Monday, 2 May 2011

'The Spank Shop - Rhonda'

It's a constant battle for many of us to try and keep ourselves trim. I find that spanking works off my excess calories, but not everyone is quite that lucky. This is a tale of one such lady.

A big bottom reddens under a punishing palm (Image from Spanking Sarah)

Rhonda Littlemore receives a painful lesson in weight loss (Image from Spanking Sarah)

Rhonda Littlemore peered through the shop's glass door, gently patted her dark red hair into place, smoothed her dress over her impressive bosom, took a deep breath and pushed open the door. The matronly woman had wondered more than once why she was doing this. The town in which Rhonda resided; Clarkstown, was possibly the only place in the world that had a Spank Shop. A place devoted entirely to the smacking of deserving bottoms irrespective of age and gender. Everyone from disobedient toddlers to mature men and women who felt a need for physical discipline was dealt with by the shop's owner and proprietress Andrea Mahoney, although she did have a part time assistant; Gabrielle Kennedy, an attractive Clarkstown matron and the mother of the shop's teenage receptionist; Kimberley, to help her out when things got too busy. Rhonda looked around the shop and was on the verge of turning and walking out when Kimberley looked her in the eye and said brightly "Hello, Ms Littlemore!"

With a small wince, Rhonda smiled weakly at the pretty blonde teenager, and greeted her "Good morning, Kimberley."

"What are you doing here?" the girl asked. "Mum is busy at the moment if you wanted to see her."

"Your mother works here?" Rhonda asked, disbelief in her tone.

Kimberley nodded, and clarified "Part time, she helps Miss Andrea out."

"Oh, I see." Rhonda said, wondering how she was going to get out of this now.

"I'm sure she'd be happy to volunteer some goods for the church bake sale." Kimberley offered for her mother, believing that was why Ms Littlemore had arrived at the shop.

Rhonda took a deep breath and said in hushed tones "I actually came to see Andrea."

Kimberley frowned, which had the effect of making her look even prettier "I don't think Miss Andrea bakes, ma'am. Unless of course it's bottoms!" Kimberley giggled at her own feeble witticism.

Rhonda stood uncomfortably, and said "The bake sale is not actually why I wanted to see Andrea, dear."

"You don't have any children Ms Littlemore," Kimberley began, and then her blue eyes opened wide as realisation hit her, "oooohhhh! You want to see her for something else! She's busy at the moment with a client, but if you take a seat I'll see if I can fit you in between appointments."

Rhonda refused Kimberley's gracious offer of tea or coffee, sat gingerly on a chair, and looked around the shop. A cheery fire was burning in the grate on this early autumn day. One corner was occupied by a slender, dark haired girl who looked to be about fourteen years of age, her hands were clasped on top of her head, and she sobbed quietly. She was dressed only in a backless apron, which was neatly tied with a bow around her back, and the eye could not help, but be drawn to her glowing red buttocks. Rhonda shuddered briefly, and made eye contact with the other person in the waiting room, it was a young mother, with a six year old girl who had a very worried look on her face. Rhonda nodded politely, and picked up a magazine, she had just begun to flick through it when a door opened and a tall, immaculately coiffed lady emerged. There was a strong resemblance between her and Kimberley. Gabrielle Kennedy! The thought screamed through Rhonda's mind. She was in no way prepared for one of Clarkstown's leading community matrons to see her here, she immediately lifted the magazine so that it obscured her face. Gabrielle only had eyes for the young mother and the child. "You're Jacqueline?" she asked the mother, who nodded. "This must be Shyla." she smiled at the little girl, who shrank back against her mother, Gabrielle extended a hand "Hello, sweetness, I'm Aunty Gabrielle, why don't you come with me and we'll get your bottom smacked good and proper?"

The child's eyes widened, but she made no attempt to take the hand or move from her mother's lap. "She's a little shy." Jacqueline volunteered.

"No problem," Gabrielle assured her, "we have all kinds here. Would you like to come in with her?"

"May I?"

"Of course, with the little ones it often helps, especially if they're a first timer like Shyla."

Jacqueline picked up her daughter, and followed Gabrielle into a room where the blond woman would administer a sound spanking to little Shyla's bottom.

Rhonda was considering leaving, and had even put her hands on the chair, and was just levering herself up when a door to one side of Kimberley's desk opened. A blubbering boy of about eleven stumbled out, he was wearing an apron similar to the one worn by the girl in the corner, and his bottom too was a hot glowing scarlet. "Kimberley," a soft, cultured voice floated out, "would you put Kyle in a corner please and I'd love a cup of tea, darling."

"Yes, ma'am." the girl replied politely, rising and taking Kyle gently by the hand. "Ohhhh," she cooed, examining the boy's rear end, "Aunty Andrea got you good and red Kyle. You're as hot as a stove back there, young man. I could just about boil the kettle on your bottom." she led him into a corner and admonished sternly "Hands on head and press your nose right into that corner and do not move a muscle unless you want another dose from Aunty Kimberley." with a shuddering sigh the boy did as he was told by the receptionist. Once Kyle was installed in a corner Kimberley spoke briefly with her employer "Miss Andrea, there's about half an hour until your next spanking and Ms Littlemore was wondering if she could talk to you."

"Fine, Kimmy, send her in."

"Please go right in, ma'am." Kimberley invited Rhonda.

The Spank Shop's elegant and attractive proprietress Andrea Mahony was seated casually in a deep armchair by the fire in her parlour, one long, silk sheathed leg crossed over the other. Rhonda noted nervously that a wicked looking ebony hairbrush lay carelessly on the coffee table. Rhonda was willing to bet that the brush had been used recently, but not to brush hair. "Please take a seat, Ms Littlemore." Andrea offered.

"Rhonda, please." Rhonda entreated Andrea, as she settled into the couch.

"Rhonda then," Andrea amended with a smile, "to what do I owe the pleasure?"

Rhonda was about to try and explain the reason for her visit when Kimberley floated into the parlour, bearing a fully laden tea tray. She set everything down and began to prepare tea for Andrea and her guest. "It's milk and two sugars, isn't it, Ms Littlemore?" she enquired, pouring tea into a fine bone china cup, and watching the clouds of steam rise from the cup as the hot tea splashed into it. "Yes, thankyou, Kimberley." Rhonda confirmed.

Kimberley handed the steaming cup to Rhonda, and supplied Andrea with one, before excusing herself by saying that she needed to keep an eye on the two bottoms in reception. Andrea blew on her tea to cool it, then sipped delicately, closing her eyes in bliss and saying "Kimmy certainly does know how to make a good cup of tea. Now how can I help you, Rhonda?

Rhonda sipped her own tea to calm her nerves, and then began haltingly "It's really rather embarrassing....," she paused, put down her cup and started to rise saying "I'm sorry for wasting your time, I think I'd just better...."

Andrea cut her off with a commanding voice "Please, Rhonda sit down. You wouldn't believe some of the stories I get here. You are obviously concerned by something otherwise you would not be here. It may be that I will not be able to assist you, but whatever is troubling you will be lessened somewhat by sharing it with me. Now take your time and let me be the judge of whether or not you are wasting my time."

Rhonda resumed her seat, feeling as if she was a teenage schoolgirl just commanded by the headmistress to explain why her latest assignment had not lived up to expectations.

Andrea watched Rhonda Littlemore over the rim of her teacup and waited for the plump redhead to compose herself and reveal her reasons for coming to see the Spank Shop proprietress. "I'm not a small lady, as you can see," Rhonda explained, "I know I'm not obese, but I am overweight."

Andrea opened her mouth to reassure the woman.

"No, Andrea," Rhonda said firmly, "please don't say otherwise, it is true. My friends try to tell me that there's nothing wrong with a bit of meat on my bones, but Rubenesque ladies are no longer in fashion. My life has always been a battle with weight and I just need the willpower to control it."

"Well, Rhonda, I am pleased to see that you at least realize you have a problem. That's a mature and sensible attitude, and we can never overcome issues unless we face them first. What I need to know is how I can help with this. I can't spank the pounds away, I know there are all sorts of new age weight loss theories, but believe me that one won't work."

Rhonda could not help, but smile at Andrea's comment, the more this slender, elegant woman spoke the more Rhonda was convinced that she had not made a mistake by taking her current course of action.

"I do know that, Andrea. I'm sensible about my weight loss. I know the best and most effective way of losing weight is to exercise regularly, but not to overdo it, to watch what you eat, how much and also when you do it and that is my problem."

Andrea raised a quizzical, sculpted eyebrow.

"I'm a good cook," Rhonda said, a hint of pride in her voice, "especially desserts and fattening baked goods." a gentle pink flush crept into her smooth, rounded cheeks.

"You like to sample your own work." Andrea concluded.

"Yes, I do. I also tend to skip my daily exercise. I feel awful afterwards, but that doesn't help take away the weight my actions have gained, and I was thinking that maybe there needs to be some sort of tangible retribution that would force me to be more accountable."

"You think a sore bottom may help?"

Rhonda blushed deeply "I guess next time I sit down to a big fattening meal if I have to sit on a freshly smacked bottom it may make me rethink what I'm doing."

Andrea considered Rhonda's revelation, and then asked "What has prompted you to want to lose the weight, Rhonda?"

"Well, that's the embarrassing bit." Rhonda admitted.

"Why?" Andrea asked, amusement in her voice.

"There's a man who has recently moved into my street. We get along well, and he loves it when I deliver him cakes and desserts, but I watch how he interacts with my other slimmer neighbours. There is a distinct lack of physical contact with me as opposed to them."

"Well, there could be worse reasons to want to lose weight." Andrea told her.

"It's not just his approval, it's for my own self esteem, Andrea. I tend to lose myself and get embarrassed around slimmer, more attractive women."

"I totally understand."

"Can you help?" Rhonda asked, her eyes pleading.

"I think I can," Andrea said, uncrossing her legs, and setting her cup down on the table as she leaned forward a little, "what we need to do first is draw up a list of acceptable and unacceptable foods with allowed amounts, and assign penalties to what is not allowed and also an exercise routine."

A genuine smile spread over Rhonda's face as she relaxed with this intelligent, practical woman. The Spank Shop was very different to what she had been led to believe from the stories she had heard around town. "That sounds wonderful." she said enthusiastically.

Andrea held up a hand to slow Rhonda down "Whilst I'd love to get started right away I can't. I have another appointment due any minute, and to put some of your obvious fears about spanking being a childish punishment to rest my next client is not a toddler or even a teenager. It's a grown male company executive whose superior believes that regular spankings over my knee help him achieve his full potential at work."

Rhonda's mouth dropped open, and her eyes widened, as she breathed "Really?"

"Yes, really." Andrea confirmed, with her green eyes sparkling. "What I need you to do Rhonda is go home, think about what you eat and how you exercise, draw up a list for me and we'll review it. You can make an appointment with Kim on the way out. I'll have you over my knee in no time and you'll soon be sticking strictly to that diet just so you can eat sitting down."

Over the next week Rhonda did as Andrea had asked, and thought about what she ate and how often and hard she exercised. She made a list, and reviewed it with Andrea a week after her initial meeting with the attractive disciplinarian. She also asked the question about discretion. Kimberley's presence and her knowledge of Rhonda's standing in the community seriously bothered the plump redhead. Andrea smiled after the question was asked, and green eyes sparkling mischievously called the teenage receptionist in. "Kimberley Susan," Andrea asked as the blonde girl stood before her, hands clasped in front of her, eyes lowered demurely, Rhonda noticed that Kimberley squirmed uncomfortably when Andrea used her full name, "would you please tell Ms Littlemore what happens if you reveal details about clients outside of this establishment?"

Kimberley's mouth opened and closed in a silent protest,  then she sighed and whispered "Miss Andrea spanks me good and hard on my bare bottom."

"Kimberley, Ms Littlemore does not have enhanced hearing. Please repeat your answer loud enough so that she and I can both hear you."

Blushing furiously Kimberley repeated the reply.

Rhonda hid her own smile, and said gently "Thankyou, Kimberley."

"Now you don't want a smacked bottom, do you Kimberley Susan?" Andrea inquired.

"No, ma'am." Kim said firmly.

"Then you will respect Ms Littlemore's right to confidentiality and not reveal any of the details of her visits or even tell anyone that she comes here."

"Even Mum?" Kimberley asked, unable to keep the disappointment from her voice.

"Especially your mother." Andrea responded.

"Yes, ma'am." Kimberley sighed, lowering her golden head.

"Do you want your tea refreshed, Rhonda?" Andrea asked.

Rhonda looked down at her half full cup "Oh no, I'm good."

"Very well then, you may leave, Kimberley."

"Thankyou, ma'am." Kimberley said politely, and retreated from the parlour.

"I don't think you need concern yourself with anyone finding out about your presence here." Andrea told Rhonda with a smile, then she sipped her tea and set about studying the list of food and exercise.

Two weeks later Rhonda had a diet, which was really sensible and healthy eating and an exercise regime. Andrea had wanted Rhonda to join a gym and do some weight training under the supervision of a licensed professional trainer. Rhonda had begged out of that on the grounds that she would simply be too embarrassed to train in a gym with the current state of her body. Andrea had suggested a women's only gym, but Rhonda had been too shy to even accept that as a compromise, so Andrea had prescribed walks and exercises at home and also made Rhonda buy some weights she could use in the privacy of her own home and written up instructions on how best to use them to both lose weight and add some definition and muscle to her frame.

The first couple of weeks had worked very well, Rhonda had stuck religiously to her diet and her exercise program. Andrea had been very pleased at their weekly weigh in and review sessions. Each time Rhonda had discussed the diet over tea, after she had been weighed by Kimberley in the shop's bathroom, she had noticed that at least one spanking implement had been casually sitting on the coffee table or elsewhere in the room. One time it had been a wicked looking little paddle with holes drilled in it. Just the thought of the sting that those holes could impart made Rhonda's ample bottom tingle. Another time a large, leather soled men's bedroom slipper had been sitting on the table and a broad, thick leather strap had been laying on the mantel over the fireplace. Rhonda was not sure if the implements had been there due to recent use or whether they had been deliberately placed there to remind her of what would happen if she broke her diet or did not do her exercise. Rhonda supposed it could be either and possibly both. She generally entered the room after seeing a bawling child or teenager exit the parlour sporting a glowing hot, red bottom.

On her third visit Rhonda entered the shop, and the cheery tinkling of the bell over the door sounded to her more like a gloomy death knell. Butterflies fluttered in her tummy, and her bottom tingled. She was dreading the weigh in. The week had not begun well for Rhonda Littlemore. Her niece had celebrated her eighteenth birthday, and Rhonda had been coerced by the birthday girl herself and other party goers to sample some of the very rich and fattening cake that she herself had made, she had definitely overindulged and had a few too many glasses of wine as well. The party had finished very late in the evening, and the following day she had skipped her daily walk and foregone her exercise program. The day after had been a busy one for her, and included a shopping trip with an old friend, they had completed an exhausting day of spending by having a long and boozy dinner. Rhonda's waistline expanded at the mere thought of that meal. She had taken her walk the next day, but had cut it short and also skimped on her weight training. The plump Clarkstown matron had considered fibbing on the charts she filled out for Andrea, but the no nonsense disciplinarian had the ability to get the truth from people, and Rhonda did not feel that she should break the trust that she and Andrea had established. Besides the results of the weigh in would soon expose the lie. Rhonda fervently hoped that the good work she had done before this fateful week would stand her in good stead, although she had the sinking feeling that it would not save her bottom.

Kimberley smiled at her and Rhonda returned it with a weak one of her own, as she handed over her charts. Kimberley glanced at them quickly as she tended to do, then frowned as she spotted the anomalies. She closed them, and caught Rhonda's eye, then wagged her finger sternly. Rhonda sighed and sank into a chair, before hiding herself in a magazine. A fifteen year old boy emerged from the parlour, face screwed up in pain, tears streaming down his cheeks and his scarlet bottom displaying the evidence of a sound strapping. As he stumbled out, hands clasped to his stinging rear end, Andrea's stern voice was heard to command "No rubbing, young man! Move those hands right now! I did not go to all the trouble and effort of bringing your bottom to the boil, just to have you rub it away. Kimberley, if Karl makes any attempt to so much as even touch his bottom whilst he is the corner you have my permission to take your ruler to his thighs."

Karl quickly moved his hands, and scurried to a vacant corner as Kimberley picked up the ruler on her desk and waved it at the weeping teen. Kimberley had just announced Rhonda's arrival and been told to proceed with the weigh in whilst Andrea studied her charts, when Karl's mother arrived. She paid for the boy's chastisement, watched him dress and escorted him from the shop, leaving Rhonda and Kimberley as the only two people in reception. "Ms Littlemore, can you please go through the bathroom and remove your clothes, then I'll pop you on the scales and get you all ready for Miss Andrea." Kimberley gave the order. It did not go unnoticed by Rhonda that Kimberley had phrased it differently to the previous two weeks. It sounded ominously as if she were going to be prepared for a spanking.

Kimberley smiled at Rhonda, and motioned to the scales. Rhonda refused to look at the screen, she knew it was going to be bad, and Kimberley's concerned "Oooeerrr....that's up a little." told her the bad news she knew was coming. Kimberley even recalibrated the scales, but received the same result and dutifully noted it down before asking Rhonda to wait whilst she delivered the news to Andrea in the parlour. Rhonda stood in the bathroom and shivered, although it was not cold, the last two weeks she had been told to put her clothes back on before joining Andrea in the parlour for tea. This week she had been specifically instructed not to redress.

Rhonda looked around the bathroom and fretted. She had not been subject to frequent corporal punishment as a child. She could remember receiving the occasional swat on the seat of her dress, but that had stopped when she was around six years of age, and even then it had not been the pain of the smacks, which she hardly even felt through her layers of clothes, that had caused the tears, but the feeling of having disappointed her parents. One teacher, when she was in the sixth grade had made every child in the class bend over and administered four stinging strokes with a yard stick to their bottoms, but it had been done to prove a point when one child had refused to own up to doing something, and knowing that everyone was getting the same thing had made it a good deal easier to take. This was going to be on her bare bottom and she was sure it would be more than four strokes, she also knew from Andrea's reputation and what she had observed to her visits to the Spank Shop that it was unlikely the disciplinarian would confine herself to simply using her hand. "Oh well," Rhonda sighed in resignation, "at least my bottom is bigger than when I was little girl, so it'll spread the sting around." and she giggled nervously to herself.

Kimberley reentered, and she was carrying an apron. She looked at Rhonda sympathetically, and told her "Miss Andrea is not at all happy about how you've progressed this week, Rhonda."

"I rather thought that may be the case." Rhonda replied, and then it dawned on her that the girl had used her first name, rather than the more formal Ms Littlemore or ma'am and she asked "Kimberley, did you forget yourself, missy? I am aware that I am nude at present, but I am still your elder and deserving of your respect. I know your mother brought you up better than that."

Kimberley took a deep breath, and drew herself up to her full height, it was not the first time she had encountered this reaction from adult clients when the balance of power shifted. Once Andrea had decided that an adult client was to be spanked, then Kimberley became Miss Kimberley, and the client was to be treated as if they were her junior.

"From now on until Miss Andrea says otherwise, young lady," Kimberley informed the outraged woman, "you will be addressed in the manner befitting a naughty little girl, and you will call me Miss Kimberley. Is that understood or do you need a dose of palm medicine to help you comprehend?"

Rhonda blinked and stammered "Nno...I...I am sorry....Kim...Miss Kimberley."

"Much better," Kimberley said, and held out the apron, "now Miss Andrea would like you to put on this apron, do you need to tinkle first?"

Rhonda wished the floor would open up and swallow her, it was had enough that her bottom was going to be smacked, but she had to put on one of those childish and humiliating 'spanking' aprons, she was calling an eighteen year old high school graduate 'Miss' and now she was being treated like a five year old and asked if she had to 'tinkle'. A deep flush rising up her throat and flooding her cheeks, she suddenly realized that her bladder was insistently demanding that she flush it, and nodded "Yes, please Miss Kimberley, I need to relieve myself."

"Very well, Rhonda, you go quickly and we'll get you all ready for Miss Andrea." Kimberley ordered. She never liked the initial confrontation with the older clients, but once they knew what was what she adored the feeling of power it gave her. There was something very satisfying about having a woman old enough to be her mother call her 'Miss'.

Andrea was seated in her favourite chair by the fire, Rhonda's charts and plans were spread over her long, nylon sheathed legs, one crossed over the other. Kimberley held Rhonda by the hand as she led her into the parlour, she looked at the older woman, and noticed that despite her embarrassment her face was as white as a sheet. Rhonda Littlemore was obviously very nervous. Kimberley felt a moment of sympathy for the older woman. She squeezed Rhonda's hand, and whispered "Be brave, it's never as bad as you think it will be and your bum doesn't hurt forever."

Rhonda did not trust herself to speak, but her eyes were flooded with gratitude for the receptionist's reassuring words and she nodded weakly.

"Here she is." Kimberley announced brightly, with one of her dazzling smiles.

Andrea looked up from the papers on her lap, and the edges of her mouth crooked up "Thankyou, Kimberley dear. You can leave us here now, sweetheart. Young Rhonda and I need to have a chat."

"Yes, ma'am." Kimberley replied politely, guiding Rhonda to a seat on the couch facing Andrea, and exiting the room with another reassuring smile at Rhonda.

Andrea picked up one of Rhonda's charts ,and showed it to the nervous woman on the couch. Rhonda took a deep breath and Andrea noticed the heave of the full bosom, barely held in place by the apron. "This is disappointing, isn't it, young lady?"

Rhonda looked down at the floor, and fiddled with her hands in her lap.

"I asked you a question, young lady!" Andrea said sharply. "I expect an answer."

"Yes, ma'am." Rhonda mumbled, her eyes fixed on a patch of rug.

"Yes ma'am, what?" Andrea barked. "And look at me when speaking to me."

With an effort, Rhonda raised her head, green eyes shining with moisture, "Yes, ma'am, it is disappointing. I'm sorry."

"Oh, not as sorry as you are going to be, my girl." Andrea vowed ominously.

"No, Miss Andrea." Rhonda replied demurely.

"Rhonda, why did you come to me for help?" Andrea asked.

"Because I needed it and I did not think anything else would'am." she remembered to add the honorific at the last minute as a look of annoyance crossed Andrea's smooth features and her hand raised threateningly.

"So why did you backslide so badly? We had made real progress you know. You'd lost a good deal of weight and although you haven't regained it all, you have set yourself back. It's not just that you've disappointed me, dear, you have let yourself down."

Rhonda fought to keep back the tears "I know, ma'am. I'm sorry, I really am."

Andrea was merciless "What about that neighbour you wanted to impress? How do you think you'd look in his eyes now?"

"Dreadful," Rhonda blubbered, the flood gates breaking and tears starting to flow from her eyes, "he looked at me last week and he was honestly appraising me and he even winked at me, he'd never done that before, but I saw him again this morning and he did not even give me a second glance." with a broken sob, Rhonda dropped her head into her hands and cried.

Knowing that her words had struck home Andrea ignored the fact that Rhonda had omitted calling her ma'am or Miss, she could see how upset the woman was, and allowed her to cry. After a few minutes Rhonda raised her head and regarded a patient Andrea through swollen, red rimmed eyes, her face tear stained. "Feel any better?" Andrea asked, holding out a tissue to Rhonda.

"Not really." Rhonda admitted, taking the tissue, and drying her eyes.

"What do you think will help, Rhonda?"

"Paying the price?" Rhonda replied uncertainly, unconsciously shredding the soggy tissue in her hands.

"What is that price, young woman?"

"A ssore bbottom, ma'am..." Rhonda stammered.

"I think perhaps a good, hard, old fashioned spanking will do wonders, darling. For the next week or so you will have a very real tangible reminder of the consequences of breaking your diet and neglecting your exercise program."

Rhonda felt light headed, and her bottom tingled with an unfamiliar sensation, she was going to be spanked, properly spanked for the first time in her life, long and hard on her bare bottom, over the knee of an attractive, competent assured woman who was a few years younger than her, and some part of her welcomed the chastisement.

Andrea unfolded her long legs and rose gracefully to her feet, she crossed the short distance to the couch Rhonda was seated on, and held out one slim, perfectly manicured hand. Rhonda took the offered hand, and allowed Andrea to pull her to her feet. Andrea sat in the middle of the couch, got herself comfortable, and took a firm grip on Rhonda's wrist, dragging her over the waiting lap with a cheery "Upsa daisy!" and guiding her into position before hauling her chunky legs onto the couch "You're a little larger than most of my customers, Rhonda dear," she informed the plump lady, "but that just means there's more bottom to smack. We need to get you warmed up before proceeding the main course."

The next thing Rhonda heard was the loud report of a firm palm landing solidly across the centre of one of her full round buttocks. She jerked and squealed, and before she could full appreciate the sensation there was another loud smack and the stinging in her left cheek was matched by a similar feeling in its twin. In a very few minutes Andrea's hand was rising and falling with a regular steady cadence. First rebounding crisply off one jiggling bottom cheek, then cracking smartly across the other. Rhonda yelped and squealed as the heat and sting steadily built, her legs kicked, and her pinkening bottom rolled from side to side as she attempted to avoid the hard slaps.

"My, you are a wriggler!" Andrea commented. "Just like a little worm and all over a childish smack bottom. I can barely imagine what your reaction to Aunty Andrea's hairbrush will be if this is what a hand spanking does to you!"      

The thought of the hairbrush set Rhonda to crying hard, and made her go weak at the knees, she was glad that she was laying across Andrea's knee, because at that moment she doubted that her legs would have supported her. After a few more hearty slaps, she felt the back of Andrea's hand resting lightly on her simmering bottom, and she announced "Mmmm....done to a turn, now up you get," Rhonda felt Andrea encouraging her to stand, which she did unsteadily, and her hands were about to fly to massage her stinging, burning seat, before Andrea warned "Uh uh! No rubbing! You just stand there like a good little girl, and Aunty Andrea will be back in a tick to really bake your hams for you."

Bottom throbbing and itching Rhonda stood where she was by the couch, listening to Andrea move about the room, but not daring to look behind her in case it was not allowed and earned her extra spanks. Andrea hummed to herself as she opened the cupboard where she kept many of her discipline implements. She examined the array in front of her, selected a rectangular shaped hairbrush made of polished mahogany and a short, supple leather strap. She set the strap down on a table at the end of the couch, and took the hairbrush with her. She seated herself back in the centre of the couch and patted her knee with the brush "C'mon, over you get." she coaxed the trembling and tearful Rhonda. Not wanting to go back over Andrea's knee for what she was sure would be a searching session with the brushes unyielding back Rhonda hesitated at first, but then the thought struck her that children a good deal younger than her took this and more at Andrea's hands, and while the brushing would hurt a great deal, the shame of not having enough courage to accept it forced her to drape herself back over the willowy disciplinarian's knee.

"Good girl!" Andrea praised her, before raising the brush, and bringing it swinging down to land across Rhonda's big wobbling bottom with a resounding crack that set Rhonda to yelping and kicking. The brushes searing kiss kindled fires all over the broad, womanly bottom over Andrea's lap. Rhonda kicked and wailed, and tears and snot ran unchecked from her eyes and her nose, face screwed up in pain and red from crying and howling. Rhonda screamed as Andrea scorched the tender flesh in the crease where thigh and bottom meet, her legs kicked wildly and she bounced up and down bawling "It huurtssssss! It hhuuurttssssssss!"

"As any good spanking should, sweetness." Andrea told her calmly, as she continued the spanking unabated.

When Rhonda lay limply over Andrea's knee, sobbing quietly, her entire bottom a deep, rich, glowing cherry red and Andrea could feel the waves of heat radiating up onto her she set the brush aside, bent and gently kissed the sizzling orbs.

Rhonda sighed in relief.

Andrea assisted her to her feet ,and looking up at her tear streaked face with the running nose, holding her arms to her side told her firmly "We're not quite done yet, darling. You've been very brave and aunty is proud of you, but we need to do just a little more work to make sure that I don't have to get you back into this position again until you are trim, taut and terrific."

Andrea stood, and held a tissue to Rhonda's nose. "Blow." she instructed.

Obediently Rhonda blew noisily, and Andrea cleaned her face with a pleased "That's my good girl."

"Thankyou Aunty Andrea." Rhonda said politely as Andrea led her around to the back of the couch.

"You're welcome, sweetheart. Now bend over." she ordered, putting a hand on the small of Rhonda's back to encourage her over the back of the couch.

For her part the plump lady was not sure what Andrea had in mind, but she did as she was told.

"Straight legs, bottom pushed up nice and high." Andrea commanded.

Bottom throbbing and pulsating with heat and pain Rhonda straightened her legs, and thrust her bottom up. Andrea picked up the strap, took position behind Rhonda, and whipped it down quickly across one cheek. Rhonda's eyes opened wide in shock, and she roared in agony, immediately standing up. "Back down." Andrea said sternly, and added. "Break position again and it will earn you an extra stroke."

Five more times, all up six strokes, three to each round full glowing scarlet moon, the strap was snapped down over Rhonda's bottom. She howled lustily with each stinging stripe, but did not stand again, mindful of Andrea's promise. Andrea dropped the strap on the couch, and told Rhonda that it was over and she may stand. Rhonda stood slowly, turned to Andrea, eyes spilling over with fresh tears, and collapsed sobbing into the other woman's arms.

"There, there," Andrea soothed her customer and friend, gently patting her back, "it's all over now, darling. You did the wrong thing and like all naughty little girls you paid the price with a roasting hot bottom. Now you get into a corner, so Aunty Andrea can have a good look at your lovely glowing red caboose and we'll get Kim to organize a nice, hot cup of tea to settle your nerves."

Fifteen minutes later Andrea was seated back in her armchair sipping a steaming cup of tea whilst she admired her handiwork on Rhonda's big crimson bottom. Rhonda stood quietly in the corner, hands wrapped around her own cup of steaming hot tea, sipping it gently, and her mind examining the fierce stinging in her bottom as it subsided to a dull warm throb.

When Rhonda had finished her tea Andrea called her over to the couch, She dragged Rhonda onto her lap and luxuriated for a moment with Rhonda's boiling hot bottom spreading a pleasant warmth into her lap. Then to Rhonda's consternation she was tipped face down back over Andrea's knee, she struggled at first, and then relaxed as Andrea sluiced cool water across the still steaming cheeks, patted them dry and then sprinkled talcum powder over them, before gently soothing the aching orbs with a thorough massage of the hot, swollen, abused scarlet flesh.

Rhonda sat next to Andrea on the couch, with her bottom and her face glowing as they chatted. "Will I find it necessary to repeat this lesson, Rhonda?"

"No, ma'am." Rhonda answered very definitely. "Next time I'm tempted I'll just remember this afternoon and besides for the next few days I'm going to be eating standing up!"

Andrea laughed musically, and then asked "This neighbour of yours, Rhonda, what is his name?"

Rhonda frowned for a second, and answered "Tim, why?"

"Oh, I just wondered. Do you have to go immediately?"

"No. I'm not going to get another spanking, am I?"

"Not unless you want one."

Rhonda shook her head vigorously. 

"I just want you to see something."

Her head whirling with unanswered questions Andrea showed Rhonda a large airing cupboard with a louvered door. She placed a chair with a large, soft pillow on its seat in the cupboard, and settled Rhonda's still tender rear on the pillow. "Now, you can see everything through the slats, but no one can see you."

"Okay," Rhonda agreed, then asked, "but why are you putting me here?"

"I just have something happening that you may like to see. Now, my next appointment is here, it's that male executive I told you about the first time you came to see me, so you just sit tight, keep your eyes peeled and don't say anything."

Rhonda sat gingerly on the chair and peered through the slats. She had no idea why Andrea had done this, was it part of the punishment? As she watched a tall, well built, tanned, naked man, walked into the room. Rhonda could only see him from the back and wondered idly who he was. Nice body, she thought and cute butt, although unlike the rest of his toned body it was alabaster white, so he did not tan all over. Andrea looked down at his waist and said something to him sharply, then she put her hands on his hips and turned him so that he was facing directly at Rhonda's cupboard. Rhonda's curious eyes traveled up the long, muscular legs, lingered a little at the groin, from which sprouted an impressively erect penis, then moved over the flat, hard belly, up to the broad, well defined chest, and then to the face....Rhonda's eyes widened and she had to clap a hand over her mouth to keep herself from crying out in delight and surprise. Tim! Andrea's client was Tim, her neighbour! No wonder Andrea had wanted her to witness this session. She would never use the information to embarrass him in public, but the next time she took coffee and cake over to his house they would have a very interesting conversation, especially knowing why they were both sitting less than comfortably.


  1. Aunty

    She is very lucky, wonderful story, great lines, thank you


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  2. Thanks Ron. Rhonda found it very beneficial.