken an interest in her company and have written messages of support. She appreciates the time and trouble taken by all, and she hopes that their interest will continue.

Yours sincerely

Official Biographer to the RDSC

(Please forgive certain omissions; the company are still appointing DC’s to the mobile divisions in the US and Europe, and at present Ashley is unable to furnish me with the full staffing roster.)

The RDSC Corporate Structure

Group Board of Directors

Group Chairman: Caroline Fitzroy; aged                 41; Shoulder length golden blonde hair

Office Division
Group Managing Director: Katie Greene                ; aged 40; Light brown hair

Mobile Division
Group Managing Director: Ashley Morgan; aged 25; Looks like Jennifer Garner (authors note: gorgeous!)

Senior President Miami : Maria D’Agestino; aged 38; Long, lustrous curly black hair

President Los Angeles: Kelly Martin; aged 35; Shoulder length blonde hair

President New York: Casey Brewster; aged 34; Short brown hair

President Sydney: Brenda Schultz; aged 33; Long auburn hair

President Moscow: Tatiana Tourischeva ; aged 34; Long straight black hair

President UK/European Mobile: Vicki Wyatt; aged 39; Long blonde hair

President US Mobile: Carla Spirelli; aged 23; Short raven black hair

World Wide Offices

London – Corporate Headquarters

Group Chairman: Caroline Fitzroy
Group Managing Director: Katie Greene                                 

Senior Vice President: Helen Miles; aged 40; Light brown hair

Vice President: Samantha Reed; aged 42; Brunette

Spanking Mistress: Tracey Smith ; aged 36; Shoulder length honey blonde hair
Spanking Mistress: Cheryl Baxter; aged 26; Brunette
Spanking Mistress: Jennifer Bingham; aged 31; Strawberry blonde hair
Spanking Mistress: Shelley Graves; aged 28; Shoulder length black hair
Spanking Mistress: Philippa Winters; aged 29; Light brown short hair

Receptionist: Ginnie Taylor; aged 27; Medium length blonde hair           

New York

President: Casey Brewster         

Vice President: Jane Hall; aged 28; Shoulder length brown hair
Discipline Consultant: Toni Maples; aged 28; Shoulder length curly blonde hair
Discipline Consultant: Emily Dickson; aged 30; Strawberry blonde
Discipline Consultant: Nicole Roberts; aged 27; Curly dark brown hair
Discipline Consultant: Teri Slater; aged 25; Long honey blonde hair
Discipline Consultant: Lauren Carter; aged 26; Long raven black hair

Receptionist: Stacey Porter; aged 26; Short blonde hair               

Los Angeles

President: Kelly Martin                 

Vice President: Chris Ellison; aged 34; Long chestnut locks

Discipline Consultant: Katie Chambers; aged 28; Short blonde hair
Discipline Consultant: Meredith Baxter; aged 27; Shoulder length brunette
Discipline Consultant: Karen Pickles; aged 26; Short black hair
Discipline Consultant: Jenny Greenslade : aged 43: Shoulder length blonde hair
Discipline Consultant: Cheryl Wood; aged 29: Short light brown hair
Discipline Consultant: Amanda Donald: aged 36; Flaming red head
Discipline Consultant: Lizzie Gray; aged 37; Willowy blonde

Receptionist : Kristin Davies; aged 26; Blonde bob cut                   


President: Maria D’Agestino (Daga)       

Vice President: Rachel Evans; aged 29; Light brown curly hair

Discipline Consultant: Cindy Marshall; aged 26; Long blonde hair
Discipline Consultant: Jessica James; aged 29; Long chestnut locks
Discipline Consultant: Jennifer Carlton; aged 26; Blonde bob cut
Discipline Consultant: Cheryl Travers; aged 30: Shoulder length blonde hair
Discipline Consultant: Kate McPherson; aged 27; Medium length blonde hair

Receptionist: Lori Holmes; aged 24; Shoulder length curly blonde hair


President: Brenda Schultz           

Vice President: Ella Mitchell; aged 28; Medium length blonde hair

Discipline Consultant: Mia Simpson; aged 26; Blonde bob cut
Discipline Consultant: Isabella Stevens; aged 29; Shoulder length blonde hair
Discipline Consultant: Matilda McKenzie ; aged 32; Long auburn hair
Discipline Consultant: Rachel Winter; aged 30; Willowy blonde
Discipline Consultant: Lucy Hall; aged 27; Peroxide blonde

Receptionist: Charlotte Reade; aged 24; Shoulder length curly blonde hair


President: Tatiana Tourischeva                

Vice President: Anastasia Petrova; aged 27; Long chestnut locks

Discipline Consultant: Anna Filitova; aged 29; Blonde bob cut
Discipline Consultant: Svetlana Kasyanova; aged 26; Shoulder length blonde hair
Discipline Consultant: Nadya Markova; aged 25; Short black hair
Discipline Consultant: Dobryna Ovstrosky; aged 33; Peroxide blonde
Discipline Consultant: Verusha Reminova; aged 31; Shoulder length curly blonde hair

Receptionist: Reza Zhdanova; aged 23; Short raven black hair

Hong Kong

President: Suzy Cheung; aged 31; Short black hair
Vice President: Lotus Blossom Chai; aged 28; Short black hair with red highlights

Discipline Consultant: Xuĕ Liu; aged 27; Dark brown shoulder length hair
Discipline Consultant: Yīng Tan; aged 27; Short black hair
Discipline Consultant: Bai Liang; aged 26; Long black hair with blue highlights
Discipline Consultant: Píng Kwan; aged 29; Short black hair
Discipline Consultant: Xiu-xiu Kim; aged 30; Long honey blonde hair

Receptionist: Yi Wong; aged 25; Long raven black hair


President: Katja Schmidt; aged 33; Cascading golden blonde locks

Vice President: Anna Müller; aged 29; Shoulder length curly blonde hair

Discipline Consultant: Sofie Meyer; aged 26; Strawberry blonde
Discipline Consultant: Johanna Schulz; aged 28; Shoulder length blonde hair
Discipline Consultant: Anke Hoffman; aged 25; Willowy blonde
Discipline Consultant: Sabine Schneider; aged 30; Long chestnut locks
Discipline Consultant: Daniela Fischer; aged 27; Blonde bob cut

Receptionist: Marie Weber; aged 24; Medium length blonde hair


President: Reika Satō; aged 29; Shoulder length black hair

Vice President: Shoji Takahashi; aged 30              ; Long dark brown hair

Discipline Consultant: Keiko Suzuki; aged 28; Short black hair
Discipline Consultant: Yumi Ishikawa; aged 26; Long lustrous curly black hair
Discipline Consultant: Haruna Yamamoto; aged 27; Long raven black hair
Discipline Consultant: Kyoko Shimabukuro; aged 28; Blonde bob cut
Discipline Consultant: Yumiko Mayumi; aged 32; Short black hair
Discipline Consultant: Akako Koga; aged 29; Short black hair with red highlights

Receptionist: Kaho Momoi: aged 25; Long straight black hair

World Mobile Division & Business Development

President: Ashley Morgan; Based in the LA Office
UK and European Mobile Division

President: Vicki Wyatt; Based in the London Office

Managing Spanking Mistress: Hailey Miller; aged 27; Long wavy ginger hair
Managing Spanking Mistress: Jenny Maxwell; aged 29; Light brown shoulder length hair

Spanking Mistress: Kara Pointer ; aged 28; Shoulder length Jet black hair
Spanking Mistress: Felicity Pendle; aged 27; Mousey blonde hair
Spanking Mistress: Geraldine Carter; aged 28; Long brunette hair
Spanking Mistress: Mary White; aged 26; Long blonde hair with highlights
Spanking Mistress: Natalie Grey ; aged 25; Short curly chestnut hair
Spanking Mistress: Wanda Naismith; aged 28; Strawberry blonde

Driver: Ellie Kirkpatrick; aged 28 ; Shoulder length blonde hair

Receptionist: Karen Webster; aged 24; Long honey blonde hair

The Fleet

2 Mobile Spanking Units (MSU) – The prototype with 2 glass cubicles.
6 Super Spankmobiles (SSM) – Improved from the prototypes to incorporate 4 glass cubicles.
5 SSM’s under construction to facilitate the expansion into Europe.

US Mobile Division

President: Carla Spirelli; Based in the Miami Office

Vice President: Gabby Newbold; aged 27; Shoulder length dark brown hair

Wagon Mistress: Stephanie Davis; aged 26; Long blonde hair

The Fleet

9 Super Spankmobiles (SSM) – Improved from the prototypes to incorporate 4 glass cubicles.
1 Super Spankmobile Carousel (SSM – C) – Converted for use in stadiums, it rotates like a merry go round.
 5 SSM’s under construction.

Blushing Cheeks Gazette

Editor in Chief: Ashley Morgan; Based in the LA Office

Assistant Editor: Traci Wilkinson; aged 23; Long honey blonde hair

 Ed has also been gracious enough to furnish me with some pictures for this post.

Ashley Morgan; group MD of the RDSC's brand spanking new mobile spanking division.

 An MD conducting a private session.

 A birds-eye view of an MD disciplining an unfortunate client. As the young lady's panties are still in place I would judge this to be the warm up before the undergarment makes it's inevitable southward journey.

I thank Edb for the right to publish this and for all his hard work on behalf of the RDSC. Ed's other RDSC stories and this one can all be found at the Kilahara Library of Spanking Fiction. There's a link at the top of my front page.

I certainly hope Kimberley doesn't decide to look for greener pastures, because I think she may fit right in at the RDSC.


  1. Amazing, love it!


  2. I will pass your comments on to Ed.

  3. Thanks, I could use a visit to the NY team, : )


  4. Unfortunately, Ron, the RDSC is a ladies only establishment. I have mentioned on occasion that they should explore the disciplining of men as well, but they seem to prefer to remain as they are and as business is booming it's hard to argue with Lady Caroline's logic.