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A post for Debbie from Kimberley Susan

Hello! No, I'm not posting this because Debbie can't sit down, although I may mention that to Aunty Andrea. Debbie is on assignment for the Glowing Globes Gazette in England. She left me with this rather naughty story to post on her behalf.

An Australian presenter discovers that being nude may not be the best idea when your birthday rolls around

I have never really considered the nightly news particularly titillating television. But then again, I had never actually seen it presented in the nude before.

One day last month found your correspondent in Toronto at the television studio where the internet news program 'The Naked News' is filmed. It's a news bulletin show, but what makes it unique is that all the presenters begin fully clothed, but slowly lose items of clothing as they read the news, until they stand in front of the camera revealed in all their glory.

'The Naked News' embraces diversity in the best sense of the word, with programmes oriented toward those who appreciate naked men as well as naked women. The presenters come in all races and body shapes, with the only common denominator a winning, confident smile.

A promotional shot for the show.

Although 'The Naked News' is filmed in Toronto, the majority of the presenters are from the U.S. The show has a truly multinational feel, with girls from Canada, the U.K., South America and Australia on their roster. It was the sole Australian representative that I had come here to see.

Adelaide-born, blonde beach girl Ashley Jennings is the friend of a friend, and I had promised to deliver a birthday gift to her. As Miss Jennings is a busy girl, she arranged to meet in the studio and then have a few drinks once filming was wrapped up.

Aussie Naked News presenter Ashley Jennings.

The striking blonde stood in front of the camera, smiled and without missing a beat from the teleprompter calmly undid the ties at the back of her amply filled Australian Flag bikini top and dropped it on the floor beside her, her large, round breasts springing free. As she continued to read the news scrolling down the teleprompter, she slipped off her tiny bikini bottoms and flashed her white teeth out to the audience as the camera panned the length of her now completely naked, tanned body.

Miss Jennings' was the last segment to be filmed for the day and a number of her fellow presenters had already done their pieces and were relaxing off stage. The bubbly Michelle Pantoliano had done her entertainment wrap; delightfully accented French Canadian Sandrine Renard had tackled the fitness spot; April Torres' world weather report had captivated viewers, and senior presenters Victoria Sinclair and Erica Stevens had anchored the broadcast. Although it had not been mentioned during the show, it was actually Miss Jennings' birthday this day and the other girls had something planned to help her celebrate.

Happy Birthday Tradition

As the director yelled, "Cut," Michelle Pantoliano, still wearing only the fake pink feather boa that she often presented her entertainment news in, ran onto set. Breasts bouncing fetchingly, she grabbed Miss Jennings' hand and dragged her away before protesting the Aussie could even gather up her bikini. I scooped it up and followed the girls' wiggling bottoms, with a knowing smile to Miss Renard as she fell in step beside me.

By the time we arrived in the girls' greenroom, three 'Naked News' presenters were singing a lusty 'Happy Birthday' to a furiously blushing Ashley Jennings. They presented her with a small cake and encouraged her to make a wish as she blew out the candles. Then the tall, elegant brunette, Victoria Sinclair, seated herself on a backless chair and smiled up at the wary blonde Australian.

"Time for your birthday spanking, Ashley!" the striking woman announced with a laugh, and Miss Torres encouraged the birthday girl over a waiting knee with a playful push.

Miss Jennings sprawled over the lap of the show's longest serving presenter and gasped breathlessly as Ms Sinclair adjusted her into the time-honoured position that all naughty girls know so well. Bottom pointed ceilingward, head down, Miss Jennings was ready to receive the stern application of a hand or the hairbrush's stinging kiss.

Ms Sinclair held a laughing Ashley Jennings in position as each of her co-presenters stepped forward to plant five hearty spanks on the proferred bottom. She was turning 30 that day, so once Sandrine, Michelle, Erica, Samantha and April had all administered their five smacks, Miss Jennings was glowing. There were even a few tears mixed in with her laughter. Then Ms Sinclair, who had counted out 25, invited me to deliver the final set, a request I was only too happy to honour.

Veteran presenter Victoria Sinclair and the spank mistress for the birthday girl.

Then we all stood back and sang another chorus of 'Happy Birthday' whilst Ms Sinclair used her hairbrush to apply another 30 sound spanks to the rosy cheeks, with one last scorcher to grow on. It is not a birthday Ashley Jennings is likely to forget for some time, at least until she can sit comfortably again.

That evening with her blazing and sore posterior gingerly seated on a cushion in a funky Toronto bar, she confessed that she could hardly wait until the following week. It would be Michelle Pantoliano's turn, and she fully intended to make the bubbly blonde's rear end smart.

Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 3.07

Sunday, 26 June 2011

A Life of Service - Bared Affair

With the popularity of shows depicting well off British households of past days with their armies of servants I thought this interview from Bared Affair was very apt.

We interview a retired lady in service

Sarah Cooper, aged 84, is the former housemistress of stately Headley Manor. The manor, situated in the picturesque English countryside, is currently the residence of Lord Stanley Headley and his wife Lady Victoria. Miss Cooper retired ten years ago, but still lives on the grounds in a small cottage graciously provide by Lord Headley in recognition of Miss Cooper's 60 years of faithful service to his family.

Headley Manor, where Sarah Cooper devoted 60 years of her working life.

Miss Cooper began work at Headley Manor as a fourteen-year-old chambermaid and retired six decades later, having worked her way up to the position of housemistress, a position she held for the longest in the manor's history. We paid Miss Cooper a visit and spoke to her about her working experiences and the old fashioned but effective methods of keeping standards up in the house, methods that sadly, according to Miss Cooper, are no longer employed.

The interview was conducted over tea in the cottage's cosy sitting room and we were surrounded by photos of Miss Cooper and some of her favourite "girls" during various stages of her 60-year domestic career.

Bared Affair: When did you first come to work here at Headley Manor?

Miss Cooper: Let me see, I was 14, so that must have been in 1934.

A young Miss Cooper as a housemaid in the late 1930's at Headley Manor in the beginning of her decorated career there.

Bared Affair: That seems very young to go to work full time, was that the accepted age then?

Miss Cooper: Although I was the youngest maid, it wasn't by much. Helen Secombe was only six months older than me and the country was in the grip of the Great Depression. My family needed the money I made.

Bared Affair: Your family lived nearby?

Miss Cooper: Oh yes, nearly all the staff at the manor came from the local village. My father owned the bakery and my mother helped him. There were seven children in my family and I was the eldest. As Lord and Lady Headley provided for all their live-in staff, I was able to give my entire pay to my parents. I believe it made sure that the bakery stayed open more than once.

Bared Affair: So the job was very important to you, then?

Miss Cooper: Oh, definitely. It shames me to say it now, but I was a headstrong little thing, not that you can tell it from the demure, "butter wouldn't melt in my mouth" look in the photograph. I doubt if the money had not been so important that I would have lasted more than a few months.

Bared Affair: Why was that?

Miss Cooper: For many years Headley Manor disciplined their servants in the old fashioned way.

Bared Affair: Old fashioned way?

Miss Cooper: On Fridays, that was pay day, all female staff excepting the cook and the governess, reported to the housemistress in her chambers. She reviewed each staff member's work for the week, and this went for the most junior chambermaid like me to the housemistress's assistant.

Bared Affair: If you received a bad review you weren't paid or you were docked?

Miss Cooper: Oh goodness, no! Nothing quite so drastic. Depending on what you had done wrong you may have received anything from a severe dressing down to a sound spanking.

Bared Affair: Spanking? You were spanked if your performance wasn't judged up to scratch?

Miss Cooper: Yes, indeed! It was either accept the spanking or leave your employment. It was a known fact, so it came as no great surprise to me and I found out later that Headley Manor was far from the only house to use that method with their domestics. The housemistress carried out all the spankings and they ranged from the classic over the knee nursery smack-bottom with the hand to a sound strapping bent over the housemistress's sofa with your arms and legs held in place by cook and the mistress of the laundry. They were both strong women let me tell you, and Mrs Hanson, the housemistress in my time, had a very powerful right arm and a iron palm.

Bared Affair: You received a number of these spankings?

Miss Cooper (with a laugh): Of course! There was no way to avoid it really. Hardly a week went by in my first six months that I didn't find myself bare bottom pointing ceiling-ward over Mrs Hanson's lap having my bottom soundly smacked. They were mostly a good hand spanking, but there was plenty of the slipper and the hairbrush in there as well. Being the most junior member of staff carried the additional embarrassment of being the first to be reviewed and therefore the first to be spanked, and having everyone else witness your spanking. It took a few hidings, and I got a lot of teasing about it, before I learned how to take one properly without all the carrying on that young girls tend to exhibit when having their backsides properly warmed.

From OTK Guide. A recalcitrant member of staff is chastised over the housemistress' lap.

Bared Affair: You mentioned the strap? Was that a regular occurrence?

Miss Cooper: We did have one girl who got the strap most weeks. She was only with us for a short time. Very rebellious, there was talk amongst the other girls that she had actually been at a reformatory prior to coming to Headley Manor.

Bared Affair: Were you ever strapped? 

Miss Cooper (with a blush): Only twice. Once was for an improper liaison with a groom and the other time was just because Mrs Hanson did not like any girl to get through her first year without at least one encounter with the strap.

Bared Affair: You became housemistress yourself, didn't you?

Miss Cooper (pointing to a picture of herself aged in her early 30's dressed in the neat uniform of the housemistress): Yes, I did. It took me fifteen years of hard work, but when Mrs Hanson retired I took over from her.

Bared Affair: That meant the end of spankings for you, then?

Miss Cooper (smiling): Oh, no! Remember that I said the cook and the governess did not report to the housemistress at the end of the week?

Bared Affair: Yes.

Miss Cooper: That was because all three of us attended Lady Penelope. She was the mistress of Headley Manor during the majority of my time in service. We came to her study after the rest of the staff had been dealt with.

Bared Affair: What happened there?

Miss Cooper: Lady Penelope reviewed our work during the week. She added up various infractions and then announced her decision about what action was to be taken. For instance, problems with the food served at table were cook's domain and she would be spanked for poorly prepared or served food. The children were the governess' responsibility and if they had misbehaved excessively during the week then the governess might find herself over Lady Penelope's lap. The rest of the staff were my job and if Lady Penelope found too many faults with their performances then over her knee I went.

Bared Affair: Were you treated by Lady Penelope similarly to how you dealt with your own staff?

Miss Cooper: Generally she used her hairbrush on our bottoms, but if she was really cross about something then it was a lengthy hand spanking followed by six tight ones with the cane. I don't know where she learned to use the cane, but she could really make it sting!

Before I knew about the housemistress' spankings from Lady Penelope I wondered why Mrs Hanson was so strict and why she laid it on so hard, but after I became housemistress I knew. No matter how hard she spanked the staff Lady Penelope's spankings were always harder. More than once I had a girl complain about how hard my spankings were and I generally responded with: "Never mind me, my girl. You don't want to feel the weight of Lady Penelope's hand!"

Bared Affair: This continued for all your 60 years at Headley Manor?

Miss Cooper (sighing): No, and more's the pity. Lady Penelope passed away in 1990 and Lady Victoria did not believe in her discipline methods at all. I was not even allowed to chastise the staff and believe me many of them needed it. Snippy little things they are these days. That was largely the reason I retired, I found I could no longer preserve discipline or keep the standards as high as I wished without smacking the bottoms of the housekeeping staff. The current housemistress worked at a hotel previously and she does her best, but she's confided to me privately that a few good smack-bottoms would make her job much easier and raise standards appreciably.

Bared Affair: Thank you for your time, Miss Cooper. It has been a very enlightening interview and I'm sure our readers will appreciate the little glimpse of how things were done in bygone days.

Originally published in Bared Affair

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Parental Punishment

I had intended to find and publish a Bared Affair article Seegee found for me today, but I find myself rather pressed for time and wanting to get out and enjoy a beautiful sunny Sunday with friends, so I'll put this little sequence up for comment and perusal.
Like some of my readers I was spanked growing up by both parents, and while it was not something I enjoyed at the time (of course as I often tell my clients, it's a spanking, you're not supposed to enjoy it!), I did appreciate once I could sit down without wincing that they had taken the time and care to correct me for my misdeeds.
Parental spanking is not something you see portrayed well on the internet all that often. Oh sure, there's a lot of fun pictures of ladies pretending to be mothers spanking 'children' who aren't that much younger than they are, but you don't see both parents, age appropriate giving a model who also appears to be about the right age a well deserved chastisement.
I present for you this series from Premium Spanking. Enjoy and think about it.

The scolding. I bet all three of this young ladies names were used more than once. I can remember being in this position with that stern forefinger wagging at me more than a few times when I was growing up.

And over the laps she goes. At this point she's thinking: 'Why on earth didn't I wear panties?'

Oh, I'll need to amend the last thought, it's now changed to: 'Why did I wear a thong?' At home that would have earned me and my sister extras.

The rest dear readers I will leave to your imaginations. In mine it features a very red bottom, a tear stained face, many promises, flashing legs, a hairbrush and a very warmly decorated corner.

Friday, 24 June 2011

'The Spank Shop - Evan'

As people have seen before the subject of birthday spankings is near and dear to my heart, it's a tradition that is observed in some way at the Spank Shop.

Kimberley Kennedy obsessively fluffed up her cloud of honey blonde hair, and then turned her attention back to the Excel spreadsheet on the screen of her computer. It was mid afternoon on a pleasant, although slightly crisp Autumn day. Kimberley was the eighteen year old receptionist in the town's most unique business; the Spank Shop. It was often quiet in the time before school let out during the term. Kimberley did not mind the slow afternoons, it gave her time to catch up with her accounting work. She was also aware that as soon as the school bell rang there was going to be a steady stream of clients in and out of the shop and she would be kept busy until closing time.

The bell above the door rang and a young man stepped into the shop. Kimberley turned to the new comer with a bright "Welcome to the Spank Shop! How may we help you?"

The young man looked slightly uncomfortable, he blushed and fiddled with the arm of his spectacles. Before he could say anything Kimberley's azure eyes lit with recognition and she exclaimed "Evan Marsters! I wondered if it was you when I saw the first name Evan in the book."

"Hi Kimberley."

"I don't think I've seen you more than five times since you left high school."

"I'm at college now." Evan explained. "I live on campus."

"You're local, though?"

"Oh yes, about to graduate."

"Good for you! What are you studying?"


"Oh cool."

"You're not going to college?"

"I was going to, but I got this job. I'm thinking of doing a business course at night or part time next year."

Evan nodded and studied his shoes.

"I'll let Miss Andrea know you're here. Take a seat, do you want a coffee or something?"

"No thanks, I'm good." Evan replied somewhat nervously, taking a seat near the merrily crackling fire.

While Kimberley advised her employer that her 2:30 appointment had arrived Evan studied the shop. He did not know what he'd been expecting, but this just looked too normal for the reputation. There were a few other students who used the shop from time to time, some were even sent there by parents or guardians. There were rumours that two students; a first year and a TA, had recently been sent to the Spank Shop for cheating on an assignment. This was almost like a doctor's waiting room, right down to the out of date magazines on a small table next to Evan's seat.

Kimberley was watching him, her blue eyes amused. Evan did not know the gorgeous receptionist that well. He was three years older than her and three grades ahead in school, but even then she had been way out of his league. However Clarkstown was not a big place and nearly everyone knew something about everything else. Evan had done well at school, but he did not excel academically and he was not a jock, what he had been good at was planning pranks that were often carried out to stunning success, he was rarely caught. "So what are you doing here?" Kimberley asked, making bespectacled college student jump.

"Ummm ... I came to see Andrea."

"Well, I know that." Kimberley replied scornfully, twirling a strand of her fair hair around one long manicured finger. "Who took the appointment? I know I didn't."

"I think it was Andrea."

"Nice voice, soft drawl?"

"Yeah, I think so."

Kimberley nodded "That was Aunty Andrea. You got lucky, she doesn't often answer the phone. I must have been out."

"Yeah." Evan replied, staring into space.

"Who sent you?"

"Sent me?"

"Mum, Dad, a teacher?"

"No one."

"So what did you do?"


"Then why do you need to see Aunty Andrea?"

Evan flushed bright red and lowered his voice as he confessed "To spank me." Kimberley burst into peals of delighted laughter "Evan, we're a Spank Shop! I think that's a given. Miss Andrea spanks for a reason. Why do you need to spanked?"

"Oh, it's my birthday."

"You want Aunty Andrea to give you a birthday spanking?"

"Good luck."

"What do you mean?"

"She probably won't do it. She's ready now, you better go in."

Heart pounding, Evan made his way into Andrea's parlour. The lady herself was seated in a chair by the fire, long nylon sheathed legs crossed, a steaming cup of tea on a table next to her chair. Evan could not help but gasp, the resemblance was remarkable and seeing her in this sort of setting was almost a dream come true. "Evan, is it?" Andrea asked her guest, with a smile.

"Umm, yes ma'am, Evan Marsters."

"Ma'am already," Andrea teased playfully, "you're a polite one. Take a seat, please. Tea?"

Although Evan had refused the offer of refreshment from Kimberley in reception he could not say no to this vision, and he felt to decline would be rude.

"Yes, please, ma'am."

"It's Andrea for the moment, Evan. How do you take it?"

"It?" Evan asked. Did she want to know what sort of spanking he would like?

"Your tea, dear. How do you take your tea." Andrea elaborated.

"White and three, please ma' ... Andrea." he amended himself with a blush.

"Three?" Andrea said, pouring tea and raising an eyebrow. "That's quite a sweet tooth, mister."

"Sorry." Evan apologised.

"Oh, don't apologise to me, dear. It's your dentist that will have to deal with it." Andrea said, handing a steaming cup to Evan.

While Evan covered up any embarrassment with sipping his tea, Andrea studied the young man. He was of average height and slim, he had dressed casually in jeans, trainers and a knitted jumper in a neutral colour over a t-shirt. He wore dark framed rectangular glasses and he had a very fresh, young face with hazel eyes, his hair was dark brown and cut in a short, neat style.

"What can I do for you, Evan? You have come for yourself and not to arrange a visit for someone else I assume."

"Ummm, yes Andrea."

"Yes, this is for you or it's for someone else?" Andrea probed, her green eyes studying his nervous face. The young ones were rather amusing when they got all flustered like this.

"It's for me." Evan clarified.

"And why are you here?"

"For a spanking." Evan blurted, stammering on the last word.

With effort Andrea managed not to roll her eyes, they were funny, but it could be like pulling teeth. "I do know that, darling. It's what I do, but why am I spanking you?"

"For my birthday. I'm going to be twenty one next week."

"Oh dear." Andrea sighed.

Evan frowned, that did not sound good at all.

"You haven't done anything that requires punishment?" Andrea asked, her jade eyes studying his face.

"Not that I'm aware of." Evan answered honestly.

"I should explain how I work, Evan." Andrea began, setting her cup down beside her. "I only spank people who have done something naughty to begin with. Most of my clients are sent to me by another family member, a mother or older brother or sister, sometimes a husband or wife."


"If what you want is a spanking though, Evan, there are places you can go where they'll do that for you."

The young man's face coloured and he blurted out anxiously "No! It has to be you!"

An amused smile played across Andrea's serene features and she inquired calmly "Me? Why does it have to be me, Evan?"

"Because you look like her." he insisted.

"Her? Who is her, darling?"

"Mrs Carberry." Evan confessed.

"Who is Mrs Carberry and why is it important that someone who looks like her gives you a birthday spanking?"

"She was my fifth grade teacher," Evan began to explain, relaxing a little around Andrea, who seemed genuinely nice, despite her fearsome reputation, "I had a crush on her."

"That's lovely," Andrea smiled, "and I'm flattered."

"I always wanted her to spank me, she threatened all of us with the ruler." Evan continued.

"Never followed through?"

"She wasn't allowed."

"Oh, yes those ridiculous anti-spanking laws. There are ways around those, Evan. She could have asked your parents for permission and there's nothing that says a spanking has to be given on school grounds. I was once spanked by a teacher in her house."

"Yeah, I don't think my parents would have gone for it, Andrea. They weren't spankers. Besides she would never have given me what I wanted."

"Why? What did you want that was so unusual?"

"It's hard to explain, but what Mrs Carberry regarded as a spanking was some hard swats with her ruler across the kid's backside."

"Well, the dictionary definition of spanking is: slapping of the buttocks."

"Yes, but it's not a real spanking is it? Every proper spanking I read about or heard about was the child over the person's knee having their bare bottom smacked."

"You have a very good grasp of the situation, dear." Andrea complimented her guest, picking up her teacup and sipping.

"That's what I wanted Mrs Carberry to do," Evan said in a dreamy voice, "tell me what a naughty boy I was, how I was going to get a good spanking. Then she'd take off my trousers and take down my underpants, turn me over her knee and smack my bare bottom really hard until it was hot and glowing and I was crying like a baby."

"That's an image that is seen here multiple times on a daily basis, Evan."

"So, you'll do it?" Evan asked, hoping Andrea was warming to the idea.


Evan's face fell "Why not?" he asked.

"It's just the way I work, dear. You're sure there's nothing that would get you a spanking that you've done recently?"

"No, Andrea." Evan said dropping his head.

"I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you, sweetheart. You've got a very spankable bottom." Andrea told the boy, watching his face turn red with an amused smile.

Andrea followed Evan to the door.

"Did she agree?" Kimberley asked cheekily as she saw her former schoolmate appear at the parlour door.

Evan shook his head slowly.

"I told you she wouldn't do it." Kimberley said triumphantly.

"I'm sorry," Andrea said from the doorway, "do you two know each other?"

"We went to school together, ma'am."

"Interesting." Andrea said.

Evan and Kimberley both looked at Andrea, wondering at the meaning behind her comment. "Did you know Evan well, Kimberley?"

"Sort of. He was three years ahead of me." the receptionist replied. Evan said nothing, but watched the conversation between employer and employee.

"Was he a naughty boy?" Andrea asked, with a smile.

Kimberley shrugged "Not really, I think most of the teachers liked him, except when he was pulling pranks."

"Pranks?" Andrea repeated, one sculptured eyebrow raising.

"Just kid stuff really," Kimberley continued, "he was the planner of most of them."

"I got busted too, Kim." Evan reminded the girl.

"Were you punished, Evan?" Andrea inquired.

"Of course, ma'am. I got lines and detention."

"There was that thing with Mr Bryant's car. You never got caught for that, did you?" Kimberley remembered with a grin.

"Oh yeah," Evan replied, a smirk on his lips, "that was pretty cool."

"Would one of you like to elaborate?" Andrea asked in an interested tone.

Kimberley spoke "It was muck up day. Mr Bryant had this dinky little car. Evan and some of the other boys lifted it onto the roof of one of the portables. Mr Bryant had to hire a crane to get it down again."

"And your part in this was never discovered, Evan?"

"No." the boy answered.

"So you were never punished?"


"What made you think it was the right thing to take this man's personal property and hide it somewhere?"

"It was just a prank, Andrea." Evan tried to explain.

"Pranks are often hurtful and inconsiderate, young man, and that's Miss Andrea to you. This teacher had to pay to get his car down and I'm sure you and your friends had a good laugh about it. How would you like it if someone did that to your car?"

"Not very much, ma'am." Evan replied, dropping his head.

"Kimberley can you please book Evan in next week. I think it's high time he made restitution for what he did to that man's car."

"Yes ma'am." Kimberley said politely, immediately bringing up her spreadsheet and reaching for the appointment book.

"Please let me know when my next appointment arrives, darling." Andrea finished and cast Evan one stern look before turning and going back to her parlour.

Evan looked down at Kimberley in stunned amazement and asked "What just happened?"

The girl smiled up at the bewildered college student "You just got the spanking you wanted."

"For Mr Bryant's car?"

Kimberley nodded her golden head.

"But that was years ago." "Aunty Andrea doesn't believe that there's any statute of limitations on a good spanking, Evan. When's good for you?" Kimberley asked, flipping her appointment book open.

"Ummmm ... have you got anything on Wednesday? That's my birthday."

"Can you do one thirty?"

"Yes." "Done deal!" Kimberley said, writing it in the book. "It's not going to be fun you know. Not the way you think it is. She's serious about spanking and she can really scorch a bottom."

Evan swallowed hard and despite the pretty receptionist's words he felt his member respond, harden and rise.

"Evan," Kimberley advised, as the young man turned to leave, "get here early. Miss Andrea values punctuality and she hates being kept waiting. You should make sure you have at least an hour."

"An hour!" Evan exclaimed, he started to revise his plan, he doubted his backside could take an hour of punishment.

"She doesn't spank for the entire hour." Kimberley reassured the young man. "There are other things, getting you ready, stuff like that and Miss Andrea makes this an experience, so she takes her time to do it properly."

When Andrea had finished with her three o'clock appointment and a blubbering red bottomed child had just left the shop, the disciplinarian buzzed her receptionist. "Are you busy, Kim?"

"No ma'am. Mum is spanking young Herbert Wingrove and your last appointment isn't here yet."

"Could you please come in here for a moment, dear?"

"Okay, Miss Andrea. Do you want me to bring anything with me?"

"Just yourself and that encyclopedic local memory of yours."

Kimberley giggled, set the phone to ring in the parlour and locked her computer screen.

"Kim, were you ever taught by a lady called Mrs Carberry?"

"Oh yes! Fifth grade."

"What was she like?"

"Nice, most of the kids liked her, she was pretty strict, but she kept on you to do your work. She took her job seriously."

"Did she ever spank any of her students?"

"No ma'am!" Kimberley gasped. "She wasn't allowed to. She threatened sometimes. There were stories that she did ring some brat's parents for permission and spanked him, so no one ever pushed her too far."

"What did she look like? Did she resemble me at all?"

"You?" Kimberley asked, her brow furrowing and then her cornflower blue eyes lit up "She did! A lot in fact. Same hair, similar build. Ma'am why all the questions about my fifth grade teacher if that's not rude."

Andrea's generous mouth broke into a smile "Not at all, Kimmy. That's my fault. I should have explained. Young Evan had a crush on Mrs Carberry and that's why he came to me specifically for his birthday spanking."

"Ohhhh!" Kimberley giggled, as the pieces fell into place.

"How did she dress?"

"Kind of old fashioned. Nearly always long floral patterned dresses with empire waists. She had a nice chest." the blonde remembered fondly.

"Thank you, Kim. That's been a great help."

"Evan had a crush on Mrs Carberry. That's priceless!" Kimberley mused delightedly.

"He did, and you are not to tease him about it, young lady. It took a great deal of courage for that young man to come here and admit something so personal to me."

"He's a virgin, isn't he?" Kimberley asked, using the shop's vernacular to mean someone who had not previously been spanked.

"Yes, and I don't want to hear that you've passed comment about that either, or you can join him over my lap. Am I understood, Kimberley Susan?"

Kimberley dropped her eyes and replied demurely "Yes ma'am."

Evan arrived at the shop on Wednesday afternoon, the day of his twenty first birthday, at twenty minutes past one. He was dressed similarly to the day he had made the appointment and it was obvious that he had shaved before arriving. Kimberley looked up as the bell above the door tingled merrily and then quickly glanced at the clock. She was impressed, he was early. "Hi Evan!" she greeted her former schoolmate.

"Happy birthday!"

"Thanks!" Evan said with a blush.

Kimberley maneuvered herself out from behind the desk and planted a sound kiss on the twenty one year old's cheek. Evan was too shocked to speak, it was not every day that a girl as pretty as Kimberley Kennedy kissed him, even if it was playful.

"Take a seat, Evan." Kimberley advised as she slipped back in behind her computer screen. "Can I get you coffee or tea?"

"No, thanks, Kim."

"Aunty Andrea will be pleased, you're early. She values punctuality."

Evan nodded and to hide his growing embarrassment picked up a magazine to read.

No sooner had the young man picked up the magazine than the door to Andrea's parlour, or spanking room as many of her clients referred to it, opened and a crying girl emerged. Evan looked up over his magazine and his eyes went wide. Even beneath the tears and the streaked makeup Evan knew the girl. Her name was Mel, she was a waitress at a local coffee shop. Evan had been served by her on more than one occasion. From what he had observed each time her default mood was sulky and she seemed to actively hate all her customers. She was wearing an apron that covered most of her front, but left her back bare, especially her bottom, which was glowing a bright red. The front of the apron had the words 'Hot & Steaming' embroidered on it in red thread and underneath that was a drawing of a hot cup of coffee. Mel did not see Evan sitting in the waiting room and her hands went to her obviously sore backside. "No rubbing, young lady!" came Andrea's stern voice from the parlour and then in gentler tones "Can you put her in the corner until she calms down a little, please Kim?"

Kimberley went to the crying waitress, put an arm around her shaking shoulders and speaking to her quietly led her to corner. Once there, she placed Mel's hands on top of her short blonde locks. To ensure that he was not seen, although it was doubtful that the distressed girl would have even recognised him as much more than blur through her tear-filled eyes, Evan covered his face with the magazine, pretending that he was intensely interested in the contents. Kimberley's full lips twitched upwards in a smile as she swept past Evan and she wondered if she should tell him that he was holding the magazine upside down.

Fortunately it was not long before the phone on Kimberley's desk rang. The receptionist picked it up and Evan heard a one-sided conversation "Yes ma'am. Very good ma'am. No, he was early. I'll send him in right away."

She looked over at the college student, her blue eyes sparkling, "She's ready for you, Evan. You can go right in."

Not trusting himself to speak, Evan nodded. Once he stood another problem became apparent. His bottom had been tingling all day in anticipation of what Andrea was going to do to it, entering the shop and then seeing Mel sobbing and displaying her shapely crimson backside in the corner had activated another part of the boy's anatomy, it had begun to assert itself quite authoritatively. Thankfully his jeans were made of thick denim and it was not obvious to casual observers, but he knew it was there and it hurt like hell confining his erect member that way.

Andrea rose as Evan entered her parlour. She stopped dead at his indrawn hiss of breath. She was dressed the same as Mrs Carberry would have been when she taught him. This was like Evan's childhood fantasy come to life. "Is there something wrong, Evan?" Andrea asked in her cultured drawl.

"No, Mrs Ca... I mean Miss Andrea."

"Have a seat, darling. Would you like some tea? I could use a cup after smacking Mel, the girl is quite strong and not easy to hold on my lap. I should make the little minx serve it to me, it is what she does for a living after all."

"Ummm ... no thank you ma'am."

"Please call me Aunty Andrea, Evan. Ma'am is so formal and we're all friends here, aren't we?"

Dry mouthed Evan nodded as Andrea spoke to Kimberley and put in a request for a pot of tea.

"Now while we wait for Miss Kimberley and that tea we may as well get some paperwork out of the way," Andrea said, taking a seat and producing a form and pen which she handed to Evan, "can you read that and sign it, please dear."

"Ummmm ... what is it, ma'... Aunty Andrea?"

"It's a release. I know you'd never even think of suing me, sweetheart, but because you are of age you need to say you're allowing me to spank you."

"Oh ... okay."

Evan was scanning the document and about to sign it when Kimberley entered with a pot of steaming tea. She poured a cup for Andrea while Evan affixed his signature to the release. "Kim can take that Evan. Are you sure you don't want a cup of tea?"

"Yes, thank you Aunty Andrea." Evan replied, handing the pen and paper to Kimberley, and jumping a little as he felt her warm palms take them from his hand.

"Kimmy, can you please get the apron we spoke about earlier for Evan?" Andrea said to her receptionist. "As he doesn't want any refreshment he'll be in directly to change."

Evan listened to the exchange, without understanding a single word of it. His first experience of the Spank Shop's famous and humiliating spanking aprons had been seeing the bad tempered coffee shop waitress Mel in one earlier. They made everyone wear them?

Andrea sipped her tea, sighed contentedly and then crossed her legs, she regarded the nervous twenty one year old across from her with a measure of amusement. She had rarely seen such a flustered young man and the fact that he had booked himself in for this made it more incredible. Kimberley had been correct when she had mentioned to Andrea that the boy had no idea what he was letting himself in for. Andrea would have to be careful that she did not burst his bubble. Sometimes having a fantasy turn into reality was not what someone really wanted. Andrea did not want to disappoint Evan, he was such a likeable young man, very charming. "I use the aprons to preserve modesty, Evan. They're really designed for display out in reception or for when I have two older kids of opposite genders. In your case it's not strictly necessary, but I'm betting you're not totally comfortable being bare below the waist in front of a woman."

"No, Aunty Andrea."

Andrea nodded, looking into the surface of her tea "Hence the apron. I picked out a fun one for you, so hopefully it will help to calm you down a little. If you go through the door over there, you'll find a bedroom with a bathroom connected. I'd appreciate it if you'd go to the toilet, even if you don't think you need to. Accidents are no fun for anyone, it will embarrass you and make Aunty quite cross and you don't want that. After that, take off all your clothes, place them neatly on the bed and then put on the apron that Kim will have laid out for you. You can then come out here and we'll get started with your telling off."

Still tingling all over from the last two words Andrea had spoken; 'telling off', a euphemism for scolding, Evan rose numbly and walked toward the door the elegant disciplinarian had indicated. Being informed that he was going to be 'told off' had made Evan feel like he was 10 years old again with Mrs Carberry standing over him, hands on hips, jade eyes flashing saying firmly "If you don't wipe that smirk off your face, Evan Marsters I may just have to turn you over my knee and give your bottom a good smacking, young man!" Even though he had known that the attractive and angry teacher could not make good on her threat, it had still sent a shiver through every nerve in his body and pushed every button he had. That sentence had fueled masturbatory fantasies for years and now it was about to be brought to life.

Initially Evan had not felt like he needed to use the toilet, there were few things more painful than trying to urinate while erect, but as soon as he entered the room and saw the bathroom he felt his erection disappear and was aware of a sudden need to pee. He took care of his bladder and then looked at the garment laid out on the bed. It was the same in design as the apron he had seen Mel dressed in out at reception, but the pictures were totally different. It was white with depictions of little crimson devils spanking each other. Evan grimaced, it was cute, but it was also embarrassing. With a sigh he began to disrobe, taking care to fold his clothes neatly and place them on the bed. He slipped the apron on and then discovered that he could not reach behind himself to tie it up.

"Oh don't you look, sweet!" Andrea exclaimed when he reentered her parlour, his face beet red. "Let Aunty have a good look at you, Evan."

Evan turned obediently and Andrea saw that he had not done the apron up in back. "Come here, honey. Aunty will tie you up, sweetness."

Feeling younger with every word Andrea uttered Evan did as he was told and felt her long, nimble fingers do the ties of the apron up in a neat bow. "There we are, much better. How do you feel, Evan?"

"Nervous, Aunty."

"Well there's a good reason for that, young man, because Aunty is going to give you a very good smacking, birthday or not."

A shiver went right through the boy's body.

Andrea put an arm around him and murmured in his ear "We'll soon have you feeling warm and cosy, right at home in my lap, darling. Can I take your spectacles?"

Evan suddenly realised that he had left his glasses on and replied rather stupidly "Uhhh ... ummm ... I..."

"Can you see without them?"

"A little, Aunty."

"Better let me take them, sweetie. Once you start squirming they may fly off and we don't want to damage them and they'll get all smeared with your tears and you won't be able to see through them in any case."

Evan allowed Andrea to gently remove his glasses, fold them up and place them on top of a chest of drawers along one wall of the room. "I'll make sure you get them back before you leave." she reassured him, taking his hand and leading him to the couch. "Let's sit down on the sofa and have a little chat."

Evan gingerly took a seat on the couch, he did not sit back and relax as he would have normally, he perched on the edge. Andrea folded her long athletic form down next to him elegantly. "You look like a cat on hot bricks, Evan." the chestnut haired woman observed, taking a delicate sip from her teacup. "What do you have to be so worried about, hmmm?"

Evan swallowed hard and desperately tried to quiet the butterflies fluttering about in his stomach, Andrea crossed her legs and lifted her dress to make them comfortable, the sight of her long, toned, nylon sheathed limbs made another part of the college students anatomy come to life. "Ummm ... be...because you're going to sp...spank me, ma'am."

"You're a very perceptive boy, Evan. I do intend to do just that, but I'm sure you weren't like this when you and your cohorts in crime took poor Mr Bryant's car and put it on top of a building, were you?"

"No, Aunty Andrea." Evan replied, dropping his head and marvelling that even now, four years after the event this woman had the ability to make him feel bad about it.

"What happened to the other boys, Evan?" Andrea asked.

This question put Evan at a slight disability. He did not know what had happened to all of them, but he knew at least two had been busted. One spent that evening sleeping on his stomach after an encounter with his father's strap, the other had been grounded and stopped from going to an after-school party, but he did not know if the boy had been spanked. He knew Andrea wanted to hear that the others were spanked, so he went with that and answered "They were strapped, Aunty Andrea."

"So your friends had to undergo a painful punishment and you got off with nothing. That's not fair, is it Evan?"

"No ma'am,"Evan agreed, feeling his face heat up under a blush, "It's not."

"No, it is not." Andrea said firmly. "Aunty Andrea is going remedy that. Stand up, please Evan."

Feeling his knees go weak Evan pushed himself to his feet and stood in front of Andrea, watching her cool jade eyes, swaying slightly and feeling light headed. The anticipation of what was going to happen had actually managed to make his erection go away. "Although you're a big boy, Evan. I think we'll have you over my lap for this. Just stand there while Aunty gets herself ready."

Evan wondered what 'get ready' meant and then his eyes widened as Andrea expertly gathered up her long dress and tucked it under her thighs, so that her legs were uncovered and he could see her stockinged knees and calves. Evan's heart did a little flip flop as he caught a glimpse of light pink panties. Andrea smiled at the wide-eyed boy "I sometimes need to tuck up for the bigger boys, it saves my dresses from being wrinkled when the wriggling starts."

Evan opened his mouth to say that he wouldn't wriggle, but Andrea wagged a finger at him. "Don't say you won't wriggle, sweetheart. Boys your age always say that and they always squirm. Don't try to be a hero, darling. Spankings hurt, they're meant to, if you want to cry, yell or wriggle, go ahead. Aunty expects that."

Evan stared down at Andrea's lap, his mouth drying out with every second that passed. Andrea smiled up at him "Come on, over you get. Aunty wants you where all naughty boys should be, bottoms up over her lap."

Evan started to drape himself awkwardly over Andrea's lap, but ended up in an awkward tangle of arms and legs perched uncomfortably on the edges of her exposed knees. "Oh this is all new to you, isn't it?" Andrea said kindly.

Evan did not reply, he felt it was a rhetorical question.

"Lift your legs up onto the couch, that will help, darling." Andrea ordered. Evan did as he was told and then gasped as he felt Andrea haul him further into her lap and pull him in tight.

"There we are," Andrea purred, "much better."

Although he had been scared initially, mostly by Kimberley's pronouncements of doom, as Evan felt Andrea's sure, long-fingered hands gently stroke, fondle and lightly pinch his quivering buttocks, he wondered why. This was some of the most enjoyable treatment he had ever had from a woman and especially one as attractive as Andrea Mahoney. Andrea grinned down at the tender white mounds, Evan had been tense when he first lowered himself across her lap, but he was beginning to relax and that was what she wanted. Spanking a tensed up backside was more painful for both spanker and spankee, strange as it sounded. Andrea always liked to administer her warm up to a relaxed bottom. Evan was enjoying the touch of Andrea's cool hands when suddenly one of those hands clapped down smartly across his left cheek and the loud report of the slap rang out in the room. As the sting of the blow settled in, another one landed on the opposite buttock. Evan jerked and yelped. Apparently his spanking had begun.

For the next few frantic minutes the only sounds in the previously peaceful parlour were the reports of hard stinging spanks being applied to a tender, round, madly wriggling pair of young male buttocks. Andrea examined her handiwork as she worked, Evan had reddened up beautifully. She did enjoy spanking a virgin bottom, despite all the work it took to introduce them to their initial chastisement. They were always so soft and tender and alabaster white, they took on a roseate glow quickly and she could feel the waves of heat emanate from them in no time at all. A rear end more used to spanking could take a good deal of punishment before they really felt it and Andrea had even had some tough rumps make her hand go numb before she got that vigorous wriggling and heartfelt cries that told her they were well on the way to being properly prepared for stage two of the spanking, with an implement. No such worries with young Evan. He was squirming madly and had been crying out since the first slap, his bottom glowed like a stop light and was the same shade of red, it was simmering nicely, his legs were waving about and she could hear that he was sobbing. She swiped one more stinging smack across both cheeks and listened to the twenty one year old howl. Andrea rested the back of her hand on his upturned caboose and whistled softly, he was steaming!

"I guess playing tricks with other people's property isn't looking quite so clever now is it, young man?" Andrea asked.

"Huh?" Evan blubbered.

Andrea's lips pursed and she unleashed a volley of smacks on the tops of Evan's creamy white thighs.

The boy howled, wriggled and kicked madly.

"When I ask you a question, Evan, I expect it answered civilly, not with a huh. You will address me as ma'am, Miss or Aunty. Am I understood?"

"Yes ma'am." Evan sniffled.

"That's better." Andrea said.

"Now, do you think it's clever to play silly pranks with things that belong to others?"

"No, Aunty Andrea it isn't."

"I'm glad we can agree on something. Are you able to stand up, or would you like me to help you?"

Evan managed to get his feet on the ground, but realised he was going to have problems getting up and retaining any dignity. "I need some help please, Aunty."

"You're such a sweet boy, Evan." Andrea complimented him, her green eyes shining, she then put her strong arms around his waist and assisted him to stand up straight. Evan's hands immediately went to his stinging behind. Andrea shook her head, chestnut hair swaying with the movement, reached out and grabbed Evan's wrist in a firm grip, she spun the boy around and used her free hand to slap his buttocks soundly as he danced and squealed. "You rub your bottom when Aunty gives you permission, not before! Honestly, Evan, I am going to become quite cross with you if this continues."

Cross? Evan thought. She's even harder when she's cross? He made a mental note to not upset Andrea if he could help it. "Put your hands on your head, Evan." Andrea ordered. "That will give them something to do and keep them away from the bottom I've gone to so much trouble to bring to the boil for you."

Evan immediately placed his hands on his head and stood in front of Andrea uncomfortably. The attractive disciplinarian's jade eyes looked him up and down. She rose gracefully and walked around him, examining his stinging posterior and he could not help flinching as one of her long fingered hands caressed one hot cheek, he squirmed as red lacquered nails scraped teasingly down the opposite globe.

"Nice," Andrea murmured as she took her seat again, "very nice." She reached out and picked up an object from the coffee table. Evan's eyes widened and he swallowed hard as he recognised what Andrea was holding. It was a hairbrush, an old-fashioned wooden hairbrush, it had a slightly longer than normal handle, the head was a large oval, it had a broad flat back. Evan had never felt or even seen anyone spanked by the back of a hairbrush, but he had heard stories from a number of classmates and if what they said was true then in the hands of someone who knew what they were doing the humble hairbrush was something to be greatly feared.

"Judging by your reaction, Evan," Andrea began coolly, "you seem to know what I use a hairbrush for."

Evan felt his bottom begin to tingle uncontrollably and with his eyes locked on the hairbrush in Andrea's hand, nodded wordlessly.

"I think it's long past time, young man, that you experienced Aunty's hairbrush first hand. Back over my lap please, darling."

On leaden legs Evan went back to Andrea and draped himself over her gaily dressed lap. "There we are." Andrea sighed happily as she repositioned the boy. "You won't enjoy this, Evan, but you should have realised that every action has consequences."

Evan is brushed over Andrea's lap.

Evan did not reply, but trembled. Andrea silently admitted to herself the ripple that ran through Evan's strawberry red buttocks was a very enjoyable sight. She was amusing herself by gently scratching the boy's backside with the bristled side of the brush and watching his reactions when the door opened and Kimberley's blonde head poked inside. The girl's blue eyes sparkled with delight as she took in the scene, the red bottomed shivering, twenty one year old over Andrea's firm lap and Andrea's own generous smile as she teased Evan's backside. "Yes, Kim?" Andrea asked, one eyebrow raised. The girl loved peeking in on in-progress punishment sessions, especially if they involved young men. If she was just satisfying her curiousity then Andrea would tan her pert rear end later in the day.

"Oh," Kimberley blushed, embarrassed at being caught out, "Mum had to go to the school. Chel' sprained her ankle in a netball game. Can you take her four o'clock appointment?"

Andrea nodded. Kimberley did not move.

"Kimberley Susan," Andrea said, her tone firming, "I know you're enjoying the view, dear, but you have a job to do and it is not in here."

"Sorry, ma'am. Thanks. See you later, Evan." and the blonde teenager disappeared back into reception.

"Now where were we?" Andrea asked herself and then answered, "Oh yes!" and she glided the back of the brush across Evan's quivering red bottom. "Feels nice and cool, doesn't it, Evan?"

"Yes Aunty." Evan replied with a trembling voice.

"But we don't want your bottom cool, do we, darling?"

"No, Aunty."

"No, Aunty, indeed. We want this bottom hot and steaming. I want it so sizzling hot that I could put the kettle on it to boil the water for tea."

Evan flinched as Andrea's silky smooth voice enunciated her wishes for his rear end. The young man lay there, wondering when he would feel the first stinging kiss of the brush. Evan had never felt the brush before, so he was unprepared for the intense pain of the first stroke. First there was a loud crack ringing out as Andrea brought the back of the brush down firmly across his buttock, then as the sound of the blow was dying away Evan felt the fire in his cheek reignite and howled. Andrea's wide mouth broke out into a big smile as she heard that yell and seared the other globe with an identical smack. She made certain that she covered every single inch of Evan's throbbing crimson hemispheres with burning kisses from her trusty hairbrush. The back of that implement was burnished smooth from all the youthful backsides it had scorched over the years. Evan kicked and bucked and wailed. Tears streamed from his eyes and his nose started to run, He arched his back. Threw his head back and screamed as his face was screwed up in pain and tears flooded down his cheeks. Andrea kept up a steady tempo and held the struggling twenty one year old firmly over her lap as he tried desperately to escape the merciless brush. Evan roared as Andrea peppered his upper thighs with a blistering volley and then brought the punishment to an end with six sizzling strokes to the boys inside thighs which got more unrestrained howls from Evan.

Andrea allowed Evan to lay limply over her lap and blubber for a moment or two, she admired her handiwork on his now scarlet, throbbing rear end. "Evan, honey." Andrea said gently.

"Yes, Aunty Andrea." Evan sobbed.

"Do you think you can get up now, sweetie?"

Evan nodded and allowed Andrea to help him to his feet. Evan's first reaction once he was upright was to wipe his forearm across his runny nose, which got an indulgent smile from the chestnut-haired disciplinarian, he then knuckled his eyes to dry them. Remembering Andrea's reaction last time he had rubbed his bottom without permission, he was careful to keep his hands clear of his steaming hindquarters. Andrea plucked a tissue from a box near her and held it out to Evan, she put it up to his nose and instructed "Blow." Evan blew noisily into the tissue. Andrea disposed of it and then proceeded to use another sheet to clean his face, passing mildly affectionate comments about what a fuss he had put up and the mess he had made out of his face. Once this was done she ordered "You just stand there beside Aunty, darling. Hands on head."

Evan stood beside Andrea's chair, hands laced over his sweat sodden hair. Andrea poured herself a cup of tea and while she sipped genteely, holding the cup with one hand, the other almost absent mindedly fondled Evan's superheated buttocks. The boy sighed in relief and Andrea luxuriated in the heat that her hand and hairbrush had imparted to Evan's tender cheeks.

"How are you feeling, Evan?" Andrea asked.

"Sorry, Auntie."

"Good, that was what I wanted. It's a great shame that I can't find Mr Bryant and let him hear those words, young man. We're almost done. I'll just finish this cup and we'll get to the final part of your visit."

Final part? Evan thought. He had been spanked with Andrea's incredibly hard hand and that evil brush, his backside felt like he had been sitting on a stove, what more could there be to do?

"Final part, ma'am?" he asked in a weak voice.

"Your birthday spanking of course, Evan." Andrea said in a surprised tone. "That is what you came here for, isn't it?"

"Yes, Aunty, but I thought that you had just spanked me."

"It's not up to you to think Evan. That's Aunty's job. What you just received was for what you did to poor Mr Bryant's car. You haven't had your birthday spanking yet."

Evan's eyes shut and his bottom began to tingle again, he did not think he could handle much more.

Andrea upended her cup and sighed "Walk around the back of the couch please, Evan, and end over it. That's where I need you for this." Numb with the information he had just been given, the now very miserable twenty one year old stumbled around the couch. He bent over it, feeling the soft cushion give under his weight as it pressed into his abdomen. He could feel the burn in his rear end and wondered if he were going to be able to sit down at all that evening.

While Evan was trying to get himself into some sort of position that did not completely strip him of dignity, Andrea was looking into a large double doored wooden cabinet. She reached inside and removed an object. Evan looked up and was staring at Andrea's bright dress. She held a paddle in front of his eyes. "Do you know what this is, Evan?" The young man studied it and answered "It's a frat paddle, ma'am." "Well, this one came from a sorority, but yes that's exactly what it is. I thought seeing as you're still at college it was rather fitting."

Evan heard Andrea's pumps click briefly on the wooden floor as she made her way to the back of the couch and took up a position behind and to one side of him. "How old are you today, Evan?"

"Twenty one, Aunty Andrea." Evan said in an unsteady voice. While he had never received a serious birthday spanking, he was not unacquainted with the concept and did not really think he could take twenty one swats from Andrea with that paddle.

"My goodness!" Andrea exclaimed. "Aren't you a big boy? I'll count the strokes, sweetie. You just straighten your legs and get that gorgeous little rump up nice and high for Aunty."

From Women Spanking Men. Andrea administers Evan's birthday paddling.

Evan closed his eyes and tried not to tense as he heard the paddle swing through the air. It struck his bottom hard and lifted him onto the tips of his toes. He let out a howl and Andrea's voice counted clearly "One!"

As the sting of that first stroke settled in the paddle came swinging back down and to Evan's surprise crashed into his backside twice. He roared and squirmed and heard Andrea say "Two!"

Before Evan could draw breath or protest the paddle struck his inflamed buttocks three times and Andrea's firm voice announced


Before the next blow could connect Evan did some mental arithmetic, the three strokes that Andrea had counted actually added up to six, if she continued at this rate by the time she had counted six it would be a total of twenty one swats, despite the steady ache she had set up in his rear end he had to give credit to Andrea for creativity with the birthday paddling. The tears had begun anew and his bottom was pulsating and felt as if it were on fire by the time he dimly heard "Six!"

Evan's legs relaxed and he collapsed over the couch, sobbing.

"Poor baby." Andrea said gently as she rubbed his back. "Aunty gave you just a little more than you bargained for, didn't she?"

Once Evan had composed himself, Andrea invited him to sit down on the couch next to her. He noted that she had placed a large soft pillow there, and he lowered himself onto it gently. She used a tissue to clean his face up and then planted a kiss on his lips murmuring "Happy Birthday!"

Evan thanked her and took a deep sighing breath, wondering what came next. "Ordinarily I would have popped you in the corner or sent you to get dressed, but as it's your special day Kimberley and I thought we'd do a little something to help you celebrate."

While Evan wondered what she meant Andrea rang through to reception and said something quietly and quickly to her receptionist.

Evan waited a moment or two and the door that led to the kitchen opened and Kimberley came out with a small cake on a plate, one candle burning brightly on it.

And a happy ending. A birthday cupcake for young Evan.

The birthday boy's face split into a smile and the two ladies sang a loud version of 'Happy Birthday!' to him. "Blow out the candle and make a wish, Evan." Andrea advised.

As Evan did so he heard Kimberley say "I bet his wish is to make his bottom stop hurting!"

Kimberley cut the cake into three equal shares and then brought fresh tea from the kitchen, serving everyone a steaming cup "I actually wanted to use your backside to light the candle," Kimberley giggled, as she bit into her piece of cake, "but Aunty Andrea wouldn't let me." Evan sipped his tea and said softly "It feels hot enough to have done the job."

"Can I have a look?" Kimberley asked.

Andrea nodded.

Evan stood up and presented his well-heated rump to the teenager, she examined it and made all sorts of complimenting noises, even going so far as to touch it and remark "Oh, they're really roasted, ma'am."

After cake and tea, Kimberley went back to reception and Evan was sent to dress himself. He stopped by Kimberley's desk to pay for the session and while she did the paperwork he screwed up his courage and asked "Kim, I'm having a party tonight at Shamrocks. Would you like to come?"

The blonde eighteen year old wrinkled her nose and answered "I'd love to, but," Evan's face fell, "I'm not allowed on a week night. Mum would have a kitten."

"Oh, okay." a crestfallen Evan said, putting his wallet away.

Kimberley looked up at him, he was kind of cute in a geeky sort of way "Dinner on Saturday night would be cool. Pick me up at seven."