Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A letter from a reader - Bared Affair

Bared Affair reporter Beth sent me this letter from a Bared Affair reader that may be of interest to some and also shows what a great service the 'zine provided for women in all sorts of positions.

Dear Bared Affair,

Although Coach Curry's speech appeared several issues ago, I just had to write and say what a benefit your magazine and her speech was on my spring recruitment trip.  I can't tell you how many times I saw that issue of Bared Affair on a coffee table or the number of mothers who referred to that particular article.  Many mothers told me how glad they were that ESU maintained discipline with its athletes the old fashioned way and how they hoped their daughter would be a part of the ESU program. 

I've always been upfront with the athletes that I'm trying to recruit that we do paddle at ESU.  Over the years, I've lost a few good players who aren't willing to risk a sore bottom to play in our program.  This spring, however, a number of girls said they were strongly considering ESU because we do paddle and they feel a need for continued discipline in their lives after high school.  I'm even getting letters and videotapes from high school underclassmen who mention the Bared Affair article.  Some parents have written in asking that if their daughter can't play for ESU, do I know of any other colleges that spank.  Thanks in part to Bared Affair, I've got one of my best recruiting classes in years, and I have excellent prospects for several years to come.

Christine Benson
Head Women's Soccer Coach
East State University

A college soccer coach passes on some advice to her charges. Maybe she got it from the pages of Bared Affair.


  1. Interesting letter.

    I would think seeing first hand the pressure these kids are under all the time, that a good spanking while tough would be a healthy alternative to the stress of a poor performance!

    Fun stuff.


  2. As you and I both know Ron getting, or giving for that matter, a good spanking has definite therapeutic advantages.

  3. No doubts Ma'am