Saturday, 25 June 2011

Parental Punishment

I had intended to find and publish a Bared Affair article Seegee found for me today, but I find myself rather pressed for time and wanting to get out and enjoy a beautiful sunny Sunday with friends, so I'll put this little sequence up for comment and perusal.
Like some of my readers I was spanked growing up by both parents, and while it was not something I enjoyed at the time (of course as I often tell my clients, it's a spanking, you're not supposed to enjoy it!), I did appreciate once I could sit down without wincing that they had taken the time and care to correct me for my misdeeds.
Parental spanking is not something you see portrayed well on the internet all that often. Oh sure, there's a lot of fun pictures of ladies pretending to be mothers spanking 'children' who aren't that much younger than they are, but you don't see both parents, age appropriate giving a model who also appears to be about the right age a well deserved chastisement.
I present for you this series from Premium Spanking. Enjoy and think about it.

The scolding. I bet all three of this young ladies names were used more than once. I can remember being in this position with that stern forefinger wagging at me more than a few times when I was growing up.

And over the laps she goes. At this point she's thinking: 'Why on earth didn't I wear panties?'

Oh, I'll need to amend the last thought, it's now changed to: 'Why did I wear a thong?' At home that would have earned me and my sister extras.

The rest dear readers I will leave to your imaginations. In mine it features a very red bottom, a tear stained face, many promises, flashing legs, a hairbrush and a very warmly decorated corner.


  1. "Parental spanking is not something you see portrayed well on the internet all that often"

    I agree with that. Heck, I would say far too many commercials sites don't portray spanking very well.

    Enjoy your tales. They are fun to read.

  2. Wonderful story line, thank you

    Hope you enjoy yur sunny day.


  3. I agree. It is not often that the flavor of authentic parental spanking is captured in adult entertainment. It isn't the kind of scene everyone wants to see. I haven't checked out Premium Spanking, but I like how some sites like Punished Brats have the courage to portray parental punishment. I also was raised in a house where the deliberate, thoughtful use of spanking was implemented, and the dynamic involved is quite different than other common CP scenarios presented.

  4. As a well loved son, I am used to parental spankings, Even today as a married man, a parent and grandfather, I still get my bottom blistered by my mom. The things mama puts up with would not be tolerated by mom, in fact mama would find herself over mom's knee for allowing it, followed closely by yours truly. So please don't let on to mom.


  5. Thank you all for your comments. I liked the pictures, while they were obviously posed and set up, they just seemed more realistic than many others I have seen, it's not always that both 'parents' are involved.