Friday, 6 May 2011

'The Spank Shop - Nicholas'

In this account of a session from my shop a young graffiti artist finds out that I can also paint quite effectively when I have a reason.

From Mario's blog. Young Nicholas gets spanked and caned.

From FM Spanking World. Miss Kimberley goes to work on Nicky's bottom.

From Women Spanking Men. Nicholas had to be held down during his punishment.

Judge Sandra Thornley slumped into her chair, exhaled, swept her long, curly black hair behind her ears, and rested her forehead in her hands, as she massaged her temples. The door to her chambers opened a crack, and then all the way as her pretty, young, blonde court assistant Melanie peered in. The blonde girl frowned as she saw that her boss seemed to be in some physical distress. She padded across to Judge Thornley's desk, and placed a steaming mug of coffee close to the older lady "Your morning coffee, ma'am." she prompted the judge.

Sandra raised her head, and her brown eyes regarded the petite court assistant "Thankyou, Mel. Are those today's cases?" she asked, referring to the papers in Melanie's hand.

"Yes ma'am." Melanie replied politely, setting a copy in front of the judge.

Judge Thornley put on her spectacles, settled them low on her nose, and scanned the neatly printed sheet in front of her.

"It's a late day, today, ma'am." Melanie advised brightly. "A short one too, we've only got one case due to start and it doesn't look like a difficult one. We need to attend a jury selection at eleven."

"Thankyou, Melanie." Sandra smiled at the girl, she could be remarkably efficient when she set her mind to it, an appointment to the bench was not beyond her in the future if she wanted it badly enough. There were times however when she needed 'gentle' encouragement.

"Ma'am?" Melanie asked, as Sandra picked up her coffee, and commenced studying the details of the case she would be hearing later in the day.

"Yes, Mel, what is it?"

"Are you okay?"

Sandra blinked, Melanie was a perceptive girl, she had enjoyed working with her and the two of them got on well outside the courtroom despite the large disparity in their ages. "I'll be fine, dear. It's just Nicholas."

"Again?" Melanie asked, her bright green eyes narrowing as she pulled up a chair, and drew it close to the judge's desk. "What has he done this time?"

Sandra Thornley sighed, she may as well tell Melanie the truth, she needed to unburden to someone. She was a career woman, single and childless by choice. She had never had time for either a husband or a child. However her sister had not been the same. A single mother, her sister had died after a sudden and swift illness, her only child, a seventeen year old boy; Nicholas, had been given into Sandra's care as his closest living relative. Sandra and Nicholas had shared a good enough relationship when his mother was still alive, but since her untimely death the boy had been at best difficult. Surly, uncommunicative and only staying on the right side of the law, he was an almost constant trial to his aunt.

"He went out, without my knowledge, mind you and decided to spray some of that dreadful graffiti he calls art on the outside of a local factory. He may have gotten away with it, but he also managed to spray someone's car, a BMW, he claims that it was an accident, but the owner was extremely distressed and wanted to press charges."

"Oh God!" Melanie exclaimed, mouth open. "Nephew of local judge caught vandalising private property. That would be pretty embarrassing."

"It most certainly would, however it is not going to get that far."

"I thought you said the car owner wanted to press charges."

"He did, but I pointed out that there could be problems there. He can press charges, but he's going to have to contest it in court, that will take his time, and legal fees will also be required, plus court costs, in the unlikely event that he lost he'd be up for all those charges, plus those of Nicholas' defence and he'd still have to get his car resprayed."

Melanie frowned "He wouldn't lose. It's open and shut."

"Melanie, you work in the court system. You know how slowly things move and you know how clever lawyers can be, not to mention that judges and juries don't always see things as black and white as they really are."

"True." the girl conceded. "So when is it going to court?"

"It's not. Despite what I just said, dear, I believe that Nicholas would end up with a conviction, and it would reflect very badly on me if there were any publicity around it. I offered to pay for the car to be repainted with a little extra for his trouble and inconvenience."

"At least it's sorted out." Melanie said doubtfully.

"Yes, but it still troubles me."   

"Why is that, ma'am?" Melanie queried.

"I was hoping that the factory owner would insist that the boys repaint his factory, but he said it was the back wall, and he prefers the graffiti that Nicholas and his friends did to what they painted over when they did their little 'masterpiece'. He doesn't believe that there's any point to repainting it, especially when he has to pay for the paint, because someone else is only going to graffiti all over it again."

"Oh," Melanie said, her brows lowering in a frown, "it's a vicious cycle."

"Yes, it is," Sandra agreed, "what I really don't like about this is whilst I can't allow a conviction to be recorded against Nicholas' name he's still getting off scot free."

"Ground him." Melanie suggested. "That's what my Mum and Dad did when I was seventeen, that's if spanking didn't work."

Sandra chuckled "I'm betting a spanking was usually enough, dear."

"Yes, it was." Melanie admitted reluctantly, bottom tingling in remembrance of the adolescent hidings.

"I honestly don't think grounding would work with Nicholas. I'm not home a lot, and remember he was not meant to be out in the first place."

"Cut his allowance?"

"Oh, that's happening believe me, but I just don't think a few weeks without pocket money is going to make enough of an impact or at least make him realise how wrong what he has done is. It's a shame he isn't young enough to put over my knee. I think a sore bottom would at least remind him for a few hours every time he sat."

The wheels of Melanie's keen mind started whirring as the judge made her final comment.

"Ma'am, do you remember Robin Carter?" Melanie asked.

Sandra Thornley frowned, and said "The name does ring some bells, why?"

"Well, Constable Wheeler brought him in on a shoplifting charge some months ago. It was pretty minor stuff, he's fifteen, instead of recording a charge against him, he wants to be a lawyer, they sent him to the Spank Shop."

"The Spank Shop?" Sandra echoed. "You mean the place I send you when you need your attitude adjusted at work?"

"Ummm....yes." Melanie confirmed, squirming in her seat, a soft pink flush creeping into her cheeks.   

"What did Andrea do for young Robin, besides giving him a very sore bottom?"

"According to Tania...ummm...I mean Constable Wheeler, it changed his outlook and really made him take stock. He's doing work experience here this week. Why don't you talk to him and see if maybe the Spank Shop is an option for Nicholas."

"Oh, I'd certainly like to send him there, getting him to agree to it may be a different matter, but I will chat to Master Carter and see what he has to say."

At lunchtime that day Melanie ushered a very nervous Robin Carter into Judge Thornley's chambers. "Robin is here, ma'am." Melanie announced.

Robin looked at the lady behind the large oak desk, a pair of rectangular spectacles perched on her nose, and she gave him a stern once over. Robin gulped, and turned back to Melanie. The pretty, young court assistant was a reassuring presence, she was always nice to Robin, and he felt that Melanie's friendship with Constable Tania Wheeler had been a big factor in him getting the position at the courts for his work experience. Melanie grinned at the boy, and gave him a gentle shove in the back whispering "She doesn't bite...often."

Robin stumbled a step or two forward, before Sandra Thornley's warm voice invited "Please take a seat, Robin, I just want to have a brief chat to you, young man."

As Robin settled gingerly into a chair in front of the imposing desk, Sandra requested "Mel, I'd like a cup of coffee, and I am sure you can rustle up a can of Coke from the frig for Robin, can't you?" 

"Yes, ma'am." Melanie agreed, nodding her head and disappearing out the door.

Sandra sipped her coffee, and regarded the boy over the rim of her cup. Robin sipped his Coke from the large cut glass tumbler that Melanie had thoughtfully poured it into for him, and looked nervously around the judge's chambers. "You have a lot of diplomas, ma'am." he said.

Sandra smiled "It takes a great deal of education to become a judge, Robin. Melanie tells me that you have legal aspirations."

"Uhhh...yeah...I mean yes ma'am, but it's going to take a lot of work."

Sandra nodded "It does, but I think you will find it rewarding in the future. Melanie told me that you had a slight hiccup in your future not so long ago."

Robin stared into the depths of his glass, as he remembered the incident, and then replied slowly "I did something pretty stupid."

"You stole, is that correct?"

Unable to speak, Robin nodded.

"But you were punished for it?"

Robin took a deep breath, and with an obviously unconscious action rubbed his posterior.

Sandra could not help but smile at the reaction "That's why I asked you here, Robin. I wanted to discuss your visit to the Spank Shop."

"Why?" Robin asked quickly, then belatedly tacked a, "Ma'am." onto the end of it.

"I wanted to know how you felt about that, being sent there, what effect the paddling had on you and whether you would recommend it to someone or not."

"Ma'am, Judge Thornley." Robin began respectfully. "What I did was dumb and I did it for the wrong reasons. I was new here, I wanted to impress the tough kids and there was also a girl I liked who I thought may also like me because of it. Tania...I mean Constable Wheeler set me straight on that, and she was right. If kids were impressed with me because I was silly enough to steal something then they weren't the sort of friends I wanted to have, and if the girl was interested in me because of that then I should look for a new girl to be interested in. I know Constable Wheeler said it first and so did my Mum, but it wasn't until I went over Aunty Andrea's knee that I really understood it."

"How did she spank you, if you don't mind my asking?"

"No, that's okay, ma'am. It was my first spanking. My Mum can't, and my Dad never had to."

"I understand, take your time."

"Aunty Andrea is very firm and she spanks hard, but she's nice about it. She had to give me more than she would a normal first timer, because of what I'd done, so I got the strap and the switch, it really hurt, but I don't think that's why I cried, well not all of it, or why I learned. I think that was because I had let a lot of people down, mostly my Mum, my Dad's memory and myself."

"So it was beneficial, aside from the sore bottom?" Sandra asked.

"Oh yes, ma'am. I remembered it every time I sat down for the next few days, and it wasn't just because of the spanking, it's because of the other things that Aunty Andrea does?"

"Other things?" a confused Sandra echoed.

"Yes," Robin nodded, "the aprons, corner time and Kimberley, little things like that."

"I'm not sure I'm following you, Robin." Sandra prompted, her eyes cloudy with her efforts to understand the boy. "I know Kimberley is Andrea's receptionist, but the rest has lost me."

Robin smiled and said brightly "I'm not explaining myself very well, ma'am. I'm sorry. Aunty Andrea put me in a spanking apron, it's an apron that leaves your bottom bare, but covers the rest of you, but it's still really embarrassing, after you've been spanked Aunty Andrea makes you stand bare bottomed in the corner and you know that she can see you, Kimberley is really pretty, and she comes in a lot, and sometimes even helps out. When you're fifteen and a pretty blonde girl can see your just spanked red bum...bottom, it's pretty humiliating ma'am, but it helps reinforce the lesson."

"I see." Sandra mused, sipping her coffee. "Have you had to go back since that first time?"

"Twice." Robin confessed.

"So, you didn't learn your lesson, then?"

"I did, about stealing. The other two times were for different things. Once Mum just felt I was getting a bit too big for my britches, so Aunty Andrea spanked me good and proper, but it was just with her hairbrush, no strap or switch or anything else."

"And the second time?"

Robin squirmed "That's kind of embarrassing, ma'am."

"I would appreciate it if you'd share it, Robin. I can promise you that it will go no further than these four walls."  

"Okay," the teenager sighed, "my girlfriend's Mum caught me and Diane fooling around, we had kind of gone further than we should have...."

"A spanking sounds a little extreme for a kissing session."

Robin blushed "We were doing more than kissing, ma'am."

"Oh?' Sandra asked, arching an eyebrow.

Face glowing brightly Robin confessed "Diane's bra was off. Her Mum called my Mum, and then we both got sent to Aunty Andrea."

"Yes, now I can understand why. I think my own bottom would have been well warmed if my mother had discovered me doing that with a boy at fifteen. How did Andrea deal with it?"

"We were given a long hand spanking in front of each other, and then got strapped bending over side by side."

"Ouch!" Sandra remarked. "Firm, but fair. I suspect you won't be fooling around for some time?"

"No, ma'am. Not until we're older, and it's okay with our parents."

"Good boy. It sounds as if Andrea has done you a world of good, young man."

"She has," Robin agreed, "thankyou ma'am."

When Robin had gone Melanie came back in to clear things away "He's a delightful boy." Sandra remarked to her assistant.

Melanie smiled "He is. From what Constable Wheeler told me about him when she first picked him up, he wasn't. She said he was a real rebel without a clue."

Sandra chuckled at the description, and then thought how apt it was for her nephew "I know Nicholas is two years older, but from what he told me about Andrea's methods I think the short, sharp shock may be exactly what he needs. It's also not the sort of thing he's likely to brag to his friends about."

"Brag?" Melanie asked.

"Oh, yes," Sandra asserted, "these young delinquents love to boast how tough they are and it's almost like a competition to see who can rack up the most hours of community service. I can't see them saying; 'I got my bum smacked good and hard over a lady's knee and her receptionist got to watch!' Can you?"

Melanie giggled, and replied "No, ma'am. I can't."

"Could you please ring the Spank Shop and get the ball rolling for me, Mel?"

"Good afternoon, Spank Shop, this is Kimberley. How may I help you?" Kimberley snatched up the phone on the first ring. A boy with a glowing red bottom standing in the corner, turned at the sound of the phone. Kimberley covered the mouthpiece with her hand, and hissed at the freshly spanked young man "I do not remember asking you to turn around, Brett, now get your eyes back to the wall or I'll use my hairbrush for something other than brushing hair!" The adolescent boy still had a very keen memory of the fires that the back of Aunty Andrea's ebony hairbrush had only recently kindled in his bottom and immediately did as the stunning blonde receptionist ordered. "Hi, Mel!' Kimberley said brightly, as she recognized the young legal assistant's voice. "Has Judge Thornley asked you to book in for another 'attitude adjustment'?"

There was a brief and slightly sour response on the other end of the line.

"Oh, okay. You want me to speak to Judge Thornley?" Kimberley now sounded a little nervous, all of their dealings with the court were normally handled through the legal assistant, not the judge herself.

Unconsciously Kimberley felt herself patting her hair, smoothing her skirt, and tugging at her fluffy angora sweater "Hello, Judge Thornley, how are you, ma'am? Yes, I am well, your honour. Oh okay, I don't have to call you that outside of the court, sorry ma'am. Ummm...Miss Andrea? Well, she's kind wait....I think she's free...." Another young man, the copy of Brett, complete with glowing red bottom, a face contorted in pain, tears streaming down his cheeks, limped out of Andrea's 'spanking' parlour. The willowy disciplinarian stood framed in the doorway, one hand on hip, her ebony hairbrush dangling menacingly from the other hand "Get your nose into that corner, mister and do not think about so much as moving a muscle until Miss Kimberley tells you that you may do so."

Kimberley made frantic motions at her employer, and mouthed "Judge Thornley."

Andrea's eyebrows rose, the contact did surprise her, but she said coolly "Put her through, Kim, I'll take it in the parlour."

"Judge Thornley." Andrea said, reclining and holding the phone to her ear.

"Call me Sandra, please." the judge requested.

"Only if you call me Andy." Andrea rejoined with a smile.

"Andy, I can see we're going to get along famously. I have some business to direct your way."

"Oh, I already have Melanie over my knee from time to time, she does you credit as an employee, Sandra."

"Thankyou, Andy, however it is not Mel I called to discuss." Sandra explained. Andrea listened as Judge Thornley related the story of her wayward nephew and his graffiti episode. Andrea's lips pursed as she heard the story, and she was thinking how badly Nicholas was in need of some good old fashioned bottom warming discipline, and how she really did want to be the person to teach him that lesson. Arrangements were made, and Nicholas was booked in for a lengthy afternoon session the following week.

Just as Kimberley stepped from the parlour, where she had enjoyed a relaxed lunch with Andrea, she saw a small Volkswagen pull up to the curb outside the shop. Kimberley slid in behind her desk, brought up her computer screen with a tap on the keyboard, and then fussed with her fluffy blonde hair. Melanie alighted from her car, fed the parking meter, and then scowled at her passenger, who had made no move from the seat where he slouched. Melanie tapped angrily on the window, and glared at Nicholas as he blinked at her and grinned. Melanie wrenched the door open and hissed "Out!"

Nicholas snorted at her and uncoiled his long body out of the vehicle, he sloped along behind the pretty court assistant, glancing at the shop's sign with a rather amused look on his face.

Despite her annoyance with Judge Thornley's indolent and careless nephew Melanie had to smile as she caught sight of Kimberley through the shop window. The teenage receptionist was fussing with her hair....again. Melanie took good care of her own blonde tresses, and was justifiably proud of them, but she had never met anyone as obsessed with their hair as Kimberley was of her immaculately coiffed golden mane. Kimberley smiled up as Melanie entered the shop "Hi Mel! This is Nicholas, I take it?" she asked, still beaming.

Melanie nodded, and then turned to Nicholas who was staring at Kimberley, open mouthed. "Well, say hello to Miss Kimberley, Nicholas." she prompted.

"Uhhh...yeah....hi." Nicholas mumbled, still gazing at the receptionist as Melanie tugged on his hand, and dragged him to a chair and pulled him down beside her.

Kimberley smiled at them both again, and then went to inform Andrea that her client for the afternoon had arrived. Melanie looked up at Nicholas and her lips pursed, he was still wearing that stupid hat! Those ridiculous beanies that everyone preferred these days. Melanie could not see the attraction herself, she was sure that they were warm, but they made people look like village idiots. She reached up and yanked it off Nicholas head, saying "Take that blasted thing off!" and revealing a mop of long, curly black hair. Nicholas just chuckled, and then said "That reception chick is a hottie."

Melanie did not dignify the comment with a response, but amused herself with Kimberley and Andrea's reaction if he repeated it in front of them, as she stuffed Nicholas' hat into her handbag.

For his part Nicholas found the whole experience a bit of a joke. He knew his aunt would protect him from any legal action from the night he and his friends went 'tagging'. He had not actually meant to spray the car, that had been an accident caused by his overzealousness with the spray can. Only a 'toy' (a person that did not really understand the graffiti subculture) would deliberately target something like a car. Buildings, fences, walls, all that sort of thing was public domain and therefore fair game, but cars and even houses were off limits to any serious graffiti artist. Nicholas knew that his aunt would not want the information about his nocturnal activities made public, it would be far too embarrassing for her and possibly damaging to her image and career. He had expected some sort of repercussion, but this was just too weird. The Spank Shop? What the hell was a Spank Shop anyway? He was seventeen years old, he found it hard to believe that a spanking, something you did to little kids, would really have much effect on him. However if that was what it took to make his aunt happy, so be it. It was better than being grounded or having his allowance with held which was exactly what his aunt had threatened to do indefinitely if he did not go along with her somewhat unique and to his mind ineffective consequence of his little indiscretion. In fact if that hot Kimberley chick stuck around, this could even be quite enjoyable.         

Melanie leafed through a magazine, keeping an eye on Nicholas, all she needed was for him to go wandering around the shop while Kimberley was talking to Andrea. That would absolutely make her day. Kimberley appeared at the door to the parlour "Mel, Miss Andrea is ready to see you. You can bring Nicholas through now."

"Thanks Kim. Come on you!" Melanie snapped, dragging Nicholas to his feet, and leading him by the hand into the parlour. Nicholas grinned at Kimberley as she stood by to allow he and Melanie entrance, and was rewarded with an encouraging smile from the gorgeous blond in return.

Andrea was seated by the fire in her favourite chair, she was sipping delicately from a cup of tea as they entered. Nicholas sized up the lady reclining in the chair, drinking tea. He wondered if he had walked into some alternate reality. First Kimberley, now this. Andrea was older, but wow! What a looker! He shook his head in amazement. If he'd known that women this hot were in this place he would have come here voluntarily long before this. For her part Andrea examined the young man who had just entered. He was tall and slender, not unattractive. Long curly black hair, that whilst untidy was clean and shone with health. A fine featured face with high cheekbones and mischievous green eyes. Oh, this one was going to be a joy to spank! There was a hint of defiance in the eyes and the set of his mouth. Andrea enjoyed the challenge of breaking a child, and Nicholas would be no exception, she likened it with boys to breaking in a young colt, and that could also be an enjoyable and satisfying experience. She would have this one soon accepting discipline over her knee, red bottom bouncing and tears streaming down those high cheekbones.

"Hello, Nicholas." Andrea smiled up at him.

"Uhhh...yeah...hi." Nicholas mumbled.

Andrea grinned into her teacup, and then said smoothly "You're new and don't know the rules so I'll let that one pass, young man, but I'll give you a little lesson in manners to begin with. When I say hello Nicholas, you respond with hello Aunty Andrea, Miss Andrea or ma'am. I'll leave it up to you. Let's try that, shall we?"

Nicholas didn't say anything, but was extremely amused by what was happening. Who did this chick think she was? His second grade teacher? And Aunty Andrea? WTF?

"Hello Nicholas." Andrea repeated.


Andrea shrugged "Not bad for a first try, we'll see if we can perfect it over the afternoon without the uhhhhs and the yeahs. Your generation has such a deficiency with words. Even Mel and Kim, well educated as they are, tend to drop ummmms and you knows into their speech from time to time."

Both of the girls; the pretty law clerk, and the stunning receptionist blushed becomingly, pink flushes in their cheeks.

"Kim, could you get Melanie a cup of tea please and a glass of milk for Nicholas?"

"Sure," Kimberley said brightly, and asked Melanie as she turned to the kitchen "It's white and one, isn't it Mel?"

"Yes, thanks Kim."

"Sweet. I'll be back in a flash."

"Now," Andrea said, setting her tea cup down with a gentle click, and examining both Nicholas and Melanie, "let's discuss why we are here."

Melanie shot a triumphant look at Nicholas, Andrea was always so thorough when she went into her pre spanking discussion, and this was going to be no exception. Young Nicholas was about to get the scolding of his life. By the time Andrea was done, the young man would be actually agreeing that he deserved the spanking.

"Cause my aunt said I had to," Nicholas muttered sullenly, and then catching a little fire in Andrea's eyes belatedly tacked on a, "miss."

"So your aunt, a respected judge, just thought to herself this morning: my seventeen year old, previously unspanked, I am correct in assuming that you have never been spanked before am I not?" Nicholas nodded wordlessly, "needs his bottom smacked. I'll just send him to Andrea?"

Melanie suppressed a smile. Andrea was so good at this. She was making Nicholas look like an idiot, although not that it would be all that hard. Maybe she should have let him keep the hat on.

"No." Nicholas sighed.

"So why are you here?"

Nicholas rolled his eyes "I went out tagging with some friends and we accidentally sprayed this guys'am."

Andrea frowned "And what does that mean in English?"

"I can translate, ma'am." Melanie offered eagerly.

"Please do, Melanie."

"Nicholas went out with his idiot friends at night and they engaged in a mindless act of vandalism, a type of graffiti called tagging, it's rather like a dog spraying its scent on a tree, just you do it with a spray can of paint. By mistake Nicholas sprayed an unfortunately parked BMW and the owner was less than impressed."

"Is that accurate, Nicholas?"

"Yeah." Nicholas mumbled, shaking hair out of his eyes.

Andrea did not respond and for a moment Nicholas wondered why, then remembered, and said softly "Ma'am."

"You're getting there," she murmured, "so you like to paint, Nicholas?"

"Yes, miss."

Andrea smiled "So do I. I use a different canvas, though and I have a rather unique method. I tend to use a lot of red, so I hope it is a colour you like."

Nicholas did not quite understand what Andrea was getting at, but guessed from the secretive smile that she and Melanie exchanged it was some sort of in joke.

"You're a little older than many of the clients I get sent for their first ever spanking, but I still think I can do a very good job."

"Ooohhh, he's a virgin!" Kimberley crowed, as she returned with a steaming cup of tea, which she handed to Melanie, and a glass of icy cold milk for Nicholas.

"I'm not a virgin!" Nicholas protested, as he accepted the milk from Kimberley. Melanie grinned at the affronted adolescent, and said playfully "I should tell you that Aunty Andrea also spanks for fibbing Nicholas, but that isn't what Kimberley meant. She means you're about to get your first spanking, so you have a virgin bottom in Spank Shop terms."

As Melanie and Andrea talked over tea, Nicholas zoned out and sipped his milk, whilst undressing Kimberley with his eyes.

"Are you done with your milk, Nicky?" Andrea asked the daydreaming teen.

Nicholas did not respond.

"Nicky?" Andrea asked again gently, and when she still got no response snapped "Nicholas!"

The boy tore his eyes away from Kimberley, and answered dreamily "Yes?"

"Good." Andrea smiled, leaning back, and crossing her long legs. "Kim, would you take Nicky into the change room and fix him up with an apron, please?"

"Delighted." Kimberley answered with a dazzling smile, and extended a hand to Nicholas.

The boy frowned up at the stunning blond, and asked "What?"

"That's what Miss Kimberley?" the girl corrected, and then explained. "You come with me, sweetie. We have to get your little botty all ready for Aunty Andrea to smack it good and hard, and drive that nasty graffiti habit out of you."

Nicholas did not like the 'smack your bottom good and hard' comment, but could think of worse things than going alone to a room with Kimberley, so took the slim hand and allowed the receptionist to lead him into the change room.  

Nicholas looked around the bedroom. There was a bed, a bedside table, a lamp and a wardrobe along one wall. Kimberley ordered Nicholas "You can strip and put your clothes on the bed. I'll put them away for you and you can have them back before you leave."

Nicholas stared at Kimberley, and wondered at the offhand tone in which she ordered him to undress "Why do I have to strip?"

"So Aunty Andrea can spank you, silly." Kimberley replied with a giggle.

"She's gonna spank my bare bottom?"

It was Kimberley's turn to stare at Nicholas "Is there another way to spank? You really are a virgin, aren't you? You won't be totally naked anyway." 

"So I only have to strip to my undies?"

"No, you still have to take everything off."

"What am I going to wear?"

"One of these." Kimberley replied, opening the wardrobe to reveal a long row of aprons hanging up there.

"What are they?" an increasingly worried Nicholas asked.

"Spanking aprons." Kimberley explained.

"What is that?"

"We use them for older children and also for when we have a boy and a girl being spanked together. They cover up your more embarrassing bits, but still allow easy access to the bottom. And if you don't start calling me Miss Kimberley I may just have to put you across my knee, right now."

Nicholas was tempted to dare the girl to try it, but he had the disturbing sensation that she could follow through with the threat without too much trouble. There was something about Kimberley that said 'mess with me at your own peril.'

Kimberley stood, and watched Nicholas with her arms folded across her impressive bosom. "Well?" she asked, with one sculpted eyebrow raised.

"Well, what?" Nicholas replied, and then remembered to add "Miss Kimberley."

"Get them off!" the girl commanded.

"In front of you?" Nicholas asked, incredulously. Kimberley was gorgeous, and the thought of having to undress in front of her was extremely intimidating.

Kimberley rolled her eyes, and muttered "Virgins!" under her breath. She cast a scathing look at the embarrassed seventeen year old, and then very deliberately turned her back on him "Happy now?" she asked over her shoulder.

"Ummmm...yeah, thanks, Miss Kimberley."

"Unbelievable!" Kimberley said scornfully, as Nicholas began to shed his clothing.

Kimberley kept her back turned until she thought that she had given the boy sufficient time to disrobe, then turned. A naked Nicholas went beet red, and clapped his hands over his privates. Kimberley had to suppress a smile. The older boys were the funniest ones, they always got so embarrassed around her and Andrea when they had to strip for their bottom warmings. "Now to pick out a nice apron for you, young man."  Kimberley announced in a business like tone, as she began to sort through the aprons in the wardrobe. After a minute or two she selected one, and held it out for Nicholas inspection. The apron was blue with small Superman logos all over it.

Nicholas closed his eyes, and his blush deepened, the girl had somehow managed to pick out the most embarrassing apron there. Melanie would have a field day with this once she saw him in that thing. "I bet you'll wish you were really were Superman once you go over Aunty Andrea's knee."

Although the cocky teen had initially thought the spanking was not going to be any genuine punishment he was beginning to revise that view. Andrea was tall and athletic, and she didn't get that muscle tone from lifting her teacup.

Kimberley held the apron out teasingly in front of Nicholas. The boy looked around, he was going to have to remove one of his shielding hands to take it, and that meant that Kimberley would see his privates. Boys his age may brag about showing off their 'equipment' to pretty girls like Kimberley, but when it actually happened the scenario was very different to any playground boasts Nicholas may have made. In fact his manhood had shriveled up and looked extremely pathetic. Kimberley's blue eyes challenged the boy to reveal himself, and take the dangling apron from her fingers. Gritting his teeth Nicholas adjusted his left hand so that it splayed out over his groin, and reached out with the right to grasp the apron. Kimberley, who had been enjoying the game immensely, thought about pulling the garment away from Nicholas at the last moment, but reconsidered. If Andrea found out about that then once she was done spanking Nicholas, Kimberley herself could be occupying the recently vacated lap. It may have been fun to tease the uncomfortable teen, but it was not worth having Andrea visit fire on her tender nether regions.

As quickly as he could, without displaying anything more, Nicholas slipped the apron over his neck one handed and then readjusted it quickly. He looked at Kimberley, and sighed in relief. He then turned to leave. He knew that Kimberley was seeing his bare bottom, but it was a lot better than having her see his bare front. "Not so quickly, young man." Kimberley said, stopping him in his tracks. "That apron needs to be tied in the back."

Nicholas bit back the sarcastic reply that threatened to spill onto his lips, and tried in vain to tie the apron up, the blasted ties were not long enough to drag them around the front! It was obviously a deliberate ploy to force the spankee to ask for assistance. "Do you need some help, Nicky?" Kimberley asked sweetly.

Before he could stop himself Nicholas spat back angrily "What does it bloody well look like?"

A frown crossed Kimberley's normally sunny features, she reached the angry adolescent graffiti artist with one long stride, took a firm grasp of his wrist and smacked his bottom hard, as she scolded "You will call me Miss Kimberley, and if there is a repeat of that language I will have Aunty Andrea add a mouth soaping to the extremely sound spanking you are about to receive."

Nicholas jerked and tried in vain to pull away from that hard hand, but Kimberley was stronger than she looked, and he could not dislodge the iron grip she had on his slender wrist.

"Okay, okay," he yelped, "Miss Kimberley can you please do my apron up for me?"

Kimberley let go of the wrist, and began to tie Nicholas' apron up with a neat bow, saying condescendingly as if he were a small boy "There, that wasn't so hard, was it?"

"No, Miss Kimberley." Nicholas replied softly, dropping his head, and trying to hold back tears of frustration and humiliation.

Nicholas followed Kimberley back into the parlour. Andrea and Melanie were sipping tea and chatting. "Ahhh, here's our little man!" Andrea exclaimed, as Kimberley led him to the centre of the room, and then went to the table to pour herself a cup of tea. "Oh, don't you look adorable?" Andrea cooed. "Now come over here and let Aunty Andrea have a good look at you."

Nicholas shuffled slowly to Andrea. The disciplinarian put her hands on his arms, and gently turned him around so that his back was facing her. "Ohhhh....," she gasped, "what a beautiful bottom! So firm and round." and she squeezed one cheek playfully

As Andrea gazed on Nicholas' muscular globes, Melanie choked on her mouthful of tea, and let out a squeak.

Andrea looked up at the young legal clerk, and asked "Melanie?"

"'am," Melanie said, trying to smother giggles, "I think Nicky is a little too eager for his spanking."

Andrea frowned and turned Nicholas around again, and looked down at the hard bulge tenting the apron. She rolled her eyes, and then looked up at the boy, who was blushing furiously. Nicholas had his eyes fixed on Andrea's long, smooth, shapely, silk sheathed legs. "I can guarantee young man, that my lap is nowhere near as comfortable as you seem to think it will be."

Nicholas screwed his eyes shut tight, and tried to will his erection to go away. It did not work. If anything it became larger and harder.

"Well," Andrea said firmly, "I am not spanking you like that. I won't punish you for it, because it is a natural reaction amongst boys of your age, you seem unable to control your physical reactions, emotionally weak creatures that you are. Now you have a choice to make, Nicky. It involves getting rid of this," and she flicked the straining erection dismissively with a fingernail. Nicholas gasped at the sudden sting, and bent forward slightly. "I can accompany you to the bathroom and 'milk' you, or you can go there yourself and deal with it."

Nicholas opened his mouth to accept the second option, but Andrea held up one finger and cautioned "Before you make your choice there are conditions with the second one. You are to take no longer than five minutes, the erection is to be completely gone, and you had better not get any stains on the apron. If any of those conditions are compromised young man, then you're going to find out what the tawse feels like, and on top of what I already have planned for you that is not something you want to add to your list of experiences. So what will it be? 'Milking' from Aunty Andrea, or will you take care of it yourself?"

"Myself, please Aunty Andrea." a suddenly dry throated Nicholas croaked.

"Very well then, off you go, the clock is ticking." Andrea commanded, casting a meaningful glance at her watch, as Nicholas waddled to the bathroom she landed a healthy slap on his buttocks to encourage him.

Andrea, Melanie and Kimberley discussed Nicholas, his behaviour, his aunt's reaction, his response to it all, and how they all felt he should be disciplined whilst Nicholas was in the bathroom. Every minute Andrea called out to let Nicholas know how long he had before the five minute time limit was up. Andrea had just called thirty seconds when Nicholas emerged from the bathroom. His face was flushed, and he was obviously humiliated. "Come over here." Andrea ordered. "Let me inspect you, darling"

Nicholas stood in front of Andrea, head down, eyes on his feet and hands behind his back. Andrea looked him up and down, noting with approval that there was no bulge in the apron, and importantly that there were no tell tale moist stains. "Excellent," she praised the teenager, with a smile, "good enough to spank. Come on, over Aunty's lap you get." she said patting her waiting lap.

Nicholas looked despairingly at Melanie and Kimberley. The blonde receptionist gave him one of her dazzling smiles, and then fluffed up her hair. Melanie grinned and pointed at Andrea. Tired of waiting Andrea reached out and took hold of Nicholas wrist. She tugged gently, and Nicholas sprawled awkwardly over her lap. Andrea put her arm around his long legs and hauled them up so that they stretched out over the arm of the couch. Although Nicholas was a tall boy, he was slim and relatively light, the couch was long enough to support most of his body and weight, and Andrea was confident that she had the strength to hold him if his struggles became vigorous. Once Andrea had Nicholas in position with his bottom centred in the middle of her welcoming lap and pointing ceilingward, she contented herself with looking at it. It had a few pink marks, and Andrea knew that those were courtesy of Kimberley when she put him in the apron, she had heard the slaps and the girl had explained why she had felt it necessary to administer them. There were times when Kimberley took her duties a little too seriously, but on this occasion Andrea believed that she had handled the situation correctly. Andrea placed her hand on Nicholas bottom and ran it across the smooth, firm buttocks gently, feeling the boy press into her lap, and watching the flesh flinch as he waited for the caressing to be replaced with burning, stinging smacks. Andrea smiled and ran her nails teasingly up and down the length of each cheek, enjoying the sight of the goose pimpled trails her nails left in their wake, the she sighed, they were so perfect that it almost seemed a shame to spoil their perfection by spanking them....almost.

Without giving Nicholas any warning, Andrea raised her hand, and brought it down firmly across the left globe. Nicholas gasped at the sudden sting, and Andrea watched her hand print appear and fill in with pink, she allowed Nicholas to feel the full impact, and effect then landed another spank on the right hemisphere again Nicholas hissed as the pain died away in his left buttock, and then flared in his right. Andrea tightened her grip and sprinkled smart, loud slaps all over the squirming, reddening cheeks over her lap. Once she had established a steady rhythm, she announced "Time to start painting, Nicky. I wonder what you'll make of my technique." Before the boy could totally ponder that out of context comment, Andrea's hand flashed down again. She swept her hard palm across one cheek, lifting it at the sit spot, and then cracking it at the crown. First right, then left. One stroke would begin at the lower edge of the buttock, the next stroke swished across the top swelling. It was rather like painting, but without using a brush, and it caused Nicholas considerable discomfort as his bottom got redder and redder and hotter and hotter, as Andrea continued to 'paint'. Boys of Nicholas age were a sheer joy to spank, not still a boy, but not quite a man. They had firm, muscular bottoms, that were still tender enough to grow red quickly and they tried to hold the tears in which made them a challenge. Nicholas' legs started to wave around involuntarily as the heat and sting built. He was breathing heavily, which Andrea knew from experience meant that the tears were close. She did like her customers to be crying before she moved them onto the second stage of their chastisement. Knowing that Nicholas was near to breaking point Andrea set her jaw and redoubled her efforts, landing the smacks hard and fast, paying special attention to the crease where thighs and bottom met, the oh so tender 'sit spot' as it was commonly known. Nicholas let out a wail, the tears squeezed out from tightly shut eyes, and began to slide down his cheeks. Andrea knew from the boy's reactions that he was crying, and smiled to herself. She landed two stinging slaps across each cheek that cracked and made Nicholas buck up and down, then she shook her spanking hand as it had gone slightly numb, and placed the back of her hand on Nicholas glowing bottom. "Ohhhhhh....," Andrea cooed, "they're steaming. I could boil the kettle on those."

Nicholas, realising that his ordeal was over at least temporarily, sagged limply over Andrea's firm lap. She rubbed gently, enjoying the sensation of that young, resilient flesh and the heat radiating from the soundly spanked buttocks. After a few minutes Andrea felt that Nicholas was enjoying his soothing a little too much, and encouraged him off her lap with a hearty smack, that made him whimper and dampened his enthusiasm.

"Up you get." Andrea commanded.

Awkwardly and painfully Nicholas lifted himself off Andrea's lap, and clutching his burning buttocks with both hands, looked at the elegant and composed lady in front of him with unshed tears blurring his vision. "Go to the corner." Andrea ordered, imperiously, a perfectly manicured forefinger pointing the way. Wordlessly Nicholas turned, and shuffled to the indicated corner, trying to stop his cheeks from rubbing together as he limped across the room. "Now remove those hands, push your nose into the corner, and stand at attention like a good, little soldier." Andrea told the boy.

Wincing Nicholas did as he was told. He had not expected it to hurt this much or be this humiliating.

While Nicholas reflected in the corner on how much his bottom hurt, Andrea chatted to Melanie and Kimberley. "You were sent here to watch and report back to Judge Thornley, weren't you, Mel?" Andrea asked the court assistant.

"Yes ma'am." the girl replied politely.

Andrea tapped her knee with a finger as she considered something for a moment, and she then said to Melanie "I believe you are also acting as the judge's proxy as she cannot attend. How does Nicky treat his aunt?"

Melanie rolled her eyes, and sighed "Not well, I am afraid, Miss Andrea. He has no respect for her, despite her position of authority and standing in the community."

"He rebels against any sort of authority and discipline, doesn't he?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Well, I think that he needs to learn to respect others, and a very good way to do that is to allow someone not that much older than him to have a hand in his discipline."

In the corner Nicholas stiffened, and his cheeks caught fire, as Andrea completed the announcement.

"The next part of our young vandal's punishment will be administered by you, Melanie and you will be ably assisted and instructed by Kimberley."

The receptionist's face broke out into a dazzling smile. Watching the chastisement of a cute young man was one thing, actually being allowed to administer some of it was Kimberley's idea of heaven.

"I've got the coolest idea!" the teenager said enthusiastically.

Andrea settled back in her chair, and smiled, as Kimberley took Melanie by the hand and led her to the cupboard. Nicholas strained his ears as the girls giggled and whispered behind the door of the wardrobe. Andrea allowed herself a grin as she saw what the girls had armed themselves with. They maneuvered two chairs into the middle of the room, and positioned them so that they faced each other. At a nod from Kimberley, Melanie settled herself into one chair, and then Kimberley seated herself in the second one and smirked at the court assistant. They concealed the implements that they had taken from the cupboard behind their backs, and Kimberley explained helpfully "It is best if he doesn't see what he's being spanked with until he actually feels it, it heightens anticipation and that makes the bottom hurt even more."

Melanie nodded, and then Kimberley ordered imperiously "Turn around Nicky, and come over here to Aunty Kimberley and Aunty Melanie."

Nicholas turned, and walked to the girls on wobbly legs. He looked quizzically at the girls, and Kimberley said firmly "I know this looks unusual, but as Melanie is not used to spanking and I am, I'm going to help her roasting your pretty little tushie. Now lay over our knees please, sweetie."

Flushing red, and feeling a sick, fluttery sensation in his stomach, Nicholas lowered himself over the joined knees of the attractive girls before him.

Kimberley showed Melanie how to position Nicholas so that his bottom was in the centre of their knees, and she encouraged the older girl to raise her knees a little to push the bottom up. Eyes shining, the girls looked down rapturously at the strawberry red bottom spread out over their knees. Kimberley began to stroke and tease one still warm buttock, particularly enjoying Nicholas' wriggling as she tickled between bottom and thigh. Taking her cue from the receptionist, Melanie tentatively massaged the other cheek, the colour, the shape and the heat of the boy's bottom was all new to her, and it was a journey of discovery that she was enjoying immensely.

Kimberley frowned as she felt Nicholas member harden and press insistently against her thigh under the apron "Play time is over." she announced firmly, and withdrew the round, ping pong paddle from behind her back, the rubber had been removed and it had been sanded smooth on both sides, although it was light, the paddle stung and the loud crack it made when it contacted tender flesh tended to accentuate the actual pain felt. Kimberley placed it on Nicholas cheek, and asked teasingly "What does that feel like, Nicky?"

"Ummmm....I don't know, ma'am." the boy stammered.

Melanie took out her paddle, and began to rub it in slow circles over the adolescent's bottom "Does it feel heavy or hard?" she asked.

"Nnnoo, Miss Melanie."

"Can you guess the shape?" Kimberley inquired, as she also glided the paddle's glass smooth surface across Nicholas' trembling hemisphere.

"Circular?" Nicholas guessed hesitantly.

"And made of?" Melanie pressed, as she patted the boy's bottom gently with her paddle.


"Oh, you are a clever boy!" Kimberley exclaimed condescendingly. "Do you play table tennis?"

A groan escaped Nicholas as he realized what the girls were going to spank him with.

"Answer Aunty Kimberley, please Nicky." Andrea prompted from her chair.

"Yes, ma'am. I do play ping pong."

"You're about to find out why they call the racquets paddles, my dear." Kimberley told him.

Kimberley lifted her paddle, and brought it down across Nicholas' left cheek smartly with a loud crack. The sting of that first smack was beginning to settle and the red flaring mark dying down slightly, as Kimberley nodded at Melanie, and with a smile the pretty court assistant smacked her paddle across the right buttock. Nicholas grunted as the ache in his left cheek was joined by one in its twin on the right. Kimberley slapped her paddle down again, and was rewarded with an 'ouch' from Nicholas. Before he could dwell on that burning sting Melanie delivered her next spank. The girls soon established a steady rhythm. As Kimberley spanked the left cheek and lifted her paddle for the next stroke Melanie would smack her paddle down firmly across the right globe. The girls moved the paddles up and down the bouncing buttocks from the sit spot to the top of the crowns. They held Nicholas firmly as he struggled and wriggled furiously. His bottom was a hot, glowing, blazing ball of stinging red heat, both eyes and nose were streaming, and his legs scissor kicked furiously "Now, I am betting you have a very sorry, very respectful boy over your laps, girls." Andrea said, and asked Nicholas "Am I correct, young man?"

"Yesssss!" Nicholas howled.

"Are you sorry you didn't do as your aunt told you and didn't pay her more respect?"

"Yes! Aunty Andreaaaaa!" he wailed.

"Good." Andrea said firmly, crossing her long legs languidly. "Now when Aunty Kimberley and Aunty Melanie complete your spanking you will thank them, and go back to the corner, and Aunty Melanie will tell your aunt all about your spanking later when you return to her office."

Nicholas nodded miserably, and sighed in sheer relief as the girls laid their paddles aside.

They assisted him to his feet, and looked at his tear stained face. "Ththankyou Aunty Kimberley and Aunty Melanie." he sobbed

"My pleasure, darling." Kimberley told the blubbering boy, and she meant it.

Melanie smiled at the boy, she had wanted to see him like this for some time. "Now you get that glowing sitmedown back into your corner, and think about what you've done." she ordered sternly.

Nicholas nodded and shuffled to the corner, wincing as his bottom throbbed on the journey.

"Hands on head, please, no rubbing." Andrea called as Nicholas pressed into the corner, sniffling.

Andrea assisted the girls to put the chairs back into place and put the paddles away again, all three ladies stopped regularly to admire the well scorched bottom in the corner, enjoying the jiggle as Nicholas' sobs made his buttocks wobble like a raspberry jelly. Andrea stood in front of the open cupboard, and surveyed her array of 'weapons' with a practiced eye. After a moment of careful consideration she made her selection and went to stand by the couch. "Nicholas, you may remove your hands from your head, young man and come over to me."

Taking a deep breath and swallowing his sob, Nicholas slowly removed his hands and willed himself to think about anything other than the inferno raging in his hindquarters. He kept his eyes on his feet as he limped to the couch. Once he was there he raised his head, and then gasped at what he saw in Andrea's hands. "No, please," he pleaded, "I'll be good, I promise. I'm sorry. I won't do graffiti again, honestly. Please, Aunty Andrea." and tears of shame, embarrassment and fear began to roll down his face.

Andrea looked at Kimberley and Melanie, and observed "It is amazing how many naughty little boys and girls suddenly realize that they are sorry and apologize for their behaviour after the fact. It is a shame that they do not see the need before their bottoms are well spanked. I do enjoy the change that a properly smacked bottom can bring about in a rebellious child."

Andrea flexed the long, thin crook handled cane in her hands and tapped it ominously on the back of the couch "Bend over the back of the couch, Nicky. Brace your legs, and push that lovely bottom up nice and high for Aunty Andrea."

On weak legs Nicholas did as the stern lady with the cane instructed.

Once the boy was draped over the back of the couch, with the cushions pressing into his firm, flat tummy and arms dangling on the seats, Andrea spoke to Kimberley and Melanie. "Mel, you come to the front here. Kim, can you fix up Nicky's hair for me, please?"

Kimberley went around the back of the couch, gently drew Nicholas mane of long, black, curly hair away from his face, speaking soothingly "Now, let's get this out of the way, honey. We don't want your tears and snot making it all icky, do we?" Without waiting for an answer, she withdrew a scarlet ribbon from the pocket in her skirt, and tied Nicholas hair back from his face in a loose ponytail.

"Thanks, Kimmy." Andrea smiled. "You can join Melanie in front now."

Once the two girls stood in front of the couch, looking at Nicholas' desperately pleading eyes Andrea gave her orders "Now you two are going to help me and Nicky. I want you to take an arm each."

"'am." Nicholas murmured miserably. "How does this help me?"

"You have never been caned before, have you, Nicky?"

"No, Aunty Andrea."

"It is a very painful experience I am sorry to say, sweetheart, but one you will be better for and that will serve to remind you of the consequences of not paying attention to your aunt, and willfully damaging the property of others. Now as to how the girls can assist you in getting through this ordeal, I plan to administer twelve strokes of the cane. They will hurt, and you will find it difficult to remain in place, if you break position I have to give extra strokes, the girls will hold you in position, the other thing they are there for is to keep count. I'll be busy giving the strokes, and believe me to cane both painfully and safely is not an easy task, I need all my concentration, so can't keep count accurately. You my, darling boy, will be focused on the intense fires that my cane is lighting in your delightful bottom, so will not be thinking of anything other than how much you want it to be over."

The girl's grips tightened as Andrea took position behind Nicholas, and lined up his bottom. She tapped the cane lightly against his crimson rear, enjoying the way it flinched, and then whipped the first stroke across the centre of both buttocks. Nicholas felt the impact, but no pain, not immediately, then a line of white hot fire shot through his bottom, and he howled. "One!" Kimberley and Melanie called out.

The intense sting from the first stroke had not quite faded when the second stroke seared just under the first one. Nicholas wailed and bucked, but the girls held firm, and chorused "Two!"

Showing exquisite placement Andrea laid her third stroke directly above the first one. As the fires raged through Nicholas' globes he roared his displeasure, and the tears started to flow freely again "Three!" Melanie and Kimberley sang gleefully.

The strokes continued to fall at regular intervals and a haze of roaring hot pain surged through Nicholas bottom, and pushed thoughts of everything else but those scorching fires from his mind. As Andrea expertly caned the boy, the pretty court assistant and the stunning receptionist smiled up at Nicholas, and encouraged him as best they could telling him how brave he was and how it was getting closer to being over. The last stroke was a vicious one, laid on hard, as Andrea raised the cane to shoulder height and brought it whistling down to land with a meaty thwack dead centre across Nicholas' roasting crimson, dancing bottom. As the shout of "TWELVE!" penetrated through the pain in his scalded rump, and Melanie and Kimberley let go of his sweaty wrists Nicholas collapsed over the couch, sobbing uncontrollably.

The women let the boy blubber for a few minutes then Andrea led him to the corner, and placed him there. Kimberley made tea for herself, Melanie and Andrea, and even brought a glass of hot milk to Nicholas in his corner. The ladies sipped tea and chatted, embarrassing Nicholas by recounting their favourite moments of the spanking and the young man's reactions. Nicholas sipped his milk and tried to soothe the fires in his superheated buttocks.

"Do you think the judge would like a cushion for Nicky?" Kimberley asked in between mouthfuls of tea.

"A cushion?" a bemused Melanie asked.

"They're Kim's idea." Andrea explained. "They're a pink cushion embroidered with an exquisite picture of a soundly spanked bottom and the words: 'I got spanked by Aunty Andrea'."

"They sound darling!" a delighted Melanie exclaimed, clapping her hands.

"They serve dual purposes, too." Kimberley said as she went to fetch one of the items. "The spanked child can sit on it on the way home, and to further remind them of their visit here you can display it somewhere at home. I'll just add the cost onto Nicky's spanking, is that okay?" she asked, handing the small cushion to Melanie.

The blonde girl nodded, inspecting the cushion happily.

As Andrea and Kimberley farewelled Nicholas, now dressed in his street clothes, but showing noticeable signs of discomfort, clutching his cushion, Andrea reminded Melanie "Please make sure that you remind Judge Thornley to book you in soon, Mel. You're about overdue for a reminder over my knee, darling."

Melanie blushed bright pink and she saw Nicholas grinning at her as they exited and warned "Not a word. Not one single word, brat."


  1. Aunty.

    Wow what a wonderful story, Nicholas is one lucky man but must say I may pass out if I heard "come over Aunty Andrea's lap" Wow!!

    As for Mel she is equally lucky, nice.



  2. Thank you, Ron. I don't think Nicholas shared your view that he was lucky.

  3. Auntie,

    Well I beg to differ, but I do understand.

    I have been spanked many times with a brush but never an ebony one, wow, I trust it makes a great impact but wow!!!

    I know when we are waiting and being spanked it is well, not fun but the feeling of release and calmness when the spanking is over is something I cherish.

    Thank you ma'am.


  4. Such a selfless force for good in society. Aunty A is our hero!