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Hot and Steaming - Bared Affair

This is one of Seegee's Bared Affair articles about a rather unique coffee shop. I'd love for them to open up a branch nearby, we would complement each other wonderfully.

A neighbourhood coffee shop finds that an old fashioned method is a great way to expand the client base.

Melbourne's Hot & Steaming is like many neighbourhood coffee shops. It has a similar dΘcor and atmosphere to its larger franchised cousins, such as Starbucks and Gloria Jeans, and it offers the same mind boggling array of exotically named hot beverages. But on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons the way that Hot & Steaming conducts its business makes it a unique experience for its customers.

To find out how these two days differ and exactly what brought about the creation of the themed afternoons, the manager and owner of Hot & Steaming is the gal to talk to.

Mabel Jackson is a tall, generously proportioned black lady with gleaming ebony skin. She is in her mid forties and has run the coffee shop for a good decade. She laughs expansively when questioned about her shop's unorthodox practices. "If I had a dollar for everybody who has asked me about that, I could retire a wealthy woman. It was really a waitress of mine that brought it about. Her name is Lisa Gianetti. She started here about five years ago when she was nineteen. If I've ever had a more difficult waitress I can't name her."

Mrs Jackson recalled that Miss Gianetti got orders wrong, overcharged or undercharged, and upset customers and staff alike. "I lost count of the spillages and breakages," she said. "The list goes on." One might wonder why she kept the girl on if her work was as poor as described.

"Oh, she hadn't been working for me all that long, maybe three months. One day she spilled coffee over a businesswoman and for me that was the final straw." The proprietress prepared to fire Miss Gianetti even while the young server was in the middle of an argument about who had been at fault. "Would you believe that the girl attempted to blame the customer for her mistake?"

But as she was giving Miss Gianetti her marching orders, the customer intervened, though not the way she might have expected. "Most times when I've had to fire a girl, the customer is the first to rush to her defence, trying to shrug off the incident rather than see someone lose her job. But in this case, the businesswoman took a distinctly different tack."

"She won't really learn a lesson if you fire her," Mrs Jackson remembered the woman saying. She asked the customer what she would suggest. "I've got two daughters about her age," the woman had said, "and if they backchatted me the way that this young lady has, they'd find themselves over my knee having their backsides tanned in short order."

After swallowing her surprise, the wise proprietress took in the situation. "It was obvious she wanted Lisa to be spanked. Lisa looked from me to the client in stunned amazement, and I'm sure it was obvious from my expression that I was considering the option. 'You can't be serious!' she gasped. 'I'm not a little kid! You can't spank me!'"

Mrs Jackson decided to let Miss Gianetti herself decide the outcome. "She could either take the spanking or get sacked on the spot. She wanted the job so muttered that she'd allow herself to be turned over my knee."

At this point Mrs Jackson paused to sip her own latte before continuing her recollection. "As the businesswoman was the injured party, I asked her if she would like to witness Lisa's chastisement. She agreed with great enthusiasm and we retired to the storeroom." This private area in the back of the shop has since been altered, Mrs Jackson explained. "It's now called the Naughty Girls' Room. I keep an array of spanking tools in there and a comfy couch, a couple of chairs and an ottoman."

Remembering the room's inaugural use, Mrs Jackson explained that Miss Gianetti hadn't liked being told to take off her skirt. "She was even more vocal when I rolled her panties down below her pert bottom, but she did not want to lose her job. The customer stood by and watched with great appreciation as I reddened Lisa's little chubs properly."

Picture from Clare Fonda Spankings. Mabel Jackson puts the Naughty Girls Room to good use.

Mrs Jackson had to admit that it was a task she enjoyed. "There was rarely a young woman that deserved a bottom warming as much as that cheeky little minx. Although she spent a good deal of the rest of that day rubbing her rear and sniffling, she got a very generous tip and her performance improved almost immediately. She's still here and while she still gets her share of whackings on our special afternoons, she doesn't get anymore than her fellow waitresses."

The manager explained that she continued to use this disciplinary method after that day to keep her 'girls' on their toes. Then she started to notice that she had a regular stream of clientele showing up to potentially witness the proceedings. "It was mostly women, mothers actually, who came to see or hear the spankings. Some of them began to bring their daughters as a lesson for them."

 Punishment Leads to Better Performance

Lisa Gianetti, the first Hot & Steaming waitress to be soundly spanked over the formidable proprietress's well upholstered knee, is still an employee. She retains her sense of humor about the original incident. "Oh God!" the bubbly brunette laughed when reminded of the spanking. "I hated that! I hated the customer! I hated Mrs Jackson! My bum was stinging and felt like it was going to catch fire! My makeup was all streaked. It was horrible! Mrs Jackson doesn't know how close I came to telling her to take her job and shove it. If my rent hadn't been overdue I may have done just that."

Miss Gianetti was asked how she now handled the spankings as Mrs Jackson had indicated that it was not a once only occurrence.

"I hated it at the time," Miss Gianetti explained, twining a long curl around her finger. "But a day or so afterwards," the vivacious waitress coughed and tried to cover her next comment with it, "when I could sit down again, I thought about it and I was getting better at my job." The fear of going back over Mrs Jackson's knee was helping her to do things right, she concluded. "When I wasn't conflicting with the other girls and the customers I enjoyed my job more. Then there were the tips. The tip I got after that first butt whacking was the biggest tip I had ever received!"

About a week after her spanking one of the other girls messed up a customer's order, and whilst Mrs Jackson was offering to not charge her, the lady shyly asked if it couldn't be settled the 'old fashioned way.' "You didn't have to be a genius to work out what she meant. So off went a begging Sandy, Mrs Jackson and the customer to the Naughty Girls Room."

After about ten minutes they came out, Miss Gianetti explained, and her coworker was bawling and rubbing her bum. "Mrs Jackson looked flushed and the customer had a very big smile on her face. Sandy got a whopping great tip too. Within the next couple of weeks nearly every girl had received a soundly smacked bottom and large tips because of it."

These days whenever a shopgirl gets spanked Mrs Jackson factors the tip into the bill, Miss Gianetti explained, and the customers seem happy to pay for it. "If the customer insists that we get spanked in front of everyone then they have to pay extra. It's worth a little discomfort to get more in the pay packet." Miss Gianetti grinned.

As the young woman completed her interview there was a crash and a brightly blushing blonde waitress stood amongst a pile of broken crockery and a spreading pool of spilled coffee. Another waitress rushed to clean the mess up and with a squeal the blonde girl was turned over Mrs Jackson's sturdy knee, her skirt was swept up and her panties took a southern journey. The room filled with the sound of Mabel Jackson's broad palm reddening the cotton ball perfection of the waitress's buttocks, the girl's answering squeals and the clapping of bright eyed patrons as they turned to witness the very public chastisement.

Patrons Use the Naughty Girls Room, Too

It isn't just the waitresses that get spanked at Hot & Steaming's special afternoons. Many mothers and aunts also attend with their daughters and nieces and avail themselves of the facilities thoughtfully provided by Mabel Jackson in the Naughty Girls' Room. One such mother and daughter regulars are Heather Delaney and her sixteen-year-old daughter Genevieve. Mrs Delaney was only too happy to discuss her experiences at the coffee shop. Her daughter was somewhat more reluctant, but spoke up with some prompting from her mother.

"I dropped in a few times when one or other of the waitresses was getting her rear warmed up and I thought it was a very interesting idea," Mrs Delaney explained. "Noticing the age of the girls and comparing them with Ginny, there wasn't a lot of difference. I thought if Ginny saw a girl a few years older than her being spanked over Mabel's knee, then it may stop her regular complaint of, 'Mama, I'm too old to be spanked!' It wasn't long after that that I found myself in need of the Naughty Girls'Room."

The story was resumed by a furiously blushing Genevieve, or 'Ginny' as her mother called her. "I guess it was my fault," the girl confessed. "Before we came here that afternoon I wanted Mother to buy me a dress."

It was inappropriate for her age, her mother recalled, and 'far too expensive.'

The teenager winced. "I didn't really see it that way at the time and I kept complaining about it here. As I finished my first latte, Mama asked Mrs Jackson if the Naughty Girls Room was free."

"Oh yes," Mrs Delaney laughed, "this young lady's attitude changed when she heard me ask Mabel that."

"I couldn't believe that I was going to be spanked in a shop! The worst part about it is that because you get taken there via the shop and everyone here knows what the Naughty Girls Room is for. Then everyone hears as you're getting spanked. I saw two of my school friends that afternoon."

"Yes," Mrs Delaney clarified, "you did, sweetheart, but since then you've seen both of them hauled off to the Naughty Girls Room, haven't you?" Genevieve hid a satisfied smile in her coffee cup as she murmured her assent.

Image from Clare Fonda Pass. A visitor to the Naughty Girls Room grimaces during her time there.

"The Naughty Girls Room is a real Godsend for us mothers and aunts who drop in here for a coffee with a naughty young lady in tow," Mrs Delaney said. "If she is in need of a soundly smacked situpon, it's there for us. Mabel stocks it with a number of implements and they're often things we don't have handy at home. It helps a girl to feel something that she's not normally used to, and it tends to guarantee better behaviour during a trip to the mall."

Genevieve agreed with her mother, but squirmed uncomfortably on her seat and averted her eyes sympathetically as a pretty redhead of about eighteen was dragged to her feet by her ear by an older woman and hauled off to the dreaded Naughty Girls Room.

There is something very satisfying about enjoying a hot cup of coffee whilst witnessing naughty waitresses pay publicly for their misdeeds over the knee of their imposing employer. Or basking in the knowledge that any misbehaving young ladies in the shop will be taken to the Naughty Girls Room and have their bottoms severely dealt with by their determined guardians.

This reporter also observed a number of girls with tears trickling down their cheeks as they stood by their mothers and aunts, whilst the older ladies availed themselves of a refreshing and relaxing hot beverage. Spanking can build up quite a thirst.

Mabel Jackson admitted that Tuesdays and Thursdays are her best days, takings-wise. In addition to the fees she collects for spanking waitresses and use of the Naughty Girls Room, she has also found she sells more cups of coffee and brings more people into the shop. The venture has been so successful that Mabel is considering franchising the idea and having none other than Lisa Gianetti operating the second Hot & Steaming shop.

"We encourage everyone, be they mothers, aunts or bosses of bratty secretaries, to come here and enjoy the coffee and the other things that Hot & Steaming offers its customers," Mrs Jackson concluded with a beaming smile.

Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 3.10


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  2. Thankyou Ron. Seegee certainly finds the most interesting subjects to cover in his articles.