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Never Too Old - Bared Affair

This is an article written for Bared Affair by Seegee which examines that age old question of whether a girl is ever too old for a good spanking.

We examine the adage that 'some girls are never too big' for old-fashioned discipline

It's the cry of naughty girls the world over: "Mum, I'm too old to be punished this way!" The cry is usually answered by their determined mothers with the words: "You, young lady, are not too old for a good trip across my knee!"

But when is a girl too grown up for traditional maternal discipline? Is one ever mature enough for a soundly smacked bottom not to have a beneficial effect? A number of ladies have discovered that even after the age of 30 their bottoms are still subject to the sting of a well-administered punishment.

The first case was that of Vancouver residents Wanda Jones, 38, and her old high school teacher Marcia Thomson, 44. Ms Thomson commenced teaching at Georgina Haley High School just over 20 years ago, and one of her brightest (but most challenging) students was the flame haired Miss Jones. The girl coasted through her senior year, failed and later completed her degree at night school, then went to college and eventually became a successful businesswoman for a large multinational corporation. Ms Thomson progressed through the ranks of teaching at Haley's and was made headmistress three years ago.

Meeting and speaking with Wanda Jones it was obvious that the generously proportioned redhead had a keen mind, and it was a surprise that she would have failed her final year of high school. She laughed at the question and said that it was one that was often asked of her. It happened to concern the lady she still calls Ms Thomson.

"I was pretty rambunctious," Miss Jones admitted, "and Ms Thomson was very green. Most other teachers would have sent me to the headmistress, Mrs Spence, to have my behind paddled, but I managed to convince Ms Thomson that Mrs Spence didn't paddle for attitude. Never having been paddled in my entire school life I had no idea what Mrs Spence did actually paddle for, but the lie saved my butt that entire year and was why I got away with as much as I did. I have to admit when I was working away in a dead end job during the day and studying at night I wished that maybe Ms Thomson had sent me to Mrs Spence. A soundly paddled rump might have made me apply myself."

Marcia Thomson, a tall, slender softly spoken lady with coffee coloured skin, smiled as her former student gave her version of events and then spoke up. "I was somewhat naive twenty years ago, and yes, young Wanda did hoodwink me. At the time, in the mid 80's I didn't believe in paddling as a teaching aid. Although I will confess had paddling been an option open to homeroom teachers like me, and not just the headmistress, then Wanda's ample rear end would have felt the wood."

A paddle similar to the one used by Marcia Thomson on old student Wanda Jones.

Miss Jones blushed and then began to recount the events a few weeks prior to this interview. "We had a 20 year reunion for the class of '84 and it was great to come home and catch up with some old friends. By the time I met Ms Thomson again I had imbibed a little and had a bit of buzz on."

Ms Thomson laughed and said, "You must certainly did, young lady. I have to admit that I was more than a little annoyed about how Wanda had gotten out of paddling all those years ago. These days I am most definitely known as a paddling principal, some of that is due to young Wanda. I'd rather burn their bottoms in error than have them wind up working at the local drive through, for minimum wage."

Miss Jones frowned. "I'm not exactly sure how Ms Thomson did it, but she brought up my senior year and before I knew what had happened I was accompanying her to her office. She said that she had something for me that she should have given me back then."

Ms Thomson took up the story. "Once in my office I locked the door behind me and retrieved the paddle, it's a long, light one. It's not as scary as some I've seen, but it packs a wallop and I haven't yet met a girl who wants to become well acquainted with it. Wanda's eyes widened when she saw it and she asked, 'What is that?' I told her, 'I think you know what it is, young lady, something you have needed for a long time.'"

The younger woman's green eyes sparkled as she remembered the incident. "I didn't know what to think," she said, "but I knew that Ms Thomson was right, so I did what she said. She started telling me what a disappointment I had been to her that year 20 years ago and how I was lucky that I hadn't ruined my life. She finished up with: 'I may not have been able to paddle you personally then my girl, but I'm the headmistress now and this is long overdue, Wanda Jones.' I barely felt the first one, but by the time the second swat landed I'd felt the sting of the first. After the first six I had started to wave my butt around as the heat built under my skirt and panties."

The middle-aged headmistress stepped in again at this point. "By school law I am only allowed to give a maximum of 18 swats and those over dresses and trousers. With Wanda, due to her age and size, I intended to give her the full complement. And she would not be keeping her skirt and panties for all of them!"

Miss Jones's face blazed as she explained what then happened. "Ms Thomson took up my skirt after six strokes. I squealed and begged no, but curiously never tried to resist. The second the paddle cracked over my panties I started to cry. By the time Ms Thomson had given me the next round of six I was a mess, blubbering all over the desk and my backside felt just about ready to burst into flames. I was so hot down there that I actually liked it when my underwear came down, because of the cool air on my bottom. I was soon howling and grabbing the other edge of the desk as if my life depended on it. I have never felt anything as intense as those final six swats. Ms Thomson was really nice about it though, she cleaned me up and hugged me and then we rejoined the party. People kept asking me if I wanted a seat, but I had to say no thanks."

Despite the former student's recollections of the paddling as being extremely unpleasant, Ms Thomson confided with a smile that Miss Jones has invited her to her workplace to see if she can help to keep her motivated there as well.

Motivational Therapy for Shopaholics

Cynthia Nolan and Miranda Reynolds are two attractive, successful, upwardly mobile business women in their thirties who share a life and a spacious apartment in Central London. Besides a love for each other the two also have one other thing in common: they are both shopaholics.

"That's how it all started really," Miss Nolan said, running hand through her short, raven locks, "the love of the credit card."

"We both maxed out our cards the same month," Miss Reynolds said with a giggle, shaking her long, lustrous, light curly mane. "We got the bills, looked at each other and just said 'Oh my God!'"

"Something had to be done," Miss Nolan concluded. "It's not like either of us have low credit limits and we can afford it admittedly, but spending like that just had to be reined in. If you look at some of the things we bought you just have to wonder why, it wasn't like either of us needed half of it."

"The thing was," Miss Reynolds picked it up, "was how did we do it? We're both grown women. We make the money, we spend it how we want. It wasn't like we were little kids who got an allowance from Mum and Dad. The other thing is, how do you punish a grown woman and make it count?"

Cindy Nolan's green eyes shone as she remembered the unique solution that the ladies came up with to curb their impulsive spending habits. "It was really 'Randa who suggested it, she sat there looking at her bill and going through the purchases and said softly: 'You know, Cindy, Mum would have slippered my bum if I'd brought a bill like this home. In fact I think Dad would have even spanked my Mom if she spent like this!' I thought about it for a minute and then agreed that the same would have happened to me, and I said why don't we spank each other?"

"She might be a little on the skinny side," Miranda Reynolds said disparagingly of her girlfriend, rubbing her bottom at the same time, "but she can spank!" She recalled that her girlfriend Cindy had smacked her bottom until she squealed, to get her to take the idea seriously.

"After that first time the stage was set," Miss Reynolds continued. "We made it into a bit of a game. We're both very competitive and how we do it is whoever gets the smallest bill gets to spank the other one. She's made me sleep on my tummy on more than one occasion."

Miss Nolan grinned and added to her girlfriend's explanation. "We added another little refinement, too. We don't do this all the time, but if one of us overspends big time then they have the added humiliation of having to shop and pay for the implement that heats her bottom."

The girls happily displayed their extensive collection of paddles, straps, wooden spoons, hairbrushes, slippers and even a few canes. "Cindy hates the cane," Miss Reynolds said. "Whoever is going to get it has to get into her pj's, we make them as little girly as possible, goes to the corner and has to stand there staring at the credit card bill we stick to the wall and listens to the other one scold."

"What makes that really embarrassing," Miss Nolan admitted, "is that you know your girlfriend is as big, if not bigger, spendthrift than you are, but you lost out this month. In fact Miranda has gone over my knee for the last three months running."

Miss Reynolds blushed again, her cheeks colouring deeply, but then reminded her partner: "However, Miss Cynthia Nolan, you are the one who went over your credit limit this month and you'll be the one singing this evening as our new school cane stripes your delightful derriere, my darling."

The lovers offer proof that even over-thirty spankings can help them benefit in their day-to-day life.

From Real Spankings. Cindy waits nervously with the cane.

Ensuring a More Compliant Daughter

More traditional than Misses Nolan and Reynolds is the case of 57-year-old Maureen Geraldton and her 33-year-old daughter Charmaine Jackson, living in Little Rock, Arkansas. "I've always said that Charmaine is 33 going on 13 and she just seems determined to prove it to me," Mrs Geraldton stated forthrightly. Her clear brown eyes and sternly set chin seemed to dare her petite, dark haired daughter with the streak of pink in her hair to challenge her. For a moment Ms Jackson seemed set to rise to the bait, but quietly backed down and sank into the couch beside her mother.

"Charmaine needs her butt blistered every time she turns around," Mrs Geraldton continued. "She's the eldest of my three and the most trouble. She was Daddy's little girl and my dear Fred, God rest his heart, always spoiled her terribly. She married young and moved out, eventually her spoilt brat behaviour drove her husband to divorce her and that is when things went downhill. Right, young lady?"

"Yes, Mama," the former Charmaine Geraldton mumbled, staring at the toes of her Nike trainers.

"She fell in with the wrong crowd, started drinking heavily, partying and got into drugs. She lost her job and then wound up in court on a charge of possessing illegal substances. I have to say I was immensely disappointed, but I am still her mother. I love her no matter what she does so I stepped in."

Ms Jackson exhaled and explained. "Mama said if they wouldn't put me jail, she'd make sure I behaved and if I didn't they could throw the book at me. They gave me a year on good behaviour. I have to stay with Mama for that year and do what she tells me or else I'll end up behind bars."

Mrs Geraldton related exactly what "doing what she said" means. "If I think Charmaine is getting a little lippy or her attitude needs some adjusting, if she does anything like miss a job interview - well then, I tell her to go to her room for a hiding. She knows what it means and what I expect." Mrs Geraldton shot her an ominous look before going on. "She is to be lying face down on her bed with her jeans and panties removed. I break out the leather and give her a good old fashioned strapping. She's in tears and her bottom is brick red when I'm done. It usually ensures a more compliant daughter for the next week or so. I think at the end of the year she may be acting more her age."

From VIP Spankings. Charmaine Jackson in the corner after an encounter with her mother's strap.

"It sucks!" was Ms Jackson's initial assessment of the arrangement, but she then clarified. "The worst part of it is I know I deserve it. It's better than jail and I think it will actually teach me more. I can tell you when I get a job and some money together and I move out into my own place I will be doing everything possible to make sure that I do not find myself under Mama's strap ever again!"

These cases demonstrate that not only is 30 not too old for a spanking, but it can be very beneficial in a whole range of issues from solving mother-daughter conflict to helping self-improvement.

Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 2.10


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