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A Model Spanking - Debbie Downunder

Seeing as my last article about models spanking each other got such a lovely response I thought I'd post another on the same theme. Please enjoy this effort and as we say down here: avagoodweekend!

One Australian supermodel finds out about the perils of angering a designer

Milan, Italy - the fashion capital of the world. Italian-based Australian supermodel Megan Gale had invited journalists backstage at a showing of the spring collection. It was not an opportunity to pass up.

The tall, tanned brunette with the entrancing green eyes had been developing a reputation of late as somewhat of a "party girl." A recent incident in a Sydney bar involving Miss Gale, one of her female friends and a passionate lip lock had set tongues wagging and filled the tabloids in Australia. She had actually been both surprised and embarrassed when it was mentioned, indicating that the news had not travelled across the seas.

The night before the show, Megan Gale had spent a very late night, which had turned into a very early morning, clubbing. She was well and truly wiped out and even her makeup artist complained about having to hide the bags under her eyes as she got her ready to take to the catwalk. Miss Gale was modelling works by the Australian designer Collette Dinnigan and the tall, slender, light brown haired designer was watching the show from backstage with her assistant, Amazonian former model Erika Nielsen.

It was obvious watching backstage that the previous night's excesses had taken their toll on Miss Gale. She virtually sleep walked down the catwalk, rather than the usual model's sashay. She tripped once and very nearly collided with another girl. Although the model suffered some minor embarrassment from the gaffes, it was worse for Ms Dinnigan, the designer. Miss Gale's performance did not do anything to enhance the appearance of the collection and that is, after all, a model's job: to make what they are wearing enticing to the buyer.

Collette Dinnigan was livid. Her lips were compressed into a thin line and her eyes smoldered with anger. One of the other girls caught a look at the normally calm Aussie designer and backed off hastily, her eyes showing genuine fear at the obvious temper on show. From between gritted teeth Ms Dinnigan hissed at her assistant, "Get her off. Now!"

As Miss Gale stepped heavily down the catwalk steps and looked about for her next dress, Miss Nielsen took her arm in an iron-fingered grip and walked her over to the simmering Ms Dinnigan. "What the bloody hell do you think you are doing, young lady?" the designer demanded.

Miss Gale blinked and the replied coolly, "Modelling."

"It didn't look like that from here," Ms Dinnigan shot back. Then she looked into Miss Gale's eyes. "Have you been drinking?"

"Last night."

"Last night!" Ms Dinnigan exclaimed. "Like fun it was last night! I can still smell it on your breath and your eyes are bloodshot. They had to trowel the make-up on to cover the bags under your eyes. I will not have someone making me a laughing stock by stumbling drunkenly down the catwalk wearing one of my creations. Sheila," she called to the show organiser, "is Megan doing lingerie or swimwear today?"

The older woman shook her head to indicate the negative.

"Right," Ms Dinnigan said authoritatively, her tone and eyes holding Miss Gale in place. "Erika, can you take care of this for me, please? I would like to see the rest of the show."

Misbehaving Aussie supermodel Megan Gale.

Angered designer Collette Dinnigan.

 Ms Dinnigan's amazonian assistant and enforcer; Erika Nielsen.

Pleading in Vain

With an ominous smile Miss Nielsen nodded and took a suddenly numb Miss Gale by the arm and began to lead her to a straight backed makeup chair. She soon realised what was going to happen; she struggled and pleaded in vain. "No, Erika, please. I'll sober up! I only need a couple of cups of black coffee. Please. No. Don't!"

The last word was an anguished squeal as with experienced hands Miss Nielsen had divested Miss Gale of her dress and handed it to one of the dressers. She sat down, drew the begging and dancing model over her sturdy knee, and took her skimpy panties down to reveal a round, firmly toned bottom. Without any words she positioned the young woman over her lap and began to administer one of the soundest hand spankings I have ever seen.

That firm hand rose and fell like a metronome across Miss Gale's bottom. It was obvious Miss Nielsen was an experienced spanker; she made sure to cover every single inch of the derriere across her lap, including the tender and sensitive crease where thighs and buttock join. She held the struggling supermodel over her knee with ease and slapped with a steady rhythm. Miss Gale's bottom flamed and bounded and eventually she gave up altogether and just lay over the lap and sobbed. When her entire bottom was a uniform, fire engine red, Miss Nielsen stopped smacking and set a blubbering Miss Gale back on her feet. Ms Dinnigan turned from the wings where she was watching the show and examined the model's glowing rear end. "Beautiful," she pronounced, a note of satisfaction in her voice.

Miss Gale sniffled and lowered her head.

"Do you think you can manage to show off my work with the respect that it is due, young lady?"

"Yes, ma'am," Miss Gale said in a small voice, very unlike the assured tone she usually displayed in interviews.

"Very well then," Ms Dinnigan nodded, "go and change into your next dress, please." Without another word she scurried off to do as she was told.

What had amazed me about the entire incident was the lack of fuss. No one else had missed a beat. The other designers did not bat so much as an eyelash, but continued to watch the show and fuss over their own models, the makeup and hairdressers continued to apply make-up and style hair as if nothing was happening. Even the other models barely spared a glance for Miss Gale draped over Miss Nielsen's lap being spanked as if she were a ten year old schoolgirl who had neglected to hand in her homework.

Miss Gale explained over coffee (she took it standing at the bar) that girls being spanked backstage for some infraction or other was not an uncommon sight and all models got used to it very early in their career. As a lot of the girls began very young it was almost expected. She herself had received her first backstage spanking at the age of seventeen.

Her catwalk work was a lot better after the chastisement, although a few of the people at the show did remark on the unusual mincing style Miss Gale adopted following the spanking, almost as if it hurt a little to press her buttocks together. Little did they guess at the steaming hot bottom the designer dresses were hiding.

Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 3.02


  1. Steaming hot bottom, loved it, thank you.


  2. Thanks, Ron. When I read Debbie's story I thought on how much Megan deserved the steaming hot bottom Erika gave her.