Friday, 3 June 2011

Moving Violation Pt 3 - by Carla Marie

I am pleased and proud to present Part 3 of Moving Violation, a Spank Shop tribute written by my talented friend; Carla Marie. This can also be found at Carla's own blog: and at the Kilahara Library of Spanking Fiction on Aunt Carla's page there.

Moving Violation (Part Three)

By Carla Marie

   “Come, little one.”
    Carla’s stomach did that now-familiar roller coaster flip at the sound of Andrea’s command. Her time had come, and there was no escape! She turned, and she was painfully aware of the fact that her face blazed anew as Andrea’s eyes took in her nearly-naked form from the front. Once again, she felt incredibly self-conscious about the too-small bra she wore, and the way her generous breasts were straining to be free of the fabric. She also felt quite moist elsewhere, and realized with horror that this might be obvious to the eye through her white panties. She walked quite slowly, as if in a daze, toward the armless chair where Andrea was sitting and waiting for her.
   “Young lady, I suggest you put a spring in your step,” Andrea admonished. “You have already kept me at the shop well past working hours.”
   “Yes, Miss, sorry, Miss,” Carla replied, coming back to herself and moving with closer-to-normal speed.
   “Over my knee, darling.”
   Carla obeyed, her face blazing hot. The disciplinarian was impeccably dressed, and Carla felt her near-nudity most acutely. She felt Andrea arranging her on her lap so that her bottom was very high indeed. She hung there, feeling juvenile, captive, and ridiculous.
   “Now, little Miss,” Andrea said, patting the well-proportioned behind before her. “Tell Aunty why your bottom needs to be toasted this evening.”
   “I…um, I got a ticket,” Carla heard herself say, and was surprised by the little-girl-caught sound of it.
   “Indeed you did, dear. And what was your offense?”
   “Speeding, Miss,” Carla replied in a mousey voice.
   “Yes. Twenty over the limit, in fact. Do you realize the danger you put both yourself and other drivers in by doing that?”
   “Y-Yes, Miss.”
   “And are you not a repeat offender with regard to exceeding the posted speed limit?” Aunty Andrea had her right hand resting on Carla’s proffered bottom.
   “Yes,” Carla mumbled almost inaudibly. Andrea rewarded her with two sharp swats to her behind.
   “Speak up properly, child!” she admonished.
   “Yes, Aunty Andrea!” Carla Marie nearly yelled
   “You’ve been spanked for speeding before, haven’t you, little Carla?”
   “Y-Yes, Ma’am,” she said miserably. Aunty’s pre-spanking lecture with the naughty offender bottoms-up over her knee tracked perfectly with the technique Carla used on her own clients. Now she was learning its effectiveness first-hand, so to speak.
   “Well, apparently not long or hard enough to make a proper impression.”
   Carla whimpered at the withering comment, and inwardly cursed herself for her display of weakness. And then, Aunty’s practiced right hand descended in a flash, and it seemed that someone had just opened fire on her butt with a flame-thrower. Aunty kept up the hard and fast pace, and Carla was amazed by how quickly she was able to ignite a fire in her poor bottom.
   “OW! Oh!” She cried, kicking her little feet in protest and grabbing the leg of the chair.
   “You must learn to obey the traffic laws, little girl,” Aunty Andrea said without slowing her swing in the least.
   “I…OW! Know, AHH! AUNTY!!!”
   Andrea chuckled at the honest, naughty-little-girl responses she was getting from the 30-year-old woman over her lap. She was quite sure that she’d be able to cure little Carla Marie of her speeding habit once and for all. With that goal in mind, she took hold of the waistband of Carla’s panties.
   Panicked, Carla Marie kicked with renewed vigor and cried, “No! Not bare bottom!”
   “No?” said Aunty Andrea, clearly amused. “When was the last time you received a spanking from Miss Maggie that was not on your bare bottom, little one?”
   Carla gave a frustrated kick and whimper. The correct answer, of course, was “never.” Why was she saying and doing all the typically childish things as her own clients? As a professional disciplinarian herself, she felt she should be immune, and she felt as if her mouth and her body were betraying her.
   She gasped as she felt her panties fly south in a flash.
   Carla kicked with more vigor than ever as the awful brush made repeated, stinging contact with her uncovered backside. It was a swarm of bees, a sat-upon stove, all of that and more. She shrieked and pounded her fists as the pain invaded her brain and drove out all thought.
   Aunty Andrea headed south with her brush, igniting new fires over fresh, virgin territory. It stung even worse down at the crease between her bottom and her thighs, and Carla shrieked like a banshee.
   The furious hairbrushing finally stopped, and Carla realized that her cheeks were wet. She had cried over a little hairbrush spanking: how humiliating!
   “There, there, little girl,” Aunty said soothingly, rubbing Carla Marie’s inflamed tail. “The first part of your punishment is over. Time to head for the corner and stand like a good little soldier for Aunty.”
   First part?!” Carla Marie wailed despairingly.
   “Yes, dear. We’ve dealt with your traffic citation. We have yet to deal with your suggestion that we deceive your darling Maggie. Now get that cute little tail of yours in the corner.”
   Carla groaned as she got up and headed for the corner, fighting the almost irresistible urge to rub. She put her hands on her head and settled in for another long, boring stint in the corner, her bare bottom on fire and the dread of a “Part Two” filling her consciousness.

[End of Part Three]

© 2011 by Carla Marie
All Rights Reserved


  1. Well, aren't you just the sweetest thing, my dear Andrea! Thank you for accepting my homage to the wonderful Spank Shop stories, and for presenting them here.



  2. Carla never disappointes, loved the "practiced right hand" and then the brush, oh lord I wish it was me. And Carla tossed in a nice panty warming. Awesome.

    Thanks for posting for us Aunty.


  3. Ron and Carla, my absolute pleasure. Carla your powers of memory do you credit. There was a little more to that evening, though wasn't there, sweetheart? Are we going to share that with our readers?

  4. OMG! Yes, Ma'am (*Blush*)

  5. I do hope it won't be necessary for us to have another little 'chat', young lady.

  6. And there's more?! Poor, poor little Miss Carla!

    Very nice! :)

  7. Well, little Miss Carla Marie did not have to speed thus endangering herself and others.