Friday, 20 May 2011

'The Spank Shop - Eric and Paige'

I had planned to post this tomorrow, but as a reward for sticking with me and because I'm so happy to be back I'm going to present it now. Please read and enjoy as the Spank Shop goes mobile.

Image from Clare Fonda Pass. Andrea beckons a naughty bottom over her lap.

Bully Eric Stadler receives a long overdue spanking on his bare bottom.

It was a normal mid Spring Monday morning at Clarkstown High. Teenage girls stood gossiping in groups near the doors, and their male counterparts were playing catch in the quadrangle. Suddenly the boys stopped their impromptu game as an open topped red sports convertible glided to a smooth halt in an empty space in the faculty car park, and two women alighted from the vehicle. One was a tall willowy brunette who looked younger than her real age, the other was a stunning blonde who was not much older than a lot of the schools students, but still sent a shiver of fear through many of them.

Andrea Mahoney, or Aunty Andrea as many of the students of Clarkstown High knew her, was the proprietress of Clarkstown's, and possibly the world's one and only Spank Shop. There were few children in Clarkstown under the age of sixteen who had not seen the inside of the Spank Shop and experienced a painful visit to Andrea's 'Spanking Parlour'. With Andrea was her receptionist; Kimberley Kennedy. The pretty blonde was eighteen years old, and had only a year previously been a senior at Clarkstown High. Kimberley's younger sister; Chelsea was still a student at the school. Ball forgotten for the moment, the boys turned to watch two pairs of stiletto heeled shoes click their way across the quadrangle to the school's Administration wing, where the Head Mistress had her office located. Andrea's face was perfectly schooled, and whilst she was pleased with the longing glances she was attracting from the adolescent boys she did not show it. Kimberley on the other hand knew what effect her obsessively cared for golden locks, long, slender legs, pert round backside, slim waist and full high riding breasts had on the opposite sex, and she loved it, she lapped up the adoring looks with a seraphic smile, as she sauntered through the school alongside her employer.

A pretty blonde seventh grader detached herself from her group of friends, and bounced over to Kimberley. "Hi Kimberley!" the girl called, waving.

The receptionist turned, a frown crossed her face, and cornflower eyes grew hard.

The younger girl gulped, and hands flew to the seat of her checked skirt, as she corrected herself quickly "Miss Kimberley."

The smile returned to the older teen's face, and she returned the greeting "Good morning, Courtney."

"What are you and Aunty Andrea doing here, ma'am?" she asked, falling in alongside the two women.

Kimberley grinned down at the fair haired girl, she and her twin brother; James, were Spank Shop regulars, they came in once a week to be turned over Andrea's capable knee and have their pert white bottoms spanked to a scorching lobster red. Kimberley was actually quite fond of the Sullivan twins. "You'll find out at the general assembly, Courtney Jane."

The girl blushed prettily as Kimberley used her middle name, that was what her mother did when she was in trouble, and it was often the form of address that Andrea used with her seconds before she was laid out across the disciplinarian's lap for a spanking.

"Are you going to spank someone here?" Courtney pressed, anxious for details to relay to her friends.

"I may just have to spank a little girl called Courtney if she doesn't stop asking impertinent questions." Andrea spoke for the first time, casting a cool, but meaningful glance at the girl. Courtney gulped, but took the gentle rebuke for what it was, politely bid Andrea and Kimberley goodbye, and ran off to rejoin her friends.

Half an hour later Andrea and Kimberley had taken tea with the Headmistress; Mrs Johnson, and the Deputy Headmistress; Ms Cartland, and were ushered onto the stage, as Mrs Johnson addressed the entire student body of Clarkstown High. Andrea seated herself elegantly, and looked out serenely at the sea of teenage faces as Sharon Johnson explained the reasons for hers and Kimberley's appearance at the school. Kimberley on the other hand had a stomach full of butterflies and sat uncomfortably. She seemed acutely aware of all the wide- eyed looks being directed at the stage. There were only two reasons that any student was invited on stage to a general assembly, and that was to either be disciplined, or to receive an award or honour. Armed with the knowledge that her mother; Gabrielle would make sure that she did not sit comfortably for at least a week if she ever committed a severe enough offence to be publicly hauled across the coals at school, Kimberley had always been a well behaved student. She had however been centre stage for other reasons; captain of the cheer leading squad the year they won the regional finals, and less than a year ago to accept her diploma at graduation. As Mrs Johnson droned on, Kimberley's mind drifted back to the day Mrs Johnson and Ms Cartland had paid a visit to the Spank Shop.

It had been a lazy Tuesday morning, and Kimberley had been listlessly updating client records with half her mind whilst she used the other half to listen to the punishment in progress in the parlour. Carmen Fernando, a sixteen year old hairdressing, apprentice from the salon next door, was wriggling and yelping over Andrea's lap as the disciplinarian used the girl's own cedar hairbrush to light a fire in her petite rump. Kimberley heartily agreed with the chastisement. Carmen was an ambitious girl who tended to get ahead of herself, and forget some of the smaller details of her job and not always realise that she was an apprentice. Only the previous week she had nearly washed Kimberley's hair with the wrong shampoo. One of the senior girls had caught the mistake before any damage was done. Privately the hairdressers and apprentices at the salon knew that it did not make any real difference what shampoo was used on Kimberley's hair, they were all reputable, quality brands, but the girl was so obsessive about her hair and demanding about it's care that it was easier to please her, besides the Spank Shop sent a lot of business their way. It was not the mistake with the shampoo that had landed Carmen over Andrea's knee, but more the accumulation of a number of similar offences. Her employer; Charlene Zapatti, thought an old fashioned spanking may focus her youngest staff member's mind a little. Certainly the memory of the flaming cheeks she was currently receiving would. Kimberley paused with her entries to hear a particularly solid SLAP land home, and listen to Carmen's answering howl. "And serves you right, too!" the receptionist muttered, that was when the bell above the door tinkled and Kimberley looked up to see two ladies enter.

As Kimberley launched into "Welcome to the Spank Shop, how may I....." the words dried up in her throat as she recognised the callers, as Headmistress Johnson and Deputy Headmistress Cartland. "Hhheadmistress Johnson, Ddeputy Headmistress Cartland." Kimberley stammered. "Ccan I get you anything? A spanking....." seeing the raised eyebrows directed at her the girl blushed, and then tried to correct herself, "ummmm....not that, I mean we spa.....ummmmm, but then you already knew...."

Sharon Johnson raised a hand to stop the babbling teenager, and asked "Is Ms Mahoney available, Kimberley?"

"Well, she's in the middle of...." Kimberley began, then was interrupted by a loud CRACK and an anguished squeal from behind the parlour door.

"She's busy." Sonia Cartland surmised with a reassuring smile at Kimberley. "We can wait, dear." and the two ladies took empty seats.

After a few nervous glances between the two schoolteachers and their former student had been exchanged, Kimberley managed to ask "Would you like some tea or coffee?"

"Will Ms Mahoney be long, Kim?" Mrs Johnson inquired.

Kimberley wrinkled her nose as she considered the question, and tried to remember what time Carmen had entered the parlour "I don't think so, ma'am. Carmen is just about cooked, unless she gets corner time in the parlour."

Mrs Johnson and her deputy smiled at Kimberley's reference of being 'cooked' instead of her saying spanked, and Ms Cartland said "I'd like a cup of coffee, please Kim."

"Okay, Mrs Johnson?"

"Coffee for me, too, dear."

Relieved that she had an excuse to be out of the ladies scrutiny Kimberley nodded and scurried to the kitchen. As she made coffee she berated herself "You are an idiot, Kimberley Susan! Mrs Johnson and Ms Cartland are not your teachers anymore. You're not a student, as long as you're polite and pleasant they have no reason to report you to Mum or Aunty Andrea, so get it together and stop behaving like a naughty kid taken to the headmistress's office."

The scolding Kimberley had given herself did help her temperament, and as Sharon Johnson and Sonia Cartland sipped their coffee, she even got the courage to ask "What are you doing here, Mrs Johnson and Ms Cartland?"

Sharon Johnson lowered her cup from her lips, and looked at the expectant teenager "I think that's something we'd really rather discuss with Ms Mahoney, sweetheart."

Kimberley suppressed a sigh, adults were always doing this to her, she preferred their younger clients, they always told her what they were there for, even if a lot of them were in tears when they did it. Kimberley was trying to think of another tack when the door to Andrea's parlour swung open and a short, slender girl with olive skin and long, glossy black hair emerged. The girl's face bore evidence of recent tears, and her hands clutched the seat of her slacks. "Carmen," Andrea's voice said softly, and the girl swung to look at the lady in the parlour, "you almost forgot this, darling." With a shudder Carmen accepted the object being offered, a plain cedar hairbrush. "You wouldn't want to lose that, I don't think Mrs Zapatti would be very pleased with you if you did."

"No ma'am," the girl said softly, "thankyou."

"That's my pleasure, dear. Now, you just keep your mind focussed on your job from now on and I won't have to roast those little hams again."

Carmen kept her eyes on her toes, so she would not have to look at the triumphantly smiling face of Kimberley Kennedy, but then one of the women sipping coffee spoke "Carmen Fernando? Is that you?"

Blinking back tears, the hair dressers apprentice looked up, and at her former teacher and Deputy Headmistress Sonia Cartland "Ummmm...yes Ms Cartland."

"You were just spanked?" Ms Cartland probed.

Carmen winced, and admitted "Yes ma'am."

"Interesting, very interesting." the teacher mused, and Headmistress Johnson agreed with a nod of her perfectly coiffed head.

"I'll let Miss Andrea know that you are here." Kimberley told the two ladies, as Carmen gratefully fled the shop.

"Miss Andrea." Kimberley said, standing demurely in the doorway.

Andrea turned her head to look at her receptionist, chestnut locks swaying with the movement "Yes, Kim?"

"Ummmm...Mrs Johnson and Ms Cartland are here to see you."

Andrea frowned "Do I know them, Kimmy?"

"I don't think so, ma'am. Ms Cartland used to be in the tennis club, but I don't think she plays on the same day as you."

Andrea smiled at the girl's reply, Kimberley seemed incapable of a simple yes or no. "Kimberley, what I wanted to know was do I know them and if not who are they and why do they want to see me?"

"Oh," Kimberley said with a sunny smile, "no you don't. Mrs Johnson is the Headmistress at Clarkstown High and Ms Cartland is her deputy. They wouldn't say why they wanted to see you, adults never do to me." the girl added tartly.

Andrea bit back her chuckle, she was awfully fond of Kimberley "Well, I had best make time for two pillars of the community like that, hadn't I? Send them in, and while you are at it could you get me a cup of tea please, dear? You would not believe how that Fernando girl wriggles. I am quite out of breath."

The ladies got right down to business as soon as they were ushered into Andrea's presence, and seated. The three were deep in conversation when Kimberley set a steaming cup of tea down next to Andrea, and turned to leave. "Kim, can you stay here, please, darling? You may be able to help us out."

Kimberley turned back to face the ladies, and tried to ignore the rising tingle in her bottom, knowing that it was a completely irrational feeling.

"Mrs Johnson and Ms Cartland have been telling me about a problem they have at the school, with two students specifically. You were a student last year so may even know one of the children we are discussing."

"Who is that, ma'am?"

"Paige Dunmore." Sharon Johnson answered.

The rolling of Kimberley's sapphire blue eyes spoke volumes to the women. "Trouble?" Andrea asked.

"More like attitude with a capital A." Kimberley replied. "She's Chel's age, so I never hung out with her, but everyone knows Paige. She's a spoilt brat. ‘Daddy's little girl’. Her father is some hotshot lawyer as she never tires of telling everybody. She uses his money and her looks and influence to gather a group of air heads with the same values as her, and socially ostracises anyone who doesn't act or think she way she does. I'd tan Chel's hide if she ever hung out with Paige."

"Well, Kimberley's assessment certainly tallies with what you have told me, ladies." Andrea summed up.

"What did she do?" Kimberley asked.

Mrs Johnson clicked her tongue in irritation before she answered "She, and her circle of friends kept at another girl, and eventually caused the poor child to have a nervous breakdown. It's about time young Paige's reign of terror ended."

"On that front," Ms Cartland interjected, "her mother has agreed to having her daughter's rear end set on fire, but if Mr Dunmore becomes involved we may be in trouble."

Andrea's brow furrowed, and she said "From what you have told me about Paige she sounds rather like a sociopath. I have a friend who is a doctor of psychiatry; an expert opinion from her may help out there."

"Who's the other one?" Kimberley asked.

"Eric Stadler." Sharon Johnson replied.

"I don't know him." Kimberley told the women.

"No, you wouldn't, Kim." Sonia Cartland advised the girl, before sipping her tea. "He's a Year 7."

"The Sullivan kids probably know him, then." Kimberley deduced.

"Courtney and James Sullivan?" Mrs Johnson inquired.

"Yes," Andrea told the headmistress with a smile, "they're regulars of mine. Adorable children."

"Eric is a bully." Sharon said scathingly. "If I were allowed I'd have him pants down over my desk for a dose of the leather strap, but it's not."

"Can't his parents do that?" Andrea asked. "They can't be happy with their son bullying other children."

"Oh, they offered." Sonia Cartland admitted. "However after discussion we all felt that you as a professional disciplinarian would do a far better job, and we also felt that Eric may learn his lesson a little better if some of his victims witness his chastisement. They will no doubt gleefully report the chastisement in all its glory to their classmates, and thus dissuade any of Eric's friends from copying the example he has set."

"You gotta love that logic!" Kimberley exclaimed with a giggle, earning a disapproving glare from Andrea, before making a strategic retreat from the room.

That, Kimberley reflected, was how she and Andrea had come to be on the school stage, being introduced in front of a general assembly. As Headmistress Johnson wound up telling the entire student body that two of them would be severely disciplined by Ms Andrea Mahoney, assisted by former student Miss Kimberley Kennedy, and that the two unfortunate students would be collected from their classes following assembly Andrea and Kimberley were required to stand, and be examined by the students, some of whom were squirming uncomfortably in their seats as the muscle memories of their bottoms recalled their previous visits to 'Aunty Andrea's' Spank Shop.

Kimberley picked up the large case that she had arrived with, and followed the other three ladies out of the hall, they were preceded by knots of excitedly chattering adolescents, the teenage receptionist could not help, but smile as she heard James Sullivan declare to a group of his friends "I bet it's Eric who Aunty Andrea spanks."

Sharon Johnson had set a room aside for Andrea to administer the punishment. It was a disused classroom, the blackboard at one end was testament to that. Already seated in the room was a full figured lady with lustrous curly black hair and rosy cheeks. "This is Mrs Stadler." Sharon Johnson introduced the woman.

Andrea had to admit she was surprised by the lady's appearance. Eric Stadler had been described to her as a bully of the highest order, and Mrs Stadler looked like a pleasant and capable woman, certainly not someone who had raised a boy with Eric's violent tendencies. Mrs Stadler rose and held out a hand to Andrea "It's Dorothy," she invited, "I am pleased to meet you, Ms Mahoney."

"Andrea, please," and then she gestured at Kimberley, who was hovering behind her, "and this is my assistant, Kimberley. We're both delighted that you decided to be present to witness Eric's discipline."

Dorothy Stadler had retaken her seat, Andrea had also seated herself, and Kimberley was looking for a place to put her case, when the door to the room opened and Sonia Cartland ushered in three children. There was a tall, fair boy with a recently acquired black eye, a petite and timid blonde girl and a short, overweight boy with thick glasses. "These are three of Eric's victims." Ms Cartland explained, as the children shuffled in, and looked shyly at the adults in the room. Andrea looked t,hem over critically "Paul," she fixed the tall boy with her green eyes, "I know and Missy has been over my knee a time or two. I don't know you, though, young man." She directed the last comment at the bespectacled child. "Ernie, ma'am." the boy murmured, keeping his eyes at his shoes.

Andrea stood up, leaned over the table and placed one long, red lacquered finger nail under the boy's chin, and gently raised it "Look at me when you speak to me," she said in her rich, low voice, "and you do not have anything to fear from me, Ernie. You are not here for punishment."

"Yes, ma'am." Ernie said, eyes wide behind his glasses.

Paul and Missy relaxed visibly at hearing that they were not there to be punished. Andrea had a flicker of annoyance at Sonia Cartland, the woman should have told the children that they were not being taken to Andrea for a spanking, what else would they think after the announcement at assembly, and with Andrea's own reputation?

"Call me Aunty Andrea, sweetheart." Andrea said to Ernie, with a reassuring smile, as she sat down again.

"We decided that having some of the children Eric has bullied being present to see him get his just desserts may be beneficial to them, and also help to drive the message home to Eric himself, plus they'll be sure to report all the gory details to their friends, which will dissuade any of Eric's cohorts from any thoughts of revenge." Sharon Johnson elaborated on the children's presence. Paul and Missy whispered something to Ernie, and all three children immediately gravitated towards Kimberley. The blonde teenager treated them to one of her stunning smiles, and Ernie gave her an adoring look, as she ruffled his hair fondly.

"I agree with that idea, Sharon." Dorothy said, then added "I've spoken to the parents of Eric's assistants in his little reign of terror, and I rather fancy that Andrea may soon be receiving some additional business."

Whilst Sonia Cartland was fetching Eric from his class, the ladies discussed the boy's behaviour and bullying. "I really must apologise for Eric's behaviour," a blushing Dorothy Stadler began, "my husband and I both work long hours and I was recently made redundant, so did not become aware of what my son was up to. We have indulged Eric for too long and given in too easily to his demands. I promise that will change from this day on. We had almost decided that we no longer required my income before I was made redundant, and with my redundancy payout we can easily afford for me not to work and become a stay at home mother."

"I'm very pleased to hear that, Dorothy," Sharon Johnson smiled at the raven haired mother, "maybe you would like to join the school's parents association, we can always use involved members."

Andrea fixed her attention on Paul, and asked "How did you obtain that black eye, young man?"

The boy shuffled uncomfortably, but looked Andrea in the eye as he replied softly "Eric gave it to me."

"Paul!" a shocked Kimberley exclaimed. "You know better than to fight! I've got a good mind to put you over my knee here and now."

The teenager backed away from the scandalized receptionist, and answered "I didn't fight him. I wouldn't give him the answers to a test, so he cornered me by the bike shed later on and hit me."

Dorothy suppressed a groan, and hid her face in her hands.

"Kim," Andrea scolded her young employee gently, "please don't jump to conclusions before you have obtained all the facts. I think you owe Paul an apology."

Kimberley flushed, and then said gently to the tall boy "I'm sorry Paul. Will you forgive me?"

"Can I have a kiss?" Paul asked.

For an answer Kimberley bent and pecked the boy on the cheek. Paul's face went red, but he was pleased despite Missy's giggles and Ernie's jealous glare.

Dorothy watched the scene, and was pleased that if anyone other than herself had to spank her son it was this elegant and firm, but fair lady.

The door opened again, and Sonia Cartland entered holding another young man firmly by the upper arm. Andrea sat back in her chair, and regarded the bully coolly. He was a little shorter than Paul, but broader and more solid, he had his mother's rosy cheeks, and a mop of untidy brown hair. Participation in one of the rough ball games in the yard earlier had left him with a smudge of dirt on one cheek, and an untucked shirt. It was apparent to Andrea from the boy's demeanour that he knew why he had been brought here, and he was not about to go quietly. However the blazing defiance in his eyes died the moment he caught sight of his obviously disapproving mother. "Mum!" he exclaimed.

"Eric." Dorothy greeted her son quietly.

"What are you doing here?" the boy asked innocently.

Dorothy shook her head gently, her curls swaying with the movement. "I think we both know the answer to that one, my boy. Your father and I are very disappointed in you and I sincerely hope that what happens here in this room this morning teaches you an obviously long overdue lesson."

The colour drained from Eric's face as the impact of his mother's words, and the furious tone in which she spoke them, settled in.

That was when Andrea's cultured voice commanded "Come here please, Eric."

The boy stayed where he was, and glared at Andrea. "Eric." Dorothy said quietly.

With a put upon sigh Eric shuffled reluctantly over to Andrea.

The disciplinarian placed her hands gently on Eric's hips, and looked him in the eyes. "You've been rather busy, haven't you?" she asked.

At this moment Paul and Missy almost felt sorry for the bully. Both had been on the receiving end of scoldings from Andrea and they were not pleasant experiences. In a way Missy almost always wanted the spanking to start so that the scolding could finish.

"I guess so." Eric sniffed, eyes darting around nervously.

"You guess so," Andrea echoed, one eyebrow arched, "you blackened Paul's eye because he wouldn't give you answers to a test, if you'd studied in the way I suspect Paul did then you wouldn't have needed to ask him for the answers. You've teased Ernie about his weight and his glasses, neither of which I suspect the boy can do a great deal about and you have even bullied Missy, a girl. Women are deserving of your respect and care and I hope to show that to you here and now."

Eric took a deep breath, Andrea's words stung, because they were all true, but he still tried to brazen it out "I only tapped Paul, it isn't my fault he bruises easy and Ernie should go on a diet....." his voice faltered and died out, as he became aware of  eight pairs of unforgiving eyes trained on him.

Andrea shook her head, and sighed heavily "Eric, this is going to be a lot easier for all of us if you just accept three facts, young man. You ARE going to be spanked, it IS going to hurt and you DO deserve it."

Eric reacted as if he had just been slapped in the face. He knew about Andrea's reputation, he knew what she did, and a number of his classmates had visited her shop, and received very sore bottoms there, he also knew that he had been brought to this room for discipline from the tall, lithe and very attractive woman, but having it stated so clearly and definitely really brought it home to him. All the colour drained from the boys face, and he tried to back away from Andrea, but was held in place as her grip tightened. "No, please," he whimpered, "I won't do it again."

"You know," Andrea said to the room as she calmly unsnapped the buttons on Eric's thick corduroy trousers and whisked them to his ankles, "it is amazing how many naughty children promise not misbehave again just prior to a spanking."

"Please don't spank me." Eric wailed as Andrea upended him, and settled him over her lap.

"It's a little late for that, young man." Andrea told the bully.

She crossed her legs and although Eric was not short, Andrea was a tall lady and the boy's bottom was the highest point of his body, pointing upwards at the ceiling with his chest and legs dangling either side of Andrea's knee, just failing to reach the floor. With a smile Andrea patted the seat of Eric's briefs, telling him "We'll soon have these burning brightly, young man."

Andrea hooked her fingers into the waistband of the briefs, and let her audience know "I generally prefer to have the child bare bottomed by the time they're over my knee, but in deference to how many people are here and the fact that one of the observers is a girl Eric's age I'm going to permit him to retain a little modesty whilst still scorching his bare buttocks." Having explained that, Andrea folded Eric's underpants back until they left his bottom bare, and were resting high on his thighs. Eric squirmed uncomfortably on Andrea's lap. "Wriggle all you want, my boy, I can hold you exactly where I want you."
Andrea looked down and her eyes sparkled with amusement as she watched the boy's buttocks twitch with anticipation of the coming smacks.

Eric was no stranger to corporal punishment or at least so he thought. Both of his parents had smacked him for misbehaviour up until the age of eight, when he had learned that if he were going to do things that would earn his parent's ire it was better to do them out of reach, however those smacks had never totaled more than three consecutively, and were administered to a well clothed bottom. Eric was about to learn the true meaning of the phrase: good, hard, old fashioned, over the knee, bare bottom spanking.

Andrea glided her palm across the pristine white buttocks over her lap, Eric had a round bottom which was just starting to firm up with muscle as it gradually lost the puppy fat of pre adolescence. The woman's palm left a trail of gooseflesh in its wake as it slid over the trembling mounds. Four hard open handed slaps rang out, and two palm sized areas of pink bloomed on Eric's upturned sit upon. As the echo of the last spank faded, Eric's mind registered the sudden stinging pain, and he yelped and squirmed.

Watching, their eyes transfixed on their tormentor's comeuppance, Paul, Missy and Ernie grinned. Kimberley saw the expression on the children's faces, and a smile spread across her own features. Eric wriggled, squirmed, kicked, yelped and squealed as Andrea's hard, accurate palm beat a steady rhythm across his far too long unspanked backside. The bucking bottom changed colour from white to pink to a hot glowing red. Andrea was breathing heavily with both the exertion of administering the long overdue chastisement, and the effort of holding a struggling teenage boy in position over her lap. She could feel the heat rising from Eric's rear, and knew that she was doing a good job.

Dorothy Stadler watched on, fascinated. She was a little sad that it was not her giving the spanking, but also pleased that someone who knew what they were doing was really teaching Eric the error of his ways.

"Kimberley," Andrea said, raising her voice to be heard over Eric's array of squeals, yelps and pleas, "would you open the case please."

Kimberley nodded her golden head, and unsnapped the large case she had brought with her. There was a gasp from Paul, Missy and Ernie as they gazed on the cases contents. "What would you like, ma'am?" Kimberley enquired.

"You choose, darling." Andrea gave her permission to the receptionist, as she unleashed a stinging volley on Eric's right cheek, which started tears flowing down his face.

Kimberley's cornflower blue eyes scanned the impressive array of hairbrushes, paddles and straps that were packed into the case. Her brow furrowed, and she worried her bottom lip with perfect white teeth, as she tried to decide what implement would have the most beneficial impact on Eric's glowing glutes. The girl's hand hovered between a long handled, broad backed bath brush and a wicked looking medium sized wooden paddle drilled through with holes along its length. After a short period of indecision she chose the paddle, and removed it from the case, then handed it to Andrea. The disciplinarian took the wooden spanking implement with the compliment "Oh well chosen, Kim! That should stoke the fire nicely."

Eric sighed in relief as Andrea's palm paused its assault on his battered backside. "Oh, it's not over, yet." Andrea informed the boy, as she felt his body relax over her knee. Eric sniffled and blinked, as more tears trickled down his nose, and splashed onto the floor. The boy stiffened as Andrea slowly drew the paddle across his stinging rear. "What do you think that is, Eric?"

"I...I...ddon't know, mma'am." the boy stammered.

"What does it feel like?" Andrea probed.

Eric did not answer, but just blubbered.

"Not quite the big, tough bully now, are we?" Andrea asked almost conversationally.

Andrea raised the paddle, and cracked it down smartly, saying "I asked you a question, young man. When I ask a question I expect it to be answered." she underlined each word with a crack of the paddle. The holes intensified the sting, and Eric howled at each blistering stroke. Paul winced in sympathy, he had only ever received 8 strokes of that paddle, but they were the only 8 strokes he ever wanted to experience.

Eric's bottom flared scarlet as the horrid little paddle lit spot fires all over it. He bucked and roared, as Andrea visited white hot pain to that tender crease where thighs and bottom met, the 'spank spot' as some people liked to call it. "I'm sorreeee Aunteee Andrea!" the boy wailed. "I won't bully again. I'm sorreeeeeeeeee!"

"Well, it's not me you should be apologizing to Eric. It's Paul and Missy and Ernie and all the others you've bullied," Andrea told the boy as she paddled steadily away, increasing the temperature in Eric's bottom, which felt like molten lava, "and your parents for shaming them, and your teachers for disrupting their classes. Do you understand me?"

"Yes ma'am," Eric bawled. "yes, Aunty Andrea."

"Good," Andrea said, bringing the paddle down in a full armed stroke which opened Eric's lungs right up, then lowering it to rest by her side, "when we are done here you will sit down, and I know that won't be easy to do," that elicited a throaty chuckle from Kimberley, "and write a public letter of apology."

"Yes Aunty." Eric sobbed contritely.

"Well then," Andrea said with a note of satisfaction in her voice, "we're just about done."

'Just about' Eric thought, his bottom throbbing and stinging as he lay draped over Andrea's knee. What does 'just about done' mean?

"Kim, may I have 'the igniter' please, dear?" Andrea asked her assistant politely.

There was an indrawn hiss of breath from Paul and Missy. Paul had never actually felt the dreaded 'igniter', but had seen it produce howls and tears of genuine anguish from boys older and tougher than Eric. Missy could feel her bottom twitching with the mention of the fearsome implement. Aunty Andrea had once given her two strokes to 'finish her off' and it was not a pleasant memory. Andrea accepted a short, broad, thick black length of leather from Kimberley. 'The igniter' as one of it's recipients had christened it was a stiff strap, and imparted an excruciating sting, the feel on an already soundly spanked bottom like Eric's would be something the boy would not forget for quite some time to come.

Andrea drew the short strap across Eric's twitching scarlet globes, and heard him whimper. He did not know what he was about to receive, but he had heard the name and Paul and Missy's reaction so he knew it was going to be painful. CRACK! The sound of the leather meeting flesh rang out through the room, and was answered by Eric's roar. Andrea tightened her grip as the boy bucked wildly over her knee. Dorothy Stadler jumped at the loud noise, and her eyes began to fill with tears of sympathy for her son. As the second stroke of the strap smacked home, and Andrea expertly used the implement to sear the tender flesh in between Eric's cheeks, the bully screamed and wailed "I'm sorreeeeeee Aunteeee Andrea!"

Dorothy looked at the three children her son had bullied and felt her heart harden a little. Although these three had every right to be overjoyed at the painful humiliation Eric was undergoing, they were not. In fact all three looked acutely uncomfortable, and Missy was positively trembling as Kimberley put a protective arm around her. The next two strokes of 'the igniter' were delivered quickly, one after th,e other and given to the 'spank spot'. Eric's bottom was glowing like a beacon as he kicked his legs furiously in an attempt to escape. "Please Aunty Andrea!" Paul cried, near tears himself. "Please don't strap Eric anymore."

Andrea's arm stopped mid swing, and she looked curiously at the tall boy "You're sure of that Paul?"

"Yes, ma'am." Paul nodded vigorously.

"Missy, Ernie, do you think Eric has paid for his sins?"

Missy took a deep breath, stared at Eric's blazing hemispheres draped over Andrea's lap, and said quietly "Yes, ma'am."

Ernie sighed, and muttered "I guess so, Miss Andrea."

"Well, Eric, it would appear that those who most needed to see you disciplined have decided to show you a little mercy. It is not a weakness, it is a virtue, and I would hope that you see it that way and treat it as such."

Eric's reply was an incoherent blubbering.

Dorothy Stadler spoke up "Oh, he will, Andrea. I will make absolutely certain of that."

"Lovely." Andrea said, as she helped Eric off her lap, and to his feet. "Now you go to that corner, and stand there like a good little soldier, hands on head and no rubbing. Kim, if his hands go anywhere near his hot bot you have my permission to respank him soundly."

As Eric shuffled off to the corner, trousers around his ankles, eyes and nose streaming, Andrea turned her attention to the remaining three children, and said "Now, we just have to have a little chat and then you can go back to class."

Paul, Missy and Ernie faced Andrea attentively "I won't impose a ban of silence on you three, if you are asked about this you may tell the truth about what went on. However I do not want to hear about any embellishment, gloating or teasing." the three children nodded vigorously. "If I do, I will be contacting your parents, and you will very soon be paying a visit to the Spank Shop. Paul and Missy know what that entails Ernie, so if you are curious I am sure that they can apprise you of the details. Ms Cartland will take you back to class now."

Andrea watched the children file out with a smile on her face, and then called softly to Eric "You may leave the corner now, Eric."

The boy turned, tears still streaming down his face. "Come here, please, darling." Andrea ordered gently, holding her arms out. Eric shuffled over to the smiling disciplinarian. She gathered him into her arms, hugged him and then held a tissue out, she placed it under his nose, and instructed "Blow." Eric blew noisily into the tissue, and Andrea cleaned his face up. "There we are," she said, giving the boy another squeeze, "you go over to Mummy."

Eric disengaged from Andrea's embrace, and was about to go to his mother when Dorothy said firmly "Aren't you forgetting something, young man?
A quizzical look crossed the teen's face.

Dorothy explained "When a busy lady like Aunty Andrea does something for you like spanking your naughty little bottom for your own good what do you say?"

The boy took a deep breath, faced Andrea, and said quietly "Thankyou for spanking me Aunty Andrea."

"It was my pleasure, sweetheart."

That task accomplished, Eric fled to his mother's welcoming arms, and snuggled into her lap. Dorothy had not had her son in this position for some years, and she reflected that it was something that she had missed "My goodness!" she exclaimed. "Your bottom is as hot as a stove! I could boil a kettle on that."

As Eric cuddled with his mother, the ladies discussed the boy "He'll go back to class after a little while." Sharon Johnson said.

"It won't be much fun sitting that sore posterior on a hard seat." Kimberley mused.

"Do you have any cushions, Kim?" Andrea asked.

"I do, actually." the girl replied, and opened the case again.

"May I see?" Dorothy requested, holding out a hand.

Kimberley gave her the pink satin, embroidered pillow. "That is just darling!" Dorothy enthused. "How much?"

"Oh no, ma'am." Kimberley demurred. "That's for free. I couldn't bear the thought of Eric squirming all afternoon."

"Very well, Kimberley. Eric will certainly thank you for it and I will make sure that he does pay you for your kindness in the future."

When Eric and Mrs Stanton had left Kimberley excused herself to go to the bathroom. As she exited the girls toilet closest to the room they had been using, she ran into her younger sister Chelsea. "Chel!" the receptionist exclaimed. "What are you doing hanging about in the hallway? Shouldn't you be in class?"

The younger Kennedy gave her sister a look, and then rolled her eyes before replying cheekily "Did they give you a drug or something when you left school to turn you into a drag? I KNOW you weren't this pompous when you were still a student."

"You didn't answer my question, young lady." Kimberley said sternly.

"Young lady?" Chelsea echoed, her blue eyes sparkling. "You're only 3 years older than me! For your information I have a free period."

"That still doesn't explain why you're loitering here rather than studying in the library."

"I was actually on my way to put some books in my locker. Who got it first?" the girl asked eagerly. "Was it Eric Stanton?"

Kimberley sighed, but answered her sister with a nod.

"Who's next?"

"None of your business." Kimberley retorted.

Chelsea's brow furrowed "It's got to be someone who doesn't get spanked at home, and probably someone who hasn't attended the Shop before. Hmmmmm....who does that leave? You've already done Eric, and he's about the biggest pain in the lower forms. It must be one of the older kids. Most of the boys aren't too bad, so a girl....."

"Chelsea...." Kimberley began, her tone dangerously low.

"Oh come on, Kim! Let me have a little fun." the younger girl protested. "Give me a clue."

"I will do no such thing, until the punishment is concluded it is a private matter between Andrea, myself, the headmistress, her assistant and the girl's mother."

"Girl's mother?" Chelsea pounced on the clue that Kimberley had unwittingly given her, as her sister suppressed a groan that she had been tricked into volunteering information. "It IS a girl! Who?"

"Chelsea I will not...." Kimberley started, before being cut off by her sister.

"Paige!" Chelsea exclaimed. "It has to be Paige! Am I right?"

Kimberley did not reply, but began to massage her brow, and wonder why she had to have such an annoying younger sister.

"It is Paige!" Chelsea crowed. "It is, isn't it?"

Kimberley exhaled one long breath, and then said quietly with menace in her voice "If you breathe a word of this, Chelsea Meaghan I will make certain that you do not sit for a month. Do you understand me?"

Chelsea pouted, but she knew that Kimberley was all too capable of following through on the threat, so replied meekly "Yes, Kim. I won't tell anyone, but oh God that bitch has this coming."

"Chelsea!" Kimberley exclaimed, shocked at the girl's language. "Don't you dare use words like that!"

"It's true, Kim, besides you called her that yourself just last year."

"She can be nasty," Kimberley agreed, "I have to get back in there or it won't just be Paige's butt getting warmed. Not a word, Chelsea, not a word, and get to class or the library before you get busted."

Image from Spanked Sweeties. Paige Dunmore is quite composed and smiling now, she did not remain so.

Image from Spanked Sweeties. Young Paige gets her bare bottom roasted over Andrea's lap.

There was a newcomer in the room when Kimberley re entered. She was a tall, well dressed woman with straight shoulder length, flaming red hair. Even if Kimberley had not met the lady before she would have known that she was Nicole Dunmore, mother of Paige Dunmore. Paige took after her mother in appearance. "Hello Mrs Dunmore." Kimberley said politely.

"You can call me Nicole, Kim."

"I prefer Kimberley to address her elders by their correct titles." Andrea cut in smoothly.

"Oh yes," Nicole replied, "of course, I am sorry."

"No need, Nicole." Andrea told the lady. "You weren't to know, and technically Kim is an adult. Now we are just awaiting the arrival of Miss Paige."

"Sonia should be here with her soon." Sharon Johnson assured the disciplinarian.

"I am dreadfully sorry for all the fuss Paige has caused." Nicole Dunmore apologized.

"No need," Andrea said with a smile, "its part of my job to put these things right."

A slight commotion announced the arrival of the Dunmore girl. "Let go of my arm!" the girl demanded. "For God's sake I'm sixteen, not six!"

Paige burst in, with a flustered Sonia Cartland trailing her.

The girl's green eyes flashed as she glared around the room.

"That's not a very nice way to speak to Ms Cartland, Paige." Nicole scolded gently

"Mother!" an obviously surprised Paige exclaimed. "She hauls me out of class without so much as an explanation, and then drags me through the school as if I were a pre schooler." She shot another venomous look at the assistant principal.

"There is a reason you are here, young lady." Andrea said quietly to Paige.

The girl faced her, and demanded "Who are you?"

"My name is Andrea Mahoney, you may call me Miss Andrea or ma'am, Aunty Andrea if  you prefer."

"Like fun, I will!" Paige snorted. "You're the spanking lady, aren't you?"

Andrea smiled at the teenager "Yes, I suppose I do have that title."

"Mother, can someone sane explain to me what I am doing here?"

Nicole Dunmore's lips pursed, and then Kimberley jumped in.

"You want to know what you're doing here, Paige?" she asked hotly, spots of bright colour standing out on her cheeks. "You're here to have your pampered bottom soundly smacked."

"Listen, Kennedy," Paige said pugnaciously to Kimberley, "you're not head cheer leader anymore."

"No, but neither are you, Paige. Do you remember Ann Cattragia?"

"Yes, the kid who shop lifted, was nearly expelled, and then lost it and had a breakdown."

"Oh, you say it like butter wouldn't melt in your mouth. Who threatened to ostracize if her she didn't take that nail polish? Who made her life a living hell if she didn't do your every whim and command, and eventually overloaded her with stress until she broke down?"

"Don't listen to everything your sister tells you, Kennedy." Paige shot back. "I'm not responsible for what Ann does and it's not my fault she cracked up. I hope you haven't brought me in here for that, because if you have I'm walking out right now, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it."

Only gentle pressure from Andrea's hand on Kimberley's forearm stopped her receptionist from physically smacking the smirk off Paige's face.

"Your father has taught you a lot, Paige," Nicole said with a small smile, "and yes we probably can't prove that you had anything to with poor Ann, however I can as a parent ask that Ms Mahoney discipline you for my own reasons."

"What reasons?" Paige demanded, her jaw hardening.

"Well there was a weekend, some weeks ago. Your father and I were out of town. We had thought you responsible enough not to abuse the privilege of being left home alone. It appears that we were mistaken."

"What are you talking about?" Paige asked, growing nervous for the first time since entering the room.

"Firstly there was what Mrs McClanahan next door told me about the crowd that gathered that night, most of them in cars. Then there was how she had to call the police at two in the morning because of the noise. Secondly was the pair of boy's underpants I found in the wash. Thirdly was the fact that a good third of your father's Irish whiskey had been replaced with cold tea. Do you know anything about that, young lady?"

"'m sorry." Paige offered rather lamely.

"Oh, you will be." her mother promised.

"I'm going to talk to Daddy." Paige blurted, and produced a mobile phone which she flipped open. Before she could dial Kimberley reached across and plucked the phone neatly from the redhead's hand. "Hey! Give that back!" Paige shouted.

Kimberley calmly opened the back of the phone, removed and palmed the SIM card,  then smiling sweetly, handed it back to a scowling Paige.

"There will not be any need to contact your father, Paige." Nicole Dunmore advised, she opened her bag and extracted a folded piece of paper, she unfolded it, and held it out to her daughter. It looked like a legal document printed on official company letterhead of the law firm in which Charles Dunmore was a senior partner. Paige's face drained of colour as she read the document, and then took note of the signatures at the bottom of it, one was Nicole Dunmore and the other was her father Charles Dunmore. With a sigh and slumped shoulders Paige handed the paper back to her mother, and said in a resigned tone. "Alright, let's get this over with."

"That's a very sensible attitude, Paige." Andrea told the girl. "It won't be as bad as all that, though. You'll have a hot stinging bottom at the end of it, but you won't be carrying any guilt around, and I find a good, long cry does wonders for a girl your age."

Paige stared at Andrea as if she were totally insane. She also looked rather lost.

"Over here, Paige." Kimberley called gently.

Numbly Paige went to the blonde girl.

"Now what we have to do is get you all ready to go over Aunty Andrea's lap so you can have your naughty little botty smacked good and hard." Kimberley told the redhead as if she were speaking to a small child.

"Get me ready?" Paige asked.

"Yes, and please call me Miss Kimberley, Paige."

Paige's face set, and she swallowed hard before grinding out "Yes, Miss Kimberley."

Kimberley began to lift Paige's skirt, and then the girl tried to stop her and asked "What are you doing?"

Kimberley slapped Paige's hands, and said with irritation "Lifting your skirt, silly. Now please don't try and resist any more."

Kimberley pinned the back of Paige's skirt to her blouse, and then hooked her fingers into the waist band of her frilly pink panties "Oh no," Paige said, "they're staying up."

"No, they are not!" Kimberley said firmly, yanking them down to Paige's knees. "Why would Miss Andrea want to spank your panties? They haven't been naughty, have they?"

A furiously blushing Paige reached back to cover her exposed bottom with her hands.

"Don't be ridiculous, girl." Sharon Johnson told Paige. "You haven't got anything we haven't all seen before. Now take your hands away, and present yourself to Ms Mahoney for your spanking."

Stumbling and hampered by the panties that had now fallen around her ankles, Paige went to where Andrea sat smiling serenely. "Hello Paige." she said to the hotly blushing girl. "Have you ever been spanked before, sweetie?"

"Nno." Paige stammered.

Andrea raised an eyebrow, and inquired "No, what?"

" ma'am."

"Much better," Andrea said, putting a hand on Paige's back, and guiding the girl over her long, nylon sheathed legs, "wasn't so hard was it?"

"No, ma'am." Paige mumbled from her upside down position, thanking her stars that she had her hair cut short, and at least it was not getting all dirty on the floor.

"Now, let's get you comfy here on my lap and spank that virgin white bottom up all hot and red."

Paige moaned as Andrea's hand stroked and fondled her creamy white buttocks, then squealed and kicked her legs up and down, as unannounced two hard slaps rang out. One on each cheek, handprints blooming angrily. They were soon joined by stinging volleys of smacks and the girl's entire bottom was suffused with a roseate glow under Andrea's flashing palm. Paige's bottom pumped up and down and her legs kicked, eventually her panties worked themselves down off one ankle, and were flung across the room by the adolescent's flailing legs. "Oww! Oowww! Ooowwwww!" Paige wailed. "It hurts!"

"Of course it does, darling." Andrea told the girl, raising her voice to be heard above Paige's histrionics. "It's a spanking and that's what they do."

"I'm sorreeee!" Paige wailed.

"Why are you sorry?" Andrea asked, holding out her hand, and Kimberley slapped an ebony hairbrush into it solidly with a malicious grin.

As Paige's glowing bottom felt the hairbrush's first stinging kiss, she howled and her legs scissor kicked. "Why are you sorry?" Andrea repeated firmly, delivering six hard spanks with the brush to the rapidly reddening crowns of Paige's upturned derriere.

"Bbecause I made Ann ddoo all ththose things."

"And?" Andrea pressed, moving the brushes attentions to the girl's upper cheeks, and eliciting further anguished yells.

"I...I'm sssorry for llying to MuhmuhMummy and DuhDaddy."

Andrea smiled, the girl's choice of words told her that she had been regressed to childhood and was genuinely remorseful. However Andrea had work to do yet.

"Kim," she said softly, handing the brush to her assistant, and holding out her hand for another implement. Kimberley produced a small rubber paddle, and gave it to Andrea. "Now young lady," Andrea told Paige sternly, "we know why you are sorry. You will apologize to your mother, and you will do it under the attentions of Mr Paddle here."

Paige's mouth opened and she roared, her bottom bounded and flamed, as Andrea delivered blistering strokes of the horrid rubber paddle to that tender crease where buttocks and thighs joined. "I'm sorreeee Mummeeeeee!" Paige wailed, as tears streamed down her face, and her nose ran freely, strands of her fiery red hair were plastered to her cheeks with a mixture of tears, perspiration, mucus and saliva. Her mascara had run and there were black streaks from her eyes down her cheeks to her chin.

"You're forgiven, darling." Nicole Dunmore said graciously. "If Mrs Johnson doesn't mind I'll take you out of school for the rest of the day, and we'll visit your father at work and you can apologize to him, then we will see Ann and you can beg her forgiveness as well."

A broken Paige swallowed hard and nodded, then put her head down and cried hard, as Andrea finished her spanking off with twelve sizzling swats of the paddle.

Kimberley helped Paige up off Andrea's lap, and walked the girl stiffly to a corner. The blonde receptionist arranged the younger girl's hands on top of her flaming red mane, and fetched some tea from the staff kitchen. The ladies took tea and sipped it, while Paige stood blubbering in the corner, her shapely throbbing scarlet bottom jiggling fetchingly with each sob.

As Kimberley assisted Paige back on with her panties and unpinned her skirt, Andrea advised Nicole how best to soothe the girl's bottom, and then asked "What on earth was on that paper you gave her? I have never seen a girl do such a quick about face, at least not one like Paige."

Nicole sipped her tea, and chuckled "Well essentially it was a form that both Charles I signed giving you permission to spank her, but there was also something about an amendment to Charles' will. If she didn't accept the punishment she was going to lose a large chunk of her inheritance."

Andrea laughed "Ah, the way to any young ladies mind, her bank account."

"Yes." Nicole Dunmore agreed with a smile.

"I quite enjoyed that, Kim." Andrea told her young assistant as they drove away from the school. "I wonder if Mrs Johnson would like to make my visits a regular event."


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    As for the second spanking, equally amazing, personally wish her pink frilly panties were warmed up first but hey what a story.

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