Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A post for Debbie from Kimberley Susan

Hello! No, I'm not posting this because Debbie can't sit down, although I may mention that to Aunty Andrea. Debbie is on assignment for the Glowing Globes Gazette in England. She left me with this rather naughty story to post on her behalf.

An Australian presenter discovers that being nude may not be the best idea when your birthday rolls around

I have never really considered the nightly news particularly titillating television. But then again, I had never actually seen it presented in the nude before.

One day last month found your correspondent in Toronto at the television studio where the internet news program 'The Naked News' is filmed. It's a news bulletin show, but what makes it unique is that all the presenters begin fully clothed, but slowly lose items of clothing as they read the news, until they stand in front of the camera revealed in all their glory.

'The Naked News' embraces diversity in the best sense of the word, with programmes oriented toward those who appreciate naked men as well as naked women. The presenters come in all races and body shapes, with the only common denominator a winning, confident smile.

A promotional shot for the show.

Although 'The Naked News' is filmed in Toronto, the majority of the presenters are from the U.S. The show has a truly multinational feel, with girls from Canada, the U.K., South America and Australia on their roster. It was the sole Australian representative that I had come here to see.

Adelaide-born, blonde beach girl Ashley Jennings is the friend of a friend, and I had promised to deliver a birthday gift to her. As Miss Jennings is a busy girl, she arranged to meet in the studio and then have a few drinks once filming was wrapped up.

Aussie Naked News presenter Ashley Jennings.

The striking blonde stood in front of the camera, smiled and without missing a beat from the teleprompter calmly undid the ties at the back of her amply filled Australian Flag bikini top and dropped it on the floor beside her, her large, round breasts springing free. As she continued to read the news scrolling down the teleprompter, she slipped off her tiny bikini bottoms and flashed her white teeth out to the audience as the camera panned the length of her now completely naked, tanned body.

Miss Jennings' was the last segment to be filmed for the day and a number of her fellow presenters had already done their pieces and were relaxing off stage. The bubbly Michelle Pantoliano had done her entertainment wrap; delightfully accented French Canadian Sandrine Renard had tackled the fitness spot; April Torres' world weather report had captivated viewers, and senior presenters Victoria Sinclair and Erica Stevens had anchored the broadcast. Although it had not been mentioned during the show, it was actually Miss Jennings' birthday this day and the other girls had something planned to help her celebrate.

Happy Birthday Tradition

As the director yelled, "Cut," Michelle Pantoliano, still wearing only the fake pink feather boa that she often presented her entertainment news in, ran onto set. Breasts bouncing fetchingly, she grabbed Miss Jennings' hand and dragged her away before protesting the Aussie could even gather up her bikini. I scooped it up and followed the girls' wiggling bottoms, with a knowing smile to Miss Renard as she fell in step beside me.

By the time we arrived in the girls' greenroom, three 'Naked News' presenters were singing a lusty 'Happy Birthday' to a furiously blushing Ashley Jennings. They presented her with a small cake and encouraged her to make a wish as she blew out the candles. Then the tall, elegant brunette, Victoria Sinclair, seated herself on a backless chair and smiled up at the wary blonde Australian.

"Time for your birthday spanking, Ashley!" the striking woman announced with a laugh, and Miss Torres encouraged the birthday girl over a waiting knee with a playful push.

Miss Jennings sprawled over the lap of the show's longest serving presenter and gasped breathlessly as Ms Sinclair adjusted her into the time-honoured position that all naughty girls know so well. Bottom pointed ceilingward, head down, Miss Jennings was ready to receive the stern application of a hand or the hairbrush's stinging kiss.

Ms Sinclair held a laughing Ashley Jennings in position as each of her co-presenters stepped forward to plant five hearty spanks on the proferred bottom. She was turning 30 that day, so once Sandrine, Michelle, Erica, Samantha and April had all administered their five smacks, Miss Jennings was glowing. There were even a few tears mixed in with her laughter. Then Ms Sinclair, who had counted out 25, invited me to deliver the final set, a request I was only too happy to honour.

Veteran presenter Victoria Sinclair and the spank mistress for the birthday girl.

Then we all stood back and sang another chorus of 'Happy Birthday' whilst Ms Sinclair used her hairbrush to apply another 30 sound spanks to the rosy cheeks, with one last scorcher to grow on. It is not a birthday Ashley Jennings is likely to forget for some time, at least until she can sit comfortably again.

That evening with her blazing and sore posterior gingerly seated on a cushion in a funky Toronto bar, she confessed that she could hardly wait until the following week. It would be Michelle Pantoliano's turn, and she fully intended to make the bubbly blonde's rear end smart.

Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 3.07


  1. Another classic from Bared Affair, nice and fun story with a nice touch of competitive spanking hints there at the conclusion.

    very nice spanking story, thank you ladies.


  2. It was a fun show, very silly, but all in good fun. I would have loved to have Miss Pantoliano over my lap.

  3. And I would have loved to sit in the room while she visited your lap!