Wednesday, 25 May 2011

'The Spank Shop - Gabrielle'

My part time employee, and Kimberley's mother; Gabrielle Kennedy begged me not to post this one, but I feel that it serves as a cautionary tale that even older ladies who misbehave can still have their seats warmed.

Picture from Clare Fonda Shots. Gabrielle is hauled like a child towards her spanking.

Picture from Schoolgirl Spanking. Tania goes to work on Gabrielle's upturned rump.

It was a Thursday mid morning in Spring during school break in the town of Clarkstown, and although school was out and some families had gone on vacation during the break The Spank Shop was still doing brisk business, and the clients who emerged from the innocuous looking shop front rubbing their still stinging bottoms beneath trousers, skirts and dresses could testify that the spankings being administered inside were sound indeed.

The shop was the brainchild of its owner and proprietress: a tall, elegant, willowy chestnut haired woman by the name of Andrea Mahoney. The shop had two full time employees; Andrea herself and her beautiful blonde teenage receptionist Kimberley Kennedy, and one part time employee: Kimberley's mother Gabrielle. Andrea was taking a well-earned break visiting family, and had left the running of the shop in the capable hands and laps of Gabrielle and Kimberley. They were too busy for Kimberley to run reception and spank the bottoms of deserving clients so Kim's younger sister; Chelsea had been pressed into service on reception with the promise of some substantial pocket money in return.

Chelsea added the most recent payment to Kimberley's meticulously kept spreadsheet, being careful to make sure every column was correctly filled in, Kim had promised to 'skin' her if there were any mistakes. Although Chelsea doubted that her older sister would in fact flay her, she was under no illusion that Kimberley was very capable of making sitting down an extremely difficult activity if she were cross enough, and messing up Kim's books would make that perfect brow furrow, the azure eyes flash and that very hard palm simply itch to redden a plump teenage bottom, that bottom being Chelsea's. Chelsea sighed, and ran a hand through her own golden tresses, she was very like a shorter, younger version of Kimberley, although she did not share her sister's obsession with hair. Kimberley had a coronary if she discovered a split end. Chelsea looked after her hair, but she was not as anal as her big sister about it. She looked up, and noted with annoyance that the twelve year old boy standing red bottomed in the corner; Andrew Baskin, was looking around over his shoulder at the goings on in reception. Chelsea pursed her lips and got ready to tell the boy to turn his eyes back to the wall. Chelsea did not know how Kimberley did it, one word from her and the kids, adults too for that matter, did exactly as told, she had tried, but Kim had a way of talking that just made people obey her. Boys Andrew's age were bad enough, but the customers that were closer to Chelsea's own sixteen years were downright defiant. "Andrew Baskin!" Chelsea barked, and at least the kid had the decency to blush a little, she was about to follow it up with a stern admonition to turn around, when the door behind her opened and Kimberley Kennedy emerged from it, her mane of golden hair around her head like a halo, she ushered a crying girl wearing one of the shop's infamous aprons in front of her, seeing the confrontation between her sister and the rebellious Andrew, Kimberley's full pink lips compressed into a tight line, and she descended on the twelve year old like an avenging angel, her hand smacking his already inflamed buttocks soundly, a scolding word following each sizzling slap "I do not believe Miss Chelsea told you to look around, young man. Get your nose into that corner and keep it there, unless you would like a second session over Aunty Kimberley's knee, and I won't just be using my hand either!"

The still crying pre teen girl standing in front of Chelsea at her desk watched the whole episode, with eyes growing ever larger, and she shuddered with each crack of Kimberley's palm, and every yelp and squeal from Andrew. Kim turned, and smiled at the nodding heads of the parents and guardians and the wide-eyed customers awaiting their turns over the laps of either Kimberley or her mother. Then she saw the freshly spanked girl at the reception desk, she swept over to her, and gathered the trembling pre teen to her bosom whispering "Sorry about that, darling. I know you'd never be that naughty, besides you don't have to do public corner time." Kimberley straightened and ordered "Chel', can you give Missy her clothes back? She can sit out here until her Mum comes to pick her up. Oh, and if Andy gives you any more trouble let me know." Chelsea nodded and Andrew sobbed.

Kimberley swept back into her room, and Chelsea handed Missy a bundle of clothes, which the girl accepted gratefully before scurrying off to a changing room. The doorbell tinkled, and the blonde teenager at reception turned in the direction of the door. Entering the shop was a pretty and petite woman with short feathery blonde hair, she was also dressed in the uniform of a police woman. "Constable Wheeler!" Chelsea exclaimed, surprised to see the young officer.

"Hi, honey!" Tania Wheeler beamed at the girl. "Is your big sis available?"

"I think so, hang on." Chelsea pressed the button for the intercom that would connect her to Kimberley. "Kim?" she asked.

"Please Chelsea," Kimberley requested, "call me Miss Kimberley or ma'am in the shop. I don't want to have to reinforce that with my paddle, young lady."

Chelsea gasped, and a flush crept up her neck into her high cheeks. "Yes ma'am." the teenager responded, thinking how unfair it was, Kimberley was only two and half years older than her. Miss Kimberley indeed! The problem was if Chelsea did not do as her sister said then Kim would follow through and paddle her, and her mother would likely give her a reminder afterwards. "Constable Wheeler is here to see you."

Chelsea allowed herself a small triumphant smile as a surprised and slightly concerned squawk floated through the intercom "Tania! Ummmm.....okay.....send her in."

"Go through, Constable Wheeler." Chelsea beamed, indicating the door to Kimberley's 'spanking parlour' as the rooms where the punishments were administered had been christened.

"Hi Tania." Kimberley said, trying to sound as natural as possible, whilst she wondered and worried why the young officer had come to visit her at her place of employment during business hours. "Do you want some tea, or would you prefer coffee? I can get Chelsea to get us some."

"No thanks, Kimmy. I hope I'm not going to be here for very long. I have something I need you to look at." Tania opened a manila envelope, and extracted a large black and white photograph, which she handed to Kimberley.

The girl tossed her head to get her golden locks out of her clear blue eyes, and studied the photograph "This is a car." she said.

"That it is, it's from one of our speed cameras. Do you recognise the car?"

"Yeah," Kimberley's brow furrowed, "it's mine," then the impact of what Tania had said hit her. "Oh no! I couldn't have! I don't! When was it taken?"

"So it is definitely your car?" Tania probed.

"Yes, but I never speed, at least I don't think I do." Kimberley protested, her eyes clouding over with concern.

"Kim, you were clocked at nearly twice the legal limit."

Kimberley's eyes opened wide, and she whispered "Twice?"

Tania nodded.

"I'm on a probationary licence," Kimberley murmured, "that's instant disqualification. Oh God! Mum is going to kill me and I bet I'll get the strap from Dad too." the girl sank disconsolately into a chair, and she looked as if she were going to burst into tears.

For her part Tania looked uncomfortable.

"Tania?" Kimberley asked, as she stared at the surveillance picture "What do the numbers down the bottom mean?"

"They're the date and time the photograph was taken." the policewoman replied.

"This isn't me, then." Kimberley said firmly, standing up.

Tania regarded the girl through her clear blue eyes, slight amusement playing across her face, and then she firmed her look and her tone, saying "Come on, Kim. I didn't come down in the last shower. I've heard that one before."

"I'm not lying, Tania," Kimberley assured the young officer, "I can prove it too. Hang on." and the teenager pressed the button on her intercom to connect her to reception. There was a brief pause before Chelsea picked up, the girl's tone was harassed, and commotion could be heard in the background "Yes, Kim?" Chelsea asked.

Kimberley's brow furrowed, and she began to scold "Chelsea Meaghan Kennedy! I will not tell you again! It is ma'am or Miss Kimberley...."

"Yes, yes," Chelsea interrupted her older sister, "in here or else you'll warm my backside. I know! I got a situation out here."

Kimberley exhaled in exasperation, and one pink lacquered fingernail stabbed the disconnect button on the communication device. She motioned for an amused Tania to follow her, and stormed into reception, muttering under her breath.

Chelsea had been telling the truth, she did indeed have a 'situation' in reception. Two nine year olds, a boy and a girl were locked in a hair pulling battle, rather the boy had his hands firmly entangled in the girl's long brown locks, and for her part the girl had a death grip on her adversary's ear, his hair not being long enough to get a decent hold. Chelsea was dancing hesitantly at the edges of the fray, trying to decide who to grab first. The girl's mother was looking on aghast, ineffectually shouting at her daughter "Elise! Let go immediately!"

Kimberley rolled her azure eyes skyward. Elise Carrington and Simon Zerbiski. The children were mortal enemies. If Kimberley had been running reception she would have known not to schedule the two of them to be in the office at the same time. Taking the bit between her teeth, Kimberley waded into the fray. "Simon! Elise!" she snapped, landing stinging smacks to Simon's denim clad rear which made him yelp and release his hold on the girl's hair. Elise took advantage of the break to try and wrestle the boy to the ground. That was before Kimberley's hand swept upwards to connect with the seat of the brown haired girl's dress with enough force to actually lift her onto her tiptoes. "Yeeeeooowwwww!" she howled, and immediately let go of Simon. Her mother reached in and gathered the girl close to her, holding her firmly. "You will both be dealt with." Kimberley promised. "I have a hairbrush with your name on it, Simon and Aunty Gabrielle has a sturdy strap for you, young lady." she told the children, and eyes immediately dropped to the floor as their bottoms tingled with Kimberley's words. "Yes Aunty Kimberley." they murmured, faces colouring deeply with embarrassment. Then Kimberley turned her blazing gaze on her sister "Chelsea, when Mum and I gave you this job you also inherited some responsibility, and that is to keep things running smoothly in reception. If you have to smack a few bottoms then do so, you have total authority, do you understand?"

Chelsea dropped her own golden head, and said softly "Yes, ma'am."

"Good, see you do it or someone else's bottom will be smacked. Am I making myself clear?"

Chelsea nodded, and quietly turned to go back to her desk.

"Is Mum free?" Kimberley asked.

"She's finishing up with a client. I'll check if you can go in." Chelsea connected to the 'spanking parlour' inhabited by Gabrielle, and the sound of gentle sobbing could be heard "Miss Gabrielle?" Chelsea asked.

"Yes, dear?" came Gabrielle Kennedy's cultured tones.

"Miss Kimberley and Constable Wheeler need to see you, can I send them in?"

"Certainly, sweetheart. Benjy here has had his smacking and is just having a bit of a cry. Send them right through."

Kimberley strode into the room with confidence, Tania followed a little more hesitantly. The pretty police officer's eyes opened wide as she was met with the sight of a fully grown man standing in the corner with a bright red bottom on display, the firm round, scarlet buttocks jiggled enticingly as the recently spanked male sobbed into the corner. Kimberley gave the displayed derriere an appraising look and pronounced "Nice job, Mum. What did you use?"

"The round paddle," Gabrielle responded calmly, pointing to the coffee table which had something that looked like an outsize table tennis racquet laying on it.

Kimberley nodded her golden head, and Tania felt her buttocks clench reflexively at the sight of the implement. She had never felt that particular paddle, but she could imagine its sting from previous experiences at the Spank Shop, she could remember occupying the same corner as Benjy.

"Is this official business?" Gabrielle directed her question at Tania.

"I rather think it could be, Mrs Kennedy." Tania replied.

"Well, we'd better cut Benjy's corner time short then. Come here, please sweetheart."

With a sniffle, the occupant of the corner turned, and shuffled to the attractive, mature blonde woman at the centre of the room. Gabrielle enfolded him with her arms, and murmured soothingly "There, there, darling. You're all spanked out now. You can go and change and pay Miss Chelsea for your whacking." Gabrielle rubbed the steaming backside gently as she hugged him. "Off you go now, you rascal." She told her most recent customer fondly, sending him on his way with a playful smack to his adorable rear end.

"Now, how can I help you, Tania?" Gabrielle smiled at the young policewoman.

Tania had to admit that she was slightly perplexed and being aware of Mrs Kennedy's temper did not want to get Kimberley into any more trouble, but the girl had insisted on seeing her mother so Tania leapt straight in saying "I picked up a picture on our speed camera and it was Kim's car, so....."

The blonde officer was cut short by Gabrielle Kennedy, blue eyes flashing the older woman glared at her daughter and scolded "Kimberley Susan Kennedy! Your father and I have both warned you about speeding." Before Kimberley could defend herself, Gabrielle turned to Tania and said pleasantly "Tania, please charge her as you need to, I doubt she'll be driving for a while in any case, sitting will be an extremely unpleasant experience for this young lady for some time."

Ordinarily hearing something like what Gabrielle had just said in conjunction with her full name would make Kimberley go weak at the knees and have her bottom tingling madly as her muscle memory recalled the last really sound spanking she received. Not this time. "Mum," Kimberley calmly interrupted her mother mid tirade, "Constable Wheeler has a photograph, I think you better take a look at it."

"I really don't see what difference it makes Kimberley Susan." Gabrielle said, but took the black and white image that Tania was proffering. Gabrielle glanced at it and then fixed her daughter with clear sapphire eyes "Kimberley, that is your car. You would appear to be guilty as charged."

"Yes, Mum," Kimberley replied patiently, "I know it's my car, that's not what's at issue here. Look at the date on the bottom of the photo, that was when the picture was taken."

Gabrielle's lips pursed in irritation, but she did as her offspring had requested.

Initially there was no change in expression, but then the eyes widened, the mouth opened slightly and a flush crept up Gabrielle's neck and culminated in spots of bright red on each cheek. A thoroughly confused Tania watched all this. "Can someone please explain to me what on earth is going on here?"

"Tania," Gabrielle began, "did Kimberley tell you that she wasn't driving the car when this picture was taken?"

"Sort of, yes." the police officer confirmed.

"That would be because she wasn't."

"Okay, now I'm totally confused."

"My car was being serviced that day. I borrowed Kim's."

"You were driving?"

Gabrielle nodded.

"That does change things."

"Well, I'm glad we got that cleared up." Gabrielle sighed. "Thanks for taking the time to tell us Tania, it is appreciated. How much is the fine? Can I pay it to you now?"

"No, ma'am. It doesn't work that way. The photograph is processed and you get a fine in the mail."

"Oh, I hate having things like that hanging over me." Gabrielle pouted. "I'll just have to put the money aside. Has it gone up since last time?"

"Since last time?" Tania repeated slowly. "How often have you been caught speeding, Gabrielle?"

"Oh, I'm not sure," the lady replied offhandedly and then asked her daughter, "how many times would you say, Kim?"

Kimberley considered the question for a moment and then answered "At least four times."

"Four times!" Tania exclaimed.

"In the past two years." the blonde adolescent added.

"In the past two years!" Tania gasped.

"Tania," Gabrielle addressed the young policewoman, "could you please stop repeating everything we say? It is most unsettling."

Tania simply stared at Gabrielle for a moment, she was so shocked by the revelation "Mrs Kennedy," she said slowly, Gabrielle's expression changed from one of irritation to one of concern. By altering her form of address from Gabrielle to Mrs Kennedy, Tania had suddenly gone from friend to police officer, it did not bode well, "do you mean to say that in the past two years you have been caught speeding four times?"

"At least." Kimberley added helpfully.

"I believe so." Gabrielle replied.

"Can you not read the signs?" Tania asked.

"Oh those," the blonde woman dismissed the limits with a wave of her hand, "they're just a guideline."

Tania was so stunned that for a full minute she was rendered speechless, and then she responded hotly "They are NOT a guideline! There's a reason they have numbers on them, Mrs Kennedy. They are to be adhered to. Travelling above those limits you are far more likely to injure or even kill someone if you have a collision."

"Well, I didn't crash, so I do not see where the problem is." Gabrielle said, her tone also becoming heated.

Concern appeared in Kimberley's azure eyes and she edged towards the door, her mother could be dangerous in this mood and the teenager did not want to be in the room when she exploded.

"So how much is the fine?" Gabrielle repeated.

Tania shook her head in despair and ran a hand through her short, feathery blonde locks "There won't be a fine, Gabrielle. This is your fourth offence within two years. It will be instant suspension of your licence, it could even be disqualification."

Gabrielle's mouth dropped open and she spluttered "No! It can't be! That is ridiculous."

"It's the law." Tania insisted. "You're a serial offender."

To Tania's surprise Gabrielle began to cry softly.

Tania looked at Kimberley helplessly and the girl ran to her mother and put her arms around the older lady, talking to her softly.

Gabrielle pulled herself together and dabbing at her eyes with a tissue explained "I can't lose my licence, Tania, not even temporarily."

"I doubt a magistrate will see it that way, ma'am."

"I visit a sick relative out of town and I help her with shopping and the like, she's housebound."

"That's true, Tania. Mum is her only relative and she's a lifeline."

"Oh God!" Tania muttered, she had only brought the matter to Kimberley's attention because it seemed out of character and she wanted to give the girl a chance to explain, now she was caught up in something she had never wanted to be.

"Would a magistrate listen to that?" Kimberley asked, a protective arm still around her mother's shoulders.

"They might if Gabrielle's infractions weren't so frequent. I don't see any way out of at least a suspension."

"Can't you do something?" Gabrielle asked.

"I can give a character reference." Tania offered.

"Couldn't you just make the picture disappear?" Kimberley suggested.

"Disappear!" Tania gasped. "Do you have any idea what you're asking me to do, Kimberley?"

"You can do it then?" the girl pressed.

"Well, yes, but it's highly unethical, not to mention illegal." the young policewoman tried to explain.

Clouds scudded across the blue skies that were Kimberley Kennedy's eyes and she posed another question "Was bringing me the photo in the first place standard procedure?"

"No," Tania answered in a faltering voice, "but I did that as a favour because it was out of character for you, Kim....."

"You'd be doing a favour to Mum, then, or don't you want to help her out?"

"It's not the same thing and you know it!" Tania stood her ground, voice rising in anger.

"It's not me I'm asking for," Gabrielle said quietly, "you would be inconveniencing and possibly endangering my relative."

"Oh, good Lord!" Tania Wheeler exclaimed, eyes rolling skyward. "If, and this is a big if, I pull the photo and no one is any the wiser as to what happened, that still doesn't excuse the fact that you broke the law, Gabrielle."

The Kennedy matriarch shrugged and said insincerely "I won't do it again."

"Excuse me if I'm somewhat skeptical given your track record." Tania replied tartly. "I have no intention of letting you out of this without some form of punishment."

"And just what do you suggest?' Gabrielle queried.

Tania looked around the room they were in and answered "How about an old fashioned spanking?"

The silence that suddenly enveloped the room was deafening.

Gabrielle shattered it with "You cannot possibly be serious."

"I am extremely serious. You were going to spank Kim when you thought it was her, why shouldn't you also be spanked?"

"Well...." Gabrielle spluttered, "I...I....."

"Actually, Mum, Tania is right. You did speed and she's taking a risk to help you out...."

the teenager snapped her mouth shut as her mother turned a withering glare on her.

"Just who would be administering this spanking?" Gabrielle asked.

"I'll do it. I've been on the receiving end often enough." Tania said firmly.

Knowing that she had been well and truly wedged between the proverbial rock and a hard place Gabrielle acquiesced "Alright, I will accept the spanking. When and where?"

"The where is obviously here and as for the when, no time like the present." Tania suggested.

"You are correct about here being the best place, but not now. Kimberley is an adult and can handle knowing about this, but not Chelsea."

"How about I tell her we're doing some bookwork this evening?" Kimberley proposed. "That'll get her out of here so fast you would think I'd offered to tan her tail for her. Can you come back after five, Tania?"

"Delighted." Tania beamed and just then Gabrielle's intercom went off and Chelsea's urgent voice floated over it. "Mum, Miss Kimberley. Simon and Elise are still waiting for their spankings. I've had to threaten Simon twice and Elise's Mum has had to tell her that she'll be getting the cane just to keep them from each other's throats."

Kimberley laughed and hit the reply button "I'll be right out, Chel'. Once Constable Wheeler has left you can send Elise in here." she turned to her mother and advised "Elise may need a dose of the Igniter, Mum." then with Tania behind her exited the parlour.

Kimberley watched Chelsea's form disappear out of sight and then closed the door behind her. She leaned against the door and sighed. What an interesting day this had turned out to be. Gabrielle had been unsettled by the prospect of what would soon take place, there was no doubt about that. Like a professional, though, her mother had not let it impact her work, although Kimberley did fancy that a few unfortunate children were spanked harder than they could have otherwise expected to be as Gabrielle worked off her excess adrenalin on their upturned buttocks. Gabrielle was in the parlour, trying to compose and prepare herself with a soothing cup of hot tea. The teenager knew it was wrong, but she was rather looking forward to being present when her mother had her bottom smacked. It seemed malicious, but it was not really. Throughout her eighteen years Kimberley had been spanked hard and often by her mother and to her mind not all of the chastisements were earned. It would be interesting to see how Gabrielle handled a spanking, she and her siblings had heard stories from their grandmother, but hearing about something was one thing, seeing it was another altogether.

There was a knock on the door and Kimberley opened it a crack to see Tania's smiling face on the other side. Kimberley opened the door all the way and admitted the policewoman into the shop's cosy interior. It was a pleasant spring day and Tania's form of off duty dress confirmed that fact. The young constable was wearing a pair of faded, form fitting blue jeans, their well worn look suggested that they were a favourite and therefore comfortable pair, her feet were shod in plain white trainers and she wore a tight, midriff baring white t-shirt with the legend 'BOYS SHOULD BE SEEN AND NOT HEARD' emblazoned across the front in bold black lettering which was emphasized by the girl's impressive chest.

Kimberley did not say anything as she looked Tania up and down, but a smile came to her pretty pink lips and she thought to herself: 'Oh Mum is just gonna love this!'

"So where's our naughty girl, Kim?" Tania asked brightly.

"She's just in the parlour having a cup of tea."

"Well, the parlour is where I want her to be."

Kimberley nodded "We could do it in the room I use, but Mum has Aunty Andrea's parlour and that is much better set up for a good spanking, especially for the older clients. Come on through."

Tania followed the blonde receptionist into the parlour. Gabrielle sat up straight and dabbed at her lips as she set her tea cup down. Kimberley could not swear to it, but she thought her mother looked just the slightest bit guilty and she was certainly apprehensive.

"Tania is here, Mum."

"Hello Tania." Gabrielle greeted the policewoman.

Tania's expression firmed and she said "I am afraid that I'm going to have to insist that for the duration of this you refer to me as Constable Wheeler, Gabrielle. You may use ma'am or miss if you prefer."

The older lady's lips compressed angrily and a flush crept up her long elegant neck, but she bit back her reply and said meekly "Yes, Constable Wheeler."

"Good," Tania said with a smile, "I'm glad we've established that."

"Would you like a cup of coffee or tea, Tania?" Kimberley inquired.

"Kim, you're a darling. A cup of coffee would be heavenly. Gabrielle and I can get things sorted out whilst you put the kettle on."

Tania settled herself into Andrea's chair by the fireplace, it was not lost on Gabrielle that this was the same chair Andrea sat in when she handed out the spankings. "I guess we need to explain a few things, huh?" Tania said.

"I suppose we do...." Gabrielle admitted grudgingly and then seeing Tania's lips purse disapprovingly added, "Ma'am."

"Firstly there's the matter of how you should be attired." the police officer began.

Immediately sensing where this was headed Gabrielle asserted indignantly "I am not wearing an apron!"

Kimberley chose this moment to reenter with a tray bearing the coffee.

"Mum, are you giving Tania problems, already?" she asked rather cheekily, setting the tray down and inquiring of Tania "It's white and two, isn't it?"

"Yes, thanks, hon'. Gabby is getting a little cranky, but that's only to be expected of a nervous and naughty little one."

Spots of bright colour stood out on Gabrielle's fair cheeks as she was embarrassed by being referred to as a child. Kimberley handed Tania a cup of coffee and then poured one for herself, she stood to drink it while she watched her mother and Tania. Gabrielle also noticed with chagrin that she was not even offered coffee. "Alright, Gabby," Tania continued in a businesslike tone, sipping from her cup," you can strip down to your underwear and march your speedy little butt into the corner."

An obviously annoyed Gabrielle stood and looked at her daughter for consolation.

Kimberley shrugged and hid her smile by looking into her cup and then said "It wasn't me who was breaking the speed limit."

Seeing that she had no ally, Gabrielle sighed and began to disrobe, but not before shooting Kimberley a look that promised retribution at some point in the future.

"Go on," Tania encouraged the local matron, once she was down to bra and underpants and standing in the corner, "nose to the wall and not a peep until I call you over."

Gabrielle ground her teeth, but turned and pressed into the corner as she had instructed countless children and a good few adults to do in her career as a disciplinarian. Kimberley and Tania discussed her and her behaviour in hushed tones over their coffee which was even more humiliating for Gabrielle.

Although Tania had handled things in a very brusque and businesslike manner so far, she had to admit that she was nervous. She had never spanked anyone before, much less an older woman like Gabrielle and she needed Kimberley's experience. For her part the teenager was loving how things were turning out. She was a willing participant, that was certain, but her mother could not blame her for any of this. Gabrielle had made the decision to knowingly break the speed limit and Tania was doing the actual chastisement. Kimberley saw herself as blameless. "I find with the older ones," she passed on her knowledge to the policewoman, "that if you treat them as being very childlike they become extremely compliant. It's an embarrassment thing. Aunty Andrea studied psychology at college and that's where she learnt it." she frowned and added "Mum does it naturally."

Tania had to laugh at that, then remembered how she had been in a similar position to Gabrielle, and that yes, Andrea had made her feel as if she were about six years old and it had been a very effective technique.

"You're going to have to advise me on what to use, Kim." Tania murmured.

"What do you think Mum deserves?" the adolescent asked, sipping coffee.

"It's not so much a case of what I think she deserves. I have a clear idea on that, it's more that you know exactly what I have at my disposal here."

"Oh that!" Kimberley giggled. She stood and crossed to a cupboard, the sight of which filled most visitors to the generally cosy parlour with a deep sense of dread. Even though she knew that for once the contents of the cupboard would not be tenderizing her rump Tania still could not help holding her breath as Kimberley threw open the double doors, revealing it's formidable arsenal.

"Pick your poison." Kimberley said with a grin.

Tania joined the receptionist in front of the cupboard. As they gazed into it, Gabrielle becoming nervous and bored, turned her head to see what was going on. "Mum!" Kimberley exclaimed, seeing Gabrielle looking at them.

Tania turned and her eyes flashed, she was at Gabrielle's side in a few strides and her palm was impacting firmly on the seat of the older ladies snug pink panties "I told you to get your nose in this corner and I meant it! Any more nonsense from you, young lady and you can go out to cut a switch!" Tania emphasized her words with stinging swats that had Gabrielle trying to squirm away from her and protesting loudly with squeals and pitiful entreaties that she had not done anything wrong.

Shaking her head Tania rejoined Kimberley at the cupboard "What do you suggest, Kimmy?"

Kimberley wrinkled her nose and shook out her magnificent mane of honey coloured hair. "What did you have in mind?"

"I thought a hand spanking to begin with and warm up." Tania began.

"Oh, of course." Kimberley agreed in a tone that implied it was a given.

"I've always found that Aunty Andrea's ebony hairbrush makes a real impression on a disobedient backside."

"That it does," Kimberley said firmly, recalling her bottom's painful conversations with the brushes polished back, "however I wouldn't use it in this case."

"No?" Tania raised one of her blonde eyebrows in query.

"I'll explain why. Aunty Andrea is an expert with that brush, but it fits her hand perfectly and I think this is a rather adult offence, yet the brush tends to be used for more juvenile infractions."

"Sensible." Tania commented, impressed with Kimberley's level of reasoning.

"After hand spanking I'd use the paddle." the teenager advised.

"Which one?" Tania asked, her eyes scanning the cupboard's extensive array of paddles.

Kimberley reached towards a leather paddle and then withdrew her hand, instead settling on a broad, thick, rectangular wooden paddle with a number of small holes drilled in it.

She handed the implement to Tania, who weighed it in her hand and said "Ouch!"

Kimberley nodded "The holes make it feel like you sat on a fire ants nest."

"I can believe that. I don't think this is enough, though, darling. What Gabby did could have had serious consequences."

"I agree," Kimberley said, producing a long strip of wide leather, "which is why I think this will top Mummy off perfectly. It's like the one Daddy uses on me when I'm naughty. If you oil the bottom first it will really scald the cheeks."

Tania held the strap as if it were a snake and eyed it dubiously, but then at length pronounced "You are right, Kim. Gabby needs to remember this every time she puts her foot on the accelerator."

Gabrielle had heard only snatches of the conversation and because she was not allowed to face the room had no idea of what Tania and Kimberley were setting out on the table. She had been given the impression from Tania's tone and behaviour towards her that she would not be getting off with a simple warming by hand. "Gabby!" Tania said firmly, and Gabrielle grit her teeth, she had not been called Gabby since she was a small child, and every time Tania used the juvenile form of address it grated on her. "You may turn and approach, young lady."

Taking a deep breath and squaring her shoulders Gabrielle turned gracefully and then she saw what was arrayed on the table in front of the fireplace. Gabrielle had experience of both the paddle and the strap from the other end of them and was well aware of the reaction they provoked from her hapless clients, then she caught a glimpse of the small bottle of baby oil. She had used that technique on the genuine recalcitrants and her own children on the occasions when she felt they needed something 'special', and knew its effects. "Oh God!" she whispered, and felt her knees turn to jelly as her bottom tingled uncontrollably.

"Come on Mummy." Kimberley urged. "Be brave."

"Kimmy," Gabrielle said in a small, strangled voice, "I need to visit the little girl's room."

"Nonsense!" Tania barked. "You will not delay the inevitable."

"Tania, I think Mum really does need to pee. She'll wet herself over your knee if you don't let her go, it's not uncommon. I'll take her to tinkle and won't let her dawdle." She rose from the couch and took her mother's hand "Come on Mummy, let's go potty." she said to her mother kindly, leading her to the bathroom.

Although butterflies were still frantically circling Gabrielle's stomach she did feel much better after she had relieved herself and with Kimberley pushing her gently made it to stand by Tania's side. Tania looked up the older lady, her blue eyes hard "Now these are coming down." she stated firmly, hooking her fingers into the waistband of Gabrielle's panties.

"Oh no, please Miss!" Gabrielle begged. "Can't I please keep them up until I'm over your lap?"

Tania looked at Kimberley for confirmation of how Andrea would handle the request.

"Aunty Andrea wouldn't allow it, I don't and neither does Mum. The bottom has to be bare before they get turned over."

Tania nodded and to Gabrielle's cry of shame and dismay whisked the panties to her ankles. "Step out and hand them to Miss Kimberley, please Gabby." Tania ordered.

Furiously blushing Gabrielle did as told. Kimberley put the undergarment aside saying "They'll be returned when Miss Tania says you can have them back."

"Right," Tania said in a businesslike tone, taking a firm grip on Gabrielle's wrist, "it's time to turn these cheeks the same shade as the ones on your face." She jerked the wrist and Gabrielle sprawled over her lap.

Tania put her arm around Gabrielle's waist and wrestled her into position, so that her bottom was elevated over the young policewoman's crossed legs. Gabrielle felt the legs cross and winced slightly, that particular position was one she had often used to great effect, it tightened the buttocks and made the spanks felt even more keenly, it was also more humiliating once the sting of the chastisement began to rise, because it was almost impossible to remain over the lap without flailing the legs about. Without any underwear Gabrielle knew that she would be showing her charms to both Tania and Kimberley. At least they were the only two present.

Tania examined the full womanly bottom displayed in her lap and gently stroked the twitching globes, she smiled as pimples of gooseflesh rose unbidden on Gabrielle's waiting cheeks. Tania rested her hand on one tingling white hemisphere and smiled at Kimberley, who sipped her tea and hid a grin in her cup. Tania lifted her hand off and watched Gabrielle tense her glutes, she left her hand raised in mid air and waited for the elder Kennedy woman to relax, as soon as she did Tania swept her hand down and it landed with a resounding clap across the right buttock, the slap was answered with a hiss of indrawn breath from Gabrielle and the handprint bloomed a satisfying pink across the cheek. Just as the sting from the first smack was fading Tania delivered a second one across the left side, this time Gabrielle yelped and her body jerked.

Clarkstown's finest in the form of Constable Tania Wheeler tightened her grip around the waist of Gabrielle Kennedy as the older woman wriggled and squirmed vigorously and rolled her buttocks from side to side in a desperate attempt to avoid the firm and steady slaps that Tania was administering. Gabrielle thought that young offenders in the community should thank their lucky stars that the police woman was not allowed to put them over her knee as punishment, the girl really knew how to spank. Gabrielle opened her lungs right up as Tania delivered a concentrated volley right on the tender crease where thighs and buttocks met; the sit spot. Gabrielle roared her displeasure and her legs waved about to no effect. "Oh honestly, Mummy!" Kimberley scolded scornfully. "Don't be such a baby, you've still got the paddle to come yet."

That reminder drew a number of reactions from Gabrielle; the first was to glare at her daughter with a look that promised retribution at a later stage. Following that was the horrible realization that Kimberley was very correct. Gabrielle had seen the paddle with the holes drilled through it lying on the table when she had turned from the corner, and knew with a dreadful certainty that it was there to be used on her bottom. The third thing that ran through the Clarkstown matron's mind was how much that paddle would hurt. She had witnessed first hand the reactions of the shop's clients when she set their bottoms on fire with the paddle. Gabrielle herself had not felt the effects of a properly wielded paddle since she was Kimberley's age and her mother had caught her smoking, although it had been some years ago, Gabrielle could still feel the sting and the heat if she dwelt on the memory for any length of time.

Finally Tania's hand stopped its metronomic rise and fall across every inch of the bottom so wonderfully displayed and offered up for scalding punishment over her lap. Gabrielle took a deep, shuddering sigh of relief and felt the tears trickling down her cheeks, making a mess of her mascara and cutting trails through her makeup. A pink tongue slipped out to nervously lick dry lips and she tasted the salt of her own tears.

As Gabrielle lay limply over the blonde policewoman's knee, sobbing, Tania looked at Kimberley and shook her hand, wincing. "It can hurt if you're not used to it, Tania." Kimberley told her and then added, smiling "That's why paddles were invented."

Tania nodded, blue eyes sparkling and after wringing her hand a few times reached across Gabrielle's glowing red behind and picked up the paddle on the table. She dragged the paddle gently across Gabrielle Kennedy's twitching rump and watched with amusement as the woman squirmed uncomfortably "Please Miss Tania," Gabrielle whimpered in a small voice, very unlike the haughty tones she had used earlier in the day, "please don't paddle me. I'll be good. I promise I won't speed."

"Now Gabby," Tania began in a patronizing tone, "we've heard that before, haven't we? What sort of spanking would you give your daughter Kimberley for the same offence if the situation were reversed?"

Although it was a rhetorical question Kimberley could not help herself from answering "I'd get a real blistering. I wouldn't sit comfortably for at least a week."

Gabrielle howled as Tania cracked the paddle down smartly over the crowns of the upturned buttocks draped over her lap. Gabrielle bucked and kicked, her usually immaculately coiffed hair was loose and flew around as she tried to escape the instrument of torture being used on her backside. Tania watched, fascinated, as the cheeks flattened under the impact of the paddle and then elastically filled out again, with little white dots standing out on the scarlet skin, where the holes had made contact. Again the paddle slammed down on the woman's bottom and she wailed and screamed "It hurttssssssss!"

"It's meant to, Mummy." Kimberley informed her mother, unnecessarily.

Tania swept it across Gabrielle's rump and was rewarded with another anguished howl and a flaring of crimson, then told Gabrielle "I know it's painful, Gabby, but you won't learn your lesson properly if it is not sufficiently reinforced, darling."

Gabrielle lost count of the strokes that Tania administered with the paddle, all thoughts that were not related to the fires raging through her bottom had been driven from her mind. All she could think of was the pain, the heat and the unbearable sting. Tears flowed from her eyes, her nose streamed, her makeup was totally ruined, and strands of blonde hair that had once been so elegantly styled were plastered to her cheeks with a combination of perspiration, tears, saliva and mucus.

After what seemed an eternity Tania's voice said as if from a great distance "You may rise now, Gabby."

Gabrielle blubbered and tried to lever herself off Tania's firm, muscular denim covered thighs. She stood briefly and then a wave of pain flooded through her bottom and her knees buckled. Kimberley stood quickly and offered her arm to steady her mother. Using Kimberley as support Gabrielle managed to stand straight. "Uh uh," Kimberley scolded as Gabrielle's hands flew to her abused rear, "no rubbing until Miss Tania says so. Let's get you back in the corner for a bit to calm down a touch."

With a sigh Gabrielle allowed her daughter to lead her to the corner.

"Now press in nice and tight." Kimberley instructed her and then before going back to Tania ordered "Hands on head, please."

Feeling more tears of shame squeeze out from between her tightly shut eyelids Gabrielle laced her hands on top of her sweat sodden blonde locks.

Kimberley poured Tania a fresh cup of tea, the policewoman gratefully accepted it, sipped and sighed contentedly with the comment "Oh thanks Kimmy, I really needed that."

The teenage receptionist's frosted pink lips twitched upwards in a generous smile and she commented "Aunty Andrea always enjoys a cup of tea after a good spanking. It's very thirsty work."

"She's right there." Tania agreed and examined Gabrielle's bottom over the rim of her teacup. "My God that's red!"

"It's hot too," Kimberley added, fussing with her hair, "I could feel the heat radiating out when I walked Mummy to the corner. I bet she feels like she sat on a stove."

Tania became pensive for a moment and then asked "Do you think I should still strap her?"

Whilst regarding her mother's bottom Kimberley considered the question "Ordinarily I'd say no, but I know Mummy would strap me for this and she has done it four times, plus I haven't heard her say sorry yet."

"You're right." Tania said, surprised that she had not noticed that very important fact. "When I'm done she will be one very sorry little girl. Can you help me put the oil on?"

"Of course. We can't let Mummy cool down too much either, you want the cheeks still nicely warm when you give her the strap."

Gabrielle felt her bottom tingle uncontrollably as the other two so calmly and matter of factly discussed the strapping which she knew made people literally beg for mercy. Her swollen buttocks throbbed and pulsed as she waited for Tania to call her out of the corner for the strap.

After what seemed an anxious eternity to Gabrielle she heard Tania say imperiously. "Remove your hands from your head, young lady and walk that naughty little bottom over here."

Taking deep breaths to try and calm herself Gabrielle did as she was ordered and crossed the room until she was standing in front of Tania. "Do you know what I am going to do to you now, Gabrielle?" the young blonde asked.

"Yes, ma'am." Gabrielle forced her voice to remain steady as she felt shivers of anticipation crawl up her buttocks. "You're going to strap me."

"Do you know why?"

Gabrielle was initially tempted to answer 'Because you're a sadistic pig.', but she knew that was untrue and she also knew she deserved the punishment. If situations had been reversed she would have taken exactly the same action. "Because I broke the law more than once with no real thought of the consequences of my actions, nor did I show any genuine remorse when I was caught and rightfully fined."

"That's a lovely little speech, Gabby." Tania complimented her. "It is a shame that it took this to make you come to that realization. Go and bend over the back of the sofa and push your bottom out nice and high. Aunty Tania wants a good target to aim at."

Wordlessly Gabrielle nodded and bent over the sofa, she straightened her legs and thrust her glowing scarlet rump up high for the kiss of the strap.

Kimberley picked up the bottle of baby oil and joined Tania as they rose and walked around behind Gabrielle. Tania stared at the up thrust bottom and marveled at how red it was. She had occasionally looked at her own recently heated posterior after a session over Andrea's lap and comparing that to Gabrielle's derriere they were roughly the same, but the knowledge that she had been the cause of Gabrielle's colouring somehow made it more impressive, besides when she had looked at her own glowing backside her vision had been blurred by tears.

Kimberley flicked up the top on the baby oil with one brightly lacquered nail and squeezed out some of the clear liquid to pool in her palm, she reached and began to spread it on her mother's twitching scarlet globes. "You see, Tania," the teenager instructed, "just smooth it on gently. What you want is to cover Mummy's bottom with a thin film of oil."

Tania nodded her blonde head and held out her hand, palm upwards, Kimberley poured a measure of the oil into the policewoman's hand.

As Tania drizzled the oil onto Gabrielle's blazing rear end she sighed in relief and squirmed pleasurably. The oil had a pleasant cooling effect on her superheated nates. The reaction was an entirely involuntary one. Gabrielle knew all too well what Tania and Kimberley had planned for her and she knew that while the oil was currently giving her some blessed relief and coolness it would not last for long and once the strap sizzled across her nether cheeks that selfsame liquid would cause her a great deal of discomfort and intensify what was already an extraordinarily painful experience with that long, broad supple length of leather. Gabrielle prayed that she would at least be able to maintain some dignity during the ordeal and not lose control completely the way some of the shop's clients had been known to do under the strap.

For her part Tania was enjoying spreading the oil over Gabrielle's firm, broad womanly buttocks and feeling the heat radiate through her palm. In fact the young officer had to be careful to continue the procedure and not just fondle the older lady's delightful posterior. She also had to remind herself that Gabrielle was being punished for breaking the law and by giving her a massage she was not chastising her. It actually took a pointed clearing of the throat and a glare from Kimberley to drag Tania out of the enjoyable experience. "Do you want me to hold her hands, Tania?"

"Is that necessary?" Tania asked.

"You haven't ever been strapped, have you?" Kimberley queried.

Tania had to shake her head.

"It hurts.....a lot." Kimberley stated, her own smooth brow furrowing as she recalled the times she had been put under the leather.

Gabrielle felt her knees weaken with the words.

"You can't always hold position. Mummy should be able to, but I wouldn't be surprised if she can't, especially with the oil. It makes you feel like your bum's caught fire."

Tania nodded and said "Maybe you better hold her for me, Kim."

Kimberley gave Tania a dazzling smile and said "Good." then she sauntered around the other side of the couch and looked at her mother's tear stained face. The adolescent held her hands out and said brightly "Hold hands, Mummy, while Miss Tania straps you up good and hot."

Further tears spilling from her eyes a thoroughly humiliated Gabrielle Kennedy took hold of her daughter's hands.

Tania shook out the strap and drew it teasingly across Gabrielle's bottom, watching the buttocks tighten and flinch. "Nice and high, Gabby, nice and high." Tania purred, reminding the woman how she wanted the bottom presented for its searing encounter with the strap.

The strap sang through the air and there was a loud crack as it connected with Gabrielle's right cheek, slid across to the divide and then smacked the left globe. Gabrielle heard the sound and then felt the pain. Kimberley gasped as her mother squeezed her hands hard, just before Gabrielle's scream of pure anguish hit the air. Just as the intense sting of that first stroke was fading Tania swung the strap from the opposite direction. Another roar from Gabrielle as the fires in her rear were again stoked up to a blaze. Gabrielle's legs did an involuntary dance and she was repeated the mantra of "Ohgodohgodohgodohgooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Tania raised the strap and brought it whipping down to explode across the right hemisphere only. Gabrielle squealed and as the tears flooded down her cheeks she wailed plaintively "How many?"

Tania cracked the strap over the left cheek and asked "How many do you think you deserve?"

"I don't know ma'am." Gabrielle blubbered.

Viciously Tania slashed the leather across the woman's sit spot. A howl was wrenched from her and Kimberley had to hold tight to make sure that she did not stand up. "I'm sorrreeee Miss Tania!" Gabrielle bawled. "I won't speed again! I promise!"

"Do you know something, Gabrielle." Tania said, giving the creamy white thighs a taste of the strap. "I believe you." with that the policewoman tossed the strap aside to land coiled on the couch beside Gabrielle.

Gabrielle collapsed in a sobbing mess over the couch. Kimberley and Tania let her lay there for a moment, before Kimberley gently coaxed her mother to her feet and held her while she sobbed some more. To both Kimberley and Tania's surprise Gabrielle went into her war dance once released from her daughter's embrace. They watched with amusement as the red bottomed Clarkstown matron hopped around the room, blubbering and clutching her steaming buttocks. Kimberley allowed the performance to continue for a minute before taking charge, holding her mother's arms and then taking her back to the corner with the scolding "Now there's enough of that silly carry on. You get your nose into the corner, hands on head while Miss Tania and I have a cup of tea."

"Do you think she learnt her lesson?" Tania asked Kimberley, sipping from her tea.

Kimberley regarded her mother's crimson derriere, jiggling like a raspberry jelly as it shook with Gabrielle's sobs. "Oh yes," the girl nodded, taking a sip from her tea, "I doubt she'll speed again, even when she can sit down to drive again."

Kimberley giggled with the last comment and there were peals of delighted laughter from Tania as well.

Chelsea Kennedy finished updating the spreadsheet, looked around the room, then at the clock and sighed. More than an hour to go and they were still rushed off their feet. Why on earth did her mother have to get sick today? Kimberley was really good at her job and enjoyed it immensely, but she only had one lap. They had not stopped today, they were booked solid and people kept coming in asking if they could fit their little one in for some 'attitude adjustment'. Kim hated turning down business, especially when Andrea was away so she usually said yes. Chelsea shook her head, neither of them had even had lunch today. The experience of the previous day, the stern talking to her sister had given her following that and the very pointed threat that had been made, combined with the extreme busyness of this day had somehow empowered the younger Kennedy girl.

Andrea Mahoney stepped out of the taxi and allowed the driver to retrieve her suitcases from the trunk. She smiled at the man and paid him. The tall, elegant lady watched the car move away and then turned to look at the shop in front of her. She had returned from her vacation a few hours earlier than she had intended. Initially Andrea had wanted to enter via the back and not through the shop front, but access was not easy that way and rather than give her taxi driver a complicated set of directions she had instructed him to let her off out the front. There was one advantage to this, she could see how things had been operating in her absence. Andrea picked up her luggage and walked into the shop.

Just as the shops proprietor entered Chelsea was facing a challenge to her authority. Fourteen year old Brenda Darlington was in one of the corners, a glowing posterior facing the room. The girl had a sore bottom and a mean disposition, she was not happy about firstly being put over the knee of Kimberley and soundly spanked, she was even less happy that she had to stand out in a corner of the shop front, wearing one of the stupid spanking aprons where everyone could see her backside and to make it worse she had to take orders from a girl who was only two years older than her. Brenda decided that she had had enough. She took a deep breath and turned around. She looked directly into Chelsea Kennedy's flashing blue eyes. "Turn around and press back into that corner, young lady." Chelsea said firmly.

"You're not the boss of me." Brenda retorted.

"No, I am not." Chelsea replied, rising and moving from out behind the reception desk, snatching up a thin wooden ruler as she did so. She advanced on Brenda and when the girl attempted to get past her Chelsea grabbed the wrist, spun her around and applied the ruler firmly to the exposed buttocks and thighs saying "I do however have permission to do just this. If you do not get your behind back into that corner then I will be asking Miss Kimberley if I can take you back into the spanking parlour and administer six strokes of the cane to your little rump. I do hope we understand each other, Brenda."

By way of reply the formerly defiant brunette sobbed and did exactly as she was told. Chelsea had firm approval from the other parents and guardians in the room as they supported her with nodding heads and one or two even gave her some scattered applause. One of the younger boys, awaiting his turn over Kimberley's knee, sniggered at the treatment handed out to the fourteen year old girl. Chelsea turned on him and scolded "I wouldn't gloat if I were you, young man. You could very easily be warmed up with this ruler over Aunty Chelsea's lap before being properly scorched by Aunty Kimberley."

Shocked, the boy immediately went silent and whispered respectfully "Sorry Aunty Chelsea."

"Much better." Chelsea murmured.

Watching the tableau Andrea hid her smile and thought to herself 'Someone has been taking lessons from their big sister.'

"Miss Andrea!" Chelsea exclaimed, noticing the shops owner standing in the doorway for the first time. "You returned early."

"That I did, Chelsea." Andrea replied, shaking out her lustrous mane of wavy chestnut hair. "We're busy today. Are both your Mum and Kim occupied?"

Chelsea's cheeks coloured becomingly and she answered "Mum isn't in today, ma'am. Kim said she had some difficulty down low. I'm not sure what she meant."

"Goodness!" Andrea said. "Well, I did want to relax after my trip, but I'd better help Kim out." She unzipped a pocket on one of her cases, reached and came out with a flat leather soled sandal. She looked around the room until her eye alighted on a glum looking girl in her early teens. Hannah Jedracek; the girl had been Andrea's first client and she responded excellently to a dose of the slipper, she would be perfect. "Bring me a cup of tea and then send Hannah in. No rest for the wicked, Chelsea."

Chelsea grinned and nodded as she resumed her seat and beckoned Hannah over. "Yes ma'am." She replied to Andrea's back as the lady swept into one of her spanking parlours. All was back to the way it should be in The Spank Shop.


  1. Aunty,

    Gee I wonder why? That story left me breahtless for a moment. Being slightly older, wow, I can understand and feel the spanking and the overall feeling of being over the knee. The story was great, I love all the build up and the conversation as well as the the thoughts of each person. That also was some busy day at the spank shop.

    Great start to the day here in finally sunny NJ.

    Thanks and glad she was well spanked, love it and wish it were me!!!


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    As an older man, approaching middle age in physical years not emotional years, I know what it is like to go over the knee of someone who is a lot younger than me and let me tell you she does not hold back at all, if anything she is harder on me than on her husband. Oh yes I am referring to Nita.
    I have heard she will be home within about three weeks and my bottom is already twitching .


  3. are indeed, never too set a good example that is!


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