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Royal Tradition - Debbie Downunder

Welcome to a new week! I was going through my old articles and I uncovered my very first ever piece for Bared Affair. Ahhhh...memories. I was a young, wide eyed backpacker when I wrote this. Where did the time go? Please enjoy this interview about an unusual royal tradition whilst I reminisce.
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Earlier this year, Copenhagen was the site of the wedding of His Highness Prince Frederik to the Australian-born Mary Donaldson, now Princess Mary. It seemed as if every magazine in the world had interviewed the lovely lass, but they had all missed covering a traditional ritual among Danish royals: the mother-in-law's method of initiating a new bride into the family.

The former Miss Donaldson is a tall, statuesque, brown-haired beauty who was possessed of a regal, noble carriage even before she met Prince Frederik. She is blessed with the looks of a supermodel, and one cannot help but feel somewhat drab in her presence.

The Tasmanian girl who lived every little girl's dream and married a handsome prince. Princess Mary of Denmark.

Despite our different stations in life, we were soon happily chattering about things back in Australia, and her adjustment to life as the intended of a prince. "I had no problem transitioning into royal life with Frederik, initially," the young woman said frankly. "I loved Frederik and that was all that really mattered."

Asked her about meeting her new relatives, Her Highness laughed musically. "I hit it off with Joachim [Frederik's younger brother] and Alexandra [Joachim's classically beautiful Eurasian wife]. They're close to my age, and of course Alexandra could tell me what I was letting myself in for. It was Mama Margrethe who concerned me. She's the Queen of Denmark, and if she did not approve then there would be no wedding. I'd never met a royal ruler before."

Princess Mary paused and sipped her coffee before continuing. "I really should not have worried. Mama Margrethe was wonderful and made me feel part of the family. My own mother died some years ago, so she adopted me as her daughter." The fresh-faced lass glowed becomingly as she recalled that touching first meeting.

The interview continued and we came across the subject of unusual royal customs. Most of them seemed fairly standard until Princess Mary whispered, "There was one family custom that was unusual." She sighed and thought for a moment about how to explain it.

"I suppose it may not seem quite so odd to the readers of Bared Affair. Mama Margrethe and I were discussing the ceremony, and she told me about a pre-wedding custom that had existed in the family for some generations. The Queen spanks the bride. Her mother Ingrid spanked her before she married her consort Henrik, and she had spanked Alexandra the night before she married Joachim. Now that Frederik was marrying, I also had to accept a spanking beforehand."

With scarlet cheeks, Her Highness explained how she handled that surprising news. "At first I thought that she was joking," she said. "But one look at her face assured me that she was not, and she told me that I could ask Alexandra about it if I wanted confirmation." The princess lowered her voice and said, "I did ask Alexandra later and she told me that yes, Mama Margrethe had spanked her 'good and proper' the night before she wed Joachim."

Princess Mary's flawless face bore spots of bright colour. "I was nervous and a little frightened. I'd never been spanked before," she confided. "I got the occasional smack as a little girl, but not the proper old-fashioned spanking that Mama Margrethe promised that she would give me."

Recalling a Fateful Encounter

Denmark's monarch and Princess Mary's mother-in-law: Queen Margrethe.

It was at that moment that a tall, white haired woman entered the room where our interview was being conducted. "Ahhhh, Mary!" the stately lady exclaimed. "Here you are!"

"Mama!" the princess exclaimed enthusiastically, greeting the older woman as she rose to kiss her gently on the cheek. It was none other than Queen Margrethe II.

Princess Mary poured coffee for her mother-in-law and explained that she was just in the middle of recalling their fateful encounter the night before her wedding.

"Aaaahhhh yes," the queen smiled, "the spanking. Mary was so nervous, poor child. She was in tears when I entered her chamber that night. I spent some time with her in my arms reassuring her and drying her tears. I told her that I loved her and that was why I intended to make sure that her bottom had a reminder of maternal discipline when she entered into her union with my Frederik. You were so frightened that night you had to make water, didn't you, sweetheart?"

The princess blushed furiously and squealed, "Mama Margrethe!"

"Well, you did," Queen Margrethe asserted. "After she returned, I lifted her nightie, lowered her panties and took her over my knee. I settled her down by stroking her lily-white bottom for a few minutes and then began to slap it gently. I took my time with the pre-wedding spanking, just as I did with Alexandra.

"But her colouring is different, and Mary reddened up much quicker. I increased the power and speed of the smacks and in no time at all Mary's glowing red sit-upon was bouncing around over my knee and she was howling lustily as tears streamed down her cheeks. When she was roasting and my hand was becoming numb I let her up and cuddled her until she fell asleep on my breast."

Princess Mary coloured hotly, but she was just one of many girls in this world who have experienced a cleansing spanking from her mother, and we told her there was no need to be embarrassed.

"One of my wedding gifts to Mary was a hairbrush, made of good, solid Danish oak." Queen Margrethe reminisced. "I know Mary has used it to look after her lustrous brown hair, but it also has another use, one that I am sure Mary will one day experience."

The princess blushed again and we all laughed. I left the palace quite homesick for the feel of my own mother's lap.

Originally published in Bared Affair, Issue 2.06


  1. Why what a lovely, fun and slightly hot story, well done. Was there ever a follow up with the oak hairbrush?

    Well done and thanks.\


  2. Ron, I'd have to ask Debbie if she's still in touch with Princess Mary to see if the brush was put to use again.